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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by darcon
hahaha very funny cheep shot the kid. But i may be young in earth years, but i am an old soul my friend
Why do you think i search for Spirituality at a young age

dude Darcon, you and me are the same man, i remember getting my first ufo book at the age of like 6 or 7 which i think was my thought adjuster pointing me to the right direction...i started young man, really young i had an open mind i and i think it is the new consciousness that people talk about...

also i just wanted to say this it doesn't really fit into anything but if i can do it i can probably get allot of answers, i almost astral traveled dude....

check out my post on this thread:


Alright it almost happened to me, its 12:58pm and about 10min ago it almost happened. I will explain everything

Well i guess about an hour ago i just started to drift away listening to music, i was laying on my bed with covers, and was on my pillow. I had another smaller pillow over my head with my hands kind of crossed over it.

I kept listening to some incubus, later on i guess i drifted away, but i kind of woke up again you know...but i was in a dazz if you still tired but aware, like i could fall back to sleep again. I had the pillow over my head but i peaked out a little to check out my room and what not. I noticed something happening.

I kind of felt like a little pressure on my head, sort of like if my forehead had a huge vain on it that it was going crazy, like blood was pumping in and out of it...i kind of got the feeling that my pillow on top of my head, the vain or what ever you want to call it...the pressure pulsing was moving a little bit, like pushing it up and down felt like wow, like i had a heart up there. After that i just realized something crazy was going on, but i started thinking about moving objects with my mind. So i thought about moving my chair new my pc, of course i just created a mental picture in my head of moving the chair since the pillow was over my head and i couldn't see the chair...again the pulsing on my forehead got stronger, i heard crackling sounds in my years ( i fell asleep and noticed that the music stopped before )...this crackling sound was like someone taking like a thin metal and plastic bag or something kind of like aluminum and just crackling it near your ear..just crackling noise, like if you had someone put a bag over your ears...

at that moment i was like holy%^&*#@&*@# omg this is the start of astral. So i just focused on that and trying to get calm and get out, things were getting quieter, and i kind of became stiff a little, but then i became scared, i got the image and feeling like someone was gonna be on top of me, so i stopped out of fear. I realized that and just tried to do it again...i could i did the little forehead pulsing thing, and thought about moving and object in my mind, the crackling noise started again and i came to the point of almost letting go of any fear but i still got the image that in a couple of seconds i would be paralyzed and not able to move ( i tried to tell myself stop being afraid but i dunno it was too late)...and next thing you know i just let go and stop

it didnt happen but man i was so close.........soooooo close and fully conscious of it, i think the best time to do it is when you know you come home from school. I usually just come home from school around 11:30 and take a little nap, i fall right to a dazz or asleep(when you get that tired feeling).

This was so amazing i have to do it again, i will try every time, omg it was so cool i felt the soon as a i heard the crackling i noticed this was #%&@& astral travel...

the 2 things i really really noticed was the crackling sounds, and the wasn't even on my forehead it was like a little bit above where the eye brows would be if they were in the center of head and not over your eyes but over your nose area. The crackling was just, i dunno i remember reading about it i remember reading that you would hear first i was kind of like wtf is this, but then i realized...i guess i felt like a vibration, especially when i felt like coming outward. it felt like i was getting paralyzed and vibes were coming but slowly and slightly...Dammit dammit i was so close...sooooo closeeee

I think the best chance of astral travel is when you come hone from school or around 3 usually..but for me it is when ever i come home from school i always want to take a nap...loool

i took psychology so i dunno with me feeling like i was in a daze and all but still aware i think i was in either alpha or theta brain wave state...

The pulsing was just powerful, i could literally just feel it right there in the center of my head, like a vein pulsating...i think it must have actually moved my pillow up and down cuz i could feel it with my hands which where above the pillow.

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 09:33 AM
Hi, darcon, ATSGUY, ETs, and all of the hopefuls looking forward!!

By the way, midnightracerx and darcon made mention of TD's (spaceranger's) banning. I should say that TD has been banned under several different names here at ATS.

Those are some stories...ahah I think the first time he was banned it was because of something he wrote to a moderator(s) out of anger about the unfair treatment he felt he was receiving on the boards. The missive was expletive-laced and TD (not sure the screenname at that time) was banned forthwith.

The second time, TD was posting under the screenname "ufotimetravel" (I think). This second ban was actually due to the fact that at least one other individual had, at that time, come out with a time traveler story (clearly a hoax).

This thread had been up and running, as well as other threads of TD's, but a moderator banned those other hoaxers and just went on a "time traveler banning spree. It was bloody, and TD (ufotimetravel) fell victim. RIP

We pleaded TD's case and he was reinstated. The third time TD was banned, I think he was posting under the name "timedrifter" (It all gets so confusing). He opened a thread asking what the origins of two famous curse words was, "S" and "F", and was again banned.

I think the mods/admin aren't sure how to take him, but for one reason or another he's been blacklisted. So, Crakeur, the ninth time IS a charm...

Just thought I would offer some back story...

I actually came on to offer support for darcon, ATSGUY and - raivo!!

raivo, just rehashing the GLP thing ahha You try to actually help people and you get banned for it. Some website admins have allowed personal feelings to dictate how they run their website and the result is that they alienate a large user base. Especially when ATS is such a popular website. There are other phrases that, if used, will also get you banned there.

I just wanted to say you're in a good, supportive group of people!!

darcon!! I'm going to check out your thread "Imagine All the people". I actually saw that appear a day or so ago when browsing here and it jumped out at me, so I think I should post...

ATSGUY, congratulations!! (I know, all of the back patting is sickening...Still...) I read about your account. I've tried mightily to get myself out during meditation, or a half asleep state to no avail. And then one night it just happened on its own. I had no control, but the experience was amazing. I was just floating in this immense blackness. My body was glowing...But I think when my conscious thoughts about my situation arose it brought me back to my body...

I'm not sure what precipitates these things, but it's clear that it's happening to more and more people these days...It's amazing to me. I wish you the best of luck!! Exerting too much effort may actually impede your progress, so I'd take it easy and "allow" it to happen more than anything else. And don't get discouraged...You're a lucky guy.

I wanted to share a link to the recent Istanbul ufo/ET video that's made headlines apparently elsewhere around the world, but which couldn't get arrested in the U.S. (joke).

Here is what an article has to say about this sighting,

In July-August 2007, a number of nation-wide UFO sightings were reported while some of them were filmed and aired. Within the same period, the objects witnessed by the residents of Kumburgaz/Yeni Kent Compound, caught on video by a night guard named Yalcin Yalman and the footage were considered as the closest and the most significant images ever filmed in Turkey and around the world.

The incident went on for two months intermittently before the very eyes of the residents of “Yeni Kent Compound”, filmed by a night guard named Yalcin Yalman for 22 minutes. The detailed analysis of a certain portion of these extraordinary videos showed that three different objects were captured at the same time. It is our belief that these outstanding first-ever video images of extraterrestrials will launch a new era in which further images of extraterrestrial beings can be captured on tape.


The reason the sighting took place in August 2007 and is just now being reported is that the guard who shot the footage had several personal tragedies and distractions that prevented him from releasing the footage at that time. Or so they say...

There are three videos at the above link. The first is actual footage of the sighting. The second and third videos are a sort of evaluation and description of what occurred with, I believe, the guard who shot the footage.

Here is a LINK to the "Pre-Evaluation Report" as made by the individuals (scientists?) who received, and would further study the videotape.

Although I don't believe this is the first time an ET(s) has been captured on film, the terrific amount of interest from legitimate scientific communities from several countries make this release one of the first of its kind.

There were immediately requests from several countries for this footage.

We've said that this kind of evidence, and these contact events were going to increase, become more common, and would advance to the next level - and this is indeed happening.

Larry King has done at least a show a year on ufos. The earliest show on ufos I came across in my cursory search was 2005, but I'm sure they go back further (LINK 1 -- LINK 2 -- LINK 3 -- LINK 4 -- LINK 5 -- LINK 6), and fortunately, he did a show on the recent Stephenville, Texas ufo sighting, which is one of the most astounding sightings cases because of the sheer number of witnesses, all of whom seem very genuine and sincere. Some of those show clips are in the links I provided.

It almost seems as though Larry King is the establishment's chosen point man for a disclosure program...Along with the History Channel, etc.

The powers that be aren't continuing this subtle program of disclosure for our own benefit, but because their hand is being forced. And they're going to have to deal with one catastrophe after another related to "real" disclosure; which I feel is the ETs increasing their open contacts and type of contact with the public at large, and the U.S. government begrudgingly undertaking damage control.

To the ETs "up there" and down here, who are working towards eventual open contact, bring it!!

I would like to say that many people (those who believe we are being contacted) have this impression that there are ETs up in these ships that are hoping we'll look at them, and whom have no idea what is happening on the ground. I say, quite the contrary. It is now my belief that they are here, and understand quite well what they're doing, and what our thoughts are on it.

This is program of contact that currently weighs in favor of the skeptics, but the entire situation is reaching a tipping point where the whole situation is going to completely flip over. Once we reach that point, there will be no turning back. That's what we're waiting for...One day at a time...

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
I've tried mightily to get myself out during meditation, or a half asleep state to no avail. And then one night it just happened on its own.

So you finally made it! albeit by accident.

I had no control, but the experience was amazing.


posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 03:25 PM
^^^^So it is more of a let happen, than force it upon.

I have made a new thread OTD, i would like you and TD to take a peak when you get a chance. ATS guy too, and everyone of my time Traveling buddies. Sorry for the hijack, just wanted to show the peeps'
I made it today, and it already got a ton of heat.
Back to topic, i have one question for TD.
When the mass landing happens, do you think the greys (that have been manipulating mankind for a while now) will put up a fight?

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posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 06:31 PM
The biggest thing is that you have to want it, with every fiber of your being, holding nothing back. Kind of like you reach out for it, grab a hold, and cling to the desire to go. I believe you can go any place you want to, if your desire is strong enough.

I once saw through the eyes of a T Rex, now that was more remote viewing with time regression thrown in.

"The method is basically the same. You must will yourself to do it. It is your will that stops you from achieving your goal."

here is a thread about Egypt

This is also something I have been told will take place. There will be many things we will watch, filled with wonderment, as the course of ET disclosure comes about. In the end, it will be brought about by ET themselves, because time will be short. We will be too slow (our world leaders who know and use the information for personal gain).

Watching events unfold as I have been shown they would, gives me assurance that all will be well. Even if I should loose my physical being, my essence will not be lost.

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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 07:39 PM
here is a really good video on the history of the sons of god, it was posted on glp so yea...just check it out.

Google Video Link

Jordan Maxwell is a great researcher!

posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 08:53 PM
Hello, OTD:

I know I am new here on the thread, but, I have been watching it for quite some time and I now have the wherewithall to ask TD if he knew or saw anyone in his experiences that was of a "larger build" shall we say and had glasses on?

Next, through the time I have researched, it seems to be leading me on a set path involving a mass landing by advanced extraterrestrial beings, a confrontation with illumanti-type persons, a return to our spiritual way of being, and a short time span. I wondered if TD has had any new memories surfacing that would go along with this, or any new intriguing developments?

If TD is still looking for recruiters for his time project/mission, my brothers and I volunteer to assist in anyway. We have felt that we were destined to do something great with our lives and we believe that we have finally found it or are so very close to it.


Galalian102 and Bros.

posted on Feb, 19 2008 @ 10:01 AM
Quick note, posters, readers and volunteers!!! Hi!!

Just keeping an eye on tomorrow, Wednesday, per win 52's related post from Feb. 15, 2008 (page 104),

Originally posted by win 52

posted on 15-2-2008 @ 01:44 PM

The message I have is surrounding the Moon turning red, at the full moon on Wed. There is another important event we will see take place at this time. I am counseled to watch events that take place at that time. I do not even know what it is, but will know it when I see it.

I've been following, somewhat, the story of this falling satellite and all of the controversy surrounding it. You can go go GLP and search (top right of page) for "satellite" and see the hubbub over this event.

Anyway, the initial press releases mentioned that the satellite would be shot down within the next two weeks. Given that, I didn't see this as being the "other" event that win 52 was told about...

Recently however, the date of the shoot-down was moved up to this Thursday, Feb. 21, and then just recently, in an article at, it's being said that this missile launch to down the satellite will occur tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 20,

SPY-SAT UPDATE: Rumor has it that the US Navy may make its first attempt to hit USA 193 this Wednesday evening as the satellite passes over the Pacific Ocean. An air traffic advisory warns pilots to avoid a patch of ocean near Maui from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Hawaii time on Feb. 20th (0230 - 0500 UT, Feb. 21st). This would center the missile strike on the darkness of Wednesday's lunar eclipse and possibly render reentering debris visible from the west coast of North America...


Since both win 52, Cyber_Wasp and ATSGUY did a good job of making a prediction that, to me, ended up presaging the eruption of Comet Holmes, I'm very curious if win's insights are about the destruction of this satellite over North America, or if it's something else...

If the satellite IS downed on Wed., Feb. 20, I wonder how that event will unfold...

Just keeping an eye...

Quick postscript, there are two other individuals who are offering that February 20 may be the beginning of another series of changes. Found these two posts in a GLP thread,

User ID: 308272
2/6/2008 2:58 PM
Report abusive post

Dear readers of this thread. As mentioned before there will be more Awakenings and I'm excited to inform you that it has now been revealed to me that a second and third Awakening period(space), on this timeline, has been
granted(scheduled) for the weeks of 20-28 FEB and 12-19 MARCH 2008.
Things are beginning to move exponentially. I urge you to use discernment during the next coming weeks when reading or hearing of increasing "alien" and "channeled" info. Please don't be distracted or deceived. Use your inner to guide you. Let this be your last physical
incarnation on this physical dimension of freewill(prisonplanet).



And another poster responds,

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 375669
2/17/2008 11:37 PM

acolyte, not that you need any one to confirm your information but I too have been made aware of some of the dates and times you're talking about. In paticular, about two weeks ago it came down my precog pipe about Feb. 20th being a beginning of something important, and then back in mid-Jan. I got a general note about the month of March.

hf It's nice to read that I'm not alone in the knowings, even if my info isn't as pinpointed as yours. Both of my awarenesses came with an undeniable intuitive feeling of hope and even great feelings of opportunity.


Don't know how much stake you folks put in posts such as these...I am reluctant to share posts about "intuitive notions", but I give win 52 credit for being sincere; and I believe his experiences to be authentic...So we shall see...

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posted on Feb, 19 2008 @ 10:02 PM
Well,If I was a betting man, I would like to bet on an alingment of stargates and not on shooting down a satelite. However, there could be a twist in that shoot down event.

No, this message had to deal with ancient times. This may be the start of a series of events which will change the world as we know it. I believe we will even understand our origins, once the dust has settled. I use that term because there is likely to be some turmoil surrounding this event.

I also know there is a large fleet in the wings, waiting to help us.

We are just waiting for things to lign up.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 05:49 PM
I HAVE A MAJOR POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

the new hello earth radio session hour 30 is up, and let me tell you it is **SNIP** AMAZING. Micheal came out and said that Tan has shown him a message in a dream. And in this dream he said it was a clear sunny day, and a

this part starts almost at the exact middle!

Micheal- There will be an event coming up, and it is coming close to this time…what this dream had to do, is its crystal clear ahh dream, and umm like I told you Curtis I actually wake up continuing the dream. And ahh and I decided that..ahh I see they have a message, ahh a very clear one. And umm that particular ending was ahh with the ship, a little ship coming down Tan, and Nela. Coming in landing and asking me to come with them, but this basically tells me that this is coming from them, coming from our friends my friends…It Began broad day light sighting of a type of craft that was flashing colors, the rectangular sign post type, maybe at ahh elevation, maybe about 15000 feet or so and then dropping in closer, having very very bright daylight color visible spectrum, like being blue, white, yellow, various red spectrums. Those colors just flashing and flashing, making itself very visible and very…well no in a sense well advertising itself, and then suddenly more and more craft began to appear. And the numbers of craft began to appear, they began to appear in great numbers and much larger sizes, and diverse types too. Not just having a saucer shape type, having those that are cylindrical, some of them will have winged shapes, and others that where ahh saucer shaped where just unbelievably (???) just popping into vision, and pretty soon the entire sky was covered by them and what was given to me…and this is a dream now so there are symbols here that are being brought forth to explain what was about to happen, and along with these pictures…the pictures of many many craft coming into being and staying up in the sky was a statement…look at this armada of ships…the term armada, what does that bring to mind?

Curtis- sounds like a huge ahh, a huge flock of them

Micheal - and the formation, the term armada was brought out, it looks, it is the Armada! Of the federation, of the of GOD. It is the actual symbols of our coming into age where we need too get absorbed back into where our planet is supposed to become, which should have been there a long time ago, but didn’t make it. But this armada or formation will literally make itself known throughout the entire glob or the entire earth will know of its existence…they will be invincible; there is no sense in shooting at them...No one can deny that they are there!

The timing is vague, but according to the dream it is going to be escalating to a very high level…it started already!

I think Td should try to contact Micheal, it would be cool if they could talk or something.


Also i got this email, it is a post that says First Contact has been announced on

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posted on Feb, 23 2008 @ 11:09 AM
Good morning, world!!

A much needed focus on life, and away from "the boards" has occupied me the last week or so. As it should.

I have responses from TD to questions posed over the last few pages. So, dk3000, raivo, kennethmd, welivefortheson, and darcon (I apologize for not yet posting on your thread. Hope to soon...), here you go.

dk3000, you asked,

Original choreography by dk3000

I would probably ask if there was universal justice, karma -

yes the secret gov or its leader thinks karma doesn't exist and it will be delivered directly to him or it.

It doesn't seem like it from where we sit right now...But it will soon...

Thanks, dk3000!!

Hi, raivo!!

Originally dropped into its own footprint by raivo

1.Time traveler erased his memory for some reason but yet he seems to remember loads of stuff from past & future, why is that?

yeah, why is the sky blue?? come on, please......because the whole time during my abduction I did not want to be a time traveler, I wanted to be a rock star in a band and live a "normal" earth life and things are happening now as they are because it prompts you to seek your own truth and who cares what my story is, the message is what is important and that is to BE PREPARED (mentally)

2.who are these controllers who now run the world?

research it, dont let me tell you the truth find it yourself as I have and many on this thread. one could find out how to do the freemason hand shake if one looks hard enough.

I don't think your first question has been asked before. The reason he may still have these memories is that what he remembers may not be threatening to his future self. They may not matter in the grand scheme of things...

The interesting thing to me is that he's had these actual physical contacts, many of which were witnessed by others, and what these contacts really mean; what their purpose was...

As far as the dark cabal, the controllers, blockers, or what have you, I see that there are groups/organizations at many levels who yield any amount of power (and information is power), exert control over, or manipulate those below them. There hasn't been a clear picture painted yet of all of these power structures. This is something I'm waiting to see unfold...

It IS clear, however, that whomever controls the resources and the flow of information on this planet controls the populace. Simply look at the chains around your ankles and follow them to their source. This is a good place to start. I see these chains being eroded, but can't wait to see them simply broken. This is what is being presented here and elsewhere as our immediate future...

Thanks a lot, raivo!!

kennethmd, you asked something that actually got a response that I hadn't heard about before,

Originally shot down with a three-part SM-3 missile by kennethmd

I don't know if anyone had posted this. A true time traveler is not going tell anyone that they are a time traveler.

They just not going to tell anyone. I'm not going to say there is no such thing as time travelers. I strongly believe that they were involve with 911. Were there any bodies retrieve from those planes?

of course, the time portal lights up where innocent victims are about to die

I'd never heard that before. Rock on, kennethmd!! Of course, if President Bush were about to die, that portal will be sitting dark...hehe A lot of blood on that man's hands...If he is just a mouth piece, then on the folks' hands controlling him...

Hi, welivefortheson!! You asked an obvious one,

Originally batter fried and lightly seasoned by welivefortheson

i would ask mr do i build a time machine?

are you serious??

Instructions will be available the day after never. ahah Used TD's quote. Hopefully with his consent...Oh, if we only had instructions...

darcon, what is up, fella? Your thread is asking, essentially, what we're asking here, and that is, "Can you imagine what TD and others are sharing as a reality?" The question should not be, "What will it take," because if there were something we could do it would be done.

This doesn't mean that once given the knowledge, tools, and ability that we would still be helpless, but we need to be given that opportunity. At the moment, we are fighting an unfair battle. So what should we do? Be happy? Meditate? Run for office? Root out those responsible for ruining our countries? Haven't all of these things been done for thousands of years?

Might is right. And in our case, not only are we battling might, but we're battling a secretive, multi-layered and intelligently run operation that reaches to the four corners. No, something else must come into play. And that is what is being presented here.

I ran across an account of friendly ET contact, where the ETs making contact took the person contacted to their home planet, Iarga, to show their way of life. Whether or not this story is true is up to the reader, but I found an interesting possible explanation for how we may have come to be in the situation we are in,

Every intelligent race is dualistic, and as absolute necessity, contains an extremely evil consciousness component that now and again comes to the surface in the form of lies, deceit, sadism, homicide, etc. etc. One of the reasons for the terrible murder of millions of women and children in gas chambers.

"A detailed explanation will come later, so let it suffice here to say that beings on Iarga that possess this mentality are denied reincarnation. This selection is the cause of the continuing improvement in mentality, generation after generation, which enables a race to become unselfish. "On Earth, this selection was blocked some twenty centuries ago by extra-terrestial intervention whereby we cannot improve our average mentality. This system is therefore unsuitable and undesirable for us because it would stimulate the egoism.

The lazy and the profiteers would disrupt the system. The universal economic system is just an utopian dream for us. "The beginning of this system is their worldorder. The unity of such a race comes from the fact that they obey a set of Godly laws and therefore have a uniform legal system. Add this to their love of travel, which results in the mixing of the races, and the result is the disappearance of nationalism, which happened long ago...


So this race says that they actually block the incarnation of those with a harmful, or negatively oriented mentality. They also speak about our group mentality versus their own, and describe "justice" (I believe) as the degree in which a society has impoverished or neglected individuals. This underprivileged segment is a representation of the "group think" in a society and reflects a lower group mentality. They also talk about discrimination, and how we are taught to see and think in terms of "groups" and not "individuals".

Like I said, whether or not that story - or the others contained at that site - are real or not, the information can be enlightening and fascinating. The website is You may get something from these stories...

Thank you all for your questions!!

So we're all waiting. Everything that has been shared here and elsewhere about what is happening now needs to come to the surface. It's time for these promises to appear after we've logged off of the Internet.

Right now it seems that there are intimations of this reality reaching the surface in events (and the controversy surrounding) like 9-11, which changed our world forever, as well as individuals like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and what they have to say.

Ron Paul's intelligence and reason are making the other candidates' empty rhetoric all the more absurd. I was never interested in politics, and I know we're tired of hearing about it, but that individual has crystallized our feelings, and has spread that message over the national media. Something we have been waiting for.

To me, it's not important that he wins the presidency. Only that his message infiltrated the national media. He is a dignified human being, and a champion for freedom and personal liberties. If any one of us were in his place, we'd be saying the same thing.

All right, let's get off the politics. The point here is that we are seeing signs of a changing world in life off of the Internet. Now we want to see it move to the next level...

That's what we're all waiting for...

So any time now...

P.S. I signed on again to share that today has been another interesting "clock" day. I've been at my computer on and off for the last few hours. I glanced at my computer clock the first time and saw 11:11, then 12:12, signed off and back on and just saw 2:22...Oh, it's fun...

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posted on Feb, 23 2008 @ 04:08 PM

I was reading that light worker site....ATS

It seems to follow with the information I am getting. I have no reason to doubt a lot of what I read about our present status. I have not taken a look at the site in detail, but this information seems to confirm the messages I seem to be getting. I have not had any surprises, except the surprise of confirmation....there is that lump in my throat again...

Channeled Messages by Mike Quinsey--Atmos 22-February-2008
Posted February 23rd, 2008 by boa
Mike Quinsey
With all of the changes becoming apparent, you are being called upon to let go of the old. Allow it to fade away and do not worry as to what will replace it. Letting go is not easy when you find that the fabric of society is tearing itself apart. However, as you have been informed from many sources, it is a time to witness a grand cleansing that will release the old energies. These would otherwise hold you back, and you must make way for the new. Some are dismayed at what is happening, but do not see what the changes are waiting to bring in. Chaos seems imminent and unavoidable, but this time instead of helping the dark forces who use it for their own ends, it will eventually be seen as allowing beneficial and necessary changes.


I read some of the other channeled messages in there. I am not sure about some of the other stuff, like the 13th skull message, however, in light of the rest of the information being factual, one must pay attention. You may never know what to expect. Especially when you throw it and other worlds into the mix, no matter what dimension you are in.

You points to a change. I am experiencing changes within my body. It is just like they talk about.

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posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 03:00 PM
Hey Everyone !!!!!!

Those messages are spot on Win52.

It is a shame that although some people have awaken to what is happening, we have to go through the whole ride with the rest of the people who haven't yet.
We have to see the wheels really fall off so that everyone gets the kick in the pants to awaken them. You can see the wheels getting really wobbily in areas of religion, finance, political and humanitarian areas in places all around the world.
The higher ups have to sort of rub peoples noses in the mess so to speak to get them to lift. Think about that. You can see it happening in a few places around the world right now.
Changing over to new ways of doing things seems impossible at first, but once you cross to the new way you will be wondering why it didn't happen sooner.

posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 04:04 PM
I have been getting a lot of positive feelings, reading those channeled messages. There is something there that stirs deep feelings of understanding, thanks to the way the messages seem to come in. It flows with what I seem to be getting.

Also, darcon's thread on ascension is another good place to spend some time reading.

I was told about these times of trouble....if you look around....this whole earth has been destroyed. Easily, one full third of the entire planet has been destroyed. We are on a spiral of destruction, needing a major intervention. It is just that simple.

I have been working on trying to figure out why I feel so out of place in today's society, ie G8 Nation. I did have a glimpse of some highlights of the past few 30,000 or more....of my essence's on this that I just ducked a net....darn white coats again.....

The times we are in, right now, are times we have never experienced, since our souls have been enslaved here, on Earth. I am not sure how far back that was 30 - 40 thousand years back.

You see.....if you want the information bad is just like watching a movie.....this remote viewing.....with time regression....thing, I seem to be able to do.

That is why I don't seem to fit in.....a round an oblong hole.....kind of fit....but not really. My memory is whole body is filled with new, very powerful energy.

All you have to do is have the will to let it flow.

posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 08:02 PM
Hey Win52 !!!!!

What is your technique for viewing your past?

I don't know how I did it but about 2 years ago I caught a glimpse of the end of a previous life. It was most probably the one before this one.

I was like a POW in uniform. I don't know which nationality I was or what war it was, but I was bound & kneeling in front of someone just as he executed me. I was shot in the face at point blank range. The strange part is that I recalled what happened after. I remember leaving my body knowing I was dead, but was thinking how surprised I was that it didn't hurt and that I felt no pain from it. The memory faded just after that.

It would be cool to open up the channels and see what else comes through, if I could just remember how I did

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 12:07 PM
Hello all.....

OTD, you mentioned that we are fighting an unfair battle and this might be true but there is PLENTY that we can do to live comfortably. WE all have to stop living for money and start living for our own infrastructure. Money and the promise of wealth and material goods are just ways to induce determination in the working class so that people will WANT to build the society around them. Knowing this....we have to create our own network that shuns those conglomerates that will put life on the line for profit. What does this mean? Well.....for one we have to have enough support in our infrastructure for any problems that might arrise, simply put if someone is hungry and needs food we should all try and feed them. Build off of that ideal and i think we can start our own society within this one which has more support than any ever created in the history of mankind. THe KEY Is To stop beleiving in money. All we need are our own actions and determination and what is needed will come to us. If we have a network large enough (of regular working class people and good hearted corporations that are tired of manipulating life for profit) we wont have to run for office or demonstrate.....we will gain power through numbers because PEOPLE are the key and UNITY is the answer.

Do me a favor and ask TD if the central banks ever release their hold on the throat of humanity allowing us to breath and evolve as we should. Also ask him how i can help immedietly since i quit my BS corporate job and am now heading on a noble journey of change that is not defined by a paycheck. I am a human being who knows how to love unconditionally....that is who i am and what i do will be defined by that. NOT the other way around which is what some people might think.

Get back to me......Peace all.

Whats up DARCON!?!?

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 12:22 PM
Hey! Wasp

I don't need a technique. I have been able to do this, at will since I was a little child. The dreams I had were all of past lives (physical bodies...vehicles....what ever you call the bodies I have used over the past few ten's of thousands of years).

That is part of ascension, I think. Our bodies were designed to last a lot longer than what we use them at present.

Basically, we are now waking up to the reality of the way it could have been. You just need to exercise your will. It is your will that holds you back. Possibly a bit of fear of the unknown. Once we loose this fear, because we will be able to see through the veil of time, we will become what we were intended to become in the original plan. It will be fantastic.

The energy that is now available for you is fantastic. Allow it to wash over your body, filling you up, starting at your toes and welling up through your whole system. A healing wave of love. It makes my whole body vibrate with energy. I have even had a parasite or two just jump right out of my mouth from the energy blast. I would show a pic, but they went down the drain, yuck.

You should be able to use this energy to go there, to the place, at will. Try to tap the energy that isn flowing.

I am cautioned that this is a slow process, ascension, they don't want us to get the "full monty" till we can all handle it.

Another point is...he he....colon the bad crap can get out of your body. Then the energy will flow more freely. This can also speed up your ascension process.

We are into it now, as I write, they are turning up the to speak. Why do you think there is such a fitness craze, going on? People are getting the message. Shed the weight and along with it, the parasite ridden, disease infected, bodies we currently dwell in. With the onset of the new energies, people are going to become more compassionate towards all of the things infecting our well being and the health of the world we are caring for.

We will start to see a shift towards world peace...soon. But it is none too soon.

"You have already pushed the button, but it miss loose." ....he made a joke.

The mood is fresh and bright. Is the sun shining where you are?

ducking the net...I'm outa here.

Here is an example of what I was talking about. I swear to reading this after I posted.

AA Metatron: There are dozens, and so to answer your question regarding which are most potent, we assume you mean which are most beneficial, yes? And so we answer that the degree and priority of assistance depends to some extent on the person. The seeker will receive what is most needed and that will of course vary according to the individual's level of light quotient, intent, attitude and needs. In terms of field potency, the area of the Vishnu schist formation is extremely powerful, such that it is the primary generator of the highest frequency vortex and the center of the higher dimensional portal. The area of Blacktail Canyon is one of the most powerful portal stargates on the planet, in an extremely vigorous alignment to the Pleades. Those capable of raising their frequency to higher levels can expereince what you term as astral travel within this area, far more easily than in other locations. This because by the time the Vishnu Schist of Blacktail Canyon is reached, after 3 days on the river, the auric field is cleansed, and thus in a crystalline merkabic state. The mind is clear, the body is robust, and therefore the body-mind-soul trinity is in a rare state unified bounteous clarity. Do you see?

from that godlike site. It is so much like what I had just written...the information I had gleaned from universal knowledge....I love this way of education we will be seeing more of.

the page of reference

I am going to read that daily for a few days. What is being brought up for this time seems to fit into the information I get from a trusted source. And, I trust that source more than any human, with the exception of my Dad, they are at par.

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 03:03 AM
Hey Win52, OTD and all of the regulars!!!!!!!!!

I get what you are saying. Will Power is one of the things I have been sent here to work on. I will keep at it and see what happens.

I had a weird message about imagination. I don't understand what I was being told. It was something like imagination is not imagination in the way we currently define the word. We will soon realise more about this power that has been over looked / hidden for all these years. Imagination is more about realities that can or will exist here or elsewhere in the Omniverse. We don't have unique or imaginary new thoughts as everything imaginable has already been thought of or already exists.

The thoughts are given to us from the higher ups or we are channelling in to these things that already exist or have existed.
And yes my brain is still hurting in trying to work that all out. I have explained it as best I can.....I

Must say that I was a little disappointed with the conscious media network.
It is a good site for interviews with people on the cold face of their chosen professions in areas of interest to us. But now they are charging you a subscription to view the interviews. (So I can't place a link there)
I know it is small and they have to cover costs of running the site but information should be free. Most of the people being interviewed have books ect to sell as well.
That’s my gripe for the day. There was a few new ones I wanted to see

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 07:27 AM
i have a simple question.

people may laugh, but i am a NY Knicks fan. given the sad state my team is in, my I have two questions:

1) will isiah thomas leave the knicks organization?

2) will the NY Knicks win an NBA Chmapionship?

i know not an earth shattering or spiritual question, but for a time traveler like yourself, should be an easy one to answer.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by littledogbean
i have a simple question.

people may laugh, but i am a NY Knicks fan. given the sad state my team is in, my I have two questions:

1) will isiah thomas leave the knicks organization?

2) will the NY Knicks win an NBA Chmapionship?

i know not an earth shattering or spiritual question, but for a time traveler like yourself, should be an easy one to answer.

I'm a Knicks fan too, and I don't think I want the answers...

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