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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 11:59 AM
MoonKing! wassup Where have you been anyway Yes we discussed that earlier..he left on constants on a wall plaque people have done all sorts of things to the numbers no one has the answer yet//it may take a different angle on it ..and most definitely a Thread by itself..But I will keep the magic numbers in my signature..I will never ignore the least

One final note: A plaque was found in Ed's bedroom. It read: THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE IS 7129 / 6105195. To those of you interested in deciphering this additional mystery: Good Luck!.. One final note: A plaque was found in Ed's bedroom. It read: THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE IS 7129 / 6105195. To those of you interested in deciphering this additional mystery: Good Luck!.........end quote.
The integer 37 solves this mysterious ratio...cosine in radians
(( 7129 / 6105195 / -37 ) - 3 ) / 10 = cos ( 6105195 / 7129 )
-0.30000315593 = -0.300003156397

he integer 37 also cracks the ratio to the Feigenbaum constant, ruler of the mandelbrot fractal, chaos to order phase transitions...F=4.669201609 = Feigenbaum constant...tangent in radians
( tan^-1 ( 6105195 / 7129 / 37 )) + Pi = 4.6692....
The Leedskalnin ratio also clicks to the Cheops constructs through the amplitude for an electron to emit or absorb a photon , the fine-structure constant...a(em) = 137.03599976...1998 NIST

( 6105195 / 7129 / 37 ) ^ - ( ht / 2 / bl ) = cos 137.0359815

when ht = height of Cheops pyramid = 486.256 ft
bl = base leg Cheops pyramid = 763.81 ft
reference Churchill/Massey 1910 expedition to Egypt .....
1/137.0359815 is 99.9999867% of 1998 NIST value
Interesting to note that when Leedskalnin died (1951) the value of the fine-structure was thought to be ....a(em) = 1/137.035978....
Another interesting Cheops constructs form is as follows:

6105195 / 7129 / ( 37^17 ) * ( 10^25) = 10 ^ ( 2*ht/bl )
if ht = = 763.81

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 12:15 PM
post appeared edit this

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 02:06 PM

You have a very, very interesting mind. You are not the author of the "impossible correspondence" webpage, are you?

I consider that man to be sort of a modern day Charles Hoy Fort, one of my personal heroes. There's a great chapter on Charles Fort in the book, Morning of the Magicians.

As for the Leedskalnin ratio, that is fascinating! Thanx moonking! I never heard of it. And I just ignored the pen marks on the diagram as being for the purpose of cataloging. But then why would there be one part circled with question marks?

Interesting that this whole thing rekindled my interest in sacred geometry and mathematics. I was just reading yesterday that the study "includes numerical ratios of the most profound significance".

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by Khidir

No thats not me..I am glad there are people Infinitely greater than myself to help keep my little glass full. I am guilty of digressing to some times but here is a reference to parallel universes that an expert is calling breathtaking . from this we will learn understand the real value and power of prayer and intent,
causality and manifestation being and consciusness.. Let us hope we evolve a science with soul and not lose it as the ancients did.

The Bible, and other Books say we are near the end endays..and that much knowledge will be revealed. Let us choose well so we will not become an "alternate" dead Earth and the end is the end of ignorance. God wants us to Live for Him..Not Die for him.He can take care of himself quite well without our help.

Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists described by one expert as "one of the most important developments in the history of science".

Enuff of wishy washy ..Details also in Diagram I posted earlier we are dealing with astronomical device and I pointed out the constellations, and that small symbols are orders of can we tell Due North?

Remember the enigma of the T markerin the background . It is not a copy machine is a marker for horizon the horizontal top is the horizon the vertical bar runs to earth .(chinese 5th cardinal direction) as all spheres did in that time it tracks the star during season . the symbols are dot low point as we get into season it gets brighter the black suntype sybol and as season ends a dot and circle , Then a balck dot or the otherway around.. not the same pattrens on the spermatta tails for brightnes dimness..very important to astronomers and navigators. So it gives us distance via luminoscity, and time position of the season prep can be made for the next one..
pay attention to T on pole

Thee small badges at the head of the little rascals are the standing points of reference as used in Fengshui compass/sundials below

all pics from wiki and caret files via fengshui at om

the second clue again is the use of telephone its not drawing power as I and many thought...but marking summer using (a star)at highest point Isaac is showing us..Thank you Isaac and fengshui at OM ,,no one listened to you..But I have ..Reader I have..Siddharta..I have..Klatuu..Thank you Arthur and his amazing crew( with you,raj,chad,jenna,TY thats the number 5 for elements ) for putting an epic story together..and it isn't over yet! I knew nothing of astronomy until now. Thank you also DR Vonstern of Vonstern Magazine and UF C for an open mind and comments

May the stars be with you all
so above so be with you

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 06:09 PM
While I can't argue alot of the evidence for probes is fascinating, some of it makes no sense. Why have a craft that looks and behave alien hovering over cities to scan or record information, or whatever it is doing? Wouldn't it make more sense to just disguise it as something else. If your going to fly ships around where people can see them, why not make a UFO that looks like an airplane or something? No one is going to look twice at it then. Fly all over the place in plain view and no one would suspect. Wouldn't that make more sense, and not arouse public suspicion.

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 06:16 PM
Its a probe but it us probing the stars go back 3 pages and read on..and you will be very caught up..if it was an alien would bee an automated probe just looking down..but its us looking up from the Great Mothership Spaceship Earth and we are the prober!!

Now to continue
here is a better pic of the fenshui dial with the natural occurring 360 matter what characters you see a circle is a circle..and the resulting natural ratios for distance with a rt triangle proprtional and universal here or on betelguese

My friend Sidd welcome! Laughter of the Gods, I hope we continue crcking them up..its our last st ace in the hole (empty circle
)in this mess

The Egyptians had a myth

“When God laughed, seven gods were born to rule the world. When he burst out laughing there was light. When he burst out laughing the second time the waters were born; at the seventh burst of laughter, the soul was born.”—Egyptian creation myth1

so all these principles are universal and are used in science Philosphy and human affairs such as marriage

Actually, the other half of our soul is not to be found in this world. Only when we have found our true self, then we have truly found the other half of our soul. Therefore, even when we were successful in marriage, wealthy, abundant in anything in this world, we still feel like we are lacking something! It is because one person could not have sufficient energy to revitalize another person, unless we understand where the vitalities of both parties really come from. Then, we don't have to worry about our supply being cut off. It might be simple to say, but difficult to understand. At least, you should have an idea about this, and then do your best to practice diligently each day. Our willpower will get stronger, and anything we wish for will come true. That is the time when we possess the almighty, invisible miracle power. Then, there is no need to recite any mantra. Simply think about it and you will have everything. supreme master Ching Hai Formosa/ex] on the Enigma of Yin Yang


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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 08:30 PM

Originally posted by b309302
No one is going to look twice at it then.

Hello B,

but we were invited to look twice. And sometimes we must be invited more than once, to accept the invitation.

One did and he went even further. This is more, than could be expected.

At the end, we probably find the laughters of the gods.

Good night and much happiness to you all. May you find, what you are searching for. But you have got a good guide.


posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 01:55 PM
I was remiss in including further pix and info to solidify my premise of the craft as compass for season. remember that nature can function like a machine with its periodicity frequency and organization, ie we are machines in a way also.. as by an intent that profuses throughtout the universe .I do not pretend to know the mechanisms, and just appreciate its affects..I have no desire for the power of the king..merely his privileges

Remember the four elements (Blue dragon, Spring) ( White Tiger,Fall ) (Red Bird, Summer) and (Black Turtle Winter)..

Let me intoduce the Spring Element to you the Blue Dragon for the East

Let me show you the fifth element Earth and cardinal point of reference

So, Now we have established vast preponderance of evidence " man made". As my guide Reader said Readers Read.., so I you are new go back and read....No mystery that soon the "ignorant"would cry "hoax"or "real" ,without even questioning..from the beginning .Motive.?.simple the author wanted to share "a secret" .He is a believer too, but he has reason..he has knowledge.. One cannot hold such creativity (the use of the armory sphere ingenious) and knowledge without swelling and exploding and expressing....and manifesting itself into something of unknowable consequences..what would the release organize itself into?..It look like definetly a bubbling and stirring of the pot..But a hoax to defraud exploit or hurt..No...Lets be realistic and candid there wil always be believers , hard as stone, unmovable, and denyers, blind to even the rain and wind , and then those who take the time to seek and ask, learn, and grow as the master plan intended. I do not know how many were involved, but just the number of articulated players equaled 5 . a magic number. The Author, is inspired by Arthur Alexander Reyes , a Great Teacher of Science and the Soul..and does just as any Teacher does leaves clues, to work out the answers . Gods like Teachers appreciate the value of questions, and even more an an earnest effort. he wants the answers found , but it will not be easy . A father also wants his child to be like him..yet understands that he /she must go thru the initiation of life..and all its glories and travails via their own choices. You do as much as possible to prepare..then you must let go..If given love that bird will return to you.The clues were left in the Narrative some of which remain to be found I may find later..all in its time. Remember the movie" Neverending Story" , Darkness devouring the world when Imagination ceased . Arthur is "Atreyah", helping us recapture a lost time in all of us..and preventing the collapse of the world by the lethargy resulting from lack of introspection and observation of natural laws all around us He helping us overcome the craving for the cheap thrills of strange Technology, while preparing and teaching us how to become the "masters of the Universe".and look at the real awsome "technology' around above below, and In us. Isaac was not worried about being sacrificed as he knew God would restore him..And AS A professional he put a lot on the line even being interested in Ufolofgy..that was a 'sacrifice' and guess what he will be restored in every sense as he has transformed UFOLOGY, raised the bar, stimulated thinking again, spawned new ideas about the possible and reality, and like a "Moses" bought us to a "new 'promised land" . Are you going to stone a
prophet? It is said they will not recieve honor in their own village...Well I certainly hope you have seen the unfolding value of this epic as a great moment in your life. Its has in mine.., I was a barren fig tree..he spoke and I bore fruit..Had I not listened..I would still be bare Visualize and follow your dreams to transform "Reality". Indeed Dreams are the "soft dough"of Reality how will you shape yours?


We eventualy become what we seek..
the same way we look into a rippling pool of water..and when the ripples stop ..we see ourselves.

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by pjslug
reply to post by klatunictobarata

I think there are some similarities, such as the pattern of circles that go from large to small. If the drones were designed by an advanced race, chances are they would have some universal language or design form that was understood by other advanced races. Humans are not advanced, so we probably wouldn't understand something so complex.

For people that argue that humans ARE advanced, I say this: Certain species of animals have been evolving for hundreds of millions of years on the planet. The shark is one such animal. "Civilized" man has been around for 100,000, maybe a little more, and we have driven such magnificent creatures as the blue whale to the verge of extinction.
Humanity is a virus that will be swept from the earth in due time. I hate to sound pessimistic, but we are a failed species. We consume every natural resource in our environment until we can no longer live in that area, and then we spread our infectious nature to another area of the planet and consume it too. We massacre our neighbors in the name of some biblical "God", which is nothing more than some ridiculous ideology of omnipotence which humans have created to make themselves feel cozy in an unsure world, instead of finding out how we really got here. I'm not going to get into a theological debate, but the evidence of our past is all around us. 99% of humanity just chooses to ignore it and subscribe to a biblical ideology instead. The reason "prayer" works is because there is a global consciousness, a unification of all energy on the planet and perhaps the universe -- not because there is some man and his son sitting on a throne judging all of humanity.

I wonder how many struggling civilizations make it past, how many have come so far just to be smart enough to wipe themselves out. That’s the test, to get past.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 03:54 AM

If I'm reading you correctly the drones (and this is probably a misnomer) are actually symbols. And not even the drones themselves but the whole picture is a symbol.

And now I don't even like to use the word drone. But what you've uncovered is that the drones are one man's version of a crop circle. Instead of fields of crops he has used tools available to him and has made his version of a crop circle. He used a computer and the Internet for his field.

You’re the only one who has put this together. You may never get a confirmation.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 06:29 AM
A very Good observation Gorgo..
if anything crop circles are manifestions of a universal archetype, whether created by college art students, or a higher intelligence using nature as a vehicle , or the canvass. But unlike the latter which in the end become only eye candy, this embeds itself in more fertile ground, the Mind consciousness which is the final frontier. AS smart as you can get, you cannot separate yourself from nature, but you can separate yourself from the energy that drives it. Stifling creativity and harmony. That includesones own life, or the things one engages in, such as science and the arts. Observing Understanding the nature of , and harmonizing with it, will be the key to understanding the secrets of the universe, from the atom, to time space and what you percieve now as is or Reality. Whether its a Bose Condensate, plasma crystallization, a warm cloud rising and cool falling, the principle of Yin (female cool) and Yang (masculine hot )apply. I respect more the scientist, sitting and contemplating, and has an apple fall on his head and he has a lucid moment than one spending corporate millions in a laboratory making the same discovery. Corporate research not bad, I am saying that I understand Isaac is saying it could be better .It is not religion, though you can thru meditation get feedback from God, it is not a mechanistic universe, it is what it is, ever flowing, and for lack of better words, conscious, its your choice to close or open the spicket. I never met Johnny Apple tree, yet I see and know him through his works. One crop circle is but a doodle compared to what can be done and waits before us, if we stop and look. Yes Gorgo, what you say is True and but one of his messages, whether intended or not, I see also the man who broke traditional social constraints a high end job, ie, took the leg bracelet off, took his dream and sowed it. He did not attempt to destroy the "natural" order of things .a cozy job as we see life., he remained respectful, and understing that, he was able to work around it.,and would not really hurt them. and behold , we are reaping the fruits, as it took a life of its own .Life seeks to an infinite paths grow, it grows not only on the internet but through the ripples it creates in our consciousness and moves us to resonate in kind. Isaac represents the tenacity of life as well .

Just as one string on a guitar is plucked, the others resonate as well. This covers a far grater landscape. It is a to what happens when the canary leaves the cage, and becomes not collection of feathers, but a whole canary. Its our turn to leave the cage and be whole men and women with full potential, as the "plan" intended. In whatever manner it is introduced, by pen or will find a way. the pros and cons were the sun and the rain and thunder. We all know that all sun and no rain makes a desert

Yes Gorgo, my friend, I may be saddened by that aspect you raise..But the unselfish and giving person, never parades his fact..the anonymous gift is the most blessed one of all. That too is my understanding
and I can live in peace with that also.

But Victory can illusory, let us not celebrate too quickly there is more work to be done, and little time to rest..Hidthr klattuu Pj Yuefo Soloist I have completed the anagram component as I promised..I will leave the list while I go and rest. It reaffirms my intial postings. That is good.

Thank Gort for visiting! UFC
tai chi Related Problem solution related

XI lAng
Xi Ang Ancient Chinese
EAR 1/2
Problem Related
BIG O infinite asymptotics and infinitesimal asymptotics
9 OF 1/4 8 MOS 270 90 DEGREES 45 BUT ACTUALLY 4

there is also the last list I had..may have to merge and delete duplicates

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 02:02 PM
my ooriginal post was simply got me, but it said I couldn't leave a short post so I made it longer

g o t m e.

see if that works

Sys-Config you've set my mind at ease, now I can play

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 10:29 PM
First I want to apologize to you all if I sounded pontificating or gave a religious bent to all of this..This is about us tappin the power of nature. IMO. The last thing I want to do is lose any , and I mean any of the friends I have made here. Whether you realize it or not..we made more progress here in 2 weeks, then all of the forums combined in 3 months
we come to far to drop it now.I tried to interject a little play.but I do see you as warriors for the truth, allow me tthat fantasy at I can think of you in no less terms. But we are past the bridge of whaT who, and motive, as I saw it, .we can come to terms when we go back..but now..we have only one direection to go.FOWARD..If I had any doubt about the position I espoused..I would not ask you to go there with me.By establishing the existing patterns of ana grams, and hidden details, then you know whoever the author was.(and.forget I said arthur), intended something other than a simple disclosure or leak as many still believe..
Lets se what else he has in there..lets open up this cracker jack box and get the surprises out of it. It will pay off we took the path least traveled..

THats all


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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 04:39 AM
Check out this awesome videoclip Saladfingers made, with music from Drone..

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 02:34 PM
errorist you forgot to include in your signature after the words" natural" the words " and UScopyright laws " as well hehehehe. Tell Salad to give Isaac his due please, thank you. Remember Lazarus did rise from the dead and he is stalking the halls somewhere.and good luck

Where do I go now? Revisiting the past again and not to China. Isaac wants us to look back not only the ancient understanding as a way of life but as mentioned its applications to technology today. "ancient" may be as on perhaps 60 years ago when Nikola Tesla proposed extroardinary devices using electricity and its wireless transmission of same. He achieved amperages almost unheard of today and patented flying contraptions along the same lines, the remote control for example is a result of his understanding of a unified field permeating the universe, in fact an electric universe which function as described in this and follow the ying yang opposites principle . To his credit he has more than 100 patents, these have the patent number if you wish to see schematics . a download plugin will be necessary..its almost instant and free but you must register.

609,248 March 12, 1898 Electric Circuit Controller
609,249 March 12, 1898 Electric Circuit Controller
613,735 Apr. 19, 1898 Electric Circuit Controller
613,809 July 1, 1898 Method of and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles
685,955 June 24, 1899 Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted From A Distance To A Receiving Device Through Natural Media
685,953 June 24, 1899 Method of Intensifying and Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media
685,954 Aug. 1, 1899 Method of Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural Media
685,956 Aug. 1, 1899 Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural Media
685,012 Mar. 21, 1900 Means for Increasing the Intensity of Electrical Oscillations
787,412 May 16, 1900 Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the Natural Mediums
655,838 June 15, 1900 Method of Insulating Electric Conductors
723,188 July 16, 1900 Method of Signaling
725,605 July 16, 1900 System of Signaling
11,865 Sept. 21, 1900 Method of Insulating Electric Conductors (reissue of No. 655,938)
685,957 March 21, 1901 Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy
685,958 March 21, 1901 Method of Utilizing of Radiant Energy
1,119,732 Jan. 18, 1902 Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy
1,061,142 Oct. 21, 1909 Fluid Propulsion
1,061,206 Oct. 21, 1909 Turbine
1,113,716 Oct. 28, 1913 Fountain
1,209,359 May 29, 1914 Speed-Indicator
1,329,559 Feb. 21, 1916 Valvular Conduit
1,266,175 May 6, 1916 Lightning-Protector
1,274,816 Dec. 18, 1916 Speed Indicator
1,314,718 Dec. 18, 1916 Ship's Log
1,365,547 Dec. 18, 1916 Flow-Meter
1,402,025 Dec. 18, 1916 Frequency-Meter
1,655,113 Sept. 9, 1921 Method of Aerial Transportation
1,655,114 Oct. 4, 1927 Apparatus for Aerial Transportation

What happened Then ?

!After Nikola Tesla's death in 1943,The FBI entered his apartment and confiscated all of his drawings and papers. Among them were the plans for the flying saucer.The flying saucer is now one of our top military secrets, even to this day.

we do not have to go far for ET technology.(Ehanced Tesla).Its already here as , UHT , Unidentified Human Technology", Black Triangles, invisibility Camolouge and all that good stuff..that could liberate at least relieve the world from dependence on irreplaceable resources.Jjust oil is a tool for control between powers, so is information, particulary the type Tesla was working on. This is more reminiscent of "Planet of the Apes", where the Apes supressed knoowledge of Mans once supremacy over them. .physicists are just grudgingly inching their way back to the old and repackaging as new, to save face and gradually take down their pretty poster boy Einsteins picture of the universe, and require an open as opposed to closed universe. to which "church doctrine of NASA has little patience from heretics, even from its own ranks.. I say inching because the last physicist at the Max Planck Institute who had achieved a possible breakthru in anti gravitics was laughed off the stage despite his papers being reviewed and accepted for journal publication. I will get to him later.

So Isaac has given us 2 for public consumption..the other to alert seekers that we do have the technology, and he forces us to go back at different points in history through the devices he uses generator..armory sphere, because in the process we will discover the truth of whats happening and where it came from all along, and who the gatekeepres are. he is telling us..dig deeper..


Thank you Klatuu for the extraordinary find of tesla Technology for us..Hmmmm Klatuu are the DRones Below joining The Crips OR have they joined the Bloods..or are they taking over ..Looks like they took over..hehehe

Thanx again

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:18 PM
Yo, Guys and Gals, I found where the drones are sleeping...looks like some even grew a bit, and most are upside-down with their heads in the ground.

...Drones must have been scared of the ATS search and rescue posse!

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by gorgo

If I'm reading you correctly the drones (and this is probably a misnomer) are actually symbols. And not even the drones themselves but the whole picture is a symbol.

And now I don't even like to use the word drone. But what you've uncovered is that the drones are one man's version of a crop circle. Instead of fields of crops he has used tools available to him and has made his version of a crop circle. He used a computer and the Internet for his field.

You’re the only one who has put this together. You may never get a confirmation.

I really like this idea too, sys' is on to something here.

After thinking about this theory I wondered to myself the reasoning for a speedy hoax verdict from the researching public. and then a posibility hit me: What if Issac only released one "21st century crop circle" and the later releases were disinformation to 'flood the field' as such. When the relevant powers that be realised that this information had arived in the public domain, there was no way to get it back so they added more 'drones' not to discredit the origional, but to hide it's real story in presumably enough research to make even the most earnest truth seeker let it slip further and further out of his/her thought priority.

Anyway just a thought.

Maybe we should forget the updated drones and simply research the original "along these new 'crop circle' paths.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 06:36 PM
Inside the 'Big Basin' drone...especially for SYS!

photo credit: misterpants

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by errorist
Check out this awesome videoclip Saladfingers made, with music from Drone..

[edit on 29/9/2007 by errorist]

Uh... .everyone needs to see this video. It is a 94 MB download but you NEED to see it. This could be a "case closed".

Saladfingers + + LMH = the culprits.
Make sure you pay attention to the credits at the end of the video.

This video is damn convincing that the drones are fake. If he made this video from the material Isaac provided, well then it is stunning and he did an incredible job! But the CGI footage of the Big Basin drone and the anti-grav generator in this video shows detail we have never seen before, and leads me to believe it is part of the original project.

I can't stress enough that everyone involved in this thread needs to see this video.

Errorist gets a SUPER STAR for finding this!
If I was a mod, he'd get a major point bonus, too.

[edit on 9/29/2007 by pjslug]

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:48 PM
Help: the divshare download link dosen't work in three different browsers I use. It must huge as it just tries to load, going on and on and on. PJ whats the secret, why isn't it on U TUBE which always works for me?

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