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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 07:29 PM

Originally posted by slammer619
I'd ask them the age old question: who won.
depends on your perspective

Originally posted by FreeThinkerIdealist
Here is an interesting one ... though I didn't read all 50+ pages, it may have been asked.

Are animals still looked upon as lesser creatures? Have we found ways to communicate with them?

I say this, because even current day scientists claim that whales speak on a level far above humans ... and from my own experiences, I can see the intelligence and emotions of the animals that I have co-existed with.

Another question ...

Are food replicator technologies are reality in the future? Is this the form of 'meat' consumption in the future? Have the majority changed to vegetarian/vegan?

As a traveler, you get to view all the beauty of space?

What was the first clue to your realization? I had some quite frequent other world 'dreams' as a child ... still a vivid memory today ... after a time there was a mass reported orb siting by children in our area.

Oh, and sign me up. I have had my experiences of loving and losing, and for the most part, am a loner. There are a few I communicate occasionally online, but have little ties. I would volunteer for the mass landing, or any other dutiful cause. My vision of the future is extremely idealistic, and would do all within my power and spirit to make it come to the reality for all. No money, no control ... all working for the greater good of each other no matter what individual position they hold in society. I am a dreamer, but dreams can come true.

I think like win52 said, people will have a new relation ship with animals and communicate telepathic style, I also thing they do have food creating devices and meat substitutes but it grows out and fruit is whole lot sweeter, I remember fruit being offered to me quite a bit.

yes space is very beautiful, especially with a loved one(s) I can stare for a long time indeed but I think I did get home sick for earth sometimes.

as far as realization I think a few pages back in this thread I explain I had wide awake dreams before sleep starting in 1997, but I saw it as negative until around 2004-2005.

welcome to the time travel posse my friend.

shut up already, sounds like your the man behind the skirt

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 08:56 PM
Hi, ATSGUY, Cyber_Wasp, slammer619, FreeThinkerIdealist, and syrinx!!

First, ATSGUY, both TD and I have watched the Alex Collier video interviews. Alex is sharing some interesting stuff, but he had to throw in the man-eating reptilian race...I still don't know how I feel about that.

Does it mean everything else he said is off-base? No. He is definitely worth a listen. The greater picture can only be seen by putting all of this information together...

Just because part of what Alex presents doesn't sit well with me doesn't mean it is a lie, or it is wrong. I'm just having trouble with that one aspect of the disclosures of late...

Alex has written a free .pdf book called, "Defending Sacred Ground." This may shed more light on his philosophy and contacts as a whole. I also found a websitewith several lectures of Alex's. And here is a January 2006 article by a gentleman who talks about his experiences with Alex.

Thank you for posting those. I also saw your thread on the August 28 thing too. As much as I would like to see something happen, these date things have proven to be almost impossible...

There is, however, also mention of this date with regard to the recent Wiltshire crop circle formation,

Finally we come to the very heart of our analysis, which is an anomalously terminated Cycle IV. It begins with a long thin 'tail' (just as for Cycle I at the far end of East Field) that is embedded appropriately between two other 'new Moons' belonging to cycles I or II.

"But instead of proceeding all the way to a full Moon as shown for Cycles I and II on left and right, Cycle IV begins with a new Moon (presumably on August 13), then terminates unexpectedly after only six days before it can reach a full Moon on August 28.

What could this mean? Might there be something special about a near-future date of August 18, 2007? A dramatic increase of cloud cover perhaps?


Also, from same page,

One other crop picture from 2005 also specified a near-future date of mid-August 2007. To be more precise, Wayland's Smithy showed a hexadecimal date of '14-5-11' within our current 52-year Mayan calendar. The major source of ambiguity, when trying to provide a calendar interpretation, was again one of phasing.

...The former converts a hexadecimal date of 14-5-11 into 'August 14-17, 2007,' while the latter converts the same date into 'August 16-19, 2007.' Neither value lies far away from August 18, 2007, as just suggested by a quantitative study of East Field. Is something really going to happen on August 18, 2007, only a month from now? I don't know. It all seems rather strange. But then crop pictures are strange, too!

Let us hope that those crop circle makers will understand our natural human tendency toward cynicism, and provide us with a third or even fourth dated picture soon.

SOURCE (from page on Wiltshire)

If August, etc., comes and goes we still have November to look forward to...

Hi, Cyber!!

I started watching the "From Here to Andromeda" video Part 1 and couldn't continue. The narrative format doesn't have half the impact of a documentary, or straight interview. There may be documentary and real footage later on in the movie, but I didn't get that far...

I think there are three or four parts (1 hour per part) that will be released. Here are links to the first two parts:

From Here to Andromeda: PART ONE -- PART TWO

You're right on with your post though. We need an intervention. We are asking for an intervention. And when that will and intention - that call - is made by a soul(s) with a positive intention, then it will be answered positively.

Hi, slammer619!! You asked,

I'd ask them the age old question: who won.

haha Good question. I sent it to TD to see if he could answer. We will know soon enough...

Aloha, FreeThinkerIdealist!!

I sent all of your questions to TD too. I may be able to offer a partial answer to one of your questions, which was asked of TD recently. You asked,

What was the first clue to your realization?

He actually answers this in one of his more recent posts. Beginning in 1997, TD started having terrible episodes just before bed where he experienced a sort of paralyzing fear of someone coming into his bedroom and abducting him.

It was around this time that he started having clear memories of abduction experiences that had taken place at least five years prior, beginning with his first abduction experience in 1992. He suspects there may have been others, but it is this six day abduction experience in 1992 that stands out.

From 1997 for the next ten years, TD says he suffered from bizarre memories and night terrors. He can say more on this if he wishes...

Thank you for your questions. I'll post TD's responses as soon as I get them.

Hi, syrinx! Back for more...

This is not a prank. But if it helps you sleep at night you can consider it as much.

You said,

go to TD's myspace page through his website and you'll see the man behind the curtain, and he aint the wizard of OZ

There is no curtain. TD is not hiding. He has given you his real name, his entire life story, and the location of his current residence. He has done everything but invite everyone over for dinner.

He is a regular person. Does knowing his real name, that he has an interest in rock music, or that he smokes and curses invalidate the reality of his story? I'll let you answer that for yourself.

It's funny you mentioned his MySpace page. It just so happens that at the top of his friends list, and among individuals corroborating the concert and other visions of the future, are several recent and credible abductees/contactees.

Among them are Bonnie Hamilton from, Chris Augustin from, Kerrie from The Alien Agenda BlogTalk Radio show, who had her own recent contact experience, and TD's friends Shep and Zeav, who have both corroborated much of what TD has experienced in his younger days (including the paranormal).

Kerrie has also spoken with other abductees who have corroborated TD's statements about our future. Not pictured, because he doesn't have a MySpace page yet (that I'm aware of) is also TD's friend Martin from Martin has also corroborated the concert event during an interview with TD.

TD is in a group of people who have had similar, difficult, but profound experiences. There is a reason why these people have befriended TD, and that is that, despite his very straight-forward manner, he is a person who shares a very real, and very terrifying reality with these folks that few have had to experience.

All of them have had pioneering experiences, and suffer the aftermath of those experiences. If TD were a fraud these people would smell it. TD is not glomming onto these people out of some need to associate with alien experiencers. He's trying to find someone he can relate his experiences to; someone who can say, "I've been there."

This much is clear to me. And judging by the stats on his website, his story seems to strike a chord with many others - around the world. This isn't strictly a U.S. thing. It's everywhere...

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 02:21 PM
Just because something can not be proven right or wrong, much like this thread, it does not automatically become a hoax.

People who call "hoax" all of the time, are merely responding to the way they act personally. I would have to believe that a lot of things comming from that person is much like they call all other information, a "hoax".

They are so used to perpetrating hoaxes, they automatically think everything is a hoax. It does not matter if it is or not, or there is some truth in the statement. To them the whole world is a "hoax".

I would add that they trust very few things, because they can't be trusted themselves.

You see spinx, by your statements, we can have a clear view of your demeanor. I can't trust any of your statements, because you have just told me that you will lie any chance you get.

I would suggest a study into what being a Toltec Warrior is, and you may be able to trust other people again. It starts with being honest and trusting yourself. How can you trust a liar.

As for me, living with aliens, the first 35 days of the parasite cleanse is behind me. Some of the things that were eliminated from my body go beyond any desire to recall what they were or looked like. I am glad to be rid of those freeloaders. If a person has never done a parasite cleanse, I would highly recommend it. In fact, if you do it, following the diet, and nothing comes out, I will pay all of your cost for the kit.

Once you rid your body of the disease causing parasites, you will enjoy better health and probably live longer. I certainly feel better than I have for years. It wasn't age that I was suffering from, merely out of controll parasites. My siblings noticed a dramatic change in my appearance, and wanted to know my secret.

I should be a de-worming kit salesman. I am not making a penny from the sales of these kits. You are only kidding yourself, if you think you are immune and do not have any parasites. The only way to get rid of them is to evict them. They do have trouble getting established in a healthy body.

Paragone 1&2 - A renew life product.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 05:24 AM
This is another post that I will try to explain to the best of my ability with the thoughts that were given to me.
From day one the controllers have manipulated and divided us to keep us off our intended path in life. So much so, that we now find ourselves living in a deeply divided society that is self destructing and severely damaging the environment in which we live. This was achieved with Religions, Races, Nationalities, Science, Money, Governments & Politics to name a few.
Our history, purpose & technologies that we should have had access to have been kept hidden from us. We all have this feeling about this but what do we do about it?

TimeDrifter mentioned that in his memory of the concert the people attending during the 1st day were treated with humor by the news telecasts and to a degree ridiculed. I originally asked what the theme of the concert was? What was it the united the people there in the first place?

Our identiity in the Universe is that of a Terran. That is who we are. Where ever you travel in the Universe you will be a Terran. The name has been with us through history and now is the time to reconnect to the term.
When you stand up and declare that you are a Terran you are declaring that you are a citizen of the Universe and that your home is here on this Planet, Terra.
A Terran does not recognise Countries, Nationalities, Religions or Governments on this Planet as they are the tools that were used to divide us. A Terran is united with fellow Terrans whose purpose to raise the consciousness of the Planet & each other to the next dimension and beyond.
The people at the concert are celebrating being a Terran. They are celebrating the release of the shackles and the sharing of the knowledge that has been kept hidden.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 11:09 AM
I like the sound of that.

It speaks directly to my core being. I have always thought like that, taking people as they are, and affording them every courtesy a fellow human being, living here on Earth, deserves.

That is a natural state for us to be.

Yes, the divide and conquor attitude is what has put us into this situation. We need to treat people as equals. I hate that part of our so called civilized society.

That is a big part of my belief structure. This is a big part of my dreams for the future, as well.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 11:11 AM
Hi, win 52 and Cyber!!

win, I think I understand what you're saying about syrinx and his hoax claims.

Each of us projects what we expect to see upon the world - actually, to be more specific, the world each of us sees/experiences is more a reflection of us than it is the objective reality we believe we see.

syrinx sees a hoax, truly where there is none. Oh ye of little faith...

It was said before, but all we have to do is to wait to see if the things TD and others are saying comes to pass. And we're talking about a matter of months...About sixty-five months.

That is the whole show though (approx. 2011-2013). It's the culmination of events that will increase and accelerate from here on out. We are going to be seeing much, much more coming to pass from today on out...I can see, however, the potential for a mass landing, the concert, and any other similar event occurring any day now. This has to be clear to anyone following these events...

I recently came across a Youtube member calling himself "theufokid". He has recently just come out with a lot of footage that he claims are of ufos and ETs. He also claims to be experiencing abduction type phenomena.

Here is a link to his main video page -- LINK

His videos are creating some excitement, and although I had trouble seeing some of what theufikid indicates are in a lot of these videos, I still believe something is happening to him.

I did find, however, a couple of videos where there is clearly something anomalous occurring.

The first video I want to link to is of a jet stream that in no way reflects the behavior of a typical contrail.

The second video is of what theufokid is calling video of "Bigfoot and and ET walking down the street." I watched the video, and although I can't clearly identify the two beings in the video, I can clearly see that both of them seem to disappear and reappear several times.

theufokid suggests that these beings are holograms. To me, after watching the video, this seems possible, as does the fact that these two beings may be able to appear and disappear (phase shift?) at will.

I realize the principle of Occam's razor should be applied here before I start talking about phase shifting, but I think all things should be on the table. Especially, because I believe theufokid is sincere.

If you read theufokid's comments beneath many of his videos, his exchanges reveal a person who is struggling with these experiences,

well thats what the aliens want me to figure out. i dont think. i think there mostly holograms. and ufo look and sound like planes when they want. holograms again. its true i figured it out along with a few other people . no b.s what so ever. im dead serius about ufos and my beliefs! i can prove it if you were here. maybe. i have to show you how to look

see it doesnt look noarmal thats my point! now you are starting to see a little. anything is possible dont foorget it. the aliens know what im doing and they give me just enough for people to *edit* with me. there doing it not me

These have an air of authenticity to them, but that's all I can say at this point. We'll have to see how his story unfolds.

On a side note, I wonder if anyone is having problems/trouble with their networks/servers either at work, or at home. I have been seeing a lot of long connection times, at home and at work, at several different websites. This says to me that many places are experiencing something at the same time.

I read recently that there was concern about some sort of major attack on government, or public servers/networks that were speculated as possibly coming to pass. The result would be a sort of catastrophic data loss, and major system upset, possibly across the nation.

These sorts of things kind of pop up when you see the sorts of slow downs, and net blocking I've been seeing of late. Curious if anyone is experiencing the same sort of stuff...

I know from David Wilcock that forces can conspire to electronically attack networks, so I don't take anything for granted...

Hi, Cyber!!

You can take a bow. That was an excellent post!! You're right on the money. We are not Americans, Iranians, Iraqis, Germans, or Asian, etc. - we are Terrans. We are earth humans. One race.

The national, cultural, economic, and social divisions are our own. We created them from thin air. In reality, they do not exist outside of our minds. We are one race of beings, and this is how we will all see ourselves very soon.

Erase the nations' borders in your own mind, and see one race sharing this planet. A race that is about to be freed...

I just watched James Gilliland's DVD, "Contact Has Begun." You can add James to the credible contactee and near death experiencer list.

James is right on about our future, and he offers a great, all encompassing vision of our positive future. James' description of his near death experience matches what TD remembers of his own, and almost this alone has made James seem very credible to me.

No negative visions of calamities, etc. James puts it in perspective, and describes a positive and joyous future of contact, and acceptance into a greater galactic community.

When I can, I'll post excerpts from what James shares in the video. For me, it was worth the purchase price. If I could post it for public use without Copyright infringement I would. James is on the right track.

Thanks a lot for your posts!! Cyber, rock on!!!

[edit on 31-7-2007 by OnTheDeck]

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 11:38 AM
Oh, one more thing.

The other evening I was sitting on my balcony having a relaxing drink, looking at the evening sky. It was twilight and the stars were just beginning to show up.

I was sitting back in a deck chair, looking at the stars.

I saw what looked like a shooting star, but there was no bright light. It came in heading SW much like a shooting star, but the trail was like orange sparks. It swooped in and levelled off, like something pulling up to a much slower speed. The trail went off in a SW direction. The whole sighting took 2 seconds or so, and I did not see any thing else.

The trail led me to believe any craft giving off this type of trail would have to be quite large, bigger than any Baseball stadium, and probably the size of about 10 put together.

There was also no sound, I figured it was quite far away. 8 to 10 miles at least, possibly more.

I pinched myself and asked, did you really see that? The answer, YES!

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 03:08 AM
Sorry I only read the first 10 or so pages..

Well, anyway I would want to know what it is like to actually timetravel.

I mean, if I wanted to try it (volunteer) what is it like?
Am I born in a distant future or do I simply "teleport" there?

Will someone help me get to my destination or do I have to go alone?

And finally, why would the masslanding wait to 2012 if they knew what is to come. With timetravel ability could they not just land tomorrow and end this boring world we live in today already?

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 05:04 AM
Presumably if they landed sooner their time line would change so the desired outcome would not be accomplished.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 08:00 AM
Hey OnTheDeck !!!!!!!!

I checked out the UFO Kid....please buy the guy a or a cam with a stabilizer.
It is pretty freaky stuff. They sort of look like they are from a higher dimension to me. I have never seen anything like it. I guess by knowing about what to look for we might be able to tune in ourselves and see if we can see that kind of thing.
I just wonder what his neighbours think about his activities around the

I have a weird message for the day. Apparently the 3rd world African countries will soon have some of the most spectacular architecture on this planet after the changes take place in the near future. Their cities will be renown all over the planet for their beauty. I can not begin to describe the style that they will be in except that it will be very colourful. They have not really been given a chance to reflect this style thus far but when they !!!
I have no idea why I was meant to post this by the way.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 03:20 PM
Might have been for me, in part.

I was asking about the way certain people are treated by certain other people. I was disgusted by the way the world, in general, treats other humans. It has always been my way to treat others as equals, respecting a person for what they can do, and not placing any negative thoughts on their nationality or skin colour

I did not get an answer at the time, but now I have it.

I did see that when I read what you wrote. I was given a vision of what that area will become like. It was too beautifull for words to describe. The bright colours of the centers where people lived and expressed their creativeness is amazing.

That is what we can all expect, in the near future. We will not have to chase the almighty dollar to live. Money will no longer be the standard by which people are judged. In fact, the judge will be hanged, so to speak. There will not be a need for judges, and people will act accordingly. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that violence and crime toeards other people will not be allowed to exist.

Sounds a bit like the garden of eden, doesn't it?

Well, when the people came out of Egypt, and they asked for a ruler or judges, God was at a bit of a loss as to why they needed this. People could not live in a manner that they did not need a judgement. They would always fight and argue. That is why whole scale changes are needed. The old system we are currently operating by needs to be torn down completely. In a manner that all the people remaining will not want to take up that lifestyle ever again.

If new ways are put in place, that do not require us to live under the old system, people will gladly accept the new lifestyle. One that is in harmony with the universe.

This is my dream, our future, and there will be no turning back once the ball starts rolling. I am still understanding that not all of the people on Earth will take part in this. There will be some who resist. I believe that is when the purging will take place. Roughly 1/3 of the people on Earth right now, will be left behind. I am not sure exactly what that means (left behind).

I know that I will be in the peacefull, world community group.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 08:46 AM
Hi, just being curious, how come there is a welcome sign in Chinese in the ufotravel site recently? Any particular reason or intention?

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 05:03 PM
Hi, win 52, Twixly, meurig, Cyber_Wasp, and micphil!!

I wanted to say to win that I hope your sighting was the real deal. I wonder what it was...

On a different note, I still want to give a shout out to the guy in the jumpsuit who appeared in your living room (for those that didn't read about this experience, it's a couple of pages back...).

Hello to all our positive ET contacts out there!! We're waitin' fer ya!!

I haven't had a chance to take photos in about two weeks or so. I've actually had little or no time to myself this last week or so because of work and social obligations.

My apologies to everyone asking questions/making posts for the delayed response. I know TD intends to respond soon also. I have some time now, so here I go.

Hi, Twixly!! It's pretty funny, but even though you've only read about 10 pages out of the 60 pages here you've still managed to ask questions that haven't been asked before.

I sent your questions to TD, and he says he plans on answering them.

I'll try to hit a couple here, but TD will obviously have a better idea. You asked,

if I wanted to try it (volunteer) what is it like?

As far as the mechanics and experience of it, TD will have to explain that.

There is an aspect of the specific time travel that is directly related to TD's experiences, however, involving missions that I can offer a little on.

TD explained to me that you are briefed on any number of missions, regarding what the mission(s) will entail(s) that you, as an early contact/volunteer can accept.

He says that later, a greater number will have the opportunity to time travel, but early volunteers will, of necessity, experience this technology first. Take that as you will...

The missions, as he's explained to me, can be anything from a fact finding mission, to conflict engagement of some form.

He was careful to explain that the "conflict engagement" missions (my term) weren't necessary military; although, the idea of a battle, or confrontation involving force would be involved. You aren't forced to go on these, or any other missions. It was all up to you.

Some of these conflict missions, according to TD, involved travel to other planets from which negatively oriented beings were exerting control or influence over earth.

Aside from this sort of mission are other missions like traveling back in our history to document events in our history as they actually happened, and not how we've been mislead to believe they've occurred.

He can explain more on the above, and describe what it will be like when he responds...

You also asked,

Am I born in a distant future or do I simply "teleport" there?

You were born here, in whatever year you were born onto this planet. The time travel opportunity will be presented to you in this lifetime. It will be at that time that you will have the opportunity to travel to the past or future.

TD says that he remembers one of his friends and their family immediately moving to earth's future to live when this technology becomes available to us in the next four years. TD says he has specific, clear memories of visiting this friend and his family in the future and spending time with them.

You asked,

Will someone help me get to my destination or do I have to go alone?

You go alone. Good luck. KIDDING!! According to TD, although you may actually be able to travel alone on certain missions; however, from what I gather, you will always be in contact with someone, and you will probably be able to take someone with you. This is a TD question...


why would the masslanding wait to 2012 if they knew what is to come. With timetravel ability could they not just land tomorrow and end this boring world we live in today already?

meurig may have a good point in his post following yours (bottom half pg 60) when he said,

Presumably if they landed sooner their time line would change so the desired outcome would not be accomplished.

Who knows what elements are involved, and how these things play out.

I've said this before, but I don't think this is a dates game. It's been discussed as, possibly by Michael Tsarion, as a sort of recipe. The idea being that you throw all of the ingredients into the mix, cook at a set temperature, and then see your cake bake.

I'm not sure that these are events that are set to a clock (although, to some degree that may be involved) as much as a natural process that was foreseen to have precipitated a certain outcome at a certain time.

I don't think friendly ET species are sitting around waiting for 2012. In fact, we have as much of a chance of seeing a mass landing now as we do sixty months from now.

It seems hard to see how a race could change so much in sixty months that contact would be possible after that time, but not before. Who knows - maybe if there IS such an acceleration of consciousness going on that we are going to see the gears clicking faster day by day. This is mostly my belief anyway...

It's not an event as much as it is a process. I don't think a light is turned on, and yet, at the same time I believe one event - the mass landing - will act as a sort of light switch.

I wanted to also share a great insight I received from the James Gilliland "Contact Has Begun" video and that is this - when a call is made to other beings, especially if the energy sending that call is a lower energy (i.e., based on fear, greed for power, etc.) that call is first responded by lower energy beings.

He explained our initial contacts with negatively oriented beings (STS, or "Service to Self" beings) up to this point. These beings answered the call of our government and military, and technology was offered in return for an STS motivated agenda. Other contacts, including seemingly negatively oriented channeled material, are indications of these first type of contacts.

These new beings, all of which are positively oriented, are now responding, and they are making scarce these early responders. Our call has also become more positively oriented; more based on love, compassion, a need for connection and understanding. Not from a need to control, or exert power over others.

These newer beings are in greater numbers, as is the case with this universe, but they are not just handing over technology. Not without an understanding, and a promise to act like enlightened parts of a great galactic community. The game is changing, and it's bringing us into a greater, positive immersion into the universe and communities around us. This made perfect sense to me, and I am ready to proceed.

I kind of wonder if we were allowed these first negatively oriented contacts to see if our race would choose to ally with these folks. I know, as a race, we have chosen wisely. Some have not, and they will suffer that decision.

Cyber, thank you for sharing your vision. How did you receive that information?

win, I'm running short on time again, and room. I wanted to thank you for your posts!! Your insights add a tremendous amount to this discussion. Please continue to share your thoughts!!

Hi, micphil!! The Chinese text on TD's website is a thank you message for those visitors from China, who have, as of late, really boosted TD's site stats. It's crazy, but China is the biggest demographic visiting TD's site behind the U.S.

I have no idea what that means, but I think it's great that someone who may not even speak our language may share my viewpoint, TD's viewpoint, win 52's, or others'. We are no different.

Like Cyber said, we are Terrans. I would say, however, to expand that idea to include others if you leave the planet, and consider other beings you encounter your brothers and sisters. We are all of the one creator, period.


posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 06:42 PM
Hey OnTheDeck!!!!!!

I receive small snipets of information through dreams and sometimes it seems like thoughts when I am drifting off to sleep. I find it very hard to still my mind to tune in but they get through every now and then. It is hard to explain but I can tell the difference. The message is persistent and wont leave me when it comes until I post it. I had the last one for two days about Africa and I didn't want to post it beacuse it made no

Hey in the contact dvd does it explain methods in how to make face to face contact? This is my goal. I have been trying for a while now to do this. As I have stated in the past I beleive I may have had experiences with negative beings when I was a child and now I want to meet the positive ones. So far I have had no luck. I think it might have something to do with my If I ever did meet up I would want to prove it to the world with video evidence. I guess that is not an appealing idea to them.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 08:12 PM
relating to the quote you had of the ufokid ...

I was walking to a nearby pond at night with a friend. I am candid with this person, a close freind, more open to her than family. I talked about how this one star bothers me (indirectly, by its look, not come and take me away
) ... that night (and I haven't said this here before because of the skeptics) we watched that star move and then head our way ... once it reached a point that it became a large bright light, it change into a silent low flying airplane. This of course is impossible. The light was stationary in the sky for quite some time as we sat and talked on a bench. This experience was reminded to me after reading that, since I don't bring it up much, and neither does my friend. It is not something that is readily accepted by someone without ridicule. Holographic projection is an excellent explanation, and one I came up with years ago when it occurred. It was very in our face and not even slightly deniable like most things are from distance and clarity. Of course no video or pictures either, since we didn't plan on seeing something like that. If only we all had 16 MP cameras with 2 GB SD cards on us at all times

Seeing each other as equal is necessary for us to progress any further. It will take a lot to get rid of the brainwashing of materialism, egoism, and bigotry that has held the world in its hands for some time now. I dream of the day it is all gone.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by Twixly
Sorry I only read the first 10 or so pages..

Well, anyway I would want to know what it is like to actually timetravel.

I mean, if I wanted to try it (volunteer) what is it like?
Am I born in a distant future or do I simply "teleport" there?

Will someone help me get to my destination or do I have to go alone?

And finally, why would the masslanding wait to 2012 if they knew what is to come. With timetravel ability could they not just land tomorrow and end this boring world we live in today already?
the first time is scarey, at least it was for me, but then again I had no warning or preparation, I was thrown into it, abducted, whether abducted by the future me or not, I was still taken, although I was afraid if I did not cooperate I would be worse off cause I came along quietly when they said "lets go".

but after I got used to it, it became fun or exciting.

I dont think reincarnation will be necessary in the future once immortality is reality and in past posts (perhaps with other banned screen names I had here ) I called people who go one way to the future "jumpers" and there will be many jumpers indeed.

as far as your destination, for the most part there is no going alone, there will always be someone watching or searching for you even if you step through the portal alone.

as far as the mass landing, it happens when it happens because changing the timeline would be drastic I believe it failed on other timelines, I do agree with meurig in that aspect.

sorry it took so long to reply, things are a bit tight for me these days in many aspects. I will try to get to everything tonight.

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posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 08:53 AM
Hi, Cyber, FreeThinkerIdealist, and TD!!

Cyber, I mentioned this to you elsewhere, but I really think the folks who are contacting us now decide when, where, and how contact is made.

It wouldn't hurt to go out with sincere intentions and a clear mind to ask for some sort of positive contact. Carrying a camera at these times and just shooting the sky may offer you the first glimpses of contact. I did, and I got a response. It was so easy that it would have been easy to overlook it as coincidence; as artifacts in the photos or something.

I've captured what I consider to be ET craft in some of my photos. I know I could be safe and call them "ufos" based on an assumption that they could be secret military craft; however, because many other people are taking nature and sky pictures who aren't seeing these things, and the fact that I AM capturing these things at a time when I am looking for some sort of evidence of contact is too much of a convenient coincidence to ignore. I'm not THAT thick skulled.

In a way, I feel like, over the past few months, that I've been given just enough of a glimpse through sightings, dreams, and personal sign experiences, to confirm for me that I'm on the right track. If I weren't I'd know it. I believe I have been encouraged to continue as I am, by receiving just enough of a nudge.

I wanted to say though, that this past week has been unusually, and inexplicably rough, and bizarre. I've felt very out of sync. And my dreams have been a bizarre hodgepodge of confusing material. No idea where it all came from, but this past week was just "off"...

I had more strange dreams last night about the earth bursting with these multi-colored worm creatures that, although beautiful, were breaking up through the floor and ground. I was climbing on furniture to avoid them as they broke through, slithering and sliding over each other...I know this was some subconscious game-playing, but it was just a weird part of this week of circus dreams...

Cyber, you described the source of your "message",

I receive small snipets of information through dreams and sometimes it seems like thoughts when I am drifting off to sleep. I find it very hard to still my mind to tune in but they get through every now and then. It is hard to explain but I can tell the difference. The message is persistent and wont leave me when it comes until I post it.

That's very interesting. Keep on posting 'em if you got 'em!! I would like to think that when I feel encouraged to post here that I am getting some sort of subtle guidance in what I write...

I'll tell you my post yesterday was a sort of struggle, because I've had a rough week. I've had strange dreams, fitful nights' sleep, and have been dragging myself out of bed in the morning, but no reason for it...You may be able to see that in the post - I can, in some of my unclear sentences...

Anyway, hoping that's past...

Thanks, Cyber! Please continue sharing your insights...

Hi, FreeThinkerIdealist!!

Your experience is interesting. My first thought is that maybe you had seen a plane coming toward you head-on in the distance, and as it got closer you were able to see more of it. Only you can say for sure.

theufokid has videotaped jets in the sky that he claims are not terrestrial jets, but are ufos disguised as jets. Because they appear to be regular jets it's hard to come to any other conclusion.

At the same time, he IS capturing interesting night video of jets with a heck of a lot of lights on them, as well as that daytime video of the bizarre jet stream I linked to earlier...The verdict is still out, but it may be a matter of time before he produces something undeniable. There needs to be a rigorous investigation of his videos. He's producing so many of them...

Freethinker, you said,

Seeing each other as equal is necessary for us to progress any further. It will take a lot to get rid of the brainwashing of materialism, egoism, and bigotry that has held the world in its hands for some time now. I dream of the day it is all gone.

The truth is, before every single being on this planet gets to this point of releasing all of that age old programming, we are going to see worldwide contact.

It would better serve these folks to leave these outmoded and narrow-minded views of our world behind. If they can't, then the lessons will only be harder for them. Each of us decides how the world and universe affects us. If we are more in tune with the world around us, then the surprises our universe springs on us are more apt to be taken in stride.

There is no room in the future for these things, and it's time to let them go, or have them forcefully purged from us. This isn't punishment, it's growth. You can go willfully and joyfully, or kicking and screaming.

I also dream of a world with these things, including war, greed, and all of that left behind. As far as I'm concerned, I've let these things go. I AM the change I want to see in the world, and so are millions, perhaps billions of others. This CAN be looked at as a change that we have brought about, or it could be a change the world/universe has made within us as the world/universe itself grows.

These things are only reflections of each other, but our individual rate of growth doesn't affect or slow down the growth of the universe in which we live - the universe drives our growth, and in ourselves we can see a reflection of the growth of our world/universe. We mistakenly believe that we are the driving force, when in fact it is the other way around.

The fact that we recgonize these changes in ourselves and our world at this time is simply a mile marker on our way to greater things. The train is moving full steam ahead, and the sights are becoming more amazing by the day. We have only to enjoy the ride, or be terrified by it. I choose to enjoy the ride.

I cited great examples of contactees' statements with regard to our earth and the growing contact experiences we are having. It was said that when a planetary race reaches a certain level of consciousness that the next step is contact on a worldwide scale. This is what is happening now.

Our race HAS been guided and nurtured along (although, included in that has been involvement that wasn't necessarily for our own benefit) since the beginning; encouraged and inspired.

We are at a point now where contact isn't just happening with select government agencies, or scattered groups of individuals, but is happening with entire countries - just about every country on the planet as I've recently discovered.

So here we are, moving steadily along to the show. The BIG show. The first contact events of our modern age were a trickle, but the damn is breaking open, and higher, more positive, and greater numbers are beginning to show themselves.

Everything that is going on now is altering our consciousness as a race, until the point where, when contact on a grand scale is finally made, part of us will acknowledge that perhaps we already knew about it; part of us will know those who make contact; and the process will, as TD said, unfold in as smooth and comfortable a manner as is possible.

These flyovers, crop circles, contactee events, etc., are preparing and guiding us toward this greater contact. And I've said this before, but ultimately, that has got to be the most beautiful and profound way to initiate contact - not dropping out of the sky on the White House lawn; but to dance in our skies, to offer works of art that reflect universal principles and messages to every being on this planet of a fundamental nature, and to send messages of reassurance and love through credible contacts.

It's important to try to see these events on the level of transmission to appreciate them; not from a rigid and limited view of the universe. The message is clear. Hello. And be prepared.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 03:52 PM
The condiments and napkins are next to the fountain drinks behind you. Would you like a hot apple turnover with that?

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 08:57 PM
Hello !!!!!!

When someone discovers a promising new technology that generates all the power of nuclear energy but has none of the side effects such as pollution and radiation you would think that this would become a priority to develop for the good of mankind? Even more amazing is the fact that this fuel source is water. In fact very small quantities of water can in fact power whole cities.

I am talking about cold fusion and I don't really want to start a debate on if it is real or fake, but rather the fact that if something shows promise then shouldn't it be further looked at.

I was watching a tv show called Phenomenon - Heavy Watergate - The War Against Cold Fusion. You can probably get this off bit torrent. Let me tell you my blood boiled whilst watching this. I was absolutely disgusted. I have not really been this angry in watching a show like this before. When it all boils down to it, the scientific community and government has done its best to stop this technology through slander, faking lab results, you name it.

Basically we have a set of guidelines that we are kept between. This applies to science, technology, history & religion ect. This show highlights what has happened to many people when they come up with something that does not fit in with this picture.

Maybe this is the technology that powered TimeDrifters time machine. It would explain how such a small device has so much power. Like TimeDrifter says, these people will be made accountable in the near future. In watching this show you will see prime examples.

This technology has had to go underground. It is still being developed on shoe string budgets and could have been brought to reality by now if it had been given a chance.

I am told by you know who, that this is not the ultimate source of energy but is certainly the best option we have devised so far. As I heard in one of the other videos and this rings true with me. ET's are saying that we over complicate things. We have everthing here we need for non polluting power. Everything we need for medicine. The solutions to these problems are found in our most common of renewable resouces.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 10:53 PM
well ... it doesn't benefit the corporations for us to have near-free energy nor actual cures for diseases.

The ultimate plan for a business is to make money off of an investment ... as much as you can for as long as you can.

The millions (or billions) of dollars in lobbyists shows who is really in control.

If there was cures for diseases ... that is a one time sale, the treatment is a lifetime profit.

If we made a true alternative energy source, all those companies that invested in drilling and other infrastructure would not clear the trillions of profits over the next few decades. Oil especially ... it is in the interest of the government ... whose taxes are a large portion of the price of fuel, to sustain the use of it throughout a large percentage of the population as long as they can. This in turn, means, incentives to the auto manufacturers to claim higher efficiency is impossible to attain ... lower mpg = more consumption of oil.

The real point of it all, is control. They control what you believe is possible, control where you spend your money ... they control everything that is important to them.

I agree we have all the solutions to the current energy problems ... right now. It would take a 'rogue' nation to develop and release this to eliminate the current grip that is on most of the minds. I am still curious to what India plans to release in 2012.

Regarding my experience. It isn't as easily de-bunked as you stated. From where the 'star' was in the sky, the direction it moved, and the amount of time involved ... this WAS NOT an airplane. The 'star' was stationary in the sky for more than 30 minutes. When it moved from that position to the tree line was a matter of seconds. There was no reflection on the tops of the trees ... it was as if the image was there but it wasn't. I could practically see through it. It was the image of a passenger or cargo plane (I only saw the bottom side for it went directly above us) ... it was low enough to compare to a plane preparing to land ... but with no sound before or after, and it was gone over another tree line.

It really doesn't matter if people beleive me or not. I know what I saw, and the reason I haven't mentioned it on here before. I leave past experiences in the past. If I have any new, they will be mentioned in much better detail for I will be better prepared to do so and it will be fresh in my mind. Sorry I couldn't describe it better this past one better than I have.

I already do live the idealistic way I wish the world to see and become. I always have. It takes all of our efforts for it to become reality, but it also has to start somewhere.

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