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The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:14 AM
I had read about this story in a book whose name I forget. I think it was called UFO's are Real. Here's a link to the rundown of the encounter.

After reading that, it's no wonder Aliens are afraid to come into close contact with us what with Kentucky Hillbillies trying to blow them to kingdom come with rifles and whatnot.

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:21 AM
oh man that is great stuff....lmao
imagine if they blew one away.....score one for the rednecks
they would have proved to the world what no one else has yet.
the carcass of an alien. sell blood samples to any and everyone.

on the other side of it

if it were the government trying their stunts, a downed aircraft that looks like a ufo would be a good trophy too

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:23 AM
Here's another article that roughly covers the same thing but with a little more detail. Jeese. It looks like all these aliens wanted to do was be friendly and these Kentucky Hicks were trying to kill them. I would have at least said hello.

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:31 AM
pretty cool
I agree with you....I was just laughing at their mentality. But it would be ironic if it were a guy like that that blows the ufo coverups open.

also, a 3 hour stand-off would have been documented better with a few pictures.

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:34 AM
im not sure if it is the same case, but Dr. Allen Hynek of the Air Forces Project Blue Book told of a similar (or exact?) scenario in one of his books on the UFO subject. it told of a hick family that was under a quick seige by some aliens surrounding their house. the family shot a couple of em' but the aliens were apparently immune to their bullets. or so the story goes...

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:54 AM
Same case...back in the 50's...

This case was the inspiration for the special / admitted hoax (by either Fox or UPN, think it was the latter), that had a rural family capture a similar event with camcorders... While fictional, and admitted as such, many tried to say it was real (but there are several instances showing it is a fake as intended). It was entertaining though, hehe... Can't remember the name offhand, but it aired a little after the alien autopsy special.

The case in the 50's though, appears to be pretty genuine, with the damage to the house corresponding to the events described, etc. But of course, not much more to go on than that. Remember, though the sightings started in earnest in the 40's, it wasn't until the 50's that we saw accounts of the beings themselves...and quite prolific ones at that...

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by lost
im not sure if it is the same case, but Dr. Allen Hynek of the Air Forces Project Blue Book told of a similar (or exact?) scenario in one of his books on the UFO subject. it told of a hick family that was under a quick seige by some aliens surrounding their house. the family shot a couple of em' but the aliens were apparently immune to their bullets. or so the story goes...

I think that might be the same story. It's very convincing considering the family's background. But one has to wonder what would have happened if they peacefully made contact with the aliens instead of shooting them. It looks like they meant them no harm.

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 08:58 AM
Reaching down from the roof? I can see how that might have been considered as not exactly neighborly...

Of course, this was after blasting one of them...

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 09:09 AM
I can understand why the Sutton family shot at the creatures. The creatures werent exactly being nice either.

This was a case that Hynek mentioned in his book The UFO experience. He used this case as one of three examples for a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, the other two being the Zamora incident and the Gill incident. Hynek was convinced of the case's authenticity, the witnesses being very genuine and unlikely to be very impressed by the whole encounter. Given the shell casings found at the site, plus the terrified state of all the witnesses (think there was a total of 9 people there) also shows that something real did indeed occur.

Its easy to laugh because they fit the bill of poor white trash hillbillies, but its also worth noting that back then, in the early days of the UFO phenomenon, country folk were actually more skeptical and less interested in flying saucers, seeing them as city slicker madness. These folks were very religous, very isolated, and very poor, and certainly not interested in publicity.

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Reaching down from the roof? I can see how that might have been considered as not exactly neighborly...

Of course, this was after blasting one of them...

Well, yeah. But he was just reaching, not leaping off the roof trying to claw the guy's face off.
I bet after being blasted at by a rifle, they were just playing with them. I know if I were an alien in that situation, I'd do the same thing, try to get those lousy heathens all riled up for sport.

posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 07:10 AM
Ypu know guys, I just noticed something. Just check out these pictiures:

First of the Kelly-Hokinsville Aliens -

And now of thisw familiar character -

Oh my God! They were shooting at Stitch!

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:50 AM
Hello, I have, on this one page of threads, heard (people like myself,from "Western Kentucky"), reffered to as"Hicks,Rednecks, and Hillbillies",ect.
I'd like to reply by saying first, that the particular area of "The Kelly Incident", is not in the "Hills of Kentucky,in Eastern KY",But in the Western
(extremely western part), of KY. It lies near the 2nd largest man-made lake, in the world,"Kentucky Lake",as well as "Lake Barkley".
I have information regarding "The Kelly KY incident"; and would be happy to share it, with anyone out there, who is truly interested in what happened that night.
There were no "hillbillies, nor uneducated hicks" involved.
The word "Redneck", comes from a person who works as a farmer, out in the sun, and the sun tans, or reddens their necks.
Yes! It is a farming community, of some The world's only "Dark-Fired Tobacco", especially in the past decades. The people are learned enough, they grow, harvest, preserve their own vegatables; as well as raise their
own livestock, slaughter, and "Cure,their own meat"(I've been a vegatarian, as an adult however). We Kentuckians,"grow our own,
make our own liquor, and are well known around the world(this particular area), for making the world's most beautiful "Quilts".
This having been said; what happened that night in Kelly,KY., truly was
not a situation involving "moonshine, or idiot hillbillies". There were
creatures on their roof, one of them "grabbed one of the younger men,
by the hair, from above him, while on top of their porch, and pulled him up by his hair, some 3-4 feet",(1.5 meters approx.), as well as attempted to break into their home. In a quite aggressive fashion. I have known of this story since childhood. I quote from a book, that retells this incident
and I am of an opinion, these were ETs, these kind, Christian people were
not stupi enough to 'tear up their home, nor shoot at any living creature',
much less call in the local & state law enforcement, thus staking their reputation, for nothing. They were, attacked pure and simple.
It is not my intention to 'be defensive', regarding the insults to my home
area. It is my intention, to educate, not offend anyone. If there is any interest, let me know and I'll post more "true and substanciated details of the incident. In the meantime, feel free to *U2U me, on this topic as well.
In conclusion, I will say this; Kelly KY. is less than 50 miles to The 101st
Airborne Division(Paratroopers), Fort Campbell Army Base.
This was not an "uneducated, or stupid family"; and the details I've heard
growing up, as well as the story told to me by a Sutton family member,
all tell that was a downed craft, an attempted abduction/attack. It all
began August 21st,1955, when Billy Taylor 'went outside to the well for water, and he saw a large ,strange light come down into a ditch nearby'.
The 'attack', began The next night, the 22nd, just as both the Taylors, and Sutton families were having a visit. They heard something on the roof,
The dog went off, barking like crazy, then whimpered, and laid down in hiding. Then the creatures were "On the roof, as well as at a window
attempting to gain entrance".
I'd have "Shot, too, at any creature, or person, attempting to break-in my home", wouldn't you? No "Hillbillies or Hicks",here. Just a true event, that
has never fully been understood. As well as good people, unbelieved and mocked, simply because of social predujices. I find that quite sad.
If you'd like to know more...I can tell you what other details I know, of what occured
August 21st & 22nd,1955. In Kelly, Kentucky; to some God-fearing Christian people, who were frightened to the core that summer night of August 22nd, 1955. Thanks for your interest.
Peace&Grace To All,

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by Reptilian_Queen

Or the (bad) gremlins from the movie of the same name. I had a link but can't find the rules for linking to the net.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 06:03 PM
It's not Hillbilly or Hick anymore...

Please refer to us Kentuckians by our proper name.

Appalachian Americans

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 07:40 PM
The H/K encounter is incredibly unreal. The aliens were described as goblins with big, far-set eyes and large bat-like ears with green skin. They actually supposedly shot at the things and it did nothing. The damage done I read somewhere was easily done by ax and blunt objects, as well as things like knives (though they didn't find much evidence that they had used such tools). But I think it's just another family wanting attention for their 'little green men' attack back in the '50s.

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 02:22 PM
Yes, they did 'hit one very hard w/some type of blunt, metal tool';
there was a small bit of 'Fluid', that the "being had been injured, that came from its body when hit". At that time it was hit, that particular creature, was attempting to, as I've been told; "Grab, or touch", in an agressive manner, one of the youngest children present, a young boy,
who was cowering down with the other children, he was closest to the creature, one of the Taylor women, hit the thing, it bled*(or some such fluid was left begind,(it has been said,"it glowed for a while(60-90Minutes)"
These people were they thought, (it seems reasonably so),that their lives were in danger.
As far as "wanting attention"; you must know these folks(NOT "Appalation
HILL-Folk, either"); That is in the "Other extreme end of Kentucky"!
This area is less than 80 miles from *Nashville,Tennesee". It is(a bit still), and very much so, back in 1955, a Tobacco-Farming area, the Only place in the world where one grows, "Dark Tobacco,then *Fires it in his tobacco barn". Burley Tobacco, is the biggest farming crop of this area's history(&present,a bi,still, as well as the richer "Fired dark tobacco").
This type of folks were even more "God-Fearing,tight-knit, and never crave attention, where I come from, it is considered a terrible declasse'
thing, to "Draw Attention To yourself, Much Less Two Entire Families",(as well, as a member or 2 of another family was present)!
I have "The truth, on this incident, the cultural understanding of these people,(Who once more, are very far removed from the "Hillbillies,or Appliation folk", I see mentioned, ( i hope I have made that quite clear).
Bigotry&racism, nor classism, has any place in an "open-minded, truth-seeking group, of human beings who, in the end have that "common humanity in common, and are connected by it so strongly"!
Please feel free to ask me any details, regarding this incident, or the "other UFO-incident that took place in Western Kentucky, as I was
growing up"; people never made a record of it, (they wanted No attention, at all), it was "brushed under the rug"; but I was there";
let me know, I'll answer either on the Kelly,KY.Incident, or the Sept./Oct.
1978, experience,(more than 1-sighting, several people as witnesses, some from Western KY.University, in Bowling Green KY.
There was a daylight sighting, as well as 1-quite frightening, "middle of the night"*Amazing Sighting, invlving 2-different type UFOs,very Low to The Treetops, one was Redish-Orange, a perfect sphere,The other a Huge, Oyster-shaped, luminescent wite, it got bright when it moved & just prior
to when it "Shot 1,2,then,3 other Redish orange spheres into the bigger sphere"! There's more, ask if you're interested. Just know I tell only the Truth! I have no 'time for BS, or closed minds"; but I offer my insight as well as my polite respect, to anyone who is interested. It truly occured,
I will remember my entire life. I know what I saw. I had no camera. I guess I just must "know my truth, of what I saw that night, in 1978, I was only age 17. But it haunts me, and will until I die. It is the reason (My experience/s), that I am here, on ATS; looking, searching for the "snippets of *Disclosure";If our Government Allows, or the snippets that are 'outta the Government's control".They must tell it all someday,
Keep The Faith! Be Well & Happy.
Have Peace&Faith in your own *Truth,
LibBLVRdoc; (Mischelle)
Sunday, August 25th, 2007,
3pm-eastern time

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 03:48 PM
I somehow doubt that the people involved with this incident were trying for publicity or recognition. Rural Kentucky in 1955 was far removed from the cities and urban areas. As stated, they hadn't gotten indoor plumbing in the farm house as yet. As someone who grew up on the farm, I know that there isn't alot of money for luxuries, so I doubt that they even had a camera to take pictures with. I know that we did with school pictures and the occasional trip to the photo studio and didn't get a camera until I moved out on my own.
Given the time frame and level of education prevalent, they probably had no clue what it was that appeared on their property. At first they probably thought it was some weird animal, and then something from the old stories. Odds are that they couldn't beleive what they were seeing and in no way connected it to the light they saw the previous night. The last thing that they would have thought is Aliens.
People from that era and location were more likely to think elves or goblins than aliens and flying saucers. They also were very self reliant and took care of things themselves. The fact that they contacted the police shows how frightened they were. If they had been able to knock them down with gun fire, you would never have heard of this incident. They would have simply shot the lot of them and buried them the next day. Or perhaps called the airforce in to remove the bodies and craft when they found it. Even then, they may have simply buried the bodies and the ship. These type of people don't want alot of fuss and bother in their lives, and are probably still regreting getting the police involved.

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 05:36 PM

Originally posted by Reptilian_Queen
I had read about this story in a book whose name I forget. I think it was called UFO's are Real. Here's a link to the rundown of the encounter.

After reading that, it's no wonder Aliens are afraid to come into close contact with us what with Kentucky Hillbillies trying to blow them to kingdom come with rifles and whatnot.

You may be interested to know that producer Barry Conrad made a
great documentary based on this case named Monsters of the UFO.
Barry showed me the documentary SOMETIME AGO when I was in
LA and he was excited by this story wich I think he made a very good film.
This case is a classic.

You may get the DVD here for your collection, I recommend it.

More information for your interest about the making of Monsters of
the UFO.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:44 PM
Isn't the first thing you're supposed to say to an alien "Take me to your leader" ?

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Direwolf

In 1955, people did not deliberately make up a story about ufo's, unless they were in the nuthouse maybe. Back then there was a stigma attached to this, people would say you were "squirrelly" --- not right in the head, etc. My mom and twin sister and her bro-in-law were followed cat n mouse like, for 5 hours in 1959 in Oklahoma on a rural hiway in the middle of the night. They were in shock and terrified, they drove to the Sand Springs police dept. and the cops saw it too. There was an article in the SS paper, but then the Tulsa reporters started hounding them and they made a pact to not discuss it anymore because some people were already looking at them funny. But to this day the three of them---all in their 70's now, and normal, respected citizens--- will bring goose pimples to everyone in the room, talking about it, it definitely happened and the large glowing ship was within 100 feet of their car many times. I am sure these people in Kentucky faced the same fear of ridicule; it took brave will to go public like they did.

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