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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 04:00 AM
Hey Galactic Trendsetters !!!!!!!!

I also agree with midniteracerx's summary of January. Upon reflection I would say you nailed it.

I spent January grounding myself with the Earth in a way, whilst finishing off my backyard (the loose ends.) This weekend I have another bunch of plants to buy and plant to finish off. I am reducing my big ass 'carbon footprint' on this rock in what I am doing you could say.
(Looks around for white coats)
When I was at the garden center two weekends ago I was singled out and drawn to a tree that was sort of hidden amongst some others near a green house. I didn't know anything about them or werent even looking for it, but I knew it was meant to grow in my yard from the moment I saw it
I left without it but kept calling me back by it. Two weeks later I went back and the sneaky thing was still there wondering why I took so long. Suffice to say it is now in the ground in my yard. I bought a second one for a companion. The buggers took a bit of getting into my car.
Apart from being totally insane I have no idea why I am even mentioning this.

I am glad I helped you out a little Win52

Can you feel the new Energy? It will arrive with a jolt. Somebody is changing the bedsheets..

Nice information from OTD I hope there will be a video to watch if that all goes down.

It says in the next few weeks so we will see what happens.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 11:14 AM
Welcome to the party, pal!!

I have a lot to share. But first would like to say hi to pikypiky!! Everyone here is remembered, even if they aren't mentioned.

I want to get TD's responses posted, because they relate to the information to follow. Howdy, darcon!! You asked,

Originally put down on wax by darcon
THNX AGAIN for the answers.
no problem, BTW, did you volunteer?

I have a few more questions my friend.

Where will Ashtar Command Land 1ST?(i think u.s./canada)
I think We/They (not sure who all the "they is") all arrive at once, everyone meets in space in our solar system and groups up and arrives in fleet.

Will Lord Sananda be joining us, when they land?
not sure, probably

Who will win the 2008 presidential election?(hope it's Ron Paul) I hope ron paul, I think I remember 2 different time lines, one with hillary, one with rudy giulliani, but I think ron paul this time.
(TD didn't answer this one...)

Could you describe one of your time travel Experiences?
LINK TO BLOGTV SHOW in I believe the first clip maybe the second I go into detail

When the cabal falls(which is already in progress) Is that when the mass landing will happen?
on the first or previous time line, after the disaster (nuclear war) the cabal was exposed and the list was created, we know who they are and they will not be a problem either way, they pose no threat to the mass landing/arrival.

If it does not happen at that time there is going to be a huge s*** storm, and everybody is gonna panic. Could you give me advice on to handle the situation when that time comes?
before the fleet enters the earths atmosphere they are going to take over all frequencies of the emergency broadcast system, TV, internet, telephone, satellite and so on and deliver the message first to look at the sky and they come in peace of course.

then they will enter the atmoshere and stay parked in the sky for almost a day (24 hours) then they will finally land mostly to prove it is not a hologram and to commence pick ups of sort.

my advice would be to be the strong minded person in your community and tell people to remain calm and use logic such as they could have killed us all by now and backslap the over hysterical people if needed.

Is Canada ran by the same people that run the states? (The Illuminati).
the elite societies have never known any boundaries, borders are an illusion created for the masses.

I hear that the physical changes of the earth through this ascension process will be deadly. could you give me some examples of what is going to happen in canada?(earth quakes, or mass flooding, or superstom, etc.).
yes, earth quakes, or mass flooding, or superstorm, volcanos and so on, I believe the good people will watch the changes safely from the sky and those that choose to stay are willing to take that chance

The only reason i ask is because i live in Ontario, Canada and want to be ready. and again thank u both for your answers.
no problem

(Also yes i was referring to Jesus, but i was also wondering if john Lennon and Jimi Hendrix will be at the concert. always admired Jimi for putting such an influence on music, yet he was really only big for six years. then he died.
yes they will and many others

By the way what did Hendrix die of?)
many deaths were staged or saved

Thank you for your questions, darcon!! Everything is interrelated - the super storms, coronal mass ejections (solar plasma eruptions), political/social/economic turmoil, ufos/contact, black projects, illuminati, meteors/asteroids, planetary evolution/warming, everything. The big question is, How will it all play out?

TD has maintained all along that the future of our race was initially in doubt, but that this scenario has since changed and we are on a better path.

This thought is corroborated/supported by individuals whom I believe to be truthful and credible, such as folks like Dan Burisch, Gordon Novel, Michael Tsarion, James Gilliland, David Wilcock, etc., and closer to home with posters like win 52, Cyber_Wasp, and others sharing this message at other message boards.

Something I've learned, as far as the "blockers" (TD word), Controllers, or dark cabal - what have you, are concerned is that there are both positive and negative groups/factions, and this seems to be keeping things on track as far as human affairs are concerned. Add to this stasis a greater community that is guiding our further growth and you have an overall positive picture.

Apropos to this, Project Camelot just released an article entitled, "2008: The Future is Now", wherein they talk about the Controllers,

2) The so-called 'Controllers'

It's important to realize that the 'Controllers' - the Illuminati, the Committee of the Majority, and/or various alien groups - are not in control.

Deacon reports, credibly in our view, that not only is there no overarching mastermind group successfully running the planet, but that at agency, military and black project level there are many factions, vying for control, with many different agendas between them.


This revelation should allow some of you to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our fate doesn't rest completely in the hands of some negatively oriented alien race. These folks may have influence, but there are greater machinations at work.

I've been waiting for the Project Camelot folks (Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan) to come out with a sort of generalized forecast from all of their interviews, etc. and this article seems to be just such a "possible" forecast.

Everyone wishing to be informed would do well to read what they have offered here. They have assembled their puzzle pieces into a sort of comprehensive possibility/probability outline, and it offers just enough to be able to observe events from here on out with a somewhat informed viewpoint.

TD and others maintain that a nuclear exchange will not be allowed to happen (we can include the remote viewing Buddhist monks), but nothing should be discounted. It doesn't hurt to be mentally prepared for anything. Bill Ryan gathered from his conversations with Dan Burisch that some events may need to come to pass, as their alternatives as seen through the Looking Glass technology may be far worse. It's a mental minefield...

The PC article present a lot of possibilities; however, by simply sharing these insights and possibilities, it is entirely possible that the negative ones are thereby negated, or prevented.

In any event, it is better to move forward with an enlightened and full picture, regardless. Part of taking responsibility for our lives and this planet is facing life head on. Only then can we become complete beings, which is where we are headed. These are just the growing pains.

I also wanted to share some excerpts from a January 21, 2008 (the most recent) interview between Jeff Rense ( and Benjamin Fulford ( The interview transcript was provided by David Wilcock (

The conversation between Rense and Fulford basically centered on Asia's struggle against Western secret societies, and the West's censorship and prevention of Asia's true standing from reaching and empowering the Asian peoples.

FULFORD: Now, it's the people of Asia -- the Southeast Asians, the Chinese, people together who are 65 percent of the world's population -- who control the world's money now. And so, they can decide how it's going to be spent. And this is what they have decided to do.

RENSE: THEY, the controllers, the Bilderbergs, the CFR types -- have written about reducing the world population by four fifths. That's 80 percent...What they want is a feudal system on this planet with a skeleton middle class to interface between them and the serf class so they don't have to get their hands dirty. That's what they're after.

FULFORD: Well, they're not going to get it. They're lucky they're still alive, as I keep repeating. It's not going to happen. They are criminally insane, and the rest of the world has finally figured this out.

FULFORD: It will mean an end to Japanese slavery and occupation. It will mean an end to the raping and looting of Japan. In other words, it's their money, and they don't want them to use it the way they think it ought to be used...If I get this job, I will have five trillion dollars to play with. And what I'm going to do with that money, or what they're going to do -- I'm hoping, I'm recommending, I believe they're going to do this -- first of all, they're going to make sure that every single human being on the planet has access to a road if they wish it; good information and knowledge about the state of the planet; proper nutrition, and an Internet connection.

It will be a crash campaign on the planet to get everyone on the planet -- every single person -- aware and connected, and fed. Once that's done, we will ask them what their wishes are. We'll hire the top brains of the planet, and do everything in our power to make sure those wishes come true. (Voice breaking up -- tears) That's how the Japanese people, I believe, are going to spend their money.


posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 12:10 PM
thank you very much, both of u. I looked over they articles and they provided me with a lot of detail on what is to come, thank god our fate doesn't lie in the hands of a few Dark unwise rulers.

I only have one more question,
Do you know when the forces of light will disable the devices used by the cabal to lower our vibration levels.

And by the way what did you mean by volunteer?

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:10 PM
As much of this seems to be new, yet we have been prepared for this time. We have been watched over every step of the way.

For 40 years the Jews wandered in the desert with no food. They ate the bread of life that fell from the sky during the night.

Likewise, we need not worry.

The only people who need to be worried, are the ones who have something to be worried about. Believe me, they know who they are. They will cry for the rocks they are hiding under to fall on them, rather than face up to what they have done.

Hey wasp....thank you....for keeping ahead of the white coats......

Feb 1, 2008 will be the beginning of a new era....exciting times.

I always have been hesitant about dates for future events, but not this time...he he he...

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:10 PM
As much of this seems to be new, yet we have been prepared for this time. We have been watched over every step of the way.

For 40 years the Jews wandered in the desert with no food. They ate the bread of life that fell from the sky during the night.

Likewise, we need not worry.

The only people who need to be worried, are the ones who have something to be worried about. Believe me, they know who they are. They will cry for the rocks they are hiding under to fall on them, rather than face up to what they have done.

Hey wasp....thank you....for keeping ahead of the white coats......

I always stutter, when I get excited...

Feb 1, 2008 will be the beginning of a new era....exciting times.

I always have been hesitant about dates for future events, but not this time...he he he...

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by sputniksteve

I read your story steve... That hapens to me quite a bit...but I have not worked with altering electronics, etc... your friend is just learning how to use his potential.....tell him to use this new gift wisely, but I think he knows what I mean.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 05:25 PM
I would ask him whether my theory on time being the smallest possible elementary particle is correct.

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 02:54 PM
Hi, all!!

Just dropping in to post a follow up to win 52's statement about Asteroid TU24 from the bottom of page 98,

Originally posted by win 52
OTD, cyber wasp confirmed my info.

Altering the path of those rocks is changing the time line we were on.

We will see this one through, and we will not end up like the dinosaurs.

We were left to figure out things on our own, now our seed has grown, we are ready for harvest (so to speak).

It is a very good thing. Be happy

I just read the following on the Coast to Coast website (,

Asteroid Near-Miss

Asteroid TU-24 (pictured in a low-res. image from NASA) passed us by on Tuesday at around 1.4 times the moon's distance from Earth. First hour guest David Sereda...said that according to his contact at Lockheed, we may have sent a craft to divert the orbit of TU-24.

Recent fireballs seen in the skies could have been fragments from the asteroid, Sereda suggested. He also referenced a Rand Corp. report Astronomical Odds (PDF file), which indicates that 30% of the public wouldn't want to know if an asteroid impact was imminent.


Was win 52 banking that some U.S. (or other) agency would deflect this asteroid? Is this just an interesting coincidence? I say, no.

On a different note, here is a list of folks dropping out of the presidential race: Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich.

I also read that Mitt Romney was encouraging a radio show host on a show he was on recently to support Ron Paul. Are we going to see the tide turn toward Ron Paul as time goes on? Or will Hilary and Obama make it to the White House? I know a lot of people don't care and want this over, but I really have to say Ron Paul is the man.

Excuse the political sidebar. Let's get this party started already!!

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 11:20 PM
It would defo be what time was it ten minutes ago!LOL! no id seriously ask him (seeing as he can see the future) should i wear my tek-9 with my hogh tops or my uzi with my low tops! If only though!

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 06:06 AM
Hey Everyone !!!!!!!!

Did anyone catch the 1st Episode of UFO Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel???

Just wondering what it was like?

I am waiting...cough cough.. for it to air down here. So I will post what I thought when I get to see it if somebody doesn't beat me to it.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 08:02 AM
How can I get back to the 1970's and stay there?!

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 09:40 AM
WHO the in th blue HELL would want to go back to the 70s. Our generation gets to experience the mass landing of the light, and you want to go back to disco, i mean come on.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 11:50 PM
Hell yeah ! i'll want to check out time periods i wasnt arround in yet.
I was born in '81 so the '70s seem a bit strange to me

I would like to see my own birth too and see the most interesting bits
of my life from a 3rd perspective.
Right up to the point where it became possible to visit and see my past.
I don't know my real father and none in my family seems to know or
want to tell the truth about him.

Would be nice to at least know the truth.

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 12:35 AM
SO everybody today something big might happen, the 1ST 'o' February. Wonder what the universe has in store?

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 01:00 PM
A fond (but brief) hello to you and yours this fine February day, 2008!!

First, I wanted to mention the white elephant in the room - yes, Britney is back in UCLA Medical Center's psychiatric hospital. Actually, my thoughts are with her as one human being to another...

No, what I meant to say is win 52's highly anticipated February 1, 2008 date has come and gone...I wonder what occurred that was possibly not shared in the mainstream media (If anything...However, I give win 52 the benefit of the doubt).

What DID occur was a lot of cable cutting. Here are several links to GLP threads opened on the subject of the Mideast undersea cable cutting "incidents":

LINK 1 -- LINK 2 -- LINK 3 (Actually, you can just go to GLP and in the "Search" field type "cable" and you'll find these and more threads on the subject)

Also included at the above site is a thread linked to an article revealing President Bush's statements "reversed" with possible reference to these incidents - LINK

Also tossing her hat in the ring is Nancy Lieder (also at GLP) and what she says is the "Zeta's" take on these events - LINK

And of course ATS has their very own thread on the matter - LINK

The question then is, Is this possibly what win 52's intuition/sources were pointing to, or are these cuts a distraction? Hmmm....

OK, I actually came on to share that TD has been getting a lot of email, etc., asking when he's doing another show.

So we are scheduling one:

Thursday, February 7, at 10:00pm EST (Eastern/Pennsylvania, U.S.)

Where: (renato73 is the user)

I have more findings that I want to share that suggest 2008 is going to beat 2007 for sightings and contact. There are several folks that are saying we are going to see undeniable contact this year....

When I have time I'll throw that up.

Thanks again for sharing and posting your thoughts!!

And win 52, if you have further insights re: your February messages please post them. I understand this is all a process...


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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:58 PM
hey OTD and TD.

thnx for the update but i was wondering what u guys meant about volunteering.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 10:04 PM
Hi, darcon!!

The response to your question is also related to imysbbad, your, and Jeroenske's recent posts. You asked,

Originally posted by darcon
i was wondering what u guys meant about volunteering.

Actually, TD and I have promised ATS that we would not solicit volunteers (which we have tried to honor), but most certainly are not contacting anyone who volunteers, nor are we asking anyone who volunteers to contact us.

TD has said from the beginning that he feels he needs to seek volunteers who will, in the near future (meaning within the next twenty-four months or so) be visited by either a future version of TD, or of the volunteer him/herself, and recruited to go on time travel missions for the benefit of the human race.

These missions can include information gathering, event alteration, security/conflict missions, and more. TD feels sure that there will be a limited, initial number of volunteers who, if they meet certain criteria, will have access to this technology for the benefit of advancing our race.

At a later time, according to TD, there will be wider access to time travel technology, but initially the number will be few; they will be the volunteers.

So TD says you can volunteer in writing on this board, or at the Guestbook at TD's website. TD is completely serious that if you volunteer, you may be receiving a visit from a smiling time traveler, telling you it's time to go...

I've volunteered, as have many, many others. There's no obligation. You have nothing to lose. And if you're not completely satisfied by 2012 TD will offer your money back. haha

Really though, you don't have anything to lose. You can be sincere or not. But if you do volunteer and your motives are not sincere, then there's a good likelihood you're not going to be visited; or if you are, you probably won't be going anywhere...No harm, no foul though. The idea behind that whole process is selflessness and compassion for the rest of our race. It's not the military, and no one will be forced to do anything.

TD says he remembers people freaking out and turning him down when he does show up, only to later chase him down and beg him to take them...

TD has a lot of memories of this and much, much more...We've gotten plenty of corroboration for much of what TD has recalled...We're just waiting for certain events to come to pass. Not the least of which is TD's future self paying him a visit and kicking things off...

Tick tock...

I have more to post later of other folks' insights and supporting information. Until then, hang in there, keep your feet on the ground, and allow the harmony of silence to inform you and not the chaotic chatter of the outside world.

We're almost there...But the closer we get, the louder the destructive and discordant energies become as they vie for your attention. As time goes on, there really will be more of a call to turn inward and let your heart and divinity guide you.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:04 PM
then i hear by declare myself a volunteer.
I have always thought to myself that maybe i'm hear on a bigger mission. If you need my assistance in anyway, just contact me in the future. Anything for the greater good of mankind

(by the way i signed the guest book under my name Alex. Also im the only Canadian who signed up for it, weird. Anyways it wouldn't be the same if their wasn't at least one canuck up for a challenge)

[edit on 3-2-2008 by darcon]

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 03:10 AM
Hey OTD, TD and adventurers of all kinds !!!!!!!!!!

After a month or so of absence I had another visit from my friends in the dream world as has been the usual. This time they had their human skin suits on.

They took me to the future to one of the virtual real life video games that TD has spoken of, and were showing me a map of the game and telling me what I had to do in it.
As is the norm I am in my dumbed down state, so comprehension of what they are showing me is not the best. I was given a laser weapon which was the size of an M16 but white and very fancy. It was a laser equivalent of a shot gun in the game.
I had to flush out a creature that reminded me of the Hunters from Halo. Well that part I wasn't sure I couldn't comprehend if I had to shoot it or flush it out. I did know it needed two shots in a particular part of the body to kill it.
They were trying to explain but in my dumbed down state I was worried about what happened to me physically if it got me, and kept on asking them. I had visions of these pixels eating me
I am thinking it did not go to well from there as I have no memory of what happened so I am guessing it got erased.
Briefly, I was also shown a vast warcraft type game in progress. I was given a fly through the game and could see the people below doing their quests and having fun. I could not believe the scope of this game, it was huge.

Awesome stuff to be actually in the game. It is real, you are there and you can not pick the difference to the real world.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 04:14 AM
I would have to ask the time traveler to find out, who let the dogs out?
To put an end to that stupid song!

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