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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 06:25 AM
Cheers, darcon, Cyber_Wasp, ATSGUY, win 52, TD, mossad99, SolPower, and the lot!!

Just wanted to stop in primarily to respond to SolPower's question.

First, darcon, thank you for Chris Rock's assessment. ahaah I've seen that before...So true...

mossad99, re: your post,

Originally posted by mossad99

I would ask for the winning lotto or lottery numbers for the next few years.

I will respond as TD would, and that is to suggest you volunteer. If you had a nickel for all of the requests for lottery numbers in this thread you wouldn't need lottery numbers ahaha You'll be getting more than any pile of money could ever afford you, and soon, so hang in there.

Hi, SolPower!! You asked,

Originally posted by SolPower

What if this planet/ship thing never shows up? What then!! ?

The whole Planet X/Wormwood/Nibiru thing is completely separate from what TD sees as coming to pass.

TD's visions/memories of the concert event, mass landing, and greater contact/arrival scenarios never included the arrival of a planetary body of any kind. TD remembers experiencing a fleet millions, or billions strong entering our atmosphere (the "arrival/mass landing"), but nothing about another planet appearing.

TD and I have discussed Nibiru/Planet X a fair amount, and he isn't sure what to think. In any event, the arrival/mass landing, and concert, etc., are completely separate events as far as TD is concerned. And these events WILL happen in our near future as far as TD (and many others) are concerned.

If you peek at earlier postings of mine in this thread you'll see mentions of other folks confirming what TD says about the concert and mass landing/arrival from their own paranormal experiences/contacts/abductions.

I ran across an interesting post that I had read before at a GLP thread that TD opened, and after which he was immediately banned, because he had posted a link to ATS,

Earth Daughter Subscriber
Wide Awake
User ID: 264159
7/10/2007 6:52 PM

Re: My Abduction & Time Travel Experience


I had a dream a few weeks ago that first contact was made in a concert format.

There were no famous people from history there, but there was alot of cool technology and many UFO's flying overhead.

There were many speakers at the event, as well as the joy and love vibes in abundance.


There are other statements from credible individuals that corroborate what TD remembers experiencing in our near future scattered throughout this thread.

So, in short, take comfort that the Nibiru stuff, which I believe is definitely mixed with misinformation, is separate from TD's experiences and visions for our future. David Wilcock of has also admitted he's not sure what to make of Nibiru/Planet X, and continues to share his vision of our future, which happens to be very much as TD sees it - even down to the self-serving folks coming to account for the injustices they've engaged in. David and TD both talk about "bad things" happening to these folks...That being just one of the similarities in their visions of the future...

And it goes on...I'm just not sure that a planet comes into play along with everything else...

Peace, Sol, and all others on the verge of this awakening!!

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 08:12 AM
Hey OTD and TD, just asking if you have ever heard of Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga. Reason i ask is because i am learning it right now, and it is pretty peaceful

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:54 AM
o.k. i got to tell you guys something, I emailed this guy on ats, his ATS name is Paul_Richard. I had read some of his posts and he was saying a lot of the stuff like you said TD. you know about the light bringers or whatever you want to call them coming. And that we are all going through this process known as ascension. So i looked at his page and it says he is a medium as such. So i was curios, i emailed him basically saying that i was on a spiritual journey of sorts, and that most people my age are doing other stuff(considering i am only 16), but i know in my heart and that i was here to experience this process known as ascension. And if he could provide me with any information on my journey. So he emailed me back and this is the first part of the email he sent me

"The reason why you are starting so young on your spiritual quest for development is precisely for the reason you have stated. You came into this life with the sole purpose of spiritual advancement into God Realization. Most people will not be able to follow your path, so don’t expect them to. You will continue to experience periods of alienation because of the discarnate saint energies you channel and because of your unique spiritual focus. All spiritual pioneers go through this - keep that in mind.

Your present Dominant Aura Color is WHITE. This is unusual for any age. Most people have a DAC of orange, which is at a level just below that of basic spirituality. The basically spiritual types, many clergy, the angel channelers, many nuns and monks, most mediums, etc., have a DAC of yellow, with some who are violet. On rare occasions you will come across someone with a DAC of sky blue.

Having a Dominant Aura Color of white indicates that you came from the Higher Realms before birth.

In other words, you were a discarnate saint before entering your current body."

The other part he gave me some links to look into but i was at a loss of words. I even printed it
I just needed to share this with someone.
I sent him another email, i will put it on next post.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:56 AM
This was my email i sent(i just copy and paste out of my U2U box),

I also wanted to ask you, when i meditate i see Stars. Sometimes they are blue, mostly white and on occasion red. Sometimes it is not even in meditation, sometime i just close my eyes and they appear. I just wanted to know what they are. I can't thank you enough, i am still at a loss of words, thank you
Much Love Darcon

This is the email he sent back,
"The blue and white are energies of discarnate saints. This is a confirmation of what I was given about you earlier today.

The red, orange, yellow, and even violet energies (the last in most cases) should be rejected in meditation, during Qigong, when Radiating, etc."

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:59 AM
I just needed to share this with somebody. Can't tell my parents they will just look at me like i am retarded. So i thought why not share it with my future time traveling buddies

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

Thank the lord that you are not a Nibiruan!!! I do respect those people's beliefs, and they may have some legitimacy - but as an Astonomer I'm not buying that story.

First off, the Nibiruan website is RIDICULOUS (DNA recoding package $300.00? come on...) Also there is no way we're "off" that much in our calculations of gravitational effects in the solar system (though I could be wrong!). This hollowed planet would definitely leave it's gravitational signature. Our physics within our solar system is quite solid, making this a fairly strong point. There is no record of such encounters with a rogue planet or dead star nor any scientific proof of it's existence. There's no evidence to infer that there is a large planet somewhere within our solar systems orbital regions!! So I remain a pure non-believer of this. Reminds me of a cheaper CoS unfortunately. Sorry about my rant - don't mean to bash anyone.

HOWEVER - mass landings, I'll buy that (including my dream about it
) - could definitely see that occurring.

Thanks for clarifying! You've boosted my confidence in your story TD.

[edit on 11-2-2008 by SolPower]

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 03:10 PM
I split a gut, several times, reading the last few pages.

Dracon....The only reason a person would want to slow down at 65 would be that their body doesn't work like it did at 16. I would say a person is just starting to mature at 65. Most are dead and crippled up by our lifestyle of today, by 65. If you give a 65 yr old the body of a 16 yr old...well, that would be just too freaky, but I bet not one 65 yr old would refuse...He He

"You are on a new time line. The course of history has been altered, and you are headed towards a new existence. You have been set free."

Much like others, I have been very tired....sleeping as much as 12 hrs at a time. I think there is something to this whole Earth ascending with us souls to higher dimensions. This will result in things like money becoming obsolete. The rewards will be in assisting other people on their journeys, as well as keeping your personal items in order. There will be a place for every one.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by win 52

I know, we are going through a magical time, and the funny thing is not many know this yet, We are soo lucky to be this open minded and be able to see what is up ahead. That Paul guy also told me i was also the same soul of the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. You should speak to that guy i mentioned earlier. He knows what he is talking about, and he is helping people understand this Process we call Ascension.

[edit on 11-2-2008 by darcon]

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 03:37 AM
I was just out admiring the calm and peaceful scene in the sky as the sun was setting.

The sky was full of small puffy clouds slowly drifting across the sky amid a hue of varying colors of grey, white and light pink. A less than half Moon was also shinning brightly to one side even though it was not dark yet.

My thoughts went out. I was thinking about the higher level beings, and wondering how the scene before me would look on the higher level utopian type planets in which they would live. Wondering.

Looking up, smack dead in front of me in the clouds a face appeared. It was in the shape of the Classic Grey type Alien, with the shape of the head and eyes spot on with what you would imagine them to be. If that was not enough the freaking thing had the biggest smile you could put on a face of that shape.

"Your (Insert F word with S***ing) me!!!!" I thought

Within the space of ten seconds it had morphed back into an ordinary cloud and continued its journey across the sky with the rest of them.

I stayed for a further 15 minutes scanning the clouds trying to prove that it was a fluke in finding an animal or identifiable object in the other clouds in the sky. None. Nothing but random puffs.

In a world of 6 billion+ people you can still receive a personal confirmation that nobody else would notice. If you take the time to notice.

Hey Win52 !!!!!!!
Although I have not had a personal confirmation about the Time Line change. I have a feeling that something has happened and the thought of the change as you have outlined sits well on my shoulders. I do not feel anything that would disdain what you have said. So yeah, awesome stuff.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:41 AM
Hey Cyber. Isn't it interesting that your avatar has the face of a grey in the clouds? Perhaps you manifested the cloud on your own...either way, you're crazy lol jk. I saw 3 cloudships "flying" side by side a week ago, so if anybody is crazy its me! lol

Yesterday my friend went to see a psychic his gf had been raving about. He emailed me to say she was about 98% right about everything. I asked him to slip in a few q's about ascension, a mass landing, and a huge concert with new technology. I'm going to call him later to find out if he was able to ask my q's and see what she said. I'll let you know if she can corroborate TD's story.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:52 AM
Awesome midniteracerx, let us all know what she says, i am very intrested to hear what the psychic has to say.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 01:36 PM

I've looked through the site in your signature and I've even traded u2u's with Paul_Richard the past 24 hours and I've got to admit there are things about his site I find interesting, and others that just don't resonate with me. The prophecy page for starters is way too doom and gloom. It hasnt been updated in a couple of years, so it very well could be that that was according to the previous timeline we were on (assuming we did switch timelines).

Mr. Richard seems like a well intentioned individual and when I mentioned I felt I was led to him, he replied that "they, the Guides or discarnate saints in The Society Of Light, told him I was." He then directed me to his HCR and I experienced a synchronicity while reading that page. So I believe there is something more to it.

I know at 16 its easy to blindly believe people who appear to be in positions of authority, but always remember to trust your intuition and do some critical thinking of your own. Just a little advice from a wise old 25 year old lol
. And please dont take this as me putting you down for being 16, thats not my intention at all.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 01:42 PM
I'm willingly volunteering if I can be used to help the greater cause...

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 05:34 PM
Thanx man i can usually tell the real info, from the disinfo. But i will heed the warning and watch out. But like you said when you read that something inside of you stirred. Keep Doing HCR daily, it is a meditation technique like non other. Also i think you are right, The time line has changed thank GOD

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 08:15 PM
I am volunteering myself, for freedom and truth and reasons im not ready to talk about on forums this being my first post and all, But I am very serious about volunteering.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by Rapax

Wow welcome to ATS, great way to get an induction. Sign up for the best site ever and volunteer to timetravel at the same time! You are on the right path now! Cheers to you.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:15 PM
Namaste and what's up, darcon, SolPower, win 52, Cyber_Wasp, ATSGUY, TD, midniteracerx, acegotflows (welcome back!), all of the other gentle souls awaiting TD and this thread to meet an unhappy end, those on the fence, and those who are giddy as a school girl on prom night about the bright future ahead!!

Actually, I've been suffering of late from this sickness, long work days, shortened contact with my loved ones, and an overall strange, unsettling feeling...So, for those of you who have been feeling strange (apart from regular strangeness) you're not alone! Still, there remains that simmering school girl flame inside haha

Time is really flying. We're already almost in March, 2008. A year isn't what it used to be...Don't know...

I am now seeing these low-flying craft (both helicopters and jets) flying patterns - almost circles - over my neighborhood. The jets' size appears to be somewhere between a commercial airline and a smaller, private jet. These jets have bright lights, lots of them, fly low, and very, very strangely hardly make a sound. The engine sound is so quiet that it almost seems otherworldly. They fly right over my house nightly.

Air traffic from, I think, Reagan National Airport, typically flies right over an area between McLean, Virginia and East/West bound Interstate 66, but far from here (I only see these jets from a friend's house a couple of miles from here). I am familiar with this commercial air traffic.

However, there are completely different, "new" birds flying usually between 5:30pm EST until between 10:00pm EST (or maybe later) over this area of McLean/Arlington, much lower to the ground.

For someone who hasn't seen this sort of change, and the strange behavior/sound/appearance of these craft, it's hard to explain...They have been flying around here, shining bright lights here and there, for maybe a couple/three months...Driving me nuts not knowing why they've just suddenly appeared, or what their purpose is...

Moving on...Hey, darcon!! You asked about the "Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga". I haven't heard of that. I know there are a lot of good teachings out there. I wish you the best with it. Interesting that you're drawn to that at an age where others are partying and trying to fit in at school...Very interesting...

I read about your encounter with Paul Richard. That's cool. The most intriguing thing to me about that encounter is the fact that you're exploring all of this stuff at your age (something I just learned ahah). Keep at it! And as far as sharing with your parents, it's tough sharing this stuff with people. Sometimes family is the hardest. It's not necessary. You're on your own path. The information is relevant and specific to you and your path. God speed, young man!! ahah

Hey, SolPower!! You said,

Originally posted by SolPower

Thank the lord that you are not a Nibiruan!!! I do respect those people's beliefs, and they may have some legitimacy - but as an Astonomer I'm not buying that story.

I'm not. And neither is TD. Like you, however, I don't have any qualm with the folks researching and following that story. I also wouldn't have a problem if persuasive enough evidence were presented; but to be honest, I haven't been inclined to read into that...

I believe that the Death Star was successfully destroyed by the Rebel Alliance...I could be wrong...

Hallo, win 52!! Just wanted to quote your post,

Originally graced by win 52

"You are on a new time line. The course of history has been altered, and you are headed towards a new existence. You have been set free."

Ready for the party!!

What say you, Cyber_Wasp? I read your account of seeing the smiling gray ET face in the clouds. midniteracerx was right on - how funny that event was presaged in your avatar!!

What's the good word, midniteracerx? Looking forward to hearing anything your friend might share about the future.

I read your post to darcon about being taken in by mediums, or influential people (people posing as time travelers ahaha). I'm right there with you. It's a fact that you're very optimistic at a young age; but that's not a bad thing. Just have to keep your head about you. No problem for darcon - he's a saint hehe I'm not poking fun...Just being facetious...

I was very exploratory and inquisitive with regard to the paranormal/spiritual stuff at a young age. I'd read Seth Speaks at fifteen or sixteen years old, was reading Robert Monroe books, Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization - is that weird? ...Anyway, keep at it, darcon!!

acegotflows, welcome aboard!! Just wait for your phone call, or the door bell to ring. ahaa Keep your eyes peeled.

It was probably a year ago that TD gave us about 24 months or so before he believes we would see the time travel stuff come into play. In our most recent interviews he said he believed we were on the verge. He thinks it could be this year. I know people hate vagaries, so I won't say anymore. Let's just wait.

darcon, as far as using discernment with the information you receive from different sources - including this one(!) - simply don't become attached to the material in any way. Let everything sit with you. If, after some reflection, the material resonates with you (and this may happen immediately), then allow that realization to have its effect on you.

If you come across information that immediately feels "off", doesn't sit well, causes a physical tightening in the stomach, or elicits negative (e.g. fearful, etc.) feelings, then leave that material alone. After all, in the grand scheme of things, you only want to carry with you what is beneficial and encouraging. It's fine taking all of it in, so that you are informed; there's no use in ignoring or blocking out the negative aspects of our experience. But kindly acknowledge the lower vibrational messages/energies/beings, and leave them behind. That's not where you are, and that's not where you're going.

I wanted to take time to respond to recent posts. I haven't spoken with TD since the Blogtv show, but I know he's working steadily, being a dad/husband, and waiting like the rest of us...

Now, onto some recent findings I wanted to share...

Continued in next post...

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:16 PM
Continued from above...

Regarding the lower vibrational energies, I just read a recent account of David Wilcock (and his material) coming under attack. You can read about this account at his website, in the "David's Blog" under the "Start Here" link.

In an earlier blog article, dated April 8, 2007, and entitled, "Divine Cosmos Site Under Attack...", David talks about his website coming under attack. In that article David begins with the following,

Sunday 4 / 8 / 07

[Updated 4/9, 4/11/07]

We are very sorry about the on-again, off-again nature of this site's accessibility this past week. Here's what seems to have happened, along with the spiritual implications it invoked…


Do we think any physical agent or conspiracy was responsible for what happened this past week? No. Let's get that cleared up first. The issues that caused this site to remain completely offline — as if it never even existed in the first place — for the better part of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the first half of Sunday do NOT appear to have anything to do with hackers, human-generated attacks to the server computer, et cetera.

That being said, it became very clear, by Wednesday, that we were getting some sort of METAPHYSICAL interference.

As I've written in previous entries, "negative greeting" can come in many different forms… but one key aspect of it is that the higher the vibration you try to anchor in, the more resistance you may tend to encounter. We've had a great deal of it already in the process of putting the CONVERGENCE film together, and it was occurring in my own life long before I understood what was happening.

As a general rule, negative greeting cannot STOP what we are doing; it can only DELAY it. This 'greeting' is one for the record books, as the past five days have been the greatest amount of time we've been 'offline' in the entire nine-year history of our Internet presence… since the first version of the CONVERGENCE series went online at the Great Dreams website, in spring of 1998.


In a more recent article, dated November 13, 2007, David talks about his Project Camelot interviews being "removed" from Google,

UPDATE NOV. 13, 2007

The first video you are about to see was DELETED from Google… due to an ‘error’ that the technicians claim not to understand.

This first video is vital to the story, as it establishes David’s character, credibility and background. It was also the most popular video, with over 45,000 views as of the last time we had checked it. Now, of course, the counter has been reset to zero. The story became all the more more suspicious when we discovered that fully 19 of the 31 Project Camelot videos were also deleted.

After this initial attack, Part Four of our seminar was also deleted. The Camelot crew could not re-upload it on their existing account — they had to create an entirely new one. This problem was unique to our video. Now, strangely, the original link to Part Four works again… so we have left it in place as it was.

Alex Jones has reported multiple instances of this same thing happening to his Google videos, which delve into conspiracy theories. We have since re-uploaded all relevant videos, and will continue to do so as each new attack progresses. You can also find this entire series chopped into 9-minute pieces on YouTube, just to further insure that we will not be silenced.

Bear in mind that we see this as a good sign. There are very substantial developments occurring with Project Camelot that we are not yet at liberty to discuss. Suffice it to say Google will regret having done this.

If there was nothing worth seeing in these videos… if it was all BS… then why would there be such a direct attack?


Some back story into the material in these interviews, which many of you have probably already seen, including the Ra material, is presented,

The first hour is an overview of the "back story" leading up to the development of David’s contact with the Higher Self (some might call it the Christ Consciousness) and some of the stories around his similarities with Edgar Cayce. The second and third sections have more to do with the scientific case for ‘Ascension’ — where all the social upheavals, government shenanigans, climate changes, UFO sightings, ancient prophecies and the like are moving towards. The darkest hour truly is before the dawn.

The fourth section goes into more detail about the Law of One philosophy, which is the cornerstone of our work, as it relates to this fascinating story of 2012. The Law of One is a series of "revealed teachings" that came through in 1981-83, and we have consistently said that it is in a class by itself. David explains a bit about why he came to this conclusion in the video.

The Egyptians called this group Ra, in Biblical times they were the Cherubim / arch-angels, and we can estimate that roughly 50 million people on Earth — known as "Wanderers" — actually have only recently ventured into human incarnation from the Ra group. The Law of One material tells us we are multi-dimensional beings, and we all have a "Higher Self" in the "sixth density" that watches over our lives, attempting to steer us in directions that will be ultimately beneficial for our spiritual growth.


A final note is hit with regard to David's vision of our future, which has been drawn from many sources, including the Ra material, black project whistleblowers, his personal contacts, and research,


The Law of One series, which we frequently refer to and is covered in greater detail in the fourth section, encourages us NOT to worry about Earth Changes — not to have fear over anything that comes our way.

It appears that the most accurate and all-inclusive ‘read’ of the Law of One model for 2012 includes the idea that we will all go through a profound energetic shift around that time. Not painful, not terrifying, not damaging — a literal "reality shift". According to the Law of One material, not everyone has the same "reality shift" — some people will experience the most fantastic spiritually-ecstatic moment of all their lives on Earth, and the vast majority may not even realize anything has changed — at least not at first.

Most people will shift into an Earth that is no longer dangerous in the sense of Earth Changes and global unrest. They will have new abilities that they might not even realize unless they try to use them — so it will be a very interesting time. Only very recently, by studying the Burisch material in more detail, have we come to the preliminary conclusion that a very small number of people may stay with the Earth in its "third-density" form. This may or may not be a cataclysmic reality, as the Law of One says all earth changes completely cease after 2012. This is discussed in the video to some degree.


Here is a LINK to these videos at the Project Camelot site.

I reference David's material a lot, because TD has said that what David portends for our future (if that's the right word) is right in line with what TD remembers about it.

The idea above, in summary, is that there are forces who wish to prevent what is occurring now from reaching fruition. As David says, they can only "delay" the inevitable. But, I would submit, this can only occur to a certain degree, as more desperate measure reveal these folks for what they truly are, as well as their intentions/plans.

The game is lost. I understand this to be the case. Others may look at what is happening on the surface and disagree, but these are just old systems - systems created as tools for control - falling apart. Our dependence on these systems was part of the illusion that gave them their power over us. The grip of control diminishes every day...

Continued in next post...

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:17 PM
Continued from above...

I came across an article that has been referenced in another ATS thread. The article, entitled, "2008 Agenda for Disclosure" presents a very desirable scenario unfolding in 2008, none of which, however, can be validated. The article is available at the website.

Because there is a fair amount of material in the article that echoes what TD, and others whom I find pretty credible, have shared about our future, I felt it prudent to highlight these sections. I've bolded the points that jibe with these revelations,

2008 Agenda for Disclosure

The Bush-Cheney-Clinton political clique will be removed from American public life permanently... (Note: TD said that President Bush will be held accountable for his actions. Slightly related)

The identities of the hidden Khazar Zionist political bosses embedded in corporate America will be disclosed. The use these bosses have made of human clones in American political management will become common knowledge. The use made of human clones in managing European Royal families, international banking, spiritual fascism in religion, industrial militarism and political assassinations will be made clear for all to see. The fact that mind-controlled human clones have been democratically elected into national leaderships, have signed state and religious papers of moment, and have been terminated at will and substituted with others, will be revealed...
(Note: TD has maintained all along, and others have corroborated this, that clones have been used as tools by the blockers, dark cabal, Illuminati, or whatever else you want to call them. The revelation of this truth, according to TD, is one among many that will come to pass).

The low-vibration AntiChrist energies of lies, deceit and personal greed, as channelled by the American political establishment (Republican and Democrat), will cease to be sustainable... (Note: This is a given haha But TD does maintain that our current form of government is going to be replaced by what he terms "Communityism".)

In 2008, there will be a brief, but decisive, worldwide banking collapse (Note: TD does not say how fast the currency/exchange system is abolished, or how specifically, but does state that it is dissolved and replaced by a sort of barter system, while basic needs are provided to every person on the planet.) starting in Japan as the yen carry trade unwinds out of control. Corrupt or incompetent banks will cease to trade under their present boards and major shareholders...


After mention of the banking crash, the article goes into a discussion about NESARA (LINK 1 -- LINK 2). I still don't know how the NESARA project picked up such steam, and who is behind these articles, but it's become intertwined with "first contact" material on the Internet...So far it's been a fascinating story...

Moving on...The article continues,

...Free-energy Tesla technologies suppressed by the Bush family's corporate energy cartel will become freely known and freely available. There will be no further need to burn fossil fuels once the Tesla technologies are in place in industry, homes and vehicles. (Note: This goes without saying. And this seems to be the most easily acceptable of these revelations.)

Things will be seen in the skies, on the surface of the Earth and inside the Earth which mainstream corporate media and mainstream western education say do not exist and cannot happen. The core signifiers of ancient mythologies will be found to be real. (Note: Yep.)

The covert interaction of several world governments with negative extraterrestrial groups will be exposed. (Note: Without a doubt. This is a big one.) The role of positive extraterrestrial groups in promoting the energisation of the planet and the manifestation of the NESARA process will be explained (??). The significance of the agriglyphs (crop circles) will become better understood. (Note: Natch.) The availability of off-planet technologies for pollution control, human transport, and information retrieval will be revealed. Sonic healing machines will be released for the free use of all. (Note: According to TD and others, this and more beyond your wildest dreams...)

Books will be opened. Human histories will be corrected. Many veridical accounts of human history still exist but have been hidden away and protected for final release during this end-time. They will be released and published in many languages and will be held safe beyond the censorship of dogmatic religion. Remote viewing of suppressed texts in closed libraries will become common. Extraterrestrial text-energy reading technologies, along with manuscript reconstitution and multiplication techniques will become available.

It will become evident that no history, no experience and no exchange can ever be totally destroyed. Everything that has ever happened still exists perfectly in its original energy pattern. With extraterrestrial and spiritual technologies, past histories anywhere and anywhen can be comprehensively restored and published. Every event that has ever taken place can be retrieved, reproduced and replayed in sound, vision, tactuality and multiple sensation. During 2008 this will begin to be understood. (Note: Yes to all of this. The previous two paragraphs read as if TD had written them. They don't mention time travel specifically, but with all of this technology it is a given...)

During 2008 more young people and old people, inside and outside world governments, will speak the truth with greater energy, greater clarity and less fear than ever before in human history. And their words will be heard, preserved and multiplied beyond the reach of establishment suppression. They will tell of many things from their own personal experience. (Note: Whistleblowers, contactees, and abductees are obviously included here. From the beginning, TD would deliver messages directly to the blockers, and to those who desperately wanted to leave these organizations.) They will tell of Earth changes to come and they will tell of Earth changes past.


On the web, a new democratic social encyclopedia to replace Wikipedia will arise. Unlike Wikipedia, this will be constructed in such a way that security, corporate and Zionist misinformers will be unable to manipulate its content. Truth will become clean and free for all. (Note: I feel like I'm quoting from the book of TD.)

Into this climate of disclosure will emerge the greatest discloser of all - the long expected World Teacher of The Aquarian Age. Called variously The Imam Mahdi, The Fifth Buddha, The Messiah, Krishna, or The Christ, The World Teacher and his team of spiritual masters will disclose openly the diseases of past history and the healing of the present. And the World Teacher - no surprise here - will not be a religious figure. (Note: TD does NOT mention a "world leader", but does say that the "avatars", i.e., Buddha, Jesus, etc., would return. Again, we are not looking for new leadership. We will be self-governed. Just like we are not looking for one monetary system to replace the one we have. We're looking for a complete dissolution of these antiquated systems.)

This story of what is to happen in 2008 is the biggest story in the history of human civilisation on this planet. It is too big a story to be handled accurately by the corporate mainstream media. The news will be broken, initially, though Indymedia, alternative news, and progressive spirituality sites on the web. But most of all, the story will be discovered in personal experience. As more and more people learn the spiritual exercises of meditation, invocation, affirmation and dream management, more and more people will break free, see clearly and speak openly of that which is to come.

The dark is crumbling. Thirteen millennia of elite-led disinformation are coming to an end. Disclosure is light. Disclosure is change. Disclosure is free.


Continued in next post...

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posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:18 PM
Continued from above...

The article I quoted from directly above also links to another blog article dated August 2007, entitled, " UFO's - ET's - Angels - The Higher Evolution". This article is sort of an amalgam of different ET/First Contact sources, but is worth a read.

I will bold the text I feel jibes with TD's (and others') information,

The term "Higher Evolution" as used in this blog means those positive and highly evolved people who live most or all of their lives at a higher vibrational level than humans like you and me who are currently in physical incarnation here on Earth. Members of The Higher Evolution inhabit the higher dimensions.

The Higher Evolution is made up of a number of different sizes and types of people. Most of them, if they wish, can slow down their vibrations to a level where our physical eyes can register their presence as visible entities. We can see them. They can also take any physical form they wish when they present to our visual consciousness.

Some of the Higher Evolution are ascended humans or off-planet humans. We might call them spiritual masters.

According to the Andromedans who have been speaking to Alex Collier and others, there are over 135 billion human beings in the eight galaxies closest to ours. (Note: TD has stated that he's met members of several races, including those of animal/human mixes.)

Some UFOs are not only bigger than any Earth city yet built, they are bigger than the Earth itself. Indeed one or two UFOs currently active in our local solar system are as much as 4.2 times bigger than the Earth. Images of these large motherships have traditionally been airbrushed out of photographs by covert security agencies. However some are beginning to come to light. For example, a cigar-shaped mothership (Note: As soon as I showed images of these ships near Saturn's rings, TD recognized them and referred me to drawings he had made of similar ships.) can be seen here in a Hubble telescope image, and three can be seen here in some French reportage on the Hubble imagery. These motherships are associated with the rings of Saturn.

Some extraterrestrials are human; most are not. Some intraterrestrials are human; most are not. There are vast caverns, tunnels and chamber systems deep within the crust of the Earth which are not aquifer chambers, and which are inhabitable, inhabited, or contain developed cities of a most advanced kind. Or they have contained such cities in the past. Most planets are like this. On Earth, the entrances to such underground systems are usually in remote forests, mountains, lakes or oceans, and the entrances are spiritually protected; you can't see them unless they want you to see them. Portals are people, too. Other entrances lie within the boundaries of secure military bases and gunnery ranges.


More the friendly ET/human (on and off-world) assistance,

Most members of the Higher Evolution currently assisting in the Earth's ascension process in the run-up to 2012 are either angels, ascended human masters, or advanced ETs from places with a special evolutionary connection with Earth such as Venus, Mars, The Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and Andromeda. The angels, ascended humans and advanced ETs work very closely together.

Some info on the types of beings involved with Earth now,

What do humanoid ETs from other planets look like? Here are ten images from Wistancia Stone's website. These sketches were drawn by a transdimensional human living on Earth. She visited each of the people illustrated on their home planets or star systems. Perhaps because the artist is female, all her images here are of ET humanoids which we perceive visually to be female.

Remember the animal/human types of ETs TD talked about? Here is one PHOTO that was included in the article above.

Also, TD has talked about some of the female, human-like ETs he encountered as looking like "Bratz Dolls". Take a look at these photos, also from the article above - PHOTO 1 -- PHOTO 2 -- PHOTO 3

Also remember (or not haah) that Dan Burisch, in an interview with Project Camelot, describes these same human-like ETs as looking like "Bratz Dolls". When I heard that I almost fell off my chair. He makes this comment between 51min. and 52min. into the second part of the Stargate Secrets interview.

There is a brief note about what some of these beings may be engaged in now and up to 2012 (I thought the crop circle explanation was fascinating),

But what are our colleagues in the Higher Evolution doing at the moment in, on and around Planet Earth? In the run-up to 2012, The Higher Evolution are energising the planet for planetary ascension; they are raising the ley line grid above the surface of the Earth and they are continually pouring down positive ascension energies into landscape powerpoints. If one of these landscape powerpoints happens to be under a crop field, then a crop circle (agriglyph) may be manifested at that point as a sigil for our consideration and meditation.


This article also goes into a discussion about NESARA, and I just can't get past the fact that this monetary system is either bogus, or as Sheldon Nidle actually admits, will only be temporary as we transition to a completely different system of exchange - which is where TD (and Gordon Novel) see us headed. No more money. And it works!! We don't want to make a lateral move to another currency-based system of exchange. And certainly never a debt-based system ever again. In any event, I'll leave the NESARA stuff alone again.


A cornucopia of new technologies will come flooding in, and this will coincide with the revelation of your true history and a forecast of your glorious destiny .... what our Earth allies are bringing to a head can be regarded as the great breach that finally frees you from the long tyranny of the Anunnaki's last and most stubborn minions. (Note: Don't know what role the Anunnaki play...TD hasn't mentioned them...).

"Prepare for the changes if you have not already given them your attention. They are coming into being and there will be dramatic events taking place. Naturally there will be resistance from some quarters where a different end-time was expected .... You will have noticed that we have made many more appearances in your skies than ever before. We show you quite clearly that we have peaceful intentions, and also your governments and military forces that we cannot be engaged in confrontations.

The Western mainstream press is not free; it is a cynical business exercise in disinformation and mind-control. Ask any alert journalist. But he may not speak to you honestly; he may choose to look the other way and preserve his paycheque. Those journalists who know but do not speak will be moved out of their positions soon, and their personal acquiescence in mass media disinformation will become public knowledge.

It is the Internet that represents the truth when it comes to what is happening all over your world. Of course, it is also infiltrated by those with false information intended to confuse you but anyone with a discerning mind will see through it...The Internet is now the true voice of the people, and we shall see that it is freely available to you.


Not sure how all of the readers take this information. It's very possible there is truth mixed with fiction in these messages.

But I know TD to be sincere, and his experiences real. So it's worth putting this information out there.

Take from it what you will...And, hey, new volunteers!! Rock on!!

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