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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 04:25 AM
Wow, so many cool stories in here, I have to go back and read some more. I just wanted to share a couple of weird things that happened to me over the years, take it how you will...

Back in 2005 (I was a senior in high school) I remember staying up late one night talking to a girl I was dating, we were basically swapping ghost stories and getting each other all worked up, freaked out, whatever. Around 2am we got off the phone, and I went to bed. Now I'm not saying a ghost did this, it could have just been... well something I can't explain. But at the time I would have laughed at you if you tried to tell me it wasn't spiritual in some way. Anyway, I had this digital alarm clock that was only a month or two old (I still have it, and I refuse to use it since this night), and it had two alarms on it, a switch for each one. I set both of them, one for 6:45 and one for 6:50am, and went to sleep. Well, I tried to go to sleep. I felt like there was "something" there with me. I didn't want to look around the room, and I felt like something was touching me on my leg and my back, like just one finger slightly stroking. I faced the wall and tried to brush it off. I was pretty freaked out but I didn't want "it" to know that, whatever "it" might be. Eventually I got to sleep. Until around 3:20am when my alarm went off. I was almost angry, because I thought it was time to get up. Then I realized the time... Puzzled, I hit the first switch and turned the alarm off. I pressed the button to check what time the alarm was set for, and it still said 6:45. I shook my head and turned the alarm back on and rolled over. Before I could get back to sleep, about 10 minutes later my alarm went off again. I sighed deeply and hit the switch again. It kept going off. I turned that switch back on, and turned the second switch off, and it stopped. I checked the time it was set for, and it was still 6:50. After mumbling a few curse words I left this one off and rolled over again. I started to doze off, but in about 20 minutes the alarm sounded again! I was confused. I reached over and unplugged the clock from the wall. I halfway expected it to go off again, but it didn't. It had never done that before, and I haven't used it since. I really don't know what to say about it.

This is one of the many strange stories to come from my house that I moved into in 2007, and one of the less freaky. I referenced one of the events in another thread, but that story deserves its own post, and wouldn't want to exhaust them all in one anyway
If it's relevant, my house was built by my great grandfather in the '40s (he is no longer with us) and it sits directly next to a cemetery which was built well after the house, and is still in use. This event probably took place in early 2008. It was late one night, and my roommate was out getting drunk or whatever it is that roommates do when they aren't home. I was watching TV in the living room with my dog, and on a whim I walked out the front door which faces away from the cemetery and stood on my porch and was just enjoying the night air, looking around. I looked to my left and about 15 feet away near a small tree something caught my eye -- it looked like a thin wisp of smoke, about 3 feet tall and a foot or so off the ground. I described it at the time as looking like the smoke that rolls off the end of a cigarette. And no, I was not smoking when I walked out there. What I saw sounds like what some people refer to as a vortex. I stared at it just long enough to convince myself that I wasn't seeing things, no more than 2 seconds, and watched it dissipate right in front of my eyes. I wasn't frightened by it, but it did give me an eerie feeling that I might not be alone, as this was one of my earliest experiences at that house.

One more thing that is odd. This happened only a few weeks ago at my dad's house, where I grew up. I was downstairs in the "half underground basement" laying on the couch and it was probably 3am, I don't remember but it was late. The only light in the room was very dim and coming from the abnormally high window which was to the left, above and behind me (I'm guessing from the moon), and I was facing the entrance to the hallway. I was starting to doze off but I still had my eyes open, and I noticed a dark shadow that appeared to walk on four legs, about the size of my Pit Bull, heading for the hallway. I never looked directly at it because I assumed it actually was my dog, and I called for him "Sarge, come here." The figure ignored me and walked out of sight. That frustrated me slightly because he is well trained, so I called louder "Sarge! What the hell man?" and at that moment I heard him move a bit and breathe heavily from the love seat which was to my left, directly under the window where he had apparently been sleeping until I called his name the second time. Although the whole room was slightly illuminated, the shadow had started moving in a place that was below (read: closer to me than) where the light was actually shining, making it fairly impossible in my mind to be caused from something outside the house. It would have been large, distorted and lighter if that were the case.
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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 12:24 AM

As I was sitting on my bed, removing my shoes and socks, I started hearing a loud crackling sound coming from the metal-table infront of me.
It sounded like it was under the process of beeing electrocuted.
I wanted to touch it, but did not dare to, as I thought it indeed WAS beeing electrocuted by some damaged wire.
But shortly after the sound had stopped, I realized that it was not possible.
The table had nothing on it but some coins. It was nowhere near anything electrical.
This experience did not scare me at all, although I did find it (and still do) quite puzzeling.


As I was watching TV, I heard someone running upstairs in the Attic. When this happende, I lived in a solid house. Their where no windows to the Attic and no-one could enter the attic unless using the fold-down staircase lokated in the hall.
I was alone in the house, and this experience frightened me.
I am sure it wasn't a mouse. Whatever was running up their was the size of a human, and was bipedal.
The footsteps varyed in speed, and I could hear them moving from one corner to another.


Sometimes I can see the room I am in, with eyes closed.
I have confirmed that it is indeed the REAL room I am seeing.
Once I got this happendning to me whilst I was stationed before my computer, and it's screensaver was active.
I was closing my eyes and I could still see the screensaver playing.
The screensaver drawd random patterns on the screen.
When I first had begun to close my eyes the screen was almost dark.
When I opened them the same pattern which I had seen in my mind-room was on the real screen

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 12:25 AM
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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by MauiStacey

I'm looking forward to this site, I work graveyard shift at a 60yr old hospital in N. CA. Creepy to say the least.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 07:20 AM
Here's something I'd forgotten about:
I have a sister about 6yrs younger than I. When she was very young, she used to tell us about things that had happened "when she was a boy". This was the 70s so I cant remember many specifics except a time she insisted on something about her "other mummy & daddy". My parents got pretty annoyed. She stopped talking about that stuff. These days she cant remember.
Anyway, near where we lived was a big old empty house which was rumoured to be haunted. It had a huge garden with a stable block that had been converted into workshops & a bunch of us used to play there sometimes. 1day we found a way into the house through a coal chute that was by the stables. Turns out the cellar of the house extended beyond its footprint. Part of it had 2 rows of concrete topped brick benches in it, a bit like some in the old stables, but not quite.
The 1st time my lil sis came with us, which was a while after she'd stopped mentioning anything wierd, as we traipsed down the aisle between these benches, she said matter of factly, "When I was a boy, they put me in here when they thought I was dead. But I wasn't."
Turns out it had been a doctors house & that cellar room a morgue which had been added to during ww2. The "benches" were slabs for the bodies.
We only found about about the history of the place by talking to a really old neighbour. She told us that the house had been empty since just after the war when the old Dr gave up practicing & died shortly after. Rumours of haunting began almost straight away...
Personally, apart from my freaky sis, I only ever saw 1 strange thing there & it wasn't that strange anyway!

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 07:59 AM
In 2000, my buddy, his older sister, and I were driving through Daly City , CA which has a lot of cemetaries. Wyatt Earpp is buried here. Anyways, I'm in the back seat, buddy in passenger seat and his older sister driving, and we're driving alongside one of the cemetaries. My buddy says out of the silence" Damn, that guy is running at night next to a cemetary". We all look over and see.... this guy has no legs but he's floating down the road as if he's running. He was even wearing a windbreaker jacket. Needless to say we told her to floor it and she did, but this running/floating man kept pace. The one thing I'll never forget is the speedometer, she was at 40mph and climbing and it kept pace for a good 45 secs.
I love this thread.

posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 12:12 AM

Originally posted by tomfrusso
The craziest thing that has ever happened to me has to be logging on to this site and reading how "evil" the US is.

I didn't know so many people believed this stuff.

I am surprised that you are surprised!
The USA isn't evil - but its foreign policy is, especially right now.


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by fatdad
i have more weird things if anyone is the shadow man who appears in the corner of my eye and stays there for days at a time..first appeared after a Ouija board party went bad ...

Having read up to page 15 (?), and having seen many stories that all have ouija boards in common, it seems to me that the moral of these stories is : Stay away from ouija boards!
I was round 15 years old, and at high school, and a group of girls invited me to join them in experimenting with a ouija board. (Now here in NZ, they are not sold as toys, and actually they're quite hard to get hold of - I think a girl had one from her granny, or something.)
Despite being a bit of a Nigel No-mates at the time, the kind of girl who would have said yes just to fit in, I actually answered that the idea freaked me out, so "no"! (I think now it was God warning me, even though I was nowhere near being a Christian then. Well somewhat near, but still years away... )
Otherwise, no freaky stories - or if there are, I can't really remember - maybe something happened when I was about 10 years old - might have involved birds, I and my two younger sisters are bird-phobes, yet we used to be fine with birds, even had them as pets! (But I absolutely don't remember.)

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:39 PM
Hey new to the site but looking forward to exploring it more..
I have multiple accounts of strange phenomenas. My favorite account occurred about 8 years ago in a place known as Concrete City. Its a town constructed of 11 or 12 concrete buildings in a circle right off a road a little ways into the woods. The buildings are all still erect which were built i believe in 50 for coal miners, Its basically a old coal mining town for the higher paid bosses and their families. Anyway i was told a few years a ago that people have satanic rituals down there. So one night a buddy and myself went to look down there after work. We both left work at 11pm and by the time we got down there it was about 12am. There are several ways you can get to these buildings. 1 road went directly to the buildings but was gated off. Another way was to drive your car down this mud road which you needed 4 wheel drive to go down that way. I owned a truck at that time and was able to make it down that way but decided if there were people down there they would hear us coming so we parked my truck at the beginning of the swampy road and walked down there. When we finally arrived down near the buildings we saw what looked to be a light flickering in one of the rooms of the buildings. We stood there kind of freaked out but was not that big of a deal to us. We got half way to the center of the circle when all of a sudden we heard what sounded like someone hitting a brick against one of the buildings about 10 times over and over. It was about the 5th hit that my friend looked at me and i looked at my friend and we both took off running down the dirt road that lead to the gate which lead to the road. At the gate there was a street light and the road with a bunch of houses. We were about 15 yards away from the gate when i saw a dark shadow, shaped like a man with a top hat on go running toward a houses front sidewalk and vanished into the air. I just kept running cause there was still something hitting the buildings behind us. We made it to the main road and eventually walked back to get my truck and went home not saying much to one another the whole ride because of how scared we were. The next day at work i asked my buddy while we were running did he see anything. He described the exact same shadow with a top hat that disappeared into the air. We both moved on from that job since then and communicate with one another whenever he is in town and every time we reminisce we still talk about that same encounter. I will never forget it.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 12:05 AM
The strangest thing I have ever experienced happened when I was in scotland. It's 2 separate events, actually, in 2 locations.

First, Urquhart castle on the shore of Loch Ness. No, this isnt about Nessie!
Last november my boyfriend and another friend were visiting Inverness. We decided to visit the castle, a place my boyfriend had been many times. The thing is, it cost a lot of money to get in (well, not a LOT...but too much to be arsed..). So, we hopped the fence at night. I don't know what time it was, maybe 11pm. We get down there and my boyfriend shows us a secret beach below the tower. youre not supposed to go down there but hey, we already weren't supposed to be there..

I pulled out my pendulum and my home made pendulum board as we were sitting on the rock beach looking out onto the Loch. I started trying to contact whatever might be there..the castle is very old, after all. I made 'contact' with a female, who I did not believe actually was there or existed. I asked her to prove she was real and she told me to look out onto the water, which I did. I saw nothing...My boyfriend and my friend were some feet away with me, not knowing what I was doing. I think they were drinking whisky...anyway, moments later, my boyfriend goes "LOOK AT THAT!" and I look up, and see nothing. I'm like "what? I dont see anything?" he goes "its black" and then I see it. A large black void has opened up right over the water, in front of us. Normally, because the loch is rather narrow, you can see the mountain on the other side, even at night there is a sillouhette.

But her ein front of us, a big black void. It wasnt mist...I knew already that the mist on the loch can appear out of nowhere, but thats not what it was. It completely blocked out the other side of the loch, the piece of the mountain that was behind it..when a car came down the road which is on the other side, its headlights would completely disappear in it...

The void disappeared after a few minutes. But that wasn't the end of our experience. Moments later, some lights came down the loch and moved in front of us, right where the void had been. At first I thought we were screwed because I thought it was one of those ski-doo cops and theyd found out we were down there. But whatever it was made no noise, and didnt bob up and down like a vehicle on the water would. It just hovered there. No noise splashing or engine noise..then after a minute or so, it moved back the way it came..except as it was moving away, it WENT UP INTO THE AIR.

And that isnt the end of our adventure. After our Urquhart adventure, we decided to go find Aleister Crowleys house...

I'll type that later though

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by stealthyaroura

when i was 5 years old me and the kids i played with used to have toy guns that fired reels of caps that bang ( i dont know what there called outside of the UK)

well one night me and the family were watching a magic show Paul Daniels i suspect, well the show had finished and i was fooling around pretending to do tricks, the next bit is were it gets strange,i said to my farther i'm going to magic some toy gun caps into my slipper ( i know it sounds silly but i was only 5!) i said hocus pocus and picked up the slipper that had been on the floor and to my absolute shock there was a role of caps in the slipper!

1 i had run out of caps cos as kids we used them up strait away
2 no one had chance to place them in the slipper cos it was a totally random childish thing that i had just decided to do, it was not planned!

this cannot be explained and of course the rest of the family thought i had set the whole thing up but NO.

its such a silly story you can see why i have never mentioned it cant you and cos it is so silly i think that makes it more believable. MENTAL!

any answers or similar happened to any of you? why do things just turn up like that?

Well, that reminds me that I do have one!
It was when I was about 8 or so... We had chicken for dinner, and there was this thing about the "wishbone" that my sister and I always did - you each hold the "wishbone" and pull it like a Christmas cracker. That time I won (it was usually my sister who did, she's younger than me, but bigger and stronger because I had a childhood illness). I closed my eyes and made a wish, all according to Hoyle, and I wished for a coloured plaster (Bandaid - the coloured ones were then a fad, and just new).
My Dad then said "Go and look in your dressing gown pocket" so I left the table and did that thing (we weren't allowed to leave the table until Mum or Dad said so). In my pocket was a royal blue coloured Bandaid! As I hadn't spoken my "wish" aloud, I will never know how my Dad did that..

It's possible that my memory is fooling me, and that it didn't happen anything like that, after all, I don't even remember exactly how old I was. But I do remember asking Dad how he had done it, and him laughing and claiming he had had nothing to do with it...
There are other things - I have all my life had memories that could only have been his memories - or those of another adult - such memories as being in a rainy street in an European city. I have yet to ever go to Europe, and I first had that memory at around 7-10 years old - I would never have been allowed out at night on my own as I was in the "memory"...
* These memories can't belong to Mum, she never went to Europe either...

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 08:53 PM
I didn't want to start a new thread so I figured I would post this here. Okay, so is it possible when it is windy, that a door that opens into a house (not swings out, but swings in to the room) could be pushed to close from the inside when the wind is blowing the way the door swings? I went to get into my house today and it felt like someone stood on the other side of the door and was pushing against the door and the wind was blowing into the house so is that possible?

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 09:26 PM
Many years ago in a small town called Spring Mount in Pennsylvania a friend and I were laying on the ground in a park looking at the stars. Like we had done many many nites before. Our bodies were laying side by side next to each other when a very massive bird shaped shadow crept overtop us. It was no more than 1 foot above us as we layed on the ground, and the wing span on it stretched far over the two of us. But the wings did not flap. It's dark shadow just passed over us, if I would have raised my arm I would have been able to touch it. It was silently terrifying. It was no less than 6 feet wide and silent. It's appearence was that of a shadow. And it creeped him and I out to the point we never went back there to stargaze at nite again. To this day it still creeps me out. I have always thought it to be the shadow of a thunderbird or something of the sort. Over the years he and I lost contact but would see each other every once in a while and would always recall that experience that we shared, and ask each other if we both still remember seeing that thing.

I have also seen a massive but silent black triangle in the sky there. I was on Sprint Mount Rd. in the same town as mentioned above, when I saw it in the sky through my windshield. It was so out of place I actually parked on the side of the road and got out of my car. It was roughly midnite when this occured many years ago. I walked along a little watching it silently glide in the sky, fairly low. Until it eventually started to go out of my sight. I ended up getting back in my car and driving in its direction. It was giant and completely black with a small light on each corner. And was completely silent. As soon as I turned around and headed in its direction it appeared to basically disappear right into the nite sky. I was stunned over it, and have been to this day.
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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 09:08 PM
Back in May, my friend was trying to test me to see if I was an empath. His idea of this was to go to a few local cemeteries and see if I picked up anything. We went to two and I didn't pick up much. Then we decided to go to one last one. On the way there, I told him I felt as though I was going to pick up a lot of stuff here, that this cemetery was gonna be the jackpot, so to speak. Anyway, when we got there I started to feel shaky and really really upset. I was pulled to a grave. Well, what do you know, there was a grave with my last name on there. I SWEAR TO YOU I had NO idea family was buried here. NONE whatsoever. A Husband and wife were both buried there. Looked on the back of the grave and they had two kids and each of them died. Suddenly had flashes of their funeral in my head. The husband coaxing the wife. I got really upset. Pretty interesting. Also, that day, we were driving around my friend's neighborhood and I looked at a house in his neighborhood and told him I had a bad feeling about it. He said I wouldn't be surprised...a guy that once lived in there shot himself.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 01:00 AM
Cool, I'll share a few...


I was probably ten or twelve years old and my recently pierced ears were giving me trouble, my mom was trying to help me get them out because I think they had become embedded in my ears. I suddenly was sort of floating above myself, but not where I was, and sort of not who I was... thinking back on it, I looked a lot older than even twelve, more like I did when I was fifteen or sixteen. And from behind me, above my body, I could hear all these voices speaking in other languages, and one male voice just calling my name over and over again.
Then I woke up on the bathroom floor and my mom was crying over me talking about how I just passed out, but I sort of couldn't understand her for a few moments, like she was speaking another language. I just didn't get it. I just kept screaming, "Am I bleeding!? Am I bleeding!?" for some reason I still can't really explain, and feeling one specific area at the back of my head. She said I passed out and my eyes started rolling back and stuff. I hit the wall so hard the paint colour left a line on my shirt, but I just kept asking if my head was bleeding. I didn't even feel it.


I was fifteen or sixteen and went out to walk my dog at night. I took my phone with me and on my way back looked up at the sky to see an impossibly bright point, way too low to be a star. I ran in, left my dog, and took my phone to take a picture of it, not having a camera easily accessable at that time. I dashed back out, taking note of the time, and turned in one quick motion to snap a picture. I only consciously remember standing there for a few seconds before running inside, but I know that I felt really weird on my way in (Sort of, like... drugged), and when I closed the door my mom asked me what I'd been doing outside for ten minutes. I was completely terrified. Then I started getting blinding headaches, so bad that I often couldn't make it to the couch to lay down, and waking up with terrible nosebleeds and agonizing pain in my ears for months afterwards


Watching my mother paint a picture of two very tall buildings in the center of a cityscape, surrounded by smoke, with a fiery red sky on 9/10/2001

There are more but I forgot them...

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 04:40 PM
Having had a few similar experiences to those I've read, I thought it worth posting a few.

Firstly, my brother moved from hawaii to live with me for a while as he'd lost his job there and living expenses were so high. It was either live in a shelter or move back to where his family was at. We decided to cut loose and have some fun as he was so incredibly depressed from how hard his life had been recently and so for a few days we went to the movies, ate out and what not just burning my pay check. One night during the movie I got a strange feeling in my gut that I needed to run. I thought it strange since I was in the middle of the climactic ending of a movie I'd been anxiously awaiting for months. Sitting uncomfortably through the ending I got a few glares and concernedly annoyed glances from my big brother, being his antsy ADD sister, I suppose he wasn't really worried. But as the movie ended and we came out into the lobby he suddenly disappeared. I looked around for a moment, decided he'd gone to the bathroom and stood by a bench to wait. Then I noticed directly ahead of me there was an unusually tall man standing there, dressed all in black. As I met his eyes I realized he was staring directly at me. The feeling of anxiety in my stomach went into overdrive as my instincts told me this guy was NOT a good man. Then I noticed figures moving in my direction from around the various corners of the large lobby, all dressed in black, all abnormally tall men. Just when I was about to forgo my dignity and run with arms flailing, screaming bloody murder my brother suddenly appeared at my side. He grabbed me by the arm somewhat forcefully and as we are most definitely not the touching sort of family, this was odd and uncomfortable, but as he pulled me to the door he said "Let's go." and the sense of urgency in his voice did nothing to make me feel better. I always thought he must have fallen into the wrong crowd on the big island as I know crime and drug use are common, but as the years have gone on I have begun to wonder. That many men coming for him? I counted around six or seven in the crowd that night. My brother is not an ambitious man and the most trouble he's ever gotten into has been owing money. Unless he owed the mob...(which would be entirely t-shirt wearing mobsters? How bland) I can't understand what happened. I only know that as he pulled me out of there that they let us go without even so much as a word. But the tall man kept his eyes directly on mine and I didn't look away until we were safely outside. I didn't ask him about it as he seemed highly agitated, though now I wish I had.

Second, I have always had an uncanny ability with dreams coming true. I'm not saying I'm psychic or that I believe in prophecy. Quite the contrary. However, often I find myself having a dream only to have it play out a few days later. One such incident involved my then spouse. I had dreams for weeks that he was cheating on me. It nearly drove me insane with the jealousy, pain and confusion as we seemed like an overly happy couple if anything. Always cuddling, joking and laughing. Life was good. Why then the nightmares? Finally I grew tired of the dreams and asked him about it. He was hurt, not angry or emotional. Just hurt. And I felt like a prize idiot for doubting him. Then one night I asked him if I could log into my myspace account on his work laptop since our desktop comp took a full three minutes to boot and I needed to go soon. He said sure and I entered the url. When it got there I found that someone was already logged in. As my husband and I lived alone, it was his work comp, he refused to make a myspace account when I asked him to and the username was something incredibly perverted, I was rather shocked. I naturally hit the home button...and was introduced to the exact scenario from my nightmares. To the tee. The woman it had been, the words they had been sharing and how they knew one another. She was his college student, just as it had been in my dream. Whether it was my subconscious that already knew or someone from the cosmos giving me the heads up or some psychic ability- I really don't know. I simply have learned in a lifetime of similar occurrences that sometimes dreams are not simply dreams.

Thirdly, my friends tend to be a little eccentric. When I say this I mean they believe religiously in the possibility of ghosts. Not cryptids, no vampires or werewolves for these girls, just ghosts. They travel the country going on ghost tuors and have even managed to drag me on a couple. Aside from feeling really uncomfortable or spooked in certain buildings, I can't say I truly have had a face to face ghost experience. But I ended up getting a job in the office with one of these girls who insisted that she kept hearing giggling when she worked on weekends alone. Naturally, she set up a digital recorder to pick up any sounds one friday night and I was instructed to stop it in the morning and listen during down time to see if anything had happened. Boy did I regret it. I had been listening to nothing but faint crackling for an hour and a half when something blipped. I backed up and listened again and though it had just been a tiny little sound before when I played it the second time(at top volume unfortunately for me) a bloodcurdling scream came from the device. Needless to say I dropped the recorder and went home early.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by avvie

wow! As frightening as that is and I can honestly say your stories scare the dickens out of me, it sounds like although the entity was not necessarily nice to you, it didn't want you hurt and saved you from the ceiling collapse. Why does that observation scare me even more?

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

I do not wish to argue but at the same time I must say...the Lord also recognizes humility. It is apparently a highly prized virtue. There is a difference between bearing witness and openly boasting.

Also, if we're all born looking different, behaving differently and thinking differently...why on earth would our abilities be the same? What a boring world that would be. Diversity is what makes the world beautiful and I can't imagine for a second that all of us are born with the same mundane abilities. We'd achieve the exact same things...and therefore grow in only one direction. As that has not happened...I believe your argument highly unlikely. We are all the same only in the fact that we were each born unique and that ultimately, was a part of His plan.

If you wish to pursue the religious view on such abilities, read up on Gifts of the Spirit. It is acknowledged in the older religions that some people possess the discernment of spirit, some the gift of tongues and so on. In my mind it makes perfect sense. There are arguments that some of us are 'left brained' or 'right brained' meaning we use different parts of our brains in our thought and development processes. It stands to reason that it would not be so rare that individuals would cultivate and hone abilities that others who use different portions of their brains would not have, nor be interested in. That does not make one 'magical' unless one is considering science to be so...and in that case I would have to say I too am occasionally awestruck by the seemingly endless possibilities of this Universe we live in. Sometimes the best gift is the ability to appreciate it with an open and non judgmental mind. Until we are returned to our Heavenly Father, how can we claim to know whether something is improbable or probable, impossible or not? If you think about it, history is filled with cases of the masses deciding something is impossible only to have it proven to be completely possible years later. We humans tend to consider only what we can explain. Perhaps that is not the most intelligent scientific or religious course of thought?

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

The strangest thing that has ever happen to me is waking up in the middle of the night with a (I can only explain it as) elctrical shock going thru my body,although it didnt hurt i couldnt move and it was uncomfortable.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:58 AM

Originally posted by Nattmaran

As I was sitting on my bed, removing my shoes and socks, I started hearing a loud crackling sound coming from the metal-table infront of me.
It sounded like it was under the process of beeing electrocuted.
I wanted to touch it, but did not dare to, as I thought it indeed WAS beeing electrocuted by some damaged wire.
But shortly after the sound had stopped, I realized that it was not possible.
The table had nothing on it but some coins. It was nowhere near anything electrical.
This experience did not scare me at all, although I did find it (and still do) quite puzzeling.

This same thing happened to me ! I was going through a phase where I was meditating alot and had set up a wooden table as an "altar" (I am a Wiccan) in my bedroom. One night I woke up and heard this loud buzzing sound and I immediately though one of the wires in the wall was somehow bugging was a loud static electricity crackling noise.

After putting my ear to the walls, searching around etc I finally realised it was coming from a statue of Anubis that I had on my altar. I reached out and touched the statue and the noise stopped.

Pretty weird :-/

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