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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:52 PM
Great Info OTD and TD, i am still reading it but had to post this before i continue,

"As more and more people learn the spiritual exercises of meditation, invocation, affirmation and dream management, more and more people will break free, see clearly and speak openly of that which is to come."

From one of your sources above, I believe i will be one of those people, i am continuing to Pursue all of the things listed in the Quote, i am 100% sure i will break free, it is only a matter of time. Now i will read the rest.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 12:08 AM
Just read it all, and wow some of the information just Improves my theories more and some of the info i did not even know. I will take from it what i want and like you said OTD. I know i did not provide a link to the heart chakra radiance so here it is if anyone is interested,
It says that it is one of the better ways to help with the ascension process, also i will provide a link to the main website if anyone is interested,
The last link i will provide is a glossary, go down just a bit and you will come across a list of names that all start with the letter A, My soul name is Arcon so Click on Arcon and you can read what level i am at,
I hope you guys enjoy some of the stuff on there and again like OTD said, Take from it what you WILL.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 11:37 AM
Just thought i would provide a link that promotes peace like so many are doing in this great time of change, just thought i would share it with the future time traveling buddies

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by midniteracerx

Hey Dudes !!!!!!!!!

It is funny about my Avatar and what morphed into the clouds. It sort of highlights some kind of weird connection. What that is I have no idea.

When making the Avatar I must have looked at over 100 images to find one and then to have it manifest in the sky and disolve before your eyes blows you away.

I think there is a thread in ATS somewhere about people who say it is possible to manipulate clouds by thought. My feeling is that I did not manipulate it, as I would think you would have to focus on it for a while and I am flat out focusing on something for more than a few seconds.

I know they are there, they are all about. They visit in dreams, they visit your thoughts, and now they visit the sky before you. I just have to work out how to get them to come forward to the physical. Just have to keep working different angels.
If anyone has any ideas then please on how to bring them forward then please let me know.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 05:11 PM
I would probably ask if there was universal justice, karma.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 05:35 PM
dk3000 nice avatar, I would like to think there is such a thing as Karma Police.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 11:43 PM
I dont want to be a di%% or doom mongere but lately there has been talk about Russia and nuclear weapons. There seem to be allot of tension between us and Russia now. Also they just announced an new nuclear arms race, and i dunno it just seems like everyone just wants to be trigger happy and make the first move.

TD said he was shown one time line where he was standing out in the open somewhere and saw a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud in the distance i believe, and a horrible future with begging does seem like if that were to happen, well lets just say we look like we are right on track, but i got a feeling that there will be a concert

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posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 12:03 AM
Howdy, pardners!!

Just wanted to share a possible development in two arenas: NESARA and UFO/ET Disclosure.

First, I don't know what anyone's feelings on NESARA is, but this is a program that was said to have been created to effect the release of precious metals-backed funds that Sheldon Nidle and others claim will be gifted to the majority of this planet as part of this program. And at that time all debts (credit card, home loans - everything) will be cleared, and our debt-based currency system will be abolished, along with the Income Tax.

Here is a brief summary of NESARA,

The National Economic Security and Reformation Act was a US act of Congress, that was apparently passed during March 2000, and all officials involved with it's passage are under a strict gagging order, against speaking out publicly. This Act has far reaching consequences, including an overhaul of the US government and financial systems, and since we live in a globalised world there will be changes and benefits directly affecting over 140 countries when this Act is officially ratified.


There is a thread at GLP that I'm sure many have at least peeked at that is following these (fictional or otherwise) NESARA developments. There seem to be three primary individuals, Casper, Poof, and Chris Story, who have been writing emails and articles with information they say is gleaned from their sources "inside", or connected to these financial dealings.

NESARA seems somehow to be connected with St. Germain, who you can find more about HERE. TD actually talks about St. Germain, and says that he believes he's met him...

A woman named Candace is said to be telepathically communicating for St. Germain, and writes articles/updates on occasion that, she says, are from St. Germain about the NESARA program.

In a recent article (Jan. 16, 2008) entitled, "Update on Banking Issues", Candace responds to recent GLP articles on NESARA,

Beloveds, Germain speaking briefly here today, regards the banking issues and what you are receiving through the Casper, Poof, and Story reports. Story is confused possibly by the endeavors to discredit him. He is a fine soul serving the light at this time, but I am not sure if he knows the whole of why things are not being paid.

There will be no Wanta payment, nor any of the other “payments” until the commercial private banking system is no more as understood today. ALL existing banks associated with the European and other major private, pirating banking, will come under their countries' respective treasury systems, and these countries' treasuries...will be backed by precious metals. No ifs, ands or butts. Only genuine national treasuries will be issuing real money.

This supposed NESARA system in the USA being talked about by misleading individuals is about the wrong side of NESARA. It is about the stealing of the St.Germain trusts and nothing more and nothing less. It matters not, in some ways about the trusts, per se, because my trusts are real, they are in precious metals, and not in any banks not serving the system at this time.

The funds from my trusts will be generated almost entirely off the sales of precious metals to the true treasury banks, and in this little report today, I will not, for security reasons, elicit more on the details. The rising gold prices are not from the national treasuries acquiring gold for the new banking system. This market is totally related to certain ones wishing to acquire a strong back up to their own wealth. When the banking changeover occurs, the buying of precious metals will not be by these nefarious investors, and the price of gold is going to drop substantially and this wealth resource will not serve the ones who are driving up the cost right now.


When funds are released that are referred to as the prosperity funds, they will be released in precious metal backed real, not fiat money. All this being bantered about right now is still about fiat money. I am not going to gift the planet with fiat money. End of story. And the forces of light will win this one, because every single attempt at deception is being countered by my forces. And so be it.


Is Candace peddling disinformation, or are the folks she's referring to?

Candace mentions Leo Wanta in this same article,

There will be no Wanta payment, nor any of the other “payments” until the commercial private banking system is no more as understood today...

Wanta will not get his monies until the global treasury systems are in place, and neither will a single other person get any sort of delivery. Stop following and giving energy to this that is being played out before your eyes. Again, NO “packies” are coming to anyone, period. Wanta will receive his funds in real precious metal backed money and not in digital Federal Reserve Notes.


All in all, Candace seems a little irritated...Or is it St. Germain?

There is so much information available on NESARA, and with the St. Germain and Leo Wanta story, as well as all of these conflicting reports on the status of this program, that it's virtually impossible to follow, or maintain any interest in. This program has been talked to death for years. For more on the Leo Wanta story you can find it here -- The top couple of articles at the above link seem to indicate a fair amount of behind the scenes turmoil occurring at the highest levels...But is it real?

The reason I mentioned NESARA in the first place is that TD talks about the abolishment of the debt-based currency system, the release of suppressed advanced technology, disclosure of benevolent ET contact, etc., as all being part of the same process. This seems to be a theme shared by many others, just with different wording, and views as to how it will all unfold. The centerpiece of Ron Paul's political campaign seemed to focus on abolishing the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax, so these items, as well as the potentially imminent disclosure and technology issues are very real.

I'm also reporting on NESARA as there may or may not be a development worth reporting, which seems to directly contradict what Candace shares above (are you bonkers yet?). Someone calling himself "banker" has recently opened a thread on GLP entitled, "There Really Could Be Something To This NESARA Rumour After All", and says the following,

User ID: 372818
2/13/2008 2:05 PM

I always thought it was BS, a pipe dream, a disinfo Circus...
But maybe i was wrong all along.
There have been so many meetings of the Big Bosses today, there is definitely something in the works for tomorrow.
I have never heard NESARA used by Colleagues... Until Today!


Another individual, as well, has just opened a thread at GLP on this same subject entitled, "NESARA ANNOUNCEMENT THURSDAY", saying,

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 358553
2/13/2008 12:51 AM



Finally, in the largest thread at GLP on the subject, "Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates", a poster calling herself "Kat Mama" shares the following from "Casper", one of the folks reporting on this ongoing saga,

Apparently, things are still forging ahead. No more sabotage:

Casper 2-13-08

"If not tonight, tomorrow.

The D.C. pks are on the move."

casper 2-13-08

"I's imagine we'll be getting an update from Story sometime around midnight. Unless he can't......"


Regardless what happens tomorrow or next week, it's clear that we are going to see the dissolution of all of the failing systems, and an emergence of a completely new world.

Now onto my next post and some information I ran across on First Contact scenarios, which is also related...It's all related...

This is the last time I will speak of NESARA unless something actually happens...

Moving on...

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 12:04 AM
Continued from above...

UFO/ET Disclosure.

Just a disclosure article I came across, and some information Sheldon Nidle.

In an article dated February 12, 2008, entitled "Source at U.N. tells of secret UFO meeting February 12, 2008", Michael E. Salla from shares an email he received recently about UFO talks at the U.N.. Here is his preface,

I received the following email from two trusted colleagues (Clay and Shawn Pickering) regarding a reliable source informing them that a secret meeting occurred yesterday morning (Feb 12) at the New York office of the United Nations concerning the recent spate of UFO sightings. It appears that a number of nation states are concerned about the impact of increased UFO sightings and wish to be briefed about what is happening.

Their source, who currently works in the diplomatic corps, had to travel for an early morning off the record meeting at the UN. Their source revealed that a secret UFO working group exists that is authorizing the release of such information to the public, in an effort to acclimate others to what is about to unfold. A date of 2013 was given as the time for official disclosure and/or when extraterrestrials show up in an unambiguous way. In the interim there will be acclimation related releases of information. Importantly, the source revealed that the events leading up to official disclosure will involve more ethically oriented extraterrestrials, and they will not pose a military threat to the world.


And a couple of items included in the email,

----- Original Message ----
From: Clayton Pickering
To: Michael Salla
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 9:47:00 AM
Subject: Source at U.N. tells of secret UFO meeting February 12, 2008

Dear Mike,

Shawn and I met with our source who currently works ... [in the Diplomatic Corps]. We had discussed various topics when the Stephenville and O'Hare UFO's cases were brought up. Shawn, actually, brought up the cases--"what's the deal with these incidents? Why is Stephenville getting so much press? "...etc...etc. Our source did not answer the questions immediately and other topics were discussed. About 5 minutes later, our source said to us, "Notice I did not answer your UFO questions."

Shawn stated to him that we felt he wasn't interested in answering. Our source stated, "not at all." He took a breath and responded, "Unfortunately I can't go into it, but getting up tomorrow (February 12) at 6 AM to attend a briefing at the UN at 8AM is highly unusual. I (Clay) asked, "Does the briefing tomorrow have anything to do with these UFO incidents?" Our source said he could neither confirm nor deny, hint, hint. He stated that an 8AM briefing simply did not happen, unless these was a pressing need.


This article is also published at

The word Disclosure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Primarily because Disclosure will not occur via any Earth based institution unless forced to do so; which is just what it seems is occurring here.

I'm waiting for full Disclosure, and I am pretty sure that we're not going to get it until the ships land. However, if these talks are legit, then we're at least heading in the right direction...

I also wanted to share an excerpt from Sheldon Nidle's Landings 101 DVD that is now available on Youtube. Here is a LINK to a five minute excerpt from that DVD. What's interesting is that the Youtube video is titled, "Landings 101 - Pre-Landing Scenarios (Ron Paul Government)". The pieces are starting to fit, whether it was intended or not...

The video clip includes some of the following information:

1) What you need to know to prepare you for the landings
2) The landings will be like a divine vision
3) The ships have holographic windows
4) The ships will appear all at once
5) Pre-Landing Scenarios
6) Opening Announcements
7) Landing Logistics
8) Your Role in the First Contact Operation
9) Giving You Galactic Federation Technology
10) Trips to the Ships
11) The Ummac Dan Explained
12) Introducing The Galactic Federation

TD has already shared just about everything in the above list from his own experiences as being part of our near future.

You can also find an audio interview with Sheldon HERE.

I think hearing Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, both sitting Congressman, talk about impeachment, and hearing Ron Paul talk about abolishing the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax as part of his presidential campaign brought the reality, and the possibility of these things really coming to pass home for me.

NESARA is completely plausible, and definitely would be preferable as a precious metals backed program rather than what we're dealing with now. And this sort of currency system is something Ron Paul was championing.

It's all a sign of the times. And the times they are a changin'...What was once seemingly impossible is quickly becoming possible...

The truth about suppressed technology and scientific theories is something that will also surface - it is surfacing - with the rest of this stuff...It's all related...

The writing is on the wall...

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 09:16 AM
hi, just joined in this forum because I was reading this thread last night & found it kind of a funny but also liked the “positive” (how the future will be great for everyone) attitude of the alleged time traveler . Because thread is so long I have not read all the post, only something like 18 to 20 first pages. Here are couple of questions:

1.Time traveler erased his memory for some reason but yet he seems to remember loads of stuff from past & future, why is that?

2.who are these controllers who now run the world?

Also about GLP:s NESARA & Wanta threads, they are total bollocks just like those Zetas & galactic federation threads.

I remember I had couple of good questions at last night but I was too tired to join in ATS & now can't remember those questions anymore!

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 10:22 AM
times they are a changing is right OTD, amazing some of the stuff you have provided with us. I am glad not everyone doesn't believe in this NESARA stuff. I for one hope those sources are accurate because then like you said we are heading in the right directions.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 10:58 AM
I don't know if anyone had posted this. A true time traveler is not going tell anyone that they are a time traveler.

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posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 12:11 PM
OTD, what would you imagine the world to look like, if you could re-create earth with a single thought. I created a thread called "Imagine all the people". It is a thread about creativity, about Imagination. Sorry to hijack the thread but i would love to here your view on this type of subject. Whether it be you would put Flying homes, or have no government. Just state it in the thread if you are interested. I would love to hear what TD has to say to.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 03:03 PM
You people are mad, MAD I say!!

Hi, darcon, Cyber_Wasp, win 52, TD, ATSGUY, midniteracerx, dk3000, raivo, kennethmd, SolPower, acegotflows, Rapax (You rock on with your volunteering self!! Thanks!!), sputniksteve(!!), and...You know...!!

To all of the folks who have put their lives on the line, who have decided to risk life and limb (probably to lose both), to suffer immense heartache, pain, loss and sacrifice, and to face immense darkness and doubt - those who have decided to volunteer, thank you!! You probably won't last more than a day, but it will all be worth it...Somehow...KIDDING!!

You're safe now, and you will be if you end up meeting the recruiter and hitting the streets haha If you decide not to follow that guy into the portal, I'll try to make sure you leave with a nice keepsake. Promise you won't go away empty handed haha

darcon, thanks for the links!! And I'll take a look at your other thread. I'll be honest, until I got into these conversations with TD over a year ago, I hadn't thought about how the future could look. I'd be happy to share any thoughts in that thread. People have been too locked into our current structure.

Too many people haven't lifted their eyes above the grind we find ourselves in to even consider that life could be different. For over a year now my mind, and my vision of the future has completely blossomed. I realized at some point that all of this begins with a thought; with imagination, and hope. It evolves into a dialog; and from that dialog - a collaborative process - it continues to evolve until these ideas begin to manifest in some form. It's as easy as that. But it has to start somewhere, and if your mindset refuses to allow these ideas a place to begin you will never get there.

Fortunately, our society(ies) is already at a place where these ideas are manifesting; they have become physical. It's a stage before the emergence of these things as reality. It's a fire, burning out of control. This is why even if some of this NESARA stuff falls flat, or doesn't materialize, the ideas are there.

The fact that we're even this involved in these discussions means these ideas are trying to be born; to manifest in our society. The mere presence of these discussions indicates the path we have chosen, so I'm not so concerned. Ron Paul is an excellent mouth piece for the forces that are trying to find a voice. They will find a voice, because it is the universe itself asking to be heard.

Hi, dk3000!! Excellent to see a new poster!! You asked,

Originally posted by dk3000

I would probably ask if there was universal justice, karma.

I forgot to send this to TD. I know he's reading this thread regularly, so I'm hoping he'll see it and respond. My response from what I've learned from TD and from my own research is that this is self-evident. There is.

Now, what form that "return" takes is anyone's guess. It just may not be "justice" as we understand it in a strictly legal, terrestrial sense...Just as the universe is infinite, so should be the ramifications of one's actions...

I know from TD (and others) that there is some very swift, and very down to earth justice coming for folks who have decided to exploit and harm their fellow beings. Just as there are beings who would exploit and harm others for their own benefit, there are also beings who have decided to effect a reckoning for these folks. Sometimes it's a two way street...

If TD shoots a response I'll post it. Hi, TD!!

Hey, ATSGUY!! You said,

Originally posted by ATSGUY

I dont want to be a di%% or doom mongere but lately there has been talk about Russia and nuclear weapons. There seem to be allot of tension between us and Russia now. Also they just announced an new nuclear arms race, and i dunno it just seems like everyone just wants to be trigger happy and make the first move.

Be not concerned. Detach from the show. If a bomb is going to go off what is the use worrying about it? However, it has been made clear that this will not be allowed to happen. Those days have passed. The show that is being put on is being put on by the same folks who have wreaked havoc for the past who knows how long. On a personal note, you really have to ask yourself what threat the U.S. poses to anyone, or anyone to the U.S. It's all posturing and it is part of the "show".

The powers that be are grasping at straws. They have taken the worst case scenarios and trumped them up, only to have it blow up in their face. Remember the report that completely took the wind out of Bush's sails with regard to WMDs in Iran? A story came out that they hadn't been developing these weapons for at least a decade. There was no intelligence to support this axis of evil program that the administration had created. It was a joke. It's all a paper tiger and should be treated as such. Leave it be and place your mind on higher things.

Wassup, kennethmd!! You said,

Originally posted by kennethmd

A true time traveler is not going tell anyone that they are a time traveler.

This is an honest question, Why do you believe that to be the case? I don't necessarily disagree, but wonder how you came to that conclusion.

Hazzah, raivo!! I sent your questions to TD. Give him something to do ahaha (I'm kidding). You also said,

Originally posted by raivo

Also about GLP:s NESARA & Wanta threads, they are total bollocks just like those Zetas & galactic federation threads.

Here's the thing about all of that stuff, these folks are saying the same thing, but many have details that are specific to their own story (i.e., certain aspects aren't corroborated by other sources), and they are using different terminology (albeit, they are referring to, in essence, the same things).

With items that match up with the source that, in particular, we've shared here, the differences often seem to simply be a matter of semantics.

With the NESARA stuff, however, the issue becomes even more confused, because several different individuals/groups have latched on to this subject and ran with it.

If you understood the Federal Reserve, how our currency/financial system is structured, who's running things, and something about the Income Tax, then you can see how NESARA is a pretty sound response to the troubles we've found ourselves in of late. The financial crisis seems to be more about the system of currency, and our debt-based system - and less about problems with risky home loans.

Listen to Ron Paul debate with Ben Bernanke a little bit, and hear him out on some of his campaign issues and you'll begin to understand that he is essentially suggesting taking measures tantamount to what NESARA sets out to do. This is partly why I'm not done listening to what Casper, Poof, Story and others have to say...

This is actually, primarily why I came on to post just now. I was done talking about NESARA, but someone I hadn't heard from in a while, someone whom I find very level-headed and "together", sent me a message, suggesting I don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Here is what they shared,

saw you mention NESARA in your thread. i came across this website a while back. i thought you might be interested in it. it explains some of what has been going on with this whole nesara stuff.


The real NESARA

i think the real NESARA sounds more interesting than the Candace version.

He also included a quote from the website above,

After many years of personal study, Dr. Barnard developed a new theory of money. His NESARA legislative proposal began as a formal idea in the late 1980s. The current NESARA proposal saw first light in the early 1990s as a proposal for monetary policy reform. Later Dr. Barnard added his proposals for fiscal policy reform.


Shortly after introducing NESARA to the world wide web, certain people latched onto the NESARA idea and began promoting a different version of this story.


For me, it's not implausible that something like NESARA could be in the works; but the question becomes, Which version of NESARA is the real deal? People are so frustrated from what appear to be several versions of this program that anyone mentioning this program is met with a hostile response. ahah Don't blame them...

There is, in my estimation, some credibility to the stories, and certainly to the eventuality of our system changing to a more people-friendly system. It's just a matter of how and when.

In any event, I responded in my message back to my friend that regardless, when these things come to pass, we won't need to strain ourselves trying to separate fact from fiction anymore...

I want to make it known that this person who sent me the message didn't hesitate to, in the beginning, take issue with the fact that I was defending someone making claims as outrageous as TD was. This person was not only not on the fence about it, but was arguing for reason without using kid gloves.ahaha I'm fine with that.

This was the first I'd heard from this individual in a long while, so it was good to hear from them. And now it was his turn to advocate for something I wasn't completely on board with yet...At least in the manner in which it was being presented...

We still have a lot to learn...

Thank you for the message!!

Let's see where this party's headed...

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 03:23 PM
Thanx for the Response and trying to clear some of the NESARA stuff up. Like you said it is met with hostility if anyone mentions the name, Alas it is what people think, and i am sure in due time things will be in our court.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 03:30 PM
i would ask mr do i build a time machine?

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 03:33 PM
They just not going to tell anyone. I'm not going to say there is no such thing as time travelers. I strongly believe that they were involve with 911. Were there any bodies retrieve from those planes?

[edit on 14-2-2008 by kennethmd]

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 03:41 PM
OTD, we covered the NESARA scam pages ago. For those of you even considering the possibility that it exists, I give you the following

quatloos has a fine history of debunking scams of this kind.

It's a scam. There is no NESARA.

Back to your time tripping adventures to the imaginary IRS office in Montauk

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 04:45 PM
It may be true, but it may be DISINFO. Like i said earlier time shall tell. Even though time doesn't exist

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 06:49 PM
Hello Friends,
I just wanted to let you guys know it's really me, "timedrifter", I been laying low as spaceranger and I think the time is right to let the truth be known about this at hand.

If I am not banned again after this, I will try to answer the questions directly from here, onthedeck has been doing awesome here and I would like to lighten his load I guess.

but I think as far as I can tell I have covered quite a bit of my story and there is not much left to it.

I just wanted to thank all those who participated thus far and continue to, you people rock!

and for crakuer, the IRS office was in boundbrook I believe, I finally got it clarifed, haha

anyway, I will start going back to see if there were questions I missed.

keep on rockin peoples!!

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