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The Secret Of Gravity Revealed - Scientific Experiment Included

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 03:57 AM

Originally posted by whatukno
The bottom plate is a magnet with one pole while the top itself is made of two poles, when you spin it, it will actually float because now the negatively attracted pole is in motion negating the positive attracting pole.

yes so it 'floats' ie 'levitates' ie 'defies graffity'
Besides Boyd Bushman has already shown that strong magnets will fall slower than an equal mass

The more mass an object has the more of a gravitational field a object creates.

Hmmm well yes I have heard that stated once or twice but I bet its wrong

In any case that is not the issue

So you seem to thing that my ship won't lift off the earth by using a powerful enough rotating magnetic field?

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by zorgon

No absolutely not, I am not saying that. In fact between the two gravity is the weaker force. So therefore if you were able to create a ship that would be a polar opposite to the electromagnetic field around the earth it would fly.

Just because gravity is weaker than magnitism doesn't mean it doesnt exist.

And newtons LAW of gravity isn't wrong.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 12:25 AM

Originally posted by amigo

Originally posted by seawolf197
Hey OP, here is an alternate view to your theory, and it's pretty compelling.

If you haven't seen this video take a chance on it. Although it is quite long, I found it to be very interesting. Nassim Haramein has a very different take on gravity.

Google Video Link

I second this, I have just finished watching both videos from his 2003 lecture and the arguments he presents are compelling to say the least. I do not regret sitting through almost eight hours of video.

The amount of common sense and plain logic that he uses is very refreshing because he shows how out-of-the-box thinking can be applied when you are not fully brainwashed by the education system and have retained that critical and inquisitive way of thinking that many lack these days.

Since then he has published some papers (peer reviewed) and they are available on his website at The Resonance Project

The papers do contain calculations so anyone reading might need to "freshen up" on their math.

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Absolutely mind blowing those vids and was worth the whole 8 HOURS watching them.
The guy was very easy to listen to and said things in easy to understand laymans terms

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Hello Z!

I first wanted to reply to the first part of your post. If you want to get technical, Gravity can be "defied" by jumping into the air or using an electromagnetic field that counteracts the earth's gravity. The problem with the idea of anti-gravity as a propulsion system (from a scientific perspective) is having gravity in the first place. What I mean by this is, if you need gravity in one form or another for anti-gravity propulsion to work in the first place, then throughout probably 99% of the universe it won't work (unless you could somehow use the tiny amount of gravity created by the spacecraft) . The only way around that is to use anti-gravity propulsion as a time-traveling device that can achieve faster-than-light travel to faciliate travel between two points in space. But this "jump" that would take place could only be initiated through the manipulation of a gravitational source.. If there is no source, anti-gravity doesn't make much sense.

Manipulation of the zero point field would seem much more plausible (at least to me) simply because the zero point field is everywhere and could, perhaps, be used as a source of infinite energy. From a space travel point of view this would be ideal. You could manipulate the zero point field at any point in the universe, and then travel to any point in the universe instantaneously since you would have an infinite energy source and could even create your own wormholes.

Noone knows the true connection between electromagnetism and gravity but scientists believe that there IS a connection. However, countering the argument of any body having gravity due to mass is extremely difficult because of this. It's all theory unless we already have overcome all these problems and we just don't know about it because it is being used for all kinds of new, really far-out military toys. We have always directly seen correlations between gravity and mass whether it be through observing distant galaxies or the sun itself. But since we don't truly understand the relationship between gravity and electromagnetism, we just don't understand what role electromagnetism plays in the big picture. At least that's what we are being told.

It could be that the UFO phenomenon began when we discovered time travel because the time-line would have become altered forever in which the future versions of ourselves and our inter-galactic allies are coming back to visit us. And perhaps if we never discovered time travel, UFO's wouldn't exist (here) at all. Just a thought.

I hear people like Michio Kaku saying that UFO's aren't real, the paranormal isn't real.. When Michio Kaku himself has theories and books out which could actually explain these things quite well.. It doesn't make sense to me.. And if time travel is possible, then isn't the paranormal? Isn't the UFO phenomenon? Most of his recent books are about how he thinks time travel really is possible.

Perhaps paranormal phenomenon (like ghosts apparitions, etc..) are simply people and events existing in different timeframes or dimensions superimposed over ours. This would explain ALOT. And even if we are truly alone in the universe, we might eventually discover time travel and revisit our ancient ancestors in time-traveling spaceships that humans refer to as UFO's. But alot of scientists simply don't take this stuff into account. To them, UFO's must equate to aliens traversing vast distances and the paranormal must involve dead people who haunt the living for kicks and giggles when it probably just doesn't work that way.

We simply don't have the kind of conscious mind that can even fully comprehend all these factors that all form the big picture of the universe/multiverse. And when you take into account the fact that what we see at the quantum level depends on whether or not you are observing at all, you begin to see how consciousness plays such a big part in the weirdness of the universe. For all we know we are all creating our own universe and everything around us is a projection of consciousness. And maybe when we are asleep, since our conscious minds are inactive, that is the REAL world.


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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 01:03 PM
Blaster, that was a good post.

Couple of comments i have for you:

Michio Kaku is no doubt brilliant. And well spoken, to boot. Like many in his generation that are able to understand AND relate to others (Neil DeGrasse-Tyson comes to mind, as well).

It is nice to see the evolution of thoughts that this younger generation is having. I suspect it would relate well to what their forefathers in science had done, with some exception of course.

What amazes me is the ability of such people to say that something isn't real. Especially when it is witnessed by thousands annually. Perhaps they do not see how their own evolution of thoughts would disagree with them? They think it isn't real because they don't yet have the imagination to make it rational to them, possibly? Such would be expected from people who have a deeper understanding, or a different understanding that you and I (they require a different set of standards for proof).

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 01:32 AM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan
What amazes me is the ability of such people to say that something isn't real. Especially when it is witnessed by thousands annually. Perhaps they do not see how their own evolution of thoughts would disagree with them? They think it isn't real because they don't yet have the imagination to make it rational to them, possibly? Such would be expected from people who have a deeper understanding, or a different understanding that you and I (they require a different set of standards for proof).

Thanks Tex. Another good post yourself.

All good points. And what is also very interesting to me is how science is assumed to be real by alot of young people and how they aren't ever truly taught to question the status quo of scientific understanding. Science is a best guess based on observable phenomenon that can be measured, tested, and verified. And in some cases there is a widespread assumption within the scientific community that certain phenomenon must be real because the theory jives with what IS observable and verifiable. But this is contradictory to true understanding of the universe around us.

The entire foundation of science was built on the shoulders of people who challenged the status quo at times when it could mean incarceration, torture, and/or death. There is always a risk involved in challenging everything people always believed but never truly understood and that is a risk most scientists will simply not take. But that's really how the big discoveries in science are made..

People these days risk their careers by studying things like the paranormal or UFO's for MANY reasons when it is ASSUMED within the mainstream scientific community that they are pseudoscience and not real.. With pseudoscientific topics there is, honestly, a lack of scientific scrutiny that, in turn, makes many consider the subject pseudoscience because there is a lack of official, scientific, peer-reviewed research. Michio Kaku recently said on a commercial for his radio show that the reason the paranormal isn't real is because the same people who research the paranormal are forced to advocate the phenomenon. In other words, they spread the hype in order to get attention and, in some cases, money. While that is true to a degree, it doesn't in any way, shape, or form prove or disprove the reality of the paranormal. It avoids that question altogether. Its a clever dodge.

Its very easy for scientists to make an argument against pseudoscience because of the lack of scientific evidence, but that is only because they don't do the research in the first place. And making an argument like that against pseudoscience without even knowing whether or not a phenomeon is real doesn't make much sense.. Especially coming from a world renouned physicist like Michio Kaku..

But it doesn't have to be that extreme. When scientists challenge what is currently believed to be true about the universe, they are scoffed at, delegitimized by their peers, and pretty much tossed to the side of the road. It doesn't have to involve aliens, UFO's, or the paranormal either. It could simply involve challenging the status quo regarding what we understand about gravity, quantum physics, geophysical phenomenon, etc.. There are MANY examples throughout history when the people who were "on the money" with their theories and ideas were simply discredited by their peers and tossed out to dry because those same theories and ideas didn't fit with the current scientific model of what was thought to be real at the time. It still happens today and will probably always happen. But it is these same kind of people who challenge everyone and everything we think we know who make some of the most groundbreaking discoveries ever. Nicola Tesla, Einstein, Steven Hawking, Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, Newton, ALL of these people challenged the status quo to the betterment of human understanding. That is so often forgotten..

Science, itself, is a matter of what we think we know at any point in time about the universe around us. It is always changing as new scientific discoveries are made, and sometimes what was believed/assumed to be real, based on other observations, is completely disproven. Look at the UFO phenomenon. How can any logical scientist challenge the reality of UFO's when they

1-have no idea in the first place
2-refuse to do the research and scientific studies to even justify such a stance and have it supported with something tangible.
3-probably haven't even heard of the more compelling evidence of UFO's. Things like the abduction phenomeonon, human implants, well-documented sightings involving astronauts, pilots, and military personnel, not to mention the amazing footage taken by our own space administration in orbit around the earth over the past few years which has no official NASA explanation other than ice or space junk (when, at least in some cases, it is quite obviously neither).

And you can't ignore the fact that nearly every manned space mission since the dawn of space flight has experienced some kind of unknown object/UFO. We still have astronauts coming forward about their UFO experiences from the apollo missions (people like Edgar Mitchell who just came forward to share his experiences). I mean, for crying out loud. NASA even has a military encrypted radio for discussing UFO's in orbit.. And time after time our own NASA astronauts have been caught on live TV broadcasts referring to objects as "UFO" and "alien spacecraft". NONE of this is even considered by the same scientists who tell us that these things aren't real. Aren't real based on what? A lack of scientific scrutiny and objective research?


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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 01:26 AM
Well you can see I am an infrequent vistor, and I upset admin by whatever flags/stars and points mean?:


However I contributed to this thread, both challenging the OP to expound MORE!,... and also some serious positive with self experiment.

.... ( I was the guy down under that realised by experimental proof , as stated in the 1st post as Ed rightly explained ought be reversed in the Southern Hemisphere) ..So what that's simple

NOW... I GOT IT! ... the secret and I haven't yet seen the "cat out of the bag" videos.

This is one of the most profound "leaks" of ....super duper.... knowledge EVER posted on the internet.



( a Zillion^ to the power of infinity:up

I got it .....FINALLY!

Edit: was for speldink erruz!

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 09:37 AM

Originally posted by ALLis0NE

Originally posted by VIKINGANT
To a point I understand and agree with this and have always felt this to be so, but the problem I have is with non metalic items. This experiment would for instance not work with a wood or plastic ruler.

The only reason this experiment would not work with wood or plastic, is because 1, the Earths magnetic field is dominating the magnetic domains of the atoms of the wood and plastic. And 2, the atomic structure of wood and plastic does not easily allow for their atoms to be magnetically aligned, so they are not easy effected by a smaller magnet. However, IT IS POSSIBLE.

If you need any further proof, here is some magnetic levitation of a frog..

If you read one of my other threads, you will also find out that Static Electricity ATTRACTS WATER. Water is supposed to be diamagnetic, but static electrons (negative charges, south polarity magnets) ATTRACT WATER. Humans are made mostly of water...

Trust me, the secret of gravity is magnetism. I learned this from Ed Leedkslanin, and he has physical proof in the form of a Castle.

[edit on 25-5-2008 by ALLis0NE]

i totally agree with you there, ive seen the frog experiment in action, the water content in its body is allowing it to be used as a super conductor, without freezing it like you do with the hockey puck experiment...

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 12:13 PM
so...just finished reading this thread
easy to read I would say

Now all I need is to learn how with your "programm"
great haha
anyway thanks for your patience and info,remarkable job

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 03:07 PM
where is "allisone" i was hoping for more information regarding his theories, i appreciate this is an old thread, help, anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 08:42 PM
fingapointa wrote:
"If all gravity is magnetism, how are non magnetic objects staying put on the earth?"

That's a good question, but not a conversation-stopper. A minority of substances, like iron, are paramagnetic; they can be magnetized (at least temporarily) by applied magnetic fields.

There are very few nonmagnetic materials. I can't even name one.

Most substances are weakly diamagnetic; i.e. they generate magnetic fields that oppose applied magnetic fields. A classic example is the famous levitating frog, pictured on the first page of this thread. Most non-scientists incorrectly label diamagnetic materials as nonmagnetic.

Your proposed thought experiment is interesting. It is possible to design a nonmagnetic compound, in which the diamagnetism and paramagnetism come arbitrarily close to canceling out. We could put a chunk of this novel material on a flat surface to see if it stays put. My educated guess is that it would.

But if I'm wrong about that, I'd either win a Nobel Prize, or be burned at the stake by the oil companies! (I'm just joking about the oil companies.)

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by ALLis0NE

Hey Dude I dont know if you are still a member
I get everything you have said about the pyramids
and coral castle.
We should talk

P.s. SCALE UP or Scale down. it can all be made wearable.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by ALLis0NE

Hey what's your website. I see that your banned. so in case you can't reply, my email is Thanks.

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