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NEWS: Clemency Denied for Stanley "Tookie" Williams

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

One of Stanley Williams' children, Stanley "Little Tookie" Williams, Jr.,
has also been convicted of murder. Little Tookie, a Neighborhood Crip,
was found guilty of shooting a twenty year-old woman to death in an alley
off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Williams, Jr. was sentenced to sixteen
years in prison for second-degree murder.


I guess "Little Tookie", just like everybody else, didn't read his daddy's book.

Great legacy for your kids, dad...

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 01:09 PM
It seems that I was mistaken about Williams' veteran status. I can find no record of such and I must have misread the report I referred to earlier.

My mistake.

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 12:05 PM
Quotes originally posted by grimreaper797, and applicable replies:

".... all the religion followers, the venegce and revenge attitudes you hold only further your blashpemy."
REPLY: Alas..... you will never know the difference between vengence and justice. For Tookies death to be vengence, it would have had to be done by the families of those whose lives he took.

"....its alright though, kill some one who speaks out on gang violence"
REPLY: .... and you believe he was being altruistic when he spoke out? PLEASE!!! He was trying anything he could do to get out of his sentence, hoping for clemency. If he truly wanted to help, he could have aided the police with information on the Crips organization, and he could have done so without ratting out anyone.

".... the government doesnt want to get rid of these gangs anyway."
REPLY: It's not what the government wants, it's what the people want, so they can have their neighborhoods and communities back.

".... poor killing the poor, black on black crime, its works out good for them. population is getting out of had, so i doubt they want the killings to stop anyway.
REPLY: There are very few poor people in America, and those that are poor won't take it upon themselves to do better, by getting a job, or bettering themselves so they can do just that. It's up to the individual to help themself, and there are hundreds of millions of tax dollars made available for people to do just that. What race someone is has no bearing on your statements.
"Black-on-Black" crime is as bad as it is because of the total breakdown of the inner-cities, thanks to failed Democratic "Social" programs like the war on poverty. Want the solution to poverty: Education, a job, and working for a living.

If the miscreants and gang-bangers don't want to become a part of normal society, that is their choice. If they want to kill themselves off in gang and drug wars, I say let's provide them with guns.

Deny ignorance? ........ the forum has provided a way to do that, and I will....... by hitting your "ignore" button.

The edit was not used... in re-reading my post, I thought the mis-spelling was mine.

[edit on 16-12-2005 by zappafan1]

I forgot something....... the population is not out of hand; you can fit the population of the world inside of texas, and every four people would have 1/4 acre.

[edit on 16-12-2005 by zappafan1]

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 02:31 PM
Grady - you probably got confused in so much as who was the
veteran at the crime. The fellow that Tookie killed was a veteran.
At any rate - it looks like he is being cremated and his ashes
taken to Africa so there shouldn't be a 'flag on his coffin' being
paraded around. I guess that means I won't be getting sick
to my stomach afterall! Thank goodness!

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 03:55 PM
First off, the financial drain to the taxpayers is in executions, not in life-inprisonment.

From the excessive court costs, appeals, and petitions to the Govenor-quite often all through the court appointed legal counsels for the defendant-the cost of capital punishment exceeds that of life imprisonment.

Also, from everything I've read it is NOT a deterant for violent crime as the states that have the death penalty have had an increase in violent crime since using capital punishment-Texas especially I've read-LOL-all under GW Governor...

so basically it's a violent act of vengeance...well OK, I'm against it personally, but if we must...

Now I wont go to much into the fact many have died wrongful death through execution or cite the sum 100+ cases of death row prisoners who have been proven innocent and pardoned due to DNA evidence we now have access to...

because this is about TOOKIE the Cryp, right? And we know he is guilty of murder and being a bad person be it with his head! (so to speak)

But all I REALLY see is another diversionary tactic and inciting of seperation of people in this country...

this case is unlike the mass murderer Charles Manson living life imprisonment...yet related...not by muder but by motive...

not motive of the murderer, but of our government's agenda and perpetuated by our media

What stirs up controversey divides the people of this country better than when faced with such subjects as murder, crime, and the death penalty...all highlighted and broadcasted with biases to incite the masses

There will be strong opinions about religeon, politics, and morals (outside of religious biases) and in the case of a minority, racism etc in such cases-it's perfect! This is why Tookie died-not because he was a murderer-that was the justification of law and what we'd like to believe as "justice" being served, but it isn't why he really died.

Some will say-I don't care why he died then-I'm just glad he got what he deserved as a murdering criminal. That's fine, just be aware of the divide and conquer agenda anyway, ok?

and so, being well publisized, it is being discussed vehemenantly from many sides in this country and it is serving it's purpose to increase the problems of racism, violence, and prejudism and seperating people on religeous and moral grounds as well...even those who share the same faiths are arguring over "An eye for an eye" vs the hypocrisy of "Thou shall not kill" justifying capital punishment.

Would we be having this discussion if Charles Manson were to be exectued. Not freakin likely. Who would oppose that? ...if anything, we'd all (for the most part) unite and go Yea! Or just not care...And those who'd say Nay would be the minority who'd get no publicity in the media anyway-so there's be no stir...

Therefore...he lives. ANd if you tell me it's about law, I'll tell you the law could be twisted to kill him if it would serve a higher purpse of controversey in this country. We consume controversy-live and die for it-literally.

So Tookie serves the "divide and conquer" agenda to die

...and it to leave Manson in prison for example where people can be disgusted that their tax dollars are going to give him a cozy life and 3 squares a day...while such rehabilitated felons such as Tookie, don't get a chance to do some good that they surely would in some people's eyes...serves the same agenda

I spoke about this on an AOLl debate baord but apparently some of my views or replies were too controversial as AOL was thriving offf all the religeous and racist flaming that was going on which I pointed out proved my point of controversy consumerism in this country-we buy into it ALL...and my thread was yanked (with no appology or explanation from AOL) after getting many intelligent replies

But I'll stop here on the divide and conquer conspiracy of this country and just *try* to post a link for harder facts on things like the cost of executions vs life imprisionment and the fact the dealth penalty is not a deterrant therefor purely a vengeance see this link

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 07:21 PM
.... Justice department statistics, from 1980 to 2000, show that when the death penalty was not allowed, violent crime went up, and when it was re-introduced they went down. Period!!! Draw your own conclusions..... it shouldn't be that difficult.

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 07:50 PM

.... Justice department statistics, from 1980 to 2000, show that when the death penalty was not allowed, violent crime went up, and when it was re-introduced they went down. Period!!! Draw your own conclusions..... it shouldn't be that difficult.

Drawing conclusions indeed isn't difficult-look at the many people who do it ignorantly all the time...No need to take tone with me, it proves all my other points about senselss bias dividing people above-which was the real point of my post that apparently escaped you- I thought I was being clear, but apparently it was that difficult for some to draw their own conclusions on the subject of controversay conspiracies dividing and conquering this country.

As for your pro deatrh penalty claims, I would gladly like to draw my own conclusions-from facts outside outside of your claims, so please if you would, provide me with a link where I can discover the validity of your claim for myself, and do you know off hand if this included murder?

I ask, because what sometimes escaped people in drawing their conclusion is the fact even though violent crime as awhole (which can mean a vast array of crimes) reportedly goes down, MURDER still INCREASES. Odd huh?

What is more interesting about this is that the other violent crimes which decress coincidentally, wouldn't warrent a death penalty anyway!!! though it may coincidentally coexist, it is not cause and effect of the death penalty

admittedly more research is needed on the subject, but it being a deterrant or not is NOT what I base my opinion about the death penalty on anyway...I draw my own conclusion that murder-even in the name of justice-is wrong. The End. But hey, thats just me, I understand where other people are coming from in completely supporting it...though I find their reasons often very vengeful-but thats them, and I'm me and I'll never get crazy about any such topic

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