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HAARP's Family Tree

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posted on Aug, 18 2003 @ 09:53 PM
The first thing you'll need here is a means to search the US Patent database.

Then you'll need the following patent numbers to plug into the above search function:

These are generally considered to be the patents for HAARP. Note the "assignee" in all cases is APTI Inc and that the inventor in most cases is Bernard Eastlund.
If you're a follower of the great HAARP saga, you know of Dr Eastlund as the man who, in essence, "invented" HAARP. His first patent for related technology was filed in 1987, and APTI Inc was incorporated shortly thereafter to utilize this technology.
A few years later, APTI was contracted to build the HAARP installation in Gakona, AK.

Advanced Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), an employee-owned company, was awarded the contract to design and build the IRI, based on a proposal submitted in response to an RFP issued by the Office of Naval Research in 1992, and published in the Commerce Business Daily.
APTI was owned by Raytheon...
...up until earlier this year, when it was purchased by BAE Systems.

Raytheon is the 4th largest defense contractor in the US.
BAE Systems is the single largest defense contractor in Europe. As to its contracts in the States:

The Defense Department is by far BAE Systems’ largest U.S. customer, followed by the intelligence agencies, the Federal Aviation Administration and NASA, said Bob Fitch, vice president of government relations and marketing for BAE Systems North America.

Now, what is Mr Eastlund up to these days?

ESEC has recently completed a contract with the European Space Agency to review the weather modification potential of the HAARP facility in Alaska and to perform numerical simulations of tornado suppression with high power electromagnetic radiation produced with Solar Power Satellites.
Some of the highlights contained in these reports are:

MISSILE SHIELD ANTENNA (terrawatt phased array antenna)

Both Raytheon and BAE Systems have had access to the inner workings of HAARP and its related applications. APTI is the assignee for the above patents relating to HAARP, and due to the company's new ownership, BAE Systems conceivably holds assignee status now.
HAARP technology can be used for weather modification.
The Gakona installation is only a small representation of what the original patent was issued for. More powerful arrays are not only possible, but probable.
There's more to this thing than we thought.


posted on Aug, 18 2003 @ 10:09 PM
Wow excellent detective work. You are far more than another pretty face. Stand tall and be proud.

posted on Aug, 18 2003 @ 10:16 PM
Very cool thread Banshee!
Damn good homework!

If you're a follower of the great HAARP saga, you know of Dr Eastlund as the man who, in essence, "invented" HAARP.

While it is true that Dr. Eastlund is the most commonly linked name to HAARP in recent years, and indeed had a great deal to do with the construction of Gakona, and spread of Scalar technology in the US inventory, let us not forget that the TRUE father of HAARP is Nikola Tesla, who began researching the operational priciples of HAARP in 1889.

While Gakona is considered the first modern manifestation of HAARP and scalar technology, Nikola Tesla did begin construction of what would have been the FIRST HAARP facility at Wardenclyffe, Long Island New York... in 1905!!!!!!

A few years later, APTI was contracted to build the HAARP installation in Gakona, AK.

To my knowledge, Gakona was active as the original HAARP site until a far larger and more powerful facility was constructed in Poker Flats, about 280 miles north of Gakona. At that point, Gakona was turned over to the University of Alaska to give it legitimacy as a "research project", and to act as a red herring to deflect interest from the main facility further north.

APTI formerly owned by Raytheon (which has several black projects under contract to the DoD), and was sold to BAE (largely owned by the Brits)... is this evidence of the use of HAARP/scalar technology by the Cabal? (Owing to the large British contingent present in the Cabal?) This would certainly explain the interest in using HAARP for mental/emotional control and heigtening of anxiety in anticipation of terrorist attacks.

The Gakona installation is only a small representation of what the original patent was issued for. More powerful arrays are not only possible, but probable.

To my knowledge, in the Continental US, there is Gakona/Poker Flats facility, the original facility at Montauk Point, Camp Hero New York (which appears to have been reinstalled with a newer HAARP facility, kudos Midnight Mutilator/William One Sac for that info
), Fort Mead Maryland/NSA (I understand that the GWEN system has been modified for use as a HAARP array), and a brand new facility, the new MONSTER, in Colorado, approx 60 miles from NORAD. This new facility has been constructed underground, and has been rumored to be capable of 10+ gigawatts output, which by far outstrips any other scalar facility on the planet.

In addition to these, the following countries are known or suspected of maintaining scalar facilities: US, UK, Australia, China (evidence suggests they took out the space shuttle Columbia with a scalar strike), Russia (ZEVS), South Africa, Japan, and possibly North Korea.

Banshee, you did a great job! Thank you!

posted on Aug, 19 2003 @ 04:51 AM
If I had been Tesla's neighbor at Wardenclyffe I would have been nervous, real nervous.

posted on Aug, 19 2003 @ 06:43 PM
Nice pic. That 'thing' on top of Tesla's house there is one of the suggested causes for the Tunguska Fireball in 1908.

Read that and then consider what a full blown version of that Tesla's project would be capable of (HAARP).

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 05:42 PM
The EISCAT radars and peripheral instrumentation
The EISCAT radars are situated at four high latitude sites. The instruments that are running at each of the EISCAT sites, or that are used in conjunction with the EISCAT radars are listed below according to their location. The institution responsible for each instrument is also given where known. For further details about a particular instrument, follow one of the links below.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 06:00 PM
Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field. Circular lines of flux continuously descend into the North Pole and emerge from the South Pole. The ionosphere, an electromagnetic-wave conductor, 100 kms above the earth, consists of a layer of electrically charged particles acting as a shield from solar winds. Natural waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere and are thought to be caused by multiple lightning storms. Collectively, these waves are called ‘The Schumann Resonance´, the current strongest at 7.8 Hz. These are quasi-standing extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that naturally exist in the earth´s ‘electromagnetic´ cavity, the space between the ground and the ionosphere. These ‘earth brainwaves´ are identical to the spectrum of our brainwaves.

The Creator designed living beings to resonate to this natural frequency pulsation in order to evolve harmoniously. The ionosphere is being manipulated by US govt. scientists using an Alaskan transmitter called HAARP, (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) which sends focused radiated power to heat up sections of the ionosphere, which bounces power down again. ELF waves from HAARP when targeted on areas can weather-engineer and create mood changes affecting millions. The intended wattage is 1,700 billion watts of power. A former govt. insider deduced they want to flip the world upside down. 64 elements in the ground modulate, with variation, the geomagnetic waves naturally coming from the ground.

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters placed 200 miles apart across the USA allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered. They operate in the VLF range, with transmissions between VLF 150 and 175 KHz. They also emit UHF waves of 225 - 400 MHz. The VLF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiating into the atmosphere. A GWEN station transmits circularly up to 300 miles, the signal dropping off sharply with distance. The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high. 300 ft copper wires in spoke like fashion fan out from the base of the system underground, interacting with the earth like a thin shelled conductor, radiating radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground. USA bathes in this magnetic field which rises to 500 ft, even going down to basements, so everyone is mind-controlled. The whole artificial ground-wave spreads out over USA like a web. It is easier to mind-control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic-wave.

Tesla found that impulse duration alone defined the effect of each succinct spectrum. These effects were completely distinctive, endowed with strange additional qualities never purely experienced in Nature. Moreover, Tesla observed distinct color changes in the discharge space when each impulse range had been reached or crossed. Never before seen discharge colorations did not remain a mystery for long. Trains of impulses, each exceeding 0.1 millisecond duration, produced pain and mechanical pressures. In this radiant field, objects visibly vibrated and even moved as the force field drove them along. Thin wires, exposed to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapor. Pain and physical movements ceased when impulses of 100 microseconds or less were produced. These latter features suggested weapon systems of frightful potentials.

In 1997 the US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, delivered a speech on terrorism at the University of Georgia. Reuters quoted him as saying, “Precautions against unconventional arms must be intensified as potential terrorists develop chemical and biological weapons and electromagnetic methods that could create holes in the ozone layer or trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.”

Cohen’s admission reveals he has direct knowledge of such potential weapons. But it’s hard to conceive of “terrorists developing the capacity to “trigger earthquakes”. Hardly, when one considers the Pentagon’s HAARP project. A more likely explanation is that Cohen was warning against allowing such technology to spread to other countries.

The first howitzer mode is called the "exothermic" mode of operation because immense EM energy blasts outward at the target site. The blast of a scalar howitzer can be of near nuclear level in destructiveness, and can be repeated easily, at that place, or nearby, or anywhere.

The howitzer can use a lesser exothermic power setting and simply destroy all electronics in the target area. Thus they can render our nuclear missiles inoperable as they sit in their silos by "frying" the electronic circuits that guide them. They can bring down any airplane, anywhere in the world, at any time. Any person anywhere, if their exact position is known, can be assassinated without a shot being fired.

The howitzers can also bring down power grids anywhere in the world, at any time. Thus they could bring Wall Street to an instant halt by disabling all its electronics. Even this one little easy tweak of the howitzer could cripple the U.S. economy in a single day. No wonder the "leaders" don't want you to know! This is a new era we are in. The discovery and development of scalar interferometry has put us in a new world, whether we like it or not. Anyone could be expected to go into denial, the befuddled senators and congressmen included. But we have to wake up.

In a second howitzer mode called the "endothermic" mode, the howitzer sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. It is even capable of freezing parts of the ocean. Bearden gives a number of cases where these "cold explosions" have been witnessed, mostly by airline pilots. April 9, 1984: 1 2 3 ) A huge mushroom cloud of mostly water is seen rising miles into the sky from out of the ocean, an awesome sight.

A third howitzer mode is what Col. Bearden calls "Mindsnapper" mode. This is a truly frightening mode which affects the electromagnetic mind-body connection. Being mind-snapped at a low level would cause you to lose consciousness. Being mind-snapped at a slightly higher power would "entrain" all minds in the target area into a kind of hypnogogic trance, a state in which they would all be highly susceptible to suggestions and orders.

Being mind-snapped at high level would so disrupt the mind-body connection that everyone in the target area would fall down, instantly dead. Not only that, everything around you and inside you would be killed, so that your sterilized body would not rot for quite a long time.

The Mindsnapper can be used for a small area, or to kill an entire population. In fact, using the scalar waves to affect the human mind has become a new field in its own right, and has been dubbed "psychoenergetics." (This is discussed below in section 5).

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by Banshee

if you get a copy of weather:revised and updated isbn 978-1-74178-762-7, on p.123 there is a graphic representation over time of the growth of the 'hole' in the ozone layer over antartica. in 1982, it wasn't there. in 1986 there was a sharp decline in a small area of ionisphere. directly under that area was the usa's amundsen-scott south pole base. i think the first haarp installation was built there. i also think that the patent records for haarp have been altered in the last 12mths, regarding ownership and uses. the current version implies that haarp can actually be used to **repair** the ionisphere (ie ozone layer).

also of note is that CFCs - which is actually ClFCs, chloroflourocarbon - which were universally blamed for the ozone hole are not listed in the 1997 kyoto accord as being a greenhouse gas. its common replacement HCF, however, is. molecularly, ClFCs couldnt get off the ground anyway.

by suggesting that haarp can be used to repair the upper atmosphere the us military through their connected companies have liscence to build another haarp. obviously to cause such damage over the south pole a second time with everyone now monitoring the ozone layer would draw unwelcome attention. i suspect one of the reasons for building the haarp in the polar region is specifically because of the intense heat generated by the equipment itself, leaving only the arrays above ground.

i do know that the amundsen-scott south pole base underwent an intense period of heavy reconstruction, which may have been used to disguise the transporting in of the materials needed to build haarp, though i don't know exactly when it was.

further points for investigation, anyway.


posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 10:07 AM
Nice find.
People keep on connecting Tesla with HAARP and I can't see that.
Plus being a private company wee see no field reports of the operation.
The Pentagon is Using Tesla Technology to Destroy the World!!
I think dis information from the miss informed.

One day, as I was roaming the mountains, I sought shelter from an approaching storm. The sky became overhung with heavy clouds, but somehow the rain was delayed until, all of a sudden, there was a lightening flash and a few moments after, a deluge. This observation set me thinking. It was manifest that the two phenomena were closely related, as cause and effect, and a little reflection led me to the conclusion that the electrical energy involved in the precipitation of the water was inconsiderable, the function of the lightening being much like that of a sensitive trigger. Here was a stupendous possibility of achievement. If we could produce electric effects of the required quality, this whole planet and the conditions of existence on it could be transformed. The sun raises the water of the oceans and winds drive it to distant regions where it remains in a state of most delicate balance. If it were in our power to upset it when and wherever desired, this might life sustaining stream could be at will controlled. We could irrigate arid deserts, create lakes and rivers, and provide motive power in unlimited amounts. This would be the most efficient way of harnessing the sun to the uses of man. The consummation depended on our ability to develop electric forces of the order of those in nature.

Chapter 5—The Influences That Shape Our Destiny

Thats it. Tesla was home from London and Paris and there was lightning
and it started to rain.
Reich did more to make rain.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 01:00 AM
If there is any possibility that the Arc of the Covenant could have been a prototype for the HAARP technology of today, then this item would also belong in HAARP's Family Tree.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 02:55 PM
This whole thread is useless. The abilities and reason behind HAARP's existence are well-known. It's a communications and surveillance research project. It's funded by the military because it could have massive implications for communications, something the military takes even more seriously than weapons that go bang.

Nikola Tesla's work had nothing to do with Tunguska, and had barely anything to do with HAARP (apart from they both use electricity, and emit electromagnetic radiation).

Can we please stop this guesswork? Calling "not knowing what patents are for then making things up" is not "research" no matter how many times it's repeated.

Threads like this make ATS look silly. Very silly.


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