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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 07:48 AM
Seeing this LIGHT outside where I stay and I still see it at nites and it moves and is not any city light or moon reflection and still have not got an answer as to what it may be. i have a feeling but will keep that to myself.

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by Casandra

And really, it was such a silly incident too, you can tell how boring my life must be if this is the strangest thing that has happened to me

To me, as a long time collector of such accounts, the fact that your life is "boring" and that this seems to have been a one-off event makes it even more valuable, because it would seem to indicate that you are not prone to flights of fancy. :-)

Anyone interested in such accounts would be well advised to visit Cynthia Sue Larson's website, Reality Shifters (dot com) and search her "archives".

And search my own 2008 posting history for more threads like this. :-)
(I think you'll also find that the general quality of discussion on this site was somewhat better in those days.)

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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by Casandra

Probably my point is that you studied the handle arrangement after this event, but may not have ever given it a second thought previous to it, so it would have been difficult to determine the difference, or change to it, where you may not have known what to look for.
eta: did you discuss this thing that happened with anyone else in the household at the time, as in a responsible adult, perhaps the one who had put the string on the key in the first place?
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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

I have a few so I'll rattle 'em off short and fast. These all happened in Tucson, Arizona over several decades.

Once at night in a park a friend and I were pelted with little rocks and thought the other was responsible until we both saw a pebble materialize about 4 ft away and arc into his chest. As we left, we were hit several more times and have since read that the park was famous for a stone throwing ghost.

I saw a rubbing alcohol bottle jump off a shelf in a drug store and rise up about a foot before falling about three feet.

As I walked my dog with a girlfriend we heard crunching footsteps following us but no body visible and we smelled beer when neither of us had been drinking and the dog was snarling and uncharacteristically nuts. As we hurried home in a near panic at one point I was looking right at an open mailbox affixed to a house we were passing and it slammed shut.

The house we returned to that night was really haunted. We couldn't ever get a clear photo of it as it always appeared blurred, no matter what camara was used and we were afflicted with snaps and pops and scratchy noises day and night. I never felt alone and had horrid nightmares. Red eyes in the bedroom air duct were the worst. I doubt it was rats.

In a different haunted house 4 people and myself saw a football sized and shaped multi-colored light hover in the kitchen and then sink into the floor and oodles more creepy events took place and later found that a suicde had occurred there.

In yet another mildly "haunted" house we found a clump of large, tropical looking black ants frantically trying to form a bridge and not drown in the toilet bowl... and no, no ant trails, they couldn't climb the slick porcelain and no sign of other ants before or after and the species were not native to the region,,, no clue were they came from.

And saw several weird lights and more in the sky that defy easy explanation; for instance two satellite looking lights fly towards each other overhead and when they met they flew around each other in a tight circle like they were tethered and then they whipped off in different directions... not satellites... and saw an orange diamond shaped flying craft buzz our house at 4 a.m. just 20 ft away and have probably a dozen more weirdities but I'm sure y'all get the point and sorry to make strange phenom so dull!

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Does it look like the cloud is glowing? I've seen something similar a few times. I can't figure it out, it could be a helicopter in the clouds, but I doubt that because helicopter lights are more chaotic, the glowing clouds I saw were rather still.

posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 03:14 PM
The following took place back in 1984 when I was 12 years old living in Chicago, IL. My family and I had only been in the U.S for 3 years and were living in a 2 bedroom apartment. My older brother had turned on the movie Exorcist in the den and we started watching it as a family. Approximately 10 minutes into the movie I told my mom this film is boring and decided to go to the living room by myself instead. When I got there I turned on the lights and saw a bowl full of ripe yellow bananas that my mom had purchased earlier in the day. There must've been about 35 to 40 bananas in that bowl. I typically just grab the top banana and eat it, but for some odd reason I decided to stick my hand into the batch and grab something from the middle. When I pulled the banana out, and to my astonishment, my first name "Edward" was written into the banana peel in huge beautifully hand written letters in long hand form. What was also weird was that the writing was etched into the peel of the banana, almost like it was burnt into it. I quickly called my family over and they were left amazed as well. My brothers each took a pen or sharp object and started writing on the other bananas, but their squiggly writing paled in comparison. Their writing looked jaggedy, while this writing was perfectly etched in. The banana started to spoil about a week later and my mom decided to eat it. Nothing happened and she's fine to this day at the age of 80.

I could believe that someone at the store wrote the name Edward somehow, but the unlikely odds of me grabbing the banana from the middle of a huge pile is amazing. Later on classmates told me about weird things happening to people after watching this film. I had never heard of the Exorcist before this day. I absolutely love horror movies and have seen most of them, but never wanted to watch the Exorcist in fear of another weird thing occurring.
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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 03:41 PM
Ah what the heck I'll share some weirdness:

-Lived in a haunted house. Aside from the usual sounds of footsteps and general creepiness, hearing bangs, and people talking, etc (with multiple people experiencing these things) I experienced a poltergeist event. I was getting ready to leave the house. It was about 11am, bright sunny summer day. I walked into the living room to make sure I'd turned the stereo off and there was an ashtray sitting on top of it. Sure enough the stereo was off, and just before I turned to leave the ashtray shot across the room in a straight line and smacked into the wall on the other side of the house. I left hastily and later returned home and the ashtray and butts were there on the floor where they had impacted the wall (confirming to me that I didn't dream it up).

-Was at a party in my younger years. I had a premonition that someone there was about to attack me (I saw the whole thing play out in my mind before it happened) and sure enough, this guy that was there went to smash a 26 ounce bottle of whiskey over my head. At this point I was in a trance, and put my arms out, somehow knowing I would be unharmed. The bottle smashed, and I heard a loud ringing in my ears, but didn't feel anything. Eventually I came out of the trance and noticed I had warm liquid running down my face. Fearing it was blood I ran to the bathroom only to discover it was whiskey. I didn't have a scratch on me. People who were around us ended up getting cut by flying glass and such, but I didn't have so much as a bruise. People who saw the whole thing happen, swear to this day the bottle broke before it hit my head and say it was one of the weirdest things they've ever seen. High strangeness and not something I would attempt to replicate lol.

-Dreamed about one of my ex girlfriends cheating on me the night before it actually happened (while we were still together). I even dreamed about who she would cheat with and it was very vivid. She actually woke me up while I was having this dream because I was in distress. She told me I had nothing to worry about and to go back to sleep. The next day (halloween) she went out with her friends for the evening. She didn't get home until the following day and later admitted she had cheated. After it happened and she was caught, she denied it was with the person in my dream. It wasn't until about 3 years later (long after we'd broken up) that I later found out the person in my dream was actually who she was with and she'd been lying about it.

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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by punkinworks

Fear mongering is not cool. I have used Salvia several times and never once had anyone with me. The difference is in how you take it. I used a tincture. It was a very different experience from the smokers method. It also last up to an hour as opposed to 5 minutes via the smoking method. If you want a truly powerful but safe spiritual experience use the tincture method or just chew the leaves.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 08:06 PM
I'll just stick with the most recent weird experience. Last month I went camping in Florida for a week. I had a great time.

Now, before I go further, a few caveats: I skipped my meds that day. I consumed two glasses of wine earlier in the evening. I was a bit dehydrated and attempted to make up for it by drinking a lot of bottled water, which necessitated a trip to the bath house about once every hour all night long. I was tired. I had around two hundred mosquito bites (I counted) and unfortunately discovered that I have Skeeter Syndrome.

At one point, I came back and there was a raccoon getting into our cooler. We put it in the trunk. I had to run it off a few times as it kept coming back. Around two in the morning, I encountered a family showering in the bath house, which I thought was odd considering the time.

Okay, now to the weird part. Around 3:30, I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. I heard tribal drums, I kid you not. I thought there were some yahoos ignoring the quiet times a few camp sites away, but it sounded like Jumanji out there. I unzipped my tent, grabbed my flashlight, and started walking. The tribal drums were going the entire time. I heard them stop once I got in the bath house. Coming out of the bath house, there was no drumming to be heard. I turned on my flashlight and watched my own shadow begin moving oddly. Then it darted off into the night along the road. I was freaked out- but didn't feel it so much considering I still had quite a bit of my anti-anxiety medication in my system. I got back to the tent and woke up my husband to tell him about it- and he was annoyed that I woke him up. Anyway, I had to contend with foot steps all around my tent immediately after that. I felt like I was being taunted.

In my sleep hazed mind, I thought the cause was the woman I encountered in the bath house putting the evil eye on me, as I got the impression she was annoyed that I took the good toilet stall before she could get to it.

And, that's it.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 02:00 PM
My 'experience' probably deserves its own thread!

Its not a strange happening or anything paranormal in the sense that most reading this would be looking for, BUT its such a crazy coincidence that I wonder (daily) why I was involved and how can i redeem myself(my soul)?

So back in 1998 i was a soph/junior in high school, I went to church 3x a week, I couldnt get enough! I was SO happy and full of life, I LOVED it and I LOVED myself and I LOVED my life. One day my youth leaders of this church (who were assistant pastors as well) packed up and moved to Littleton, Co., at the dismay of ALL of us (the youth group kids), with the only explaination was that the guy (our youth pastor) had a dream, or a vision, or whatever, and it told him to pack up NOw and move to Littleton, Colorado. (So from Los Angeles to Littleton, CO)

So anyways much to our dismay we lost our beloved youth leaders... Meanwhile I was a typical teenager and in the meantime I had "strayed" from the church, (doing the teenager thing with experimenting and what not.. the only substance involved is the one that is "legalized" in California).

Anyways I was playing a lot of computer games, Doom, Quake etc and I ran a search on ICQ and I met this cool guy named 'Eric' and we ended up talking every day and playing doom a LOT. We had lots of fun and I went to his website constantly (every day almost!)

Fast forward to April 20, 1999, my roomates and I are watching the news of a gunman loose at Columbine High and they flash the picture of Erics website on the news and i went totally ballistic "THATS ERIC, I KNOW HIM, THATS HIS WEBSITE!!!" W...T...F? So ya I knew the columbine killer.. talked to him daily, and NOT only that,
BUT my youth leader got a 'vision' to move to Littleton and he and his wife ended up helping the kids who were directly involved.

Biggest, most important 'story' of my life and I feel like i could just die today, in some awful circumstance. I feel I missed what could have been an intervention, maybe a quick sentance, a compliment, anything?

Ive since internalized this incidence and I think about it constantly. I could just die right now, maybe i will?


posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 02:32 PM
Strangest thing I've experienced? THat's easy. American politics.

There's also been strange knocking sounds, sudden insights into the future, but none of that is a strange as american politics.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 03:16 PM
Well so far the strangest thing I have experienced was reliving a murder on a psychic level.
That goes down in my book as the strangest,
scariest thing I have ever experienced.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 11:18 PM
I posted my strangest experience on this thread when the thread was new in 2008 (on page 11). I've enjoying reading of the varied strange experiences discussed here over the years and thought I'd share something that happened to me a few months ago. It isn't incredibly unique--I've read of others with similar experiences--but it's still very strange.

Last fall I was driving home at about 10 PM along a fairly busy 2 lane US highway. I was the only person in the car. I came over the crest of a hill and there was a tractor-trailer truck in my lane. We were both going near the speed limit, 55 mph, and there was no way to avoid a serious collision. I slammed on brakes and tried to swerve out of the road, but I knew it was too late. I recall thinking that I was going to die. But, there was no collision! I was just suddenly a few hundred feet further down the road and still in my lane. It was like I'd been teleported ahead and out of the path of the truck. I started shaking violently and thanking God for saving me. Then there was a voice encouraging me to calm down and saying something to the effect that everything was all right. I don't remember the exact words or whether it was male or female or in my head or audible, just that there was a voice. Another strange thing is that this traumatic event should have been indelible in my mind. But, it wasn't. I didn't even think about it again at all until about a week ago. It was like it was erased from my mind. But, about a week ago, the memory of this somehow reappeared. I still don't recall every detail, but remember enough to feel sure that it happened.
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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 09:19 AM
I'm not sure how strange these really are but I will share anyways.
1. When I was a little girl, my parents were divorced. My father was much older and was in a nursing home. My mother would not take me to see him, the divorce was somewhat nasty. I told her on Friday, January 19th, that I really felt like I needed to see my father. I gave her a whole guilt trip and so she finally agreed. The next morning after breakfast she was going to take me.
I awoke the next morning to hearing her at the bottom of the stairs crying and almost hyperventilating. I walked down the stairs, asked her what was wrong and immeditately I knew. He had passed away early that morning. I have struggled with this for awhile. I was one day off! I was such a daddy's girl and my mother wouldn't let me see him. I have held resentment for her since that day, but guilt because I should have pushed more. The timing, just couldn't have been any worse It has always given me chills.

2. Another about my father, after my parents divorced, my much older half-brother bought the house from them. My brother worked night shift, he got a call from his neighbor at work that the house was on fire. After the flames were extinguished, a firefighter brought my brother a bible (my dad's) that was on the coffee table. There was no damage at all, while everything else in the house was basically ash.Inside it, it had pictures of me and him. I still have those pictures today. Luckily, they were not lost.

3. One night, again when I was younger, I spent the night at my close friends house. They had just moved in to this particular house, it was quite old, from the late 1800's. We stayed up longer than we were supposed to, than we went to bed. We both slept in the same bed. The next morning, I woke up with deep scratches all over. I asked her what happened? She had no clue. I hadn't done it, the bed was small and I'm sure she would have noticed me scratching myself and I'm a pretty deep sleeper. I asked her if she did it, she said no and there was no blood in her fingernails (the scratches had been bleeding), none on mine either. We still have no clue what happened that day. I was terrified of the house from the day after.

I know there are more, but these came to me while reading through the pages and did not want to forget about them.
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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by Lillith_girl_of_the_night
Well I've had alot of strange experiences, but I've forgotten some of them.

Um.. Sometimes when I have dreams they actually end up happening.
I sometimes know what people are going to say before they say it.

Okay I remember one. About a year ago, when I was still living with my parents, I was asleep and I heard my door open. I woke up and saw that no one was there, so I got up and closed the door and then went back to sleep. Around 3am it opened again and my dog came in a little after the door had opened. I don't know how my door kept opening, but it freaked me out. The next morning, I asked my mom and dad if they had opened my door last night and they both said no, but my dad said he did hear my door open but he thought it was just me opening it.

Oo here's another one, not that this is really "spooky", just kind of ironic. I was talking to my friend "gladdis", about demons, and how I wanted to make a deal with one. A little while later I went to my room and started reading Frankenstein and my dog was downstairs barking. This went on for about 10 minutes until I got up and went downstairs to see what she was barking at. She was by the front door and garage door barking. She was freaked out. I looked out the window to see if someone may had been out there but no one was, besides it was around midnight, no one in my neighborhood would be awake at that time. As I headed back upstairs I looked in the dining room out of the corner of my eye and I thought I saw the silhouette of someone (not human), but I wasn't going back down to check it out. I went in my room and locked the door. As soon as I started reading my dog started barking again for about another 10 minutes, then stopped.

When I was around 4, I was living with my great grandma, and it was around 9 or 10 at night and I looked in the hallway and I could have sworn I saw a ghost of an old man.

Sometimes at night I'm walking up the stairs (in the dark), and i can feel the pressense of someone walking behind me, it causes my heart rate to speed up and something in my brain clicks and tells me to get to my room FAST. I'm not scared of the dark so that's not the reason. But, it happpens quite frequently.

That's about it for me.
Hope you were entertained by this


Sometimes when I have dreams they actually end up happening.
I sometimes know what people are going to say before they say it.

This is me all the time!
I also get Sleep Paralysis quite often.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:35 PM
Wow, I've just spent 2 nights absolutely rivetted by this thread, and while some of the stories could be attributed to dreams (and thereby not exactly weird) the majority are truely strange and fascinating.

I have always been attracted to the weird and wonderful, I had a "pretend" friend as a child and was lucky enough to have parents that didn't insist he wasn't real.

Lots of minor strange things have happened in my life, like the poltergueist type activity in our house when I was a teenager, things not being where you put them, or missing things that would show up later and one particular ornament that was supposed to sit on a shelf but was many, many times found on the floor in the morning.

I've also had that Dejavue thing many times and dreams of other worldy places and even the wwii ones, but the strangest thing that has ever happened involved my ex, an athame (ceremonial dagger) and a crab.

We were sitting at the kitchen table and my ex was decorating 2 athames for his alter (Wiccan), he'd used different colored threads to wind around them, then attached a small silver charm to one of them, like the ones you have on a charm bracelet, I dont recall exactly what it was (an animal, one of the zodiac signs).

Then he picked up the other athame and says "What I really need for this one is a crab" meaning of course another silver charm. As he said it I caught a movement on the floor near us and said to him "What, like that one?"
And I swear, on anything you like, that there was this very small crab walking along on the floor, a real, alive, tiny crab. (it could have fitted inside a coke bottle cap)
We looked at each other in complete amazement and he says "I didn't want a live one".

Well we picked it up and put it in a small fish tank with some water and sand and it lived quite happily there for a few weeks, then one day it just died, not sure why.

A few other strange things happened around him, but that was by far the weirdest.

I also see shadow animals at the edge of my sight, and have hunches that usually come true, but have never seen a true ghost or anything that I could definitively say was a ufo, couple of suspects but nothing that makes you go Wow!

Luv this thread hope it keeps going.


posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 02:23 AM
When I was about 7 or 8, I saw my sister's doll fly across the room (like a witch on a broomstick).

In my mind today (at age 43), I can still see this event happening, even with the shared mess of our younger lives strewn across the room.

As to whether this really happened, or was just a hallucination (or dreaming while awake) is open to speculation. While an imaginative child, I was not prone to illusory visions, nor concocting incredulous stories to get attention. I'm happy to allow that it could be something other than what I believe I witnessed, but in my mind it is 100% real.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 12:22 AM
dang everyone has really good stories.

while listening to my ipod lying on my bed a song just faded out and turned to static white noise, i instantly ripped the ear buds out and sat up freaking out. couldnt figure that one out, it wasnt the song, and my headphones were new.
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posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 01:08 AM
I've had a lot of things happen ever since I was little. I lived in a house in Chicago and at night we would hear someone walking up and down the stairs. None the less as a child I was scared and slept with my parents allot. When I was 4 I actually talked with the spirit in the old man who was in the basement where I used to. Play. I told my mom about him...she got freaked out. Checked and no man. She talked to our neighbor andd found out an old man died in the the corner where my toy box was. He was nice, never scared us or was mean. But still kinda creepy.

I think the wierdest thing was when my mom andd I came home with grocerys and were gonna go in thru the garage and we saw our dog outside. My mom said that's weird I know he was inside when we left. There was no way for him to get out. So we go around to the front....I tell my mom wouldn't it be weird if he was inside in the kitchen when we go in....I JUST HAD A FEELING....and we go in and she's like come here....I started crying cuz I knew he was there.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 07:21 AM
Ive seen UFOs, spirits and have astral travelled. But they don't seem strange to me now because I understand them much more.

The "strangest" thing that ever happened to me to date was this...

I went to a friends house around 3 houses up the road when I was around 8 years old. I went there without telling my Mum because she said I wasn't allowed to go there (turns out his Dad was a paedophile and my Mum knew this).

Anyway, when I got there, my friend, his Dad and I went in the garage where we started playing with one of those electronic things where you have to guide a metal loop over a shaped wire and if you touch the wire with the loop, it buzzes (meaning you failed).

My friend and his Dad went inside their house and invited me in to join them. I told them I would be in soon as I wanted to "win" this game first. So I was alone messing around with this thing when I noticed a stuffed falcon (or some other bird of prey - was about 18 inches high) sitting on a perch. Its head was facing 90 degrees away from me and I stared at it for around 5 seconds.

Suddenly, its head turned quickly and it was looking directly at me!

I froze in fear but after 10 seconds of believing it was going to fly of its perch and attack me, I somehow found the strength to slowly start walking backwards. Never taking my eyes off it.

As soon as I was outside the garage, I turned and bolted home, fearing it was certainly going to chase me.


Around 25 years later, I went to a psychic fair and got a reading done from one of the psychics there. She informed me that I have an American Indian spirt guide named "Eagle Man" as well as some other information I considered pretty accurate. As I was leaving she said "wait a second"...

"Eagle Man says sorry for scaring you when you were young, but it was necessary as a child molester was planning to lure you inside his house..."

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