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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by Sonya610

How can I contact him, does he have an E-mail?

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 10:32 PM
See if you can join that forum and send him an im or post to that thread.

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 10:45 PM
When I was in 7th grade a bunch of us got together to play with a Quija board. We were talking to someone and we asked all kinds of questions, and then we asked how they had died. They told us and said not to tell, we asked what would happen if we told, and they spelled out "fire". Years later I told my boyfriend about the story. When we woke up the next morning our laundry room was on fire. The dryer hose caught fire. My boyfriend told me "Never, ever tell that story again" and it took me a second to realize what he meant.
I also asked the board in High School if my best friend was really my best friend, and it said No. I found out the next day that her and a boyfriend of mine at the time were having a fling.
I did a pendulum when I was pregnant, and asked if it was a girl, and it swung in the yes circle. I had a girl.
I knew I had only three wisdom teeth before the dentist took his x-rays.
Those are probably the most interesting ones.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:53 AM
There have been several weird things happen to me over the years but they are more (in my mind) coincidental or right place, right time incidents as it were.

But the two most recent ones that I have yet to get any sort of understanding on are as follows:

Last Summer I was spending an extended amount of time at my Mum and Step Dad's house in preparation of looking after it on my own for a fortnight (it is an extensive house that requires several people to look after it and the animals). I was there for a month (two weeks before they went on holiday and two weeks while they were on holiday). On the second week of being there my Mobile phone (only a year old) began acting erratically. It would drain the battery several times in one day (when before it could be left on for 3 weeks before it used all power), if I turned it off it would turn back on and so forth.

No one else's phones suffered this only mine, because the phone wouldn't stay turned off (or on) and due to its increased power consumption I had to keep it attached to the charger. The phone would still (although less frequently) run out of power even while hooked to the mains electric supply.
This went on for the remainder of my time at my Mum and Step Dad's house.

Eventually I went back home and the problem with the phone continued for one week more then inexplicably the phone went back to normal and as never acted up since. I have changed nothing with the phone and not replaced anything on it as I was too poor to do so back then (the fact it was messing up had caused concern to me as I needed the phone and couldn't afford to buy a new one). The phone is still as I bought original everything I have yet to see a return of any of those problems. When my phone stopped being so erratic I phoned my provider to ask if they could explain the issue and they couldn't.

One year down the line and the phone is perfectly fine, but a few months later my MP3 player had began to suffer similar instances of increased power consumption and refusing to stay on or off (fortunately the "hold/button lock" switch seems to stop the on or off issue). In the last two months my MP3 as started to return to normal aside from the occasional on/off issue and the periodic occasion were I will click a feature and the device will click it off which clears up after a few rounds of button pushing.

With that phone I have also received a phone call in which the only sound that could be heard was a steady dripping of what I presume to be water which was pretty weird.

The other event happened about 2 months ago, I had replaced the inner tube on my bike earlier that day and had cycled to a local landmark in the early morning for training purposes and were on my way back home. As I was cycling down a inner city road I had to pass some cars that were blocking the cycle lane so I stood up and started to power cycle around them. The next thing I know both of my feet are firmly on the ground (I didn't even know they had left the peddles) as If I was standing still and then bam, the front of my bike collided with me from behind.

I stood there looking at my bike which was now just laying in the middle of the road and thought what the hell?. Until I noticed a car headed my way a little ways down the road and decided to just head home incase the next time I wasn't so lucky.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:44 AM
The strangest thing I have ever experienced is living in a society that has cameras installed everywhere by leaders who obviously do not love or care for any of us.

Other things that I have experienced such as a few UFO sightings and even a "ghost" at least have an explanation to believe in.

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 05:42 PM
Great thread. My favorite thread to date. S&F

Since I have enjoyed everyones contribution, I suppose I should share one. I have many but will give you one for now.

When I was about 12, I went to a baton twirling camp at Louisiana Tech University, a 2 week camp. We stayed in the dormitory. A bunch of teens and pre-teens all girls. I was having a great time. Anyway one morning about 8 of us woke up in different rooms than we had gone to sleep in.
I was in the bed with a girl down the hall on the other side and it wasn't just me. I do not sleep walk and I think I would have noticed if someone pick me up and moved me. We had been playing that levitation game, "light as a feather". So I suppose there could be an explanation but it always struck me as odd.

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 06:56 PM
I guess since I didn't post my experiences in the other thread I will do so here.

I will only mention 2 of them though.

The first (and the one that still sends shivers up my spine) happened I guess....15 years ago. I had stayed home from school that day because I had woken up that morning with a really bad headache, and stomach pains. I was also very dizzy and could barely walk. I was upstairs in my room, while my mom was downstairs in the living room watching something on tv. I was looking outside the window and the next thing I know I'm on my bed. I get off my bed and go to the bathroom to look in the mirror. There were two doors to the bathroom, one to the left that connected to another bedroom, and the one I had entered that was attached to the hallway. I turned on the faucet to wash my face, hoping I would feel better.

What happened next still haunts me and I get the shakes typing it out.

The door to the bedroom on my left opens, and the room is dark grey (it was the middle of the day) on the other side of the door. And then a tall dark figure (I say figure because it was like a shadow, that's ALL) reached out and grabbed me and was trying to pull me into the room. It reached around my neck and was pulling at me. I fought back, screaming and telling whatever it was to let me go. The VERY next thing I know, I'm on my bed sweaty and screaming. I could still feel that feeling that something was around my neck though. I immediately ran downstairs, screaming to my mom that someone was in the house. She of course looked at me like I was crazy! I kept repeating it and saying that she should call the police. I then went over to the door and bent over and threw up. I then passed out, but when I had awaken I felt completely better. I was no longer dizzy or anything. But I was still wary of going upstairs, and had no idea what I had experienced earlier.

My second story, is set xmas eve a few years earlier. My sister and I decided to share a room together because neither of us could sleep on xmas eve (me especially lol). I dunno if my sister was sleep when it happened though. It must have been about 2 am. I was tossing and turning not able to sleep. I was staring out the balcony window, at the streetlights and stuff.

When a bright blue light shone to the ground! Like a search light for a heli, only REALLY bright, and completely quiet (no heli overhead or anything). Then the light shone on the balcony. The rest I don't remember at all. I do remember that a few days later I had what looked like a scar on my right hand, in between my thumb and index finger. It was like it had been sown back up (the scar was about 1 inch long). I knew what a stitch scar looked like because I had been in a really bad wreck as a young kid and I had to have my face stitched near my lip on the left side (and the scar is still there but small, but you can still tell its a stich scar). A few days later, the scar was gone and there was NO scar! I still remember having that scar, I didnt imagine it. I guess I was too young to put two and two together as well. Sometimes I wonder what happened that night, but part of me thinks I shouldn't pry.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 08:57 PM
My sister and I have always been pretty close. she's three years older than I am, and we sort of had to be allies, against our brother, who had no desire for siblings. Things like finishing each other's sentences is not that unusual. If I haven't talked to her for a while, I know when she's in a bad mood, depressed, and she knows when I am.

In 1980 she and one of her best friends had gone to Myrtle beach, with her friend's parents for a week. I was in Erwin Tennessee, at a ball tournament. I hadn't talked to Sis for a week.

About 2:00 or so, during the afternoon portion of the tournament, the whole world went dark on me. Bright day in July, but it was as if I were in a big room with one 40 watt light bulb at the far end. I had this feeling of pain, and suffering, that could happen to a person, but I knew it wasn't me. I had a feeling that my sister was involved, but I couldn't tell if it was her who was feeling this pain or not. My thought at the time was, "Sis, stop what you're doiing now, and go somewhere safe!" Beats me why I thought that. The rest of the day, and the tournament, was in slow motion. (For you young'uns, we didn't have cell phones in those days, so getting in contact with people was nearly impossible, when you were out and about.

We didn't have a number to contact Sis at the beach, because it just didn't occour to have one. I told my mom about what I was feeling, and based on earlier experiences with my feelings and insights, she got worried too, but we had this commitment to the game, and because it was a team bus that had gotten us there, we sort of had to stay and play.

When we were through with the saturday portion of the tourney, we got back on the bus, and were back home in Asheville, at about 12:30am. I still had that aweful feeling that something had happened to my sister, or around her, but was just unable to do anything about it.

As soon as we walked in the front door, the phone was ringing, and my mom and I just looked at each other, a bit horrified to answer. (If there's a call after 12:00, it's usually bad news..). Mom finally picked up the phone. Thank god, it was my sister.

Here's what happened. The car Sis was in was being driven by her friend's older sister. Her friend's mother was in the passenger side of the car. Sis and her friend got out of the car, to go into a tee shirt store. They hadn't made it in the store when a truck tore through a red light at an intersection and trashed the car that my sister had been in, less than a minute before. sis's friend's mother was in a coma for a bit over two months, and passed away. She's been mashed up, internal injuries, etc. The older sister was hurt, but not in a life threatening way.

Sis told me later that she'd wanted to stop, because she heard my voice in her head, as if I were sitting beside her saying, (you guessed it.. ), "Sis, stop what you're doiing now, and go somewhere safe!" She'd asked them to stop, and her and her friend had gotten out of the car, at roughly the same time I got my feelings.

I would have hated to lose my best friend...

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:56 AM
To tell you the truth, nothing really strange has happened to me. EVER. No UFOs, no ghosts, no psychic abilities, no weird powers, nothing. I used to believe in these things, not so much anymore. I was one of the kids who went to the library and looked at paranormal books with possessed people, haunted houses, ghosts, aliens, poltergeists, and other things. I stopped believing because I have no real reason to believe, as I have had no experiences. I think this is partly because I don't have much of an imagination. Hell, I can barely choose for myself or make my own ideas.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 03:02 PM
Reading the entire thread really gets you into the mood for unusual experiences, or even noticing them when they do happen.

I think they happen more frequently but we dont notice most of them.

One of the oddest things thats happened to me about a dozen times now is having memories of events with people and these people not remembering the events and saying "That never happened" or "We never did that".

For example I would say "Remember when we were on vacation in...." and she´d say "We never went on vacation there, you must be mistaking me with someone else". This produces puzzlement and sometimes even an argument.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 03:13 PM
I was just reading through this thread when I came across this:

Originally posted by Jadette:

I was in the shower, just a year ago, early one morning for work. I went to put the shampoo back on the little shelf in the shower, and it wouldn't go.

Let me repeat this, so you get how strange this was. It would not go.

Ever tried to push two magnets together? It was as if something was in the empty space where I wanted the bottle to go. I pushed HARD and it resisted. But eventually I got it to slip to one side a little and set on the shelf.

And it slid back out to the edge of the shelf.

I freaked out.

These other things that happened to me, there are unlikely, but possible explanations. There really was a man instead of a ghost, it was just a molting deer, and, there was some mixup setting the clocks.

But this? This was not, as someone suggested to me at the time, soap bubbles resisting. I will clarify, I pushed so hard my arm strained. This was NOT slippery soap on the shelf that moved the bottle. It was level and dry.

This, I have no explanation for.

I'm not ashamed to say that I showered with the door open for many months after, and only when my husband was home.

That is *so* weird! I had the same thing happen to me just a few weeks ago. I was moving out of my parents' basement (sad, I know), and I had almost everything packed except for a bookshelf.

Now, this bookshelf is really light - like, if it wasn't so bulky, one person would be able to lift it. My dad and I tried to lift the thing, but to no avail. It was completely stuck. We figured that it was nailed to the wall - it wasn't. We tried to lift it, slide it, pull it, drag it, whatever - but we still couldn't get it to move. Finally, right as we were giving it one last lift, it came right off the floor.

We checked the floor for glue of some kind, the bottom of the bookcase for tacks - anything to explain why we couldn't pick the damn thing up. But there wasn't anything holding it down.

It freaked me out.

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 03:26 PM
My life has been a string of what many people would call "strange" (but mostly beautiful) events. Most of them are described elsewhere, or they are, literally, too precious to speak about.

But I just had a very unusual - and, to me, unique - experience today, which I might as well share.

I have a deck of Tarot cards.
I am not exactly a Tarot fan, and use it very rarely (on average less than once a year).

But today I felt I simply needed a peek into my... let's call it "probability field".
So I improvised my own "method" for the occasion: after shuffling the cards I divided the deck in three stacks. Then I turned the first (uppermost) card of each stack.
After examining them, I turned each stack around, to see the lowermost card in each one of them, too. (I had my own special assigned values for them, too.)

As the results - six cards, in total - looked promising (= accurate) enough, I took a piece of paper and wrote down the first (uppermost) three cards selected this way, in order to analyse the results later on.
Then I turned the stacks upside down again, to write down the lower three cards...

You may believe this or not - I know I am having trouble believing it myself - but, with the exception of the central card, the lowermost cards were not the same ones I had seen a few seconds earlier.

Obviously, I was perplexed.
Even though there was nothing - no movement (like wind, for example), no object - that could have disturbed the position of the cards on its own, I looked under the table and around it to see if they had somehow fallen off the table... Nothing. Then I went through each of the stacks - and, sure enough, the cards I had seen earlier were buried deep within each of the stacks.

I hope I don't need to emphasise that I had NOT shoved them into the stacks. I am not senile, I am not "beside myself" - in fact, I am pretty much "together". And when I first turned them around there were no cards left on the table. My purpose was precisely to see which cards were at the BOTTOM of each stack.

Go figure...

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by cindymars
Great thread. My favorite thread to date. S&F

Hi Cindymars. Thank you very much. I'm astounded at how well this thread went off! So thank you all for that. There are some amazing stories on here. And I hope they keep on rolling in. By the way, I love your avatar! I had such a crush on Jeri Ryan that I've watched every episode of Voyager, even though I'm not much of a "Star Trek" fan. Anyways, thanks again and take care.

-Static Sky.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

You are so welcome. In my delliusional mind, I look just like Jerri Ryan. LOL

This thread would make a good book. It also makes it clear how these things happen to many people. I will share another eventually.

Edited to add: StaticSky..I have added you to my Friends list. I am out of U2U,s until I get some points to purchase, so this is the only way I could respond. Have a good weekend.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 02:14 AM
link time wen i was 4-5 yars old(at the time i lived in los angeles with my mom,dad and 13 yr. old sister) i was on vacation and my mom was helping me with my vacation homework i had a page left to do but my mom said she was goin to the 99 cents store to get me a small diary(i liked diaries and collected them)and said i culd do the homework but i didnt have to.then she left,i wuz like ok goin to watch tv(i mean wat kid wants to do hamework wen they dont have to???)i sat down and started watchin poke' mom came home 'bout 15 or so minutes later,and went to check if i did my homework and said"good u did your homework" i thought she was kidding but just to be sure i checked the paper and,sure enough the homework was done.i was surprised and wondered how it was finished wen i never even touched it!!!! i 4got about it immediatly and never gave it a second thought. not to long after we left and moved to ontario,(7 years old at the time)i wuz complaining that my life was boring there was no adventure my mom gave me a a worried look and then said "jackie,did u know that our old house was haunted?" it was a shock but then i thought it explained a lot!
2.i was around the same age and i was playing in our backyard(los angeles) and i had my two dogs with me i went to go pet them but they ran very fast to the back of our garage(our house was old fashioned so the garage was in the backyard)and i saw a lady standing there staring at me i ran inside and into the kitchen and i saw her again, i thought how did she get in faster than i did??? but she tilted her head to the right and think it was common sense to run away but i couldnt move! i felt like she was welcoming me like she was telling me to come to her,i was indeed walking towards her and she smiled again but then common sense hit in and i made a dash for that its 7 years later i had a dream, and in that dream it repeated wat had happend to me. but it was my first experience i had looked up from the homework to see a boy and a girl my age sitting at the table and they said your welcome......goodbye
and in the second experience those same two kids are looking in the kitchen saying goodbye we'll miss u
. now before i finish i ought to tell u that wen my sister was 4-5 she used to have nightmares about the bathroom and was scared to pass it or even go in and didnt want to go to sleep.wen i was 4-5 i had the same problem except i didnt have nightmares.we think somone was MURDERED there!exspecially at night if u pass it u hear voices comeing from there or (rarley) a scream.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 12:21 AM
Sorry I am anonymous, I hope it will not affect the credibility of my story, but.. I am a boring child with a less than average life. But I do love paranormal activities that leave you in awe and amazement, only to hope that one day I can experience something and ghost stories that make you scringe in fear. Anyways, my room was an irregular hotspot for "Sleep Paralysis." This one particular time, I awoke dead in the night, for no apparent reason, only to find myself paralyzed. This was like my 4th encounter with sleep paralysis so I was pretty much adjusted to it. Anyways I was able to peek out my door and look into the hallway that connected the 3 bedrooms and led off into the kitchen and living room. Upon gazing into the hallway, I saw, what appeared to be, a man about 7-8 feet tall, cloaked in darkness, with no figures at all. He just seemed to be looking at me even though he had no face or eyes. Upon that encounter I just went back to sleep hoping it'd go away. A year later, my father fell asleep in the living room while waiting for me. He heard the door open and tried to wake up in order to greet me, only to find out he was paralyzed. In short, he basically saw the exact same "entity" that I had seen a couple of months earlier. And also my friends get paralyzed whenever they sleep over, only to tell me that they saw weird things before they broke free. Ever since a cross with a story enscribed on it was placed on my wall, I never had a case of sleep paralysis again.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 10:33 PM
i was 3 yrs. old and i was in my parents room watching tv with them.i heard a knock at their bedroom door and i went over to there and asked who is it(my sister liked to play tricks on me) no one answered but i saw the door knob jiggle a few times and then it stopped, i opened the door but no one was there. i have told this story to many of my friends and they all said the same thing, it was my sister playing a trick on me. but you see my sister had slept over our aunts house and if someone was there i wuld have heard footsteps on the tile floor.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 05:15 PM
I haven't had too many strange things happen to me, and I'm kind of glad since I have an over active imagination and would probably go over the strange things until I went nuts thinking about them. But I've had a few!

Once when I was 9 or 10 I was driving over a freeway overpass with my mom at night. I looked out the window (front passenger seat) and saw a huge green ball that looked like fire just kind of hanging out over the freeway, not really moving around or going anywhere but just hanging there for a minute. By the time we'd crossed the overpass it had flown away. I told my mom and she said it was probably just "space junk" and I put it out of my mind until I read about green fireballs a year or two ago.

Another one... when we were in 7th or 8th grade my friends and I got really big into Ouija boards. We never really had anything real happen other than the pointer randomly moving but never really spelling anything. Once we did it in my bedroom, though, and it kept going back to 5. We changed people a few times to make sure no one was trying to put us over and each time, no matter who held it, it went to five. We did this for a few minutes and nothing happened other than that, but after a while my dog, who was in the room with us, jumped up and started running around and scratching at the door and my rabbit, who I kept in a big cage while I had friends over, started freaking out and jumping around her cage and thumping her foot on the floor of it and making little growling noises. We stopped playing with the Ouija board after that until last year at a friend's party. She brought it out for "old time's sake" and we all went into a darkened room and played with it. The pointer kept moving to my side of the board and going to the letters "NJD". NJD were my grandfather's initials. He had died a few months before that.

And finally...
Last year I started hearing these noises in my room that sounded like a balloon popping. It would happen totally randomly, from any part of the room or at any time of the day or night, and there was never an actual balloon in the room. Every time it happened my dog would jump up and run out of the room. I checked all the electrical sockets and things to make sure it wasn't a fuse shorting or something and everything was fine. It stopped after a few months and I haven't heard it since, but I never figured out what it was. Maybe I brought something home with me one day.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:06 AM
I have witnessed a few interesting things in my life, but the STRANGEST is coming home one day from a camping trip, I'm in the kitchen, by myself, no one else in the house and all of a sudden, the home phone in the kitchen rings. I look on the phone hand set to see if I recognize the number. It displays our cell phone nurmber (an extra cell phone we keep around the house) which is also in the kitchen sitting on the counter top.

That's right, our cell phone, sitting on the counter, calls our home number,.. by itself.

I rush the handset to my wife, and showed her. She acknowledged that it was the cell number calling. I answered, and no sound on the other end. I hung up. Then picked up the cell phone, and sure enough, it showed an out going call to our home number.... that was the freakiest thing I have ever experiences. I did a search on Google, found a couple others who had also experienced that.

Anyone on ATS experience your cell phone calling your home number, itself?


posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:26 AM
About two hours of missing time.My cousin and I where riding our bikes from his grandmothers house in the country in North Carolina in the summer of 1975.One minute we are riding along then the next minute we are like a mile and a half down the road and we were laughing.Why we were laughing we don't know,however we both felt really energetic like you do sometimes when you wake from a nap.Anyway we were in our early teens at the time an neither one of us were wearing a watch. When we got back to our home town we both stopped at my great grand mothers house for a drink of water then we notice the time.

Almost two hours were lost and we couldn't understand how.That has bugged both of us till this day.We are both in our 40's now he doesn't talk about it too much in mixed company,but every once in awhile he asked me what do I think happen to us.I could speculate,but I don't know for sure.

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