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Negative Blood Type (RH Factor) and Alien History

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by Witness2008
You know if we need a transfusion IT SHOULD BE NEGATIVE, POSITIVE CAN KILL US.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:34 PM
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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:55 PM
the red cross is definitely something to stay away from. if you want to donate blood, do it at a hospital! (for your own safety)

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by Jim.Hero

I am A-neg blood. I was born with red hair and blue eyes, by the age of 3 I had cotton white hair, and then as the years went on my hair changed to strawberry blonde, then to a light brown. I don't believe it has anything to do with my blood type. It has to do with the fact that most peoples hair color changes. My hubby, O positive, cotton blonde as a child almost black hair now. No one in his family history has negative blood. Now, yes RH neg can NOT be traced to the rhesus monkey, no they can't trace the neg blood back in history. Negative blood can not be cloned, all mammals have positive blood, but the human race. We few with negative blood have problems carrying babies because our bodies want to remove it, because its foreign to our bodies. People with negative blood do tend to have abilities others do not have.

Many believe that the negative blood comes from when the fallen angels mated with humans and caused hybrids... Fallen angels or aliens...... I say aliens and fallen angels are one and the same. There is a lot of information on the net about it. Read it, learn it, it is interesting, but lets not grasp at alien connections because your hair color changed. Someone posted that their blood type changed, maybe because the parents blood type was a certain type they assumed their child had the same type, or it was not done properly.... Just my opinion!!

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 04:11 PM
Born in june,abductee,clear memories,royal blloodline connections.Believe there has been a constant and consistant taacable and documentable ,manipulation of certain family lines by the intentional ADDITION OF SEECTED FEMALES.Women somehow are the ones who carry the genetic capability to ENHANCE a bloodline or to REJUVINATE one.I believe that not only is there a premeditated input of predetermined female dna but that there is also control exerted over which males are allowed to pass these genetics on through their progeny.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 04:45 PM

Ide like to describe this little pendant i was given by my mother when i was a little boy, im convinced it relates to my blood type though i cant figure out the meaning of two letters. Any help would be appreciated as im now intrigued =)

linking a pic i took crappy with mobile so apologies. u can just about make out the RH at top drop of blood centre and GR bottom.

keep smiling all, and thanks


posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by one4all

One4all...How would this female bloodline be manipulated? I am assuming that you are RH negative.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 02:17 AM
I dont know if I am RH negative or not,but I do know I was abducted and I also know two women from the same family who managed to become Queens of the most noted Royal Family or bloodline known today.They managed this agains tremendous odds and I believe that they were specifically chosen for their genetic makeup and Im not talking about cleavage here because one of them had almost none.No disrespect intended .I believe that you can profess to have a constant family line ,or "one that you think"is constant,but because we humans are an inherantly immoral bunch ,its just not really possible now is it?

I mean lets be real here,how could you possibly keep track of whose willy went where?and when?Impossible.Ask any female and she will tell you that barring a DNA test the father is who she says it is,and anyways when we are talking royal bloodlines a son is expected as an heir and if your wife cant make you one you will be allowed to behead her or use a handmaiden or two,if you can.


Adam couldnt reproduce without eve,because he couldnt geneticly match up with the females from the race he was derived from,we were started with just one male primate a primate who was geneticly enhanced as an individual,when it was time to breed him,he wasnt able to reproduce his geneticly desirable traits in his offspring,Eve needed to be cloned or created directly from Adam.This was because it was only through recieving Adams genetic makeup via cloning that Eve was able to pass these enhancements on to her offspring,Adam may have mated with physically compatible females ,BUT HE WOULDNT HAVE been able to pass on the enhancements through those females.For some reason he needed an Eve that was compatible to him to get the ball rolling,after the first round all females could pass on the enhancements and the sons of Eves could pass on the enhancements but only the ones they were born with,to add more enhancements you would once again require an EVE.

This is why it is through women that these enhancements are effected .

You have to have the female "ADAMED UP"before you insert her into a family line in order to benefit from the genetic enhancements.She must be prepared,OR BE OF SUCH AN UNDILUTED RELATION TO ADAM AND EVE THEMSELVES THAT SHE CAN NATURALLY ENHANCE YOUR ALREADY PRESENT GENE LINE.For all I know maybe it is possible to ensure that an EVE has to have a specific genetic marker present for her to be impregnated as a sort of failsafe to ensure that the male she mates with will always have a certain level of enhancements.

Im afraid I dont have all the answers but I am willing to bet that anyone with a scientific genetisist background will be able to verify something along these lines ,that is if they are low enough on the totem pole to not be afraid to piss off their peers by making a BOLD STATEMENT THAT MOST OF THEM ARE ALREADY AWARE OF BUT DONT ADVERTISE.


I mean no one is stupid enough to try to state that we are all equally intelligent,I will take the big step right now and say that there are communication and perspective barriers inherant in some peoples DNA.I will also say that several thousand years ago the difference WAS PROBABLY A LOT MORE PRONOUNCED.

Please no crybabies,I may have these exact barriers,so what?It doesnt mean they dont exist just because people dont like the idea that someone else mat have better genes,just look around,the idea of what constitutes beauty at any particular time in history changes a lot,BUT BUTT UGLY IS STILL BUTT UGLY AND PLEASING TO THE EYE IS STILL PLEASING TO THE EYE AND WE OBVIOUSLY CANT ALL BE PLEASING TO THE EYE,WE ALOS CANT ALL BE ON THE DEBATE TEAM SOME OF US ARE JUST PRETTY DUMB.On that note butt ugly will be sitting at the bus stop with stupid until they cease to breath if they are waiting for the big bus of equality to pick them up.

Heres a little food for thought ,if I am wrong then you explain this fact.

I happened to be the Most Outstanding Male Athlete in my school,I truly dominated everyone,so what you say?So this,I was also the alpha male in my school when it came to being pleasing to the eye.

This is where things start to hurt a little because you see I didnt have much ugly competition,in fact when I competed no matter what the sport I always singled out the players who I thought were the alphas in both being physical and attractive and I gained a tactical advantage because I wouldnt lie to myself about what I experienced as being obvious,I didnt and never have requeired validation in many things,just time for everyone else to catch up and FINALLY GET IT.No vanity there only fact.And as a matter of fact I coached several girls sports teams as a student coach and I will tell you straight up that I discussed this exact topic with several of the girls and we agreed that this was a fact to the point that they also began to use the information as a tactical advantage.

Odds are in the old days they took out the handsome warriors first because they were probably also the smartest.

Im running out of time today,sorry I have to be very brief.
So right to the point,I was never that good at math,dont get smart I wasnt average either,but for the love of god we are all getting either uglier and stupider or more attractive and smarter,IT CANNOT WORK BOTH WAYS OR OVERLAP BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE FORWARD MOTION AND ONE BACKWARDS MOTION.

Do you see what I mean,are we evolving forward or backwards??


I can only imagine what I will hear about this stuff ,but hey who said it would be easy?

If you assume I am right and reverse extrapolate our existance on this rock you can find no other plausable explanation,we were monkeys,we were then made gods ,but the gods screwed the monkeys so much that the god genes started to deteriorate or become watered down.Certain races,or countries,or whatever you want to call the purest groups were led by messiahs or by spokesmen for god and they were protected by their supposed creator.The only common denominator here is SIMPLE BRAINS

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 03:02 AM
And the smartest prevailed and learned how to make the dummies feel smarter than they really were,today we still do the same thing but we BLAME THE GAP ON ECONOMIC STANDING OR ABILITY/

Get real you can put some people in Donald Trumps back pocket and they will never get rich.Ever wonder why???



Before everyone craps their pants remember that we are not talking untapped potential here ,ONLY THE POTENTIAL YOU CAN ACESS IN YOUR LIFETIME,IN YOUR PARTICULAR ENVIRONMENT.We have genetic barriers created by the % of "enhanced DNA we contain".These barriers can be overcome through INTENSIVE LIFELONG LEARNING to allow us to tap into that amount of potential we wouldnt ever see without the LIFELONG LEARNING.

So you see the reason everyone isnt a doctor or a lawyer is really simpler than we think,put it this way there are lawyers who score 50% on the bar exam and lawyers who score 99%,we all know who the better lawyer will be.There are doctors who barely pass med school and there are cutting edge medical geniuses,we all know who the better doctors are.SO WHAT?????????

My point is that for like 95% of the humans on earth the learning stops somewhere between baker and candlestick maker,yes we all have big brains but the reality is that it must suck to carry such a big one around when most of us will never use it because we have been screwed here my friends,in fact you have to actually FOOL YOURSELF NOT TO SEE THIS OBVIOUS STATE OF OUR SPECIES.We have been hindered,but not before we were helped.

Looks like it is time for another transfusion,JUST WHAT THE HE**DO YOU THINK ABDUCTIONS ARE ANYWAYS FRIENDS?

I and many others were implanted,do you dummies(just dramatic effect there)really not believe the thousands of us that are telling you we were implanted?I am starting to think this is why disclosure is so hard to accomplish.People just cant get it without severe education and our lifespans are just to short to do this in any conventional manner.I have posted the answer many times already,THE INTERNET WAS A GIFT TO HUMANITY DESIGNED TO RENDER GOVERNMENTS AND RELIGONS AND ECONOMIC FIENDS ABSOLUTELY POWERLESS BY ALLOWING ALL OF HUMANITY ACCESS TO EQUAL,ACCURATE BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY REAL TIME INFORMATION TO BASE THEIR PERSPECTIVES OF THEIR LIVES ON,and my friends we create our own reality like majic every cumulative second that we co-exist.So it is only through the withholding of education and the acess to real time accurate information that we are keeping that MOST IMPORTANT NINETY FIVE PERCENT OF OUR SPECIES BAKING BREAD AND DIPPING CANDLES.

The more you learn the more perspectives or points of view you can see or understand or CHOOSE FROM.The more perspectives you can see the more empathetic you become and the more you understand and aknowledge other human beings the MORE YOU CARE ABOUT THEM AND THE LESS LIKELY YOU ARE TO LET THEM STARVE TO DEATH OR BE MURDERED.As long as you can be KEPT STUPID by allowing a very very few people control you by LYING TO YOU AND TELLING YOU THAT YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO ENSURE YOU PERSONAL SURVIVAL AT THE COST OF UP TO AND INCLUDING THE DEATH OF OTHER HUMANS our species is in trouble.As long as you let someone convince you that your reality includes a divine entity that created you and controlls you past present and future and allows you TO MURDER YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WITH THE GAURANTEE OF SOME SICK TWISTED FORM OF DIVINE FORGIVENESS ATTATCHED TO IT,-----WE ARE SCREWED.

We need to understand that it only takes two cognisant beings of equal ability to begin creating their own reality like majic,hey there it is thats maybe why we needed a clone of ADAM someone who was selfaware like him that could begin to "create"their own cumulative cooperative reality together with him.If we all could choose from the same choices at the same time we would always choose the peaceful progressive path for our species,THAT IS CALLED NATURAL BEHAVIOUR.As long as we can find ways to appeal to greed,fear,vanity,and any of our emotions in a manipulative manner we can manipulate other humans.We do this by using these emotions to segregate each other into definable groups with conflicting agendas based on manipulated emotion and prespecives,and this naturally FORCES US TO COMPETE TO KEEP OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL PERSPECTIVES OR REALITY AT THE FOREFRONT OR GROWING FASTER THAN OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS,we have to do this because we are being driven by manipulated emotions which we percieve to be BELIEFS and we will actually die for these BELIEFS and kill other humans based on these BELIEFS.Do you get it?Catholics dont think they are a small group and neither do muslims but in context of our species they are both small special interest groups who dont mean squat compared to humanity,YET THESE LITERALL MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF HUMANS WOULD SLAUGHTER EACH OTHER AT THE DROP O F A BLOODY HAT.Same goes for any group or entity that isnt global in its consideration for the life OF EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON THIS PLANET BECAUSE HUMAN LIVES ARE THE ONLY THING OF VALUE THAT EXISTS HERE.If we choose to bring humanity into real time together to create a species level perspective or reality WE WILL LEAVE THIS PLANET AND VENTURE TO PLACES WE CAN ONLY DREAM ABOUT,AND DONT FORGET THAT A DREAM IS AS GOOD AS A REALITY BECAUSE WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY SINGLE DAY AS A CUMULATIVE GROUP.


But you see friends a small number of people figured this out a long long time ago and began to use this knowledge to their advantage,now I just returned it to you.


posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 09:05 PM
i am A-. my father is AB-. my children (2) and grandchild (1) are all A-.

i have DARK brown eyes and (before haircolor) chestnut colored hair.

i am 48 years old. my IQ is/was either 135 or 160ish. i forget. it wasnt important and my mother doesnt remember except to say i was at the genius level.

i never fit in. i am just fine being alone. although i have a strong family unit. but i dont have fun being in the same room with anyone-unless its for ...well you know.

i see dead people. always have. except for the last 15 years after my husband finally convinced me i was nuts thinking i could see dead people. hes AB+ (and loves me dearly). its apparent he just doesnt understand.

ive always thought i was superior. my husband will atest to this. but not like some people in the community who think they are better than the rest. its different. like happy bunny says-make the stupid people shut up.

i see colors when i close my eyes. blues and violets mostly. kind of like those new headlights that make me sick to the stomach upon seeing them.

i dream but can rarely remember the dream. just that i had a dream. i have dejavu moments all the time.

i am terrified of having a needle plunged into me (for a blood test).

i (used to) have low blood pressure and pulse rate.

i cannot wear a battery driven watch. the battery dies within the day.

a computer has to 'get used to me' or i will crash it immediately upon sitting in front of it.

i see things look into my bedroom at me through the windows if i dont close the blinds.

i have a need to be submersed in water. i have a hot tub and a pool. even swishing water with my foot in the shower is soothing to my soul. before my pool was installed i traveled to the Caribbean at least every six months or so. ive been to bimini.

these used to sound like the ramblings of a wild person until reading so many other stories like mine. for so many years (20) my husband dismissed my stories of premonitions, 'dead people', etc., that i think i just suppressed my abilities.

since reading information yesterday and the day before, my abilities have returned. i slept very little last night. my mind 'played a 'movie'' all night long. i saw shadows and dark things passing in front of windows...

its all coming back.

i have no history of mental illness and im not smoking anything! just wanted to share since i dont have a support system here at home.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 10:08 PM
You may find some info in this thread concerning blood type being connected to alien abduction.

posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by angelatarantula

Hope you return here Angela... we share several "symptoms" (?)....
I myself am O- and chose NOT to ever have children.
Am Native American/Norse/Irish descent supposedly. My parents had me "tested" at age 8, supposedly because I was reclusive/anti-social, and was told
I had a "Superior" IQ as well as I might be Schizophrenic/Anti-Social and/or Autistic...
My teachers usually passed me despite my lack of interaction in class and said I was an "original thinker"....
Don't recall ever being abducted but have many similar behaviors to other abductees...

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:34 AM
Happened upon this thread again
and still see so many things here that have been said that relate to my own life..the superiority deffiantly...have felt that since I was very young that I'm "special" (and thats no relation to my name
The ability to see "things" and sense things....strange dreams and strange experiances...not getting on with alot of people in "real" life...
Before I saw this thread I thought it was me I was one of a kind...but at least I have answers as to why I feel this way
and I am not alone

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by special
and I am not alone

no my friend, no you are not.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 09:13 AM
I am blood type A- . Never been abducted, too poor to come from some elite/special bloodline.

Forty pages is kind of long can someone point out the highlights? percentage poll etc.

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 04:09 PM
This is a very interesting topic and i am very grateful for it!

Some of the details i'm about to write are personal, so i hope everyone here takes this topic seriously, since i don't post personal info on the net every day. My blood type is 0 Rh+. I don't know wheter that alone is something special or not, but my mum told me that i was born through a caesarotomy, because i was in the womb in a breech position. Anyways, when i was younger, i was red-haired, but that faded out and now my hair is naturally chestnut-coloured and that doesn't seem to change. My eyes are brown and green. I weigh 70kilograms, it's been that way for several years now, despite the fact i eat frequently i don't gain any wieigh. I'm about 190cm tall. I don't have any brothers and sisters, i'm a single child. When i was younger i did feel isolated a bit and i actually was in a way because of how and where i lived. I don't want to get into details as this is easely traceable, but eventhough i did have many friends, i didn't have that much contact with people. I was also shy and scared to be left alone and scared of the dark for some reason. I even saw the shadow people once or twice. I also was bullied on it wasn't nice. When i changed locations and schools i didn't understand why the kids fight, do pranks and tell on each other. I told it was wrong, but they laughed. Apart from that i had a tremendously good childhood which i always like to look back at. Over the time i eventually managed to become a normal kid like everyone else, but i always have felt like an observer to things, you know, like looking after people and things. I always liked space and aliens. The idea fascinated me, just like looking at the sky always and stars and moon at night. Over the past 5 years i've managed to develope and open my mind vastly. From waking up to the sad reality the Matrix movie talks about (NWO, Illuminati - that kind of stuff), to aliens, ufo's, bases, moon, 2012, souls, mars, understanding life and the's really alot of stuff. But i just began to understand 2 years ago who i am and why am i now, why am i here. I found out i am a starseed. And that i'm here from a higher dimension, decided to come back and experience duality and help people in every way i could, to guide them. For me it's a test too, because eventhough i can see in what deep $h!t this world is and doesn't have to be, i do get still consumed time to time eventhough i know what junk it is and how 90% of people are brainwashed to believe everything they are fed and told. Anyways, what to add? I can sense wheter people are human, alien, good or evil or what their state of mind is. The sister of my cousins wife has a new kid, a girl and her eyes... you would have to see to understand, but she is an indigo child. Her eyes are very pretty. I can also tell the future sometimes, nothing special, but like up to 1 minute in advance and i do have deja vu, although i didn't have one for some time now. I also see ET ships from a higher dimension above my city. I tell them hi every day. Apart from that i'm normal i guess. Having a human body is a challenge. And 3d is worth experiencing, although i have to say that many times i think that there are really fools living on this planet. A world i dream of doesn't exist, yet. But as we slowly move into higher dimensions, maybe it will manifest. Peace and love!

P.S. I absolutely am convinced ET has created us humans. This blood type issue could just be another part of the puzzle.

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 04:48 PM

Originally posted by Witness2008
The negative RH factor that roughly 14 percent of the worlds population has intrigues me. Where did this supposed mutation have its beginning? Could there be some truth to the testimony of some that their blood somehow gives them traits that others do not have such as greater psychic abilities, eye color, hair color and even alien contact.

This board is full of curious people and I am sure that some of you will type in the proper search term on any search engine and will come back with much meaty converstion. It is a subject I have researched for a few months now, and it has some pretty frightening implications.

Well, I am type A negative myself. I don't know about anyone else like me, but I have been psychic all my life, have seen the dead all my life, and have had contact with what one may call aliens for most of my life. A little history. I was born in a major university hospital in a private wing built by my father in the South. I was partially born, that is, my right foot was taken from the womb and I was given a blood transfusion through my right heel. I still have the scar. Upon my actual birth, I had to have yet another transfusion, then another directly from my father, his veins to mine, as it were. At the age of three months, my Mother took me and ran away, and I never knew my Father. she told me horrible tales of my real family, how they are all demons and such. she used to spend hours praying for my soul, praying that the Devil didn't take it away from me.

After all this time, having heard the stories my aunts told me of the day I was born, and the warnings not to ever go back there for any reason, I am of the distinct feeling that I am not a normal human being, that I do have some alien genealogy within my DNA. Now I know some of you will scoff at this, but can you better explain it to me?
There is no record of my birth, county or State, and my Father was a Navel Officer stationed at Camp Hero in N.Y. until 1961 or so. His dead body was stolen from the morgue, and all of his Navel records are erased. All I have to ID myself in an altered birth certificate listing someone else as my natural Father, and it is dated only three days after I was born. There was no divorce between my parents, and I have spent my life searching for exactly who I am, and what I am doing here. I know I am from another place, another world, and that I am here against my will. Anyone else have a similar story to tell?

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 11:14 AM
Is there anything special about RH+ blood types?

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 01:44 PM
Oh I forgot about this thread!

I actually went and got some cheapo blood testing things off ebay and turned out Im O-
So I guess now Im waiting on being abducted, developing some super powers... or making some money. Which of you rare blood types would like to buy some of my universal donor blood? £5 a litre

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 10:01 AM
Wow this thread has really grown hasnt it ?

Something possibly related to this thread but maybe not (as I am B- blood)
Just found out something interesting,I have a cousin who has AIDS ..
She got it from being raped at a young age .She is now like in her late 30s and is still alive and well she has had like three kids (none of them got it)..she went this week to DC to get some tests done with her dna because it appears that she has something special that is fighting the AIDS virus off so they are going to use her dna or blood to help other people with AIDS>They told her that some cousins and sisters etc may have the same gene .Which means that I could have that same special gene .
this is something that really made me feel blessed to hear ,it would be so awesome to be able to help people who are sick .I will keep you all informed as to the status of this .

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