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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 04:01 PM
I think it's been that way for awhile, but how long I'm not sure. I only check it once every 2 - 3 weeks or so, hoping for some new information from Mr. Isaac.

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by Bunch

re: Isaac website @ FortuneCity;

Looks the same to me. Some obligatory FortuneCity links, but no "google ads".

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 04:28 AM
Hi Outrageo!
I registered there same name and made a couple of posts wont address issues raise by anything actually..hard to navigate..I posed the question about todd schwartz and if he has any info on copyright staus of Isaac material..which is funny since as a lawyer you should be protecting client..another thing is UFC checked on Todd and discovered that he is was involved as a specialisi in Intel filing well as offices in Texas, cal and one other place besides Oregon. I will get that copy and add it here. so its not just a chicken and hog traing country lawyer or firm we have here. Also if a study by commercial or otherwise is in effect..that forum can be used as the no real pushing to get members in..leave alone keep subject matter same without steering the controversy in any direction..thats why it may be actually as quiet. as it is. and only 1 incident of bashing by the site mod.


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posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 06:34 PM
Whoever spilled that is stealing my work.
Like anyone either then or now cared. Go back to your TV News.

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 11:20 PM
Whatever you do, do not click on the link in the post above. It does something to all of your menu bars. It keeps cycling the menus from right to left very rapidly after you click on them with the mouse, to the point where you can't do anything, not even shut down. I tried it twice, after I restarted and it does the same thing both times. The only way I was able to shutdown was with the power button on the computer itself.

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posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by pjslug

might be you browser...the link worked for me (using firefox).

Not that I can say I understand what I was seeing, nor do i see how the Isaac material really relates.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 03:49 PM
Beautiful integrated nicely..I alot of threads weave into caret. Besides art, and astronomy and philosophy, there are allusions to power source..I noted use of thre urn (also in anagram) Also one of the sites pointed to had azure either a group or song, and desert..remember this is no longer one person, or one group, of writers, musicians,artists, ..yeah the whole monte folx. also it its a suped up simcity see the game at see the the writing community..there are many..Part f the diagram was painted in flourescence paint..yielding more clues..its far as giving clues..and showing what a nice pretty site it is..Which really is by the way..Pointing things that the government already has the least for ground transport as this site hinted at..ideas stolen from the author he mentioned..nice break otherwise..
worth pursuing for clues..its a self growing puzzle..neverending..many answers, depending who the weavers are. I would not be surprised if some here are members..and writers also..that know part of the story but not all of was meant for the right hand not knowing what the left was doing..I saw evidence by team a and team b members at you have the techies on one thing and the artists on another... Some of these go to regular summer camps just to practice and learn how to spin off carets..
If you are a homebound person..imagine with access to a in a vitual world or all that you can be..

yeah follow it for clues..


posted on Oct, 16 2007 @ 01:34 AM
I made little progress on the diagram I post as follows at om
just a thought..besides their looking like the numbers on my gym lock..would they correspond to arrangements as in standard or even the new zebra i see reps of ooo 333 ex the brackets would rep quiet zone on each side ..if placed on a straight line could they be read by a scanner? the numbers that resemble ours most that 3 or 8 may correspond to a trade or type of item should see ups coding very bizarre yet tells them globally where to send 2005 exhibits were done with art sound motion to activate using a simple barcode.
just a meandering thought...meow

maxicode barcode ups

data matrix intensive data centric


standard codes most imp data in middle ends neutral

oh at hi res i saw one guy rolling a football to his kid..think that is about as far as they went (like pictures on a grain of rice) because the white surface was smudged with colors as if from fingerprints..pressing down on a matte ..yes elmers glue all is not to good an idea for use with a multibillion dollar power and navigation system. On the same fan sysmbol..the two arches touchinh have a baby in between then, after a little child and a grown figure looking arching towards him after that next symbls again arch together stages of life I would assume..the creators have blended one thing for data and the other for the cycles..this will not be easy I swear they squeezed several uses into one thing..
from afar I could read c..reative read.. life.. ufo ....that could just be me..please dont hold me to that..there is on outside also fai for fair or fail ..inners circle numbers appeared cleared when I used the dresser mirror (dont laff) it was not easy..when I get more I will post ps Woy i noticed pacl /clap I know bout that.. The messages of peace and harmony are nice..but I want the anti matter generator the klingon cloaking device .(great for Banks).the..whatever..I have bills to pay Please more "where have all the soldiers gone " or Joan Baez the answer is blowin in thw wind, or even has Any body seen Bobby..enough for Gods sake

there that felt has to loose ones head before he finds it..

Retro tech..brought foward..different angle..point of view..every lesson ..Lets try 3d stereoscopic glasses..old time red and blue and let me know what you cleaning up to do...res about 1200 1300 most..
i caught a smudge with inscription 155 or iss then smiley line..underneath..the white stands out beautifully!! reds disappear..crystal clear!!..

Woy i hope you or someone has a set..
those movie rentals have em for free sometimes..or an old dvd at walmarts ..or make your own..use parallel view ..hurts eyes though..this has those methods
share what you find there is a lot..I love the smudge..I knew someone could not resist leaving a calling card..the people the more likely..kilroy was here, chad was here, to the aborigine hand prints of thousands of years ago..We all want to leave something..

will post later tomorrow..its show time have to get popcorn for this! thank you dicyanin and Rouge ..through red tint see litlle blck cat 2 eyes on symbol that looks like x...well its best you all find out for need for high power equipment..
the glasses helped maybe even my dresser mirror..heavens that was heavy..

Outrageo I did all the anagrams already back arouhd pre 182 or after. they are placesm people, things, musician groups cactus azure I will post later..they are all popping up now..


11 august thank you for inspiration! ATS salutes you

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posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 04:15 AM
I haven't checked this thread in months. I'm sorry but can anyone give me a brief review of what has happened since page ~120? Has there been any new releases? Any new proofs in favor of/against Isaac?

Is there still any active research?

I'm sorry to be a lazy bum, but, I know PJ has been active and attentive for this whole time and can probably paint a better picture for all of us through a checkpoint post.


posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 10:14 PM
Go start on page 182 and move foward..there is a lot. I have been posting on caret a viral fantasy and that should really catch you..isaac is a collaborative team fusion art tech writers etc. all for open source music art programming (google. magic-cap).if you remember the diagrams? well under zoom at 1600 in color they had a character of the little prince..3rd most sold book on Earth next to bible and was splattered over letters and symbols like graffitti..quite of diagram were retro chinese artifacts..language appears to synthetic un sponored korean Godgu I will port over here as people drop in here but simple wrapups like fake do not do it justice. even the narrative gave hints music arthur reyes (not the arthur A lexander Reyes),, Andaluz, stephen (cohen of the tree people I believe) all open surce ..wildalfon Ijiggs check out the clues left for us on playlist you will see ucb stephen chad saladfingers etc..some go nowhere stephen marley could be singer or the uk says something about project 7 in Dreamwever an old game..the other is well known son of bob marley..arthur reyes leads to andaluz cactus moon lava ..from the some extraction is needed..narrative is very key ..I asked one forum to look for music and the found sequences to nature sound or flute many things are happing at once ..nice ehh

read the work done on this page to see the close ups at hi rez ..i circled a little atom above sitting against the alien letter is Le Petite Prince ..great book by the way..
But hidden alien technology that you can build in your house..I don't think so, but it is about what we can achieve when we learn from the past and pull together..lets face it ufology was in a stagnant state..commercialized same old high priests on radio and websites.same old blurs..same old suspects..same old cropcircles...this did split things up..just like the internet is with open source ..see IBM vs Microsoft battle for dominance..but it need a good shaking up what grafitti attempts to do..make you realiaze you have a great potent creative fusion engine sittting between your ear lobes. I may not be exact but I feel we are close.

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

I am very disappointed in naughty naughty boy! should have told us yo have a sharing address with of the cropcirclexplorer site..You will not side track us..please start yor own thread..

speaking of reminded me of the site behind which you remember alleges to have an explanation for the drones and posted pics with symbols etc. also it was time the writer said to come out of hiding gave a rather complex technocentered rationale how the thing worked..then promised us more
Rajon also publishes and sells a lot sherwoods tapes books and even oils and sundries.(i love the King TuT colognes the best)

Enter attovishnu on ATS pointing us to with beautiful graphics and exotic powerpropulsion which he claims were "stolen" from him or norman polanski ( not to be confused with roman polanski the movie pedophile escaped us jurisdiction))or something like that. If that is our atto .. his treatises here, there, and on cropcirclexporer sound eerily identical ..what is eerily similar that on doing site traces bothsites rajon and ergd or egrd (cksp) share identical subsets

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by Donoso
I haven't checked this thread in months. I'm sorry but can anyone give me a brief review of what has happened since page ~120? Has there been any new releases? Any new proofs in favor of/against Isaac?

Is there still any active research?

I'm sorry to be a lazy bum, but, I know PJ has been active and attentive for this whole time and can probably paint a better picture for all of us through a checkpoint post.


Hi there lazy bum, :p

Sorry I can't be of much help to you but there haven't been any startling revelations, except for the mishap with C2C and LMH. You'll have to go back and read what happened (my contact with both of them). It wasn't really startling news since many people consider them to be frauds anyway.

Since that point, I've only imparted my opinions on other users' speculations and theories (imo, some which have been good and some which have been bad). If you have time, you might wish to read (or skim through) the 70 pages you've missed.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.


On a side note, please visit the thread on the main page regarding the California fires. On page 3 of that thread, I posted pictures of what the sky looks like from outside my work. Luckily, I'm 20 miles outside of the nearest fire, but my prayers go out to all the families in crisis and the 1 million people that have been misplaced.

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posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 08:29 PM
This may be coming to a close. Looks like it is time to come back out of the rabbit hole....

Review this thread

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posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by whiterabbit29
Really not to sure what to make of this.
I was fairly sure that the explanations of the photos being CGI were a pretty fair guess, but this kinda opens things up again.

Anyway I'll post the link and see what everyone thinks

admin edit: Added "CARET" to title for clarity.

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Hmmm..wasn't this stuff all debunked months ago? I think a search here.


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posted on Oct, 25 2007 @ 12:31 AM
yes Jimbo it was we were trying to find the who..
it appears viral..related to alienware thru dell
they have a contest using the letters on the diagram
they give clues

discovered by magoollo at OM on youtube vid..
they have come out of hiding..

they make fabulous laps


posted on Oct, 27 2007 @ 12:30 AM
Well, amazing. I can't believe it was Alienware all along. Remember, someone many many pages back said he was working on these glyphics but couldn't say anything about them because it was a project for his company that wasn't released yet. Guess this was it.

Now I just want to know who stole the designs and spun the Isaac story, or if that were part of this whole campaign all along.

I'm glad the mystery is finally solved.

It was lots of fun while it lasted, and I had a great time participating with all you guys on this topic.

Once we find out if the Isaac story was made by Alienware, this thread can be officially closed.

EDIT: Or maybe not. As I read the other thread, apparently it seems the idea was taken from the drones. And someone claims to have seen one flying over their house. Hmmm....

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posted on Oct, 27 2007 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by Sys_Config
well under zoom at 1600 in color they had a character of the little prince..3rd most sold book on Earth next to bible and was splattered over letters and symbols like graffitti..quite of diagram were retro chinese artifacts.

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Hi Sys, I went back about 10 or so pages checking all links looking for this.

Did you happen to screen cap any of these minature pictures? If so can you post them, at varios levels of zoom.

I took one of the primer diagrams and zoomed in 1600% and looks around for about 30 minutes I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, just the normal pixels you'd expect to see.

I could easily have been looking at the wrong diagram or even in the wrong place. But your above statement is VERY interesting and I'd love to see the proof of it.



posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by Nola213

you will see where I wrote little atom..right there look up to alien letter and see the little prince sitting leaning against the letter..also the I symbol havr the mapmaker..the whole diagram is littered with the stuff.

I took a 47mb jpg file from omg and had opened almost choking my system .ihave 2gb of ram and a nvidia 6800 video card and a 19inch ibm hi res monitor .opened in photo 1600 then sliced it up took releevant small pieces into paintbruch saved and posted here and there..was totally ignored there but not here

I hope you continue looking
and connect the dots

with these connect the dots so to speak..its bring the ancient fowrd

the theme of the story is that what is essential can only be see by the heart. note in the story is the part about the python that swallowed the adult would see a Hat..but a child might say a snake that swallowed an elephant..metaphor is..that we see the caret ship we see a hat..but not whats inside..
we see the is strange..we say its an engine but inside is the a story..of a little boy..and his universe..its quite wonderful after you get over the being "Took"..we have to have minds like a little girl saw him when I missed it..i saw the atoms she saw him..nice eh?
ON one hand we can see because of the letters/alienware/dell
connection a commercial thing..Alienware distinguishes itself because of its outofthis world systems. no harm them using the letters. If dell backed then dells social corporate themes of environmental responsibility..(it does put its money where its mouth is) and connecting everyone together as one island or one village makes sense with a large portion of this. It has the resources to contract with many groups of artists and musicians and such to put there handprints so to speak from the modeling down to the innards of the much in so little space, the level of detail within the smallest detail is out of this world.(figuratively) yes. like a singularity bang..then everything..we are all one..again and again and again from beginning to end that has been hammered....its inescapable at least for me.. We have a wonderful opportunity to see how this is done .If we look at artists that do micro art etchings on chips then its no surprise..but if we continue the search and continue looking for the rest of this cast, these will be your ETs , your Earth based ones..and who knows..they may be here already.

so if you are looking for cloaking devices forget..the secrets will be invisible..if looking for meaning then you will find this

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posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Simply amazing!

I wasn't able to colorize the image, I'm horrible at photoshop, and I read that you had done that, so I figured thats where I had gone wrong, but thanks a bunch for posting those, I will save them and look at them closely.

It lends credence to the idea that those diagrams we're painted on an enourmous canvas. Or they were just done in the computer, then shrunk down by 1600%. Who know's.

But it's a wonderful discovery you've made here. You also believe there's a musical connection as well? I listened to a short piece you came up with, again very interesting.

Thanks again for posting the images!

posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 06:34 PM
Woy at omf desreves credit he has worked very hard bring the file to us ..i merely sliced and pointed out discrepancies and put them on the table for you. Woy is delving deeper into letters. finding that the patterns are in letters themselves...I do not have expertise..but can speculate that we have been there already as I will show below..Nano lithography..etching drawing nanocircuits guiding bacteria to produce ink virii to produce electricity. nanites for cell repair..we may not be conquering planets..perhaps we can reconquer the earth and do it right this time by working together as these people did Kudos to Alenware for bringing the people together from all fields of endeavour..
so the more we delve inwards..the more we see the universe..we are all one..that yes Its alien when we first see it..but its really us.

I am a little familiar with dell strategies as with alienwares autonomus style michael is not a micromanager Alienware is an asset..I remember the conversation both CEO s had.its on their website one time just prior to the was a friendly takeover is this caret thing..a synergistic relationship. Its a business yes.and this is business adapting to a new way of doing things. Idealistically this has the goal of all inclusiveness whereas the old capital model would have led to erasing the middle class,what the need most us. or they would be out of would have had the old pyramid structure eventually collapse..on everyone. Yes there will be I said they too are new to this but have a year or so advantage. We can make it work for them ..but only if it works for us. Its amazing how they got groups that dont talk to each other to work together..that is good for us..but still amazing..go to alienware and dell island..imagine many islands like that.
A question arose perplexing the other forum as to how the patterns component of a letter had the same parent element..
lets look around shall we? think nano lithograhy like this

colors look familar ehh?

it looks alien out of this world..but we are manipulating things at the atomic and molecular level..caret is a display of our techno; not zeta reticulii
this was done back as far as 1998

now we are using virus as batteries (are we the new tommyknochers?)
nano machines that can use our energies and repair cells self assembly the same cosmically and on the quantum level

This image created by IBM scientists demonstrates a new nano "printing" technique they believe will lead to breakthroughs in ultra-tiny chips, optics, and biosensors. The recreation of Robert Fludd's 17th century drawing of the Sun -- the alchemists' symbol for gold -- was created by precisely placing 20,000 gold particles, each about 60 nanometers in diameter. This method could be used for mass production to place particles as small as 2 nanometers in diameter to fabricate atomic scale nanowires, ultra tiny lenses for optics and biosensors for healthcare. (Credit: IBM)

this one from the boyz at MIT using a DNA printer..

Now again when looking at caret is it a hat or an elephant in the snake?

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Now all this tells me we had better start scrapping some of our computers as they will be unable to match the reolution that just the caret showed without some real cpu power and dynomite graphics cards..and with the collaboration and (collusions) of the future we had best be prepared..

A nice alien Laptop or desktop might be a good start

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