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Proof Positive of Alien Comms

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posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:10 PM
I won't answer these questions and recommend that NO ONE does either:

1) What is your given birth name.

2) Enter your birth date using MM/DD/YYYY format

Sorry but identity theft is a big thing online right now. Just read the papers. I also recommend that NO ONE divulge this type of info via PM, u2u or any other means.

The other questions I have no problem with.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:13 PM
I guess I just dont understand this...

What is the purpose of needing all of the personal information?

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:16 PM
I just don't agree with this. I agree with Intrepid. It also looks like the information is copied from somewhere.....

Hmm, at first I was a believer in AA. Now its hard to decide. The only reason I put faith in him is because the technique works. I trust Probed much more.....

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:21 PM
is correct if you don’t feel comfortable then do the following for questions 1 and 2

If your name is John Smith then do this


Give me a string of characters the letters of you name in there with no specific order.

For questions 2 do the same…. If your birthday is 12/23/1970

Do this 2343249021308420437 where your birthday characters are embedded in the information again in no specific order.

But the correct information needs to be embedded.

Hank I will explain when the results are presented, it has to do with Unique identifiers to the individual.


posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:28 PM
Fine I'll do it. But do I put in my birthparents last name? Or the parents that adopted me?

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:32 PM
I've seen almost all of these "questions" in reference to any number of metaphysical disciplines.
Every time I see them, they are intended to discern how best to "focus" your "internal powers".
I have not, however, seen any references to aliens associated with them.

Perhaps, considering the sheep-like faith required to make contact, instead of calling them "greys" or "grays", they should be called "graze"

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:32 PM
I'm closing this thread pending staff looking at it.

It can be easily reopened.

Guys, don't answer those first 2 questions, in any manner. Please.

[edit on 24-11-2006 by intrepid]

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