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Precognitive Dreams, the dreams that come true.

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

I think more and more ordinary people are having precognitive dreams which all point towards "something" unprecedented happening. What they see are different because each person's brain and experiences are unique and how each person interprets things is different.

I am not a believer of the mass collective ability to focus and change the future, I think we are all rolling along in snowball that is becoming bigger and bigger very quickly.

My own experience was utterly unique (personally) and seemed to be a once-off experience. Nothing before and nothing since has ever been remotely similiar. However, some events of the past few weeks are beginning to convince me that there was definitely some sort of precognition, as there appear to be other predictions that are intersecting what I saw (timewave zero for example).

But, the most accurate prophecy is one that is made post-event: So many people here say they saw something in a dream/vision, and only recognised what they saw after the event. Therefore, how can we influence an event what we do not understand or recognise, until it has already happened?

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by deltaalphanovember

I agree that the flow of these experiences are quite potentially amplifying with each passing year, that there is a possible spike in humanities over all perception of self.

I had an interesting dream last night where for the first time in years, I reviewed the layers of dreams, and moved quickly through them placing marks on each layer.

I also had strange dreams where I was reading this thread, but not as myself, but as other people, which is really strange, in one case I remember myself as a female, and coming on this thread made my heart jump and hair on my arms tingle. I could hear the thoughts of the text written here echoing in a female voice as I read the text. So very odd dream as well.

In another dream, a man named Jake gave me a book which described reality from the perspective of a holographic manufactured experience system. I flipped through the pages, there where photos and text, I didn't read it but flipped through from front to back, then from back to front.. Jake described the book as his bible and that everything I needed to know about reality was in the book.

I told him I understood the context, that I can see how our thoughts, even right now as we form this book, the idea of this dream are an expression of thought, and the thought becomes unified and synchronized forming language in the form of reality. That reality is non-verbal communication, thought woven into this ability to speak.

Lots of interesting dreams of late. Then there was this nice revelation of not actually having to dream to go to the precognitive layer. I have been focusing on it, and this thought occurred to me, why go through all this preparation to go somewhere, when you are already there. If we are awake and here, technically we are already in that spectrum, just now its slotted into the chronological order and unified within the fabric of reality.

Which leads to seeing this reality as a dream, in the same manner as how all reality is, so that is my current focus. Seeing the dream right now, and understanding how it is so.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

"holographic manufactured experience system" - this jumped out at me. Please elaborate more on this. I encountered a thread recently (cant remember where) where the OP described a system of learning where our skills are downloaded into our brains directly. Is this the same?

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by deltaalphanovember
But, the most accurate prophecy is one that is made post-event: So many people here say they saw something in a dream/vision, and only recognised what they saw after the event. Therefore, how can we influence an event what we do not understand or recognise, until it has already happened?

This has certainly been the case for me most of the time. My precognitive dreams don't jump out as being any different from regular dreams. I can only tell that's what it was once the events begin unfolding. Makes it difficult to work toward making changes in events from precognitive dreams.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by deltaalphanovember
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

"holographic manufactured experience system" - this jumped out at me. Please elaborate more on this. I encountered a thread recently (cant remember where) where the OP described a system of learning where our skills are downloaded into our brains directly. Is this the same?

I am not too sure, as we can probably see through the incarnation process that our human experience is an implant so to speak, that we are not really human, but we suddenly have some state/focus/information that suddenly becomes our human life.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the term Non-Verbal Communication or ROTE, which is something Robert A. Monroe speaks of in his books, Far Journeys being a great book indeed.

He talks about having packages of rolled up experiences which are basically an dream like packet of information that when you unroll it, you experience the information in a non-verbal way.

I can argue, that our current reality system is also one of these ROTE's so to speak, and that what we are experiencing is a form of non-verbal communication that we experience as our current reality.

It seems to all come down to higher-level thought forming patterned non-verbal language in the form of reality. Dreams being a way we can identify with this information.

So holographic, mind-generated, created... that is what reality is. Which begs the larger question, if this is a sub-reality that is constructed, how are we being fed our reality and what is the true reality of which this is sub-system of. Who are we really? If our human life is just an implanted experience.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 05:04 AM
I've posted a number of times in ATS and elsewhere about precognitive dreams which I've experienced.

My parents have recounted their precognitive dreams prior to the events occurring in reality and so has my adult daughter. My parents have recalled precognitive dreams recounted by their parents. So precognition does seem to be (a) reasonably common and (b) an inherited ability.

In my case, the precognitive type of dream does differ from common and garden type dreams. They usually 'feel' different upon waking and I've grown to recognise the feeling. On occasion they can slip past me by posing as an 'ordinary' but vivid dream. Of course, when the dream events occur shortly afterwards in reality, I realise the dream in fact had been precognitive. Even those which slip past as 'ordinary' dreams are more vivid and have a greater emotional impact than ordinary dreams, to the point I invariably mention these upon waking to one or more others. So, as a rule, I have witnesses able to attest that I recounted a certain situation or event to them, prior to the event occurring in reality.

In the case of unmistakable precognitive dreams, I learned early in life to make a point of telling someone else as soon as possible. That way, I have proof that something was foreseen prior to the actual event.

I don't do this to ' prove ' that I have a 'special ability'.
I do it in order to alert others to the fact that much of what are regarded as purely random events are not random at all, but have been preordained by someone/something. It's important that people recognise this. It would save so many from feelings of guilt and responsibility.

Also, I suspect that most people have precognitive dreams at least a few times in their lives. Many have them frequently.

In other words, precognition (via dreams, visions, etc.) is not 'occult', paranormal or supranormal. In my opinion, precognition is a natural, human ability .. one which could be strengthened were people to record their dreams and also to discuss them openly and naturally with friends, family, etc. in the same way people discuss the news and the weather. Were this to become the case, life may hold far fewer 'nasty surprises' for the general population.

I do believe we're all far more 'connected' than many would choose to be the case, and I subscribe to the holographic universe theory.

My precognitive dreams are the same as I am .. straightforward. I suppose my Mind realises I don't have the patience for convoluted symbolism. What's the point of that, after all ? You want to get a message through, then the best way is to broadcast it (via dreams) in the most easily comprehensible way -- similar to an urgent warning. The police and rescue people don't send our emergency-warnings in encrypted-code, do they ? It would be counter-productive. Same with precognitive dreams .. at least in my case and as pertains to other members of my family who experience precognitive dreams. We're shown what will happen, in clear detail. My precognitive dreams (and those of parents, children, etc.) are basically a 'film' of what is to come. Clear, simple, concise, highly accurate. And that's how I like it. Would be a waste of time for my mind to begin sending me cryptic, symbolic messages. Maybe it did so to begin with, but I imagine I ignored them. Hence, my mind gives it to me straight these days.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 05:51 AM
As to what lies 'behind' precognitive dreams, visions, etc .. well, that's open to speculation and myriad theories abound.

The 'explanation' to which I'm most partial is that proposed by T.C. Lethbridge (roughly combined with the theory of the holographic universe).

Lethbridge is an interesting read. Very interesting character. Independent thinker and well worth the time spent scouting for his several (out of print) slim books. People like Lethbridge should be given a 'life-extension' of at least 50 years, imo, because I don't think he'd come even close to exhausting his fertile imagination when he died.

Those familiar with Lethbridge's theories will be aware of his interest in dowsing and the 'pendulum rates' he tabulated, based on first-hand experimentation.

Lethbridge encouraged everyone to experiment with the pendulum and reach their own conclusion and set of 'rates'. In his own opinion, everything on this planet and/or within what we regard as 'reality' possesses a 'rate'. I don't know them off by heart and don't have any copies of Lethbridge to hand. However, let's say, for the moment, that iron has a 'rate' of 18 (I've chosen that number purely at random here). Lethbridge believed he'd discovered that after the 'death' rate for this planet/reality .... everything began again. So, for example, if 40 is the 'rate' for death, then the next dimension kicks off at that point, with everything continuing much as we know it here, except in the next dimension, the 'rate' for iron would be 40 plus 18. Lethbridge extended this across the spectrum, including rates for emotion, plants, minerals, etc. In short, the next dimension (after physical death on Earth) contains everything we know now, according to Lethbridge's theory.

After divining the 'rate' for death in the dimension after this, Lethbridge proceeded to tabulate 'rates' for the dimension after that. And again, everything remained the same. He supposed that were one to have access to a tall enough ladder (to accomodate the increasing length of the pendulum's string) and sufficient patience and time, it would be possible to establish innumerable dimensions after Life/Earth, using simply a pendulum.

Lethbridge also believed, based on his own experimentation, that Time is spiral .. in the same way as the growth of plants, etc. And he believed (again, based upon experimentation, research, dowsing, etc) that Time and Events spiral their way 'down to Earth'. He included a simple drawing in one of his books, to illustrate what he meant. Picture's worth a thousand words. I can't reproduce the drawing here unfortunately and don't have my copy of the book in question to hand ... but those able to access Lethbridge's books will grasp what he meant immediately, once they've seen the drawing.

Hopefully, someone will come along soon and provide a far better rendition of Lethbridge's theories, because it's been approx. 20 years since I read the book or saw the drawings. Briefly, Lethbridge suggested that an event ( ' X ' ) occurred somewhere, at some time. The event is then conveyed within spiral-Time (going around and round like water spiralling down a sink-hole) until that event spirals down and 'occurs' here in our dimension.

Our minds are able to access the event 'X' as it spirals towards our dimension. Thus, we are seeing something ( 'X') in advance. And we call it 'precognition'. Simple as that. Nothing occult or supra or para normal about it.

Of course, many tend to imagine the universe as being 'up' or 'out' there. When in fact, I regard 'the universe and everything else' as being superimposed upon what we regard as 'our' Earth and 'our' reality. The way I see it, we're bathed in past, present, future ... it's all around us, just as we are part of 'it'.

But, whichever way people choose to regard these mysteries, the fact remains that many of us 'see' the supposed 'future' before it occurs.

Those of us who do so are not 'special', obviously, as precognition is reasonably common. And for most, precognition is spontaneous: all they have done is go to sleep.

My own experience of precognition is not open to interpretation or change: the events I've dreamed occur in precisely the same manner in reality, whether or not I want them to. Family-members' accounts suggest it's the same with them.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 06:25 AM
Sorry if I appear to be hogging the thread. It's just that I'm in a different time-zone to the US and have to post during the time available to me.

With regard to 'changing' events seen precognitively: I've never attempted to do so. Nor am I confident that it's possible to do so, if we regard the events as simply an echo (by the time they occur here in our dimension) of an event which has already occurred elsewhere.

In fact, it might be useful to use an echo as example.

Most of us are familiar with echoes. We shout ... then smile as the sound of our voice reverberates once, twice or more, some distance away.

Our egos insist that 'we' are the big-deal, the main-event, the apple of God's eye, the reason for Time, Space, the Universe and All that Is.

So it's difficult initially to consider that perhaps we're nothing .. other than just something a greater-reality bounces echoes upon. Yet that's all we may be. Doesn't hurt, once you grow accustomed to thinking about it in that way.

In fact, it's occurred to me more than once (and with increasing frequency these days) that we ourselves may be merely echoes --- with the 'real us' existing somewhere in the 'future' (or past .. depends how you look at it). We may all be ghosts, you know .. just remnants of our original selves and minds --- yet imagining ourselves to be the original present-tense articles and acting as if that were the case.

If we flip the switch of our minds for just a moment and allow ourselves to regard this differently, we might ask ourselves if we're really having 'precognitive' dreams .... or if those dreams are in fact past-memories !

Draw or imagine a reasonably straight line. Then, nominate the point upon that line which you believe we now occupy. For simplicity, you could write Past at one end --- Future at the other end. Most people would place us somewhere between them and would name that point as 'Present'.

But why not question that assumption ? Doesn't hurt.

Most of us have heard of cave-divers who've lost their sense of direction, usually with fatal consequences. They're down there in the murky twilight zone, watery-depths, when suddenly, they don't know if they're swimming upwards or downwards. No sign-posts. Which way is up ?

It's similar when you look at video taken from outer-space. Your perspective alters radically. As a rule, you're used to looking 'up' at the Moon. You regard the Earth as the solid reality and as 'down here'. But when you view Earth from outer-space, also the Moon ... the question becomes again: ' Which way is 'up'? '

In the same way, which is Past, or Present, or Future ?
Depends on one's perspective, doesn't it ?

We imagine ourselves to exist in the Present .. the Now.
So, we regard precognition as revealing something yet to occur in the Now.
But what if it's already occurred in a 'real' Now ?

Some of us 'down here' see that event as it occurs (via supposedly 'precognitive dreams/visions').
Then, later, that event takes place around us, just as 'foreseen'.
So, we believe the event wasn't 'real' when we dreamed it .. we believe the event only became 'real' when it happened 'here'.

It's easy for us to believe that, because we believe WE are the only 'real' real and only WE exist in the 'real' Now. Our egos need to believe that.

The reality may be far different.

We may be ghosts, echoes of our 'real selves'.

Or ... we may be a collective ghost of our one 'real self'.

We may not be 'separate' individuals at all. We may harbour only an illusion of separateness. In reality, we may be one organism, like a jelly-fish. An echo of a jelly-fish. That's something to ponder.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by Dock6

Thanks so much for an in depth post, I am right on level with what you are saying. This has nothing to do with religion, social/political beliefs, race etc. It is part of what we are, hence why many of us can come together and talk about the experience.

I feel it needs serious discussion, and it is something that could be how we transform this world in to heaven on earth, it is a power.

Having changed precognitive dreams, I know the potential is there, but in no way do I feel that I am an expert on this topic.

It feels good to share it with others such as yourself Dock who understands this is very real part of our life experiences.

Great post, lets keep up the discussions. I wanted to post earlier but was at work so could only skim the post, now at least I can relax and enjoy the content of the post.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by Dock6

Strange that you mention the theory that we are just "echoes" of ourselves.
I have experienced a dream (a real dream this time
) over many many years (15 years) which has always left me with a disturbing thought that this is me experiencing an overlap of my other life in another (alternative?) world. Strangely, as I age here, and as time passes, so does my other self age and time is reflected there on that world (and hence in my dreams) as well.
Here is a quick summary of that other world: it started when I was living a great life in a world that was invaded by another race. They started a war against us which basically annihilated the human world. I became a resistance fighter after conventional warfare failed, but eventually there that too failed. My latest dream in that world occurred a couple of weeks ago, where I had just joined a band of people and all we were doing was just surviving. Scavenging for food, sick and hungry.
But hey, it took them 15 years to break our spirit, and in this despairing dream, they were no longer focusing on making us extinct - perhaps we can regroup and fight another day.

I love these kinds of dreams ... I can remember so much detail - even of the first dream when I was standing on a beach with my child, and their vessels landed in the ocean (causing a mini-tsunami).

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 04:45 PM
This will sound crazy, even to me.

Similar dreams here. When they began in 1988-89, the story started with my life as it is now, 20 years later. It finishes the same way you describe.

I'm pretty sure that reality isn't like we think, that there is only partial free will for the small events in our lives, and even those have a "recommended" choice we default to unless we have a lot of will power. That the rest, the big things that seem beyond control, are all as events preprogrammed into our schedule of experiences at the time of our births, waiting to be activated. We can embrace them or endure them, but they will happen even if their happening is totally illogical.

Yes, I agree. I get the feeling that our lives are like a shadow of events that once took place for real. Like the world is a great interactive holographic play based on a historical novel. With only the ones who were once here for real knowing the difference.

Silly impressions to have.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 11:15 PM
I see some of you advocate the idea - or have the actual experience - that one can prevent an event from happening.

That is not my experience (although I've only had two or three clearly precognitive dreams - waking premonitions are a different thing).

Many people, myself included, see either a fragment of the future (?) event, unidentifiable beforehand, or the final result (without knowing what led to it).

I know of only one case when a person was actually able to prevent a dream from coming true - or so it seems, in any case.
It was no other than Victor Goddard, the "paranormal" RAF Marshall, who had a history of dimensional displacements.
(On this site you can find a thread about a "ghost" photo he took. But that wasn't the only unusual phenomenon he experienced.)

A colleague of him, another pilot, had a dream about Goddard and a few other people having a fatal airplane accident. He told other people about the dream - and Goddard overheard him.
The next day, Goddard and his passengers (apparently the same people that the other man had dreamt about) flew into exactly the situation described by the dreamer. Only, Goddard was able to prevent a crash, and they all survived.

His story has been made into a film: "The Day My Number Came Up".

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by Vanitas

It is a very interesting experience. I had a few interesting bouts of precognition in the last week, I really need to start keeping a journal.

I have been working on lucid precognitive dreaming religiously when I sleep at night now, and already showing results in that I had a dream come true within 2 days of dreaming it, which I think is a personal record. Usually 2-3 weeks.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 11:35 PM
I was just remarking in another post that last night I had a dream about a meteor impact and my wife and I trying to retrieve pieces of it. Parts had fallen on someone's house and they were black and spiky looking. The air was so bad people were wearing masks. It was so vivd and I told her about it on the way to dinner. We laughed and when I got home I read this article.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by atzmaz

Sounds like it hit the atmosphere and burned up, some pieces could have fallen to Earth harmlessly though.

Dreams can also be very symbolic, hence how your dream could have interpreted this event into symbolism, but still represent this event.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:25 AM
I have been targeting the precognitive layer, definitely a good focus and having some results.

What was interesting on Friday, I had a precognitive dream that lasted hours, and in that time I was able to see something very interesting in that there is a synergy between myself and all those around me.

I was able to clearly look at synergy, and even when thinking about synergy, events in the physical world also clearly depicted synergy. For example, at one point I end up at a country bar, and I never go to them. But a friends B-day so off we go, I am already noticing synergy and when I am at the bar, because it was so different from what I was used to, it really amplified my knowing that I had dreamt it.

When I was observing synergy, as can be expected, people started to do a line dance and I was like exactly, that is exactly it... we are all participating in this dream synergy, each of us going along with the flow of the dream, each participating in the dream.

I had a dream come true wrapped in symbology within 2 days which was very great to observe... finally, watching TV with my wife today, she turns to a show that apparently was a new episode for the new season.

I don't watch much TV, but I tell her we already watched this show, and I tell her the plot and premises and that we watched it together. Then she said, no we never watched it, I don't ever remember seeing this with you.

Then I clued in... right, I haven't seen the show in real life, it was precognitive memory, I was remembering seeing it from a dream, not from reality. I checked the Guide and it is the first time it aired, so I clearly could not have seen it until today. I remembered a good portion of the show, peoples faces, plot twists... I thought for sure I must have seen it, but verifying what my wife said, it never aired until today. I could never have seen it before.

Link to today's episode

And again, was able to observe the synergy and focus on this relationship between dreams and reality.

Very exciting, going to be very busy working on this and posting results here.
I should start posting my dreams here, that might be great to go back to something if it comes true in this thread.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 02:17 AM
Had a good discussion with the wife, she is going to give this precognitive dreaming a try, said she never has had a dream come true so I have created for her, a simple affirmation:

"I am aware that I am going to sleep. I am aware that I will be dreaming. I am allowing myself to experience having a dream that comes true, that becomes my reality here, now. I will allow my self to remember my dream in clear, perfect detail when I wake up."

So something simple to get her started, feel free to start there.

I told here my affirmation, it's a little more wordy but I'll share it here:

"I call upon all that I am, all that I was, all that I will be. I call on all parts of myself, on all layers of reality to become one, whole and unified with who I am right now. I call on all my personal power, and reclaim any power or part of me that I may have knowingly or unknowingly lost or gave away. I give no parts of myself, or my power to anyone or anything that might use this power in a negative way, or against me.

I am allowing all my memories, both present, past and future to be fully accessible by who I am right now, I am allowing my consciousness to be aware and able to access all memory clearly, and in great detail.

As my body falls asleep, I will be dreaming. I am allowing myself to be fully conscious as I am right now, in the dream. I will be aware and able to realize that I am dreaming. I will have full access to my logical, rational and cognitive abilities. I will remember my dream in full, clear detail.

As I dream, I am allowing myself to focus on the precognitive layer, on the dreams that become my reality, my now, the reality that I am experiencing right now. I am allowing myself to be fully awake, fully aware and self-realized in this type of dream, just as aware and awake as I am right now.

I am allowing myself to use thought, to use dream-control to influence and change any dream, as I see fit. I will allow those changes to happen in my reality, in my now with out bias or prejudice. I will make all changes out of love.

I will help all and anyone I encounter in the dream, reach similar or greater realizations about the self, I will help awaken the dreamers, as I myself am awakened.

When I wake up, I will remember all my dreams in crystal clear detail, and will have full access to these memories through out my waking life."

So a big affirmation, but knowing that this really helps, I have stylized it to fit my beliefs and knowledge about dreaming to further amplify and focus my consciousness on my goals and intent.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 02:41 AM
I've had the occasional precognitive dream, and also had the same dream, same night as my daughter. She's had many dreams of events, that later came true. Whether or not they're just coincidences, I don't know. I've also had dreams of things being in them, that seem to manifest in real life after the dream, but again, could be coincidence.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by violet

You will have to draw that line in the sand between coincidence and reality. I have also shared dreams with friends, and I think its awesome that you have had the chance to share that with your daughter.

We are very naive, myself included when it comes to dreams, and dream phenomenology. All we can do is try to learn from the experiences and draw our own conclusions.

As evident in this thread, we are not alone, many people have had precognitive dreams
I think that is great news. Congratulations on having them, hopefully you can progress with knowledge towards your understanding of them.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:01 PM

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