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Precognitive Dreams, the dreams that come true.

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 08:31 PM
I have had many experiences like these, where I've had a dream and then at some later time I recognize events or a conversation as being part of those earlier dreams. Not all my dreams are precognitive of course. I have no control over them, but several of my friends have noticed when I'm mouthing the words of a conversation as it plays out in real time with the people around me.

It has rarely been any event of any kind of importance. It is usually just trivial little day-to-day things that I see ahead of time for myself. Little things like flashes of gatherings and people playing games that later came true -- stuff like that for the most part.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 09:45 PM
Here is mine - I've not told many people about, so I am curious to hear responses. On September 10, 2001, early in the morning, I dreamed I was in a large room, or open space. In the room, hundreds of people were milling around trying to look at a shallow wooden box/tray filled with small shiny black objects, maybe stones. They seemed quite concerned. A figure then levitated above the crowd. He said "those of you who are Christian will see me as Jesus, and those of you who are Muslim will see me as Mohammed, but I am one, and my word is the same. A terrible tragedy is about to occur, the full repercussions of which will not be known for many years. If [blank] aligns with [blank] it will mean the end of human civilisation as we know it. We have [blank number] days before we will know how this situation will unfold".

The reason for the blanks is that I was woken up where the quote ends, and couldn't remember those details. The number was in the thousands, I know that much, and at the time (during the dream) my impression was that the "aligns with" bit was about a planetary alignment. It has bugged me ever since that I can't remember those blanks. Please note that at that time, I had no real interest in conspiracy theories, UFOs, 2012 etc

Any thoughts?

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:11 PM
two days before 9/11 i had a dream that the West went to war, or actually, the war came to us.

Legions of airplanes were seen in the distance and our town evacuated, to a pre-built warzone 'town', kind of like a paintball arena where we waited for the attack. I remember defending my family as foreigners raided, and i will never forget slowly sawing off an enemy's head after running out of ammo, while he smiled and made small talk with me... (they were Arian tho, seemed german or russian, not arabic or middle eastern)
in my dream we staved off the attack, and myself and some friends returned to the actual town to root out any enemies or spies hanging around the wreckage. we succeeded greatly and the city threw us a big pool party at the community center, for some reason the guests of honour were to be all of the town's mentally-retarded folk.

Anyways i woke up and all day felt weird especially about the gruesomeness of the fighting, and the pool party. But then those dreams that seem to go on in real time like you've spent days in there ususally do.
when i went to bed that night, i was woken up in the morning by my mom coming into my room saying the US has been attacked by airplanes and we're going to war. I was shocked by the attacks, like everyone, and the feeling left by that dream was intensified tenfold.

The next day after that i am flipping through my local paper, skipping all the crap to get to the classifieds at the back .

My thumb stopped on a page that was stuck. my eye caught a small 1" column article..about a pool party.. at the community center.. for the town's mentally retarded.

My eyes dropped into my cheerios and i swore i had pins and needles on my brain for the next few days, freaking out in my head about al these coincidences. i told myself id have to go there, to the party. maybe it was a sign? maybe somehting crazy was going to happen? maybe my destiny was tethered to a mongoloid like so many yellow water-wings?
I kept the date in my head, which wouldnt stop spinning.

WHat was the mongoloid connection? how is this linked to the disaster in my dreams? Why do they always seem so happy?

A week later, again i was flipping thru the paper to the classifieds, the only part of our paper without lies, bias and fear mongering hidden between the lines of what is meant to look like mindless pap.
Again, a page stuck. Again, my eye immediately caught a 1" cloumn.. again it was about a slow kids pool party at the community center.. except that it was cancelled.

i sighed relief.

All i could figure out from this is that i was meant to be shown how there is something else at work, a reminder was all i needed. I havent actually thought about all this in a while, thanks for reminding me OP.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by TheDemonHunter

i also for the most part get those, like the other day i was watching my friends metal band play at a local bar here.. i was watching the few people i didnt kno and the way they looked and were moving as well as the song the band were all playing came back to me from a dream.

then when you try n explain to yourself its a brain glitch and your brain is fooling yourself, you remember thinking about that dream before it happens in real life; so you have memory of the dream, memory of questioning why these details even stuck in your head, and then actually see it happen.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:22 PM
I have a lot of these dreams mostly mundane stuff.

My first was when i was about 11years old i dreamt of a maths test at school,
in reality few days later the questions on the test were the same and the conversations amongst the students was the same as my dream.

The biggest one was i dreamt of my friend coming to visit me at home,i met him outside we had a smoke then i said something to him that upset him,we got into a fist fight and he beat the crap out of me,then the dream jump ahead what seemed like a few years and i was in debt living in my car.

A few days later he came to visit i met him outside we had a smoke and a chat...then all my hairs stood on end and i remembered my that moment i shut up and let him do all the talking and all was ok.
I think that dream was a big heads up and gave me a chance to change things.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

You say "Focus on the precognitive layer of the dream spectrum and influence change by dream control."
So, assuming a person is lucid, how do they recognize the precognitive layer of the spectrum. Or are you saying that lucidity in itself is the precognitive layer as a whole?
I have had precognitive dreams and lucid dreams. I guess I am very fortunate that any precognitive dreams I've had, have been beneficial to me. Though when I didn't recognize a dream as being precognitive, I suffered the consequence, though it certainly opened my eyes and really was the beginning of my journey of interest in paranormal phenomenon and in particular, the abilities that are within the human mind. (Maybe that should say latent abilities)
To date though, I have not experienced a lucid dream that was also precognitive. Though I will certainly try after reading this thread.
Flag rom me.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by ashflash


Please do explore that potential, it is very real, we can have a lucid precognitive dream. I encourage everyone here to please explore and confirm.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 03:57 AM
Could you please re-read my last post and answer specifically the question I queried, as I am still unsure as to whether a person has the potential to be predictive, purely by being lucid, or, is there a point during lucidity that predictive abilities are harnessed and how does one recognize that point.
I find this thread to be the most interesting I have read to date and like you, I strongly believe that we all have the potential for change and progress by utilizing our abilities.
Obviously, there is a time gap between posts, because of our location, but I will be back the same time tomorrow and hope you will expand on your experience. I am very eager to learn more.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by ashflash

At a first glance, it is difficult to descern where one is at within this spectrum of dreaming. What I can only do is share how I came to the conclusion and it was a combination of having lucid dreams unknowingly that were already in the precognitive layer.

At that time, in the dream, the concept that this particular lucid dream would ever come true was furthest from my mind, up until the day here in reality when it did.

After much theorising about the experience, I felt it was possible to navagate to this precognitive band simply by focusing and tuning into that state while in a lucid dream. However, recognising it at least for me is even today very difficult due to the obvious nature of dreams, and how they all often convey aspects of our real life.

What I had to do, was try to map out the layers, and to do so led to a theory that if I could impress a footprint in a dream, like a mark, perhaps if I was in this precognitive band, that might occur here.

During 1997-1998, I focused completely on exploring this state, mapping the layers and observing reality to see if any of these lucid dreams would come true. And they did, along with the changes.

My personal research also answered quite a few questions I had about the nature of reality in its relationship to precognition. Such as, was the precognitive dream a vision of a future event? Or was the precognitive dream, just a dream itself that would become a future event.

Having changed the dream, I can only say that a precognitive dream, is still a dream by any context of what we call and lable dreaming, however it is within a spectrum whereby what is dreamt there, becomes here.

While observing a dream, be it precognitive or other, the context of what a dream is, is still an organized feild of thought. And like any dream, we as a dreamer, have an ability to influence and change the context of a dream. And my research also indicates this is the case with precognitive ones.

Feel free to ask anything about it, I will try to help based on what I know from my experiences with it.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Thank-you so much for further detail.
Are you willing to share any of your experiences of actual precognitive lucid dreams that you have encountered and how you were able to direct the changes you speak of?
Also, do you have a method that helps you become lucid and will you share?
I often break my sleep cycle, by waking about 4-5am, returning to bed after an hour or so, in the hope of becoming lucid. I have had some success doing this, but it's very frustrating waking so early, only to be disappointed.
Have you, or any other ATSers ever taken galantamine in order to induce lucidity and if so, would you share your opinions.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 10:45 AM
I have never heard of Galantamine, and I never had a need to take any vitamins, sleep aids or electronic dream simulators. Like yourself, I deploy the wake-up, then sleep again method as it does simplify becoming lucid.

The pattern that I follow is what I consider to be harnessing our natural sleeping pattern but with the intent to remain conscious as the body naturally returns to sleep. The difference is this time, I focus on my intent try to let the dream form naturally, but not allow my awareness to shutoff in the process.

As for experiences related to lucid precognition, I think it's a natural progression for anyone who has had precognition and wanted to know more about the phenomena. The first trigger was curiosity, as I finally accepted that I had dreams come true, it wasn't a fantasy rather some unknown aspect of dreaming that I didn't understand.

So I started projecting the question into my dreams as I fell asleep, "
How do dreams come true?", I would ask myself.

The answer I received was completely unexpected, and quite frightening as it changed forever how I viewed reality as a whole. And like precognition, it seemed to come in stealth, so that I had no idea until it came true, what it actually represented.

The first lucid precognitive dream is the one that had the most impact, and this is how it took place. I started my usual routine of going back to sleep, and in this case, it felt like and OBE, where I felt myself float upward and out of my body.

The destination was complete darkness with very faint blue electrical waves, and a familiar voice asked me, "What do you want to experience?"

I was fully conscious and aware that I had shifted to this state from going to sleep, and I felt compelled to answer, I was also curious as to if this being was some form of higher-intelligence.

I said, "I would like to experience people setting aside there social, political and religious beliefs to just enjoy each others company."

The being said, "Very well." and a two-dimensional square window opened up, and I could see myself in the picture on a beach. I projected through the window into my body that was on the beach and entered what I thought was just a dream. I was fully conscious and aware I was now dreaming, I was also aware that this being and myself where creating this dream.

The dream had many elements of the request, people where at the beach both who I knew in real life, and who I was just meeting for the first time. I can lay out the details if needed, but at the end it was just a very entertaining time at the beach and at the end of the experience, I returned back to through the window, and thanked the being for the experience and returned to my body and woke up.

I was still in school at that time, in Grade 12, so the year was 1990. I remember being at school sitting in English class still thinking about the OBE/Lucid dream and thought it was a cool experience, and how I wish life could be more like that. Never in my wildest dreams, would I expect what happened next.

The dream came true during that summer. I was visiting friends who where also in that dream and they wanted to go to the lake and roast marshmallows at the fire pit there. So off we went. As I got to the beach, and as the point of synchronicity with the lucid dream, and the physical event matched, I felt like I for the first time in real life, was dreaming... actually let me put it exactly how it felt.

There was an awareness shift, and it felt like I had stepped into a new dimension although that was not the case. I recognized immediately that this was the lucid dream I had, and my thoughts resonating at that moment as they where in the dream where, "This is a dream, I am dreaming." All the feelings and awareness I had when I was lucid in this state when it was a dream, was also very present.

It was the first time I could see this reality clearly, as a dream, and it both scared me greatly and amazed me.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 10:56 AM
I've had "not dry" dreams but unfortunately they were not precog

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:06 AM
There was a new train of thought however in the physical time as the dream was coming true, where I was rationalizing everything, knowing that this was very much and in every detail the dream that I had thought the being and I had created. I admit to being a little scared, but having had so much precognition to prepare me in the past, I allowed myself to continue on fearlessly, and as much as I wanted to let on my realizations to everyone, I felt I must keep quite and observe.

It was a life changing event, one of those events that happen that change you, how you think, what you believe forever. When I went home after the experience, that was when it all hit me. And I was fully aware of the power and magnitude of the experience. Somehow, despite my beliefs, Reality was a created experience where by we as beings think into existence, within a chronological order, the very lives we live on Earth. It seemed so impossible, but as I thought about the nature of thought in the context of a dream, it seemed very natural.

As you can imagine, it left me dazzled, bewildered, confused but enlightened. I had a very lucid and clear dream by which the details and experience was generated based on a request I had. Then I had a physical event where by this experience clearly was the origin of.

The answer for why we had precognition was simple, reality is a dream. Dreams are thoughts, and thoughts create reality. The how and why seemed to unravel into a creative process and how we participate in this process.

Now I didn't exactly want to believe it, and accept it... but I had this experience so profound that I couldn't dismiss it as being anything but what it was from the original source.

It caused me to take time off from my exploration journeys, I needed to mentally digest the information, and I honestly knew how utterly insane it would be to someone who had no reference point to understand this revealed relationship. My parents had a hard enough time as it was with what I was telling them regarding this kind of phenomena.

I would never be the same, ever. Every day I wake up, I saw reality a dream. 20 years later to now, I see this moment, as all moments as the manifestation of organized thought. I am dreaming, always now. At least in awareness and realization.

So to further spin it, I took time off, and entertained theories and philosophies regarding this phenomena. I had a lot of other information to assist in processing the experience, and a couple of years would pass before I would get the courage to want to observe this state from a lucid dream.

Using guided thought, as in intent, I allowed myself to start focusing on seeing if I could just be lucid in a precognitive dream. I would never remember or recognize the process with the being, the two dimensional window again, and I think by design as it would be a dead give away trigger for my human consciousness to instantly realize the potential.

Rather, the dream state would be convoluted with a myriad of layers and I would have to focus on that precognitive state, use memory, feelings from previous ones to help with navigation. Finally, I would start to become lucid in certain dreams, and in real life, that lucid self-realized awareness would carry over into this reality, and I would have a lucid waking dream, as with realizing you are dreaming, that impressed thought and realization also comes packaged in with the dream as it comes true.

So in reality, I would become lucid, and aware I was dreaming as the original source, the lucid dream entered a point of synchronicity with the chronological order of time.

The next test, which was the final question I had... can I change this dream, and observe the changes happen here.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:22 AM
reject - lol...

The final project I had was part of mapping the dream layers via a process of influencing a shape or footprint in the dream, to help act as markers. The theory was, if I could influence change, in the form of some recognizable marker, perhaps the marker would appear in this reality.

Thus began the phenomenological years of my life, where I would enter into the dreamstate, change it by leaving a shape like triangles, circles, squares, hearts etc via dream control (focused directed thought) and just wait and see if they show up here.

I have already talked about one such event, where I put a triangle on a persons head from a distance of 6 feet. From this perspective, it looked like I just pointed at him and the shape appeared. I took a picture of it. I would also have an opportunity to leave a triangle on my hand, which to this date is still visible, as a reminder. It's my dream induced string on the finger metaphorically speaking.

Others would include changing an entire cloud mass into a triangle. Changing an entire cloud mass into a heart. Causing grass to fall down into a circle. Small little shapes on the floor... one case, involved my cat where it was on the stairs overlooking the landing room, and I projected a sphere of energy from my fingertip which I directed and moved, the cat saw it and batted at it and followed it.

So there was ample visual evidence popping up, that also coincided with lucid memory, and the mapping shapes did occur here.

Enough to even document with a camera, on two of the events.

Here are some photos of these footprints

And finally, I satisfied with all my questions being answered, I stopped with the mapping out of respect for reality, people and my cat. I never honestly wanted to put a triangle on my friends head, it was so unbelievable and far from my scope that I never for the life of me expected it to happen.

He would be the first and last time that I targeted a person in a dream for this type of control test. I don't know the extent of the power that it represents, I do know that the shape is still there visible to this date on his head. I'm not a person who is interested in affecting others, especially in this way.

So I wrapped up this style of dreaming satisfied I knew the truth, the answer to it back in 2000. And I've been very casual now with going OBE and lucid dreaming, just enjoying them when they happen and enjoying life.

If feel that at least I have some reference points and focus points that other dreamers may take. I have talked with other people who remember lucid dreams come true. It's a natural progression in my opinion for anyone who has precognition, and can also lucid dream, as the bridge to cross to come to these realizations is in us all.

Hope this helps.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 11:31 AM
This post immediately caught my eye because of a recent experience I had and posted here:'

I had a lucid dream/vision that terrified me because I had never experienced it before or since. It also worries me because of recent world events.

Quite frankly I hope none of what I saw actually happens.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 01:42 PM
On april 30 1983, I had a dream in which I was watching a television newscast about "allied soldiers" invading Basrah. I didn't recognize the news presenter, I'd never heard of Basrah, and I'd thought that "allied soldiers" ended with world war 2.

Something about the dream left me feeling ill at ease and quite concerned. I told people about this dream. I always remembered it.

After the invasion of Iraq, one evening I was watching television and watched the exact same news cast in real life. But many of the dreams from that time showed me parts of my life in the present day.

Of course, most of my dreams haven't come true so literally.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by deltaalphanovember

Thats one of the enigmas with dreams, at least one I think most of us have which is decerning if it will be precognitive or not, reality and time only tell that tale.

I too have had my share of war dreams, infact I told my friend about a dream that the US was at war with Afghanistan and he laughed because at that time, there was no real political motivation and he didn't see the US attempting what Russia failed at. I didn't say if I thought it was going to come true, I just thought the dream was interesting.

On that note, I have had dreams of Nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula, nuclear bombs going off in cities in the US. Russia attacking and destroying Europe and the United States with a nuclear sneak attack... the list of horrific dreams go on.

Many of which will never come true, some of which may... but I have no measurement when it comes to probable reality and actual literal reality through this process. I know its not random, but currently it appears as such.

My view now is, lets take charge of our dreams, try to evolve this world into a higher more profound system of consciousness.

After all, all me precognition points to reality as being a manufactured experience that we are all co-creating in a sub-conscious state.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 08:42 PM
That would be fantastic experiment...Try to get a critical mass(not sure how many that would be)to control the dreams they have with a pre-planned goal to achieve.

I really do believe we create our own reality with our thoughts/dreams.

Reminds me of a movie i cant remember the name of.
In the movie a Sphere(maybe that was the Title)was discovered under the ocean,that could turn your thoughts into reality...but they discovered humans were too immature to use it.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 03:23 PM
Ya happens to me all the time. To make sure I wasn't imagining it or crazy I started telling a couple family members some that concerned them to see what would happen. I started getting calls from them all excited because everything I told them happened every time.

I have tried to change the outcome of certain ones but have only been able to change the outcome of one so far and it was nothing big. The larger events I seem to not be able to change the outcomes no matter what I do.

The interesting part of it is I have seen my own death and have been making changes to try and avoid it. Every time I think I've changed things in my life enough to avoid the eventual outcome something interferes and my path is re-directed towards the original direction of that path. As if we don't actually have control of the outcomes as if they were meant to be in the first place.

Funny thing is my family thinks I'm a real psychic but I'm not I only dream of the things that affect me directly in some way. Lately they have started to come as visions as opposed to dreams but I still just call them waking dreams.

Who knows maybe my brain is wired in such a way it can take outside information into the subconcious and determine the most likely outcome of certain situations in my life. Either way I hate it and would rather it stopped all together if anything its a curse. I should also note I have died twice and both times came back after being told it wasn't my time yet. The first time this all started happening was after the first death.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by Darthorious

As you can see by the reply, there are numerous people in this forum who have had this experience, it is as I say, part of what we are as a conscious human.

Now take charge of your dreams, and shape them so that when they come true, you know consciously you played a role in the outcome of the physical event.

We are the dreamers.

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