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Did Lemuria and Atlantis War? Were Aliens Involved?

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Well I see this page has its fair share of believers (some nutty but most normal) and skeptics. The problem with investigating any phenomena objectively is that solid evidence is hard to come by and if any is presented, it is often perceived as "hoax" material (as can be seen with all footage of UFOs and bigfoots and such).

Suffice it to say, the only thing we can study besides the ocean floor (which even the skeptics can admit goes through great changes and we're talking thousands of years ago for any of this) are hieroglyphs that talk of these places and events. Of course one could make the argument that their stories are mere science fiction. But if we can presume that these documents were at least trying to convey actual events then you can look at the whole piece from a different angle. But that requires that you put down your science goggles for a while.

As extraordinary as it may seem, I am convinced that there have been many iterations of human civilizations and Atlantis was far from the first on Earth and was not even close to the degree of advancement that Lamar (Mu, Lumeria, Lemuria) had reached at its pinnacle.

Of course my conclusion, I'm sure, lays on top of the thousands of other conclusions about this time period. And my source will make more skeptics scoff than they have for any source presented yet. I speak of an abductee book, The Thiaoouba Prophecy, by Michel Desmarquet. I recognize the possibility of this book being a constructed tale. But the extensive research required by its author (a gardener) in the fields of theology, anthropology, astrophysics, etc. to even devise such a tale would mean that he is a legitimate genius. But I implore believers and skeptics alike to read this book, even if to see it as science fiction (it would triumph as such) because of the inherent wisdom contained in its pages concerning the development of the soul. I also believe it clarifies some questions (although it raises several more) about human history.

This book is available free (which shows this is no scam, even if you don't believe it) from the publisher on their website

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 08:44 PM
first to all that read and belive what others say or do can be wrong,that means that anyone also researchers can be wrong or be proven wrong later,everything is not relative.
second,the passage off humans called atala refers to the long gone trip we took from the atala star in orions belt,when humanity migrated from there or we got some help from there,one off these 2 things.thats why rama and india refer to atala as atlantis thats correct perception.
i will tell you all a story due to its importance,please do not redicule it because the options are pretty bad.
the first buildings here on planet that need some sort off mathmatic off great evovlement thats in 17500 bc when they build the 26000 wobble off the planet inside the building for normal people to know and understand planet earth,this is a fact,its also the reason why the mayans say and use this termonilogi 26000 years thats from out to out,when we reach the wobble and the earth go back in other directeion the earth magnetic filed wll be down,its like spinning finger in water and suddenly go other direction,this happens actueally in 2012,and iff planets and universe is in alignment with many things then the magnetic gravity is rasied all the way down the planets and those that has water or plasmas like the sun can get eruptions,this dont take huge science to figure out.
but back to genesis.17500 bc we make this building but still we talk at that time about gods from space and my story only go from there to now.17500 bc,thats level off da vinci and einstein in matmatical.sp maybee around 1000 years later we have the first mega citys,we have it all,high tech,we make trips to moon,we make trips to many places,we begin to genetic reproduce diffrent types off humans actually any coennection that can survive has intrest,we play the big game off creation,we make servants,soldiers,part human part beasts,we make other human species that have better capabillity to survive in mars or in jupiter or in any place we can make them to survive,we also send coclonys off humans to these polanet so that man and new man live side by side.
and some point the races apparently get crushed hard by the rulers,from atala star,humans atlantis.war break out,and they belive them selves to bee safe behind their claoked iron walls,but not,the colonys in space make new idea,the take asteroid and plunge it to atlantis and crush it all,and the disaster start the stone age and ice age again,and humanity is down again,this happans between 12000-14000bc.after this there is the hunt for the rest off the atlantis cells on earth,super humans off all tyepes and construcion,against the huamn survivors and the new species from the colonys,thats why all gods always depictet ass humans,its our self returning from colonys not far away but from like a diffrent age ogg culture,but here,we hit stoneage so the try to kickstart it all by presenting them selves as gods.but again disaster strike huamans,the rest get to war with the human made species on the other planets and escape to earth in about 10500bc,when the war against the cells stopped and they build the pyramids,and from there we know the rest,only one thing,iff we ever meet aliens,remeber that it can be the ones we made for long time ago,and we lost out tech,the kepped it,and they also destryed us,iff alines is here,then we need be sure they have engines that fly from star to star,else the are human made and are our servants and not around
reply to post by Farnswoth

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 09:08 PM
the hunt for cell from atala,atlantis,have also refences in the indian histroy the war off the gods that took place between 13000bc-10000bc,thats when the rest off the super humans on earth get hunted down,only imiagination can tell which progrees the made in bodies but im sure its extremly severe since the colonys saw it as important enought to send rock to town on its almost possibel to change body and put your brain in new body using stemmcells,and thats what we can doo almost,i think human history already have severe proofs off somebody did something to the level off extreme in this,just se all the naga storys all the things with titans humans from all thing in many myths,all could actually have been made in pre historic time.but iff war break out and atala get crushed,then they need get evidence away from prior high tech levels off humans,else they have no power over us because then we would know that they are made from us and are not what they say thay are,from others.
iff im correct there is entitys or beings on the nearest planets in our solarsystem made by man.there is buildings made from ourselves,in ruins now,but last is made only 15000 years ago if there,else made by the species we paltet there or by the human survivors that grew up there,only time will tel if correct,but im sure,off all mathmatical angles,this one fits it all,but remember,only aliens with real starships are aliens,else they are man made and have already one time destryed us,dont belive them,they lie.ask for proof off their light speed or proof off exitence in other stars,else they are man made,iff gos dont play god,then be sure off man will do iff he can,and we did,in great huge style,and we are soon back,and all over some planets are beginning to get scared,,,,,not god,their tech is better.....
dont belive the aliens,dont believe the reptiles,se the proof,they have for longlong time now scared the # out off many people in thousinds off years,dont belive them,we have now struggled our way up again,this time i hope we kick them down from behind

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 02:13 AM
the new knowledge about the building off the 3 pyramides is that it fit to the belt off orion when you stand in north versus south,then the sides fit the 3 stars,iff you want them to fit precisely you neeed go back in time,about 10500bc extatly,thats the date off building,The refences to the war off the gods last about 2000 years and in this time humanty is in stoneage and we create many myths here from what we see but dont understand due to zero knowledge left ogg high biggest concern i all this is actually now the perpetraitors that one time brought uss down now have the upper hand and can say to us or make us belive anything,good for them,bad for when people begin to talk about anunnakies from the sumerian historie,then theres 1 thing that strieks mee,lets persume its a litle correct,lets assume that they live one some sort off planet somewhere here a litle close ,lets assume that they like to scare us a litle lets assume that they have made contact for one purpose only,make their creators to their own perception off good.i get sick in my head from this thought.iff we have had pre historic level off tech then we are the creators,then one time we played gods,and created things we not can belive today,or wont.we populate the nearest places with creations from our labs with genetic materials gathered from the planets them selves we make combinations huamns with gathered materials from other planets and send them there,iff any creation in this solar system is humanoid off some sort,then be sure off its creations is from earth,and its us,but now its turned around,the chance for life to start of dead planets is equal zero,but with mans help it can happen.the scary part in this is,that now they actually can deside human historiy and future,we need udnerstand that iff aliens say things like to scare us or make us feel lover,then their job here is not off nice carecter,so dont belive the aliens,especially dont belive the aline reptiles or whatever.iff there is or have been any real aliens here i dont know,i have more idea that we as planet have been more than we already think we have.iff real alines one time were here then my gues is its more than 16000bc,,,or at least thats where humanity last time made high tech ump in my brain,,,,
so iff theres any aliens here in solar system,then give them big sign,,,,,made in china,,,,lolol,,,okay,,made in atala,,,atlantis,,,the city thats not there but anywhere,nice way to describe cloaking they do in history,to bad we today are litle to stupid to se all whats just in front off uss.also se why we never went to moon again,they found building there,and they have to be about 15000-20000years old,we can se atmoesphere is starting on mars,we can also se buildings in the ruble,how many places have we been to else,i will say it all,i think man one time had much more desire to progress out than anyone else,i think it went wrong.and i think all our creations turned on us,i think atala got to agressive and demanding,i think they could only doo what they did,they have regretted it since,but if not,then all off them would have been wasted off atala and their half immortals super humans off all sizes and connections,their job was not finished,they needed hunt them all down,and humans the rest off us helped them,and we started over again in about 10000bc,,,,DONT BELIVE THE ALIENS,,,demand proof for their homeplanet,demand proof off fast ship flight between stars,iff this is not possibel then they are leftovers off atala and humans last big time in the universe

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 02:28 PM
How do you know all this? You have this vast single paragraph multi-post hodge podge that no one has the patience to read because of sloppy formatting, and as far as I can tell, no references of any kind. What's your source here?

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:29 AM
Just some silly thoughts

Lemures or Lemurs were Roman evil spirits or demons, similar to Dybbuk/Ovoth of Judaism or the Preta/Hungry Ghosts of the East.

Lemuria was an ancient festival in Rome, held in May, that dealt with the exorcisms of Lemures.

Plato's Atlantis was most likely the island of Thera. Its fall was probably a retelling of the collapse of Minoan civilization after the massive volcanic eruption at Thera and following tsunami.

posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 12:24 AM
According to Sheldan Nidle, the Atlantian elites destroyed Lemuria about 25 thousand yrs. ago. Atlantis also accidentally destroyed their own Continent while trying to destroy Greece. His 2 books are incredibly good IMO. The methods used were unbelievable when I first read it. Is there any evidence? Possibly. possible evidence

posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by SaviorComplex
Well, I give you a star for effort at reality!
But, really, It's useless to even try. ATS has become the AOL message boards!
Ignorance and illusion is what they want.

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