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succubus/incubus - please help

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:36 PM

Originally posted by mc1km
Perhaps you should look toward a medical diagnosis rather than jumping to the conclusion that it's some sort of paranormal entity.

It sounds very much like sleep paralysis as has already been mentioned, whereby your brain secretes a hormone to paralyse your body and stop you jumping out the window during sleep.

Sometimes when you wake up the hormone takes a while to clear and so you have the classic sleep paralysis whereby you are concious but cannot move so your brain immediately jump to the conclusion that you're being assaulted by some invisibal entity.

Maybe you have some rare medical condition which is causing this hormone to become active during the day, or perhaps it's some form of epilepsy.

I would advice you speak to a doctor rather than coming to ATS for answers, or visiting a priest who will tell you it's a demon to recruit you onboard the religion bandwagon.

I have to agree with this. I must have been tired when I posted last, because normally I will suggest sleep disorders first before aliens.
I was probably freaked out by the red marks you found on your hand and the fact that you experienced an episode while walking around. I am always for going to a medical professional first and ruling out the more tangible possibilities. I just wouldn't go straight to the psychiatrist because they will definately say it is schitzophrenia and put you on meds. Maybe you do have the disease and need meds, but if this is something else you would not find out because you would be on antipsychotics and possibly ignoring another problem. I hope that makes sense.

edit to add: I think Succubi traditionally are seductresses and the person is lured into sex, not raped.
Have you had an exam in that area? Maybe there is a physical malady that is making itself known in a strange way, so maybe have that checked- Im sorry to bring it up, but maybe you should...

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by unite_life

But many people do burn this sage you speak of, and it forces the things into dormancy, and then they just come back angrier and nastier. Why, i ask, could they no just recognize having the strength within themselves to fight the things off? It's not impossible. Humans aren't all just some weak things that just have to curl up in a ball whenevr any kind of trouble comes their way. I still assert that the demon should be fought off.
Though i do see the point there, of the psychologist idea now. I guess therapy could be good, just so long as the problem is taken care of.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 12:56 AM
You should go to a doctor first and tell him/her your symptoms. You may simply be suffering from some visual/sensory or mental/emotional problems. Mental problems are more common than you think. It ranges from the inconvenient to the serious.

I have no idea the validity of Ouija boards but I'm not saying I would dare find out

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 01:07 AM
....okay, i'd like to say that i firmly believe that you have something of otherworldy spirit attracted to you right now...Ouija boards are "vessels" in which various spirits (pure or evil) can breach through to our world upon it's user, depending on how the board has been not trying to say that what you have been experiencing is from another spiritual could be any possibility, ranging from stress/sleep paralysis/ be honest, i believe you...i also believe there is a spiritual world in-between our realm of conciousness that we live in...we just cant see advice to you, my MAIN advice to you, is that you DO NOT BURN THE OUIJA BOARD!...doing so may disrupt the "vessel" and allow more spiritual energy to manifest through said many times in the posts, please seek a certified priest who has knowledge on this topic...but remember, DO NOT BURN THE BOARD!!!, this is very important...the priests will know how to properly "seal" the "vessel" and then destroy it in the right wishes to you in this tough time! GOD BLESS! --True Story--

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 01:14 AM
well heres my response:
Talk to a lot of hardcore skeptics and get them to convince you that those demons dont exist. Why? Because whether they exist or not, if you dont beleive in something, you wont be disturbed by it. its like closing a gate, filtering out those senses that let you be aware of demon's presence. it works with almost anything. so i guess hypnotism could work too. Thats why people who believe (or who want to) typically get proof on self encounters much more than skeptics. its worth a shot isnt it?

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 01:40 AM
Ok, it has been a while since I posted in ATS, but there is always something of interest every once in while worth posting on. First off welcome to ATS, secondly it's unfortunate that you got an evil entity harrassing you, and yes just like there is good there is evil. I've had my more than fair share of experiences dealing with these so-called evil entities, I don't really share those experiences with anybody ,but I've come to the realization that they exist, and they are there, and they wanna play rough, but there is also those good beings that are on your side that you may not be able to see them, but they are there trying to help you, so here is my recommendation: These beings are not mortal, so you cannot kill them, they are made of a different matter, the only thing you can do is teach them to respect you. Somewhere along your life you allowed these beings to come into your life without feeling any respect for you, you sort of allowed them, how?? I don't know, its like allowing some people that you think might be good people into your house, and they turn out to be abusers, and rapists, and now that you told them to go away, they just don;t wanna go away. In order to make them go away you just can't tell them to go away, you need to analyze their mind, feelings, thoughts, and figure out why the hell they like to paralyze you and rape you, you need to think about what you have that they like, ask yourself some questions: Am I good looking, or in good shape for to be liked by some non-mortal being? Am I rich? Strong? Open minded? Is it the music I listen to for crying out loud? Why don't they pick on somebody else? Why dont they pick on my friends, the ones I played the ouji board with? why me?! Next you break the routine, change your plans, take drastic measures, do things you never have done before. Here are some personal suggestions:1. Befriend new people---Some of the new people you befriend will most likely be examined by the entity, some of these new begotten friends may have an "aura", or guradian angel ten times more powerful than the entity bothering you, and may turn IT off from keeping harrassing you. 2. Travel--Visit places you have never gone before, specially foreign countries, the entity may be turned off by the places you are visiting because just like you, IT will feel like a foreign tourist in some other entity's turf, entities which may not be friendly to IT at all, and may even require IT to stay in your home town rather than come along with you. 3. (Only If you are single). I dont know if you are a man, or a woman, but I suggest you start making out with somebody from the opposite sex, I mean a real human, this will might let the entity know that you are not only his/hers, and if you can get a real bf/gf it would even be better than just some casual sex. 4. Visit your grandfather's, and father's grave and seat beside them for a good while 15-20 minutes and tell them what you did with the ouiji board, and that you didn't meant to disturb their sleep, or summoned them to this crazy world of ours again!, or just tell them that you didnt mean to mess with that childish crap, and that now you got a problem, and need to figure out how to solve it, and to see if they can help, or at leat to give you a blessing of protection, just tell them whats going on. 5. If worst comes to worst and none of the other strategies that you come up with work, just tell the entity the next time it appears to you, or rapes you, or after it finishes, that you arent gonna stand up the abuse anymore, and that it will stop because you say so, and if they are many entities that are playing around with you they will probably laugh, or something will move, or make a sound ett..., so if that happens you just tell them that you are not going to stop them alone, and that you will get some help, because there are many good people that are willing to help you, like bart from ats, ha,ha, they probably know who bart is by now, if not youll give IT/THEM some homework, so to put it in short suggestion number 5 is to Face your fears, stand up , and declare war. I hope this puts a different view of this matter into perspective.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 02:07 AM
I would say tell your story to a psychiatrist before attempting to contact the priests because they would have some knowledge into this.

Or just even call one and ask him/her on the phone.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 03:08 AM
I would like to add that there are psychologists out there who might tell you that you have had sexual abuse when you were young, but buried it because of trauma and now it surfaces. Something to ask yourself in case you go look for help in psychology.

Also it might be that you have had a spirit with you and when it comes close to your spirit your mind might translate that to something it can understand, namely physical rape. Many people consider their inner psyche private and when a spirit makes contact with that part of 'you' against your will you might get the feeling of being raped simply because the mind has no other explanation for it.

Originally posted by TornPages
well heres my response:
Talk to a lot of hardcore skeptics and get them to convince you that those demons dont exist.

If you have had an encounter it is very difficult to believe someone telling you demons/spirits don't exist. It's like willingly believing in a lie, deceiving yourself and will likely add to the confusion. That's why there are excorcisms/banishing rituals, to do something with the experience and close that mental gate in a convincing way, so the person undergoing it will focus his/her will and use it to shut off the spirit world.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 10:07 AM
[quoteI think the only way I actually survived was through past Martial Arts Training.. ( Dont laugh I'm not going to kick a Demons Ass ).

The Martial Arts taught me how to use my MIND, and to see things that are happening, or that will happen, a few ( 30 ) seconds before they actually do... I have learned to "Speed Things Up" in my mind to see my choices and paths , before they happen... then I can stop them before they do, or simply "cross the street"...

When this was occurring a few years back, I really wanted to record the experience, to get an idea of what the hell was going on. I think I might give that a shot, now that I've got a video camera. Good Idea. I would be interested in hearing more about your martial arts training...about being able to see into the immediate future. I've done that on accident, well when I really needed it, but I'd like to know how to do that on command. TY Blitzkrei

OK, In a nutshell... I can sense 'Peoples' intent.

I can tell if the Group of guys walking down the street is up to no good, and I need to cross the street.

Its a LOT of things rolled into a subconscious FLASH, thats difficult to put into words, and it happens a LOT faster than I can explain it.

For one example... if I'm walking down the street, I'm looking at People... I people watch. Most People DONT do that...
If I see a Group of Guys (2 or More ), that are a half a block away, and when I look at them, they are already looking at me... thats a red flag.

The timing of Peoples speech, or lack of it, can tell me if something is about to happen... Like for example, normal conversation or situations get NORMAL responses from 95% of the People in about the normal time frame. You can almost expect what someones response will be to almost any given situation, in normal settings.
When someone deviates from that Normal behavior, it sets a "pay attention" flag to me, Like they are thinking something out of the 'NORMAL' mode or expected response, and thats an immediate... "watch out", because thats how UNSTABLE people React and think... way outside NORMAL accepted social situations.

Normally people are peacful and try to get along, sometimes you find the Bully in the crowd, or the Napoleon Complex guy who has a chip on his shoulder.

Its how they carry and conduct themselves, and deviations from what I would call Normal, or a SLOW timing response red flags me.

Another is BODY LANGUAGE, like shifting of weight, or an elbow moving an inch.

Eye contact is VERY important, as well as facial expressions.
Someone stares me down, I know they have no good Intent, because I'm Peacful and Loving and Fun, and when that MOOD gets shifted, I'm immediately aware of it INSTANTLY.

Its like a "switch flips" from everyday go lucky respect life have fun, smile, to DEFEND Mode, and immediately check for escalation of the other parties part. If I sense ANY escalation, I go to Kill mode if I'm touched, or attempted to be touched.

I have had SEVERAL excellent Martial Arts Teachers, Well known throughout the WORLD, the Olympics, Old time Martial Artisits that were doing it before it was even popular in the US ( 1960's Full contact, No pads)

I'm still in contact with a few of them today, and of course they all know each other.

One Is a WOMAN who is literally a TIGER, and was once ranked 3rd in the MENS division in the NATION with FULL CONTACT.

She has shown me things that I did not think were possible with the human body, and frankly they terrified me the first few times I saw them.

I guess what it boils down to, is to understand MEAN and EVIL, you have to take it to dinner once or twice... but dont go home with it.

SO in short, and with more to say, but I'm stopping myself..... I DO SENSE INTENT from People, Animals and Spirits.

Sooo Much More... Out of room.\\Overcome Force with Overwhelming FASTER force.. ALWAYS from a Peacful and DEFENSIVE posture...I NEVER STRIKE FIRST, I respond.

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Blitzkreigen

There's a saying I learned back in the late 70s, " To be aware, is to be alive "

Which is pretty much what you are saying.

And altho I agree with alot of what you say, I must add that, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If people [ including those with a chip on their shoulder ] DON'T speak up, then the TYRANTS will rule....kinda like right now. If you get my drift, if not, ask, I'll elaborate.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 11:29 AM
And just to answer your question....

In any given situation, there are only so many possibilities that can occur in the next 30 seconds.

Its not really that many.

Know them.

Play them out in your mind QUICKLY ( Instantly )
while you are watching the situation in "Real Time".

You can tell from whats happenig in REAL TIME, what the next step is going to be. ( You already see all possibilities )

Kinda Like taking an Exit off the Freeway.... you have not changed direction yet ( "curving to exit "), but your already committed to going another direction , and its too late to change it now. ( oops wrong exit )

You just hit 'Nitro Boost', and Get There before 'they' do. ( Hell of a SURPRISE, and it throws "them" off their 'intent' immediately )

There are only so many exits to take, and when you pass one , its no longer an option. Neither are the ones a bit further down the road, when you have already "exited".

It Is Muscle and Mind training, that go hand in hand, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ( I cant stress this enough ) from a PEACFUL and DEFENSIVE POSTURE. Otherwise it WILL NOT WORK>>> and you will get hurt.

Its Like MY INTENT of being Peacful and Kind, gives me strength and Speed, including Mentally "Speeding things up", along with GUIDANCE on what to do NOW.

If I tried that from a place of ANGER, HATE, Evil, or with criminal intent, it simply puts USED MOTOR OIL in the PURE water, and immediately destroys the ability to "FLOW", and transcend the "TIME" that we are all used to daily.

I Highly suggest a Good Martial Artist to train you. I dont care how old you are.

They TEACH YOU NOT TO FIGHT, and to be a strong SOUL for Spiritual Combat, without ever even throwing a 'punch'.

Your Mind will let you Break 1" Stacked Cinder Blocks 14 or 15 thick, without hurting your Palm.

Your Mind will let you Kick the ceiling, 8 feet up, and RIP Everlast HEAVY bags in HALF with one Kick, afer they swing up and knock out ceiling tiles.
( Everlast VOIDED our Waranty after about 7 bags , custom bags were next with Corn And bluejeans stuffing, WELDED to the CEILING)

Your Mind will let you see things that are about to happen, and guide you instinctually on what to do, or what NOT do. ( cross the street, avoid )

All this Training Trains your MIND AND BODY MUSCLE MEMORY for Combat in the Physical world, but you later learn that Really 90% of it is REALLY all happening in the Spiritual World. Muscle Memory EXISTS in the Spiritual World, its just the thoughts that act, not your muscles.. same effect without 'moving') God, sounds like Matrix doesnt it.. lol never thought that before..

Of course there are "THINGS" in our Existance that we simply cannot see, explain, measure or record. That Does Not Mean that they are 'not here'.

I have seen them, I've had to fight them. They are here with me now, but I REBUKE them and I am Stronger than them.

You are too... you just need to be shown that.

I also have Help from the Positive forces all around us that make up this existance.

Good Or Evil... there is really only Light or Dark.

You choose LIGHT, and you cannot be Defeated.

Even in Death, you have NOT Lost, but GAINED more than can be ever understood, or de-meaned by 'human words'. Death is NOT the END, but how you live and die is extemely important to 'progress'.

You have an extremely Strong Spirit, or you would not be under attack.

Someone needs to develop that with you, and show you its there.

Its time.

You have alreeady been 'called out'.

Now find out 'in yourself' the Power that you have, and develop it for GOOD.

Its Obviously Strong, and YOU 'own it'. Enjoy it. Its a GOOD thing.

Set that camera up too, on 'night vision' mode. Really.. like TODAY.

All this talk about the subject is making it come to a "ooops he sees me point",and your now faced with dealing with it. Get it on Cam.

Best Regards,


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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 11:39 AM

Originally posted by toasted
reply to post by Blitzkreigen

There's a saying I learned back in the late 70s, " To be aware, is to be alive "

Which is pretty much what you are saying.

And altho I agree with alot of what you say, I must add that, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If people [ including those with a chip on their shoulder ] DON'T speak up, then the TYRANTS will rule....kinda like right now. If you get my drift, if not, ask, I'll elaborate.

Well.. the "Napoleon Complex" statement was referring to Guys that just need to prove something, to their buddies, or their girlfriends, or they are simply intimidated by taller people and want to be a 'big shot'.

Include drunks in this gategory as well, along with 'Wanna Be' Gang Bangers who hang out in groups and have to prove themselves to their "homies".

I'm Not a Tyrant, or an Elitist, and I dont mess with anyone, but I dont have to take their "intent" either.

If you mean "Tyrant", like in corporate america or government or local Police or UN or Elitist or something like that... I wasnt there. Nobody saw me do it , you cant prove a thing, it must have been someone that just 'looked' like me. I was asleep at home... the glove didnt fit...that was a really pixelized video and that could have been anyone...

Best regards,


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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 02:46 PM
Go to a sleep paralysis website. You may find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Good luck. I know how you feel and how scared you are. Try not to think too much about it.

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 03:36 PM

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 08:05 PM
I have had a very similar experience and in trying to find out what it was, also came across the succumbus/incubit theories. They are quite old.

My experience actually occured a few times about five years ago, but in fact I had another one off experience a few months ago.

Like you I had a strong sense there was a presence and was completely parylysed, one time it happened, I felt somehow raped. It was very terrifying, but it did me no harm, did not last long and I woke completely and looked round the house to make sure noone was there etc etc.

Anyway because it was so scary I did look int it alot and am myself convinced it is a physiological phenomenon, rather than spiritual or ghostly. The pictures of succubus etc, do describe well the feelings that are hard to describe, that is why they were so popular in times before we had more knowledge of what is going on.

I obviously cant relay all I read on this subject, but remember that emotions are powerful, if you become conscious before your body has time to wake up, you will start experiencing emotions and sensing stuff, such as a presence. Your body is parylysed during sleep to stop you acting out your rem dreams. But if your mind wakes before you body you may experience all sorts of stuff, half waking half sleeping, feelings that the brain translates in weird ways, just like when asleep if a truck goes past, you might dram you are in an earthquake.

As it is alot psychological and emotional, if religious, praying can of course help with fear and stuff, but my personal view is that you simply have nothing to fear.


posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by jlawson56

You are being assaulted by a fallen angel or more commonly known as a demon. I have experienced several things you mentioned, along with physical contact (assault etc.) This started when I was a young boy, and I had done nothing to invite this kind of oppression.

Yes this kind of oppression/assault can happen from dabbling in the occult and also an ouija board, but it can also happen because the demons realize you have a good heart and could possibly become a born again Christian and then affect others causing them to also find Christ which they hate, so they are trying to drive you crazy or possibly even harm you because of this.

You need to ask God to send his angels like he did for the prophet Elijah to chase away the evil spirits that are tormenting you. Make sure you ask this in Jesus name! This worked for me and Gods answer was AWESOME & Instantaneous!!! God actually sent angels to fight for was amazing, and the supernatural manifestation that happened would blow anyones mind, yet when it was happening I wasn't even scared, as the person who was praying for me was a super strong Christian and was telling me event by event what was happening. When it was over, (the angelic visitation) I became quite calm and I slept peacefully through the night. I have not been bothered by the demons SINCE.

You would be better served especially if you are NOT a born again Christian to find someone who really is a true born again Christian to pray with you and ask just as I stated. You must BELIEVE that HE is able to deliver you out of this oppression, as somehow your faith along with the other persons faith will allow His power to come down and deliver you.

I know how scared you must be, but I was delivered by Jesus and He will deliver you if you believe. But please don't try to do this by yourself, and make sure the person praying for you is a TRUE Christian!!!...I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND A CATHOLIC, either priest or lay person, as they are not equipped to handle this level of demonic oppression. yes they do help some people, but it takes MUCH MUCH LONGER because they try to do it by the silly written incantations of a silly man, (SOME OLD POPE WROTE THE DELIVERANCE AND IT'S IN LATIN) instead of asking God in Jesus name to send his angels to fight off the demons and deliver you.

I would recommend finding a spiritual Bible believing church like an independent Baptist and join it to find out what this life is really about. I hope you listen to what I have said, as I was delivered by God from much of the same things you describe. I became a born again Christian several years later and I'm very blessed because I have actually witnessed Gods awesome supernatural deliverance.

I will pray for you, please post just your first name so I can know who I'm praying for. If you truly want to be delivered do just as I said and God will answer and bring deliverance to you.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 09:35 AM
Hey, a priest isn't going to help you, and neither is a doctor or any kind of medicine. based on your description of what's happened, it sounds like you may have been possessed. UNDERSTAND, though, that possession doesn't always mean heads spinning and projectile vomiting and speaking in voices that aren't your own. demonic possession is defined by the word possessed, which denotes ownership. a demon doesn't have to speak or live through you in order to possess you, it just has to have authority over you. frankly, there isn't much hope for you, unless you are willing to suspend disbelief and distrust in faith. again, a priest won't be able to help you. you MUST accept JESUS as your Savior, and as your King, and the result is that the demon will not have a legal right of ownership anymore. acceptance of JESUS as your Savior and King is more than a ritual, it's more than a song sung or a verse spoken, and it's more than just believing. you can read in Scriptures that even the demons believe, and shudder......

in order to complete the transition of ownership, you have to verbally and consciously will that JESUS have all authority over you, and verbally give consent to HIS Lordship. essentially, you are agreeing to be owned by JESUS. then the demon will leave and cannot legally return.

if you decide to go through with this, keep me updated on your progress, and I'll be praying for you.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by jlawson56

You can do a self-deliverance, but I wouldn't until you had more experience. I am lucky that my husband's cousins are full-gospel ministers, and they know about these things. With Assembly of God, it is very casual, not formal like the Catholic. They can begin by two people just praying over you. I just went to an Assembly of God Church, went down during altar call, and told the pastor that my lights were blinking and strange things were happening in my home, and could he help me? (This was another time, but you could try something like that.) So, he and his wife prayed over me. He hit my forehead a few times. I wouldn't try to self-deliver yet. I think that could be dangerous. The book "Pigs In The Parlor" by Frank and Ida Hammond is a great starting point. I know many Christians who started off with that book. It helps you to understand what is happening to you, etc., and the demon groupings, etc. You could probably just call a church, and tell them a little about what's up, and tell them you think you might need a deliverance. Please don't be afraid. I think you may just be under Oppression. Believe me, there are many people who are going through similar things. Also, I have heard of the same thing happening to others that is happening to you, so don't feel weird. Deliverance Teams have seen it all, and much more, lol! Praying for you! Hope this helps!

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 05:40 PM
Bah, If you are not religious to start with, Praying to a deity you DON"T believe in probably isn't going to do much for you.( I would think) I suggest you speak with someone who DOES share your religious views, and see what they would suggest. If you are unsure of your faith, I don't think you should go running to something else, that can be dangerous. I am sure this has probably been suggested but...Possible alien experimentation?

Please do not get angry with me for not conforming, this is only my opinion.

Keep your chin up my friend, wish ya the best.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by raven bombshellPerhaps you should look toward a medical diagnosis rather than jumping to the conclusion that it's some sort of paranormal entity.
[edit on 30-5-2008 by raven bombshell]

Yes, that is the first thing I thought too. I have not read all the posts but I see "sleep paralysis" is still a common theme.

If you are being raped by a being with a deep voice I am assuming it is supposed to be male. Therefore anal rape? Well, if it is an actual, physical occurance one would think there would be some physical signs! Unless it is a very modestly endowed demon, but somehow I never thought demons would be short in that area. Regardless, if you are saying this is actually happening in your physical reality there would be pretty obvious physical signs!

I also find it rather odd that while you say these experiences are scary, you do not mention pain. One would think that sort of incident would be quite painful.

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