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Something has changed, timeline?

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by Not Authorized

A personal friend remembers that mandela was executed in prison as well.


posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 08:51 PM
Holy cr*p -- I started reading this thread yesterday and am still only on page 23. Anyway, some of what you guys said triggered my memory, so I want to write this post before I lose it again.

1. The weird physical sensations: Several weeks ago, I woke up and went in the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and a cigarette. I was standing by the sink when all of a sudden this strange feeling came over me. It started with me feeling dizzy -- which can sometimes happen in the early morning, since I have low blood pressure, especially with the first draw of nicotine -- but then there was this "wave sensation" that went throughout my entire body. I wasn't shaking on the outside, but it felt like my entire insides were moved in some kind of "wave motion" combined with the feeling of a very low electrical current running through me. It didn't hurt, but it was intense. It was the strangest sensation, and all I could do was stand still and hold on to the sink in order to not fall. It didn't repeat itself, though, and I had forgotten about it until now.

2. Some of you have talked about intense dreams of disasters and UFOs. About 3 months ago, I had two very strange dreams in close succession. In the first, I was in Sedona. It was night and I was sitting outside on the patio of the townhouse where we used to live. All of a sudden a disc-shaped craft came flying over the Red Rocks and zoomed from the left to the right across the sky. Then more and more of the small craft went into the same direction. Finally, I saw a gigantic mothership follow the other craft... it must have been at least a mile in diameter. I just sat there and watched in awe.

The second dream took place in the small town in Germany where I was born and raised. I was walking down the street, with lots of people walking around, when all of a sudden a dark funnel cloud formed in the sky. Everyone stopped and stared. After a few minutes, the center of the cloud ripped open and I could see a dark sky and stars through the hole... even though it was daytime.

3. Interest in subjects you haven't been interested in before, i.e., quantum physics, space, etc. I was never really interested in UFOs and aliens. I believed they had visited and were probably still here, but my focus of interest was on other topics. These days I find myself virtually obsessed with everything extraterrestrial/interdimensional, and especially the possible connection between aliens and demonic entities, e.g., shadow people, the Hat Man, etc. I have no idea why.

BTW, I find antar's explanation of the "Walk-in" told him/her not so far-fetched, i.e., that while we're shifting into the higher dimensions, the lower dimensions are shifting into ours. In recent years, there have been many reports from abductees and would-be abductees that they were able to stop an abduction by calling on God and Jesus. If aliens feel repulsed by that, then I would assume that at least some are of a more spiritual rather than mere physical nature. I also noticed that reports about hauntings, evil spirits, shadow people, Bigfoot and alien sightings have gone up by an order of magnitude. So it might be something worth thinking about...


posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by TheNetherlands
The dream:
I was in the middle east, i dont know where exactly or which country.
I was some sort of angel and there was a war. A war with i guess other angels.

So i was talking to this other guy, i was talking to him to get him to join our good side. We were standing on a roof, all around us there were some houses and a lot of sand and some kind of river. Suddenly all hell broke loose and this guys eyes changed completely red, like they were some kind of blood eyes or whatever. I just knew that me trying to talk him to the good side didnt work and we started fighting. Suddenly we all left the rooftops and went to the river. There was a corpse lying there, well, not a corpse, just a skeleton with some blueish light around it. Suddenly i know this was the skeleton of Jesus and we had to fight to keep the badguys away from it. Suddenly the skeleton started to walk and regenerate into a normal living human being and we kept fighting for it to complete its transformation. That when the dream ended.

I woke up with a feeling that this was a war between Jesus and the angels and the Devil and his elohim. I also got a feeling this dream was not just a dream and was not just something that happend in the past but is going to happen in the near future.

Now, and this is very important, i am no religious person, i never visited the church, i simply dont have a religion.
I did, as a little boy, go to a religious christian school. It was not different from other schools except we only prayed at the morning and the teachers always read to us from the bible, thats all i ever had to do with religion.

I'm having this gnawing feeling too, Netherlands. I was very much into religion when I was a child, but later became disillusioned with the Bible and the church and dropped out. Then I got into New Age spirituality, and even though I still tend towards that, I recently have caught myself wishing I could believe in Jesus again. Even though I think the scientific explanations Euclid and others have given are very plausible and probably true, I also believe that there is stuff going on on another level simultaneously -- i.e., on a spiritual level, the proverbial battle between good and evil.

Last year or so, I browsed stories of hauntings and such on and stumbled over numerous angel encounter stories. I found a link to a ministry website that has audio files of "angel voices" singing in tape recordings of regular church services.

The one that really gripped me and sent a shiver up my spine was the story of a Chinese mini-congregation, which could only meet in private basements under great danger, since the Chinese government doesn't like religious congregations. The people were getting into a trance and "speaking in tongues" during the service and one man taped the whole thing. But when they listened to the tape, they heard something completely different -- a beautiful song in Mandarin that they attributed to angels singing. You could even hear instruments, and the translation of the lyrics just blew me away.

I'm trying to load the page in a different window right now, but it's bailing on me. Anyway, the chorus went something like: "The end times are near, Rescue souls, Rescue souls..." If I can get it back up any time soon, I'll post the link to the site.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 10:31 PM
Sorry for the many posts, but I remembered something just now.

My husband and I had the following incident at least twice: we were watching a rental DVD that had JUST come out -- and I'm talking theater-released movies, not TV movies -- and both said: "We've seen this, like, a year ago!" (And we didn't see it in the theater either.) Anyone had that with rentals?

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 02:56 PM
... no but I've done that with books and some tv shows. Sorry, that does sound weird though and also entirely related.

PS: has anyone heard from Blitzkreigen I haven't seen him around in along time.

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posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 03:32 PM
I just got home (Monday) from a week-end in Vegas. I was attending the SOE Fan Faire. The strange thing was the number of people who just casually walked up to me and began talking about spirituality. Some had traditional Christian ideas, while others were new age. Maybe the word got out that I was open to those sorts of conversation, but I’ve never had so many strangers bring up this subject in such a short time-frame. A lot of people are feeling strange and are turning to spirituality to understand what is happening.

My feelings is that it is a combination of both physical and spiritual occurrences that is causing these strange feelings and happenings. Although I agree that there is something physical going on, I don’t believe that we can just dismiss the spiritual aspect simply because it can’t be scientifically quantified.

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 05:49 PM
same, sort of. Only in the fact that I have like 3 women hit on me per day. Which is weird for a 17 year old nerd/geek.

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by euclid
reply to post by Ian McLean


Subject/Objective reality check:

1. When Euclid goes to sleep at night do I (Ian) still continue to exist?

But that's the wrong question, euclid. The question should be: When I go to sleep at night, does Ian continue to exist?

[edit on 22-8-2008 by sylvie]

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by the way

euclid, although you have contributed many interesting ideas to this thread, your increasingly arrogant assertions that only you and your particular brand of quantum theory have the answers is really becoming rather tiresome.

You have not produced any smoking gun evidence that alignment with the galactic plane or the LHC are responsible for these memory anomalies and so all you have produced is an interesting theory.

Harmonic and Ianmac are just as entitled to post their theories as anyone else. The fact you are intolerant of anything outside your own view is making you appear as dogmatic as the cath**ic church/isl**ic faith and rather charmless.

If you don't want to play with the other boys, fine-sit in the corner with your research team and and quietly get on with your work or play on your xbox. This is a forum-an exchange of ideas and opinions. Its not your personal soapbox.

Couldn't have said it better. Thanks, Way.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 10:51 AM
Please read Euclids repsonse before you start posting crap. Also if you want to flame people just U2U them or post it in another thread. You are just wasting space on this forum when you simply state you agree. Unless you have something productive, funny, or critical to say just refrain from posting at all Thanks. At least The Way was actually trying to state his opinion and back it up. All you did was nod in agreement which can be done without posting or as an addition to an ACTUAL post. Euclid, myself, and others have used this thread to flame as well but we have stopped now and I hope it says that way. you can't simply post you agree to posting opinions when you have nothing to say over and over agian. (well you can but it's a tad ignorant I mean all you are doing is telling everyone that you agree and... whatever)

Something I haven't mentioned before is that from day one of whatever this is I felt like I was being watched. The world around me seemed to quiet/dead as opposed to the town I knew. The town has resumed it's original "liveliness" but I still feel like there's something behind me almost all the time.

It seems like I'm seeing more number/time anomalies 11:11 9:11 2:32 etc and the more I think about any of this the worse my paranoia gets yet none of it scares me.

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 04:01 PM
Several years ago I awoke in the morning as usual, expecting my life of 10 years earlier. I had no idea where I was. I rummaged through the dressers and closets and didn't recognize any of my belongings. It took about 5 mins. for me to snap out of it and chalk it up to being in a deep sleep...or something.

A few months ago I gained time. I woke up at 7am...watched the news and my usual television shows until around 9:45. Proceeded to take a shower and when I came out,dressed and ready for the day, it was once again 7 am...and the very same newscast was on once again, along with all of the other programming I'd already watched. Figured it must be a glitch in the matrix or something.

I've heard of people losing time and I've had time speed up or slow down, but never anything like the experiences I've mentioned.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by no name needed

OK now I am confused. Phil Collins alive or dead? I seen "live" concert on TV and then a few weeks later see a show about his death and they were saying he had been dead for over two years. Now I just checked the net and it shows he is still alive. It also showed on the net that I am not the only one asking is he alive or dead. It is only a matter of time before people we know being alive or dead come into question

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 05:15 PM
Two weeks ago I went out in my best trousers/pants. I wear a belt with them.

Today I put them on and the belt is way too big. I have'nt lost like 6 inches from my waist so I can't explain it. This belt always fitted me before. It's as though it's a different belt to two weeks ago.

Phil Collins is alive.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 05:52 PM
uh, is the belt a different size? because if you aren't a different size then the belt must be.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by TheNetherlands

If William Daniels is the voice of KITT in Knight Rider, yes, he did die, i know for sure.
I even went on the internet to look up some old episodes of Knight Rider for old times sake.

He is dead, dont you worry about that.

Well I just checked and he is ALIVE

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 10:27 AM
ditto infact I remember when the topic first came up and people were checking and saying he was alive (I was one of them). I don't remember that post o.o

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 04:09 PM
I've been sitting on my own story for a couple days because I was waiting to hear back from the 2 other people in the room at the time.

9/11 - the plane that hit the pentagon - not a big airliner. My former roomate and a good friend who were both watching the news with me remember it was a small commuter plane, the type that only hold 16 or so people. We remember hearing stories from the news, from witnesses, etc talking about it. I Want to say there was even some blurry footage (but then again, isn't it all blurry footage?).

A couple months later we heard it was a (747?) larger plane with tons of people in it and were certain they were making it up on tv. We were so upset about it friend even called the news station to complain.

Just plain weird, however gratifying to see we are not alone.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by sylvie

Please read my all of my posts here, excepting the posts to harmonic and Ian (which was just useless bantering from all us involved in that fued) you will/should understand that what I have proposed is the most logical explanation. It does require one to do adjunct reading/research to fully comprehend it and I provided links in some of the posts for that reason. I can't provide all the links as there is just too much data out there. It isn't difficult to understand and doesn't require the "new age" hoopa-joob that some others have tossed into the thread. It does require objective ratiocination; i.e. logic.

In any case the research continues and others are involved now that have corroborating data. There still isn't a blasted thing that can be done about it except watch and ride it out.

It will take us some time to get the content into a web ready format.... we are working on it.



posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by Gutman
Two weeks ago I went out in my best trousers/pants. I wear a belt with them.

Today I put them on and the belt is way too big. I have'nt lost like 6 inches from my waist so I can't explain it. This belt always fitted me before. It's as though it's a different belt to two weeks ago.

Phil Collins is alive.

I guess you lost most of your guts gutman!!!!

I'm sure there are a lot of women who would like a world-line collapse like that to happen, "oh my.... I went from a size 20 to a size 6!!!! whoohoo!".

welcome to the land of the living,


posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by Ian McLean
reply to post by HarmonicSynchronicity

There were earlier posts on this thread about someone noticing sudden radically personality changes in people they had known for years. However, there was no reported change in objectively-relateable memories. No one said "yes, I'm acting a little differently; yesterday I was living in a Mad-Max nuclear wasteland, savagely fighting to survive, now I'm here -- pass the ketchup, please". Instead, it was described as if that person's subjective reactions to the past events of the time-line (changed or not), were 'rewritten' to result in a new personality, without conflict to past events.

How can that be? I can see why you introduced the concept of 'NPCs' into your theory. The motivation behind the theories put forth here seems, to me, to be: "can these things be explained with a consistent theory, while still postulating accuracy and inviolability of memory?". So, I'm having trouble putting that example into terms of your theoretical explanation, without either violating that postulate, or introducing one of the actors being an 'NPC'. Could you explain what the subjective experiences would be like, of such an example, from the point of view of each participant, assuming they're both 'real people'?

I began to reply to this a couple of weeks ago, with the following:

"This will take me some effort, but I would be happy to do this. I will get to it when I log in next. The simplest way to think about it is that nothing "common" can diverge too radically because there are always touchpoints which are forced to resolve and normalize between participants. One person could not experience a "hot" cuban missle crisis while another doesn't, because both are linked to 'communal constructs' which are always normalizing. The divergent experiences can only occur in very personal, individualistic and solitary activities, experiences and so forth. The moment attempts are made to make such things 'communal', these divergent experiences are forced to normalize between participants leading to sometimes rather extreme 'crisis of reality' for both participants.

This puts a rather new meaning to the term 'faith'.

I will go into this in more detail soon."

So let me return to this for a bit. But i must make a disclaimer. This topic is, and the talking points that I will bring up are, extremely difficult to put your mind around. I've had to meditate on this for a time in order to codify these concepts into words. If there are double or triple (or more) meanings to what you are about to read, that is because the words are designed that way, because it is crucial to the understanding of this concept and because it is illustrative of the concept itself.

First, consider what you think you know of objective reality. I am using the term "objective reality" here, against my better judgement, to describe aspects of reality that are believed to be shared between participants (people experiencing some reality and interacting with one another). A better term is probably what I used before, "communal reality". But really, both of these terms fall short.

When a biologist or medical professional in a third-world country thinks about fluorinated drinking water, he considers the savage infrastructure that probably includes refuse leaking into the fresh water supply, the inadequacy of the medical establishment and a variety of other related memes. You can be pretty certain that this professional has a great deal of faith fluorination of the water supply, which probably doesn't exist in that third world country, is capable of preventing outbreaks of disease, reducing mortality rates, taking a burden off of the medical industry, making what infrastructure does exist safer and a thousand other factors.

Alternatively, when a liberty activist investigates and reports on the physiological implications of fluorinated drinking water, you can be certain that they will have found and read the studies that discuss the weakining of the human immune system, the physio-psychological affects of pacification that result from wide adoption of fluorination and the obvious benefits to tyrannical governments in using such a potent neuro-toxin to weaken a population and keep them from rebellion.

Which point of view is correct? Are there scientists with the best of intentions that advocate fluorination of drinking water to improve the health and well being of nations? Are there tyrannical leaders that quietly fund such projects in the hope of keeping a tighter control over a less rebellious population? Are there thousands of other permutations? Of course. All true. Every perspective. Every angle. Someone is following each of those threads and to each of those stakeholders, his reality is the only one imaginable.

This example wouldn't be terribly interesting at all if it weren't for the single, very important fact that it defies comprehension how the same chemical used in the same way can have polar opposite purposes and be viewed with equal validity for what can only be described as spiritually opposite agendas.

And fluorination of drinking water is hardly the only example of this. In fact, if you really want to blow your mind, take your own survey of the duplicity around you in this world; not only of good vs evil, or greed vs atruism or wealth vs poverty, but of every dichotimy you can imagine. Look for the contention points and marvel at the madness of a reality that pivots on issues that mean all of them, subjectively, to every counter-party in the equation.

Is this a reality gone mad? Or is this the very essence of efficiency of design?

Non profit charitable organizations for child protection trafficking in white slavery? Look it up. Is everyone within the organization doing evil? Of course not. But it turns out that those organizations are not only the greatest way to help disadvantaged children, but the most perfect cover for human trafficking syndicates. Government agencies that fight drug cartels moving more product than the cartels they fight? Of course, same story, and depending on which side of it you are on, you will only see the perspective that you participate in.

Like an impossible mobius strip, everything that you believe is a certain way, in this world, is guaranteed to be the opposite to what you believe, to someone else. This game is a fascinating one, but it is very easy to loose your sanity in playing it. You have been warned. One thing you should keep in mind: WHAT YOU HAVE FAITH IN DOES MATTER. A LOT.

In my previous posts, I have discussed this reality as a "construct", different for each participant, but with communal touchpoints which must be normalized between participants. The rules of the game are such that contradictions are not permitted to exist. If you believe it is a particle, and you have proven it and he believes it is a wave, and he has proven it, when you come together you will discover that you are both wrong, and both right. The contradiction will be reduced, ambiguized, solved, evolved. This does not mean that it must reduce to a single objective state; quite the contrary, the state takes on a degree of "harmonic multiplicity" or "harmonic synchronicity" (my namesake) which acts as a super efficient superposition (many equally true co-existing conditions in perfect harmony with one another).

Some of you might read what I just wrote as an irrational river of words. Others, I am certain, will see a picture form through these words which may help you in your travels here. A few of you will pierce right through the veil with these words.

How does this relate to the question at hand?

Now directed to Ian: In a sense, I am explaining how and why participants will never diverge to such a huge degree that memory re-writing would be necessary. In fact, the inconsistent memories that we may acquire during our own battles of reality (battles of faith) could be said to be monumentally important to our spiritual awareness, to the awakening of a very important sense. There are communal constructs always at play around reality touch-points (where your reality meets anothers). Where this does get very interesting is in secret societies, such as the various mystery schools, or the occult. Occult esoterica is secretive for reasons that you may not expect. But think carefully about this post and you will have some hints about why it must be secret and what the potential consequences would be for radical reality (shared, disjoint realities, between populations) differences to collapse in on each other. This also leads to very interesting topics regarding mind control (the attempt to manipulate what believe believe); again, for reasons that are not so obvious to the uninitiated.

The issue of NPCs isn't directly related. But it is an interesting topic.

More later.

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