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America has jumped the shark

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 09:41 PM
The last bastion of hope rests with mustering the sack not to pay federal income taxes, on a massive scale. The roads and bridges will not collapse, nor will the "education system", as the monies heisted under the guise of "Federal Income Tax" are not used for those purposes. To believe so would put one squarely at the pinnacle of naivete.

There is the perception that everyone who dodges his taxes will be caught, sooner or later. In truth, it's incredibly expensive to prosecute so-called "tax-evaders", which is why the IRS makes examples of so few people (e.g., Wesley Snipes, Ed and Elaine Brown, Woody Harrelson, Sherry Jackson, etc.). The IRS only prosecutes individuals from whom the organization has a chance to recoup the expenses required to prosecute the individual in the first place. If you file a W2, the IRS then has the potential to use the money it has taken out of your paychecks, preemptively, to fund your prosecution. This should serve as further incentive not to file a W2.

Needless to say, the IRS goes after those with household names so as to create the grand illusion that it has the capacity to prosecute all tax-evaders. This practice also creates the false perception, "Damn, if Woody got busted and couldn't fight the case, there's no way I'll be able to!" Wrong. Simply refuse to provide record of your income, if that's an option for you. If the IRS isn't readily able to determine how much money you made in a given year (which it isn't, if you don't gleefully file a W2, which puts the information squarely in its lap), it has a much more difficult time proceeding with a case against you. Not to incriminate oneself is every American's right.

The truth is that a whopping portion of individuals in the U.S. do not pay their taxes (nor should they). There is no just cause for debating the authenticity of the IRS, nor the legitimacy of its alleged power; all of that is irrelevant at this stage in the game.

Anyone who is serious about taking the U.S. back may want to give this due consideration. Every is pissing and moaning about the FED and Paulson, while at the same time handing his hard-earned money over to the very same criminal cartel -- without protest! It's astounding to me.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by poet1b

My prediction, which I have presented for a couple of years now, is that newly developed alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power, and bio-fuels like gasahol made from sugar and diesel made from soybeans, will create a great deal of economic independence for small producers. Combined with the advancement of automation and the internet, small independent producers will be able to start grabing market share from giant, top heavy IC's, and from this crisis will rise a new world economy, far more independent, efficient, and egalitarian.

This newer world order will be more inline with democracy, and a more advanced world.

This is more or less my prediction too, however I do think it will be very hard to get there, as the weight of the old world order economic and legal system will drag this retooling a lot. We will have patent issues as IP manifests it's true reason of being, centralization of knowledge, property of ideas. We will have big companies buying and shelfing new technology. We will have trouble accessing land as the elitists try and herd us into cities. We will have trouble with nutrition thanks to the codex alimentarius. We will have trouble with diseases thanks to eugenics and the vaccination programs as well as mass spraying of pathogens. We will be bombarded with harmfull EM. We will be tricked into conflict at each and every turn. We will have to deal with the control freak steroid abusing peons of police states, We will be lied to about knowledge by corrupt scientists and academics. We may even be attacked by phoney aliens. We could possibly even see a holographic prophet trying to herd us back into fear based religion. These nutjobs will throw the whole dirty book of elitist megalomaniacal tricks at us.

So, to reach the near utopia our de facto technological knowledge and the planet's natural abundance would allow, we need to do one thing, the elephant in the room:

We need to get rid of the sociopathic elite and reclaim for the people of the world what they have stolen from us throughout recorded history.

I have one cheeky suggestion... as they build their new world order, we, the people of the world, hijack it and use it against them. We are the ones watching the cameras after all... And when it's all done, well, we just let the NWO rust away while we tend to our vegetable gardens.

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by Zepherian

What are we going to have to debate if you agree with me.

I predicted it first, then you say, No, I predicted it first, repeat.

Yeah, I agree, the IC's are going to throw every trick in the book at us, and that is what they are doing now. Getting through this post-industrial period is not going to be easy.

I think the first effort should be to spread the word about the possibility, the silver lining in the cloud. Confront the doomsday people with this sliver of hope.

It is not the people of the world at each others throats, it is the IC's trying to put us at each others throats.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by spacebot

I am considering the possibility that someone has slided just a little the political door open for Ron Pauls everywhere to enter the scene so we all might not feel too overwhelmed and have to resort to panicky actions upsetting the political status quo anywhere.

Now that is an interesting assertion. I must admit I've never thought of it that way. Maybe candidates who supposedly buck the system are complicit in a conspiracy to take the fall. Even if they're not, if there is such a conspiracy, they are only dangled in front of us as a shiny, hope inspiring distraction. Wow, that is depressing. Star for you.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:41 PM
Thanks again everyone for all the thoughtful replies.

To Anonymous,

I know exactly how you feel. I recently moved and it took me weeks to bring myself to get cable. It felt great not watching the "news", hearing about the election, the financial crisis, the impending doom, etc.

I completely understand why some think voting doesn't matter. Sometimes I wonder myself. But if there is any chance that it does still matter, we should all do it just for that one chance.

Rest in peace USA 1776-2000.

That pretty much sums it up. I just don't think we're getting up after this knockdown, no matter how much I still hope we are. Call me a fatalist...

reply to post by whitl103

Very nice post.

Was America ever great to begin with? That is what the myth tells us, the legend of the free world.

Good question. I believe that yes, it was. I understand what you mean about the British influence after the Revolution. But there were some Americans who literally fought the British tooth and nail their entire lives. John Adams comes to mind as one of these Americans. He quite literally devoted his entire adult life to the USA, beginning when it was only a treasonous dream. In some ways he even placed its wellbeing over that of his most beloved family. This man gave everything he had to ensuring the USA was born and would grow into the sublime place he knew it could be, from his youth all the way until the day he died, on the 4th of July. Not to mention that he never swindled, cheated, took bribes, dealt underhandedly, lied, stole, or took lightly his oaths, even when it would have made the birth of our nation much easier. He always took the high road, which was almost always the most difficult imaginable.

It's because of men like John Adams that I must say, yes, America was most definitely once great. Just because there existed injustices in American society does not mean the nation was not still great. Were ancient Rome and Greece not great? They had more depravity than even us in modern society I would say, and yet their judicial, governmental, academic, and moral systems are so magnificent that we have adopted them for our own use.

I believe that despite the unbelievable hardships and obstacles America did in fact make itself great. Without the victories that were achieved over many of them, it never would have been great at all, but instead only mediocre, like so many other countries. There was never any initial cohesion between the states because they are supposed to be seperate STATES, sharing only common issues such as national defense. States rights are supposed to be about a million times stronger than they are today, which is why it only took a short while for a Civil War to come about. But think of what else came about so quickly: America achieved in only 200 years what it took Europe many hundreds to do. What is that if not greatness?

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:46 PM
I am voting, but the elections are rigged anyways.

Revolution is the only way out.

I fear it is already too late however.....

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by MatrixProphet

Very good post.

How much freedom can we say we actually have if we are spending night and day working just to maintain our lifestyle, or life...period? I don't see where we have as much freedom as we have been brainwashed to believe. Is this what this country has worked so hard for, to attain? Is this it?

I totally understand where you're coming from and I don't disagree one bit. No, we don't have those long vacations or non-manic working hours, especially if you have to work more than one job. But I will say that we have a kind of freedom non-Americans have never had. We have the freedom to say whatever we choose without a government backed human rights commission potentially ruining and imprisoning you. You have the right to carry a weapon as you see fit, to defend your family and property, and might just might actually deter someone from attempting to subjugate you outright. And that means a lot to me.

We definitely need to figure out a way to lower the cost of living though. Right now it costs an arm and a leg just to be poor in the US. And we also need to figure out a way to be productive without killing yourself working crazy hours to achieve this and that.

reply to post by poet1b

I appreciate your optimism. I have never wished to be wrong so much in my life, and I sincerely hope that you are right and that America won't be unable to recover. Your predictions are well thought out and sound realistic. Hopefully they will be allowed to be achieved.

Thanks again everyone for all the great replies. Stars all around!

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 01:41 AM
This whole thing is turning into a tragedy. In the past 7 years we have lost our privacy, economy, and homeownership. No matter who you are or what you do the government is slowly taking control and posession of your property and privacy. If you have any type of loan there is a decent chance the government owns the company securing it. The American people only know how to function on credit. Every time you send an email or post on a web sight the government can watch. Use your phone and they can listen. I wonder if snail mail is still secure. All in the name of finacial security and safety. But we go about our day as if nothing is wrong. Will they slowly take away our freedom or will the American people get to a point were they say enough and demand that we restore our constitution. I wonder if the rest of the world will wait and cheer us on when we do demand freedom and liberty. Or have they all become the people I have seen posting on many sights anticipating the end of the American empire.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by sc2099

i wrote a whole response but forgot to put the #ing little word in the box to prove I was human and lost my whole post...thats #ty ATS, that downright suxs ass, Change it. This whole world is going #ing mad now I have to confirm IM HUMAN......

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by UmbraSumus
Donald rumsfeld speaking at the pentagon on Sept 10 , 2001
this is what he said ........

" According to some estimates , we cannot track 2.3 Trillion Dollars in transactions "

We all know what happened the next day , but have you heard any more about these unaccounted for monies ?
2.3 trillion dollars represents 8,000 dollars for every man, woman and child in America.

Over the last 8 years Bush & Co. went on a spending spree with YOUR money .

Ron Paul , a fiscal conservative was treated like a laughing stock for his comments on the economic health of the U.S.A.
It may be time to review some of his statements , either way, unbridled capitalism has been consigned to the history books .

I sincerely hope WE can weather this *SNIP*-storm , and i do mean we , i am not a U.S citizen but i live in a country which has a disproportionate amount of U.S investment in it.
As always , it will be John-Doe that gets the shaft / loses his pension etc . While those taking risks with other peoples money will have to suffer the ignominy of sharing a Lear jet.

Who's for digging Milton Friedman up !

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MY question is WHY did some of you FOLKS VOTE IN BUSH twice???


ON top of it some of you folks still actively DEFEND BUSH.... *snip* are you guys thinking? AS M_S says here, OLD RUMMY and BUSH robbed the bank within the first two years. ERON robbed my state... YOU PAY a PROXY tax in IRAQ but some of you defend it still?

GOOD *snip* on a minibike some of you are denser than the hills.

ON top of it all, the far out folks seem like they want AMERICA to live LORD OF THE FLIES style. YOU vote for the SOCIOPATHIC party and when that backfires TWICE!!!!!!!!! YOU think the saving GRACE is to go even more woodshack, buckshot guardtower DARWIN and the APE on APE massacre.

CAN California leave the Union please? You guys can roll out your barbed wire fences, stock your bunkers and police others bedrooms all you want. You can pay no taxes, VOTE for the DONALD DUCK/JC 2012

I'm sick of it and I am highly suspicious of you RP supporters who still hold BUSH'S water bucket on other threads here on ATS. YOU VOTED FOR THE SICKEST man in the history of our nation TWICE!

DICK had CLOSED door meeting with OIL GIANTS... LOOK at our prices HMMMMMMMM??? "LOOKS KOSHER TO ME KUDDER - me to HOLICE
DAMNED liberals."

SAME with the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the USA... DEREGULATION MY @snapper@.

PLANNED AND premeditated robbery is more like it! SOME of you ARE more responsible than others.... YOU used your vote and voted as a foolish RADIO washed extremist would. SHAME on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW the GOP has JSMIII... GOOD lord - the man ACTIVELY PARTICIPATED in this SAME SCAM 20 years ago! IF RP is a long shot why not VOTE against a guy who has had his @snipper@ cheek deep in these same CROOKED activities in the 80's?

WHY are you not concerned with that? JSMIII HELPED @snippidy doo@ the tax payers
before and some of you here want to vote for him...

THE same FOLKS who voted for BUSH twice - CRY NOW _ still defend BUSH _ and WANT THE #snippitty# JSMIII IN OFFICE. THREE VOTES, FOR two different, TWICE proven, verifiable, CROOKS!

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 10:16 AM
if this has been posted before im sorry..but this is proof that the people of america do have some hope...although...i would have hoped she would have been applauded from that stand...

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 10:28 AM
The pictures were in a response to a prior comment that the presidential race was a tie between two candidates who have no ability but to continue the current financial downturn. As we see things occur, not many seem to believe changing the name on the debt will work.

Again, I believe those who made the debt by, never having money, as it seems, in the first place, should continue to be responsible for the debt.
There can not be a stabilized market which will spawn growth until the losers lose. The loss should be finalized with payment, then, stop investing in garbage stocks, like all of your "throw away world" goods.

People should get an education which will spur ingenuity. Ingenuity makes new durable goods that help to you stay employed at the corporation. The company makes money which secures their investments in the market.

It all must work together, there is no substitute debtor involved. There isn't securities fraud, venture capitalism, no fake money. Real ingenuity making real goods that make real money.

A loan from the "food stamp" nation!!!? hahahaha
That's a gasser. I see the american public they gamble welfare checks or trade food stamps for cash. The landlords don't want to take rent checks because the morality of the people bearing them is so bad. Could this be the present trouble with the bail out? Your type of government just doesn't have any trust left in it.

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by sc2099

Has anyone consideres the reason for the losses acquired, most recently?

Maybe the accusations against a Country are not accredited by God as in Truth of that which holds them (the accused Countries) responsible or in account for the judgement charged?

What if the whole Chaos was a foreplay of a Culture Group, seeking to Master Mind the downfall of a Elite Society? Who revealed that: Many a Man have their best friend as their secret enemy?


Preist Ben

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 02:00 PM

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 02:20 PM
While I am not ready to jump ship or turn my back on the majority of good-hearted people within this great land, (America), I agree that there is corruption and a secret hand shaping the things we now see unfolding, only we had the signs that something was terribly wrong DECADES ago. However, please do not fool yourself into thinking that any of you are safe if you move. Europe is in no better shape, and it's only a matter of time before everyone stops pointing critical fingers at us, before they realize they're smack dab in the middle of the preverbial pooh as well, and it won't be pretty. I've long since left behind the notion that my vote in a President will affect this country one way or another, despite who actually wins - this is simply, in my mind, an elaborate distraction to make the people think they are empowered when they are not, and to give the people a place to focus blame when things go awry, when in fact, this is just an elaborate smoke screen. This corruption spans the entire globe and is NOT - I repeat - NOT localized or confined just by "our" borders. It is like a virus that has its tentacles in every market and economy within all the continents, and is not defined by is defined by the world's richest families, the corporations they own and deal with, the holders of the gold and precious metals, and the fuel corporations around the world.

I also don't believe in succumbing to the idea of being disempowered by the elite as if we are helpless and hopeless, because there's only one thing that keeps them in power....our money. Whether you live here or abroad, if you want to do your part, get independent of banks and lending institutions....period. Be prepared to scale back your consumption or monetary needs - do what you feel you must in order to be independent. Cut off the blood supply at the source, and watch the collapse of the markets, such as what is happening now. Just because a market collapses, doesn't mean YOU do too! People are getting SMART, but you won't see this in the news! There are two things happening - one, people are defaulting on loans. Two, people are paying them off and not borrowing any more. My family has cut up over 8 credit cards over the past two years, and will continue until the last are done. Everyone we know is doing the same, but you won't see this as a valid reason for the market collapse. We are receiving and tearing up DOZENS of credit card offers in the mail every single week - they are desperate for the interest we pay them! But all we hear is that the lenders were practicing bad lending habits and people defaulted on their loans. I can emphatically tell you that the majority of Americans are smart and educated. And while we do witness those around us who were living beyond their means, suffering and losing investments, most of us are feeling nothing more than a stricter budget within our homes, and an increased need in paying off ALL those bills in preparation for what we feel is innevitable.

But, we the people, will be fine, and we will survive and learn and rebuild with the morals and hard work that our country was founded on. The overwhelming goodness within our borders, which seldom gets a voice, will rise again, and the rest of the world will finally see what holds her together. It is not the tainted media, or the corruption around the world, but us....the people.

My gut feeling? This is orchestrated, and is the preamble to the world monetary system. Just sit back and watch if you don't believe me! Economical markets all over the world will begin to crash, and then some "savior" will ride in and say "let's unite together and help each other"....then we get the new one world monetary system. It's a game and has nothing to do with Presidential elections, my friends. Just watch, and you'll see for yourself!

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 03:08 PM
what exactly does the term "jumped the shark" come from?
I have heard it a few times here and still baffled by its meaning.
thank you.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 03:17 PM
At the risk of repeating myself.........

Originally posted by JaxonRoberts
reply to post by silo13

'Jump the Shark' is a Hollywood term to indicate when a TV series has taken a path to ensure it's cancellation. It comes from a 'Happy Days' episode when the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskies. It was the episode that marked the downfall of the series.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by SuperSecretSquirrel

I'm wondering - was i right the 1st time i read the john titor story

or was i right a month ago that his worldline diverged too much

from ours to predict future events reliably?

I think i am back to this: forget the economy, that's the prelude

to war. First, civil war, then the middle east (6-18 months depending on what you read)

then global....thermonuclear....war......

Yes, glad those who could get out of the US and populated

1st/2nd world urban centers did so, but a nuclear exchange

will make the whole world now - even in a great depression - look

a lot better than future armageddon.


posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 03:42 PM
Today on the news in the Netherlands...

'George W. Bush started the crisis that is going on in the U.S.A.. This by making it possible for americans with bad credit to buy a home.'

All of this happened in 2002 when the president Hosted a Conference on Minority Homeownership. Here a little quote:

'To open up the doors of homeownership there are some barriers, and I want to talk about four that need to be overcome. First, down payments. A lot of folks can't make a down payment. They may be qualified. They may desire to buy a home, but they don't have the money to make a down payment. I think if you were to talk to a lot of families that are desirous to have a home, they would tell you that the down payment is the hurdle that they can't cross. And one way to address that is to have the federal government participate.'

Please read the whole official transcript from the speech he gave at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on October 15, 2002 on the website of The Whitehouse.

When I read this I just had to think of all topics on government conspiracies I have read and all Alex Jones that I have absorbed and wondered...Could it all be true? Is it all inevitable?

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posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by kcire

You are absolutely right, kcrie. Government encouragement and complicity in no downpayment mortgages was promoted as the way to increase minority home ownership by the Bush Administration.

Why would anyone think it's a good idea to loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone who can't save up $40k for a downpayment?

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