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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 01:28 AM
I was listening to the updated radio show, and the upcoming mass landing will also seem like judgment day because td said that everyone will be accountable for what they did, even him. I guess this could be considered judgment day if you think about it...but does td have any more info on how people will be accountable for what they did...maybe its karma.

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 07:15 AM

I wanted to respond, first, to your post from yesterday about synchronicity.

The story you mentioned about the F-15 jets and the ufo was, to me, a perfect example of this. The thread you linked to on this story says this,

Apparently 2 F15s we're scrambled to a UFO, and some ham radio listeners picked up the recording of the American pilots discussing the object in question.

Here is a link to the thread. And a link to the story.

Regardless of whether or not that story is real, TD shared a couple of new pieces of information with me yesterday; things I hadn't heard about before. One of them was an account he remembers of flying in a single person craft (I believe it was single occupancy) through earth's skies and being confronted with two fighter jets.

His account is that his intention was to interact with these two jets. He said that these two jets tried to contact him by radio, which he heard, and told him to identify himself. It was at this point that he, humorously, said forgot how to activate the radio controls in the craft.

The jets tried contacting him a couple of times, and prepared to attack. It wasn't until the last second that he got the controls to work, and he started yelling at them not to shoot. He told them he wanted to land at a designated area, and to meet with the two of them. They agreed.

When they landed, TD says he remembers telling them that when the mass landing occurs, he wants to make these two guys some sort of allies on the ground, so the situation is under control, so to speak.

The whole story took a few minutes for TD to tell, but when you linked to the story about the two fighter jets pursuing this unknown craft I was like *DING* here's your sign (credit to Bill Engvall ahah).

I see more than coincidence there. Then last night, just before I went to bed I had a brief thought enter my head that I would dream/experience a contact; or that I would get more information.

Low and behold, I had, last night, some of the more profound and lucid ufo and human ET dreams I've had in possibly weeks. The first part of the dream - or the first dream, I remember seeing this large, black, triangular craft moving over what I considered the ground. The scene didn't have sound that I knew of, and involved geometry that I took as craft. There was a large shadow that moved under the craft with it...And there were rectangles involved.

My sense was that myself and TD, somehow, were taken up into this craft. The sensation was very calming and comforting. It was a very pleasant experience. There wasn't a lot more to that dream, and I awoke to a quiet storm breaking outside at about 2:30am this morning. I thought to myself, I wonder if that was what I thought it was - immediately there was this loud rumble of thunder that punctuated that thought. After that, there was no more thunder, and I heard the rain start to fall.

After I went back to sleep, I had more dreams. These dreams dealt with more of a realistic landscape. Here, I was able to see craft, a more recognizable form of craft, overhead. I had the choice to go up into it, and did so.

When I got on board one of the craft, there were many others on it. All human. It was just a sort of run-of-the-mill situation. It was sort of a routine checkup sort of thing. I remember dealing with a woman, sort of like a physician, who engaged in a very innocuous, but unusual checkup of me. There was some sort of dental exam - but not quite dental - that was brief and harmless. There was another very harmless sort of sexual exam that, strangely, involved me just clapping my hands(?). haha Don't ask...

I was able to walk around the ship. The environment, while filled with regular, even social activity, was quite foreign (obviously). I was given a device, sort of like one of those small emergency call alert electronic devices, that I could use to contact them when I wanted to...

All in all, very strange, but awesome dreams!! Glad to have them again...It's been a while...

On a different note, I wanted to mention another detail that I heard yesterday for the first time from TD. Before the mass landing, TD said that some very official looking human were going to enter police stations all across the land.

These officials were going to have meetings at police stations to advise law enforcement, but also to root out the folks that may want to cause trouble. These folks would just be let go - and the authority these figures would have would facilitate that. He said that these are time travelers, and that they want to make sure things on the ground go smoothly during these contact events.

I asked TD if this was a memory and not speculation, and he said it was a memory. He said it was just as clear as his memory of the encounter with the two fighter jets. These things often just come out through the course of our conversations.

Anyway, yesterday and last night were very cool!!

ATSGUY, I will respond more to your next post later on. I will also ask TD if he wants to add his input.

Thanks a lot!!!

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 11:30 AM

win 52, how's it going? I don't know if you listened to TD's interview/chat yesterday, but when we spoke about your journey he surprised me by saying he had a vision/memory of you on that trip.

He said (paraphrasing) that he had memories of you being in a forested area - alone, out in the wild. He said that he may remember making contact with you while you were out there alone. He even said when he landed he called out to you, saying, "win 52, is that you?" For what it's worth...We will see...

Hi gang.

I have been thinking about this journey I am about to be on. The end result escapes me, but if TD does catch up to me, it will be a long sought after event.

I have been waiting my whole life for this. It has not been possible for me to adapt to this world. I have been out of place here. This World I see with all of the bad things going on here is not the world in my dreams. Every turn, every step of the way has been filled with negative events and people attacking others. It is not right, and needs to change.

I do not know how the results will be achieved, but I have been assured that things are going to change. All of my 55 years here have not deminished my feelings that a change is going to take place here. The current system will be torn down, and a new system put in its place.

This is what I have been waiting for, in essence this is why I am still alive today. There has been plenty of opportunity for me to be extinguished, but things have always worked out so that my basic health is not compromised. There is a plan in place, that can not be denied.

I have tried to smoke, drink, and drug this away. It always comes back to the same thing, the same feelings about changes which I will see in this lifetime.

Unlike many in the world trying to deny the changes taking place, I am resolved to see this to an end.

Those were personal single seater craft I saw in that fly by, at least that was what I was told. I used the term pod, but they were one man crafts I saw.

I can't make this up. If you people knew me personally, you would understand fraud and hoax are not part of this. There was a lot of denial by me at one point, but now I am resolved to just go with the flow. We all need to let go a bit more. The more you stop denying what you are feeling, the more you will see what it is you have to do. It is time to quit holding back, letting things unfold in front of you.

Tell TD I will be keeping an eye out for him. I will try the telepathic communication route.

The projected date for me to take off is around the 10th of Sept.

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 05:05 PM
Hey everyone !!!!!

Awesome stuff.

I was just wanting to ask about the Apec summit that will be taking place in my home city early next month.

One would think it would be a prime opportunity for a Haiti style flyover as most world leaders and media will be here. You know to attract some attention. But alas, try as I might, I am not detecting anything out of the ordinary happening. I wonder why they do not see this as an opportunity?
I might be wrong but I am thinking that they wouldn't want to do anything that the spin doctors could turn into something like an act of aggression.

Does anyone see anything out of the ordinary happening?

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 06:49 PM
If I had the opportunity to ask a time traveler from the future a question I would want to know if we are being played even more than we think. Is it possible that the truth is that the conspiracy theories are true but even more than that...... They are part of the governments plans to control the population of the planet in an ultimate sense. Is the point for us to revolt so they can declare martial law? Of course that would be the least of our problems, if I'm right. People keep saying the government is being so blatent. Why? We know there are more of us than there are of them. Is this some kind of psychological power play to make us think we have to fight back? A "Wag the Dog" of the mind. We know they are good at it. Are we just walking right into a trap? And if so.... what is the answer? People are missing something here..... What is it? This thread is extremely long so I appologize if someone has already asked this question. If anyone has I would like to speak with them about their thoughts as well. Please send me a U2U. Thank you, Zhendi. FoPP

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 09:37 PM
Hi, ATSGUY, doctorK, win 52, Cyber_Wasp, and Zhendi!!

I hope everyone is doin' good.

First, ATSGUY, I thought the synchronicity thing was cool too! I've seen so many threads on ATS from people asking what 11:11 and other such signs may indicate. David Wilcock provides a pretty good explanation. If you are seeing things such as this you are on the right track.

One small observation I've made over the last year or so is that I'll notice when multiple things, like noises, occur simultaneously. I have also seen three events and/or noises occur at the same moment. Not sure what this is...Maybe me just being more observant; but it's an interesting phenomena.

I may be sitting, or doing something with general activity around me, and then I'll notice a car horn, a sneeze, and the clank of a cooking pot all at the same second...Strange stuff...

You also made a statement about Jose Escamilla's video, UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied,

And also i want to point out that in the documentary in the beginning someone says that and i quote " eventually there is going to be something that happens that puts them all over the place ( the ufos) and they are going to have to admit that they are real (the government)"

This was from your post at the bottom of page 62 in this thread. Well, whomever said that was right. ahaha

You also mentioned, in your post immediately following, what TD says will happen when the mass landing/arrival occurs,

...the upcoming mass landing will also seem like judgment day because td said that everyone will be accountable for what they did, even him. I guess this could be considered judgment day if you think about it...but does td have any more info on how people will be accountable for what they did...

I emailed this to TD, so maybe he'll expand on this. He's talked quite a bit about what people can expect to see when the mass landing occurs. I'll post what I recall; although, there is so much to it I can only provide a summary. TD can add to it...

Basically, those in power - in every country - who have abused that power, exploited their fellow human beings, abused and tortured, or acted in purely self-serving ways are going to be recognized publicly for what they have done AND THEY WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THESE THINGS.

According to TD, these folks will be named, rounded up, and each and every human being on the planet is going to take part in the decision as to what should be done with these folks. TD also says, however, that many of these individuals will (or already have) chosen their own fates in one way or another.

TD also says that individuals will try to suicide him/herself to escape being accountable for their acts, but they will be brought back and forced to answer for their crimes. win 52 says that he's had visions of people shooting themselves out of fear for answering for what they've done.

Politicians, authority figures, public institutions, members of the clergy, and individuals of great wealth and power who have perpetrated similar crimes are going to be retrieved and will face any number of punishments for their wrongdoings.

Some will actually be dragged into the streets and be beaten and killed. TD says this occurs, in his recollection, with some of the clergy. Some will be sent into prisons and camps of their own design (ahem).

Others may be forced to live years in extreme poverty. And some will, according to TD, and in separate accounts by David Wilcock (, will be sent to a much darker and more terrifying place, where they will suffer equally or worse than that which they subjected other beings.

Just to quote TD again, the changes that are occurring are going to be good changes for good people, and bad changes for bad people. This same sentiment has been echoed in countless other descriptions about where we are headed. I know there is much more about the mechanics of all of this, and the outcome, but that is part of what TD has shared with me...

I believe, however, as David Wilcock states, that this and all universes are positively oriented, and that negative energies cannot last for long. If you could really understand the profundity and inexpressible grace this reality affords us as beings in this universe you would be grateful beyond words.

If TD has more to add to the accountability thing I will post it. The bottom line is this, in a somewhat karmic manner, what comes around will indeed go around - but each of us may be the agents of this particular brand of karma.

Thanks a lot, ATSGUY!!

win 52, I just read your last post (page 63). I shared it with TD (although, I'm sure he's already read it haha).

To me, you've taken the profound stuff that TD's been sharing and ramped it up several notches. Your posts and support have done much to corroborate TD's own experiences, and to offer support.

So you're just waiting now for these things to come to pass. Breathe the air while you're out, and soak up that deep, dark sky.

You talked about your sighting of a week or more ago,

Those were personal single seater craft I saw in that fly by, at least that was what I was told. I used the term pod, but they were one man crafts I saw.

That's excellent!! TD called his little craft a pod in his first accounting of his experiences. And I believe Sheldon Nidle used the same word when describing some of the smaller, personal craft...

You know, it's funny that your guide/contact (as well as all of ours) is watching us have this exchange, waiting for contact. ahaha I wonder what thoughts are going through their etheric heads about all of this haah

I don't think you're making this up, win. And I KNOW TD isn't. As a matter of fact, TD shared with me that he has corresponded recently with a person he worked with at one of the mortgage companies, somewhere between 2003 - 2005 (I can't remember the year at the moment...).

This person confirmed that she was given a file folder by a stranger at the office, which held predictions about the future. I believe this folder may have had emails from this time frame (2007), and/or the script of an extempore conversation that TD had in the office when he returned from lunch.

When I heard about this recent corroboration, it just floored me. As the days go one, we're seeing more and more of this...When I hear more about this recent contact I'll post it. This is real. Very real.

Three weeks and win's out...Let's see what happens between now and then...Thanks again, win!! Rock on!!

Hi, Cyber!! It seems to be the case, so far, that these sightings are happening at fairly unorthodox times and locations. I think this will continue. It's clear we don't understand the motivation for this, but maybe later that will become clearer...

The White House is still sitting where it's always been, and no landing there ahah They could land outside of CNN...I'm sure if that happened, CNN would embark on a week long story about lead in house paint. Here are some recent CNN news story headlines,

Latest News

* Vick agrees dogfight plea deal
* Christians, Jews in Holy Land alliance
* Martin: Faith vs. sex and money
* Body parts pulled from bomb rubble by hand Video
* KOCO: Man's horror as floods sweep away wife
* Study: Virus may contribute to obesity
* Wives stand by their (wrongly convicted) men
* Young blogger loses battle with cancer
* Woman, 82, grabs ice pick, stabs robber Video
* Ticker: Lawmaker slapped with assault charge
* Students toast top party schools
* 1,468-lbs -- now THAT'S a great pumpkin Video


How hard does CNN have to work to avoid real news? Running out of room. Zhendi, I'll respond to yours next.

Peace, all...

posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 10:29 PM
Hi, Zhendi, win 52, and ATSGUY!!

First, Zhendi, you made a good point. I have sort of thought about the same things you have here. Here are some excerpts from your post,

I would want to know if we are being played even more than we think. Is it possible that the truth is that the conspiracy theories are true but even more than that...Is the point for us to revolt so they can declare martial law?

People keep saying the government is being so blatent. Why? Is this some kind of psychological power play to make us think we have to fight back? A "Wag the Dog" of the mind. We know they are good at it. Are we just walking right into a trap? And if so.... what is the answer? People are missing something here..... What is it?

TD has actually responded to your post. Here's what he said,

I think it doesnt matter anymore, those controllers are simply digging a deeper hole for themselves in my opinion, they want something to happen that will justify martial law, but if the US army turns its guns on its own people, I think the results for the leaders will not be in their favor cause army people will quickly not comply with orders to do so.

they want to stage a war with china as well as create another 9/11 but it doesnt matter, the last ditch effort will not prove fruitful for them, control they have will be lost, they will be in the light and the truth will be naked and they will be naked for all to see.

TD has said this before, and others have shared this sentiment, but these folks are on their way out. This is it for these groups. And it's not just a matter of our own disgust with these things, although that plays a large part; but it's part of a larger process. This same process had brought our race to a point where these things are larger than life; where we can see everything for what it is.

We are moving into a time where, it's been said before, that there will be no room for secret agendas. We are moving into a time where everything is going to be brought into the light of day.

What is happening right now is that we are able to see all of this for what it is. This is a terrifying prospect for those in power, because there is no way out. There is no way around this.

There is no psychological play here - there is an attempt at it, but that is damage control, and we can even see through the attempt. It's sad. These things are going to become more and more clear.

David Wilcock mentions, for example, the Internet, in his interview that I linked to in a prior post,


How could we have resisted a world totalitarian government that is trying to form if we didn’t have the Internet at the end of this cycle? Imagine what these guys would be able to do right now if we didn’t have the technology that we have to be able to actually subvert the media machine...

We can do whatever we want. The technology has given us freedom, and that’s a very important point.


Zhendi, I can understand where you're coming from. Don't overthink everything. The logical mind can drive you mad. Like win 52 suggests, go with the flow.

Is there legislation that has given the executive branch absolute dictatorial power? Very much so. Can our president wield that power forcefully over the population of the United States? No.

This president can't even get members of his own cabinet on his side. There are two men in office that are going down in the very near future, either by retirement, or by being retired. That is the end of this story.

There are folks, however, whom TD calls the controllers - who have also been called the cabal; and whom Edward Rose has called the "faceless effers" (he didn't use the euphemism I did..ahah). These are of a different type, and they may be controlling things through more surreptitious means. These are people whom TD says he was in contact with at one time or another, and whom will be routed out when the mass landing/arrival occurs.

We have been manipulated and mislead, but those days are coming to an end. Don't allow the last ditch efforts of these negatively oriented groups ruin the party before the party as they head out. I would, rather than trying to sort everything out, just let the process unfold as it has been decreed, and await this wonderful future.

Thank you for your thoughts, Zhendi!! As a left-brainer, I've been there too...Leave that stuff behind and smell the roses...

ATSGUY, TD responded about the accountability thing too,

I guess it will be a judgement day of sorts, but god will not be the judge, the people will be the judge(s), once the truth is known, people demand swift justice and put it into their own hands, tough to escape, and the mass landing team has its list, and the day of the mass landing there will be a website setup with voting polls and message boards and that will be the main direct communication site for the mass landing team, at least for that day or two or three.

And finally, win, TD responded to your last post too,

Sounds good, any communication from you is welcome, I hope for the both of us the predictions or whatever you want to call it, I hope it comes to pass, but it feels like more than hope, feels like I know, lets see what happens, I hope all of our dreams come true these days!!!

I wanted to say, finally, to Zhendi, that it all pretty much boils down to this, once you see that efforts are being made to thwart attempts by any group to control, abuse, enslave, lie to, and exploit the majority of human beings on this planet - because we have not seen these things come to pass by now, you can rest damned assured that just by seeing these "positive" notes being struck - by seeing a subtle intervention of sorts, that the good guys are overseeing our introduction to our space neighborhood, and our enlightenment as a race.

And the good guys outnumber and outthink the bad guys. Just by virtue of the fact that we are here, freely having this conversation you can rest assured they (the good guys) have won. And when they win, we win. The good guys that is. The bad guys...Well, we'll have a website set up for you soon...

Be patient. Don't use the media, or what you see on the surface, as a mile marker for where our race is now. Essentially, whatever is happening in the socio-economic world may seem volatile and terrifying, but your focus should be on what's truly important. Your heart and mind. The natural processes. The important changes going on right now in our race, on our planet, in our galaxy, and in this universe.

There's a funny scene in Woody Allen's Annie Hall, where Woody Allen as young Alvy is in a doctor's office with his mother. It's one of the first scenes of the movie. Anyway, here is the exchange,

(To the doctor)
He's been depressed. All off a sudden,
he can't do anything.

Why are you depressed, Alvy?

(Nudging Alvy)
Tell Dr. Flicker.
(Young Alvy sits, his head down. His
mother answers for him)
It's something he read.

(Puffing on his cigarette and
Something he read, huh?

(His head still down)
The universe is expanding.

The universe is expanding?

(Looking up at the doctor)
Well, the universe is everything, and if
it's expanding, someday it will break apart
and that would be the end of everything!

Disgusted, his mother looks at him.

What is that your business?


It's our business now...

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 01:08 AM
I want to point out some things that i found out considering the future and the mass landing...dealing with tds accounts and religious text information on David Wilcocks site...all this seems to be connected.

Oh i found this great site, that gives the description of what is in the bible in LEGO but it is pretty cool

Anyway i have reason to believe that the mass landing event is the second coming of Jesus that was so talked about in the bible. I believe that these divine forces are the work of god the creator of us all but also the work of ETs in conjunction with god or maybe a divine plan...or maybe it was the ET's themselves. Clearly we have gone through the facts and some of the things depicted in the bible are ufos. So now that we have that settled lets get to the facts...

Jesus said that on the end days:

- Nation will rise against nation/ kingdom against kingdom
- There will be great earthquakes
- famines
- plagues in various places
- Brother will hand over brother to death, and a father his child
- Children will rise against parents and have them put to death
- Woe to those who are pregnant or nursing babies in those days! They will fall by the edge of the sword.'
- There will be great suffering unlike anything that has happened from the beginning of the world until now, or ever will happen.'
-Immediately after the suffering of those days, they will see the Son of Man arriving on the clouds of the sky with his angels, with power and great glory

Lets face it we have gone through those days and it can be seen throughout the world, and i think that some of those aspects of end times are still happening today. keep in mind that it is possible that the time line was changed...

And who is Jesus, the son of god...yes he is the son of god, but he is also a soul that has been just like us, who reincarnated through many lifetimes (and made many mistakes). "Christhood" is something which he was the first in allowing to be "manifest" through his material life, and is something which we also ought to aspire towards. Cayce accordingly calls Jesus our "elder brother" and frequently makes reference to the way of the "lowly Nazarene."

(Ps: if you remember watching the Alex Collier interview, he says that when he would meet his contacts they would bring him aboard a spaceship...there he met lots of beings, one being was a very powerful and experienced elder who was also his contact. He said this alien was so respected among the other aliens because he had lived so many past reincarnations and experienced so much spiritual evolution that some called him god...i think this could be what happened to Jesus just like what Edgar Cayce says in his visions.)

Edgar Cayce by the way is supposedly the past life of David Wilcock
“The soul returns to earth in a body similar to its last one and has similar talents and inclinations.” – Plato

Td speaks of the mass landing as a Glory event, were bad people will be punished and brought to justice and good people will live in a world like nothing we have seen today. We will be held accountable for what we have done ( maybe in that time our full consciousness comes to light, and we get to realize our wrongs and thoughts through a new prospective...i have no doubt some of us have already began to think differently) Td says people will be healed, the world will be a much better place, that there will be people who have died that are brought back to life. The coming of jesus and other spiritual masters will be there and we will begin a new life in the cosmos.

most of the things said here are what some people think is going to happen in a more religious context...

the new testament:

Resurrection of the dead

Last Judgment

Kingdom of God

Second Coming

Everything points to this event...the mass landing and concert. I have also reason to believe from my own research that our time line was changed, certain events were stopped or changed, for example in a speech interview by bill Cooper he says that there was a prophecy that the aliens have told us about the end times theory, that in 1992 events would take place that would eventually lead to ww3 or something and a nuclear holocaust preceding the second coming of jesus in 2011. He did say how ever that the aliens do have time travel technology and that we used this too, and he said it is possible that these events may not happen in that order. Also i like to think of the bible, as well mans interpretation of everything that has been said in the past, i mean it is clearly obvious that who ever has written the bible, they probably didn't have the exact quotes to what has been they could stretch the truth to a degree.

I know it was common sense but i just figured i had to type this stuff up so that the people that don't get what td is talking about finally do.

oh and here is a quote from divine cosmos

Each of us has the choice to create our lives so that we may participate in the Utopian world that will manifest on Earth after this Ascension process has completed; a world without poverty, hunger or pain; a world where full-body levitation, spontaneous healings, instant telepathic communication, and abundant Love are the law of the land.

This is the world that Jesus promised us in John 14:12, when he said, “As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things.”

well that says it, TD said in the future we will do amazing things, our minds will far surpass our bodies.

[edit on 21-8-2007 by ATSGUY]

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 10:47 AM

In my opinion, the Bible is as close to the truth as you can get. There may be some ideas that have been corrupted by various religious leaders in order to promote a certain agenda. The bottom line is the facts ring true to this day.

There is a lot of garbage built in to the religious dogma we see today in churches. Looking at the life of Jesus, he even tore a strip out of the Jews and the religion they set up in God's temple.

What if God was a group of people, our root race, where our genetics came from? What if we were the ones who placed such an important status on God as one person, and set up our family as a god?

Just because the bible may be a guideline for us, it doesn't mean we automatically become part of one of the churches. Those are not what was intended for us to do.

My justification for this is that when the Jews wanted a King, god couldn't understand why they needed a king. This was not because he wanted to be set up in that position, but because every one should be equal. One person should not place him/her self above another. That is the rule. This is how things will be in the new world.

People will not strive to rule over others.

This is one of the main reasons we are in the trouble we find ourselves mired in.

In fact God (they), want us to walk alongside them. After all, we were created in their image.

I have read the Bible through, more than once. This was done as part of a search for the truth. I also asked for understanding(telepathic communication), when I was at parts that were hard to understand. The same source of information I am working with today, is what gave me insight into those questions which came up during my bible study.

To me this is simple stuff, and more plain than the nose on your face.

Yes ATS, the Bible is relevant to what TD brings to this discussion. You are on the right track with your ideas. You might just be shocked at how this lines up, if you throw out religious attitudes towards the information and see it from a perspective of God being our root race, and there are other people on other planets out there in the Universe.

Do not forget about the evil out there as well. Satin being the leader of that group. They are at war with where we came from. We are spoils of war, to be toyed with, like the Romans treated Gladiators, killing and hurting eachother. You could say Earth is a big gladiator arena.

The bottom line is good against evil, the basics of our civilization.

Now, we are in the clutches of the evil empire, soon to be freed and treated to life on the good side.

You can take the Bible as a relevant, current application to today's problems. To where we find our selves with our current state of affairs.

PS some of this was given to me as I typed.

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 04:47 PM
More awesome stuff

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 09:45 PM
Hi, ATSGUY, win 52, and Cyber_Wasp!!

I understand that there is a lot about what many people are seeing as coming to pass that seems to be not only foretold in religious texts, but which also appears to have religious overtones.

I think win 52 made an allusion to TD's resistance to having any religious connotation involved, because of TD's views on religions as being inherently separatist. I somewhat have to agree with TD.

If I practice any religion, it is the religion of the individual, and his relationship to the universe and his community of fellow beings.

Taking Cyber's lead from a few posts ago, we could simply consider ourselves Terran. But at the same time, we are more than this physical vessel - we have family everywhere, all of whom predate this short physical existence.

Aside from our virtually limitless pasts, and the countless numbers of associations and relationships that come with just existing, we are, from the beginning, related to every single being and speck of matter in this universe - not from a single creator, but by something that precedes any creator. We are part of the matter itself from which everything is made, creator or no.

Any prejudices we have are just against a different amalgam of the same constituents from which we were made.

I'm sure Jesus was a good guy. So was Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Moses, etc. Jesus didn't practice religion, and neither did Buddha, or any of the other avatars whom TD sees as making an appearance very soon. They understood their connection to the universe and expressed terrific gratitude and humility with this realization, nothing more.

The western bible may foretell the events that TD and others see coming to pass and that's great. However, instead of clinging to religious texts, I know that TD (and I) and others wish to see events come to pass that reconnect us with the universe, this planet, and each other - not separate; a disgrace for which religions can virtually claim sole owner.

I'd rather not get off on a religious tangent, as the subject is loaded with meaning for so many. I would just like to say that religious prophecy can, practically speaking, offer a foundation to suggest these changes have been foreseen.

However, it is clear to me that those myriad beings who are now contacting us, and this probably includes aspects of our own psyche, are as disinterested in making this a strictly religious unfolding as they possibly can. Religion is an institution created to disseminate a specific translation of an individual(s) views of the universe, and to dispense a codification of laws and guidelines based on these translations.

Religion is not the truth itself, it is a translation of the truth. The truth precedes religion, is responsible for the birth of religion, and is infinitely more profound and personal than any institution can achieve, or represent. I think it is this truth that is going to be shown to all of us individually, without any religious overtones.

It's clear that Buddha wasn't a Buddhist, and Jesus wasn't a Christian. What would either of them say about those philosophies, or religions? I wonder what Jesus would say about the bible. That might be one of the first questions I ask him...

Until we are shown this truth - or learn it, then my comments about religion are going to chafe many...

win 52 illustrates very well the (limited) role the bible should play in what is unfolding right now,

Just because the bible may be a guideline for us, it doesn't mean we automatically become part of one of the churches. Those are not what was intended for us to do.

My justification for this is that when the Jews wanted a King, god couldn't understand why they needed a king. This was not because he wanted to be set up in that position, but because every one should be equal. One person should not place him/her self above another. That is the rule. This is how things will be in the new world.

People will not strive to rule over others.

This is one of the main reasons we are in the trouble we find ourselves mired in...

You can take the Bible as a relevant, current application to today's problems. To where we find our selves with our current state of affairs.

Relevant, but not paramount.

To really understand, benefit from, and get to the core of what is occurring, you need to go past everything you've been taught.

It's not necessary to abandon your religion; but it is important to understand what religion really is. Religion is simply a boat that you use to reach the opposite shore. And once you reach the other side, the boat is no longer necessary.

Religion, per se, is somewhat of an introduction to the universe; it's a primer. But those wise enough to see, those who are really searching, understand that it is a weigh station to the real thing; to the truth.

All teachings are meant merely to allow the student to see the seed in himself, to nurture its growth, and to bring the student to the level of the teacher. Not to keep the student down, control, or enslave the individual to some dogma.

All religious texts to me should be saying one thing - "It's not here, it's in you. Keep going." The book is not the thing. Jesus, the man, is not the thing. What they point to - YOU - is.

We are supposed to learn and respect this, and each other, very soon. The truth in religions may recognize these events, but there is not necessarily anything religious about them. In fact, it seems geometry is more involved than religion; which is one of the fundamental building blocks as I understand it...

I wanted to say, on a side note, that the thread entitled, "Anyone else having strange dreams/feeling really tired the last couple of days???" here at ATS piqued my interest.

For the past three days I've been dragging myself out of bed. Without fail, and without an apparent cause, I have awoken feeling drugged the last few days. On occasion I've had a day here and there like that, but there would be a reason for it. But the last three days I've been to bed at the same reasonable hour, but the mornings I am dead tired.

I also made a mental note of the strong ufo dreams I had a couple of days ago. It had been weeks or more since I had a ufo dream. It makes me wonder if there was something to the August 18 and Aug. 22 predictions. We are coming up on August 28, so I'm wondering what sort of dreams/night I'll have around then...Maybe Aug. 28 is the date these things pass and we are in a changed environment? Don't know...But the coincidence is strange.

Check out that thread and see what you think. Many people there write about very strange dreams. Here is an excerpt from a dream JEnigma shares on page 9 of that thread,

I just wanted to add that I (a few weeks ago) had 2 dreams of alien contact. The first one I was looking out a window and noticed people looking up into the sky pointing. I went through the second story window on to a balcony and jumped down into the street. There was a big black saucer shaped craft in the sky and I turned to run.

I ran down the street for a while, then thought... there is no way I can out run this thing. I was screaming... "I am not ready yet, Im not ready" and stoped and turned around. 3 very tall human looking alians in robes stood there infront of me and spoke to me telepathically.

They said that soon I wont have to feel crazy anymore, that soon there would be disclosure and the world was about to go through a big change and realization. I kinda felt like they were family, but I also felt there was something I was not ready for, but I sure as hell am ready for disclosure.. so when I woke up it made me wonder.


Wonder how many others are experiencing this stuff...How many would be ready to face a reality like that?

haha I AM!!

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 10:40 PM
I agree with you OTD on the religious factor. although i never grew up in a religious family i saw my home country torn apart by religion and racism. It was later in life when i learned through my own self intuition that religion is wrong, we should not be forced to follow something because if you fallow something other than yourself that is slavery at any level. I remember one night i was watching tv and the new was on, a priest from a local church was being interviewed saying that not many people are coming to church, that they need to come in and give money for the restoration of the church, i was like what give money come on it is the priest that is asking for the money, he also seemed very i just wanted to point out in religious texts that this mass landing does go back to what some other people have said in the past. I also want to point out that i don't think we will be going through pain and suffering because these things will be stopped, i can just feel it. Oh and i have been tired lately, sleeping in, sleeping in class...almost stuff like that.

oh and if people haven't already seen these vids, in the middle of the page watch the Micheal Tsarion speech for more information on the world you live in and what will be happening in 2012 spiritually.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 07:34 AM
Hey Win 52, OTD & ATS Guy !!!

Win 52, At the end of your last post you said you were given some of your information as you typed. What is your theory on where the information is coming from?

OTD, Have you had any soreness around the back of the ear lobe or the back of the ears (ie around where the ear joins the head) on the mornings you wake up, after a restless night?

ATSGUY, Cool something new to check out

All Time Travel Fans on this thread, I have a confession........
I am a closet Doctor Who
If you have never watched it before I recommend you check out season 2007 episode 10 - Blink. This is one twisted time travel tale in this episode.
A time travellers worst nightmare. How do you save yourself when you are teleported 40 odd years in the past from your time travel machine.
For when you need a break from the heavy stuff treat yourself to a twisted time travel scifi scenario.

Hey I can't be serious all the time

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 09:45 AM
Hi, all!! Excellent conversation!

I actually stopped in to sort of document what I've experienced over the last week. Nothing specifically TD related, save for a dream/experience in which I believe he and I were present (this is the triangular craft dream I spoke of a couple of posts back).

Last weekend, the weekend of Friday, August 10, I decided to take a short vacation. I may have briefly mentioned that in a post, but the weekend was horrible. It started Friday afternoon. Some inconvenience on Friday got me pretty upset, and I just became really angry. A series of very unusual events occurred - and ran through the entire weekend that completely ruined everything.

Looking back on that, I am now convinced that my anger precipitated all of the unusually negative events. I have a grocery list of things that thwarted me at every step. It was a sort of sign to me that I am creating these things. It was almost unbelievable the succession of things that came up, including being refused service at a convenience store because they thought my cash was counterfeit(?), suffering mild heat stroke, etc.

In total, everything that happened from that Friday afternoon was a series of unlucky events that I hadn't experienced together before; some of which I've never experienced. It's like someone really wanted the lesson to stick. My burst of anger was either triggered by something that Friday that continued into the weekend, or my anger precipitated those negative events.

I might have chalked it up to bad luck, but these synchronocities/signs continued this past week. As I indicated a couple of days ago, just before I went to bed I just thought to myself that I would like to receive some sort of sign, or information that night. Then, almost as if I'd ordered it up, I had those strange, but strong ufo dreams.

And as I said, when I awoke from the first dream, which I "felt" included TD and myself being lifted into a large, dark, triangular craft, there was a storm brewing. I could hear the faint rumbling of thunder. After lying there a moment or two, I just sort of absently wondered to myself, "Was that really what I thought it was?" or something to that effect. Just then, the thunder rumbled loudly, punctuating that moment, and then the rain began to drum on my window sill as it began to fall...

When you are experiencing these things, you "know" that they are real. Add to this that for the last four mornings I have been dragging myself out of bed for no clear reason, and the fact that I stumbled upon the thread I linked to previously, where many others are reporting the same thing, as well as strange dreams, and you have the makings for a "message" of sorts.

But now for the Pièce de résistance; the reason I'm writing this post. This morning on the way to work I was, as I do every morning, listening to my Ipod. I have playlists with songs just tossed in any order, and I have the Ipod on Shuffle.

I'd been driving for a bit and knew my player was on Shuffle, because the songs were bouncing around. But when it began playing one particular artist's song, I thought to myself, "It would be nice to hear all of the songs I have for this person." When the song was finished, the next song it played was this artist. I kind of smiled to myself, thinking, "That was fortunate." But when that song was finished and the next song it played was THIS SAME ARTIST, the last song I had for this person, I just knew something was amiss.

After that last song it jumped again and played other random songs. To me, it would have been a coincidence that it played two of the same artist's songs back to back, but after I just thought to myself it would be nice to hear - out of all of the hundreds of songs I have programmed, this particular artist and no other, it's too much of a coincidence. Then to play a third song in a row, effectively playing all of this artist's songs just blew me away.

I was just amazed. Anyway, wanted to share that. Wonder again if others are experiencing these strange occurrences lately.

ATSGUY, thanks for your post. You said,

Anyway i just wanted to point out in religious texts that this mass landing does go back to what some other people have said in the past. I also want to point out that i don't think we will be going through pain and suffering because these things will be stopped, i can just feel it.

Whether you feel it or not, I believe this to be the case as well.

Hi, Cyber!! You asked,

Have you had any soreness around the back of the ear lobe or the back of the ears (ie around where the ear joins the head) on the mornings you wake up, after a restless night?

I haven't had any discomfort. I have been awoken by my alarm for the last four days now, and I feel...Not fatigued or exhausted so much, but just feel really tired, like I was sleeping heavily up until I was awoken. Previous to this past Monday I haven't experienced this kind of tiredness in the mornings for a while. And certainly not four days in a row...

For the most part, since my ufo dreams, I have not remembered my dreams of the last four nights. I can't help but feel something is going on right now...

Anyway, I'm definitely keeping aware of what's going on around me...

Re: the Doctor Who thing, I wonder how you could be transported in time and not have access to your time machine...If you used it to travel, and stepped out of it, wouldn't it be right there waiting? I know TD might have a story to share...haha He DID say he remembers being stuck for a bit in the 1970's (aren't we all ahha).

Thanks a lot for these interesting posts!! Have a weird week!

Wow! I was periodically making saves of this message as I was typing it. Good thing! When I went to preview the message before posting it, the website disappeared and I got the following error message, "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home/abovetopsecret/public_html/forum/header.php on line 739". So, I waited for this error to pass to post...

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:17 PM
Wasp - The ear has been bothering me for a while. There seems to be something under the skin there that I can feel, but can't remove. I would need to break the skin. That has started bothering me in the last few months.

Do you have any insight as to whether I should have it removed or not?


I grew up in the Catholic Church. Once I was 18, I rarely darkened those doors except for weddings and funerals.

In the 70's, I took on the lifestyle of a vegetarian for five years. I noticed a gradual shift towards a consciousness I had never felt before. It was like the veil was being pulled back somehow.

A more pure body with less toxins is more in tune to spiritual/supernatural things. I began to sense there was a whole lot more going on around me, than I was willing to acknowledge.

In 1980 I was involved in a construction accident where I broke both feet. I ended up on crutches for two years, before I was able to walk without assistance from a prop.

Minutes before the accident I was warned by a voice in my head to get down from that place, as I was in serious danger. I dismissed the voice as being not real both times, the second warning was so loud I asked another worker if he heard a warning to get down (He said no).

I very strong gust of wind blew me down 16 feet onto a cement patio, breaking both of my feet.

Ten days later, going to see the Doctor with my wife driving, we picked up a guy walking along the road. Clean, but tattered clothes, long beard and hair, no backpack. Now, we lived on an Island with 1,500 people or so at the time, and we had never seen this guy before. We picked him up in the middle of no-where and dropped him off in the middle of no-where.

The only thing this guy said, as he turned around looking me square in the eyes, “you need to listen more". That was the only time I ever saw this guy again. That message hit me kind of hard, and made me think about why I got that warning.

Later, I made a promise that I would listen and act whenever I heard that voice giving me guidance for things to do or how I should proceed in my life's walk.

To make a still long story a bit shorter about all the times I have listened to the voice, acted upon the message and have found people in dire need of my assistance or avoided potential disasters in my life, I have come to trust that voice without question. I have even been asked if I was an Angel ... not aka Baseball player.

The bottom line is whenever I hear that voice, I know it involves something important.

In 2005, after suffering a stroke, I was laying in my hospital bed, wide awake as I was waiting for my Son to bring me clothes and it was about time for supper, I heard the voice calling me. I answered, and the next thing I knew there was a translucent being standing by the bed. He said lets go for a walk. I no sooner was going to say my son was coming to visit, I think it was my spirit consciousness was swepped up into his arms and carried to outer space.

I was shown things about my life that only I knew about, I was shown things about what this thread is all about, and I was given things to say to my Son, which would have a life changing effect on him almost immediately. He credits what I said to him as being what changed his life around, in fact he flushed a crack ball, checked into detox the next day, and 2 years later has been crack free for two years.

Since 1980 there have been many things in my life where guidance was needed. I have tried to stay drunk so as not to hear that voice, without success. That promise I made back then is still in effect.

That is the same voice I hear at times when I am writing here in ATS. I just put down what I hear.

Who is behind the voice? That is not clear, and has never been. The face is always obscure. I believe it is telepathic communication, and it is a collective consciousness behind the communication. The will of the Universe, not necessarily one guy. The book does say God is within each and every one of us, if we can be still enough to hear the voice. I believe that voice is the collective will of the Universe.

On the astral travel bit. I was connected by a string, to my body. My son walked into the room, and I snapped back to my body as he walked up to my bed. My eyes were so full of tears, and I looked so shaken that he was going to call the nurses. I told him that I was ok and not to bother.

That happened a second time the next day. I was told a bit more about the changes coming and moving. The move in 2005 helped save my son's life. He gives credit to that today.

All in all, I have gained a lot of confidence in what comes to me in this manner. So much so, that I have no doubt as to our future. I do not know all the details, but that is for the best at the moment.

Time is short, before we all will wake up to a new reality. Or should that be we will finally learn the entire truth about our situation, and what we have gone through for thousands of years.

I never got a clear picture of the guy who took me on that tour, but I did feel more love and compassion than I have ever felt the rest of my life put together.

Christians as well as atheists would like me to be put into a straight jacket for this. I believe it is what we can come to expect. The voice has never led me wrong or into a negative situation. There is no reason for me to doubt this is what we can expect to see. There is just too much evidence for me to doubt any more.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 05:49 AM
Hey OTD, Win52 and anyone else crazy enough to read my post

I am just pinching the link from the other thread Fascinating Sounds from Space. That sound is awesome. I dunno if it is legit or not but wow, give it a listen.
I can't even start my post without an interuption.
Try and play this tune whilst imagining you are the centre of the galaxy. Imagine billions of stars slowly moving around you like a whirlpool. Try and visualize this with your mind whilst listening to the serenity and power of the universe.
There you go an eight minute meditation. Tell me if it has an effect on you. I will give it a go as well. I think it will send shivers up my spine.

OTD - With Doctor Who, I did not go into the plot too deeply as it is really twisted. I didn't want to ruin it for anyone who watched it. The Doctor is sent back whilst out of his machine by another entity. The entity is actually life size statues of Angels. Now these things can only move when no one is looking at them. (No I have not been smoking anything.) It is pure fiction but an intriguing scenario. You can stop them attacking you by looking at them. But what do you do when there is 4 or more of them as you can not keep a constant gaze on all 4. That is not even half of it but you have to watch, as it is time travel complexity at its best as he has to work out how to get back to his machine that is 40 years away. I'm sure it is something you can switch off and watch, for entertainment when you want to unwind one day.

Win 52 - I dunno about your ear. I just get crazy thoughts that someone has a discomfort. It looks like I will not have a good career as a mailman as I keep getting the wrong address. I don't know what it is only that there is
But hey whats with the voice!!!!!! I have had the same thing happen to me.

About 8 years ago I was minding my own business reading some book on the couch before bed and I hear my car cranking over out on the drive way. I open my front door and there is an S.O.B. in the process of trying to steal my freaking car.
I exploded in rage. I was incensed that someone was attempting this, and before thinking screamed at the chump and started chasing him. He lept from my car as he didn't start it. (It had a kill switch on it)
I had snapped and honestly wanted to catch him and do as much harm to him as I possibly could. (I am a person that is known to be careful not to tread on so it was so not me to do this.)
I chased him around the corner and up the road. I remember screaming at him obscenities. I was just out of range of a tackle but just couldnt get close enough.
Then Bang....The Voice yelled at me 'STOP !!!!' It was as loud as if someone had yelled in my ear. I was instantly snapped out of my rage and I stopped the chase. I realised my stupidity and that I was spent after the chase.
As the dude kept running I turned to walk back home. In the shadows a car started that was the same make as mine with a few guys in it. In my rage I had ran past it and not noticed. If I had of caught the guy I would have been seriously injured by them at the very least when they came to his aide. They drove off to go and find their friend as I wandered home bewildered. I didn't even think to get their plate number.

I have never been spoken to as loud as that by it since, but luckily, I havent had any more close shaves since.

If I can still my mind I seem to be able to get messages but I still find it hard to differentiate between my thoughts and it. I think that the veil is slowly dissapating and that we will all be getting this experience soon. It is like this power has somehow been blocked from us. But what is it???

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 01:22 PM
I have even thought of it as me going back in time to avert a tragic end.

The other times when I get encouraged to help other people who are in need, and I seem to have the things nscessary to help them. It is almost like I am being guided.

I have called the voice God, because it is never for something evil.

The collective consciousness of the universe also popps up. The bible says we all have God within us. We can also do the same things God can do, if we had enough faith. Faith in what, I do not know for sure.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 08:16 PM
Man I just typed a real long post and lost it as I went to upload.
I don't want to retype what I discussed all over agian.

I found an interesting interview with Delores Cannon
She has 40 years of Regression Hypnosis and has a technique to delve deep into an abductees mind to bypass the distortion that fear and religious mindset can bias an interpretation of events. She claims to get the raw data of an event as it happend.
I find this a credible source. 40 years, many countries and cultures. It makes a lot of sense to my mind.
Any comments would be appreciated.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 09:05 PM
Hi, all!!

win 52, I'm following right along. Excellent stuff!! Thank you for sharing that. I have always been curious about your earlier experiences.

I'm a pretty trusting person, hopefully not quite to a fault, but I believe your story and experiences to be true and authentic.

You also share the experience of trying to rid yourself of these experiences in the same manner many others do...Including TD...

I'm glad you finally stopped and listened ahaha

You are extremely blessed, but I also believe there is a reason you were being openly guided. Part of that reason is that you are posting here. Just as much as TD, I think you are authentic. And I believe you sharing your experiences is of immeasurable benefit to those reading these threads.

You said (re: what we are all about to experience),

There is no reason for me to doubt this is what we can expect to see.

Me neither. After so much has occurred here and elsewhere to support these visions of the future, I'm solid on it.

I actually came in again to post something pretty astounding. Project Camelot has just released a four part video interview with David Wilcock of

TD sent me an email just now and told me to watch Part 2, and to keep an eye out at about ten minutes in. I just watched that part of the video and had another small shock to the system.

Here is a paraphrased transcript of this segment of the interview:

DAVID WILCOCK: "I had flown to New York. I had gotten off of the plane...I was going to visit my mother. It was wintertime...there was a storm; there was ice all over the roads. We had to stay in a hotel that night. I had to eat something, so I got the taxi and went to Denny's.

I had this book called the Montauk Project...So I said I'll bring it on as reading material. So I had it with me, I'm in this Denny's late at night. And this guy walks past who kind of looks like this Harley guy. Like a biker. Beard, you know, leather jacket and everything, and he says, "What do you think about that Montauk Project?" I respond, saying, "It's ridiculous. This is a joke. I'm just reading it for entertainment."

The biker guy responds, "Could I talk to you about something?" The biker guy sits down and says, "I worked at Montauk." I laughed in the guy's face. The biker guy gives me a bunch of info that I write down on a napkin and placemat. I've had numerous contacts with this person since this time.

I can't go into a lot of detail. The biker guy does not want to come forward. That the biker guy is terrified of publicity, but has been willing to do some audio work so that he can get his testimony recorded, but I will have to garble the biker man's voice."

Here is a link to the four parts of the Project Camelot David Wilcock interview. If you're interested in hearing this part of it (from above) you should begin listening about 9min 45sec. for the start of this segment. When I heard that I almost couldn't believe my ears...What are the odds?

David Wilcock Part 1

David Wilcock Part 2

David Wilcock Part 3

David Wilcock Part 4

I have to tell you, I've only watched the first eighteen minutes of Part 2 and it's fascinating. Definitely a must watch; if not for the mention of our biker friend alone ahah

win 52, I think your theories on your "guide" are all probably right ahah I think it is possible to be in contact with a collective consciousness. Very much so...

You have two more weeks and counting...Here's to your encounter with the biker guy...

Cyber, I may try to meditate with the sound of Jupiter you linked to...You never know...Maybe listen to it and meditate while looking at a crop circle (this last part is Whitley Strieber's suggestion...).

Your own experience with the voice is interesting...I have never had a "contact" of this type; although many have. I think each of us is in contact in their own way. Some get messages one way, and others another...I would like to think that, despite the fact that I'm not seeing or hearing my cheering section, that I'm on the right track...Wherever that track leads...

Cyber, as you're typing, save your progress in a Word document, on notepad, in an email, or somewhere. I have had several near misses. From here on out, you just have to make a practice of saving in a separate file as you go. I would have lost my previous post had I not done that...

Will check out the Jerry Pippin link you posted also.

I was very excited to post another corroboration for TD's experiences. Take a look at the videos. Very enlightening...He covers a lot of information, and people...

Thank you, win and Cyber, and everyone for sharing your experiences!!

P.S. I wanted to add links to a new video interview of Dan Burisch conducted by Project Camelot:

Part 1 and Part 2

I also wanted to say that I am still watching Part 2 of the David Wilcock interview (haven't watched any other parts yet ahah) and he is discussing what he believes will occur on December 21, 2012 (what I believe could happen at any time, as I'm not tied to dates...).

It's an event that will effect the entire planet, and that we may see our entire planet enter into a vortex much like the Bermuda Triangle. It will be a thrust that will send us into a golden age. He does say, however, that negatively oriented beings may not make this transition...Still watching...

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posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 10:21 PM
Hey OTD !!!

I just watched the David Wilcock Videos as linked.
It is fair to say I spent most of the time trying to stay upright in my chair.
I will get back to you in around 2012, as it will take me that long to recover and digest all that

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