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So when does the chit-chat start? Right now!

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 09:32 PM

My award winning role as the scumbag with the stupid hat.

Scumbag dead guys that don't have enough sense to lay down

"Blood Brothers" oscar performance of creepy old homeless scumbag.

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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:08 PM
Wow! I didn't know Lounge Noir was the site of this year's Scumbag Convention. Well, just because I didn't attend doesn't mean that I'm not one, I'll have you know!

Hey, whaaa, you're welcome about the monetary donations, but it seems a little strange that you bought more medicine than car parts. I guess duct tape and wire don't cost all that much.

You know, whaaa, if you get that van up and running, and you go into the mobile tattoo business, then you can call your van the Ink You Bus.

MrD and I have been out in the Mojave. We ended up with our cell phone having a melt down, or rather a fry up, and so we had no phone or internet for days.... I think next time, I'd rather go without water.... but we survived, and now I'm home, still without my internet and borrowing MrD's.

We saw some neat military jets flying overhead, doing what jets do (including frightening the cat with sonic booms and screeching close flyovers), but around St. Patrick's day I swear I spotted the NASA U2 flying maybe a course to sniff the atmosphere high above So Cal for radiation. If they weren't, then they should have been!

Well, I won't bore you with the details about how we were a few days without cell phone, internet, or charged truck batteries. We did have corned beef and cabbage, however!

Damn, I can't complain, though, considering what Japan is going through! I'm going to count my blessings, which include Lounge Noir and all the great people that hang out here.

Jeeves, do we have any of that Mojave Red beer on tap? Si? Por favor then!

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 12:52 PM
Finally! Eureka! I have found the other portal into Lounge Noir! After weeks without internet of my own, I am now here. An internet connection of her own. Yes.

Ok. So, whaaa, how's livin' the dream comin' along. You know, I absent balloted you Most Handsome Scumbag, Most Interesting Scumbag, and Most Talented Scumbag at the convention. Any idea what the awards were?

Seriously, whaaa, you are an inspiration. May every person live their dream.

Oh, I almost forgot why I'm here today....besides the food and drink...I wanted to share a story of something that happened recently. One of my sisters had another dream of our deceased sister, here on out known as DS. She said that during the dream our DS turned around to talk to people in back of her. She could hear our DS say a word, the name of an obscure, by today's way of life, object. When my sister shared the dream with our nephew, he was really surprised and shocked. He said that no one had known, but his mother had given him this object; no one else in the family even knew about this object. He said that he had placed it next to her picture in a personal commemoration of her birthday. I told my sister that she had relayed to our nephew a message from his mother.

Well, I think I'll just take the buffet plate out to the veranda and enjoy the Spring day.
Ciao for now.
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posted on May, 1 2011 @ 11:09 PM
Jeeves, find our bottle of Absinthe! I've grabbed the bottle of Tabasco Sauce from the buffet table.

Ok, round of Osama Bin Laden cocktails to celebrate....oh, hell, make it as much as you want. Let's celebrate the occasion.

And, Jeeves, break open the case of Easy Cheese. Here're some Saltines also from the buffet table. We sure know how to celebrate here. We're still a classy joint.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by desert

hey desert!

about that might not be so much absinthe anymore as it is Scope

but I'm sure we can still dress it up a little - and everything goes well with a nice canned cheese

yes, only the best at Lounge Noir

or maybe just the best solution :-)

nice to see you again - I missed this place

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Spiramirabilis

And we missed you. I haven't been around much as I have been needing my fair share of abuse over in the political mud pit. Also now that the weather has sort of warmed up In Plain Sight and Breaking Bad are using us. Plus lots of indy work [on a contingency basis] for pilots, student films, festival submissions.
Our latest effort for Luna fest, a doc. on some friends by our prod. co. Five OH Five productions LLC


posted on May, 3 2011 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by whaaa


spring having sprung really changes everything - doesn't it?

good to see you're so busy - and at the things you love

as desert said - somewhere up above - may we all be fortunate enough to do what we love - and live the dream

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 09:38 AM
Spira! Yay!....Jeeves, quickly! Find that special Waterford crystal sherry bottle. If Spira brought her sherry with her, the least we can do is pour it into a fine bottle. And see if we have anymore of those fancy acrylic sherry glasses...yes, two.

I know, Spira, whaaa sure has been very busy on a variety of projects. It's a good thing there's a place like this to hang out and catch up on news. Here, let me pour you a nice full glass of sherry. ....The last time I did that, you sure told us a lot of interesting news about you.

Well, MrD and I did spend Easter in the desert. Because of all the rain this year, we could look out at a field of green groundcover with healthy, green bushes all over. Taking walks was like walking in a park. We did see a large desert tortoise. Oh, and the sheep and sheepherders are back! Nothing like waking up at sunrise and walking outside to hear the distant baaing and bleating. Ah, but I wax pastoral.

See ya'll later. ....Yes, Jeeves, I promise to return my fancy acrylic sherry glass.

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 11:44 AM
Hey.....hey!.....I'm still here! And Lounge Noir is still here! And Jeeves is still here! .....Jeeves, mix me up some kind of After-the-Rapture drink, please. I'm thirsty.....oh, there was no end of the world? No one here left for heaven? whaaa, Spira, TMB, everyone else are still here? I thought maybe I'ld have to get me some new friends. Sweet!

Yes, Jeeves, that is all some good news. Oh, I agree the bad news is that we all still owe on our tabs. But, you know, Jeeves, why should we pay our tabs if the world's really gonna end next year?....oh, I see. We're down to a case of sherry and a case of Mountain Dew, and the buffet has had leftovers of leftovers this week..... Yes, you're right, no one's gonna come in and multiply our loaves and fishes. We got loaves and fishes left? Sweet! I'll have some sherry with a tuna sandwhich.

Say, did I mention that MrD ans I saw our first chuckwalla a couple months ago? I had seen pictures of them, hoping to be able to identify one when we did come across one. Trouble is I never noted their size. So when we saw this gigantic lizard run across our path, I first thought, "Whose pet iguana escaped?" My second thought was, "What's a Gila Monster doing here?" My third thought was, "I wonder if I roasted it over a campfire if it would taste for chicken?"....the desert sure can produce some strange thoughts.

Well, glad to know you all are still around and didn't get all raptured up. Now, about settling those tabs so we can continue to eat and drink....we don't have a problem being merry, but I still wouldn't mind eating and drinking here....

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by desert

I'm still here! I was getting a little shut eye in the van. Jeeves, could I get a plate of chicken tacos por favor.
Anyone else want anything? Nothing's to good for my friends!!!

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by desert

I'm still here - I was in the bunker guarding the sherry

guarding what's left of the sherry


who's left standing then? seriously, it does not surprise me that this rabble that calls Lounge Noir home was not taken up, up and away...

praise the Lord and pass the sherry - the gang's all here :-)

even Jeeves - and I had my money on him being in first class

Jeeves - please make my fajitas tempeh

salutations y'all

P.S. desert - I had started to comment on your chuckwallas a ways back - started me looking for pics of the yellow spotted lizard from Holes - which lead to looking for something else, and well...

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posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 02:09 PM
guys - today is the 4th

does Jeeves get today off - or is this the day he has to sing 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'?

oh, I do hope it's not his day off
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posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 07:16 PM
Oh, Spira, your home video brings back wonderful memories of last year's LN 4th of July celebration. With Jeeve's lovely rendition of that holiday chestnut...what a dancer he is, too!...and you, me, and Whaaa in the background. Sigh...lovely memories, lovely memories...I think Jeeves is around today for this year's program. He always gets the 5th as his day off. Entertaining us can be exhausting. And we're all exhausted from our fifths on the 4th.

MrD and I just received word from our neighbor that dinner is ready, so gotta run for now. Be back later.

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 10:36 PM
whaaa, thanks for the offer, but I'm too full now to eat any more. We just made it back from a great potluck feast, like one that could be featured in Sunset magazine. Complete with local sourdough bread, barbecued tuna and bacon wrapped oysters, shrimp and scallop casserole and various tasty side dishes, all laid out upon the only holiday table cloth their puppy didn't tear up.

We're on the Oregon coast, bravely waiting in chilly, high winds for the firework show at dusk. We all figure in this much wind, if our local fireworks blow south, we'll see the fireworks blow by from the next town north of us.

Say, Spira, your seemingly chaotic, spiraling search for "chuckwalla"...having attention deficit disorder is not so bad sometimes is it? Leads one to some very interesting places, places others can't imagine. Why focus on one thing, when the world...nay, the Universe...presents us with infinite subjects. ...OTOH, did you ever find what a chuckwalla is?

Well, I hear some preshow fireworks being set off by the locals. God bless states and Indian Reservations that sell mortar fireworks! Let us all go now and celebrate the birthday of the United States of America. Or as Bachmann or Palin might say, the day our Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to write out the warning to the British that all fifty states would be from that day forward free, safe, and sane.

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by desert

...Leads one to some very interesting places, places others can't imagine. Why focus on one thing, when the world...nay, the Universe...presents us with infinite subjects. ...

just're so right desert - and this is something I wish I could's not the destination - it's the journey. Not many people have ever heard that before - I know :-)

The fact that I never get anywhere can be a little frustrating - but holy crap - the things I've seen - the things I've learned. Some of it is actually useful

OTOH, did you ever find what a chuckwalla is?

I did - very interesting - I love reptiles...and now I also know so much more about Shia LaBeouf than I might have otherwise known. I am truly blessed

Or as Bachmann or Palin might say, the day our Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to write out the warning to the British that all fifty states would be from that day forward free, safe, and sane.

Well - it's only polite after all - to give the British a heads up when it's time to let go of the dream

I love history. And those two have kept alive the very American dream that almost anyone can grow up to be president. Almost

hope you survived the mortar rounds and had a fabulous 4th. I'm still thinking about shrimp and scallop casserole...kiss your neighbors for me

hope you had a happy 4th as well whaaa - I was praying for rain - but I suppose I should stop now...

later all

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 08:58 PM
Jeeves, has Mister whaaa, been here today? He had an appointment with me. By the way, here's a rent check for that back private room. ....Yes, business has been good. Say, Jeeves, you don't happen to have that leather conditioner handy, do you? Thanks! I need to use some before whaaa shows up for his discipline appointment.

Yes, that really conditioned this leather. Like new! ....Oh, yeah, those leather book covers make any book look like a Pulitzer Prize best seller! I promised to read Sara and Bristol Palin's books to whaaa....Yes, Jeeves, I agree he does need a lot of discipline.

I hope whaaa is on time. I've got another client after his appointment. This one always wants to see the movie Conan the Barbarian, and then he has a scenario he wrote, where I play the part of a therapist and he's the client. ....Hmmmm, I just realized...Marvin Bachmann....ya don't suppose?...oh, well, seeing as I seem to be the only one around here making money for Lounge Noir...In fact, Jeeves, remember to not water down Spira's sherry this month...Yes, business has been good...

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 02:23 PM
Wow, usually there's a mysterious bad smell around here, but there's no mistaking this delicious familiar smell...kettlecorn!...Jeeves, I didn't know you could cook kettlecorn...I didn't even know we had a copper kettle here. Oh, yes, Jeeves, I agree, since its summer we should replace the usual bar popcorn with kettlecorn.

Speaking of summer, MrD and I had to find a specific downtown street near Seattle recently, while on the road again. I used my smartphone to locate an autoclub office, whereupon I turned back into an anachronism when I asked the young woman there for a map.

She was so nice not to comment, after I detected a millisecond of her disbelief that there were still people out there who used maps. I'm sure she knew very well how to use a navigation system but had to receive training in how to use a map and how to explain it to the anachronism that walked in off the street.

We were on a Seattle freeway when I unfolded my map. And that's where and when I discovered I was out of touch with current reality. Unlike our truck which is big enough to have a port and a starboard side, the rental car was, as is said of a small house, cozy. My map refused to stay on the passenger side, it refused to fold entirely out for fear of beating itself on the dash, and it refused to turn around, as there was limited space between me and the dash.

I also immediately felt embarrassed. I realized that, in this mecca of computer technology, I was no doubt the only soul trying to read a paper map! I might as well have had a clay tablet with cuneiform on my lap!

I began to muse about a young person's world nowadays without paper maps, relying solely on an electronic selection. Admittedly, edirections are wonderful, but emaps, they lack, well, everything a paper map has to offer to a young person to stir that sense of adventure.

I have spent many hours looking at maps, not for directions, but for hints of an old mine, an old landing field, a rock outcropping, an old railbed. One map atop a kitchen table poured over for even a half hour could provide days of exploration to satisfy the desire for adventure and exploration.

But I'm sure old sea captains at one time must have complained, too, about "new" maps. I can imagine even an old pirate cursing a map no longer inscribed with certain images.

Oh, did I find the place I was looking for in Seattle? After recklessly folding the map into some manageable size, whereupon I threw it to the floor, I followed the edirections I had copied from my laptop (note to self...order portable printer). We got so close, so close, driving until the edirections just didn't make sense without a map.

Yes, we got lost. But I used my smartphone to call my son, who talked us towards our destination. And soon there I was in the car, on the phone, waving madly to my son, who was standing a block away on the sidewalk, using his phone to guide us closer to our port of call.

Well, sigh, maybe adventures can still be found without paper maps, but they sure were fun to look at. Jeeves, a large bowl of, kettlecorn...por favor!

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 05:41 PM
uh oh, I'm late for my discipline session? And it's not like you can find a good dominatrix just everywhere these days, what with the economy the way it is. I once was a client of a Leather Kitten gone Bad...those were the days before the QOP and I decided to Hang out...get it, Hang out...

The new vernacular of the kids these days; I used to be so hip and now I need a hip replacement.

OK, ok....yes I'm writing for the Duke City Comedy League. You can catch us on My50, sat nites at midnight. I'm also 2ndAD...enjoy...or not!

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 08:56 AM
whaaa, you are so funny!....this time desert doesn't fall off her bar stool, not because she's afraid of breaking a hip but because stiletto heels are too costly to replace constantly ..whaaa, you're a writer, and so when I post at Lounge Noir, I'm writing to a writer. What if you were a mime? What would our posts look like then? Would that even be possible?

Jeeves, I need a strong brew to go, por favor.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by desert
whaaa, you are so funny!....this time desert doesn't fall off her bar stool, not because she's afraid of breaking a hip but because stiletto heels are too costly to replace constantly ..whaaa, you're a writer, and so when I post at Lounge Noir, I'm writing to a writer. What if you were a mime? What would our posts look like then? Would that even be possible?

Jeeves, I need a strong brew to go, por favor.

Brilliant. The technology is here, where ATS should be one big conference video/call where mimes, deaf mutes digitally impaired, etc could all participate in the knowledge, acrimony and down right hilarious comedy banter that us "mooks" revel in.

I thought I'd live dangerously and use the word "mook" ; throwing caution to the wind.

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