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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:00 AM
Here is just one of many, many strange things that I've encountered in my life.

My friend and I worked together as independent cleaning contractors. We cleaned empty military houses.

My cleaning partner and I made a bid on a set of quarters that were located in an area known as the old part of post. A lot of cleaning teams refused to even bid on quarters in this area because everyone said this area was haunted. At that time, I didn't believe in ghosts, so the rumors of it being haunted didn't faze me in the least. A job was a job.

This particular house had an upstairs, a main floor, and a basement. I was cleaning the kitchen and Barbara was cleaning the bedrooms upstairs. She had the entire upstairs done and I was still working on the stove which had a particularly filthy oven. It was getting dark out and Barbara wanted to leave. I told her to go ahead, but I was going keep working on the kitchen and finish it that night. She was hesitant about leaving me there alone, but I urged her to go. " I don't believe in ghosts, so don't worry, I'm not scared," I told her. Before she left, we both went upstairs so she could show me what she'd done. We checked each room and looked for anything she might have missed, and made sure the lights were out and the doors closed.

Barbara had been gone for several hours and I was still tackling the filthy oven. I had half my body inside the oven, scrubbing, and I was elbow deep in grease. I heard what I thought were footsteps upstairs, but dismissed it right away. I kept hearing footsteps upstairs, and I decided I needed to check it out. I quickly wiped grease off my hands, so as not to spread it anywhere, and decided to take a quick peek upstairs. I called out " Barbara, is that you?" No answer. I crept up the stairs and opened the first bedroom door. I immediately noticed the closet door was wide open and the light was on. The hair stood up on my arms and I felt a tingle down my spine. I walked over to the closet and saw the long pull string dangling from the light fixture swinging wildly and forcefully back and forth. Talk about freaked out! There were no windows open, no breeze, no nothing. How did the closet door get open? How did the light turn on? And why was the cord swinging? Talk about a bad case of the willies!

I left the light on, and the closet door open. I ran the stairs, and left everything I was working on just as it was. I locked up behind me and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

That was one of the first eerie things that made me really question the paranormal.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by Static Sky

The strangest thing? Apart from the people on this board who believe anything that fits in with their "esoteric" understanding of the universe without any evidence or objectivity, I saw a strange illuminated thing moving slowly across the sky, over Bristol in England.

I sat in my room, and I glanced out the window. I saw this bright object slowly moving across the sky. It was low, and it wasn't a speck of light, but clearly a solid object. It was silent and stealthy, effortlessly scudding across the sky.

Turns out it was a blimp. Of course, if I wasn't objective, I wouldn't have done any research into what it could have been, and I wouldn't have found out about the internally-illuminated blimp they were using for advertising in the area.

So, folks, keep objective, otherwise you won't learn a damn thing.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:29 AM
My dad's house is on land that was part of Burgoyne's trail in the french indian war, indians and french soldiers were seen in the woods behind the house by me and my grandfather before, and I've woken up at night when visiting to people upstair speaking in french, when i go there, there's noone there. the piano in the corner of the basement plays by itself, the dogs will bark occasionally at corners, and I've been woken up the last time i stayed there when my blanket was yanked off of me.

When I was in highschool, I lieved close to an abandoned TB ward, turned mental hospital/ turned abandoned building with a reputation. me and my friends snuck in there a few times , we've heard voice, footsteps, been followed by shadows, one of my friends was pushed out a 3rd story window by someone who wasn't there and broke his leg, another was driving past one day wanting to get some daylight pictures of the place, and his car ended up surrounded by kids with baseball bats, just standing and staring. one of the times we went there, we saw robed shapes on the roof looking at us, and as we got closer, they moved towards the stairs (that night was the one where we turned around and went back home, the place has occasional cults hanging out, and we tend not to want to deal with crazy living humans, ghosts are just fine though
) eventually we brought in cameras, none of the pictures ever came out.

I've seen a dark hairy shape in the woods around my grandmother's house (in upstate NY) I've seen UFO's, I've skipped hours (arrived hours sooner than I should have) I've seen something resembling a dragon on a hike in the mountains, watched a man walk through a wall. heard hooves on cobblestones, on a paved road with noone around. been followed one night through the woods by a white hunched humanoid shape, had a deer chase me and a friend as we were driving down the road one night (the deer was running on it's hind legs and looked almost like a human jogger the way it was moving) found a clearing in the woods close to my grandma's house filled with burial mounds. been followed by strnage cats, seen shadow people dashing around at all times. had deja vu at odd times. seen auras. and have had some experiances in the occult i've mentioned in other threads.

and just to make it clear, I have never done drugs (aside from alcohol) and hace been sober each of these occurances

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by thejon1982
This happened.. not saying i believe in it or anything but i had no choice. i was a kid..

ever since i was young i have had a food phobia, among other issues. When i was a teenager i started hypnotherapy to try and sort these things out. I was told there was something wrong inside me and the next thing i know there is some guy over my house to exorsise it... he apparently had no ideas about me or my eating disorder but then said i was possesed by an old man who died of stomach cancer and couldnt eat for months before his death.. the end..

maybe not the strangest thing thats ever happened to me, but weird.

Now that made my blood run cold and gave me a chill.
Reminded me of a story about my auntie's old house and i'll explain why...

Ok it was a big house in the old part of liverpool (Ampthill road in Aigburth to be exact) and my auntie and uncle decided to move in from their smaller house as they had two young girls...

This had 3 floors, with the 3rd floor being a big attic room with a staircase going up to it behind a door. The attic room also led to a smaller store room with a lockable door.
The first people to view the house were my auntie and my mum, and on first sight it was very nice, spacious, bright, and enough rooms to support my auntie's family.
They took a quick glance around on the first two floors and a glance in the attic room which was quite dark and barely lit.

So my auntie and uncle move in... and discover upon fixing the bulb, that the bare attic had been painted from floor to ceiling, every wall, painted in red paint... everything.. and that the door to the cupboard was not just locked but had a single board nailed across it from the outside, stopping the door from opening inwards to the attic room.

My mum and auntie hadn't bothered to check with estate agent, just assuming it was a cupboard and didn't ask to look in at the time, especially without the light in the attic and hadn't noticed the board at the time.

But sure enough my uncle opened it up, and sure enough it was just a walk in cupboard area, but that too was painted red. All over.

They thought nothing of it.
They painted over it all, converted it into a double bedroom for the daughters, new furniture, fixed the skylight, made it comfortable with teddies and toys and what-not...

But after spending less than a month in that room both the kids complained of 'bad dreams' and didn't feel comfortable sleeping in there.
The younger daughter (my younger cousin) developed a serious eating disorder (from as young as i remember, she was maybe 5 or 6) and was nothing but skin and bones, refusing to eat most foods and was extremely fussy about what foods she would eat.

Also strange things started happening in the house, eerie feelings in rooms, like you weren't alone. I remember visiting and wanted to see the cat (i was about 12 so don't laugh) and tried to bring it into the house, but the cat would never go further into the house than the kitchen otherwise its fur would rise up and it would act strange and bolt for the exit.

So my uncle again had to convert a smaller, downstairs room for the kids, which was fine for them as they slept better... But the younger daughter stayed ill, (she still is due to the stunted growth)...

My grandmother and grandfather celebrated their wedding anniversary at my auntie's house once. Lots of cousins all met up and played like we did, and we dared each other to go into the 'spooky attic', sure enough i was the oldest male there (12 years old) and i was the one dared to go up in the dark. Fair enough, it wasn't that dark and their was cool junk in there (boxes of clothes, christmas tree decoration an old bike, record etc), I thought i'd have a root... so i climbed the stairs into the dimly lit room, and my cousins shut the downstairs door (being typical girl cousins) so no light came up from the stairs, all i had was the skylight light and i couldn't find the lightswitch.

I remember thinking 'no problem i'm not scared'... and then 'something happened' in the dark corner of the room, like a cold feeling came from it, from the cupboard area, the door was open and it was full of old toys but it was really cold... I ran down the stairs and got to the door but my cousins were holding it shut and i was stuck, kicking the door and eventually the let me out, but it was horrible, like a cold, bad shadow... that's the only way i can explain it.

Things in the house would sometimes go missing, strange noises were heard, and lots and lots of bad luck came across them... I do believe it was something in the house that caused this... there was always a 'feeling' in there and i never really liked staying over.

As I say bad luck got worse, my uncle started drinking heavily, he got depressed , he started staying away from the house and had an affair... they divorced, my auntie kept the house... but too many memories remained, the house became heavier with atmosphere, every room was either too warm or too cold. The cat still never came in... my younger cousin stayed ill no matter what the doctors did.

My uncle moved to another place, got himself a house, but jacked his job in and started drinking even more... Once upon a time my uncle was a lovely, caring, shining, great chap, a really good bloke, singing with the kids kinda guy. He liked to take us out to the airport and show us the planes and take me and my brother and mum and auntie on holidays around the country... just a great bloke.
But in his last days, he looked haunted and weary and tired and became unsociable.

But eventually the police found him at his new home, dead on the couch, covered in his own vomit curled up on the couch, surrounded by drink cans and bottles... he'd died of liver failure.

My auntie eventually sold the house, and her spirits changed, despite everything she looked like a new person, even after everything she's going through.

But I still honestly believe a bad energy in that house affected my cousins, my auntie and my uncle.... I felt something bad in the attic and some of the other rooms, as did other family members.

My younger cousin never talks about much, but my older cousin tells me of memories of seeing 'figures' around the house and strange shadows...

Even writing this has given me the chills.... It really makes me wonder why the attic was painted red and that wierd cupboard was not just locked but boarded up and why on earth had the previous owner painted the top room red!!??
All that bad luck and strange energy and emotion... I think maybe something bad happened in that house... maybe old magic or something worse... i don't know but sometimes i wish I did know...

I also think the energy affected my cousin and caused her to become so ill, she was always so quiet and always looked sad... and clung to her parents and didn't like being alone in the house.

Sorry for the long post but i had to get that off my chest ...

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by Anti-Tyrant

''Floating skull on fire, kinda like the screamers in DOOM.''
In regards to that comment, you have seen one? If so when where and what were you doing.
eg. lying in bed. in room ect.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:39 AM
a farting ghost.

Freaked me right out.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:41 AM

this happened to me last night, I posted a thread about it, I was contacted by something, very amazingly advanced. I always attained in the back of my mind that if I searched hard enough for the truth, the truth would find me, but it was much more than I had expected, and I intend to go back with many more questions.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:53 AM
The weirdest thing that ever happened to me, that I was aware of... happened about three years ago, I was outside lying on my trampoline at night, like 3 in the morning. And I became aware of the clouds being formed in a rounded canopy, because the far edge of the cloud bank ended very abruptly. The whole thing seemed to be a perfect square of clouds.

Now the weird part, is that I started noticing that when the clouds moved they seemed to be moving within the confines of a grid that was basically perfectly NS and EW lines. That's when I really started paying attention to what was going on with the clouds. And within about 10 minutes of me intensely studying the clouds, I noticed that the up & down movement of the cloud grid had modified within that minute, and I was SHOCKED when I became aware that the clouds had moved in such a way that it formed a picture... of ME!! laying on my trampoline. I could see the trampoline, and me on it, in the exact position I was laying in... and it wasn't a mirror image, it was reversed like when you aim a camera at yourself and watch it in a monitor. Also the angle of clouds in relation to my perspective was corrected for on the cloud face, so that the picture would look "normal" from my perspective.

The picture lasted very well for about 3 minutes, and then in about 20-30 seconds the cloud formation returned to it's original relative flatness again, as the rear edge started to come above the... ~45 degree point from my location. Still retaining the hints of a grid, and eventually passed overhead and past the tree-line in east of my property.

I did not have the sensation of the cloud formation being controlled by me. I VERY MUCH had the sensation that someone else was not only doing it, but that I was being watched - about 4-5 minutes before I had noticed the picture had formed.

Anyways, that's the weirdest thing that's happened to me that I've noticed.


Another interesting thing I observed about a month ago right after sunset, but didn't happen to me per say, was some kind of scram-jet craft traveling VERY fast. I noticed the contrail very very high, because a touch of sun was still able to hit it a tad, and I notice the line. The traced it to the actual aircraft which had decently bright amber exhaust ventrals for that time of the night. And the thing was SMOKIN fast, from south to north.

Then only about 3 minutes later, a HUGE diamond-shaped craft with "abnormal" blinking lights on all four corners, and one in the middle bottom of it (as well as some other dimmer but larger non-blinking light source from the bottom)... that diamond-shaped craft was going pretty darn fast (easily mach 3-4) from west to east, and didn't make a sound that I was aware of.

Then about only 45 seconds later, what was clearly a conventional supersonic jet of some kind, blinking lights on the two wings and the tail, was in chase at about half the speed, if that. And there was 1 sonic boom, with a jet-engine sound afterwards, and I could see the ventrals on it's way out.

But yeah, it's not really anything that happened to me.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 07:38 AM
Long time lurker,first post.
About 20 years ago I was walking my girlfriend (now wife) home at about 11 pm.As we were walking along the street my dog suddenly went insane,barking and trying to drag me backwards in the direction we had just came.We kept looking ahead to see what was spooking him when suddenly a bright object sort of floated out between 2 houses at head height and crossed the road about 20 feet in front of us.When I say bright I mean BRIGHT.It was like magnesium ribbon burning white.We watched it for about 20 seconds until it gained a little bit of height and disappeared.We still talk about it to this day have never found a reasonable explanation.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 09:47 AM

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 11:37 AM
I used to have a bad cough due to smoking. One evening I was at a friend's house and had to leave the room and go outside because of the cough. When I came back inside, a friend of the host, a priest, came up to me and said, "Are you alright?". Then he said, "Jesus heals", as he gently placed the tips of his fingers on either side of my throat. Immediately, there was a flow of heat in my throat, spreading through my chest. I thought, "This must be a healing, I've read about this happening, but I don't want to stop smoking". The heat flow stopped. A chill went through me as I realized my thought had stopped God's hand. He would not go against my free will. This happened without my asking for it, or praying for it or expecting it. It was completely out of the blue.
Explain this.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 11:44 AM
My cousin and I used to have sleepovers every other day during the summers.

When his family bought the house, the only request of the previous owner was to keep the family room intact. Her late husband loved that room and spent his final days in there. After owning the house for many years, my relatives decided to tear down the family room and build an addition.

One summer night, years after the addition was built, we were home alone. We were discussing ghosts and the paranormal, and my cousin had only recently told me the story of the previous owners of the house. During our discussion, we turned the corner from the addition into the kitchen... and there was a towering white plume staring us down. We shot backwards into the family room, and my heart skipped at least a few beats.

We eventually realized it was the dishwasher expelling steam. Exciting for a minute, though!

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 12:24 PM
I've enjoyed reading ATS for over 5 years, but this is my first post. I've always been interested in unknown phenomena, but have not experienced anything firsthand except what I am going to relate now.

It was 1987 and I was living alone in a brand new townhouse in Kansas. It was in a quiet, crimefree neighborhood. The time was about 11 PM and I had just gone to bed, but was not yet asleep. Out of the blue, the thought came to me that someone had broken into the house. Over the next minute, I became more and more sure of this. A wave of terror hit me like I had never felt before or since. I felt the intruder coming towards my room. I stood up and rummaged through the nightstand looking for something to attack with. All I could find was a pencil, which I clinched in my right hand, raised as if to stab someone. All the while, another part of my brain was saying that this was silly. I had not heard or seen anything strange; I hadn't even been asleep; the doors and windows were locked. Logically, I knew that there was no one except me in the house. It was only this logical side that kept the terrorized side of me from calling the police. As suddenly as it had happened, the terror ended. The whole thing had probably lasted about 2 minutes. I became very calm, laid back down, and immediately slept peacefully for the entire night.

I awoke as usual the next morning. The terror of the night before was just a puzzling event that I didn't think about much in the midst of the day's activities. At about 6 PM that day, I received a telephone call from my parents in North Carolina. They had found my 83-year-old grandmother's body on her bedroom floor. A burglar had broken in through her kitchen window in the middle of the night. It appeared that my grandmother had been awakened by the noise and had gotten out of bed. The intruder had knocked her over the head with a blunt instrument. She had immediately lost consciousness and later died of massive head injuries.

My grandmother and I were very close. I was even born on her 53rd birthday. I believe that the thoughts and emotions of the last minutes of her life were so strong that I lived them with her, even though I had never experienced psychic or ESP type phenomena before or since. My grandmother and I were 700 miles apart on that night. But, light can travel this distance in a fraction of a second; sound is a little slower, but still very fast. What about thoughts? I suspect that the "speed of thought" would be fast enough that 700 miles would be nothing.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:09 PM
I've had a couple myself.

1. I've posted this one in a thread about doomsday dreams.
The strangest experience, or dream, or whatever you'd call it happened at Disneyworld of all places, on my senior class trip. I have to state that I was awake, and sober, (dammit..). We'd just gotten through with the spaceship earth ride, and walked to the bottom of the exit, when I experienced the weirdest thing.

I looked around, and the park was empty. Everything looked as if it hadn't been visited in a long time. There were vines and rust all over the rides, and weeds were coming up through the walkways. All of a sudden, I felt the ground moving, and big fissures started appearing in the ground. I watched them widening out, and the ground kept moving. I looked at the sky, and it was grey, but cloudless. The sun was in the sky, but it was sort of dim. The sky started getting black cracks in it, and strings of jet black started coming down from the cracks. I could hear some very loud sound that I can't describe, but it just churned my guts. Then it's like everything "shifted", and I was back at the bottom of the exit ramp, and the girl that I was with was looking at me very strangely. She said, "For a second, you looked like you were 900 years old.". That happened in 1984, and I'll never forget it. Dunno what was going on there, but I was 18, and the furthest thing from my mind was the end of the world. I mean, I was in Disneyworld for cryin' out loud.

2. One time, while walking through a crowded mall, I brushed against someone, (I couldn't even describe him.), that I could feel the evil boiling off of him so badly, I was instantly physically ill. I still don't know what that one was about.

3. When I was 19 or so, I went to bed, I dreamed that I was sitting at a black shiney table, across from a man in a black uniform, discussing things as two friends would discuss. (I can't even remember what, but no sense of urgency, fear, etc..). When I woke up, I was two miles from my house, and about 2:00am or so in the morning. I've never sleepwalked to my knowledge.

4. About a year ago, I was in the office. Passed one of my co-workers, and this is as far as my memory goes on the subject. He said that my face changed, my tone of voice was completely different, and I told him he needed to get a colonoscopy as soon as possible. Then my face changed back, and I remember him staring at me with his mouth open. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "nothing.", and kinda moved off. He was so scared by me, (me?) saying what I did and looking like I did, that he got his doctor to have an exam scheduled. They discovered polyps where none should be, and out of the batch they ended up removing, two were malignant. He told me what happened after the exam.. I still don't understand what happened there either...

I've had so many strange experiences, that they're hard to count. I've seen things in the sky, ghosts or spirits, and I have seen things happen before they do, so I guess I'm either a mess, or it's a normal thing to happen.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

Well those are strange things indeed, here's more;
A friend showed me a picture of a lady at a picnic by Shasta lake in This guy and his wife were here alone. There was some 10 year old boy running by wearing nothing but tan shorts about 20 to 30 feet behind the woman. The only problem here is that they were the only people at the lake at the time, there was no boy!!! so he was either invisible to the camera, or some alien force was messing with their heads somehow.
I was east of Amarillo TX about 20 miles. I saw a giant ufo about a football field size or larger hovering a mile above the radio antennas 10 miles east of amarillo. I stared at it for about 15 seconds then felt as if it was aware of me somehow and began moving so fast left and right that I could barely follow it with my eyes, and then it began doing the same paralell to I 40 a few miles south and moved so fast back and forth that I eventually lost it, partly due to the fact that I was steering a tractor/trailer. But that is not as strange as this; I was camping on Terwer creek less than a mile up from the Klamath Glen in N.Ca and 2 spherical light ufos were dancing around as if they were using movement to communicate somehow... then without warning one moved to this mountain peak and shrunk down ... the other followed.... they both disappeared into this mountain. Someday when I have the time I'll be investigating what might be in the mountain. There is a legend of another mountain peak in the area that has in it a tunnel lined with gold. ... or maybe this is that mountain. My uncle would know more about the other one but haven't spoken to him yet about it. My father spotted a 3 light ufo that made a sphere about itself to shrink and disappear in 1970 just over that same area but on the coastline moving south from the airforce comm. base on the hill where he worked. He saw this with a spotting telescope very clear on a sunny day... and the lights were so bright he could barely look at them. mikefromspace at yahoo

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 03:12 PM
About 5 or 6 years ago, when I was living in the redwoods of No. California, I had a very strange thing happen taht I've never been able to explain.
It was on a Friday night, and I had gone to bed early. It took me awhile to fall asleep since someone was playing a rerun of the old Donna Reed Show. This was weird, because I'd never heard anyone's TV playing before that, in the area and no houses were close enough for me to hear anyone's TV. I thought that was weird, but eventually fell asleep.

I suddenly woke up at 1:00 a.m. I noticed my cat, who was right beside me on the bed, stood up and her fur was standing straight up on her back. I knew that meant she was really freaked out. At the same time, I also became aware of a very dark, scary energy moving through the deck outside. There was a huge rush of wind (no wind beforehand) and it felt like something really evil was passing just outside my bedroom window, on the deck. I didn't see anything physical, but I did see the wind rush past. About a minute after that, my front doorbell rang.

Now, here's the weird part - I didn't have a doorbell! Nor did anyone else on either side of me, but I'd never heard a doorbell ringing in that house before. I have no idea what it was, but I sure didn't want to go to the door to see what was up. I never did figure this out, but I do believe it was some evil entity passing through - it sure did fell like it.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:31 PM
Extreme images, impossible video played and strange things that suddenly appear on my TV set that are not of this world.

There have been times when I'm thinking something and suddenly I will hear my same thoughts through a TV or radio. As if someone is intentionally messing with me!

Lyrics that speak to you directly in a song playing and then you find that same song to hear if it does it again and the lyrics are different.

Never seen anything levitate but I have seen something disappear!

Thanks for the post.

Kindest Regards!

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by endrun

That is a truly frightening story.

A question: since there were no houses around, how come you didn't check around to see where the sound of the TV is coming?
Surely you must have had an idea - however erroneous - of what it could be?
(Or have I misunderstood something?)

Could you perhaps tell the name of the place?
I am interested in "strange" phenomena and find it useful to gathe as many data as possible about any given place.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:33 PM

Extreme images, impossible video played and strange things that suddenly appear on my TV set that are not of this world.

Like what?
Could you provide an example or two?

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:49 PM

But, light can travel this distance in a fraction of a second; sound is a little slower, but still very fast. What about thoughts? I suspect that the "speed of thought" would be fast enough that 700 miles would be nothing.

Thoughts pertain to a field where non-locality rules.
We are all connected to everything around us.

If you haven't read the book "Holographic Universe", do so. You might like it.
(You can read about some if its flaws in the thread "Let's make this the book review thread".)

And, needless to say, I am very sorry that it turned out to be such a tragic event.

This made me remember a story - a folk fairy tale from some Northern nation - that I liked to read when I was a little girl. There was a mighty king who offered a huge reward to anyone who would answer correctly three questions. One of the questions was: "What is faster than anything else in the world?"

I don't even remember the winning answer from the story, but I do remember that my answer, when thinking about it, was "thoughts".
I once told this to an adult - a teacher, no less - and she replied: "But thoughts are not real (= physical?)!"...

People are born metaphysicians.
It's only later, after their teachers are through with them, that they forget what they knew even as little children. :-)

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