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"They" A conspiracy theory...

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 06:26 PM
Your getting it. If "we" pretend to be one of them, yet lampoon them endllessly, well..."we" wouldn't win, but it'd make us feel a hell of alot better. "They" are everywhere, and you may start to notice who will succeed and who will not.
It's like a comedy for people who think, but it's a tragedy for people who feel. And it feels crap.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 06:37 PM
Nothing wrong with thinking and feeling at the same time. Actually, probably need much more of this.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 06:38 PM
MacDonagh, you can find them on any p2p share group. The Dead Milkmen were the greatest punk band going in the 80's. There are a ton of songs to d/l on limewire.

As for THEY, many a time I have mislead them. As powerful as they are, they are easily tricked. You just need to use what they crave as their weakness. Lead them to the power and strike while they are drunk on it.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 07:00 PM
Yeah, both of you are right. There is nothing wrong with thinking and feeling at the same time, and dead milkmen rock! LOL
Tell me something, who do you think, in your opinion are the leaders of "They"?

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 07:30 PM
They might be a lotta folks. I don't know, maybe folks litiigating on "judge judy?" Just who puts that crap out anyway? Seems to me that a lot of what
we are "subject" to comes from people that tend to make a great deal of
money from strutting their crap on the airwaves. They tend to show "justice" as an interpretation of words. (what is it that is means??....sorry) Hmmmmm....
Maybe I get it, money is everything, to heck with all the rest? Sheesh......

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:22 AM
prophet Yahwey is one of them. He struck out to take over, but fell short. Now he is back among his peers in the lower levels under Denver Airport.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 08:15 AM
Wow, he must be a huge non-entity. I've never even heard of him. How is he a prophet? And what's a Yanwah?

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 12:15 PM
"THEY" send witty people out on "fishing trips" with "well baited" "hooks" to "catch" the likes of Japike for "gutting" and "devouring" before they can feed others the truth.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 12:51 PM
He was supposed to be the Savior of ATS. He failed us.

[edit on 18-11-2005 by shadow watcher]

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 09:38 AM
Your thread doesn't seem to work. Just tell me, who or what is a Yahwey?

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 02:49 PM
THEY are the IMF intenational monetary fund (world bank). They are a private company that lends money to the countries of the world and controls their debt. They are untouchable and own everything including you. We all have become willing economic slaves. Once you willfully become a slave you can't change your mind and get out, only the master can free you. He doesn't care diddly squat now that he owns you.

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 05:10 PM
THEY may be on the Internet

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 05:26 PM
Thats a frightening thought!!!

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 09:47 PM
ok first off.....arm of geddon you should put that in a doc and call it THEY. what a great open verse poem......i have experienced the "white van" incident. it came about almost 20 years ago when i was involved with the legion of doom. their modus operandi didnt sit well with me but i understood the concept. and it provided me with valuable info.
THEY were definitly against THEY.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:49 PM
Can you elaborate mr cowboy? What is this white van incident? Did "They" torture you or something?
And if "They" are against "They" wouldn't that mean the social/political entity known as "They" fold?

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 08:07 PM

Sorry for the dead link, here it is.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 09:11 PM
good questions mac...ya see back in the old days before the www there were bulliten boards....they were much like this only you could actually thread in real time........groups of hackers figgered out how to use these to get info that normal people had no access of the best known were the legion of doom.....the fcc(they were responsible for monitoring at that time)had vans bristling with antenna that would show up in your a matter of fact i still have an old puter with bboard software on it that i ran...they were the precursor to "they" were the legion who finally figgered out how to hack bank codes and such and at that point i had to go.....the other they were the gov.
hope that helps

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 09:17 PM
almost a search for the prophet yahwae.....not sure how its spelled.......he can be found on coast2coastam art bells old place....he is a black dude from phoenix who claims he can summon ufos
hasnt had much luck yet....maybe he shoulda asked them to cooperate first

posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 05:00 AM
THEY are everywhere.

THEY can see you all the time.

THEY can infiltrate anything.

so... would it be blasphemy for ATS members to claim that one of THEM has made it on the ATS board ?

how can we know THEY haven't?

or, is the ATS immune from THEM.

[edit on 25-11-2005 by mr conspiracy]

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 10:23 AM
no place is safe

no one is immune

ignorance is bliss

knowledge is not is realizing you are nearly powerless, except to think...and hope...and try... to not succomb to them

they are everywhere

they are sometimes in as much denial as we

they have identitiy crisis

they don't always know who they are

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