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why do all of you hate america... the thread

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 12:58 AM
i am an american.

i love america.

i am starting this thread to see why most, but not all, people on this site have an aggression, that can be labled as hate, towards america.

does america not have the highest quality of life in the world?
do those of you on this site who bash america not shop at any of americas convienent stores to support your life here?

what is so bad about this country that you have to bash it time and time again?

i can already see those of you that will scream, "provide us proof!!!!", but the proff lies within 75% of the threads and statements that are started here.

Let this be a thread where you can get your america bashing all said and done.... where you can voice your hatred for a country that has done so much for the world in so many different ways.

i for one love this country, even during the bad times that we may be having right now, because i know that the majority of its citizens are strong enough to pull through and conquer the evil we have acquired.

what happened to believeing in something greater than yourself?

or do americans only believe in the greatness of themselves????

i sure hope not.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:08 AM
Because America appears as a country full of its own self importance, like they're the only country that matters sorta thing.

Of course this is a generalisation, and not everyone is like that, but when I compare America to other countries, that's how I see it. And the accent is bloody whiny and annoying...

But one day I'd love to go there and do a trip around the whole place.

I don't hate Americans btw, just trying to answer your Q.

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:09 AM
It shouldn't be about hating America. It's about the people who have hijacked it.

America has the potential to be the greatest country in the world, and evil people are sabotaging it. And they're turning their eyes to every other country in the world as well.

Too many people say, "I hate America", or "Americans" and are just stereotyping. It has nothing to do with the country or the citizens, it's the leaders people really hate.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:14 AM
I have no hatred for America as I have no hatred towards anything.

That said, I do not appreciate the control that the elite force down the throats of the world. America is as much an equal contributor in the elitist manipulation as any other power country in the world.

Many people are struggling right now. Many cannot see the forest for the trees. They can say that the shape of America is awful because of x, y or z but the truth is every civilized place is being manipulated by the control of the elite.

Most people who hate, don't even appropriate their hate to the right place because they have no concept who is really pulling the strings.

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by scrambledeggs

You have to understand something, it`s not the country many hate, it`s the government. Yes, this country was great at one time, when it was a country of the people, by the people and for the people. Now it is a country of our government, by our government and for our government. The people lost control many years ago, and now have very little say in how it`s run anymore. It is now a country of the corperation. Maybe one day we will get it back.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by scrambledeggs

does america not have the highest quality of life in the world?

I don't know does it? Which countires have you lived in, and have an analysis for, that you can share for us in this thread?

Judging by what I have read from many many posters on the forums over the many years, I would say there are plenty of places in the world that are equal. This is my opinion. I have only ever lived in the US.

Then again, what's a 'high quality of life' even mean? I would rather have more freedom then drive a ferrai, but not everyone shares that view, for example.

do those of you on this site who bash america not shop at any of americas convienent stores to support your life here?

And ones that love America might exclusively by imported goods from the web lol.

The issue here is that you're not really listening to what these "America-haters" are actually saying. It isn't America itself that the bulk of these ATS members in question are actually upset with. It's the corruption. The abuse of power which is prevelant in large corporations and government.

what is so bad about this country that you have to bash it time and time again?

I can shop at my local mall, love the community I live in, feel disgusted with the current state of affairs in politics, and still be an American.

.... where you can voice your hatred for a country that has done so much for the world in so many different ways.

Exactly. So many different ways. And not all of those ways do we love and agree with.

Wasn't America supposed to allow, hell even support, that kind of freedom for it's People?

Do we have to blindly follow and accept and agree with everything the American Government does, in order to "Love America"??? Is that what you want to see?

i for one love this country, even during the bad times

Good, much better to love then hate.

But what is the 'bad' you speak of? If you talk about it to us, will someone like you come along and decide you are anti-American?

because i know that the majority of its citizens are strong enough to pull through and conquer the evil we have acquired.


What is this evil you speak of? Wanna talk about it?

what happened to believeing in something greater than yourself?

You mean like belief in a Nation that allows its citizens to have a voice? I believe.

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 03:15 AM
I love existing without there being stipulations for something that just happens regardless. Why love an imaginary label anyway?

Why do you love America? Has America listened to your personal problems when you were down? Can you call America when you are feeling lonely? Does America cuddle you on the couch at night while keeping you company as you watch a cheesy horror movie?

I know why you love America. You were taught to love America. We all were. Not everyone considers quality of life to be convenient civilization. I know an African who came with his family from a war torn Nigeria, where death squads came into villages and murdered everybody who did not join them, yet he wished to go back and thought that America made no sense at all. "I am very tired of this. In my home country, I worked one job four days a week and I could support my family. Here, I work two jobs overtime and can barely afford to do so." He said something along the lines of this one time. I joked with him and said "Ahhhhh the American Dream at work, my friend!"

It is but a dream. Soon, we will have to pay for our vampirism of the third world. I hope your definitions of the "pursuit of happiness" change before then, my friend!

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 03:31 AM
Several years ago I had a great level of respect for America.

Now however, while my beef isn't with the people, there's no way I could contain all of my America bashing to one paragraph.

But off the top of my head, America:

* Biggest polluter

* Little capacity to accept criticism

* Breaking the Geneva Conventions

* Shoddy deals with Saudi Arabia - a brutal regime, yet they have the oil, so its 'okay'

* Exports 'democracy' to other nations with bombs without really having it itself

* Massive sponsor of state terrorism

* Dictates hypocritical policies to other nations

* Dominates all of Western culture - do I really care what Paris Hilton is up to?! (of course, neither do many Americans)

* An economy that all other economies have to kiss-arse to

* An over-riding arrogance and ignorance that spills over into evangelical, theocratical right wing Christians

That's what I don't like. But since you didn't ask what we do like, I'll leave that for another time.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 03:32 AM
I love Americans. I love all people of any nationality. Cause we're all the same regardless of where on the globe we were born.

That's what I don't like about the general American attitude. The attitude is pretty much 'we're better than you are', 'this is the best country ever', 'we rule the world and can do whatever we want' and a big bunch of unpatriotic blind patriatism that makes me cringe.

No, America does not have the highest quality of life in the world.

Americans that think this are the ones that haven't visited very many other countries.

You have to accept that everyone loves their country just as much as you love America. That includes Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Venezualans, Cubans, everyone. That's why America gets a bad rap. Cause it thinks it has the right to mess with everyone else, but you even try to stick your nose in US business and God help you, you'll pay.

Your government attacks on it's own citizens, then sells bumper stickers saying 'nuke the towel heads'.

A lot of your citizens think it's ok to nuke a whole country and kill innocent civilians cause you don't agree with their opinions and way of life.

That sums up the general American attitude for me.

Please note - I don't think all Americans are like this. Pretty much every single American I've met i've got on really well with. But as a whole, there some scary stuff going on in the heads of some folks over there.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 03:39 AM
I don't hate America or the Americans in it, i fear/dislike the way America is going with their army/goverment/corporations and how dangerous an entity in it's totality it has become. But the people in it are like fish in a bowl and do not easily know what their country has become. On the other hand i life in another bowl and see the same thing where i am. And America is only the fist, Europe could be the brains of the operation, so hate for america is hate for Europe, people should remember that.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 08:23 AM
I think the OP wanted to hear more opinions from non-Americans rather then people living in America - so here I go. I will provide some information on what is going on in some people (at my age, living in a post-Soviet area, etc) -

When I was a kid I loved America. It was just "wow" - the movies, the military, the culture (Hot Rods, Fast Food, Route 66, American Bands - Music, etc..).

I got even an American flag and I remember putting it on my window, in my room, I was eager to learn English and my biggest dream was to visit New York, California (Girls, Girls..) and to drive a 64' Mustang on the Route 66.

When the Kosovo conflict started I got more interested in politics, I started watching news everyday - at some point using alternative news sources etc. Suddenly I "woke up" and was very disappointed, about the reality how politics work - and that I am just another average American-Culture-Brainwashed-Guy living in Europe. I put the flag down, and leave it in a small box.

It's hard and not right to blame citizens for their government. But over the years I have a "Dislike Warning Light" when I hear the word "American" - I can't do nothing about it. And, suddenly I don't want to visit New York. I don't care anymore about Route 66. Suddenly, you're not those "perfect" people anymore, with a "perfect" society, "perfect" standards. And this is not based on my opinion - it's a fact.

So, when I have "nothing to hold on" relating to American people I switch to anything else positive I can find - I am searching, but I can't find anything. I ask myself the question "Okay men, tell me something good about America" - And I didn't have a real - heavy - answer. Things just don't got right in the last 12 years.

My "American Dream" is over - because i realized, that it was just an illusion. Because i realized that America is in nothing better then Germany, Spain or Bulgaria (talking about the life).

Why dislike? Because over the years I have spoken to many Americans, not in this forum but in real life. They were all so proud to be American. Proud of being a "super nation", proud of having the largest military, proud of having such a "good" economy - proud of, proud of, proud of ... I smell arrogance. those whole "proud of" starting words in every second sentence makes me dislike you - as citizens.

I am tired of all those "America is the savior of the planet" movies, tired of your country dominating all news channels, tired of your opinion on every matter especially European and Russian politics. I am tired of your government manipulating even my little country (we have US bases as an US ally), tired of your corrupt news channels.

It's not your fault as citizens - but if you get manipulated - it is your fault - and when every second American I met tells me the same things FOX News does - how will I not dislike you?

Imagine how it would be to be a German after WW2 - dislike. Every citizen of a country is it's country's representative. Most of the people in the EU still dislike Germans - even if they did nothing wrong - don't think that the whole thing with America is something different - We lost our fate in you - not only you government

Mistakes made by the government always reflect on the citizens - this is a fact. And there is where the dislike comes from. Its stupid, yes it is - but its normal - we are still just humans.

I hope this little story can help the OP get an answer to his question. Don't take this opinion as a attack against the Americans from my side - no, it isn't. It's a point of view, I share with many, even American friends.

The whole post in one word - Disappointment

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 10:33 AM
Nobody hates america. But many people around the world hate republicans.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 12:07 PM
Before considering why people hate America, let us first consider who hates America:

Opinion polls show that half the German population is openly critical of US leadership for a number of reasons:

* Its failure to consult its allies as promised.
* Its refusal to sign up to joint action against global warming.
* Its protectionist stance on trade issues such as steel and agriculture.

In North America:
"Only when I talked to people from outside my borders did I realize how insanely myopic the entire establishment of the US is.

People here really can't seem to understand why the world gets mad at us. It is not evil that's the problem here I think, just incredible, earth-shattering, incalculable, painfully entrenched ignorance."

In Muslim nations and Arab nations:
The main reasons, the overwhelming cry, is that the USA has bombed, suppressed Islamic nations and restricted them financially, commercially and politically.

Many Muslims believe that the American people have been deceived by their government. Others just want the endless poverty and strikes to stop. There is a strong feeling of repression and of being hated.

Why do people hate America?
* USA have supported, trained and armed dictators, illegitimate governments and racist and brutal regimes. You have largely ignored the pain and suffering this has caused."

A) President Bush has said that terrorists hate Democracy and Freedom, and therefore attack the USA

B) When asked to pick one "main reason why those who attack us (and their supporters) hate the United States," the reason given most often were because of our democracy and freedom" (26%)
These assumptions alone annoy people. (they didnt attack because they are anti-democratic, but anti USA

* I could list every conflict that America has been involved in, supplied weapons to one side, both, or more, made a profit from or secured oil from. But such a list would basically involve listing nearly every conflict across the world.

*America shows a disrespect for Global consensus on all fronts, frequently ignoring the UN and international agreements.

*The USA drew worldwide criticism for failing to adopt the greatest international agreement for the reduction of some greenhouse gases, The Kyoto Protocol, which has been accepted by nearly every other country. This is despite the fact that the USA is by a massive margin the world's biggest polluter and very disproportionately so.

*Commercialism and greed overcome all common sense and thought for the welfare of future generations.

*The US contains 4% of the world's population but produces about 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Widely known as the world's largest polluter, the message they send is: "US corporations have the right to pollute the entire planet. The people and the environment don't matter."

Short term strategies:
* Downwind from Nagasaki, people still die from cancer.
* Long after the USA left Korea, Landmines still kill people.
* The damage done by pollution takes decades to recover. the USA has not only left it too late, but appears to going for a world-wide after-effect this time!

To hear American's claim that any such attack on America is an attack on freedom itself is to claim that America is synonymous with freedom, which is enough to make any non-America cringe and wonder if the speaker has ever even left his country. The targets attacked were not icons of democracy, they were pillars of American commerce, American military power, American government (failed attack) and American foreign policy.

World War 2
America's late arrival in the war is not something they should boast about. America sent very few soldiers into war, (3.5mil. Russia sent 20 mil)

The USA appears to be very self-glorifying, and there are multiple generations in the UK, France and Europe who upset and angry at America's rewriting of history. Russia's men, France's entire population, and UK's air force, were the principal opponents of Germany, aided by American equipment (much leased and loaned, not just given)

USAs entry to the war was forced, not chosen, their motives were self-defence not world-wide good.

The USA claims to be, in absolute terms, the world's biggest giver and this is true. However, as a proportion of its wealth the USA gives least when compared to all 22 of the worlds' most developed countries. (Denmark is top of the table, giving 1.01% of GDP, Norway, 0.91%; the Netherlands, 0.79%; Sweden, 0.7%, while the US manages just 0.1%)

80% of that aid itself actually goes to American companies in those foreign countries.

Why do people hate America? Read more from the source

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by scrambledeggs

I think people are naturally evil, and evil is not meaning satanic sacrifice or something. Evil means natural, sex-D*s-rock and roll. We kill to eat, we get drunk, party ,procreate. its ok to be evil for right and wrong like time are relative to the event and the experiencers of it. Modern religionists and statists are trying to make a backwards world where those aspects are forced repressed publicly, youth in there nature rebel because inside themselves they feel something is not right. it isnt right.

America is a psychological paradox. Religions, corporations and cults have contributed to its lameness. It could have already changed the world and brought the world peace, but it chose to get dirty, so its Karmic punishment is failure. While Americans and America make you proud, it makes me fearful of the overuse of fealty to the modern deceptions placed before you to want such a feeling.

I as an American feel insulted and used by a government which does only comply with its people when its face is held to the smelter. Otherwise it freely attempts to impliment a tyranny over time and create world government, or rather be an impitus.

SO i am angry with americans and there mockery of truth and reality beyond a bar, liquor, naive attitudes, and sports addicted ignorance.

I like others wish my country would eventually vomit out these intrusive parasites like unjust oppressive policies and the communist wanna-be's who implement and enforce them.

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:49 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 01:53 PM
I believe you "Have it Twisted"

We don't hate America, we hate the policies, laws, and actions it takes.

People that love their country want to see it grow for the better of man kind.

Like my third grad teacher said to a disruptive student

"I don't think your stupid, I think the actions you are taking is stupid".

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 02:18 PM
I grew up watching US television series, eating American food, loving the Harley Davidson mindset etc. I grew up believing the American Dream.

Which is why it is so hard to see this dream turn into a major lie, and then, after digging into the matter, finding out it allways wàs a lie, which only worked for White Middleclass and up people.

Talk about the American Dream to an American Native or to a descendant of the slaves and you'd get derisive laughter.. ask one of the hundreds of thousands of white homeless people and they would snort , give you a weird look, and go about their ways..

Still, I do not hate America, as it will, in my mind, allways be the country that personifies the possibility of a Dream where all people are created equal, and nobody is truly left behind.

I hate the powers in charge of the United States. I hate how they constantly set double standards. I hate how they, very realisticly, are thé biggest threat to freedom worldwide these days, based on a web of lies and deceit.

The American Dream died the same moment those bullets found their mark in Dallas, when Kennedy was shot

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 02:24 PM
"America the beautiful that's how she played us
Wasn't that cute it must have been her make up"

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by scrambledeggs
i am an american.

i love america.
yeah, blah blah blah what does that even mean? saying you love women is different to saying you love a woman. by saying you love america in such an all encompassing way mean you love america and all it's produced....ever?

i am starting this thread to see why most, but not all, people on this site have an aggression, that can be labled as hate, towards america.
no your starting this thread for other reasons, why not be honest about it?

does america not have the highest quality of life in the world?
no, norway does, followed by iceland and australia as far as i know

Let this be a thread where you can get your america bashing all said and done.... where you can voice your hatred for a country that has done so much for the world in so many different ways.

what has america done thats so fan-bloody-tastic that we should all be falling over our hearts and minds to worship at the alter while ignoring the crass consumerist hate mongering vileness?

i for one love this country, even during the bad times that we may be having right now, because i know that the majority of its citizens are strong enough to pull through and conquer the evil we have acquired.

what happened to believeing in something greater than yourself?

or do americans only believe in the greatness of themselves????

i sure hope not.

your problem, you acquired the evil, not us. the evil is yours, the evil is as american as apple pie, the thing we all hate is the fact that if you are an american, as your post clearly proves, there is nothing greater than yourself. thats the evil, get it?

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 03:23 PM
I love america too, I just happen to dislike americans, and the american government, and american companies.

Once you get over the people, the landscape is pretty nice.

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