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Is the USA the most EVIL nation on the planet

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 04:04 PM
America has become a nation that condones torture, big suv's, corporate rulers, every man for himself mentality, the stupid cowboy / rich boy president, Christians that hate, land of the Barbie and Ken dolls that may look pretty on the outside but there's "nobody home" on the inside.

Maybe we were always this way, starting out with pushing the native American's off their land like the bully on the school yard taking everyone’s lunch money.

We're a land of sheeple being led to slaughter by the NWO and blindly obaaaaaaing. We eat more, watch tv more, have more bathrooms and walk in closets then any other nation of people. American’s are truly like little greedy children.

Of the 20 million barrels of oil consumed each day in America, 40 percent is used by passenger vehicles, 24 percent by industry, 12 percent by commercial and freight trucks, 7 percent by aircraft, and 6 percent in residential and commercial buildings. The U.S. passenger vehicle fleet alone accounts for one-tenth of world petroleum consumption.

We are a land that will sit on our fat butts and watches hours of celebrities or reality shows based in la la land but will not pick up a book or tune into the senate floor proceedings channel to study how our politicians are voting. We have taken our freedom so much for granted that we now have lost many of our freedoms in the name of homeland security and we're so stupid we're not even totally aware yet that many of those freedoms have already been taken away from right under our noses.

What disturbs me most is our tax dollars going towards torture, our government not signing the Geneva Convention, our voting system a sham and the fact that we are a nation that is so gullible we have put all our money into military spending vs eduction. You see we are a nation that condones our royal celebrities earning tens of millions of dollars a year for “acting” while our teachers and social workers earn less then enough to live on. We are willing to keep funding a war that we were lied into and that money could have – SHOULD HAVE – gone towards education and social welfare services. We are funding a private war for the Bush’s at the expense of our children’s future.

We are a selfish and childish nation that is on the decline and rightly so. America is no longer land of the brave, home of the free.

Look at the person we have had as a leader for the last eight years and that will tell you what America is. We have had a man in office that is barely of average intelligence, a rich man’s child with that arrogant smirk who has uttered hundreds of lies including the one that led us into a war resulting in the mass murder of 92,781 human beings. (

Our President is a man who, in his youth was a drug user, got marginal grades and got out of his own military duty and not prosecuted because he was of the elite rich class.

American’s are so stubbornly blind they refuse to acknowledge that our current president is a man with no moral scruples or honor. This yahoo fooled the majority of people not once but twice.

I love my country but I am ashamed at this point in time to be an American and apologize for my country to anyone out there reading this. I do not condone torture of any human for any reason. I do not condone this war my tax dollars are going for. I do not condone the piggish guzzling of our limited planet's resources and lastly I did not vote for or ever believe our current “leader” is a man worth following. My country’s current policies frighten me.

Our media is a joke, we no longer get the "real news" American’s get pre-fabricated news propaganda that the few rich elite "haves and have mores" (owners of our news media) deem acceptable for the stupid masses.......and the masses are stupid, they keep believing the lies because once you admit to what's going on you must then shoulder the responsibility.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:29 PM
It says something about ATS where, it appears, quite a few members have bought whole sale into America hating so much that a post like this gets so many stars.

I would hope people would be intelligent enough to never buy into any statement which says "X country is evil." Because its a sweeping generalization, and is not true. On ATS, though, you can get away with claiming the US is evil and quite a few members applaud...

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:35 PM
People are stupid and those whoever lives in this country and flags this thread is a poor excuse of being American.

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:36 PM
The US hardly condones torture. It treats its enemies as humanely (probably more so) as any other nation in history, to the point where it's become ridiculous. Who else would even think about giving constitutional rights to terrorist murderers captured and held on foreign soil? People are freaking out when Americans are trying to get their government to allow very mild (for so-called "torture) interrogation techniques in order to provide security for its citizens and these same people regularly defend groups in other countries that murder and brutally torture innocent people at random.

I don't think the US is the greatest country in the world. But I also don't think it's all that bad. It would be a lot better if the government stopped trying so hard to please people who don't live here.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by ALightinDarkness


I was accused of supporting war crimes and being a British imperialist for pointing out the OP was using anti-semitic sites in a previous thread to criticise Israel
. Mason_22 is on my ignore list, ATS should do the same.

All his posts inflame, insult and seek to attract attention. Criticise him, or point out he is wrong, you are an apparent "neo-nazi fascist imperialist". Watch him prove my point when he replies to this

This thread is just an attack on America and generalising the American population. Just ignore him and he'll go away and troll somewhere else.

As another member said in this thread, I am surprised he hasn't been banned (yet).

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 05:39 PM
there is no such thing like evil nation! it is just that US is targeted to be controlled by the elites due the economical power.. we talk about less than 1000 ppl

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by manson_322

Oh yeah...Though I am an American and I love my country, I had to flag this post. I love our wild ways here, but I am the first to admit that we are quite the dysfunctional country.

When I travelled to India and experienced how most of the world lives, I realized that I was an anomaly, not a human experiencing Life the way most do. For the first time in my life, I felt truly guilty.

But my brain is wired to be American. I can't help it.

Money, good food, gadgets and chicks everybody. I wish we could live in a world where every man could have it all. It's the American Dream!

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 06:28 PM
America and Americans can be proud to be a Good Nation, with lots of Technology, Innovation & Inventions and many other contribution given to the free world.

Unfortunately, within the past few years....our Government, the Federal Reserve, Military, and Manufacturing Sector has been hijacked by the Zionist Neocons, funded & assisted by Aipac.

And that's the Raw Truth.....Like it or NOT

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 06:42 PM
No, America is not the most evil nation on earth. We actually participate in the world we live in so there is bound to be some mud flown our way.

In the next 7 months you will see what I mean, as this list are the things that will happen to make people apologize and gently kiss our ample sacks:

Bush and Cheney will retire to their respective ranches, they'll spend the rest of their days writing and speaking about these last 8 truly exciting years.

McCain will be sworn in as our next president.

The war on terror will be won and Osama bin Laden will finally realize that mountain hideaway is his prison cell.

Ahmadinejad will live out his life as the most humiliated and irrelevent leader in modern history. He'll forever be remembered for his profound ineffectiveness and will face charges at home for destroying the Iranian economy.

Palestinians and Israelis will live peacefully in their homes, as will Somalians, Sudanese, Lebanese, Afghani's and Pakistanis.

In Sri Lanka, the Tigers and the Government will reconcile.

There will be reconciliation in Kenya and Zimbabwe, Mugabe will apologize to Tsvangerai for all the pumkin heads.

Chavez's love for Castro....

MTV will do spring break on the Euphrates.

The dollar will rebound, oil prices will collapse, the stock market will soar and gold will fall. Unemployment will plummet, credit will be easy and housing will stabilize.

I am telling you, there are some people who come to this site that will vomit when they see what's about to actually happen in America.

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by jerico65

oh come on dont tell me you're trying to say the US is..."good"?? im english but i know for a fact england has been and is responsible for a lot of wrong in the world, admit that your country is too responsible!

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by bruxfain

Now we just need to make all this what you said come true,sounds good to me.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by kdial1

Most likely from North Korea.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 07:04 PM
Is the USA the most 'EVIL' nation? The answer for me is no it is not. First off can we please stop labelling the mass population of a country when clearly it is the so called LEADERS of government that make the BIG desicions on behalf of the mass population whether they like it or not! We ALL know this to be fact so let's stop the playground stuff. I'm born and bread in England and there is NO bigger warmongering nation than the UK. period. Throughout history....and it's a BIG history in comparison to our American friends....the UK has slayed millions, conqured countless countries and enforced it's values on others. But it's greatest achievement i believe was the modern day birth of the USA. Most people believe the UK today is a puppet of America. I believe that it is completley the reverse.If you think about it for a while it hits you. The UK conqured America. They financed the war between the two nations, they hand it back. America has been indebted since. They build it up to a worldwide phenomenon stick a red white and blue flag on it and market it as something completley different when all the time it is the same! the UK....such a tiny nation hiding behind the pretence of the modern day USA. You tell me who the superpower really is? You tell me who is the most EVIL!

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 07:06 PM
If anyone in here is not aware... Islam spends tons and tons of money to pay people to post anti usa rehtoric on forums... Manson could be anyone, or just another dope who feels guilty about tripe posted by idiots.

America isn't greedy or gluttonous, many other nations are truely filled with Retarded backwards people who have never managed to control thier destinies.The Middle East is what it is; Oil Dependent because it is the Only income they have, Why? for 7,000 years of War the region and it's people have prevented Asia and Europe from coming together peaceably for, be it the spice trade or today oil, the culture haggles everything and has sown it's once vital lands into a desert through endless warfare.

They have nothing because they have done nothing but war for the whole written history of mankind and the only reason they have anything is that the Oil deep underground was the last thing they have to waste and squander for profit. Once the cradle of civilization these completely non peaceful people are an example of what the rest of the world will soon look like if we do not reach out, be optimistic and expand off this Earth

What stands in the way of us doing that? The Oil we need to finish our entry way into the Space age and communication era, who holds it ransom for a price and uses it to threaten and control other nations particularly the US? The Nation States of the Middle East

Americans as a whole are simply fed up with the constant insanity, genocide, persecution of the Jews, constant infighting the Saudis refering to us as slaves the hijaking of a nation that went to the moon and is starting to try to explore the stars by a people who believe every one on Earth should call god by thier languages name and live in fear of retribution by a diety who preaches conversion by sword.

The West is Not decadent we have awnsers to these problems, the peoples of the 3rd world are not to be felt bad for, they do this to themselvs, the region is a wasteland by thier own hands, the continent of Africa takes all the money given and uses it for Far more Death in any given year then the US has caused in the last 10, that includes behavior that doesn't curb an aids epidemic, mass rape, islamic genocide of non believers and civil war.

We are shown starving children in this region or set of regions yet they exist Side by Side with nations like Dubai and the Saudi Princes, America has a wealth gap? Our people are greedy? Look at the splendor of these cities that Dwarf anything in the United states while miles away people have no water in the Desert

These rancid, barbaric animals are destroying history in Afghanastan and Iraq to porove thier retarded gods worth while we have thousands of museums to preserve it, they balme the Palestiunian situation on a small number of Jews that hold a nation, back against the wall, with nowhere to go when The Islamic nations of the world Number 1.5 Billion people and almost 1/4 of the land on the planet Earth and there is no place for the Palestinians in Dubai or In Tehran or anywhere else is there?

They circumcise women so they can feel no pleasure and make us feel guilty for being a free society, they scorched thier Earth with War and make us feel guilty when they have no food, thier education system teaches Koran and not Irrigation and they blame us for eating well and around the world people fall for this.

They give fair deals on nothing, an Iranian makes per year virtually nothing yet they are extremely rich via Oil money, as Oil prices double people starve in Iran and thier leaders say we are the bad guys? There was No music in Afghanastan, there was nothing, these people live for war, just because they are primative and do not have our tech we cry when those who give ak 47's to 6 year olds perish in fire we become the bad guys when our children sit quietly in school, sex education replaces weapons education in our society and we are the barabarians? As these people and the nations of Africa breed relentlessly

How decadent are we when we have less than 2 children per family and in starving nations people have 4, 6, 8 children per family This is in the end the ultimate weapon of global destruction is it not? so we consume, but we feed our children and it is us that supplies the most food in the world and them who starve and demand it

They attack isreal but for all zionist vice Isreal is Green in places, the jews have proven the desert can be made to thrive yet again but still it is only oil that Iran and Iraq pursue, money for a select few, while thier people suffer and live with nothing.

We go to space for resources and use the latest technology constantly in an attempt to open new frontiers, these people claim the world is drying, but in Japan they are patenting Vertical Farms towers of food to grow into the skies,

So which is true while we genetically engineer 10 lb Tomatoes these people invest nothing in reclaiming the desert for themselvs and starve and thrist and this is My fault because I have a good life?

They believe in a god that punishes man and I believe in a god that tells us to be fruitful and that we are without limits and for this I am condemned

Even if people from America or Europe fall for this nonsense our leaders are not fooled, America, European, Chinese, Russian, Indian leaders all know what we are dealing with in these cultures, America could be condemned for not still yet trying harder but it is simply a matter of being fed up, fed up with, Fanatic religous vison, fed up with genocide and rape and war and the destruction of history fed up with 2,000 years of selling slaves, raping women, taxing the hell out of Europe and Asian commerce and integration and productivity every single time world barriers can be breached there has been a new barrier in the middle East

This region is a hell, I do have but one criticsim for Zionists and that is Moses died before he went where he intended to go, this is no Holy land the mideast has been bloody with every wave of new man out of Africa for a Million years attempting to settle the world greated by more primitive men whishing to hold them back, just as islam holds back Africa from that to this day, there are cro magnon bones alongside neanderthal men here and surely this is not a place of any God, leave these butchers to kill each other not you, unlike 1.5 billion Islamics won't offer homes to palestine but America would give you a home

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 07:19 PM
I'm surprised manson hasn't been back to make sure his pot's still boiling, just to give it another stir. 7 pages of rebuttals, and a few posts from the ignorant and uninformed who agree with him later, and he has yet to come back and discuss anything.

With any luck, his last post landed him a free ride in a white, rusty van with tinted windows....

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 07:23 PM
perhaps the timer on his backpack bomb went off?

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 07:45 PM

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 08:22 PM
One can have a debate about WHAT is being said, regardless of the identity of WHO said it. Everyone tries to spam their view on the internet with proxies in the hopes it becomes dominant. Because everyone is doing it, it dosen't make a diference anyway. Who cares who the OP is?

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by manson_322
US citizens actually think the USA is a "Good Nation" and their guys are the "Good Guys".

Hold on dude! I live in America, was born in America, and never said that it was a "Good Nation"! Oh, yeah, and I'm a U.S. citizen.
I mean, how could I possilbly say that the U.S. is a "Good Nation"? Let's check out the possibilities:
1. I can't buy a Greyhound bus ticket. If I do, the Metro Cleveland Security guards with guns run up and grab me, drag me into a back office, and torture me. The police refuse to do anything about when I go to the police station and ask them to.
2. I can't go in the mall. If I do, before I can buy anything a security guard comes up with a gun and says "What are you doing, this isn't a lottery!", and I get chased out.
3. I can't go to certain supermarkets, because the security guards run out front, block the door, and tell me to "get lost" as they let other folks in.
4. I can't go to mom's house, because if I stay past 5 minutes, she calls the cops, and they push me out the door (this was Greece, NY, one of the safest cities in the country. Any other city they would have tasered me or beat me senseless).
5. I mean really! How dumb can they get here. I mean they like middle easterners and terrorists more than they like black folks! Actually, they harrass the black americans like they're terrorists, and then let the terrorists do what they want! How phony!
6. And that stuff you were saying about Guantanamo and Iraq, I mean, I'm scared crapless everyday I walk outside. I'm scared just sitting at home. I'm tortured and beaten up, I mean, give me a break!

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 08:33 PM
I really get tired of idiots thinking that all we have to do is replace a few key political figures or stop a short list of key policies to make the world some kind of rainbow filled utopia.

HItler's dead, but europe STILL sucked for about 50 years afterward. Sadam is dead, but Iraq? All #ed up.

It doesn't matter who you remove, or who you replace them with, the problems are infinitely more complex than any one individual can fix.

For example, healthcare. The main problem is PEOPLE DIE. This is a universal truth. We can have nationalized health care all day long, and people will STILL die. If we prop them up with meds for 20 years after they should have died, all we do is prolong the inevitable, and add years of terrible suffering and side effects.

Economics. Sure, in the short term we COULD just technically pile up everyone wants and divvy it all out equally, but then what motivation would people have to make more stuff? Share and share-alike sounds great on the short term, but if people are allowed to just sit around and collect the checks, they're not going to be producing the high-quality goods we all really want. It's a mix of communism and self-reliance we need, where as few people recieve help as possible, because in a good system very few people wouild need it.

Sexuality. Look, scientifically, boy+girl=baby. That's cold, hard fact. The scientific thing, then, is to say "Gay marriage? LAWLS! WHERE WILL THE BABIES COME FROM!?!?" But some people don't want children, and would be perfectly happy never having a biological child. Plus, there are lots of unwanted children of hetero couples who would LOVE to have a REAL home, even if that meant having a pair of fagels for parents.

These are just examples, though.

So stop saying "ELECT THIS GUY! HE'LL FIX ALL OUR PROBLEMS" or "REMOVE THIS GUY! THAT'll FIX ALL OUR PROBLEMS", that's just proof you're buying into campaign propaganda. Elect whoever you want, there will ALWAYS be some bum# racist around making life miserable, or some over zealous asshole with a license to preach and take money from stupid elderly people screaming in your ear.

There are no perfect solutions. They only appear perfect because people are trying to sell them to you.

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