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You can know Your Guardian Angels Name!

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by The time lord
I think Aliens are demons trying to confuse us,

Demons could just be a species of aliens that are against humans or do not like humans.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by AlyCat6286

hello angel i need some help ive tryed to talk to my angel but he doesnt talk back to me ive tryed i think ive done something wrong plz help ive read all ur story on all 17 pages plz



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posted on Mar, 21 2010 @ 10:17 PM
I've wanted to know about guardian angels for not to long, but the subject just started to intrigue me yesterday when a friend of mine told her experience. She lives in a village in Manitoba, and told us about her guardian angel named William. a Claire-audiente confirmed that she is indeed a medium, and now, i am over enthusiastic to learn about my own angel.
I can't say i've had many experiences with them, but i am curious about a few incidents.
The first I can remember is two years ago when i went with my church youth group to an old army fort along the Puget Sound coast. we were playing capture the flag when, to get away from an opponent, i sprinted onto a narrow ledge and slipped. it was over ten feet to the ground, but surprisingly, some kindof weird miracle kept me from falling. it felt like someone had pulled my arm so i didn't fall.

more recently while i was walking home from school, i heard an urgent voice call from behind me. it sounded like someone whispered loudly "rachel!" which is my name.

maybe you could help me understand?
is this my guardian angel?

posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 11:51 PM
Not sure if it was a guardian angel of mine or not, but I distinctly remember waking up one morning to a very lit room. The sun was shining in so strongly from what I remember and then out of no where materialized a voice. Merely a whisper and I couldn't make out what it said. My great uncle had passed away a few days prior though so I imagine it could have been him maybe making his last rounds? OR I also imagine it could have been just something from my dreams carrying over into reality because as I said...this was immediately after I had awaken from slumber. Any thoughts?

Also...I am totally trying this experiment of yours. I'm anxious to hear the response (if one ensues).

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 02:57 AM
I've often pondered whether I have a guardian angel or not, but I always end with a negative conclusion. You see, I'd love to believe that I have an angel watching over me or something, but I just have a feeling that I don't. For as long as I can remember, I've been surrounded by bad feelings and I guess you could say bad "spirits". Now, I'm not saying I have proof of this, nor am I saying that I actually see spirits or anything. I don't even know what it is I feel/sense. But ever since I was little I've always thought I was haunted or something.

Sometimes when I'm alone I suddenly feel really scared for no reason, or/and like there's something/someone watching me or just nearby with bad intentions. I feel like there's something there. Something not nice. It's not a nice feeling and it fills me with intense fear.
Whenever I've told people about it, they immediately say "ghost!" and I've believed them. Things would move in my room whilst I was gone, and even though I've been moving from house to house all my life, the feelings and the stuff being moved/tampered with haven't stopped. If this was an angel, wouldn't the feelings be of comfort, safety and love, not fear and dread?

My mother has had a guardian angel experience once, in which a bright male figure appeared at the end of her bed whilst she was sleeping and softly called her name until she awoke. She can't remember it very well, but after that night she never heard/saw him again. She believes that he knew that he'd scared her immensely and so hadn't returned to her because of it.

Now, a few years ago, whilst we were living in a house that was supposedly very haunted, a large, bright figure appeared in my bedroom. I don't remember much from my experience at all, but I do remember having a distinct feeling that it was male, even though I couldn't make out any facial features. Anyway, my immediate thought was "ghost!" and I froze up. I remember pulling my blanket up against my chest and feeling ice-cold dread travel down my spine to pool in my gut. I felt so scared, and I'm not sure whether this fear came from the figure or from my own cowardice (I'm a HUGE chicken). My mind is extremely fuzzy on the subject, but I know I wasn't dreaming because I stayed in the same position and didn’t move an inch for the rest of the night (I was THAT scared) until the sun came up.
Anyway, that happened when I was about…14 years old (approximately) and I've never had another experience as…vivid as that, but I still get the feelings. And since then I've believed it was a ghost that I'd seen and that I feel. I'm 18 now, by the way.

But after reading this I've seen the many similarities that my "ghost" has with these "guardian angels". But my problem is this: If it was indeed an angel, why did I feel such fear? Was it just me and my cowardice? Or was the figure something else?

(Oh and I just remembered. Back then my bedroom had two doors, as it consisted of two little rooms. I slept in the second room and you had to go through the first room to get into the second. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the door that led into the second room where I was sleeping was slowly opened. Then the figure just stood in my doorway. He didn't come any closer to me either.)

Thank you for reading
and thank you to everyone who posted a story/comment, they're all very interesting! And an extra big thank you to AngelWings
I'll be trying your experiment of trying to contact my guardian angel and will post again if anything happens.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by AngelWings9999

Im glad someone put up a posting about angels. Now before all this happened about 2 weeks before yesterday i kinda felt like i was going crazy. I would see shadows from the corner of my eye and i started feeling like there where spirits near me. I know there werent there to harm me because i felt extremely comfortable. I actually was kinda of enjoying the feeling and the thought that some one was near by. Aside from that one night i went to lay my head down on the pillow and get on the computer and clear as day i heard a voice. I mean it sounded like it was right there. I dont remember what he said but he sounded like an older man with a pretty deep voice. Not too deep like barry white or anything but ya it was pretty deep

So yesterday i was talking to my mom and she had informed me that she had her cards read. And i popped up in them... But before i go any farther with that she ask me to call a friend of the family or i think she is family (idk its been so long) but i did. Come to find out shes a healer. I spent about an hour and a half with her getting my cards read. Iv never done this before. But the angel that surrounds me is st Michael the arc angel. So the whole time that i was talking to her i had my eyes shut. Now normally when i close my eyes its just pitch black. but not last night. She goes on to tell me that for a long time now iv been surrounded but negative spirits. As soon as she mentioned his name I started seeing bright lights floating all around me. and the whole time she was speaking I felt waves of strong chills run threw my body. She delivered a message to me from St. Michael and said that he was here and other angels are on there way. Shortly after that the bright lights that i was seeing with my eyes shut began to get stronger and bigger and brighter.

It was beautiful... She told me to clean my sheets and some other stuff (dont really wanna go there) but i did what she asked. And she told me get something small to eat take a shower and laydown. And before you lay down invoke the angels and ask for guidence. So i did and as soon as i passed out i had the most craziest dream. In one part i was in a field looking up at the stars and i noticed Bright stars shinning in the shapes of zodiac signs. It was unbelievable... It feels good to know that Im not alone and that i should never feel alone. Iv had a pretty ruff passed so hearing that really changed alot for me. When he spoke to you how did his voice sound like

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:38 PM
I have read this SAME EXACT STORY many times, in chain mail and such. Though, I have not personally tried it so I have no idea if it works. BUt good luck to anyone wanting to try.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 11:08 PM
I've made an account just for replying to this thread. I found it very interesting and decided to ask my guardian angel its name mentally. Many people have received their angels' names this way.
So I asked mentally "What is your name?" Right away the word no popped up in my mind. So I asked mentally "I'm not ready?" The word yes came that time. So I asked one last question (mentally of course) "Will you tell me when I'm ready?" Yes was the answer.
I suppose it makes since I'm not ready... I'm only a teenager...
So was it the real deal? Or was I just imagining this on my own?

posted on Oct, 28 2010 @ 08:41 PM
I too only created this account to reply to this post. Simply because i expierenced something similar to this. I was in a car accident a few months back and the car was totalled. No-one understands how we got out of the car alive. I escaped the accident with a broken spine. Lucky not to be paralysed, luckier not to be dead. I underwent majr surgery to have support rods, bolts and plates in my spine. Last night i done a bit of praying as thanks etc. This morning my mum woke me to get my washing, as soon as she left the room i put my head back down on the pillow. I then woke up straight after it. and went to turn on the light...I just got this feeling as if something was about to happen and then a figure appeared in my room...i was filled with warmth and this strange feeling. The figure was bright white and i seen the face for barely a second before the light was too bright to kept getting brighter and brighter to it vanished and i returned to sleep...I told my family and most of them didnt believe me but my mum did and im glad. i sort of know in my heart it was my guardian angel...Im going to pray for his name. and hopefully i learn it.

posted on Oct, 29 2010 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by DodgeG1
so you saying that your guardian angel knows when your going to die?
How about if you try to comite suicide will the angel knock the gun or knife out of your hand?

There is a problem with this. I believe if you do have a spirit guide or a guardian angel, your life won't have reached to that stage of committing suicide. Not, if you want to test the existence of a guardian angel, does that mean that you don't believe in them? Isn't that same as some people getting sick and ill but refused to see a doctor, because they believe God will save them?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:14 PM
Hi I have a story about this one time me and my family went to a river to swim. I was like around 10 years old at the time. In the river there were a lot of people climbing a very high tree so they could jump out of the tree and land in the water. It looke like a lot of fun so i decided to climb up. When i got up there i realised that people where jumping of a very small branch. I was scared. So when i got to the branch i was about to jump. And then i kind of heard a soft voice that told me not to do it so i climbed down. I always thought that that was my guirdian angel. But I havent had any expiriences with my angel again. I think one time i tried to ask my angel his name but i didnt get a answer.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 10:42 AM
Hello I have been reading all of your posts, and I have a story of my own.
I did not know whether to believe in angels, but I have always been a firm believer in the paranormal. About 2 and half years ago one morning I woke up and asked if I did have a gaurdian angel, and if I did would they give me a sign that they were there. Later on that evening a friend of mine was messing about with his camera, taking pictures of me. On about the 3rd photo he called me over and on that picture above my head was a massive pinky coloured orb. He took some more photos of me, but there nothing was there. This now makes me a believer that I have a gaurdian angel, as it gave me proof, which I asked for.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 12:08 PM
I believe I saw an angel once. It was when I was about 10 years old and I was spending the night with my mom at a half-way house she was living at during her recovery of being a drug addict. It was late at night and everyone was asleep in the house except for me. I was lying in bed, bored. I picked my head up and looked out into the living room (the room I used faced the living room and I slept with the door open) because I thought I heard my mom get up. (she had fallen asleep on the couch). What I saw instead both scared me and amazed me. It looked like I was seeing the bottom of a robe or dress and judging from size of it, this being would have to have been HUGE! Like 30 feet tall or so. Does that make sense? Anyway, it was also very, very brilliantly white and seemingly made out of light. Yet, it did not cast light on anything like a lamp would. Ya know? The direction this angel was going was towards the couch my mom was sleeping on. Then it seemed to go through her and the wall and was gone.

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posted on Jun, 8 2011 @ 05:03 PM
When I was 13, I was riding my bike to my bff's house, while going pretty fast down a hill I noticed a loose nut on the fork holding the front tire on. My first reaction was to try to hold it in place with my foot. Yeah, very bad idea! My foot went right into the spokes of the front tire. I remember flying through the air down the rest of the hill. After being knocked out I woke up laying in the middle of the road. I laid there for what felt like forever but was probably only a few minutes, unable to move. Somehow I was calm and knew I had to get help. I looked all around me and realized I was on a dead end road and looking at the houses around it looked as though nobody was home. Unable to move I just started screaming for help. Noticing nobody was hearing me or coming to help I rolled over and tried repeatedly to get up, but my hip and lower back were hurt and I just couldnt get up. So i began crawling to the nearest house praying that someone would hear my cries and come help me. After only a few 'scoots' away fron the middle of the road I realized I could not go any further. I laid back down and closed my eyes telling myself I had to figure out what to do. When I opened my eyes there was a little old woman standing over me smiling. The first thing I noticed was the sun reflecting off her rhinestone pin that said Jesus. I turned my head to see the tiny little convertable she was driving parked in the middle of the street right next to me. I never even heard any sound of a vehicle whatsoever. She called me by name and told me I would be just fine. She then picked up my mangled bike, and put it in her trunk, and shut the trunk door! Mind you my bike was a rather large 12 speed and in the wreck my leg bent the front fork to a 90 degree angle. Even as she put it in I thought to myself, there is no possible way that bike will fit in that tiny trunk. But it did! Even at 13 I was bigger than this tiny little old woman, but she just scooped me up and put me in her car. She got in and said "let's get you home now" and called me by name again which I thought was strange because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had never seen this woman or her car in my entire life, and I had not told her my name. I was speechless. She never asked and I didn't tell her where I lived but she drove straight to my house. She carried me to the door and when my Dad took me from her, she quietly went back and took my bike from the trunk and put it in the driveway, gave us a big smile and a wave and drove away. I remember looking at my Dad's face as she took the bike from the trunk, his eyes got really big and his expression was amazement. She knew my mom's name as well. On the way to the hospital we talked about the old woman. My Mom or Dad had never seen her before, or her cute little car so we knew she didn't live in our neighborhood. I never told her mine or my Mom's name, where I lived or anything, she just 'knew'. My Dad was in a bit of a daze it seemed, and when my Mom asked if he was alright he said "I am just dumbfounded as to how she got that big, bent up bike in the trunk of that tiny car, the way it was in there the fork should have kept the lid from shutting."
The next day, when my Grandparents came over we were all talking about this woman. After hearing my story, my Grandma simply said "That was your Guardian Angel, and I bet you will see her again."

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by AngelWings9999

i remember when i was 6 7 or 8. my family and i where out camping and so one day they went to take a walk around the park and they said if i wanted to come with them i said no. then they left and later i went to go find them so i grab my bike and went to find them. well it had rained big time that last night so the river was flooded so i went a wrong way and so i hit a place where the ground was steep and soft so i started to go down hill and something told me in my brain to turn my hands on my bike to the right so i did and i was able to catch my self in a little area and i stopped and i was safe. and where i crashed in to on the wall was only a yard from the river. now in the past few months i have been feeling things and hearing things also. like every so often i will feel and hand on my shoulder or hands on my back you know like in a soft and genital way or something will rub the back of my leg when i am laying in a chair (i have no cats only two small dogs and these chairs are tall). then one day i put my head on a window out in the ,main room and the second i did i heard a deep voice say Duck. then i look around me and only my sister and grandpa where there and i asked them if they just heard that and there like no we did not. then a few months later i hear something or someone say walker. and i was by my self that day in my house and then a few weeks later i was at my grandparents house and my mother said something about a dude with walker in his last name. i asked her did you just say walker and she is like yes and then now my grandparents now make jokes about what they call walker my ghost friend. but this is what has happened so far just reply back when ever you have time telling me about what you think.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by AngelWings9999

Hi AngelWings9999!

I want to ask you two questions, 1.Could I ask what is the Best and Most effective way to contact my Guardian angel, 2.Could I ask How do I contact my Guardian Angel ?


posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by AngelWings9999
So if you would, I would love for all of you who were curious enough to read this, to be curious enough to find out your Angels Name! So if You would...
1. Ask Your Angel Their Name, Be Patient & Persistant! They Will Answer If You Have Faith! Just Try Not To Faint LOL
2. Have you ever seen an Angel? I would love to hear your story... &
3. Have you ever Had a Miracle while witnessing Your Angel being present?
4. Please let me know, it would help me greatly with my research!
Thanks Again Angel

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Hi there Angel..

I have a what I call a Guardian, he watch me, every day, especially when I feel down and kinda don't wan't to be in this any longer.

He always picks me up, hand me various things to take my mind of the hard things I had to face this past year and he has been with me for some time now..

I see him sometimes, but mostly I just feel him, I know who he is, and I also know why he did come to me, we never met when he was alive... BUT we're connected in the most utterly strange way, it is really hard to explain and has a long background story to it, stretches about almost 10 yrs back...

I can honestly say that if it weren't for him, we can call him D, the first letter of his living name that is, I would surely not have lived until this day.

Sometimes I doubt myself, since this is nothing you ca tell the common people in your near surroundings about, BUT I have a few close poeple that I told about D and the whole situation and he have shown himself clear as daylight for them, just because he wants me to be sure of what I see, feel and hear, that I am no nutcase.

I don't see myself as clearvoyant or such things, I am just some ordinary girl that had a hard time facing reality of loosing my soulmate to drugs about 10 yrs ago.

I have always, for as long as I can remember known things, seen things and most of all felt things out of the ordinary.

It's hard on the mental state sometimes, and as I got injured, had to quit my job and went under medication I stopped feeling this things, kinda good feeling to just have a "vacation" from it..

But then I hade to quit the meds, because of the side-effects, then D came along... stronger than ever, he handed me directions how to cut down the drugs and still not go all sick by quitting the STRONG meds..
He pointed me in the direction of one of HIS living best friends, that indeed were in need of help, D wanted me to deliver some messages for the friend, and now D's friend is one of my best friends.

We didn't know each other at all from the start, but as I told him things that I cold not possibly know he slowly started to believe me, and now I could not and will not be without him as a friend.

He lives sadly enough far away from me, but we keep in touch daily AND he has got the messages from D... Still gets them when D ask me to..

It's kind of a win/win situation here..

He, the friend, we can call him Mr P.. He had a hard time believing me first, but it all changed.. Thankfully...
There is a lot to this story that I cannot tell just like that.. Some strange things have occured..

I would not concider D an angel, really.. just a spirit that cannot move on until he has things sorted out the way he wants to, that is something we are working on, and in the meanwhile he helps me to get through the toughest time of my life.. I've lost just about everything this last year...

I owe him my life, and his friend too of course.. My mentor in real life, Mr P...
Hopefully things will turn out the way D wants it to, but it is a long way to go for that to happen.

So in some ways you might see D as an guradian angel, he has saved my life like many times...
I KNOW this might sound cryptic and a bit hard to understand, but this is nothing you can get a grip of without the whole story from beginning to the end.

The reason that D choose me is that were conneted somehow through my soulmate that died some time back, the same day, a friend of D also died... somehow it all makes sence to me, NOW, but it has taken me some time to figure it out... and for every wrong desicion I make, he comes to me stronger than ever, almost mad sometimes, not that I'm scared of him, no way, but it is scary sometimes.. it is, although I'm getting used to it now.

He has pointed out to me VERY strong that there is someone that I should be close to, as a friend maybe.. I don't know yet, I only know who this is, the name and where he's located.. I don't know him AT ALL and this is a hard nut to crack, cause you don't wanna come across as a total maniac that just goes to the person and say..
HEY, you and me should meet.. over coffee or something..

It's hard, but D IS VERY much sure of this, and I have to somehow get to this person and ask what it is about him that connects me to him, I'm all confused here for the moment..

All I know is that D is not pleased with me for chicken out on him, he is determent on this one.. Don't know why..
My best guess is that this person needs help in some way.. And D knows it.. OR I need help from the person it involves..?

He just puts me in the spot where it is SO obvious that we should meet.. Just don't know how to go through with it without scaring the person...

Cause tthis is not something you just can go up to an unknown and talk about.

D lead me to this forum for instance... HA! I have never heard fo it before.. But D told it was a good place to start.

PS.. I'm no maniac, just some normal person, even if I do understand that it might sound wierd..
Sorry for that..

All the best to you all


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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 05:27 AM
Hi AngelWings9999, hi everyone,

I created an account because I was searching the web looking for information on Guardian Angels and I ended up here. Very fascinating thread!

I too believe in Guardian Angels, as do I believe in demons. As a Christian I must. Well, coincidence or not, it started snowing out here when I decided to talk about Angels.

They are real, no matter what. Someone is always there looking over your shoulder. But I mean always. Both good and evil are watching every step you make in life. Please remember this as it is very important what I'm about to say. God is watching you, satan is there as well to watch your steps. And satan is even closer to you than God is, don't get fooled by his tricks! Angels read your mind, as does the devil! He has knowledge of the unknown, speaks every language on earth and is ALWAYS hunting souls to join him.
It is my believe that he who sins is of the devil, but committing a sin with good intentions will be forgiven by our sheppard.
God created every being on this earth, therefore he created the devil and his foot soldiers as well. He will NOT tolerate anyone who disrespects life and those who want to be more powerful than others. Let that be clear. The day they were born, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Keiser Wilhelm, Osama Bin Laden et al had Angels as well. It is my believe that those who are 100% of the devil, are abandoned by their Guardian Angels sooner or later. He who takes a life, definitely! He who's responisble, as well. He who wants to rule the earth will be welcomed by the devil and rot in hell eventually.
No being is better than another, up there everyone is the same. To me, this indicates that your Guardian is either male or female. But I believe that there are female angels as well, you just feel it if you are a Christian who believes.
However, I would like to add that you must be careful praying to these Angels as some here have already mentioned. satan is watching you as well, and in really bad cases Angels aren't strong enough to block off the devil's power (he who is possessed for instance) indicating that you are praying to an Angel in disguise, being the demon. As for the witness of Jehovah here, I'd like to disagree with you but this is my personal believe. Good Angels ARE out there and CAN be seen, their energy is spread in unbelievable proportions. I'd like to believe that everyone has his personal Angel, but it could be that their energy watches over more than one person. Snowflakes are getting huge now as I'm saying this!
Can they save you? YES. Can demons save a person who is of the devil? YES. Adolf Hitler was saved of death by drowning at the age of 4 by a Guardian Angel (this is my believe), at the time of Von Stauffenberg's plot in 1944 he was saved by a 'guardian' demon! Why? Because the devil enjoyed what he was doing to others on this planet, being Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, soldiers and even citizens. God will forgive many people, but if the evil force is too strong he will not.
Committing suicide is something else you know, that is taking your own life because you're sick of it for some reason. That's a sign of weakness in my eyes. That's not trusting your Angels (who ARE with you) and therefore he/she will not prevent it from happening. Good people who commit suicide will eventually be forgiven, but are in some way disrespecting what God gave them: their lives. Life is only a pit stop you know, I sincerely believe in the afterlife. In reïncarnation too, but only if you want it yourself up there and feel like you haven't fulfilled your duty on earth, than you can come back I believe.
Some things which have happened in my family have convinced me of all these thoughts. My niece saw a big bright light at the age of 10 in my grandma's house a couple of weeks after my grandfather passed away. She was so lucky to see this, but she wasn't able to recognize a face or anything, she was just a kid and the light was far too bright. Ghosts do exist as well, bot good and bad versions, of which sometime you can feel their presence if you only feel hard enough.

I know a guy who needed to undergo an operation once, who left his body during this event. It really was a close call, but fortunately he lived to tell. He saw a figure in the corner of that room telling him it wasn’t time yet. A bright figure, so he says. Of course, it was his Guardian Angel. He enjoys every day now, being grateful for what he saw and what he survived. He wasn’t much of an optimist before though!
Another story here is on the street that a man once saw his Guardian Angel, telling him everything would be alright when he severely crashed his motorcycle. No one could make such a story up, especially not someone who looked death in the eyes!

- to be continued -

posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 05:28 AM
- Reply part II -

As for me, I've escaped death on several occasions. At the age of 12 I sat next to my mom in our car when for some reason she stopped (saw a car approaching very fast) and a car hit us with 60 miles per hour. Right in the door where my mom was sitting. My safety belt snapped loose and the windows exploded from the shock. The car spinned 3 or 4 times and I blacked out for a sec. My mom and I got out of that car (which was totalled said the insurance comp.) without a scratch! That same evening I realized that we were blessed by something bigger than ourselves.
At the age of 10, my sister tried to throw a big rock of about 27 pounds in a pond @ camping, when it hit my head sharp side first. It could easily have killed me, but it didn't. A scooter hit me at the age of 13 when I was riding my bike, I ended up 9 feet further hitting my head on concrete but I lived to tell, only having some minor flesh wounds.
When I was 15 I almost made a 60 feet high fall when I forgot to hook up for a death ride. I hooked up the very last second without actually realizing it.
They’re there you know, they know what you thinking (both Angels and demons) and will save you when your life is threatened severely. That is not a coincidence, that is the will of God. My mom survived a pulmonary embolism two years ago and I thank God immensely. Wouldn’t know what to do without my folks.
If your time is there however, he will make sure you’re welcomed in the right place. Whether it’s in heaven or in hell. Depending on how you lived your life.

Now I’ve sinned a lot in my life, and I regret everyone of them, but I turned my life the other way around you know. Sinning with good intentions will be forgiven, but I prefer not to anymore. Sex is a sin, unless you have it with a lot of love. Probably one of the most tempting sins, but people can live in sin for 50 years and still be forgiven. As long as your intentions are good and you appreciate every source of life! Remember that, and maybe someday you will be an Angel yourself.

I haven’t seen an Angel myself, but I’d really like to. But hey, you don’t need to see them, and they won’t show themselves that easily, but please be convinced of their existence because real is what they are. Someday, hopefully not too soon, they will guide you to an even brighter light.

No matter how tough life gets, they will always be there, sometimes at a distance, but they WILL be there! If you are on the wrong track, they will do EVERYTHING they can to make you realize you are. Believe it. If it’s God’s will, they will laugh at you through demons if they need to! Try to live a good life, and fight the devil with every weapon you have! Love for God being the most important one! He doesn’t expect you to pray every day, but if you love him with all your heart, he WILL love you back! Always remember.

Sorry for writing a book, but it simply fascinates me a lot.

All the best,

posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 06:16 AM

Originally posted by AngelWings9999
He told them in their Quiet Time At Home, Simply in Sincerity To Ask Your Angels Name, It could take numerous tries, sometimes days, but be Persistant, Some speak in a Whisper, and Some Loud enough to cause one to Faint LOL If One speaks in a Whisper and you cannot make out what they are saying, Clearly State That to Your Angel to Please Talk Louder! You know what they say about Persitance, It Does Pay Off! Out of 200 members 75 said they now knew their Angels Name! As for myself it was 3 long Days before my Angel Spoke His Name " Its Michael "

I seriously wouldn't be doing this. It could be an angel of light ... or an angel of darknes pretending to be an angel of light. It could be demonic. It could be a deceased person trying to talk to you. There is no evidence that this is really a guardian angel. It could be. But it could easily also be something else. So no thanks. I'm not 'curious' enough to mess with that which could be dark ...

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