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Arc of Covenant, HAARP Technology, and the Illuminati

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:15 AM
Is it possible that the Arc of the Covenant was an ancient prototype for the HAARP instrument we have today?

A covenant is a contract based on mutual trust. Did certain humans enter into a contract for alien technology? If these humans received information of technology, what did they give in exchange for it?

Is it any wonder they call themselves "Illuminati" as the earliest of these magicians used light and it's power to control people by making up superstitious origins which evoked shock and awe?

I will come back to these questions, but first, let's talk about the ancient technology of light.

Carbon arc lighting was common in Egypt and it is reasonable to assume that Moses, growing up in the Pharoah's elite household, would have taken that knowledge and used it as magic to wow the uninitiated.

For more information on ancient technology in relation to arc of the covenant, visit this fantastic website:

How hot is a carbon arc light?

The carbon arc itself is fairly bright, but the tips of the carbon rods are usually much brighter. The tips of the carbon rods get heated up to a temperature usually near 3600 degrees Celsius, or approx. 6500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is near the melting point of carbon. At this temperature, the carbon tips are brighter than halogen lamp filaments of comparable size.

Is it possible that the chest of the Arc of the Covenant held some type of apparatus that served as a battery?

The Discovery Channel program MythBusters determined that it was indeed plausible for ancient people to have used the Baghdad Battery for electroplating or electrostimulation. On MythBusters' 29th episode (which aired on March 23, 2005), ten hand-made terracotta jars were fitted to act as batteries. Lemon juice was chosen as the electrolyte to activate the electrochemical reaction between the copper and iron. (Oddly enough, it was discovered that a single lemon produced more voltage than one of the batteries when using copper and zinc.)

For the religious experience aspect of the batteries, a replica of the Ark of the Covenant was constructed, complete with two cherubim. Instead of linking the cherubim's golden wings to the low power batteries, an electric fence generator was connected. When touched, the wings produced a strong feeling of tightness in the chest. Although the batteries themselves had not been used, it was surmised that, due to the apparent lack of knowledge of electricity, any form of electrical sensation from them could equate to the divine presence in the eyes of ancient people. In the end, the Baghdad battery myth was found plausible on all three accounts.

The History Channel 2008 documentary Ancient Aliens uses the battery as evidence of alien involvement in ancient civilizations, suggesting that Ancient Egyptians could have lighted the pyramids with electric lights.

In Bible scriptures we find details of how Solomon also built a copy of the arc of the covenant. It is also very possible that he used the "electric fence" type of security as the doors to the room of the Oracle were also made of the same material as the cherubims; activated carbon from olive wood, covered in gold.

And within the oracle he made two cherubims of olive tree, each ten cubits high.
(1 Kings 6:23)

The "oracle" refers to the arc. The wood of the olive tree is used to make activated carbon. The figures of cherubims were used to disguise the carbon, give it a look of supernatural mystery, and of course, being rendered in gold, it held the electrical charge.

The Bible describes several instances when sudden death was inflicted by direct contact with the Ark, and also indicates that occasionally that same fate was meted out to those who happened to be in its near proximity. Other historical accounts tell us about people having been thrown into the air and sparks shooting out of the Ark. Strange as these accounts seem to be, all these phenomenon are consistent with, and can be explained by the cause and effect relationship of a high voltage electrical discharge and/or electric shock.?

It will be proposed that the Ark of the Covenant, while being designed by Divine intelligence, was built by men with materials available during the time of Moses. It will be further postulated that a high energy, wet-cell battery was neatly tucked within the confines of the Ark and would be capable of producing over 1000 volts of electricity on an ongoing basis. With its built-in high voltage energy source, based upon Space Age technology thousands of years ahead of its time, it goes without saying that the Ark would possess awesome and mysterious powers that would puzzle and intimidate the people of ancient times.

A "cunning" work using the same properties of electricity as the arc of the covenant was put into the breastplate of the garments worn by the high priest. This set up was used in a practice of divination called Urim and Thummim, where the oracle was used to determine guilt or innocence of a person.

2 ¶ And he made the ephod of gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen.

3 And they did beat the gold into thin plates, and cut it into wires, to work it in the blue, and in the purple, and in the scarlet, and in the fine linen, with cunning work.

Has today's technology made the jump from this

to this?

So where does the Illuminati fit into the story of religious magic and HAARP technology? Here is another visual clue.

The above is an electric arc demonstrating the "arch" effect.
You may want to check out this information on the Holy Royal Arch. You will see the Arc of the Covenant displayed all throughout the Royal Arch Orders.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 05:33 AM
Answer? Probably not.

We don't know if aliens visited. There's no record of them. Because of that we don't know about any covenant with aliens. It's unlikely.

We don't know who or what or if there's an Illuminati (in ATS terms).

Carbon arc lighting was not 'common in Egypt.' There's no evidence at all that there ever was.

There's no reason to think that the Arc of the Covenant held any technological device. Neither Bible or Q'uran describe a technology inside it.

Solomon using 'electric fence' for security is without basis in any historical texts and without evidence. The Mythbusters were mistaken about the 'Bagdhad Batteries.' They weren't batteries.

On balance the idea of HAARP, Arcs and aliens is an unlikely combination and *probably* never happened. It's a nice idea though.


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