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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 11:51 PM
BO, I have to go with number four. Considering all the time and effort that has went into this operation, this seems like the most likely avenue to cover the greatest number of variables.

But since I make no claim to being one of those high powered brains on this site, I'll quote our Director of Homeland Security and give my reasons as just being one of those "gut feelings".

Maybe when I have a nights rest I'll be better able to give this the thought it deserves.

Good ideas for a way to try and wrap our minds around this.

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:05 AM
Thank You Outrageo for this is a welcome respite for all to reflect rather than debate.

When a parade marches thru town, you will always see somebody selling flags, another baloons, another freezepops, and so on. they may not know each other, but the parade brings all of us together. They are happy, the crowd and kids are happy they have a parade, the grandmaster is happy, and when its over, its time to plan next years. It takes planning, it takes flyers, and buzz, thru different newspapers radio, and tv. we are the crowd, we buy,we sell, and maybe if we are lucky can hitch a ride on one of those ufos I mean floats, and gee there are a bunch, some better than others. we try to get on the best one. Some in the crowd can get you in free,some in the crowd will want a fee because they know somebody. sometimes you get robbed at parades. But most people will have fun. The grandmaster will always get his. Itcosts a lot to have a parade with floats after all. His money for next year depends on how much he makes on this one.

It has been an honor looking at all the posts, actually a privilege. I could feel the excitement, the hope, and the frustration and I will not lie and say I did not connect and feel genuine kinship with both sides. I learned the limitations arguing about a fluid medium such as digital art motion graphics. we can scrutinize optical camera photos and get results.. That area as a career in law enforcement is exploding precisely because of the manipulation. A new method for iding can be found in a thread I made should hoaxers be prosecuted.So something else must be added. The witnesses, no shows are no good nor are they if they have a vested interest lets get ready for there are more coming down with each parade. What I could glean from the writing was a good tight writer, well versed in physics., familar with unix. his/her punctiation reminded me of the hackers journal also downloadable from the internet. to me this ruled out some of the younger suspects I had in mind as acting solo. keith edwards w. was a suspect in mind and David Brin . Both are from the same school with extensive involvement in military projects and have or are involved with same. They are actually visionaries and giants in their the application of technology to social groups such as ours is. and we are a social group with a common interest ;The need to know..
Do an in depth study and you will see for yourselves, and actually learn how vast this entire thing is. All of a sudden, to me, the caret issue was small potatoes.

Continuing, The flyers in this case were posted almost simultaneously by aliases, using more than one name with superb cgi experience i will not name here, and references to just some of these were posted in Razimus space-time and the article aint that damn interesting. One was kicked out of wikepedia for that while attempting to post scholarly work that the Public us may at some time rely on for research Not a very nice thing to do.

So we have at least several things going in our favor. We have seen similar operandi, how its being done and was done in the past. We know that most the names we have come across here in this story are selling baloons, and cotton candy, are not regular joe shmoes like you and I, they have books already done, or a movie in the works, attorneys in the wings, hoping to see us excited and salivating for the parade or no money would be made. I have a feeling that the shills that were involved will dropout and Isaac will never showup anymore than Titor will .Perhaps maybe in a parallel Universe or time zone. But when a fly dies, a thousand come to its funeral. But lot of us are now vaccinated. Some are not, but we all are learning. This does not destroy my belief in extra terrestial life and Ufo, or even black ops, as myself and a few others have seen these and its just no big deal. I just understand that there are UPC's (unidentied people conning), from low tech to high tech and this is their new playpen, the internet with forums and captive markets. Like the guy selling summerhouses with pictures taken in paradise.Just a little down will get you your dreamhouse or as in the 50s when people bought tickets to travel to Venus. The UPC's were there too, and I don't think they were succesful this time, something happened. somebody "cracked out of turn" as their trade says and I think its raining on their parade as we say.

On this meme, arg, prank, virus or bacterium..just remember the famous words Roberto Duran said on Sugar Ray Leonards comeback ..No Mas.. No Mas. (No More.. No More)



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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by Paranoid Duck
As several people already stated, there is money that can be made with hoaxes; books, t-shirts, stickers, website traffic and even movies.

Not that much. The number of people out there who actually care is extremely small. The maker of the "Bratz" movie will be swimming in dollars, while the purpetrator of a UFO hoax might at the most get enough money to buy a pie. And not a very good pie.

Have you sent anyone any money? I sure haven't. So there's at least two of us who are not paying out. Times that by a couple hundred and you'll have the entire UFO community.

We're talking maybe a rhubarb pie with a burned crust. A day old.

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:28 AM
These drone (viral)photos are doing ufology a great harm,in fact any cynical hoax designed to mislead the public should be a criminal matter.
If these companies/persons where fined big money or another fitting punishment that fits the crime then perhaps they wouldnt pump out the CGI ufos.
Ad campaigns should be honest and they have to work withing the frame work of the law-If these drone shots are part of a campaign then they should be a clear link in the photo
There are so many sightings and abuctions worldwide to justify that we are not alone,these CGI shots just give ammo to the blinkered experts and the head in the sand ufo idiots online.

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:45 AM
BO XIAN it's a pleasure to observe your gifts. Always.

You wrote: "Or is a meme a subset of all constructs?"

Maybe not ALL constructs. But you can't have a meme without a construct to mimic. Well, if one considers a "meme" a "replicator" of an idea as in the definition thoughtfully provided by Outrageo in the OP, then it follows than any authentic meme would be a subset of at least "one" construct and perhaps many. I hope - "finger-crossed".

A "meme" as an idea (culturally transmitted) unto itself could be a meme too - "meme as meme" and that would be a construct within and beyond "itself" as both construct and meme? Yeah, Gordian, but yeah. You may be able to apply a more succinct terminolgy... but I'm confident you can interpret my efferent foot-in-mouthery.

Must a meme organize ideas within a culture? Yes and it could be orchestrated as prepackaged organized ideas to be recognized, consumed and replicated not just within "a" culture but in a larger sense cross-culturally... perhaps even by random chance - the "Butterfly flapped it's wings". I counted 54 countries, all encompassed by the emerging super-culture of the Net, of far flung geography, language and worldview all eatin' this stuff like candy.

I posit that an accidental or unintentional meme of stature might be the hula-hoop or a Popeil Pocket-Fisherman. No one "needs" a Popeil Pocket-Fisherman, yet I have 3 as gifts. Do I use them? Yes, one at a time. Would I otherwise go out and secure a Popeil Pocket-Fisherman? No. Both spread like "wildfire" beyond any expectation of the original intentional construct. LOL. "If you build it they will..."

These "memes" concerning the drones are "special" as they challenge the "user" to become actively engaged, figuratively, if not literally. They "dangle like carrot on the end of the stick" or "CARET on the end of a schtick", just out of reach... a void to be filled and replicated; "meme-caret".

Check out the Greek roots of the word "caret" - it is so ironic as to leave one with an appreciation other than favourable. "A void to be filled".

BX wrote: "Is the phenomena 'nothing' more than an effort to infect the global culture with a particular set of memes?"

Hmmm maybe, but I rather suspect the effect and success of the given meme is being measured qualitatively and perhaps empirically by it's parent or parents. Not meme as notion but meme as motion... potential kineticized. Lytic and viral, 'most virile yet perhaps, and I'd guess (only been studying for a day or so) perhaps "a" goal if not "the" goal.

Have a cookie. Not so much "what" but how "well it" penetrates and permeates the cultural substrate. There may be formal studies on this... but it would be a beauty "blind" sample if one disregards research ethics. These homies ain't too terribly concerned with ethics I suspect - I Kant, they can't.

The infrastructure pathways are the enabler without which, we'd be doing "other things".

My preference is that this is the result of a single orchestrating individual, but that's my visceral "limbic" blood-lust coming out. I'm a frustrated surviving identical twin. LOL.

I am willing to accept any reasonable methodolgy in achieving an insight to the patho-genesis and identity(s) of the perpetrator(s) regardless of species. The "who" and "why" seem important to me at the moment. Like I mentioned, I drank the meme-juice just yesterday so I'm still "sniffin' the breeze" and collating, trying out different potential "Isaac" constructs.

I look forward to enjoying your work BO XIAN, graceful and elegant.

I also want "Isaac" digitally-flayed mid-saggitally inferior to superior while conscious of the fact that it is occurring and I want his "head" on a stick (perhaps USB) for a trophy and a talisman of the "woe to be wrought" for similar digital-scapegrace-manifest.

Do you hear that "Isaac"? You are being actively hunted for sport "Isaac". Meme-that "Isaac". Tick, tick, tick.

Virii often overwhelm the host and go lytic. "Isaac", you are the new host - get the idea into your culture "Isaac"... I've got a meme-O-gram and it has the name "Isaac" as recipient. LOL. Hx, Dx, Rx, Px.



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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by noangels2006
These drone (viral)photos are doing ufology a great harm,in fact any cynical hoax designed to mislead the public should be a criminal matter.

Not so much the drones, but the fact that several well known names in the UFO field jumped on it so ferverently> THAT will do the most harm... because their credibility takes a beating..

So maybe that's the REAL purpose of the hoaxes

If these companies/persons where fined big money or another fitting punishment that fits the crime then perhaps they wouldnt pump out the CGI ufos.

The only problem with THAT logic is you would have to punish every tabloid in the world the same way, and probably half the major networks too

Tabloids also make big bucks selling BS, but only because the public LOVES BS... or do you really believe Paris Hilton has an Alien twin?

But with the ease of making videos and digital images, it will be almost impossible to tell real UFO's from the rest..

But there is a way... All serous UFO hunters need to buy a Polaroid camera... very hard to monkey with those images...

Show me a UFO in a polaroid and you have my attention

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 03:05 AM

Originally posted by SuicideVirus

Originally posted by Paranoid Duck
As several people already stated, there is money that can be made with hoaxes; books, t-shirts, stickers, website traffic and even movies.

Not that much. The number of people out there who actually care is extremely small. The maker of the "Bratz" movie will be swimming in dollars, while the purpetrator of a UFO hoax might at the most get enough money to buy a pie. And not a very good pie.

Have you sent anyone any money? I sure haven't. So there's at least two of us who are not paying out. Times that by a couple hundred and you'll have the entire UFO community.

We're talking maybe a rhubarb pie with a burned crust. A day old.

I disagree, here is an example:
Link Amazon

I wonder when the announced movie of the John Titor story will show up.

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 03:06 AM
I support the views of V Kaminski, I mean to tell you, he took the thoughts out of my head. How he did it I dunno.

Ah Yes! a subculture of the hardcore E.T. believers eh, the "caret memes". Just wow.... are they a cultural "replicator" group into written matter and not CGI, I dunno.... but it does make sense. Thanks for reading my mind

Show me a UFO in a polaroid and you have my attention....

Took this in Arizona.... more about it here

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 03:27 AM
Please be so kind as to send me the original polaroid for evaluation...

Don't worry I will sent it back

I could use a few good ones for these pages as decoration though

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 03:32 AM

Originally posted by lasse
This has been covered. The resi. cgi experts on this forum has credentials enough, look it up. But I mean geez, there were guys reproducing these things like months ago in the original threads.

I don't know why you quoted me but

If you didn't notice, I was responding to the other guy who asked WHY the ''Diversity in the cgi group'' people said:

and the other group
"It's a hoax, this is quite easy to make."

Hence my assumption that the ones that ''knew'' that it was CGI, had no modeling knowledge or something similar to do a good estimate, hence why I gave a possible explanation, that they associate it with the quality of X or Y game, and then just think it must be a holy art of work because it's of equal quality as X or Y game from Z company.

So basically the reply on me was wasted, but I guess that others can still read it lol.

I myself too support the "It's not that hard to make" ''theory''. (quotation marks for a reason).

Because it's a quite geometrical craft.

And yes, I know of the ''recreation'' by the salad dude.

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 04:17 AM

Originally posted by Cory and Trevor
It seems curious that although he thinks he's got it all figured out he says:

The pictures were more clear than most UFO pictures, and a short video soon made its appearance.

Yet he hasn't figured out the videos were a CGI test done by that Saladshooter dude and obviously not part of the same package of information.

So he loses some credibility in my eyes.

[edit on 26/7/2007 by Cory and Trevor]

Yes thats almost when I closed the pdf file, he lost alot of credibilty to my eyes when he said that, saladefingers said straigt off it was cgi and di it as a "reconstitution" (it actually annoys me when everyone comes up with this video as proof the the whole drone stuff is fake). And then he called "isaac" "isaac caret", I was thinking, where did he get that from ?! Anyway the guy does have a good theory, but it's still only theory, so no this CHAD stuff is still not debunked (in my opinion).

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 04:27 AM
Bear in mind that although the false flag thread was up after the first drone pics, the Isaac fortune city web page with all the juicy images and text appeared the DAY AFTER we blew the lid on GR. Although i'm saying he is behind it, he is posting his crap on Godlike Productions in the last few days and claiming that ATS faked his confession letter.

I found the document interesting in bits and i'm not going to pretend that i understood it all! I liked his sentence when describing the letter Isaac wrote as being well rehearsed with "detectable and betraying polish", that's how i'm feeling at the moment with the whole thing, betrayed.

I also agree with the author that the primer diagrams look too perfect for Engineering schematics or such like but i really don't get the whole large canvas theory. If this is some sort of marketing experiment, (and as stated I think a fair bit of money has been put into this) they release the documents and images after preparing them for some time to the UFO community but how do they track the results? It would almost certainly mean that we are being tracked in some way, which would ultimately mean that they would be watching ATS and the threads that are contained therein but for some reason this doesn't seem to wash with me.

The author also provides links to ARG sites. I didn't even know that this type of online gaming existed until a few weeks ago and some of them are extremely elaborate in detail. It's not just a case of trying to solve a simple puzzle on a website like our All The Conspiracies game.

It gets more complicated in that clues come up which tell you to call a certain telephone number which will prompt the next clue to be actually mailed to your home, or you physically go to a location in the real world to progress through the ARG. Some of these games last for months and involve thousands of people just dying to get to the bottom of it. If nobody can get the first clue to progress the website it will quite happily sit there for months until someone 'Triggers' it. Do i think Isaacs fortune city site is an ARG? i'm not sure.

What really gets me is that the whole thing from start to finish reeks of money gain. Why go through C2C to leak his information? just update the free Fortune City website, it's easier, in saying he is not looking to make DVD's etc for financial gain he is certainly giving other people the tools to bring in the cash, Open Minds are selling Mugs and T-shirts with the Primers on so i simply don't believe he presented this information for public knowledge only, he signed on the line somewhere and with someone. If i were Isaac (And i'm not by the way) i would be furious that other people were making money off the back of my information, yet the only thing he asks from us is to make sure that all his information is kept together and not seperated. Does that seem right to you fellow members?

I'm going to do a little research into the mind-set of complex hoaxers. I think if i can get a deeper understand of WHY they do what they do and why they spend that much effort in the first place, it may make it easier to understand our Isaacs/Chad/Ty whatever motives.

I don't believe that it's just one reason here, it's not as simple as that, there are a number of factors here that make up the drone saga and i think we are some way further to blowing it open.

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 06:21 AM
This may be slightly off but another chap has posted a bunch of images related to the chad drones, before you get excited we have already seen them, it's basically a collection of UFO community images all trying to get to the bottom of these whole thing. One image did catch my eye though and it was this:

It's from an old episode of The Twilight Zone:

Could somebody who has primer knowledge see if these symbols match? a couple of them look damn close in my eyes.

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 07:31 AM

. . . cult of the drone . . .

On wonderful . . . now we'll have our very own ATS RELIGIOUS WAR . . .

The Cult of The Drone fanatics vs the


Petty soon the cultists will demand that we genuflect in the outline of the drone every time the drone is mentioned. For the uninitiated, this is a standard genuflect except that one pauses where the arms of the cross, uhhh, cross . . . and make a circle with one's uhhhh . . . INDEX finger. A splinter group has been known to use ANOTHER finger.

And, the more righteous fanatics of the Cult of The Drone will be found 6 times a day facing Silicone Valley and

Doing The Most Holy Drone Purification Twirl 3 times.

For the uninitiated, The Most Holy Drone Purification Twirl is performed by first facing Silicone Valley; genuflecting but this time, pausing to make the circle at the cross of the cross bars 3 times. Then shuffle from left to right foot 3 times. Then twirl your whole body around 3 times. Appear to hesitate . . . then kind of skitter off haltingly 3 steps. Then run as fast as you can for 30 yards. For the cubicle bound, a special dispensation has been channeled from Chad The Drone Master--they need only run to the nearest water fountain or toilet--whichever is most needed at the time.

The last part can be a bit tricky for those not truly pure yet in the Drone's invisible purification waves. The last part is to simply stand still a few seconds and disappear. A lack of a capacity to disappear properly has been known to put one on probation pending possible excommunication.

Cultists have been maligned that the above ritual is far too complicated even for ex-Roman Catholics. Chad The Drone Master has responded by channeling an encyclical.

The encyclical clearly states that The Cult of The Drone is not meant for everyone. Only those of sufficient mental horse power with ADHD, ADD and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) need apply.

It has been rumored that nerds with pocket protectors are put on the fast track for Priesthood. This has not been verified, however. There have been some folks observed with golden pocket protectors filled with gold Cross pens mumbling around in the Sequoia National Forest with styrofoam Drone mock-ups around their necks.

It's been discerned that these are initiates for the Drone Priesthood.

They have been seen to do the Drone Purification Twirl every 666 feet wandering amongst the large trees.

Some even claim that a family of bigfeet have been known to watch this ritual for hours following the initiates through the woods and scratching their collective furry heads.

The Forest Service has denied any knowledge of such goings on. Though one purported ranger did send an email to Linda Moulton Howe claiming that there was a golden drone leading the initiates through the forest intermitently popping in and out of visibility. And when the initiates did their Dront Purification Twirl, the actual Drone would brighten with an unearthly glow and shower gold dust down on the initiates.

Scuba Teddy and Dirty Harry in Washington are rumored to be planning a press conference to announce a 12 Billion dollar project to study the new cult and determine how much Federal aid the cult might need. It has been suggested that the cult could get MORE money if they arranged an ecumunical conference with the Jihadis. Others claim this was just bar talk as Scuba Teddy was trying to keep the doors locked and Dirty Harry in the limo driving over a bridge nearest the 9/11 ground zero.

Of course, Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul are warning that this new Cult of The Drone will engulf all religions on the way to tyrannical globalism. The Jihadi's are countering with screams of "OVER YOUR DEAD BODIES!"

And CNN, MSNBC, ABC, AND PARTICULARLY CBS are denying that anything is going on at all--even that there IS a Cult of The Drone.

Stay tuned. We promise to keep you updated whenever the farts build up too much and a passing Drone lights them off with a most uncomfortable zap from one of those pointy protrusions.

. . . now to figure out how to uncurl my fingers from my cheek.

[edit on 27/7/2007 by BO XIAN]

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 07:53 AM
In my eyes, the pdf certainly does not debunk anything...
It merely puts forth a few new theories ( and goes on to explain a whole lot of other loosely related subjects too ) which are equally as valid as a few others out there.

It's a valid theory though, and a slightly interesting read.
I wish I had more to say, but it doesn't really bring forth any new information...
Like someone else mentioned, I think it makes abit more of this than it really is.
In my eyes, it's either someone that likes to hoax, the same kind of person that was behind serpo, or it's the real deal.

I don't think theres much need for essays on the topic, and hard facts are what we need to get to the bottom of this.
I just saw this pdf as more speculation.

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 08:47 AM
Can anyone say "subliminal seduction"?

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 09:51 AM
October, thanks for the Godlike data. I was unaware. As you posted "he is posting his crap on Godlike Productions in the last few days and claiming that ATS faked his confession letter." (Second day on the job).

Very, cool October and thanks too for "To Serve Man" glyphage. I was looking at a Spader movie I'd never seen before looking for "Stargate" addressing ... I could not find a perfect match but some looked PD close. My Missus' who recommended the flick also noticed the similarity of the Stargate's story "device" look... similar to some of the "rings" and may have served as "inspirational-rip" template. Like I said though, no real match. Oh, well.

I too submit and genuflect and offering the true true homage and invoke in the name and form of the "cross-your-heart" Drone-istas, followers of the light of the second raised-digital-twirling order. All praiise the Order of the Second Finger-raised-then-thrice-twirled, we are the only the true caretaker's of the "Meme-caret" product of the union of the Chad and the Isaac as told by the Prophetess of Howe (formerly known as the 5 1/4" Floppy-Nihlists of the Lebowski-Rugrats of the Whirling, Sucking Vortex of the Porcelain Void). We replicate the void replete in it's rapacious splendor or surrender to it's vacuum. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to you and yours may your scratch-disks remain uncorrupted and large. Good Hairy Clam Chowder to all of the Street of K - a lesser deity of the barrel-porked.

We delivereth the Chad and the Isaac to rest sterile, and free the true anarchy of the meme of the Meme. Into the unity of the void to become the manyness-of-the-Meme-Caret. These idea-beasts which herald the ascendance and transcendence beyond the Rug of Lebowski and beyond the Nihlism of the the floppy 5 1/4 to the free-range Netcentric-Nihlism of the Meme Mature. Buy our ideas with the currency of your attentions, Port 80 please.

By the disembodied head of "the Isaac" go I.



[edit on 27-7-2007 by V Kaminski]

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 10:06 AM
My point is that it used to only take a subliminal flash to influence the masses but now with this "meme" stuff and the in your face age, sublimations are no longer as effective.

This IMO is the 21st century equivalent.

[edit on 27-7-2007 by jbondo]

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 10:36 AM
Just an interesting side note: I assembled the The Caret Programme .pdf document from a couple of different sites that had pieces here and there. I then uploaded it so viewers could retrieve and view the article in its entirety in one reading. Then created this thread for my buddies here at ATS.

In less than 24 hours the file site has been accessed OVER 600 times and the document has been downloaded 262 times! Clearly, there are many who are quietly examining everything but not necessarily weighing in. I sure would like to know who all is pulling this document down and what they might be thinking about this whole thing...

BTW - thanks to many of you for the detailed, thorough analyses you've posted - it sure is great to have some extra eyes and great minds on this. Helps me to better understand and look at things from new perspectives.

You ATS guys are the best...

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 11:34 AM
This is and excellent thread about the Meme Theory, NOT CGI/NO CGI...

I just deleted a post by and banned "IknowThingsYouDon't" who happened to be "11 11" (it was fairly obvious) who was violating the TAC by creating a new account while banned.

Those who are enjoying the conversation about the topic please do carry on and feel free to U2U me if you see anyone else derailing this thread.


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