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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Jun, 13 2013 @ 07:18 PM
Long time lurker. Some of these are not my own stories but ones from my family member. I'm not the greatest story teller.

This first one happened when I was no older than 4, the details are a bit fuzzy but I do remember what I saw.

My great-grandma "Nana" always had cats. One in particular, Chester, a Siamese, was my favorite as a child. He was a rescue cat and my Nana found him in bad conditioned and was able to nurse him back to health. Even then he still had problems with constipation which my grandma tried to fix by shoving a butter knife up his butt. Eww.. I know. Apparently I would follow him around, lay on him, carry him, and pull his tail. I even once knocked him off a chair, not because of malevolence, but because I didn't know any better. Even then the cat never attacked or was angry. Well anyways he was in poor health and eventually had to be put to sleep. I at the young age I was didn't understand the concept of death. Anyways after he was put to sleep I swear I saw him on my Grandma's bed. I didn't try to pet him or anything, I thought everything was normal at first then left the room. I'm not sure if I said anything to my Grandma. I believed I went back to the room and he was not there on the bed. I realized something was weird and that he was gone.

Second one was when I was in my early to mid-teens. I was staying at my uncle's with my sister and one of my cousins. She lived in North Dakota and was visiting my uncle, her dad, in Minnesota since her parents were divorced. Two of my other cousins lived with my uncle. They weren't home at the time so we decided to sleep in one of their rooms in the basement. Anyways I was stricken with a sense of uneasiness and told my sister and cousin I thought something bad was going to happen. They were a little freaked out but we forgot about it. Anyways we were laying down and I think some one nudged the closet door which then broke of the hinges. That freaked us out more. I don't remember but I think we went and slept upstairs on the couch. When we woke up next morning we also found out that the door knob on my other cousin's bedroom door broke. It ended up being kind of weird.

Third one is a bit ironic since I could have died at a funeral. I was 14 and my mom went to visit someone who died at a funeral home. She was just going to go in and visit for the wake or funeral. I decided to stay in the car. At this age I was curious about driving yet hadn't taken. The car was a 1987 Buick Century and had the gear shifter on the steering column. I, in a moment of stupidity hit the gear shifter into neutral. Cars built then didn't have the break lock so it went and proceeded to start rolling in reverse. I knew my my mother would be furious if it hit another car. Rather than hit the break I jumped out of the car and tried to stop it myself by pushing it thinking I was Superman or something. It knocked me over and proceeded to run me over stopping at a curb. Thankfully it only ran over my legs and I was relatively unharmed except for some scratches. I then got up. Someone yelled for my mom and I was rushed to the hospital. They checked me out and I think were surprised that I wasn't more injured. I know it's not paranormal but it is pretty strange.

Fourth is a bit coincidental but when the WTC attacks happened I was in 8th grade in math class and their was a picture of the twin towers in the book near our lesson.

The last two stories are from my family.

At my mom and dad's old apartment they used to hear scratching noises in the closet. One day my mom swears she seen some type of paw in the window. Another time at night when she was sleeping she got a phone call and got up to answer it. Just as she did a big black spider crawled across her pillow.

My cousin who I talked about in North Dakota lived on on an Indian reservation as I am also part Native. They lived and a trailer and it was pretty remote. Neighbors were pretty well spaced. They witnessed a vehicle pull up by there house. In it were a man and a boy. The man let the boy out and he ran down a hill into the woods.

I think my father has some strange events that happened to him at an old house but I've never pried much into it. I think it involved seeing a mist at the top of the stairs and hearing chains dragging.

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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by SK3P7IK

My sister reminded me that night I had that bad feeling my mom also ran out of gas. I guess bad things come in threes.

I also remember when I was pretty young in grade school I found a hole in the bottom of my foot near my toes. It was maybe a quarter inch in diameter and less than a half inch deep. I had no idea what caused it and it didn't bleed or hurt. My mother took me to the doctor and they didn't know what it was either but since it did not cause me any pain or problems they sent me home. It eventually went away on it's own.

posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 03:40 PM
Sorry for the triple post but I just remembered one other strange event. One April Fool's day me and sister decided to play a trick on my mom. We were going to put marshmallows in her shoes. These were the regular sized one that you roast at a campfire. Well we ended up doing it as a pretty harmless gag. Anyway the weird part was my sister ended up finding the miniature marshmallows in her shoes too. We didn't even happen to have any of those at our house.
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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by supermarket2012

Hi,please do share your other stories when you have the time,I found this first story of yours creepy and fascinating,so I'd love to hear the others+i'm sure other members would also like to read more of your experiences.I grew up in a haunted house,and in the 2nd house we moved into when I was 15/16,we also had strange things happen.That was where I had the experience with the shadowperson by my bed,which I posted about on the previous page.My mother and brother was unnerved by something that happened to them there-at this stage of my life,I was was often out with friends,seldom home,but they told me on some occasions,at different times of the day when they both happened to be home,they would hear people talking in the house,like relatives would if they came over for a visit,walk through the back(kitchen)door chatting loudly.When they went to greet the visitors they had heard entering the house,there would be no-one.This really freaked them both out,it happened quite a few times,apparently.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 02:04 PM
My parent's home, which was my childhood home, was built in the 1940's as a church. It was turned into a home in the late 60's early 70's and they purchased it in the summer of 1984. My childhood bedroom has sconces on the wall that are spaced perfectly for a coffin to be in between them.
Well minor stuff happens all the time in the house, the first thing that I remember was around Christmas of 85 or 86, I was sitting on the steps going to the lower level with my cousin, at the bottom of those steps is a door that leads to the basement, as we were sitting on the steps there was 3 loud knocks on the door to the basement. Everyone that was at the house was in the family room and wouldn't believe either one of us.
Jump ahead to summer of 94 and there was a lot of my mom's family in town for my sister's HS graduation and some were staying with us. We never tell anyone staying with us for the first time of any of the goings on. One of my mom's cousin's got out of the shower and came out of the bathroom and saw a woman blond woman in a dress standing in the hallway, he thought nothing of it and came outside and asked who the blond woman was, so we told him about the house.
In the winter of the same year my family went on vacation and left a couple of my friends to watch the house and take care of the dogs. The first night they stayed at the house and heard loud noises coming from the basement and started to head down there with a bats thinking it was an intruder but could find nothing, but the noises continued most of the night, they did not stay overnight ever again.
Jump to summer of 97 for my HS graduation and family was in town staying with us and one of my cousin's also saw the blond woman in a dress in the hallway outside the bathroom
Jump to fall of 2000, I was home from college watching the dogs so my parents could go on vacation. I was sitting in my bedroom with the door shut and the door just flew open, I just sat there and said, Haha that's funny quit messing with me and the door slammed shut on its own.
Since then nothing has really ever happened to me in the house, I haven't lived there since the summer of 2003, but others have experienced stuff along the same lines. My mother has refused since the day we moved into the house to go down in the basement and to my knowledge she never has.
Nothing bad has ever happened to anyone. So the ghosts in my parent's house mainly just like to have fun and screw with people.

Oh and whenever my friends were over and we busted out the Ouija Board strange things would happen. Like lights flickering on then back off again, stuff like that.
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posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 11:40 AM
So yeah- this isn't something I've talked about with anyone really. But hey, internet anonymity. This story took place around 1998-1999.

I spent a significant portion of my life extremely unstable due to undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder. When I was 18, I was offered the chance to go live with some friends in Detroit. What I did not realize was that they lived in a really bad part of Detroit. Normally when I say that, the listener jokes and says "oh you mean Detroit?!" No. I mean on the border territory of two rival gangs, directly across the street from a crack-den, you're lucky if an ambulance shows up within an hour, and cops don't come in the area unless there's at least two different cruisers "bad part of Detroit".

At the time I was very suicidal, doing drugs on a nearly constant basis, and just screaming through insanity with the pedal to the floor. One of the reasons that Detroit is such a crap-hole is that for a long time they weren't doing anything with the buildings that were burnt out during the riots in the 70's. The crack-den that I lived across the street from was a 10+ story, half-burned out apartment tower.

Almost all of the boards had been torn off the windows and doors on the first floor, particularly on this side where there was an alleyway. People on the block used to hang out in that alleyway a lot because it was a readily accessible area, right next to the building, and there was a 9 foot concrete wall topped with barbed wire that partitioned off the "Michigan Works" (or whatever it was called) place. So if the cops rolled through, people would throw their illegal items/substances over the wall and throw a few blankets over the wire and climb over to get it back.

So we're hanging out in the alley one day, heard some gunshots from inside the building, and this dude comes running, screaming out of the building. That sort of thing isn't exactly an uncommon occurrence in the ghetto. What was strange to me was that he was wearing gang colors. Running is pretty okay and expected. Screaming like a child on the other hand, is the kind of thing that will get you put into a hospital by your "friends".

So I asked the guy that was sort of next to me what was up with him? He said (paraphrasing), "Oh he probably went in the basement. Ain't nobody goes in there. It's terrifying."

Now of course, me being an idiotic, mentally unstable kid of 18 at the time; I say "that's BS. How can no one go down there because they're a little afraid of the dark?" So after some debating, I decide I'm going to go in this basement to see what's up. I say "I'm taking a flashlight cause I don't want my head split open by a crackhead." He laughs and replies "It ain't gonna matter." Which I didn't understand at the time.

Bear in mind that as I continue this- I was stone sober, had been for a few days. I was not mentally unbalanced; because none of the things I'm about to talk about have ever occurred before or after. I know a lot of people would say "Oh you were delusional or that was the Disorder". But it wasn't. I know my Disorder.

I take the flashlight and head into the building with this dude who shows me where this basement door is. Completely dilapidated building but the basement was still in fair shape. I go down the stairs, sweep once with the flashlight and see no one and nothing out of the ordinary. I head maybe halfway in and the flashlight completely dies. I'm hit with blasts of hot and cold air on either side, in a sealed basement that was not quite uncomfortably warm when I first went in.

I was hit by this wave of emotions and I rooted in place. This fear and despair just washed over me. I've never experienced anything like it in my life. It was like feeling the emotions of 100 people. It was so primal and raw. I turned to my left and saw a pair of golden eyes staring at me from the darkness. I felt a hand on my shoulder and three pointed tips and a thumb grabbed it. At the same time, I heard a gravelly voice say loudly, clearly in my ear; "We've been waiting for you". I saw flashing pictures in my mind of me doing violence and being passed out with a pipe in my hand, in the building.

I didn't scream, but I ran. I did a 180 and was out of the building in about 3 seconds. That night I called my family and asked to come home. I stopped doing harder stuff but I didn't get all the help that I needed until much later.

I've come to believe that the building was infested demons, dark entities, and the spirits of people that had died in that area. I couldn't tell until I left, but that entire neighborhood had this oppressive, dark feeling to it. I think it attracted those entities and they feed off the energy.

In a way, I wanted to go back there since my mind and life is right; but HUD leveled that area and built new low-income housing. Funnily enough, they didn't tear the alley out. It's still there. My old front porch used to look straight down it.

Feels good to get that out after all these years.

posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 07:08 PM
There are a few weird things that have happened to me but this was the earliest.

Can't remember how old I was but it was somewhere between 5 and 8 given the location of where it took place.
We lived in a basement apartment of a house and my grandmother who owned the house lived upstairs. It was around Chirstmas and I was in the livingroom watching a special on tv when I decided for some reason I needed a stuffed toy to watch with. Upon getting to the doorway of my room I froze. There walking around and looking at things(it kind of seemed they were looking for something. At least that was the feeling I got) were three black robbed hooded beings. I can't remember if they noticed me or not but I ran out into the kitchen screaming to my mother that there were three weird scary things in my room. These things(shadow people mayne?) had no visible face and it was all black inside the hood thing. Not overly tall from what I remember, kind of average height.

That house and my room especially scared the crap outta me. Many other things happened there though some may have been the product of an overactive imagination.

The earliest dream I can remember was running through an old castle. It belonged to a vampire apparently, and I was running away from him. At the exit there was a little alcove that was shaded and he was hiding in it. When I ran past it he jumped out and I woke up

posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 03:01 PM
When I was about nine or ten years old, around the fifth grade, I saw something that is very hard to explain. I've searched online to see if there are any other stories like mine but have never run across any. The only term that I get is a "negative after image." Here goes...
I had fallen asleep on night at the usual nine or so because it was a school night. I usually would fall asleep with a small night-light plugged in by my bed or the T.V on with the volume low. After I would fall asleep, and before my parents would go to sleep, one of them would come in and turn off the night-light or the T.V. At some point in the night, after my light source had already been turned off, I woke up facing the wall. I waited for a few seconds wondering why I had woken up and was about to close my eyes again and remembered, or had more of a feeling, it was because I had heard a voice. That meant it is time to get up! I waited for a few more seconds and didn't hear anything else so I started to get comfortable again and that included rolling over.
After I rolled over I came face to face with something that I had never seen before then or have since. It was a face and a claw-like hand. The face was so scary looking that I couldn't look away or even move. I was jagged and bony and had something similar to horns and spikes on it. The teeth were also sharp and the mouth was half open. It looked frozen and never moved but the hand was definitely in a reaching motion towards me.( I mentioned the size of my bed earlier because there wasn't much of a space between the middle of the bed and the edge.) The image of what I saw is the most hard to describe. It was like I had stared at something very bright like the sun or a light bulb for several seconds and then looked away. The only thing that was left was a "impression" or some kind of after effect was burned into the air there. Although, it never moved like when you blink and the image follows where you look.
I didn't know what to do. I was to scared to get off of the bed and to the door. I would have to pass this thing! I finally got up the courage to cover my face and slowly scoot further back towards the wall. I uncovered my face once more and it was still there so I covered it again and didn't move. I could feel myself calming down and getting sleepy after a while and and eventually fell asleep. In the morning my parents swore to me that I was dreaming.
There were several weird experiences around these times including sleep paralysis, hearing music and other weird things. Also, my bed shook once. I even heard something coming down the stairs and mad a noise like a cows moo and the next morning a family member had passed away. I always wondered if that had anything to do with that. That face that I saw was BY FAR the strangest.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 02:45 AM
Yeah, Adnama, I had something like that when I was 11 or 12. I was heading off to sleep when I heard this breathy voice whispering low in some other language at the foot of my bed in the pitch dark. I jolted wide awake and all my senses went to high alert. I froze there listening. I thought about getting up or turning on the light but didn't really want to. I was too creeped out. After several minutes I decided it must be because I was drifting off to sleep (I was a sharp kid so I don't second guess what happened next). I began to relax and just started to feel sleepy again when the voice started up whispering in that strange language and THEN IT SAID MY NAME in amongst the gibberish! Like an incantation. Oh I could say some explicatives now but I was scared, boy, I slowly pulled the blankets up over my head. I mean it my blood ran cold I was so scared. I couldn't look out the covers, couldn't get up and find my mother because that thing, whatever it was, was between me and the door.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by mrwupy

I have only read to the second page so far, but MrWupy I had a similar experience driving home one night here in Washington state. I agree I don't care who believes it just had to comment because your account could almost overlay my own if the two were compared. I figure I am sort of obligated to tell people whether they believe it or not it is information you need to have in the woods.

I debated telling anyone but finally blurted it out to my wife who thankfully believes me. Same circumstances, driving home late, only car in sight at the time and brights on. He walked across the road from left to right looking very much like the Patterson film and it was HUGE even for sasquatch dimensions.

Hate to admit it but I ain't been out in the woods since. Trying to get back to that confident mindset I had before lol but I think I will be in a group of people if I ever go camping out there again and even then it would be hard to do for me still at this point. Just had to reply as our sighting was so similar.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 03:47 AM
When I was a kid(14 years old),I saw something scary. It was summer,and me and a friend stayed outside,in front of his house talking about a movie(the time was 12 am). A few houses away there was a small park,that had some bushes in front of it.
While we were talking,we saw someone very tall,dressed in black,with a big hat on his head. He was coming from the park,and stopped in front of the bushes,and reached something in the bushes with his hand.
My friend thought it was a homeless guy,so he screamed at him:
"what are you doing there? go away before I call my dad!" After my friend said that,the tall guy turned to us,and we couldn't see his was all black(we thought it was because of his hat,but the street light there is bright,so it shouldn't have been like that).
He remained like that,motionless for a few seconds,and started to walk towards us. But he was walking very bending over every time he made a step,and his head kept moving slowly from left to right like he was nodding,and the sound of him walking was of a horse...when he reached another street light(a house away from us,very close),we could see that his face was really dark,no eyes,nothing,and his hands looked like they were of a corpse,he started to make a noise that I never heard before,almost like a mad dog...
We run inside of the friend's house and looked outside from the window,and we could see that thing was there staring at us. He stayed like that a few minutes until my friend called his dad,and he opened the door and screamed at that thing to leave,and it did. It was walking slowly back to the park.
My dad's friend said that he thinks it was a cripple man,that's why he was walking like that and we couldn't see his face,because he was a black man or a gipsy. But he didn't saw what we saw,and didn't hear the horse feet,because that thing walked away on dirt,not on the sidewalk(there were some flowers planted in a small garden in front of the house,without a fence)...and didn't believe us when we told him.
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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 02:47 AM
Ok... this happened this evening. I took my niece out for dinner to a lodge at a state park. She is 7 years old. Anyway there are four other tables being used... and the entry room is dimly lit. My niece and I talked about normal stuff when I got this strange feeling that somebody was watching us from the entry room. I guess I stopped watching my niece and let my eyes drift toward the entry because after looking in there for about five seconds my niece was turned around and looking in that same room. Then she says "you can feel it watching us too?" I told her I could. She said she thinks it watches over her. There was nobody in that room. My niece then started telling me about a dark figure that she sometimes sees at her house. She says it is dark and has horns. I asked about the eyes... she says it has no eyes. She says it stands in the corner in her bedroom and doesnt move... but if she sleeps in her parents room it comes toward her. She said that is when she holds her mom tight!
I talked to my sister (her mom) about this... how I thought it was neat that she felt somebody watching us at the same time I did. I also shared her story about the shadow in the house... my sister says she has seen the shadow since she was three... and the scarey thing about it is that in four years and her growing up... no details about this figure have ever changed... it is always the same.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by adnama321

Demon. They're hella ugly . They lie in bed next to us at night ,ans sometimes talk or whisper right in your ear.
Usually happens when we are young and they are trying to see if they can use us .
I used to get the whispering right in my ear a lot. They say your name .
When I was about 15 ,I started seeing them . The red eyes . One night ,I was lying in bed ,and something made me open my eyes ,and up in the corner of the ceiling ,opposite from where I was,were two red eyes in the dark ,staring at me.
I sat up ,and they came at me .
I actually put ky arms up over my head in a cross shape ,and I cursed at it .I yelled ,F*** YOU ,YOU A***OLE ,and the eyes backed up ,and vanished .

It never bothered me that way again ,and I learned how to keep them out of the house .
I can still see them ,but never in my house anymore .
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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 03:01 PM
I was in bed one night(same house as before) and felt something touch my leg, thought it was the blanket( you know how air or something get trapped under it and it falls down after a bit) thought nothing of it and went to sleep. It started happening more frequently, not every night but a few times a week, and one nihgt after feeling it multiple times in a row I looked to see what it was. Bad idea. There was a hand coming from between my bed and the wall(the bed was flush against the wall) that was tapping me. Never saw it since but am still afraid to sleep with my feet over the edge years and a few moves later. Hoping it was some kind of sleep paralysis thing.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 04:45 PM
This is something my mom experienced a long time ago.

Several years before I was born in 1967, my grandma passed away in Baghdad, Iraq. My mom used to visit her gravesite every week, bring her flowers, wash the surroundings (since the grave had its own fence encasing), talk to her, etc. After about a year my mom became super busy with 4 kids and a job, and stopped visiting her mom's grave. One night she dreamt that my grandma came to her and was disappointed that she stopped visiting her gravesite. She told my mom that she has the time to clean all around her house and stairs, but can't find the time to clean her home (meaning the gravesite)? Since we were really poor at the time my grandma told my mom that if she didn't have any money she'd leave her 300 fils (equivalent to $1 at the time) at the front gate next to our old apartment.

My mom woke up the next morning and went about her business thinking she just had a weird dream. My dad left for work that morning, but came back a few minutes later with 300 fils (three 100 fil coins) in his hand and told my mom that he found them in front of the gate. My mom turned yellow and quickly grabbed the money from my dad and told him what had happened. She then went straight to her mom's grave and used up the money to bring flowers and clean the place (I guess things were really cheap back then). Apparently the grandma had also visited one of her other daughters in a dream, but was harsher in her tone since that daughter was well off. She had told her to burn that expensive blanket she sleeps under and use at as ash at the gravesite.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 04:22 AM
I can think of several strange things I could recount, and some ended up having unexpected religious import, though occurred at times of my life wherein religion played little to no immediate conscious role, which in itself, is intriguing, but regarding the strictly traditional supernatural element, I spent much of my youth in a rural region, and often in houses of great age and obscured history. Two of them I recall as being veritable hotbeds of uncanny activity that righteously freaked my family and I out, and we lived in one of these historic homes immediately before moving to the other, though I do not think whatever caused the events in the one home, followed us to the next, and the geographical regions were also distinct, but not too distant.

So, the first one. It was a stately farmhouse built on a field along a highway; stately and farmhouse seem incongruent terms, though this place was not so rustic, but also not entirely elegant. It eerily had all of the original doors and door fixtures (latches, not handles, even on exterior doors, but in that case, with modern locks and bolts added--those latches that lift and tightly fit or rest or drop into/onto a hook that juts out of the door frame--not at all secure, and somewhat of a bitch to actually open and close). When my brother and I would go to school, my stepfather to work, and my mother would often remain at home through the day, we would return to her reports of these latches moving on their own (again, really frustrating to open, though not secure, they often stick in their rest/latch, and the place was really drafty and had coldspots we soon identified as being the freaky coldspot sort associated with hauntings). My mom was really freaked out, but chocked it up to just a draft pushing an otherwise insecurely latched latch open and pushing that door open, whichever one it might be that day.

She said one day, though, the basement door (our basement in this creepy farmhouse, quite in the middle-of-nowhere, save for its lone stretch of highway linking us to civilization--even to get to school, my step-dad had to drive us to the nearest schoolbus stop, and even so, long before it would even arrive, to make it feasible--the area was that remote; the basement was a full story/you could stand up and walk around, but had a dirt/rock floor, and three-foot thick, solid stone walls, with no mortar, just the original fieldstones piled for about 250 years on their ends to serve as the home's foundation; naturally, it had some leaks, some critters, and an overall nasty, negative atmosphere and ambience--we all detested ever having to venture down their. Its stairs were entered from the kitchen, where my mother would often be during the day when we were away. She called my step-dad hysterical, claiming the latched (and blocked) basement door, flew open as she was cooking that afternoon, and knocked-over the heavy garbage can we always kept in front of it (a mix of practical use of limited space, and our mutual though unspoken fear of this damned door).

That summer (we had lived there a few years, but the summer following my mother witnessing this aggressively-opening door, from which emitted an inexplicable gush of wind from the otherwise stagnant basement--it had no windows, and was entirely subterranean, with its bare stone walls and dirt floor), I was in my bed in my room upstairs, reading in the early evening, just around sunset. I had been recovering from a cold, but entirely lucid, and not light-headed or delirious, when, out of the corner of my ear, a fully-visible, glowing, transparent woman in a late-19th Century, early 20th Century nightgown, seemingly, glided into my room (my door was open, viewing onto the hall adjacent, which connected to the stairs above those leading to our haunted cellar), and she did no look at me or interact. It was like a retrocognitive haunting, a sort of replaying of an embedded event or memory the house had. She glided over to my dresser, placed her hands on it, then vanished, as if it were her room and she were prepping for bed.

The other major incident at this farmhouse (which, we came to learn from its owners next door from whom we were renting, the husband of which was in his 80s and had grown-up in our haunted house, told us several dozen horse corpses were all over the property from its former use as an active farm--it also had a huge, very creepy barn out back, that always made me so ill-at-ease I would stop breathing out of fear being in it), was when I moved away for a year to live with my father in a distant region of the country, the other side of the country, essentially. My mother reported that the night I left, all photos of me, and only me, hanging in the living room on the walls, simultaneously crashed to the floor, and smashed, in front of her, my brother, and my step-dad, with no apparent cause or force. It majorly startled them, of course. She told me no matter how many times she would re-frame and re-hand my pictures, they would smash down, if she was in the room to witness it, or immediately after when she came in, hearing the crash--and only portraits of me. She eventually just let them remain on the floor, propped against the walls from which they fell so violently.

We also found odd, rusted, broken farming equipment, including a scythe, and large iron spikes and nails, rising to the muddy surface during rainstorms in our yard/adjacent fields. The large property also had a private forest/park out back, beyond the eerie barn--replete with a creepy "camp" containing decades-old items covered in cobwebs, and a land bridge that always gave me the worst feeling in my stomach and chest as I walked it.

The house to which we moved after this farmhouse, was a more rustic farmhouse in a nearby rural region, and one becoming more developed and with increased infrastructure. Our "new" house was immediately between every off-/on-ramp onto the new highway, and had little property left. The house had an overgrown footpath that extended to nearby, dilapidated warehouses near abandoned railway tracks, and various, non-descript sheds in our small yard. The house had a large front porch that went the width of the dilapidated facade, and we never used it, nor the front door to enter--we used the side/back porch, only.

One evening, as I sat at the dinner table, finishing my meal as my mother, brother, and step-father had just finished theirs, the sun was still out, it being summer, I could see across the large room, through the adjacent window onto the front porch facing me, near the steps on its side leading to our small yard, the tall, black-clad figure of a man in a wide-brimmed black hat march heavily onto the porch from the yard. He looked into the window right at me, but all I saw was his silhouette against the nearing sunset. His heavy footsteps plodded to our unused front door along the creaking boards of the unused front porch. He stopped in front of it, and banged loudly, three distinct times. My mom ran downstairs, as we were not expecting anyone, and all of our friends and relatives knew not to use the front door, since we used the side door always. Then, the man just disappeared--no complementary heavy boot-steps to signal his departure, no one on the porch as we inspected it, and the porch was covered in cobwebs when we went outside to check--cobwebs which this shadowy figure would have had to have passed through or brushed aside to walk onto and across the porch.

Moments later, once back inside, we heard a deafening boom shake the entire house, and what sounded like six or seven different, disembodied people, march loudly on our upstairs floor above us--we were beneath, in the kitchen, shocked, and startled. My step-dad went upstairs to investigate all of the ruckus, and no one, no animals, no vermin, no drafts or winds, no source of the stomping and several uninvited people could be seen or felt any longer that same evening. Needless to say, my brother and I were terrified having to go upstairs to sleep in our rooms that night after the paranormal events. My step-dad later told me this farmhouse was built on-top of an abandoned well or cistern in its cellar, and when he showed me, it was peculiarly boarded-up, bolted-down, and chained-up, in the middle of the basement floor.

These are the most intense country living tales I can impart, but it seems each historic home in which we lived, however long or briefly, always had some presence or several. I have noticed, especially in the tradition of ghost lore, whether real or imagined, that history ties spirits to places and things, but why not recently-deceased entities? Does this imply there is some "turnaround time" before a spirit, exiting its worldly body, can roam the other realm? And why do spirits attached to very old structures seem to linger, but not spirits of persons who died--naturally or violently--in more modern structures seem to ever linger there? Have you any thoughts?

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 06:25 AM
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I have had odd experiences throughout my life. I knew when my grandfather died because I heard my name being called. I found out the next morning that he shot himself. Since then o know when someone dies, they either visit me or I hear name.

I have seen what looked like a red reptilian appearing in my room one night. He was wearing a cloak and he just appeared flicked his tongue at me and then disappeared. I was with my husband at the the, my husband did not see it.

There is more I am too tired to remember.

posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 12:45 AM
I think I'll go ahead and stop by here to add a few more stories from 2014 to the thread! I'd love to see this thread keep growing.

1st experience - this one was not strange but interesting none the less and very life changing.

This took place in Colorado over 7 years ago. I was only 16 years old and a sophmore in high school. Up until high school, I had been a 'good two shoes' type of kid. I had straight A's all the way through 9th grade, I had friends and we partook in typical kids stuff like playing outside but never anything nefarious. Needless to say once I hit high school I hit it hard. I got a new group of friends - and soon I was experimenting with alcohol, sex, drugs, and the like - as high schoolers do these days. Anyways - at this time in my life I was not addicted to any one substance but I was pretty much down to try anything if you know what I mean (save meth, heroin, I never was a complete moron).

So one night I sneak out of my house and meet up with 3 guy friends of mine. I call up an ex-girlfriend now friend of mine and ask if we can all come over - as she is having a sleepover with some girls from our class. Anyways, we get the green light so we do what young guys do when we think we've got a chance and we set out into the night to meet the girls.

About halfway there - we are passing my friend Andre's apartment complex. He says to stop so he can go inside and grab something quick. He sneaks into his house (as we are young and it is late) and comes out later with a baggy of you guessed it - drugs. Anyways, these were not the good kind of drugs. These were the pharmaceutical real killer type narcotic drugs - Oxycontin tablets. Strong ones at that. For those who do not know - Oxycontin is a very powerful opiate narcotic similar to Vicodin but much stronger. Basically this drug blocks pain and shuts down the respiratory system.

Anyways, Andre told myself and the rest of us these were Vicodin's (who hasn't had a few of those?) and so if we each took a few we'd be feeling pretty great. We agreed but held off until we got to the girl's house. Once there, we all went out back and got onto this massive trampoline where we gathered blankets and such so we could all just hang out up there, look at the stars, and talk. By this time my friends and I have taken a few of the pills. Myself I have taken 1 and I have very stupidly snorted (yes I know, stupidity) another 1. The girls had a bottle of vodka with them. I took probably two maybe three shots of the alcohol MAX my point was it was not a lot.

You should see where this is leading; when one combines two depressant drugs in the body, it has an interaction whereby the effects of each drug are individually increased by a lot and the result is a very powerful suppression of the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Long story short - I died that June night (almost 7 years ago to the day.) I went through a long period of 'nodding off.' You know, when you are so tired and your head is just bobbling and you catch yourself awake but no matter how hard you try you cannot break out of the spell for awhile? It usually happens in class....

Anyways, I went through this for a while and my friends kept waking me up when they noticed I was dozing. There was 8 of us in total so much conversation was going on without me and everyone was not focused on me suffice it to say. Soon i fell asleep for good. I remember nothing of -physically dying itself, I remember feeling very euphoric and falling asleep listening to my friends voices.

The next thing I remember is an incredible feeling of warmth - and the night sky. This sounds cheesy so be prepared but I swear this is exactly how my NDE went as cliche as it sounds. At first I could see nothing but the sky; so i looked around, when i did so I realized my viewpoint was not coming from my body. That's how peaceful it was, I thought I was just waking up again after having drifted asleep at first. I very quickly realized I was looking down on the backyard, the trampoline, my friends, and my own body from maybe 25 feet above. I saw no manifestation of myself - by this I mean I couldn't see my spirit arms or anything floating around up there. All i know is I had consciousness, my consciousness, my thoughts and emotions and everything from my current physical life and I had vision not in the form of eyesight.

The sense of warmth and true euphoria was incredible. I will never be able to explain how at peace and just how right I felt. Even seeing my body below, did not worry me. My consciousness (or whatever you want to call it) continued to drift upwards into the sky not quickly but surely. I saw no light or heaven or anything like that in the sky when I looked above only darkness and stars.

Anyways, at this point I have realized what is going on and I am focusing on the events unfolding below me. I see my friend T giving me mouth to mouth on the ground (he did not have CPR training) and slapping my face. My friends had moved me off of the trampoline so as to have a solid surface beneath me during the mouth to mouth bit. I see my ex girlfriend completely hysterical in tears being held by two of her friends. I see my ex girlfriends mom outside as well - I can clearly see hear speaking on a phone.

During this time where I was OOB, I could hear no sound. I felt extreme warmth and Euphoria, I could see things with immense detail and i BELIEVE that I was seeing time slowed down as everything just seemed way to slow to be natural.

Soon I see the flashing lights of an ambulance, shortly thereafter a stretcher followed by several paramedics comes into the backyard through the gate. They put the board down on the ground and immediately load my body onto it. MY BODY! My body looked so strange - it looked like me, and yet it looked foreign and grotesque at the same time, it LOOKED like a body with nothing within ( soul, consciousness, what have you) not to mention extremely pail. The expression on my face was one of sleep no expression really.

Anyways, I watch the paramedics attempt to revive my body on the stretcher for several minutes unsuccessfully. At this point they load my body into the ambulance and they drive away. *I do not know at which point my heart began beating again, but it happened before my consciousness was returned to my body. As I understand it from asking my parents, the medics got a tiny pulse from me right after loading me into the ambulance and I had a weak pulse going after that but I was not there mentally yet.

I have left out many details mind you, while the medics were in the backyard my friend Andre fessed up that he had given us Oxycontin pills and the other friends told the medics we had been drinking as well - so the medics knew what to give me.

Back to my consciousness; I had no control over movement. I could move my sight and see anywhere I looked but I seemed to be constantly drifting upwards and I was unable to get my consciousness to follow my body over to above the ambulance and down the road. I watched the ambulance drive away and once it was pulled away I looked again to the stars. Again - I got another rush of extreme warmth and euphoria which was absolutely incredible. I felt no fear - nothing, I actually was attempting to propel myself higher and faster. At this point I heard a voice, it was my ex-girlfriends voice strangely enough. She was screaming out my

posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 12:57 AM
a reply to: lightedhype

name and crying. She was pleading - saying how sorry she was for everything that happened and she spoke of how she needed me to survive. I remember every word that I heard in her voice.

Suddenly it became clear to me, to my consciousness, I HAD A CHOICE. Seriously I do not know where it came from or how but suddenly I just KNEW that right then and there I had a choice to return to life or to continue onward in my soul's journey. I began contemplating - thinking of all the things in my life while also thinking of the hardships and trying to ignore the euphoria begging me to continue upwards.

This is the strangest thing about my NDE. I never actually got to decide. As I am ascending higher into the sky, I am contemplating whether I want to return to my body or not - I have yet to come to a decision when BOOM just like that I snap back into my body. I felt my consciousness physically rush downwards and to the West where the ambulance headed. I could see the trees and the roof of the ambulance very briefly ( I was moving very fast ) and just like that I was back in my body.

Suddenly I sat up in the ambulance and I remember to this day I just SCREAMED. I mean I let out the most exhilarating yell of my entire life. Soon this yell of exhilaration became one of pain as I realized every single nerve in my body felt as if it were on fire - literally. Later I found out this was the effect of Nalaxone. Nalaxone is what they shoot people up with who OD on opiates - basically it is a reverse opiate so in simple terms it does the opposite of block pain and pretty much makes all of your pain receptors immediately go ablaze as it counters the effects.

They had to shoot me up 3 more times with that god awful stuff to keep me awake. Soon after that I began tripping from all the drugs - this is also why i know my NDE was real. When I was tripping, I thought the ambulance was a rocket ship and stuff like that. When I had my NDE there was no fantasy only the reality of what was happening i.e. my soul was leaving my dying body. Anyways, it took me about a month to recover. I haven't touched substances since except an occasional drink or joint.

Overall I am glad for the experience as it made me a stronger person overall. Also, I can now tell people I do not fear death as I know for a fact there is nothing to fear and we do indeed continue on in some form. And hey, how many people can say that with personal proof? And that is the only proof that matters in these types of things...

It is much too late to recount my other stories right now.

But I promise to return with my other experiences! There are much more 'supernatural' in nature and more in tune with this thread I just had to get that last story off my chest!

ETA: During my NDE, the words I heard spoken in my ex girlfriends voice; well i told her about this after the fact and it turns out she was pretty much screaming the EXACT WORDS that I heard but she was just screaming them out into the night as they had already taken my body in the ambulance.
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posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 01:04 AM
I've had an overwhelming amount of strange experiences but this is one that always sticks out...

About two years ago while staying at my boyfriends I was jolted awake from a sound sleep for seemingly no reason. A few minutes later the faint sound of a siren sounded in the distance which was common since I lived close to a firehouse but for some reason I couldn't stop focusing on it. I started to believe the sound was coming from the direction of my house and was plagued by that feeling for so long that I got out of bed and drove to my house to check.

On the way over I started to question why a siren would even sound for that long...then started to wonder if I was only just imagining it at that point. When I arrived at my house there was no fire truck or disturbance on the outside but when I went into my room I found a candle had been left lit and had melted all the way down and flames had just begun to spread to the fabric on my shelf.

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