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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on May, 1 2007 @ 03:45 PM
You asked,

what would i have to do to be signed up? i dont mean me saying that i want to by replying, i mean what would i have to do if i got the call?

I only know a limited amount of what you can expect as a "volunteer".

From what I do know, you will have an opportunity to travel to our past, or future, and to engage in all sorts of missions on earth. These can be anything from information gathering to "event management" and more.

By "event management", I mean it may be necessary to become actively involved in certain events to produce a certain outcome. I imagine these can be as simple as providing someone information, effecting a change in some degree to an event, to saving someone's life, or lives, or engaging some "baddies".

TD says that some missions will be off-planet. For example, there it may be necessary to go on military sort of missions, or "safeguard" sort of missions that may present more of a risk.

In the end, even if something happens to anyone during these missions, like if they are hurt, injured, imprisoned, or what have you, the folks running the show will merely travel back before that event and prevent it (i.e., save you, and pull you out of harm's way).

Ultimately, there is nothing to be too concerned about.

Some of these missions can bring you back to the age of dinosaurs, or to the middle ages. It's all open. When all of this comes to pass, it will be a very open system.

Use your imagination. LOL


posted on May, 1 2007 @ 05:51 PM
Hello OTD et al...

Far be it for me to throw a spanner in the works but...

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
In any event, they suggest that specific dates for either clear sighting, and mass familiarity of Planet X and its trajectory, as well as intervention/large contact events (i.e., the concert, or a mass landing)

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
The more I read at the Zetatalk site, and Nancy's other statements, the more I see corroborating a lot of what TD has said.

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
Much of what Nancy says seems very common sense, and also agrees with a lot of what TD and others see as happening...The more I read there, the more I'm interested...

Nancy is talking about the Earth being stopped due to magnetic issue with Planet X being in the vicinity. 90% of the population will die from Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and subsequent volcanic winter, Tidal Waves and a whole load of nasty stuff. Those that survive will have to... well, try and survive, she paints a bleak picture.

Regarding the mass landing and the reason I quoted you above is this, from the very same site...

Regarding mass landings. This will not occur. This rumor has been spread by Service-to-Self groups, periodically, because of the fear and anxiety this engenders in humans. This is by design, as frightened humans are more easily pushed into becoming recruits for the Service-to-Self orientation in that these emotions tend to focus one on the self. There will be no mass landing. None. The Council of Worlds will prevent this, and in fact has prevented this in the past. As such a happenstance is much desired by the Service-to-Self, they have of course pushed endlessly for this. Why has this not occurred to date? Because controls are in place. We will relay that the only circumstances that would allow for a mass landing to occur would be for the majority of the Earth's inhabitants to turn to the Service-to-Self orientation, and by majority we mean that almost 100% would have to be at that point. This high percentage is required, as the Service-to-Self are not given to free will latitudes, being coercive intimidators.

To those in the Service-to-Others orientation, however, the concept of free will is natural. Those in the Service-to-Others are not striving to raise the anxiety level or frighten humans during the Awakening. In fact all aliens visiting Earth at this time are required to record a visit only in the subconscious so as not to trip the balance in the general populace, as the orientation of the future Earth has been, by vote of Earthlings, to be Service-to-Other. It is not ourselves in the Service-to-Others orientation, therefore, who would benefit from rumors of a mass landing.

Reports of pending mass landings periodically make the rounds. As this will not be allowed, why do these reports continue to emerge? The answer lies in looking to who benefits from the reaction to these reports. As we are restrained by the Rules of Engagement from discussing activities of those in the Service-to-Self, we can say no more regarding any specific rumor.

Taken from here... bold by me.
Zetatalk - Mass Landing

Just sayin'.

Edit to add: Although I agree other elements may corroborate, it seems that the mass landing and concert is TD's main thing which Nancy seems to disagree with.

Of course, they both can't be right but if I had a choice, I'm with you guys!

That's probably service to self though.

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posted on May, 1 2007 @ 06:57 PM
I read your post. Nancy seems to equivocate about the mass landing. LOL

Yeah, she says in no uncertain terms that there will be no mass landing. She is in direct conflict with TD on that point.

Only time will tell. Nancy has a long history at Zetatalk.

You quoted this, but I'll repeat it. She says,

Those in the Service-to-Others are not striving to raise the anxiety level or frighten humans during the Awakening.[

Your same SOURCE

It's totally understandable to me that a mass landing would cause chaos on the ground, and would send a lot of people into hysterics. It's not as if the "changes" she says are going to occur wouldn't. LOL

I'll quote you paraphrasing her,

Nancy is talking about the Earth being stopped due to magnetic issue with Planet X being in the vicinity.

90% of the population will die from Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and subsequent volcanic winter, Tidal Waves and a whole load of nasty stuff.

Those that survive will have to... well, try and survive, she paints a bleak picture.

Like I said, I'd sure feel like I was on the Good Ship Lollipop when all of that goes down. LOL

Nancy also says (and this excerpt is from a 1995 article) that those spreading the message of the mass landing are doing so, because,

This rumor has been spread by Service-to-Self groups, periodically, because of the fear and anxiety this engenders in humans.


This is not the case with TD's proclamations, or others who offer that these craft are actually here on a peaceful mission, and may be taking people off-planet if and when these calamities occur.

I agree that much of what Nancy states about the changes reflect what TD and others see, but disagrees with that part of what TD and others, including what the Tibetan remote viewers, the technical remote viewers, and many others say about friendly interventions.

And there is certainly nothing malevolent about the concert...

There is a lot of information out there. Nancy seems to be solid, but I also feel win 52, TD, Martin from, Bonnie from and others have equal credibility.

There is no fear mongering here. These are friendly predictions...

If you want to talk about fear mongering, Nancy's statements about these catastrophes, which I haven't actually seen a lot of corroboration for, really do the trick in the "freak us out" category.

And her follow up that no one will receive aid, and that billions will die from these horrible events by injuries, starvation, or any other various causes, doesn't paint a too pleasant picture either. It's kind of like a back-handed compliment, "You look good in that dress; it doesn't make you look too fat."

Gotta wonder where the cataclysm talk came from...

We will just have to wait and see. Maybe things have changed since 1995, or maybe multiple outcomes will be allowed to unfold...

TD is not dealing with second hand information, but has made direct contact, and had personal experience himself, with ETs, as well as a lifetime of contacts with a person claiming to be him from the future.

Because TD's experiences lead him to believe the concert, etc., are in our near future, only time will tell how this actually plays out.

I feel that Nancy's comments don't apply to what TD and others are saying.

I think what she's saying applies more to possible government scare tactics about an attack, rather than what TD, win 52, and others suggest is a benevolent mission to reveal the truth, and make more direct contact, which is inevitable...That's happening now...

Thanks for posting, Prote!

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posted on May, 1 2007 @ 09:27 PM
concerning the mass landing, that is a phrase i picked up from dan burisch, originally in my book i called it like a swarm of bees(in the sky), i do see many craft on the ground though. but the main vision or memory is them all in the sky.

that makes me question zetatalk now.

it is a conflict, and i am sticking to my story till the end.

posted on May, 1 2007 @ 11:23 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
Yeah, she says in no uncertain terms that there will be no mass landing. She is in direct conflict with TD on that point.

You know I'm one of those that neither believes nor disbelieves any of these crazies (including you guys haha), but even if you suspend disbelief for a while, she is doing the thing she is spouting against...

I'll give this another showing...

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
You quoted this, but I'll repeat it. She says,

Those in the Service-to-Others are not striving to raise the anxiety level or frighten humans during the Awakening.

Your same SOURCE

Then she is clearly not service to others because her "theories" have fear all over them, this is exactly what she's doing.

In addition, once you get past the obvious fear mongering and "the end is nigh" message, she is talking a lot about the old service to self, service to others mentalities. She even lists some of the alien species and whether they are generally service to whatever and generally she is saying they are service to others.

Not that I have a clue what an alien species thinks but how the heck do you get any service to other species simply letting 6 billion people perish in a variety of heinous ways? It doesn't make sense (not that the rest does lol) but that isn't service to others unless it's ok to be selective.

Next time someone falls in a raging river, I'll be sure to establish if they are service to self or others before I decide to try and help. sheesh.

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
Nancy also says (and this excerpt is from a 1995 article) that those spreading the message of the mass landing are doing so, because,

This rumor has been spread by Service-to-Self groups, periodically, because of the fear and anxiety this engenders in humans.


Seriously, like we'd fear mass landing but not the Earth being torn to shreds while we're all sitting on it!

Like you said, time will tell and if anything DOES happen, there are going to be more wrong than right. If nothing happens... lmao, if you guys are right, cool, if Nancy is right, I'm going to the beach to build a sandcastle and hope it comes quick.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 07:02 AM
When do you think we will see some pictures taken from another time?
A simple 5megapixel picture taken of a city from the same lookout in 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 would go a long way to prove any time travel claims.

Can you give us an indication on the direction that cars will go in the future? How long will it be until we fly around Jetsons style?

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 09:00 AM
I am starting to think the zetatalk broad is being psychic attacked with misinformation, seems some of the more gifted people seem to experience more attacks these days.

as far as when we start flying like the jetsons, not sure of the year but flying cars will exist, and disc shaped craft will be the most popular due to the outstanding advantages they have such as the shape of the craft. on the ground is mostly bicycles, teleportation and very few rolling cars, and none will run on any "burning" fuel such as petrolium or alcohol or natural gas, they will be more like toy cars that you crank up (already oppressed technology)

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 09:18 AM
That is my take on that site TD, OTD & Prote. There are some conflicts of basic beliefs about the service to self idea.

I will say that when you get visions from PSI abilities, at times it is like a bad feed. You get spurts of information that are broken up. There are times when you fill in the blanks on your own.

I try not to do it, but it is easy to fill in some blanks with your own ideas. This is also what makes remote viewing so elusive. How do you trust what you are seeing? It is a catch 22.

As with my sessions, I see a lot of what she says does ring in tune with what I see as our future. There is quite likely some fill mixed into the truth.

If you are aware of this, you will tend to not blurt things out till you have spent some time working with the information to get a more complete picture.

Should we throw this baby out with the bath water?

Think about it, if there are 157 or more varities of ET visiting this planet, some with a negative agenda, mixed with the agendas we impose on other humans, it is no wonder that there is a jungle of information to weigh. Truth is lost in that jungle.

It is only more clear when you use telepathic communication with the Universal information stream that is available. Then you have to trust what you are getting.

This path does take a lot of faith. There are no simple short cuts and I can see why people reject the whole idea. Heck, I have tried that route myself, but I can't shut off the information stream no matter how hard I try.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 09:37 AM

Originally posted by timedrifter
I am starting to think the zetatalk broad is being psychic attacked with misinformation, seems some of the more gifted people seem to experience more attacks these days.

Some how, prayer to The Creator, asking for shielding and protection from negative attacks, really does work.

Prayers are a form of telepathic communication that put your mind into the PSI area. Prayers to the Creaor are heard and acted on. It is just that simple, not like all the smoke and mirrors in popular Religions.

I am working with this theme, that a lot of the Bible is literal, not figurative as most scholars promote. There is a lot more fact in the Bible than most people are willing to accept. Sure, the Jews wrote their agenda into that information. That doesn't make it all a lie. Just look at in a literal sense and you will be surprised at what you find.

You need to pray every day for it to really kick in. Guess what...if you miss one day, you are scheduled for a PSI attack.

At one point I was giving it right back to them, and they were quite surprised by my shielding. They could not penetrate it...... It gets quite eyebrow raising at times.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 09:43 AM
If I could ask a time traveller a question, I would ask them why I haven't had a reply to this post in a U2U prior to me typing it

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 04:27 PM
i hope sum1 remembers me =]
i was gone for quite a while sorry =[
sum recent events have made me basically stay off the comp for a while
but now im back , and ready for action lol
what is the topic we are currently talking about?

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 04:57 AM
I have another one.

As humans are a sports mad and after 2012 we will be introduced to a lot of other alien races, I am wanting to know which sport is played across the universe that we can compete in?
When will earth win its first universe cup and in what sport

Mind you if they use telepathy, I can't seeing it being a fair match as they will be able to read what you do as you are doing it.


posted on May, 3 2007 @ 12:29 PM
OTD or TD,

has there been any recent visions?

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by neformore
If I could ask a time traveller a question, I would ask them why I haven't had a reply to this post in a U2U prior to me typing it
first of all, is that a picture of you?

second, blah blah blah

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
I have another one.

As humans are a sports mad and after 2012 we will be introduced to a lot of other alien races, I am wanting to know which sport is played across the universe that we can compete in?
When will earth win its first universe cup and in what sport

Mind you if they use telepathy, I can't seeing it being a fair match as they will be able to read what you do as you are doing it.
quidditch, I think would be that sport.

Originally posted by JSR
OTD or TD,
has there been any recent visions?
other than planet X coming, not much that isnt intimate to me

special shout out to schmidty_beleives! I remember you, you sound like you just got back from a trip, LOL

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posted on May, 3 2007 @ 09:19 PM
Prote, I wanted to say I've been doing more reading up at Zetatalk and other sites. I'm looking for individuals who have had contact experiences primarily, but I'm also looking at channeled material, and near death experiences. The Mellen-Thomas Benedict experience was profound.

I actually hadn't done a lot of that recently. I've read a lot on the 2012 and Mayan prophecies, earth changes, etc., but wanted to hit the contactees, channeled stuff, and near death to see if more light could be shed on what's happening now.

If I could sum up Nancy Lieder's thoughts on our future, it would be that we are going to face greater calamities, and any ET, or intelligent, sentient beings, friendly or not, are not going to lift a finger to come to our aid. Even if we cry out for help, our cries will be ignored. It's a pleasant, compassion-filled future. See you on the other side.

Her predictions are dire, but in the past may have come with some degree of accuracy. I can't confirm that. She has a page that I linked to on her site that she's called ZT Accuracy. I linked it, so people can make up their own minds. You have to consider that she may be getting info from a source with ulterior motives.

I know this guy doesn’t care much for her.

I've been around long enough, and seen enough "credible" individuals who have made predictions of things that hadn't come to pass, so all of this - including TD's story - must not be taken at face value. Ye shall know them by their fruits. And that doesn't just mean accurate predictions, but your intuitive feelings about those individuals; as well as their actions.

I have been reading posts from another couple of contactees at http "lucianarchy(dot) (Google "Open Mind Forums" and look for "lucianarchy(dot)" in the first few URLS) in the "Paranormal Section", in a thread entitled, "My Experiences (Grey, Pleiadeans and Oddities)".

There is a poster there calling himself "fore", who is posting about his experiences with a female alien being he calls his "advisor", who he claims has been with him since childhood, and who predicted the 9-11 attacks.

Fore's advisor, he says, took measures to convince him of her reality, and of her abilities, by reading his friends' minds, and predicting short term events, which fore says have been accurate.

Fore also says that his alien adviser has made statements and predictions about our future, including the next "false terror attacks":

During her long winded tales about how there was a cabal that was enacting plans and building and plotting the future. She mentioned a second terror plot that at the time the cabal was allegedly planning. She told me she would not tell me specifics so I wouldn't be considered a terrorist. Source - Further Reading

This was from Page 2 of the above mentioned thread.

The "controllers" are trying to implement their own plan...It has been said by many individuals that it will be to no avail...


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posted on May, 3 2007 @ 09:21 PM
Fore's adviser also talks about a "war of contracts" that she says will occur in our near future, and it may be a sort of race to see who will get center stage with our race first.

Fore's adviser says that one race, who she calls, "The Others", has their own agenda in mind, and that agenda includes keeping earth "grounded", stopping our advance into space, and taking a sort of overt control. Except their plan will be to present themselves, according to fore's adviser, as gods; gods who created us.

Fore's adviser also says that another (I believe, her own) ET race will step in immediately following this first race in an attempt to enlighten us on our true history, which includes how the human race has been tampered with, etc., and basically confront "The Others". She also says this other race may step in before "The Others" if they feel they need to.

This adviser included, however, that there is a larger, much more powerful third race that trumps these first two races, who are acting as sort of referees, or police. It was said that if "The Others" overstepped their bounds, or did not stand down for whatever reason that they would be dealt with. The adviser says that regardless, neither of these two ET races' agendas will come to fruition...Why not is not completely clear to me.

Now, not to confuse things - I don't want to get off track - but beyond these three races, there is, according to this adviser, a fourth element, and that is a destiny that is our greater destiny, and that trumps all of these races. This may be what the adviser meant by stating that these two races' agendas will not be fulfilled.

I was trying to get a feel for what exactly fore and his adviser were seeing as coming to pass besides the adviser's comments about the next "false terror attacks".

What I found were examples of predictions that fore's adviser had made, and separate from that, fore's own pre-birth memories.

For example, fore said the adviser told him,

The war is supposed to happen a few years from now. It is supposed to bring about the first open and public contact by an alien group she called "the others" during the middle of it.

"The others" will interrupt this war. It is an escalation war and is supposed to be a nuclear war among several nations (ugh pain!). Source

This shows the ET group with selfish intentions playing the role of savior. Now, are these guys bad, and the adviser is calling them on it, or are they good, and the adviser is confusing the situation?

At one point, fore says to another poster,

Oh abo, the more you say the deeper my suspicions grow. Your telling me more than I think you realize. I'm starting to deeply questions if these advisors aren't really part of "the others"

By the way, the "(ugh pain!)" fore says is him getting a headache he believes is a warning about writing this stuff in the forum.

Fore also mentions in the thread that he doesn't trust his adviser, says that she has lied to him, and that she may have an agenda she is hiding from him. He also says that he feels she is somewhat "obsessive" about him(?).

At the same time that his adviser is predicting false terror attacks, near nuclear war, and ETs with an agenda descending on the planet, fore is recalling some pre-birth memories that may see us with a different future than she is presenting to him.

Of one of his pre-birth memories, where he is choosing his earth life, he recalls,

Then I see the contact event that is a typical event that occurs on such lowly worlds at this point in their evolution. I see that this world finds out that there are others besides them living. This happens somewhere around 26 through 28 at the most. Source

(Note: fore was born in February 16, 1981. He is 26 years old, which puts this "contact" event anytime between now and 2009, when he turns 28.)

Fore also talks about our future, which his adviser says includes human beings not being able to hide their thoughts from each other anymore. We would all be open books.

I am confused on what his adviser is sharing with him, which side she is on, what her intentions are, how his own memories fit in, and what the true larger picture has in store.

Fore asks another poster, garuda, for some guidance. Garuda seems to think that instead of geophysical earth changes, that our changes are spiritual.

Garuda's views contradict the dire predictions of Nancy Lieder, Edgar Cayce, and fore's adviser, but are in agreement with a larger philosophical and spiritual ideology regarding our future.

I point all of this out, because Prote made a good point about Nancy's statements conflicting with TD's memories.

So how do we sort all of this out? I believe that, first and foremost, we are directly connected to our creator. We are part of the immutable light, consciousness energy of the creator of all that is, and as that, we are also eternal.

Secondly, if we want answers, and fore pointed this out very clearly in his posts, we will find them within. We will find stability within, and our own intelligence and intuition will guide us.

Third, it has become apparent that there are as many species, both physical and non-physical, as there are agendas. It's important to be able to discern things on our own.

There is a lot of deception going on; and we have to be aware even of the "good guys", who may try to come in and solve our problems.

TD is not sharing his story in a vacuum. It will be, as are Nancy's, fore's, win 52's and others, held up against the light of human intelligence and weighed. And rightly so.

If nothing else, these countless cases are a clarion call to stand on our own two feet, and to carefully weigh what is presented to us.

What I see happening in our future - and it can be read in between the lines of even the misleading contact revelations, is a change occurring for our race, and it's a change that sees us making a step up in evolution.

This step will not be interfered with, because it is part of a larger destiny. A destiny that certain beings cannot share, and cannot prevent.

Even the direst of predictions see this as the ultimate outcome. So I'll say it again, fear not.

After reading these recent contact stories, it just confirms, even if by negation, that something is going to happen over the next one to five years. According to TD, and fore's pre-birth memories, the next two...tick tock...

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posted on May, 4 2007 @ 10:34 AM
I'm still reading the message board thread at lucianarchy(dot)

The thread is entitled, "My Experiences (Grey, Pleiadeans and Oddities)" and is in the "Paranormal Discussion" thread.

SIDE NOTE: For some reason ATS message post window is not reading the first "dot" in lucianarchy(dot), and is showing a "" string instead of the name of the link.

In fact, this ATS message screen isn't even letting me write out the address with both "dots"(?) without showing the "" in the output.

I'm also having trouble just linking to this webpage, so I'm having to write out the link.

You can also find this message board by Googling "Open Mind Forums" and looking for lucianarchy(dot) in the first few URLs.

I'm up to page 23 in that thread (of 28 pages) and poster, fore, has included a map in one of his posts of these supposed next false terror attacks.

The terror attacks, again, start with a dirty, or chemical bomb exploded at the top of a building, followed by a call to congress by those in power for more militant control, and a reduction in personal rights.

Congress will deny this. Three days later another bomb will go off, increasing the terror, and in a sort of "I told you so" statement, those in power will make a final call to congress to institute a police state. Congress agrees this time.

This is what fore posts with this graphic:

She had said years ago that one was planned to be a nuclear attacks. But then she showed me scenes of people running away from a rooftop. So that doesn't make sense and is contradictory.

SOURCE - lucianarchy(dot)

abo, another poster, responds to this post,

Fore, I think you don't realize what you just have done. You have changed our future, as black government now is forced to changes it's plans. I think those two spots become a quite safe place to live in.

To which fore responds,

I wouldn't be surprised abo if she lied about this event and then told the truth about the later ones. That would both discredit me in the eyes of others and probably prevent me from typing all the rest.

For example, why do they get upset when I type about the war of contracts? But not a single peep from them when it comes to this terrorist attack? Makes you think huh?

SOURCE - Same thread, same page (23)

In an earlier post, fore mentions that his "adviser" mentioned that she was a time traveler. He also says that she used a "device at her hip" or "on her belt" that she used to "phase" in and out...

I'm on the last page of that thread, which is page 28. In a post at about the top third of the page fore expands on his adviser's possible background. He says she asked him at one point,

What would I think if she were my descendant?

I answered her with ridicule and told her to stop lying. Then she went on to make jokes about me being her grandfather or great grandfather.

That is peculiar. I know TD wonders if some of those who are, or who are becoming involved with us are our descendants...

He says she also talks about our future again,

She told me once when I was about ten that there would be few survivers to some kind of situation of the future. (no clue what she was talking about, at the time.) She gave me ideas of seeing people in a desolate landscape. The other thoughts she showed me were of very few individuals being alive and surviving

This part is very interesting, because it confirms what TD said he saw in our future, and was one of the prime, if not central reason he decided to try to alter our future...

She also mentions the double threat or manmade wars and extreme natural disasters "bringing us to our knees",

She said that if humanity collectively could control themselves and behave socially. And that if the cabal abandoned their plans for the future (NWO as other members seem to call it). There would be a lot of natural disasters but that humanity would survive in large part and would move on after a terrible time.

...if humanity decided to continue to back the plans of the cabal. That on top of the natural disasters there would be human made ones...would bring humanity to it's knees when added to the equation.

Oddly enough, she also spoke about disclosure,

She said...our world was under an amnesty from their open interference. She spoke of and defined many "Bans" that were in effect.

...She spoke of other "Bans" in private, to me, and about different behaviors and limitations on them that were slowly being lifted.

So I ask, what is the point of warning of natural and manmade disasters that will destroy the bulk of our race, and talk at the same time of open contact? And even more so, open contact without involvement in the horrors occurring here on the planet?

What is the benefit of watching natural disasters decimate a race if there is a chance you can help?

If a human being saw another being about to be killed by some natural event, why would that person stand by?

Too many questions. But at least this info about the "cabal", who TD calls "the controllers" and the possibly bleak future may not come to pass.

Poster, abo, says in his next post,

... 'You are under strong protection of the eldest races'. As far as I know there are three eldest races in our Universe. She says she has a delegation of powers and she is able to start contact with our planet officially even today.

There won't be any secret contacts or deals. She is not interested in having deals with closed groups, no matter how much power they have usurped secretly in this planet.


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posted on May, 4 2007 @ 10:35 AM
abo responds in another post (same page, 28),

Really we shouldn't focus on Biblical Apocalypses as it is going to remain to us just as the echo of parallel worlds. My advisor says that our future is being changed right now.

For better understanding maybe we should discuss the difference between a parallel world and a 'dimension'.

abo indicates that a Parallel world is another point of presence on the time scale. Parallel worlds do make influence one to other, but they are neither our 'future', nor our 'past'. At best they just may show to us what it may be.

And if we don't like it, we may change it. It's like a strange feedback system. We are changing not only our future, but also we are changing parallel world's past. So, you never can be sure what the "future" is going to be, or what our "past" was.

Going to a different "Dimension" is a trip to other levels of existence. abo mentions that the super string theory, states that everything in our universe is made from vibrating tiny threads.

Our existence (reality and understanding about it) depends on which frequency our minds are set. abo asked his contact and she confirms that it is possible to set a mind onto two different frequencies at the same time, hence the word "dimensions".

abo suggests we think how to make official contact properly.

This last post was yesterday, Thursday night, May 3, 2007.

Fore also posted a photo of a doll he was directed by his adviser to purchase. Fore says it is the spitting image of his advisor,

I wouldn't want to compromise sensitive contact between a potentially well-meaning ET and someone on earth. But at the same time, dire predictions that can potentially be altered, or mitigated if they are shared need to be made known.

Again, there's a lot of data here, and a lot of predictions. abo made a good point about parallel worlds and dimensions. I would go even further and suggest that we need to take different timelines into account (maybe this is the same as parallel worlds).

I felt it prudent to post this information, as it adds to the whole picture.

I think abo makes a good point that maybe we're being shown our possible futures, and we are being allowed now, by our reaction to those possibilities, to change that future.

It's interesting to note that we are also being confused, purposely I'm sure, but the good ETs, possibly to make sure we're always on our toes when the genuine article shows up. Always good to remain skeptical, and to carefully gauge what is before us.

Hopefully, humankind can stem the potential manmade disasters and see us going through these changes with as little damage as possible.


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posted on May, 4 2007 @ 01:44 PM
Just wanted to post an interesting note that was sent to Whitley Strieber on April 20, 2007.

Whitley says about the note,

We received this letter on April 26, and have obtained permission from its author to post it. The reason is that it contains a message of change, and also some reassuring notions about how that change might affect us.

The author of the letter says of his recent experience,

I awoke abruptly in the middle of the night. I didn't sense a presence in the room, but I knew somebody was there. I could make out the facial features on this being. It was very similar to the visitor's you describe. When I saw him, I didn't freak out like I thought I would...instead I felt very calm.

He said, in a very noble, leader-like voice: "Everything is going to change."

Obviously the visitors mean me no harm. The message they gave to me might sound scary to some, but the way they said it did not promote any sort of radical, scary change. In fact just the opposite, it made me feel a lot better.


posted on May, 4 2007 @ 05:34 PM
I wanted to first say that I am going to a Clutch concert next week. Clutch is one of several bands with whom TD has had paranormal experiences.

TD believes he saw his future self at a Clutch concert, and was approached by a group of people out of the blue at a Clutch concert who seemed to be clones of members of the band, who were on stage playing at that moment.

The "look-alikes" asked TD if they could take a photo with him. It was a bizarre night. Like many others...Among other bands that TD has had experiences are Incubus, Anthrax, Life of Agony, and maybe more...

Anyway, I'm going to the show next week, and TD is seeing them the next night. We're both hoping we might have a strange encounter at the concert. LOL Will post anything unusual here...

I've been reading a little more on Nancy Lieder from Zetatalk, as well as some other sites on the approaching (actually, they're happening now) earth changes.

There's a website that I've included in a recent post called, who I just found speaks a little about Nancy's contacts.

Crawford speaks a little about the hazards of relying on one source for information (esp. a channeled source),

No matter how clear any particular channelling may be, it has limitations. Channeled information passes through the mind and brain of the channel and therefore is subject to biases and to vocabulary and concept limits of the channel.

Plus, the information isn't perfect to begin with, due to biases and knowledge limits of the source.


I agree. It's common sense to want to get information from a broad range of sources and then to sift through and digest that information.

If you add to the above that we have to consider parallel worlds, other dimensions, and differing timelines/probability lines, then we begin to see how all of these people seem to be convinced of their revelations, yet often seem to contradict each other.

In the case of channeling, or contactees, you have the added trouble of possible duplicity in the entity making contact, or that entity's deliberate confusion of the information.

Crawford goes on to say,

We have free will and the ability to choose what reality we experience.

The Zetas, through Nancy Lieder, have told the world Nibiru will arrive on May 15, 2003. Nancy likes the idea of a single, inevitable reality and the Zetas, who have a similar mindset, catered to this. But the Zetas acknowledged to us that their timetable is based partly on inference.

They intuitively perceived some kind of major ET contact for Earth in the spring of 2003, and heard rumour of such from the Federation*, then they INFERRED that the contact would be from Nibiru, and further inferred that the ruling race of the ETs who live on Nibiru would accelerate their planet to a certain speed in order to maintain its orbit around a particular planetoid, and from this the Zetas calculated a path and timetable for Nibiru that had it reaching Earth on May 15, 2003.

There are a lot of variables to deal with.

* By the way, my footnote for the "Federation" was made to bring attention to that group. There are a lot of sites I'm coming across that discuss the changes that are upon us, and which mention the "Galactic Federation".

It sounds very Star Treky, but here is information from one site on this federation,

The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GF) is a large federation of civilizations from many different planets, galaxies and universes working together for the harmonious existence of all life. There is a galactic federation in each of the inhabited galaxies of our universe. These federations are part of the universal management structure much like field offices are part of the management structure for a large corporation.

The Galactic Federation for the Milkyway Galaxy is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but some of the races represented in our GF may call it by other names, hence the difference in the names given by the Zetas, Andromedans, etc. The GF is much larger than we may imagine.


Crawford goes on to mention a couple of other "sources" they use partly as references,

We have spoken with five different entities: Manlar, who is Nicholette's ET walk-in higher self; Vallar, a representative of the Federation of Planets; Sasha, a Pleiadian future self of Lyssa Royal Holt who assists worlds in transition; the Zetas, a group of Greys who communicate with Nancy Lieder of the ZetaTalk Web site; and Gretchen--better known as the Lady in White or the Lady of the Lake--an angelic Earth spirit who comforts and heals those who are wounded in battle.


Crawford goes on to describe some of their sources' predictions. They describe "Nibiru", which I can only assume is Planet X, coming close to earth and increasing climatic and geophysical "agitation" (my word lol).

They call Nibiru,

Nibiru, the home of ETs known as the Anunnaki who are the gods of the Old Testament


They say,

The pole shift will occur over a period of several months, September of 2009 being its midpoint.

The Federation sees how tyrannical government has controlled much of human affairs through a concentration of money and political power and through covert control of advanced technologies and knowledge of true Earth history.

They know that a cataclysm that would drive this government underground (the main refuge the government has prepared for themselves) while creating challenging living conditions on the surface that would lead to much spiritual growth and new spiritual communities there is humanity's best chance to replace tyrannical government with spiritual government.



Some ET races who are Federation members want to preserve Earth as a place they can trade with, and have asked the Federation to intervene, which they may do to some extent.

Also Pleiadians, Sirians and others will help in various ways, such as by protecting particular places on Earth or evacuating some people. Evacuation, however, is mostly not a viable option because a being's health suffers when it is away from its home environment for too long, as our astronauts have experienced.

Regarding the governments, they say,

The government, which expects Nibiru to arrive in 2015, has been preparing underground cities for themselves. They have lists of people they will invite to go with them, the main criterion for such people being that they are compliant. As Nibiru approaches the government will tell the public various lies about what Nibiru is and why it is not a problem. One of their stories is that Nibiru is a comet that will pass near Earth in 2024.

The good aspect of the government's cover-up is that it will keep people from panicking and giving up on life. That would be the worst thing that could happen. All who are living in these times have chosen to be here for the spiritual growth that is possible, and in order to gain that growth the challenges must be embraced and not run away from.


The article goes on to say (not sure where they received this specific ideology) that several timelines are merging at this change from third to fourth dimensional reality.

They say that people will learn that what they choose to believe and to perceive is what creates reality. One of those sources says,

"You're very distracted with certain perspectives of what life is. Those perspectives will be shattered by the arising difficulties in this time."

The article ends, saying that human beings were taught by the Anunnaki to worship others who had more power, but all of that is changing soon.

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