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Anyone else having strange dreams/feeling really tired the last couple of days???

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 05:30 PM
Me Too. i have been seeing things flash in the corner of my eye.
light and shadow.

everyone has been acting more crazy and on edge.

more UFO sightings. . . crop cricles, earthquakes, babies getting killed.

The atmosphere of the earth is changing. the Electro Magnetic Field has changed and thats what has been keeping the "veil" in tact. but the more and more things change, the more people will begin to see things that were, until recently, invisible.

I had a dream . . cant remeber what day but it was less than 4 days ago. but i saw a UFO in my dream flying over africa. and not your typical saucer or light orb. like some massive huge triangular shaped thing which i could not see except for the 7 lights that outlined the two sides of the "triangle.

i dont know could just be an over active mind, but i have been having "psychic" dreams since i was 10 so . . .who knows.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 06:13 PM
2 days ago I dreamt that my family and I were running away from the government because either all of us or one of us saw something that we shouldn't have. I remember we were running to some apartment building to go get my father but as I got there and looked through the peep hole -outside looking in - there were these two men holding my father ( who didn't look like my father but i knew it was him). They were holding him and were either trying ot inject something in his eye or take something out. I can't r emember if it was a needle or those knifes. I don't recall much more from that dream.

The other I had today is pretty random like the previous but in this case someone or something was chasing Tom Cruise. I remember he had a case with him he was trying to get out of an elevator and then other random flashes of pictures. I do have a tendency of having dreams of people chasing me or someone else.

I have in the past dreamed of the world ending. I have had 2 earthquake one, 2 sun/fire ones and 1 water one. With the earthquake there were always survivors. The fire one I just remember this ball of fire coming straight at us and at the last second I wake up. THe water one, I just remember swimming up and going up some steps that were underwater and reaching what looks like a sidewalk. And all around us was water. Very crazy indeed.

I got laid off at the beginning of July so i have been relaxing at home. I have been going to bed late 3-5am, but by 1-2pm im usually up. Lately when I do that i feel so tired later on the day, like right now its after 7pm and i feel like taking a nap. I'm not a nap person but I feel its calling me.

Aside from all this, my cat was meowing yesterday as if she was in terrible pain. I thought I was going to lose her. I had changed her food 3 days ago and i guess the effectof changing it is happening now. But i had changed her food b4. And it had been weeks that she would sleep ANYWHERE but on my bed like she used to. Last night she climbed on to bed and laid next to my stomach and went to sleep.

And what about deja vu? Lately my sister and I would do something and we would stop mid sentence or in the middle of whatever we were doing and we would go ' wait a minute...I did this b4". I dont really want my dreams to come true.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 06:31 PM
On the Deja vu thing,

It has happened to me before, where I suddenly realize and remember that I had dreamed of that moment.

Now it normally doesn't happen very often like maybe once a year or so... However in the last two weeks it happend 3 sepreate times.

Most of the times when it happens though I get a general fealing as though a wieght has been lifted off my chest, however these almost caused wierd anxiety fealings.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 06:44 PM
Well, well ... we are heading towards 2012:

That's what is happening to us all...

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 07:50 PM
Cool Vid Terrapop, TY, and I agree.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 07:51 PM
When I wrote in an earlier post about the vibration I experienced I also forgot to mention these two words.

Scalar Technology?

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:19 PM
ok i know earlier in this post i made a joke but last night i did have a intresting dream ...............

i dreamt me and the wife were walking through some unkown city , tall buildings everywhere,, snow was falling , as we were walking throught the streets crowds started to emerge from every building shouting 'Nuclear Winter' at the sky over and over again in calm but raised voices..

this dream is probably a by product of reading the ATS forums to much but thought i would share honestly with you all..

i also must point out i NEVER dream or if i do i NEVER remeber them but this one was as clear as daylight...

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:21 PM
Just wanted to post that I, too, had extremely weird dreams around the end of last week. One of the odd things in my last dream, was that I don't believe there were any vehicles running anymore, and I was scavenging around for stuff.

Also, about one to two months ago, I even tried to run out the door while sleeping! This is not something I've ever done before. In that particular dream, I was thinking that: "something is starting and we have to get out of here." My daughter, who stopped me from going outside, said that I would definitely had gone out the door, in my nightgown, all crazy and telling the world that it was going to end, or something to that effect. LOL I locked my bedroom doors for several nights after this, just in case.

Yes, there could be easy explanations for this, or extraordinary ones. I really do wish I knew what, if anything, is happening.

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:48 PM
I wonder if the Large Hadron Collider at CERN starting up sometime this year could have anything to do with it? What they will be looking into, or are looking into could have ramifications?? Surely not, but thought it might be something to think about.

Whoops! They're now saying it's not starting up until 2008...sorry about that! LHC is probably not an possible explanation. Edited this after seeing my mistake...

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 12:26 PM
It appears everyone's dreams are of negative energy or negative things. I myself have been having the feeling of overtiredness and overall ill self. In fact I told my brother (who is having the same feelings) that I felt sick or not right. I have not had any dreams of end or the world type suggestions. Rather I have seen persons who respresnted the government but it was not Bush or anyone I know or even our government (US World or whatever). In fact the people I saw appeared to be very tall and quite positive. While I could not hear what they said I got the impression that they were helping our world or helping humanity. I had no fear at all and was actually excited to be there. We appeared to be in a place where we could oversee the earth.

The last two days I have left work early, went home went right to sleep. Then woke up about 2000 hrs and ate a quick meal and went right back to sleep. Both nights I dreamed of people and places that I could mostly not identify but I remember smells and textures, which is something I do not often do. Last night I remember being told things to look for and was given a spinning ball. It was placed in my hand and I could feel it's weight. It was very beautiful, dark brown with gold that sparkled swirling throughout. I was told to look at the ball. And that is when I woke up. I tried to remember what I was supposed to look for, I think it was the past. But what was odd is I could feel the weight of the ball still in my hand and I could feel energy coursing about me. I kept hearing a beep. The same sound as when the battery on my house alarm is low, but I checked that and it was fine.

I believe most of the negative dreams/feelings are just that a suggestion somehow to cement a belief to achieve some end. The tiredness is the stress put on your bodies and minds to acheive that end. I am not sure how or who is doing this.

You will probably think me crazy but if you surround yourselves with positive energy you will be able to push out the negatiove thoughts and receive positive ones that can direct each of you to something that is being denied at this time. Once again I am not sure who is or how and dont really want to offer any suggestions.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:12 PM
Hello all ,
Same here though I can't remember all my dreams but the fatigue , and the flashes of light , I thought that was just me until I read this forum ! then I had to join . One other thing I think I catch sightings of something silver or gray flying by fast in the sky like UFOs out of my perf. vision but I can never spot them . I was beginning to think it might be just me or floaters but then floaters don't act like that or any I have ever heard of ! So just another piece of weirdness to add to the puzzle to see if anyone else might have noticed anything like it . I am located in the country but it seems active over head as night time sightings go in my area.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 09:49 PM
I see shadows by the corner of my eye, clearly, not paranoia this time. I know when it is paranoia, and when it isn't. Apparently, people in astral worlds like to visit my house right now. I don't think they can harm me, my vibration is too high. Maybe I'm regaining my faculty to see the astral beings. As a small child, I could see them, my mother said I talked of "monsters" watching me during the night. I think they would have harmed me if they could a long time ago. So they're just watching apparently, my my they must be worried about me zapping them in the future, they better be. I should learn shielding techniques in case. Worse case scenario, my guardian angel intervenes to protect me. I hope I'm heavily protected, I'm under the impression there is lots of them, I feel them when I wake up at night. They can't touch me, or harm me though, no fears I have. I'll describe those critters to you when I regain my faculty of seeing the astral.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 06:50 AM
Hi, im new to ATS, been listening to C2C for about 11 years now. I work 3rd shift, have for almost 12 years...6 nights a week. Most of the time, i have trouble sleeping, habitual insomniac of sorts. My sleep usually bounces around, but i generally get at least 5 hours before i have to go to work. Lately, its like i cant sleep enough. I definitely do not have insomnia as of late...the other day, i slept 13 hours straight. I have felt uneasy for the last 2 weeks it seems. I cant quite put my finger on why, but its like im forgetting something. Like there is something i am supposed to be remembering but cant, and if i stop to think about it really hard, i almost get to a place in my memory where i receive clarity...but as soon as i do, i feel almost nauseous & i cant remember.

As for the dreams, this is kind of odd. Normally, i dream of work. Yes, it almost drives me insane. I make donuts, 6 nights a week, roughly 45 to 55 hours a week. I can't begin to tell you what it does to the psyche when you do that constantly, then you go to sleep & dream of the same thing. This is probably why i normally do not sleep more than 5 hours. Yesterday, i had a VERY disturbing dream. I cant say if it means anything, it could just be a conglomeration of random thought patterns for all i know. But, nonetheless, here it is.

I was walking around my town, down around a Catholic church. It was extremely hot out, and i remember it was all i could do just to breathe, it being so hot. I went into the church where i found a number of people gathered around a woman on the floor. She was very pale, and there was a smell of burnt hair in the air. Apparently, this woman had just given birth to seven children, all still-born. I asked to see the babies, and when i looked at one, it looked like it had been cooked, for lack of a better term. The woman holding this child said it was the first to be born, and said the child's name was Israel. She then handed the child to the woman on the floor, the mother i assume. The mother started to cry, as did everyone there (even me), and a priest came and brought a blanket to wrap the mother in. I remember thinking that was odd, since it was so hot out. The blanket had a blue sun on it, i dont know why i remember that or if that has any significance. Then i got nauseous, so i went outside to "relieve" myself. I started to vomit water, gallons of it, and then my teeth started falling out. I looked up, and noticed hundreds of meteorites in the sky falling down, even though it was daylight. The dream ended just after that, when i said aloud "There's nothing we can do". The reason i KNOW i said this, was i actually said this out loud. My wife was next to me in bed watching TV, and heard me say that, and i then immediately got up & wrote the dream down, since it was really odd (and somewhat Lucid).

Like i said, it couldve just been an over-active imagination or just random thoughts that occurred during sleep...who knows. Still, i dont normally have dreams like this. I have had Lucid dreams, but not in a very long time.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by Darth Cheesecake
Well I mentioned this to my husband (who doesn't look at this site) And he's feeling all the same things. So are his employees. I'm also experiencing much worse headaches than usual. Today I woke up with such a sharp pain in my head I couldn't open my eyes.

thats actaully quite creepy because a week or two ago I had an extremely sharp pain in my head almost like someone was pokin it hard through my left eye...My bf was making fun of me after awhile since I couldn't open my eye because it hurt too bad.
Also, lately I've been having odd dreams. When I was a kid I almost always had dreams of being chased....not by a dog, not by a big animal...nothing like that. Being chased by someone from the government. One of the first dreams I had, i was being chased inside a base, but it was underground, and this guy was out to kill, I managed to trip and he started shooting me....sadistically, up the legs from my feet, up the back.. then i would wake up when he shot my head. Once I moved out here to NM, I hadn't had something like that happen in my dreams all that often, just the occasional murder dream (still scary
), but this week, even before I discovered this website, I had the chasing dream again, followed by images of some kind of disease or virus rotting a leg.... it was really bad and I nearly threw up as i woke up... Ugh. I hope its just me going insane or something.......

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 02:46 PM
I had a really strange vision on the 17th of August. I was lying in my bed, enjoying the end of a marvellous day. I was talking a bit with God, then I stopped. So I kept going through my memories of that day, when suddenly, I had a unvolluntary vision. After a few spiritually uplifting thoughts, I saw in my mind the great pyramid of Giza. The sky was clean, without clouds and very bright, but then a great !!!!!!!!thunder!!!!!!!! appeared and it touched the highest point of the great pyramid of Giza, light was spread over, and then I was back once again in my bed. Actually this vision lasted about 1 second :-) But what really freaked me out was, when a few days ago, I was reading about John Titor for the first time in my life, and he mentioned in one interview that the great pyramid of Giza was severely damaged! Anyone knows what I can make out of this?

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 12:04 PM
wow, this threads seen some action eh? I've had a few real life things to deal with combined with internet connection issues so I haven't seen it in a while.

The tiredness continues as do the strange dreams. Last night I think I had an OOBE, it was very strange. If it wasn't then it was a dream about having one.

I haven't found anything which gives a probable cause for all this. The most likely candidates in my opinion are either some kind of change in the Earths electro-magnetic field or some phenomena linked with a global/mass consciousness (which I now am convinced exists).

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 12:35 AM
I had a dream that did come true. I may have had the dream while it went on. As one of the thoughts I had, very bad feeling about a hugeearthquake-not in USA or Asia, but somewhere in the world. Well, it happened the next day or so.

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 06:15 AM
Seems like the tiredness and bad dreams have passed for me.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 01:55 AM
I'm not so bad today but yesterday I felt extremely weak and tired. Not exactly sleepy but very strange. Lastnight I could not sleep because I kept having this feeling of impending doom. It didn't feel so much like something was going to happen as much as it did someone was in the room watching me. I woke up a few times throughout the night but managed to get an O.K. nights sleep. Had horrible nightmares but all throughout the night lastnight there was this strange sensation that I couldn't get rid of. It was like my mind made me feel like I was falling in this hole of impending doom and I couldn't get out of it. Today doesn't seem so bad though.

About seeing things out of the corner of your eye, there has been research that has shown that certain types of infrasound can in fact reproduce this effect of people seeing things out of the corner of their eye. It usually involves seeing a dark, fast moving object. It has been shown that in certain cases, infrasound can resonate at the specific frequency needed to effect what the eye actually sees. It creates an effect seeing something out of the corner of the eye, if for only a moment. There are, possibly, a few reasons for infrasound being in a home. Anything from a washer or dryer, someone running down the stairs or something, I guess there are a few possibilities. This effect was stumbled upon by a scientist who was experimenting with low freuquency sound. I ran across the article when I was researching infrasound a couple weeks back. I don't have it readily but can post it if people want to see.

-ChriS in Alaska

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 08:51 PM
I am sleeping better this week than last, but the overall feeling of dread hasn't really lifted. I had gone through a period of "what if" preparedness about 20 years ago and haven't really thought about it since. One of them was a mental exercise "what would I take in 10 minutes if I had to get out". I worked the night shift at a convenience store then, and I worked it out to a big plastic bag, all the jerky, the meds that weren't pegged (too long) and cartons of cigarettes for future trade. I did similar exercises for all the places that I normally was.

The point I am making is that this just came up naturally in conversation a couple of days ago with my partner. It wasn't something he had ever done, or thought about. We are avid campers and have all the gear, but our best time for packing is 20 minutes. This is something different. I feel the need to go out to the storage and sort the gear.

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