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Sleep Paralysis - HELP!

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posted on May, 5 2006 @ 02:07 PM
every now and then, ill fall into sleep paralysis. heres my problem, when it happens, ill keep trying to move until i wake up. i dont do it purposly, its that im doing it from my subconscious, which ive never been able to gain control of.
ive recently started to get into telepathy and OBE and lucid dreaming. im sure that control over my subconscious while im sleeping is key to helping with some of those other things, especially if i can keep from waking myself when im in sleep paralysis.
my question is if anyone knows something i can do to help gain control, or to start doing it, even slowly if it has to be.

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 04:59 PM
I didne't exactly understand what you meant; Something about how you want to stay in sleep paralyzes? But can't because of your subconscious?

Well, don't feel sorry for not having your subconscious under control, because 98% of the population doesn't. I'm not even sure if it isn't exactly 100%.

I would suggest meditation, as it (to me) represents a cross-road were all beings, follows and ends at.

Mate, what happens under your sleep paralyzes? What do you feel? What sensations do you have ect? My suggestion is that you try learning Vipassana meditation (Insight Meditation), and try centering yourself when the sleep paralyzes happens to you. If you can do that, it might makes you subconscious unable to perform it, because you consciousness is all fixed upon one single thing.

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 11:26 AM
well i have recently started to meditate, but i just simply sit, listen to meditation music and relax. i did it for this morning for almost an hour. i feel great now. as you said, i will try Vipassana meditation, and look into other types.

When i go into it, i become scared, because i become aware of everything in my surroundings, i can feel everything, i can hear, smell, and there isnt much to taste, and of course im still sleeping. but im not sure if thats what heppens when other people have SP. back to what i was saying, i become scared because i cant move, and its just unpleasnt to me to not be able to. theres my problem, is it possible to calm myself down? so that i wont keep trying to subconsciously wake myself when i fall into SP? im not even sure if SP is something that could maybe help, as far as trying to have lucid dreams.
thats one of my main focuses, trying to have a Lucid dream.
everynight when i go to bed, i say to myself for a while "I will become aware by looking for my hands and be in control of my dreams". what else can i do, other than that?

and what can i do to eventually have an OBE? (if you or anyone else can advise me on this)

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 02:28 PM
There typically nothing to be afraid of.

One approach you could take, if you're really aware while in SP, is to just simply start doing meditation (as in focusing on the breath or sensations), and block out everything around you.

Experiment: Try to enter focus with the body if possible, I don't know if it will break the sleep paralysis.

When you're aware of your SP, tell yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of, and everything that happens around you is natural. The crackle in the stairs and doors, the sound of birds and whispers of energy, the darkness filling your eyes... Theres nothing to be afraid about.

In some cases, you may experience figures coming into your room for example... Like an old woman with an ugly terrorifying face. She will climb onto you and try to strangle you (FOR EXAMPLE). When this happens, acknowledge that you are dreaming, and dismiss her... You have nothing to fear from her or anything, you know you are dreaming, and you know that when you look at the figure, you see only an image, a warning from your subconscious. It can't hurt you, though it might feel as if it can.

I hear sleep paralysis can be a stage in trying to obtain an OOBE.

As for what you can do to try and achieve more lucid dreams: You should think daily about your dreams. Try to train yourself in remembering the dreams you have from resent nights, then think about them in the day. As your dreams reflect what you think about in the day that has passed, it will also mean, by continuously thinking about dreaming, you strengthen the "realness" of it... Thus becoming lucid dreaming.

Eventually you will achieve an OOBE if you keep wishing for it, and desiring it to the limit. Train yourself, and your chakras. And remember, religion has nothing to do with spirituality.

Dream and spirituality is much like trying to open a box. The box is very hard to lock-pick. You struggle to pick the lock, and eventually do only to find another box inside. You repeat the structure, and by each box you get through, the lock is easier to pick. In the end, when you reach the last box and open it, you will find a black space within that box.

The black space within that box will make you aware of something else than 'box'' (something higher than this world) and you will begin to look around yourself, only to find out that you, yourself is trapped within a box. It becomes new to you, as you have to find a way to pick the lock from within, but you find that by becoming aware of the box, it opens itself. When it opens itself, you will see that the box you were in, is inside a much larger box. The structure will repeat, until you have become so aware, that all box' are unlocked. And everything you ever knew your whole life was "lock-picks and box'". When that final box opens, you will discover so many things that your mind is unable to grasp, for you have limited yourself to this life for so many years... You will continue to learn what is outside, but will never truly grasp it, as spirituality is endless.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:05 AM
Lucid dreams have nothing to do with sleep paralysis what the hell?

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 06:42 PM
Volatile, thank you, this has helped me in a few ways. i am actually remembering more dreams than normal, which does help me.

NegativeBeef, i dop believe that SP has a lot to do with Lucid Dreaming. theres a site thats nothing but lucid dreaming, and one way of acheiving it is falling asleep with your eyes open (WILD - Wake Initiated Lucid Dream). apart of being successful in a WILD, is that you fall into SP. i naturally fall into it. if i can gain control over it and not wake myself, i should be able to consciously go into lucid dreaming

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 07:22 PM
moving over to health and wellness, since sleep paralysis is a medical condition, please continue the discussion there.

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