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A City on Mars?

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posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 08:44 AM
On Mars what you think and see is isn't and what you think and see isn't is. No proper grammer intended only deep thought.

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 09:38 AM
Mikesingh, thanks for the pic, I have scanned the poles missed this one. Yes of course this is from intelligent design. Bottom left corner of photo, this is a manufactured unit or structure. Appears to be metallic in nature notice the smooth lines and rounded oval design two frontal portals what I would call windows or viewing portals each rectangular. The oval structure has a dark square cover on top shifted 90 degrees. Now your asking what is this structure and what is it used for today. This is newer design and my guess is it's either quarters, viewing tower, or sentry robot. Like I said only a guess some will think it is a craft. Make no mistake the Martonians have robots or cieborgs. This was evident in a Viking photo and in a Pathfinder Sojourner photo. Good robot bad robot I think both. I will scan further and give you more details on what I think I see in this pic when I have more time. Rik

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by Cruizer
As you say ArMaP the origin of images is the ongoing problem with the internet.

It either comes from a official source with a official link or it does not; i don't understand the problem you are having?

We see things with uncertain pedigrees and no sources all the time. To get excited is premature for me as well. Think about it. The web is the biggest hoax-a-thon in history.

On the web the discovery of truth is far easier than it has ever been in human history. If you do not understand that most of the hoaxes online are still being constructed by popular media outlets that just shows where you stand on issue concerning truth.

Where else and when else have con artists, scam artists, hoaxters, virus spreaders and just plain mean-spirited people had such a global forum?

The popular media outlets of the west/east recruit these people in far greater numbers than any agency ( beside the same media outlets) on the Internet will ever manage so once again i can but wonder about your claims.

Doesn't mean the possibility does not exist. I just mean in this particular instance I'm not personally convinced.

There are artificial structures on Mars ( meaning something or someone built it ) and if your not yet convinced that's a personal choice independent of what observation shows.

Stellar x what is you problem?

You and what you mostly say...

I am weary of your ongoing personal attacks on me and derogatory remarks. I am not required to argue with you, present evidence or jump through any hoops you so imagine.

I am weary of all the things you spread as truth which i have proven are not so at all. You do not address those who disagree and simply go on telling us what ' you believe' which i honestly do care much for considering the beliefs you seem to hold. You may not be required to argue with me but since when do people go around telling others what to believe while strictly avoiding any factual based defense of it? If you do not want to present evidence that is fine but when i happen to come across things i disagree with ( it's not that i find you interesting enough to follow around btw) i will present some actual facts so people may not get the impression that everything you say has to do with reality....

It's obvious you are unable to segregate another thread under another topic from your hatred for me by bringing it up here! That is unfortunate.

It is unfortunate that you consider each thread a independent reality where you can say what you like without some discovering you apparent aim.... I don't hate anyone here and even if i wanted to i have no idea where i would get the time or energy from. I find that constructive engagement is usually enough to make the hot air emanating from so many on this forum rise out of forum sight.

If it was your intention to prove the professional combat aviation writer wrong about the other subject sadly you offered no evidence to the contrary. And why publicize that in this thread?

It was not my intention to prove a 'professional combat aviation writer' wrong about every thing he has ever said but to point out mistakes that you clearly made when it came to knowledge about the Mig-25 and general Soviet strategic doctrine. There is a great deal to know on most topics and if your aviation knowledge on the Mig-25 is not complete ( which was readily obvious in my opinion) that should not have been a problem at all. What you did in a effort to hide or dismiss evidence of your limited knowledge on that topic is far more damaging to your credibility than any facts you might not have known about or were badly informed about. We all make mistakes but not everyone chooses to deny reality in defense of their ego's and self assumed 'stature'.

If you are unable to control your obviously intense hatred for me and must incessently, maliciously verbally attack me please do not expect me to ever respond to you bullying on a public forum ever again for I will not be baited by you or anyone into arguring about such trivial subjects. For me this ends now.

It's strange that being shown some evidence of a alternative reality is considered a ' maliciously verbal attack' where you come from and i am surprised that you think this type of logic might be effective on a public forum. As always i think such type of attacks are quite nonconstructive and that presenting reality is far more damaging to the type's of options and facts you will be presenting during your stay here. If you stick to reality i will never again have reason to speak to you which i must admit to being my first choice...

Mods- sorry to post this here but I didn't wish to PM this chap and receive the expected string of filthy verbal responses.

Well you clearly do not know anything about me and i am surprised you still spend time on forums where people engage in that kind of activity; it's so retro and does not say much for your choice in discussion partners...


posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 01:27 PM

On Mars what you think and see is isn't and what you think and see isn't is. No proper grammer intended only deep thought.

Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 07:14 PM
I feel sad for you that you find it necessary to continue the tirade. I told you I will no longer respond to your nonsensical denegrations and petty agruements. I'm certain you will find it bolstering to your ego to have the final word so go right ahead. Adios.

Edited personal attack

You have a U2U

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posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 12:26 PM
If you knew waring neighbors had nuclear weapons in this solar system and were starting to venture out into space and are sending probes, robots and satellites into your neighborhood. What would you do if you had the technology? Stealth of course, the Martonians understand nuclear war better than we Earthlings. No matter how bad you imagine a nuclear war to be multiply it by 100. When I was a child my Dad, before he passed on would bring home 16mm movies of nuclear blasts and there effects on buildings, ships, aircraft, vehicles, humans, animals, manikins etc. He volunteered his time with the Civil Defense of Ohio and had to be prepared for nuclear attack. He would never never let me watch the movie since I was but a child, but little young me would peek around the corner unknown to my Dad to see the devastation on the screen. Needless to say I had nightmares over and over again of a nuclear war in America. It was though I was really there watching city after city being hit, and watching the mushroom clouds as each city and citisens were incinerated, but I could not do a damned thing about it but cry. I over heard my dad talking to a Civil Defense volunteer and I will never forget. He said the important government officials would go into underground intallations or safe havens in case of an attack , but we citisens would be left to fend for ourselves. Isn't that great.

[edit on 28-10-2006 by rikriley]

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 08:27 PM
These 3 blocks are difinitely created by intelligent life same design, shape and pattern. The space between each block is equal distance and in perfect alignment to the Nth degree. Meaning 99% chance that it did not happened by accident or nature on Mars.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 11:19 PM
which three blocks
i don't see a link that works anywhere

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 12:09 AM
This is what I have learned scanning Mars, the Martonians have a different mind set then we Earthlings. Why wouldn't they have, their from a different planet. I will get into discribing what I think about that later first things first. Upper left hand corner of small Mars South Pole pic. You will see a large black numerial 5 very top upper left hand corner. Below the numeral 5 you will see a statue of a childs face gray in color side view looking right, by the way I think it was intentionally placed there to disguise the face. At the bottom part of the numeral 5 where it curves, it is lighter in color you will see the eyes of the Martonian humanoid child and nose, and below the childs face is a backward blocked black E. Say that 3 times in a row ha ha. In other words the childs face is between the 5 and the backward E. I have seen this exact child statue somewhere else on Mars hopefully I will remember where to varify. Again you will not see the face at first glance adjust your eyes and then you will see the statue, be patient. I will make an announcement about this photo that will rock the world and will be very contraversal give me a few days to release my findings. I have painted over 50 paintings of Mars statues, monuments, life forms, objects and very few on this Earth have ever seen these paintings. By the way my paintings are not the major announcement. Rik

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 12:20 AM
The enlargement of the South Pole Pic about the blocks, you will find on page 3 A City on Mars. Rik

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 11:02 AM
Rik, I don't want to offend you, but you're making yourself ridiculous. I think you should stop looking at those pictures and instead do some research on how jpeg compression works and what compression artifacts are. So you stop confusing those compression artifacts with real structures.
here are some links for you:

P.S.: I didn't see any numbers or letters on any of the pictures. but if there are, then why do "the Martonians" use latin letters and arabic numerals?

[edit on 29-10-2006 by atomsk]

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:09 PM
Sure there is compression, I take into account for waki compression, sorry wiki compression. Very sorry you do not see the numeral 5 or the backward E. I am even more sorry you do not see the perfect statue of the child's face. Did you refract to get a better image? Did you use sucluded tunnel vision to get a better image? Did you filter out excessive internal and external background light? Thank you for your concern. P.S. You asked why do the Martonians use Latin letters and Arabic numerals? Ask them, and why not it is their planet not mine or yours to decide their numbering or lettering system. This may of come from Nasa or JPL I am only using these as references that are in the pic, and yes the numeral 5 diguises the face intentional or not. Rik

[edit on 29-10-2006 by rikriley]

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 09:50 PM
OK, Rik, I've managed to locate the figure '5'. I'm trying to do the same for the child's face.

But why on Earth are they making so many 'faces'? What are they suggesting? What is the significance? And these, needless to say, can only be visualised from way up.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 10:48 PM
Mikesingn, you are on to something I wondered when someone would ask this question. First things first the bottom end of the 5 crosses over the eyes of the face of the child statue the nose is right below the bottom of the 5. This is a tiny face but very recognizable. Most have not located the 5 you are way ahead of the game. Now about your question about all these faces. On Mars I discovered that Martonians use holograms and you read it right holograms. A way of storing history by images and a way of storing visual information either at ground zero or from satellite images. This my friend is what you call cracking the visual code on Mars. Martonians are a very advanced race of beings. That is why I make the statement on Mars what you think and see is isn't and what you think and see isn't is. From this day forward you will view Mars a different way. Contraversy we haven't seen nothing yet. Let the contraversy begin. Rik

[edit on 29-10-2006 by rikriley]

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 06:51 AM
I am going to tell you a true story. Years ago there once lived a man in Labelle, Fl. he owned a used book , nic nac, junk and army surplus store. I would visit this store ocassionally when passing thru Labelle, and one day I picked up a book on ufo's in his store. I asked him do you have any more books on the subject and he said, do I ever, follow me he said. I had someone with me at the time and he took us into a room with high ceilings and locked the door behind, now needless to say I did not know this guy this was scary. This guy preceded to tell us a story about how he was taken by alien spacecraft to Mars and shown under ground installations with both humanoids , greys and reptilians all working together. He said the humanoids were wearing what we would call military looking uniforms with the same emblem. I am thinking this guy is wacky get me out of here. Then he showed us this incredible library of documents and books about ufo's, stuff you would dream about getting this library contained book shelfs 10 feet high. He talked for some time and said that he did not exspect to be around on this Earth much longer because he knew too much. I asked what do you mean, he said the powers to be wanted him dead. I am thinking this guy is looney. He let me borrow one of his books I tried to return it to him but each time his store was closed. I later found out he had died. P.S. about 5 years ago I told this story to a friend and she said she used to buy used books and resale them from him. She also varified his existance and his obsession with ufos. Rik

[edit on 30-10-2006 by rikriley]

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 08:18 PM
That's interesting! Where is that book you borrowed and couldn't return? What does it say that we don't know already? Any photographs? Revelations? What are the 'Greys' 'Reptilians' and 'Humanoids' doing together on Mars? And what is their agenda on Earth?

Hell! How come all this is being kept secret from us? The moot question is..


posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 10:36 PM
I saw some pictures of these alleged moon bases straight of some .mil site, and they certainly edited out something. But why put them on public display, surely that would make people question these images. Well the images I saw were certainly not jpeg or resampling artifacts, these were blurred beyond recognition, doctored on purpose to hide 'something'.

Had a look for them, found them here:

But you can see them straight off the site too, and they are edited the all same.

Some type of structure that has been edited, but why edit it? I do not think this is a camera anomaly or compression error!

Looks very much like a blur effect.

What could this be? I have no idea. Why edit it? I am doubting this is lgm or et but there has to be an explaination and I am not buying compression error.

[edit on 30-10-2006 by Insolubrious]

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 11:26 PM
The book he let me borrow was The Montauk Project Experiment in time by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon. You ask, why is everything secret and kept from us the public? Let me give you a make believe scenario. Lets say you as a parallel government were given the chance to go to Mars and you agree to send a secret human team from Earth to an underground installation inhabited by all kinds of Aliens, not from this Earth. The Aliens are willing to give you technology, cloning information and military secrets in exchange for you letting them, the Aliens, have free rein on this Earth without interference. The parallel government would be aiding the Aliens by covering up their existence. You may ask, are you saying let the Aliens call the shots and run everything on Earth subvertly with out the public knowing? You are probably saying, I do not think so it sounds too much like a bad movie or book you have read, remember this is only make believe. What if we had no choice, either the Aliens take over now or slowly blend in by manipulating our DNA. People and governments have been sold out for wealth, money, Power, land, things and in this scenerio technology. Now, I am not saying this is happening it is only make believe and surely our politicians would never sell us out, but this could be one of many scenerios, again make believe. What if some of the politicians in this scenerio were the Aliens in disguise and running the show. Again this is only a scenario, make believe and would never happen, surely not. G-5 moved Rik

[edit on 30-10-2006 by rikriley]

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 11:43 PM
Nothing to hide. They spilled coffee on the photos ha ha. There is nothing to hide there was a glitch in transmission of photos nothing out of the ordinary. ha ha That waki compression, I mean wiki compression. ha ha

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by Insolubrious
But you can see them straight off the site too, and they are edited the all same.

You may be interested in seeing the same areas with the new version of the viewer, here.

Click the almost invisible "Tool Panels" on the top left of the page and insert the following values:

For the first image of the site you posted -
        Scale: 1 pixel = 800 meters
        Latitude: 68
        Longitude: 16

For the second image -
        Scale: 1 pixel = 800 meters
        Latitude: 68
        Longitude: -168

For the third image -
        Scale: 1 pixel = 800 meters
        Latitude: -70
        Longitude: -137

For the fourth image -
        Scale: 1 pixel = 800 meters
        Latitude: -72
        Longitude: -108

Sometimes the page has a strange behaviour, but as you can see the images in this version of the viewer are the same but without the "blurred" areas.

If there is a conspiracy in the "Clementine" mission, then it is a big conspiracy, because it was a mission with the collaboration of the CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales - National centre of space studies (France)) who made the image compression system and ACT (Applied Coherent Technology) who made the front end for the image processing, and if a private US company that usually works for the US government and for NATO can easily be seen entering such a conspiracy, I don't see a French government agency as a co-conspirator.

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