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criss angel discussion...

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 08:04 PM
I've got some penny stocks to sell anyone who thinks for a SECOND that angel's audience is real. (Jerry Springer isn't either. Hate to burst bubbles but...).

Did you even witness the waiting cab line? Some people weren't even watching. It's the fakest thing. No "astonishment" comes even close to looking real and all the fake "where's my cab, I need to get going now" is even worse. What parking garage has a busy yet utterly organized (didn't I see a SIGN that said "Wait here for cab" or something) "cab-line" of any sort? Forget about how horribly they acted.

All "crowds" are of 30 people OR LESS! The trick that angel liked to compare (dare he) to Houdini was in an empty PARKING LOT at NIGHT people! Again, small "crowd" and then no one in the immediate area beyond that. If you think he was even holding his breath under water, again, buy a bridge in NY.

Did you see the tree angel "pushed over". It was a different tree (texture and color) than the others, which means it was either fake (you think?) or he really has super powers but is dumb enough to push over the very tree that would appear to be the most suspicious! It was the dumbest papier mache thing ever. I've seen better props in superhero films from Pakistan.

The small group watching him levitate a woman? There was no one else around! Again, "sponteaneous" group or small "crowd" and then a buffer zone with no activity of any sort. IT'S CALLED A CLOSED SET.

Angel doesn't use children in his head-shot audiences because it would be unethical to tell kids to lie like that. MORE IMPORTANTLY THEY CAN'T SIGN CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS.

Watch ALL of the audiences and forget watching him. I see more "believable" groups on Juiceman infomercials. No one acts believably excited if even at all. No real talking among themselves but there's always a guy or girl who looks in the camera and says "did you see that? He just [insert whatver "trick" here]." Yeah, we "saw" it. Thanks for the recap. That's a wrap. Take the bus home.

You don't need to prove they are getting paid, because if anything they get a few dollars a day. They are acting students. You don't have to pay them. They don't have guild cards. This is why Lucas used recovering drug addicts to shave their heads and act as extras in THX1138.

This is the lamest show I think I've ever seen to be purported magic or even remarkable illusion. How hard is it to perform an illusion for people in on it. And with editing, everything is possible.

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 01:53 PM
Apologies to TheBandit795, I was drinking a little last night, and my comment towrads Selective ID was way too rude. If thats what they say they saw, then fair enough, I still consider it a trick.

And MisticDragon, all the things you've listed in your above posts are tricks, and endurance trials, nothing more...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 02:15 PM
i suggest we watch the next episode and talk about it here later...

i saw an add on tv that said on september 21st, chris would perform his most dangerous stunt ever...

this stunt would be a great thing to debate...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by they see ALL
i suggest we watch the next episode and talk about it here later...

i saw an add on tv that said on september 21st, chris would perform his most dangerous stunt ever...

this stunt would be a great thing to debate...

As long as you tell us that cna;t see it as we're in the wrong country, what it was, i'd love to debate it, hehe...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by Vector J
As long as you tell us that cna;t see it as we're in the wrong country, what it was, i'd love to debate it, hehe...

what country do you live in sir???

i would be happy to tell you what happined...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by they see ALL

Originally posted by Vector J
As long as you tell us that cna;t see it as we're in the wrong country, what it was, i'd love to debate it, hehe...

what country do you live in sir???

i would be happy to tell you what happined...

I live in England, and i look forward to hearing anything you can tell me about the show once it has aired!...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 10:22 PM
Not everything criss does is considered "illusion" example the episode featuring himn tearing phone books he was taking martial arts to prepare for lifting the cab that was his mantra the body, spirit & mind as 1 freeing the mind seeing freedom, same thing when he had his own personal h2 drive on to his chest while on a bed of nails it is mind over matter pain is only a state of mind, he showed this again in suspension from the back attached to a helicopter flying over the nevada mountains. Criss is balanced and his family if you didn't know are not from the states if any of you have seen his mother you'll notice a european accent and her name is also european, most gifted going back to the medival times in europe were gypsys & gifted who left france, germany, and europe to find a better life in the states. Criss incorporates his heritage and his extra sensory gifts into his life and his magic and knowing hiw to free the mind from pain since it is only a state of mind , which the mind can be freed from I've learned how to do it as well myself. I too took martial arts and learned the ways of meditation, and spiritualim and seeing how to free the mind to make the body, spirit & mind work as 1. Some of you just want to not see what is possible and what can be and spiritualism. Bruce Lee knew of spiritualism he taught it in his martial arts. I'll say this and some of you might want to rethink the way you see criss he studied houdini and other masters of their crafts and he also incorporates martial arts discipline into his magic and not everything he does is a "stunt" or "illusion" as many of you seem to view it it is much more.

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 06:15 AM
Everything you just named, bar the hooks, are KNOWN MAGIC TRICKS.

The hooks is just an endurance thing, but i've heard of several other so called 'extreme' magicians and simple street performers doing the same thing.

I don't particularly care if he is a spiratual guy, who bonds body mind and soul. Its got nothing whatsoever to do with what he does on TV...

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 10:07 AM
yes it does have to do with what Criss does on tv it indeed has everything to do with it , if you free the mind anything is possible, He has been submerged in water for 24 hours solid, he has dared anyone in the magic world to attempt that and no one has taken his challenge to date since he did it, and then there was his buried alive feat, one guy did indeed try it and it was on the same episode where he did it he showed footage of the guy who tried it with concrete the guy died, they had to dig the coffin out of the concrete and they knew he was dead the concrete had crushed the casket killing him instantly. Criis pushes the boundries of what should be done and what can end up being deadly. He has said it himself some of the things he has done could end up killing him but he also has said the following: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I agree with him 100% cause I've faced certain things that should have ended my life but I survived so many times over now, even a car wreck 2 summers ago I walked away from a completely demolished car that was just one of many things that I've survived and I didn't even have a scratch on me nor any broken bones. So what doesn't kill you does indeed make you stronger but sometimes it also makes you want to see how far you can cross the line and push the boundries. i know I have done things just to see how far I can cross the line since so many things have happened to me.

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 11:16 AM
He was completely submerged underwater without any aid at all, for 24 hours?

You wouldn't happen to have any links to this?

Edit: nm, he had oxygen afterall.


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posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 11:31 AM

Theres another link saying he had air. I point out that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to go 24 hours without air, so anyone that believed that needs to take a biology course. It was all just a stunt, the escape was the same as Houdinis classic, he just stayed unwater longer, which was indeed impressive, but not miraclous.

The buried alive things is also a TRICK. The Masked Magician even SHOWED HOW IT WAS DONE, on a tv special a few years back. Illusionists have been doing the buried alive trick for a long time indeed...

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 09:20 AM
Closed Thread with Chris Angel levitation video link can be found here:
Sweet. Only if i new how to do this

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 09:22 AM
Whats the liquid you can breathe? I have seen them test it on hamsters,mice etc?

Anyway probally mentioned but the coin in arm seems crazy at first but in the video you can see a splinter of latex. If you have cut latex before you know what I mean. Also I have cut my thumb with a steak knife and bled more than that..

(floating in air):
The things I noticed:

The sway
The very careful walk when he comes down
And there does seem to be a blip or splice on one shot

Sidenote: I don't know what company made them but those skate boards for back to the future that actually floated due to some sort of magnetics?
I noticed he keeps his feet very close together so maybe? If I ever see him I will check than slap em for faking!

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by japike
Sidenote: I don't know what company made them but those skate boards for back to the future that actually floated due to some sort of magnetics?
I noticed he keeps his feet very close together so maybe? If I ever see him I will check than slap em for faking!

As far as i know, that too was just a special effect. Otherwise why don;t we all have hover boards now?...

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 12:05 PM
Yeah you were right just did a quick search

Snopes: False

damn there goes that idea heh!

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 12:24 PM
It's just wires and stooges, nothing magical. The wobble shown in those vids makes it look very muhc like he has wires attched at his waist or back...

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 02:15 PM
did anyone see the episode last night???

i am not even sure if it was on last night but it was suppose to be on...

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 09:00 PM
I found this thread via googles after watching a short clip that showed his Levitation and felt uneasy because a conspiracy theorist once told me that they are planning to fake the coming of Christ and he will come down to earth just like Criss Angel. So for me watching that clip was a glimpse into the future. Then I started to ask myself "Why".

Then did a quick search on googles and found this thread and read it all.

I for once do not believe that we can fly or defy the world of Science and Physics however with technology we can do basically anything, including modifying hurricanes. There's not much we can do with our bare hands other than "Create", we create everyday and this is a creating world. We create technology that allows us to mess with nature (because we cannot do it alone, we are incapable), to manipulate particles/atoms which is the real source of our materials world and you know what they say, if you have access to the source code you are god.

Then there's a thing called "Mind Hack". I guess messing with nature is not enough that they're now after our mind.

Here are my theories:

1: He uses technology.
2: He's Mind Hacking us.
3: He's paranormal.

Then there is one obvious fact: He's an Illusionist/Magician which we all agreed on.

1: I say technology because I deeply believe that technology is our weapon against nature, against the unknown forces and to me it's the real magic in itself. Magicians in the past used stick and stone, tables, magnets and ect... Because that's what they had. Today is a different day and they have better toys to play with - technology is one.

Just like painters/artists alike. Back then they used stones, tables, woods ect... Now they do it on computer and they can deceive anyone. Photorealistic Lion

Not only that, they now play with Light! If you can manipulate light, you can manipulate what people see. Look for the artist: Jorigle (not sure if that's his/her name) but his/her site was: For some reason the site is gone... But I happened to have a screenshot of the clip:

(I know it's not much).

He managed to make things disappear but in reality it's there and I'm not sure if this was the technique that was used to make the statue of liberty disappeared. Try and hunt down the artist I just mentioned because the technique can be done by anyone (based on what I saw and what was demonstrated of course).

So, more and more Illusions are advancing not because we possessed special power but we have access to technology and its hidden uses. A quote from Metal Gear Solid II(the game for playstation):

"There's no such thing as miracles or the supernatural, only cutting-edge technology." -- Revolver Ocelot

Metal Gear is a very interesting game you can learn a few thing about technology and a lot on government conspiracy.

Do you believe that it's the Technology that lifts him off the ground? You decide.

2: Mind Hack: This is what most people here agreed on and the reasons for them not believing in it are...

1: It defy logic
2: Wire
3: Paid audiences/Acting
4: It was digital remastered/Hollywood
5: It's fake because he's an illusionist/magician

Again, fact: He's an illusionist/magician which we all agreed on.

The reason why it's easy to doubt all this is because it truly defy logic/reasoning. What we must keep in mind is that he's an illusionist and his art is to fool the mind into believing something that is not there. Either he used technology or he's mind hacking us through wire, digital remastered, paid audiences ect.. And before we explore these possibilities please stay on topic because this thread IS about "Criss Angel" and his illusions. I don’t' know why people are comparing Blaine and say he's better. Let's not worship anyone here and stop with the "I love Blaine more", "Criss is fake." because different magicians have different ways of getting into your mind and Blaine happened to found a way to get into yours. You believe he's real? He's just as fake as Criss, or just as real. Try to look at all this with open mind instead because once we break this illusion, guess what? It allows us to break other illusions as well and the more illusions we break, the more all knowing we will become.

Every day we are being trapped into illusions and these magicians/illusionist are into Black Magic. They will never stop in finding ways to mess with your mind.

"The greatest illusion of all could be the illusion you never notice. The greatest magic could well be the magic you are never know. A retired spy once said to me ... 'You know, not all magicians wear capes and wave sparkling wands.'"

So lets us all explore wire, digital remastered and if all doesn't make any sense then the only logical conclusion is: He's paranormal and has access to hidden knowledge. I don't want talk about it now because I don't want anyone to jump to conclusion and I want us all to explore technology AND Mind Hack, once that is out of the way then we can start with the real paranormal discussion.

But first,

The Magician

I'm going to quote something and I know it's not a good idea since we want everyone here to have original thought while talking about Criss and his levitation so that we can really explore Levitation. If you read the quote below you might say "hell, haah, he's messing with our mind" and then you stop exploring and doesn't want to go any further because you think you know it all.

The Magician - A following story will explain how these disciplines can interact and why the word illusionist applies to the master painter as well as the best magicians. Early this century a magician was sent to North Africa to quell a rebellion. He came on stage with a large wooden chest which he placed in the center and asked for the strongest man in the audience to step up. After some coaxing a warrior champion, a lumbering ox of a man was propelled up on stage. The magician told him not to fear but to lift up the simple wooden chest. The man did this with consummate ease.

Next the magician told the audience he would steal the giant’s strength and render him as weak as a kitten. He clicked his fingers and asked the man again to try and lift the chest. Now the strongman strained and pulled but could not move the wooden chest, even an inch, and finally gave up. To prove he had taken away the man’s power the magician asked his assistant, a slightly formed young boy, to prove he could lift the chest - which he did.

There was much consternation which the magician stilled by suddenly announcing he could restore the former strongman's strength. Then after asking the audience if that was what they wanted, and with another click of the fingers, he did. Finally, upon ordering the strongman to lift the chest for a third time the man raised it with his former ease.

The chiefs gasped and the rebellion was quelled for who could oppose such power?

Of course a steel plate in the bottom of the chest and an early electro-magnet under the stage was the simple cause of the phenomenon. But what is important is the story. It was the magician's manipulation of the minds of the audience that was the real magic. That is the art of the illusionist. Not the trick. It is the same with a painting or a play. A good painting will make you believe what you are seeing has a reality in time and space even though you know it is an illusion, merely a picture on a wall.


I'm sure that quote has just modified your perspective slightly and the danger of this is that you will believe that Criss is fake and all staged and your research on it is done. This is true for people with a closed mind and I am quoting that for people with open mind because I know they will explore these illusions regardless. Good for them and good for us so let's get started.


People have been complaining about wires and camera angles with his other demonstrations. Well what about this one? It's done right in the park and the camera rotates! It zoomed in close too! Clearly from watching this clip anyone without a doubt will say that he's defying gravity. So the people who think it's wire and say that it's wire, I have a question for you: Have you work with wires both for stage show and Hollywood? If you have no experience with wires then don’t' say it's wire.

I am waiting for experts on wires to talk about wires, all kinds of wires and how it can be used.

Paid audiences/Acting

If wire is not enough to justify then we come up with ideas like Paid audiences and acting. I'm not sure if those who said it was all acting actually took acting classes. Did you? Keep in mind that there are people who are shy... and that they act and behave different both on and off the camera and don't forget that there are a lot of brain dead people in this world, with slow reactions or no reactions at all when they see things like this. When I first watched it I was like a deer, I was reactionless.

Do people have to scream out loud and cry like it's the end of the world in order to convince you that the levitation is real (I'm not saying that it is)? Is this whole illusion really about the audiences, strippers and attractive people? You are saying so because you've learnt somewhere that magicians uses distraction. But how did you got distracted with this one?

butterfly picture - anyone can do this in five minutes with a bad actress.

I really don't know how it's done and I don't think bad acting will justify it. How about this Old man doing tricks on a bus with random people?
Are the whole show rigged?

*image: Top - He's reaching to take the advertise on the bus.
*top right: he's showing it to the people.
*bottom-left: He's shaking it then it dropped...
*bottom-right: He shows the people the advertise and nothing is on it. While he drinks the coke.

From the same clip: Look at the expressions on the face of ordinary people.

Now here's one that shocked the people from the same clip:

Did Criss hired audiences and makes them act? You tell me.

(I have a clip of this on my hdd and if anyone here is Really interest in seeing this clip I'll get you a link.)

It was digital remastered/Hollywood

There is a possibility that he used wires and if you believed that he used wires then the next logical conclusion would be digital remastered to remove wires or any objects that he used to lift him off the ground. Here's the problem:

If you believe the audiences are real then you can't believe in wires.
If you believe in wires then you MUST believe the audiences are fake.

Now here's the thing. IF you don't believe in wires then you cannot talk about digital remastering. When I say wire I'm also referring to objects that help him lift off the ground.

To recap: If you believe his shows were digital remastered then you also believe in: wire, fake audiences. Thus the whole thing is Mind Hack and is FAKE.

I was planning to show you how it's done to remove wires and so on but I realize that this reply is getting a little lengthy so I'm going to leave it out until someone here insisted that it's digital remastered.

So was it hollywooded? You tell me.

It's fake because he's an illusionist/magician

This seems to be the most strongest point and I was wondering what would happen if he didn't go by the title illusionist? What if his title were: Prophet Yahweh?

Prophet Yahwel to me is nothing but a black magician and he played with words to get into your mind. Again I've already said above that different magicians have different ways of getting into your mind and make you believe things that are not real. Those who believed in Prophet Yahwel have their mind hacked.

- Tablet
ps: I'm writing this from an interest in levitation and not any of his other illusions.

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 09:52 PM
w0w tablet

i will read your post tomorrow (sry i can't read it now) and i will post any comments / questions that i have...

thanks for posting here...

posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 09:52 AM
I have one very simple question to ask: if Criss Angel's performances are before real audiences, where are the first-hand descriptions?

Think about yourself and your friends...wouldn't they be posting their butt off, telling everyone on their favorite forums or blogs about how they watched this guy do this amazing thing and how they were on TV?

After reading your posts here, I did a little google searching/browsing and could not find one first-hand decide what that means.

By the way, this thread was the 4th match on Google.

EDIT: Final thought just hit me - who wants to bet that sometime, very soon, exactly what I was looking for will suddenly appear?

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