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Easter and its Pagan roots

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by AshleyD

OK, quick post before I have to run out the door for work. I have let Lightmare keep me distracted till I had little time to get ready for work LOL.

Yes Ash hun, I do forgive you and hope you do the same for my attitude. As you said, no harm no foul.

We both have very strong opinions and are not shy to speak them. Nothing wrong with that. We both know our stuff, so we both have a tendancy to speak out without thinking first.

No bad feelings on this end, I assure you. Well, unless one of you is the one making me have to go to work when I would much rather curl up and rest my aching head! LOL


posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 02:35 PM
Easter is a pagan holiday that was only adopted by the roman catholics in order to bring more pagans into the religion. Since the protestants derive from the catholics, they tend to keep some of the traditions such as easter, christmas, and sunday worship. The simple fact is that the sabbath never changed from saturday to sunday. Easter never replaced the christian passover and the two are about a month apart this year, and Jesus was not born on Dec. 25. He was born around september and was born in BC 4.

Constantine changed christian worship from the sabbath to the day of the sun in order for the pagans to worship their sun god, baal. Christmas was already explained earlier on this thread... Yule... as in yule-tide-carrolls anyone? Not to mention, if they are true christian holidays, why the easter bunny or santa clause? That takes the day completely away from the meaning.

I am a christian who follows the true Church of God started in 31 AD upon the death of Christ. He and his apostles laid the foundation for this church... this very first of any christian faiths CHURCH! None of the Jewish Holidays are exempt from christian faiths. They only hold a deeper meaning than before. Instead of sacrificing a lamb for passover, as the Jews did, the christians celebrate the crucifiction of Christ on the cross seeing that He was our sacrificial Passover Lamb and savior. The reason why christianity is so plagued by pagan beliefs and rituals is because the Roman Catholics started to introduce pagan doctrines such as the trinity, easter, sunday worship, etc. The bible mentions all holy days to be recognized. No where in the book does it mention easter, christmas, halloween, or any other religious days.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Here is an explanation on the birth of Christ and why he wasn't born on Dec. 25. The text is taken from the United Chruch of God booklet, "Holidays or Holy Days: Does it Matter What Days we Keep?"

"Why Jesus Christ Wasn't Born on December 25
History convincingly shows that Dec. 25 was popularized as the date for Christmas, not because Christ was born on that day, but because it was already popular in pagan religious celebrations as the birthday of the sun.

But is it possible that Dec. 25 could be the day of Christ's birth?

"Lacking any scriptural pointers to Jesus's birthday, early Christian teachers suggested dates all over the calendar. Clement ... picked November 18. Hippolytus ... figured Christ must have been born on a Wednesday ... An anonymous .,] believed to have been written in North Africa around A.D. 243, placed Jesus's birth on March 28" (Joseph L. Sheler, U.S. News & World Report, "In Search of Christmas," Dec. 23, 1996, p. 58).

A careful analysis of Scripture, however, clearly indicates that Dec. 25 is an unlikely date for Christ's birth. Here are two primary reasons:

First, we know that shepherds were in the fields watching their flocks at the time of Jesus' birth (Luke 2:7-8). Shepherds were not in the fields during December. According to Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays, Luke's account "suggests that Jesus may have been born in summer or early fall. Since December is cold and rainy in Judea, it is likely the shepherds would have sought shelter for their flocks at night" (p. 309).

Similarly, The Interpreter's One-Volume Commentary says this passage argues "against the birth [of Christ] occurring on Dec. 25 since the weather would not have permitted" shepherds watching over their flocks in the fields at night.

Second, Jesus' parents came to Bethlehem to register in a Roman census (Luke 2:1-4). Such censuses were not taken in winter, when temperatures often dropped below freezing and roads were in poor condition. Taking a census under such conditions would have been self-defeating.

Given the difficulties and the desire to bring pagans into Christianity, "the important fact then which I have asked you to get clearly into your head is that the fixing of the date as December 25th was a compromise with paganism" (William Walsh, The Story of Santa Klaus, 1970, p. 62).

If Jesus Christ weren't born on Dec. 25, does the Bible indicate when He was born? The biblical accounts point to the fall of the year as the most likely time of Jesus' birth, based on the conception and birth of John the Baptist.

Since Elizabeth (John's mother) was in her sixth month of pregnancy when Jesus was conceived (Luke 1:24-36), we can determine the approximate time of year Jesus was born if we know when John was born. John's father, Zacharias, was a priest serving in the Jerusalem temple during the course of Abijah (Luke 1:5). Historical calculations indicate this course of service corresponded to June 13-19 in that year (The Companion Bible, 1974, Appendix 179, p. 200).

It was during this time of temple service that Zacharias learned that he and his wife, Elizabeth, would have a child (Luke 1:8-13). After he completed his service and traveled home, Elizabeth conceived (verses 23-24). Assuming John's conception took place near the end of June, adding nine months brings us to the end of March as the most likely time for John's birth. Adding another six months (the difference in ages between John and Jesus) brings us to the end of September as the likely time of Jesus' birth."

So there you have it. The end of September. And someone asked earlier why the last 4 months have numerical prefixes and why they don't conincide with the month they represent, it's because 2 months were added thanks to the roman empire. July=Julius Caesar. August=Augustus Caesar. So there you have it.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by ValhallasValkyrie

hehe Just saw this. No worries! It's always nice when two members kiss and make up! We're just two hot headed women who got into it. My apologies for assuming you were a male. That is probably what incensed me the most being a Feminazi (
)and always thought us girls needed to stand up for ourselves. But that is so cool Lightmare is your real life sweetie! I saw him mention his girlfriend being a pagan on one of my threads but never knew it was you. Now I really feel like a butt for ragging on one of my friend's girlfriends!

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by BlackProjects

Like alot of other people, because of what we see go on around us, I too assumed this was a legit holiday, and recently found out we were all deceived.

The big question I have is, why do so many churches participate in this deception? Why don't they stand up and discuss it with the congregation? etc,etc,etc...[ I know why, but each person must answer that for himself ]

I seen a video by a former illuminati member who discussed all the pagan holidays of america.

" Doc Marquis was raised in an Illuminati family, trained as an Illuminist, and attained the rank of Master Witch (3rd degree). Doc has been a Christian since 1979 and has appeared on and consulted for 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', 'The Geraldo Rivera Show', 'Hard Copy', 'Inside Edition', and 'Unsolved Mysteries'. Doc reveals how all American Holidays are designed by using an occult numerical pattern originating from the Illuminati. Discover the REAL truth behind the popular holidays of: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, May Day, Groundhog Day, and other "traditions of man." "

It is not on google video and seems to only be available at the prophecy club.

Anyways. the lies are many, as are most folks distractions in our busy lives, so that not many will bother to look into the facts of the holidays that they assume are just harmless traditions. to find out, what they thought was harmless and maybe even enjoyed, is just another deception.

Jesus spoke against "the traditions of men". And the truth , it seems is, that we haven't broken away from that, [ keeping mans traditions instead of Gods ] since He walked the earth! The fact of the matter is our churches have given in to this as well.

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by toasted

The United Church of God has not given in to traditions of men. Check out their site at

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by Locoman8

Thanks locoman, I knew they weren't all traitors, but the impression most folks have is the pagan holidays are legit.

Nice to know about another voice in the wilderness, but the question is, will those who need to hear it, venture out into the wilderness for no reason that they can see to seek a message they either don't believe in, nor are aware of?

I've seen the responses by the elitist-brotherhood of new agers here , so I should not make any predictions for their futures, because each of them needs to find their own way.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 07:12 AM
reply to post by toasted

Toasted, I just wanted to tell you that I was considered as a confused christian for many years because I would see all these different denominations and views all linked to doctrines of men. I started to research christianity to find the earliest known church.... the one Jesus started which was called the Church of God. There are many splinter groups from the church which all share the same core values.... those of Christ and the apostles but many have shyed away from the core values. The Worldwide Church of God, which was the one H.W. Armstrong started was basically that single church that preached the teachings of Christ but after the death of H.W. Armstrong, the church turned it's back on those teachings and became a mainstream evangelist church. Because of this, the church members broke away and created splinter groups.... the largest being the United Church of God. This church and teachings of this church are the most real I've found. Protestant and evangelest churches are just splinter groups of Catholicism. I use to be a baptist but a few raw experiences turned me away from that. My wife grew up baptist/pentacostal and still believes much of that. She thinks I'm crazy when I talk about this stuff. I urge you to research the UCG and request the free literature they offer in the form of booklets and magazines/newsletters. God bless you.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by Locoman8

I remember old HW Armstrong, back in the day, I'd be up surfing the boob tube and I'd see this old guy, who was very animated, pounding his fist and quite excited. And I wondered what all the fuss was about, but I was not saved then, and he was a curiosity, so I paused and listened for a while, but I didn't get it yet.

I would catch him every so often, giving a lecture and I would just let it percolate in my mind. I even picked up a Bible, just to peruse the pages, but having no one to guide me through, the words I read didn't seem to do anything for me. I'd have to say, that that is how most people feel when reading The Word, because they truly do not yet believe. Funny how, the Spirit speaks to you after you realize that not only is there a Creator, but these really are His words! It is like that belief is the key to unlocking another dimension, from which the Lord speaks to us from.

Looking back, I guess the Lord was directing me to His Word, because He wanted me back. I'm sure, if given half a chance to give an honest response, most people would admit some curiosity about The Word even though they aren't saved, yet.

p.s., I seen a video, but can't recall the name of it right now, where it pointed out how most of the churches had a united front with the coming one world religion, which obviously points to an " alberto rivera " type infiltration at the highest levels.

I'll check out the UCG when I get a chance, and thanks!

[edit on 22-4-2008 by toasted]

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by toasted

Interesting story and just to add about the churches and the one world government/religion..... it is the Roman Catholic Church that started corruption in christianity and all traditional christianity leads back to catholicism. In the days of the apostles there was only one church and it was called the Church of God. A man by the name of Simon Magus saw what Paul, Peter, and Phillip were doing with the people as far as healings and baptisms so he asked Peter if he can teach him how to do that.... Peter ridiculed Simon because Simon didn't know what the meaning behind the baptism was. Upset, Simon left and started his own belief system by adopting the works of the apostles mixed with the works of some pagan traditions. Simon stole the name of Peter (Simon Peter) and was considered one of the greatest apostles of the christian movement. Simon would go on to create the Catholic Church and would be known only by St. Peter after that. The Vatican is believed to be built over the tomb of St. Peter but if you do some research you will find that Simon Peter... the real apostle Peter is burried in Jerusalem. The body of Simon Magus is the body the Vatican is built over. So you see, the catholic church has corrupted traditional christianity through the Protestant Reformation because though these splinter groups broke away from catholicism, they still kept some of the pagan traditions like sunday worship/easter/christmas. The church of God has no ties to the Catholic faith or Protestants/Evangelicals. This one world religion, I fear is going to be lead by the Pope and the Catholics.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by Locoman8

Have you ever heard of pastor arnold murray ?

he's on ch48 [ in the mid-west ] at 3am-7am and does a bible study which was the most in depth study I've ever seen.

their ministry is the shepherds chapel.

And I finally took a look at UCG and copied a cpl pdf to look at...

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by toasted

You can also order those booklets to be mailed out to you instead of having to read it on the computer. These are the things that have helped me understand the bible better. I hope it helps you on your mission.

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 09:11 PM
The correct word for the celebration of Christs Resurrection is 'Pascha' which actually means Passover!
Easter is an 'English' word made up by the English people and may have purposely been done for confusion to arrise as it plainly been accepted as being a pagan holiday of which there is no truth!
A service on Sunday is actualy called a mini 'Pascha' which is done in remembrance of Christs Resurrection and the promise of a future life in Christ for eternity....choice is free will.

Th celebration of 'Pascha' is not pagan or evil or any worship of false gods!
The Jews celebrate 'Passover' as it is written in the Old Testament...Passover was fullfilled by Christ as Messiah,as He was the Lamb that the Jews celebrated in the Old Testament came and Fullfilled all that was spoken of!
Since the Greek language was the mostly spoken in that time,,Greek was the Language used for the New Testament...To add or change the TRUE meaning of the words for the purpose of an argument just does not make sense and it is useless to those that know better then to argue with unbelievers!

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by helen670

The word Easter appears once in the KJV of the bible, in Acts 12:4, where it is a mistranslation. Reputable scholars and reference works point out that the word Easter in this verse comes from the Greek word pascha, meaning Passover. Modern translations correctly translate this word "Passover"-- as even the King James Version does in other verses. As the "Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words" says about the term Easter here: "Pascha... mistranslated 'Easter' in Acts 12:4, KJV, denotes the Passover... The term 'Easter' is not of Christian origin. It is another form of Astarte, one of the titles of the Chaldean goddess, the queen of heaven. The festival of Pasch [Passover] held by Christians in post-apostolic times was a continuation of the Jewish feast... From this Pasch the pagan festival of 'Easter' was quite distinct and was introduced into the apostate Western religion, as part of the attempt to adapt pagan festivals to Christianity" (1985, p. 192, "Easter").

This is the truth. The early church of God never celebrated Easter but did hold Passover. Jesus even celebrated in Passover as well as the other 6 Holy Day festivals that all of us should still celebrate seeing that Jesus never commanded us to celebrate his birth or ressurrection, but only his death on Passover which is what the "Last Supper" was all about. The sacrificial lamb that was Christ did not mean the Passover was to be done away with, it only meant that the need for sacrificing lambs was fulfilled through his sacrifice. Don't get me started on Christmas because it's rooted even deeper in paganism.

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