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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- - §29§ -

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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 01:13 AM

originally posted by: 0311Warrior
Jeremiah 46:3

Stand Strong! Be Ready! Stay Vigilant!

We are already everywhere and nothing can stop what’s happening.


Semper Fidelis

Marine, I am praying God helps us end this evil that harms children. My heart hurts for them greatly. I was physically abused by a step father and his family. I felt to me at 4 years old I was tortured and I will never forget what I felt and was forced to endure. My mom caught a couple of the incidents and fled with me to where my Father could be near me. My parents remarried. That family were not perv's but the fear I had was real.

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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 01:29 AM
a reply to: Justoneman

The impact of living a life that you describe is near impossible for anyone unfamiliar with your experiences to ever begin to truly understand.

You are not alone

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 01:50 AM
DECODES on the 6 POTUS self-retweets yesterday evening.
Please read the linked posts yourselves and point out relevant connections - I don't have time: I do note that all 6 are 3 day deltas and Q3 is Uranium1 scandal!

#1, at 21:18:24,
DELTA from original = 03 03:56:58

Police Chief, and most of the police in Rochester, N.Y., have resigned. The Democrat Mayor and, of courses, Governor Cuomo, have no idea what to do. New York State is a mess - No Money, High Taxes & Crime, Everyone Fleeing. November 3rd. We can fix it!

1) DELTA points to:
Q3, Q303, Q356, Q58

2) Other USUAL DECODES point to:
Q12, Q21, Q24, Q33, Q56, Q106, Q109, Q117, Q218, Q252, Q287, Q290, Q306, Q918, Q1824, Q2118, Q3318, Q4435

#2, at 21:18:53,
DELTA from original = 03 05:50:57

1) DELTA points to:
Q3, Q305, Q550, Q57

2) Other USUAL DECODES point to:
Q5, Q13, Q21, Q23, Q29, Q50, Q53, Q85, Q218, Q335, Q918, Q1853, Q2118, Q3318

#3, at 21:19:58,
DELTA from original = 03 09:45:26

They are not “peaceful protesters”, as Sleepy Joe and the Democrats call them, they are THUGS - And it is all taking place in Democrat run cities. Call me and request Federal HELP. We will solve your problems in a matter of minutes - And thanks to the U.S. Marshalls in Portland!

1) DELTA points to:
Q3, Q309, Q945, Q4526, Q26

2) Other USUAL DECODES point to:
Q9, Q21, Q58, Q79, Q105, Q219, Q239, Q276, Q279, Q919, Q1958, Q2119, Q3319

#4, at 21:29:01,
DELTA from original = 03 11:58:57

Suburban voters are pouring into the Republican Party because of the violence in Democrat run cities and states. If Biden gets in, this violence is “coming to the Suburbs”, and FAST. You could say goodbye to your American Dream!

1) DELTA points to:
Q3, Q311, Q1158, Q57

2) Other USUAL DECODES point to:
Q1, Q11, Q21, Q58, Q96, Q163, Q228, Q229, Q759, Q828, Q929, Q2129, Q2901, Q3329

#5, at 21:29:27,
DELTA from original = 03 13:45:46

The Democrats will open up their states on November 4th, the day after the Election. These shutdowns are ridiculous, and only being done to hurt the economy prior to the most important election, perhaps, in our history! #MAGA

1) DELTA points to:
Q3, Q313, Q1345, Q4546, Q46

2) Other USUAL DECODES point to:
Q4, Q13, Q16, Q21, Q26, Q27, Q43, Q44, Q47, Q85, Q89, Q225, Q229, Q802, Q929, Q2129, Q2927, Q3329

#6, at 21:29:48,
DELTA from original = 03 14:16:55

New York City must stop the Shutdown now. The Governor & Mayor are destroying the place!

1) DELTA points to:
Q3, Q314, Q1416, Q1655, Q55

2) Other USUAL DECODES point to:
Q14, Q21, Q48, Q88, Q101, Q186, Q229, Q819, Q929, Q2129, Q2948, Q3329

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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 01:57 AM
Of note that this is the first time since June that Q has posted 5 days in a row!

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 02:12 AM
13 Q posts with 6x ?s, 9x URLs, 4x pictures, 2x kill boxes, 7x Chan IDs.
33 POTUS tweets of which 13 retweets including 6 self-retweets. 15 video tweets.
Total 46

Q V18.89 20200911 to 4679 incl DECODE tools
QPosts Pictures v18.89 20200911 from QPost 3601 to 4679

Most linked posts in the day's decodes:
14 Q21, Q3
11 Q10, Q14
9 Q9, Q19, Q23
8 Q20
7 Q1, Q12, Q48
6 Q30, Q33, Q46, Q53, Q57, Q58
5 Q6, Q7, Q13, Q26, Q32, Q44, Q47, Q49, Q56, Q66, Q88
4 Q2, Q5, Q8, Q11, Q15, Q18, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q40, Q50, Q78, Q84, Q109, Q120

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 02:12 AM

originally posted by: RelSciHistItSufi
Of note that this is the first time since June that Q has posted 5 days in a row!

With a huge election just around the corner, your decodes/analysis, combined with Q's communications, points to the Trump Administration preparing for a major offensive strike...or series of strikes.

I'd like to see a big report and indictments from Barr/Durham this month, followed by Senate testimonies from Barr and Durham in October.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: carewemust

Here's hoping care!

Need to get some shut eye now.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 02:24 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

(POTUS) in complete conjunction = (Q) Highly coordinated

POTUS TWEET T-19786 = Sept 10 07:24:30 PM
Q4644 = Sept 10 1:20:58 PM

TIME DIFFERENCE = 21,812 seconds / 363 minutes (rounded down)
TIME DIFFERENCE = double Palindrome

A couple of things:

(a) TENET movie - palindrome
- Christopher Nolan movie has been released internationally.
- Title is a palindrome and has one as part of the plot
- Why you need to read about this historic, real-world puzzle after watching Tenet (spoiler)

Sator Square is a four times palindome
- palindromes were viewed as being immune to tampering by the devil
- confuses him by repetition of the letters, and hence popular in magic.
- used in folk magic for various purposes, including putting out fires

(b) 95 Q posts with "coordinated", for example:
- FAKE NEWS media attacking this movement in strategic/coordinated waves
- Expect another BIG coordinated wave [#3] of attacks by FAKE NEWS.
- Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear - change narrative.
- Sufficient evidence shown to demonstrate rogue elements of intelligence apparatus illegally violated FISA law (tenets) in coordinated effort w/ d+foreign allies to impact/mod the outcome of the 2016
- Why, each and every day, is the MSM pushing a particular topic? Coordinated?
- Why, by coincidence, is there a terrorist attack (or mental health c-level attack) within a short time post negative D news?

What is a Mental health c-level attack?
- Media role is to coordinate the timing / message of the waves
- Social media then uses us to amplify by link, share and spread to our friends
- As one dies down, media has the next one ready so we are continuously being hit
- POTUS = Complete Conjunction = CC = Cleveland Clinic (articles this week)

Everything You Need to Know About Doomscrolling and How to Avoid It
- doomscrolling = continuously scrolling through social media taking in bad news
- telling ourselves we’re staying informed, but there’s something deeper at work
- If you’re continuously scrolling, it becomes a mindless habit
- can also be a function of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
- your brain continues to loop around on a particular topic

Cleveland Clinic “Coping with COVID” Survey
- Survey reviews the Mental and Physical Toll the Pandemic is Taking on Men
- 45% of men say their emotional/mental health has worsened during pandemic.
- feeling isolated, out of work, thrown in new roles, health struggles, etc.

(c) Complete Conjunction = CC = 33 = UN
Facebook and Google allocate millions to stop the expansion of the coronavirus
- This article is dated Sept 11, 2020, but the info seems to tie to March 2020.
- FB CEO announced the creation of a fund in conjunction with the UN & WHO on March 13
- March 13 = 3/13 = another palindome
- MZ announcement is followed by other big tech leaders joining this fund.
- The next month (April 2020) is when Trump halts funding to WHO .

(happy belated Bday to Rel too)
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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 02:59 AM
Victoria has turned into a police state.

And now a plane is laying down a pentagram flight path over Melbourne.


And here


posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 03:36 AM

New? Alternate to QPub that got doxx’d.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 06:23 AM

originally posted by: PokeyJoe
a reply to: Creep Thumper

The whole crowd in the stadium last night Boo’ed the hell out of the BLM “show of unity” and the “Black National Anthem”. Everyone has their panties in a bunch about it today.


Everyone arguing that the players have the right to protest. Yeah, well, so do the fans.

Everyone arguing there are more players than owners, so they are taking control. Yeah, well, there are more fans than players.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 06:26 AM

originally posted by: Creep Thumper

originally posted by: PokeyJoe
a reply to: Creep Thumper

The whole crowd in the stadium last night Boo’ed the hell out of the BLM “show of unity” and the “Black National Anthem”. Everyone has their panties in a bunch about it today.


I didn't watch for obvious reasons, but I did watch the clips.

There are players this morning who don't understand why the fans booed.


Houston acted like wieners and stayed in the locker room. Cowards.

This, BTW, is the main reasons most NFL stadiums won’t have fans. They don’t want to hear the backlash. It’s easier to call fans racist or make excuses with TV ratings down (like the NBA). Covid is their excuse for having no fans, and one they are very excited to have.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 06:39 AM

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
Biblical fire scene. Canada seems to have one helluva 'firewall'🙄

Even Alaska looks like scorch earth and South America.

Smart Phones, smart TV, smart appliances, and smart fires. Seems legit.

They couldn’t get aid for Covid, so now they are trying to get aid for fires.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 06:55 AM
Found out couple of days ago that one can sign on a document > under duress < as ... or three dots, mind you also found out that using brackets makes within brakets invisible and or void.

a reply to: MagesticEsoteric

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 07:14 AM

originally posted by: TheBadCabbie
a reply to: butcherguy
a reply to: Aallanon

I never got this expectation of predictions. I think Q is sharing information and ideas, and encouraging enlightening research into corruption. I've never seen any solid predictions of this or that supposed to be gonna happen tomorrow made by Q, just readers interpreting his sometimes cryptic words as predictions.

a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

I still get a page not found result. Perhaps it's my configuration.
as someone who came late to this game and reviewing in a future proves past situation a lot of Q's observations have been extremely accurate.. they have never claimed prophecy merely that we are watching a movie and the game is already finished

+2 more 
posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: brewtiger

I asked the question re: this Q drop, "Does 'feds involved' mean the feds are part of the arson scheme, or they're investigating the scheme. Punctuation and context matter."

Then we get the twitter from the Oregon FBI agent in charge, appointed by Mueller apparently, that there is no evidence that antifa is behind the arson.

Then we see that in fact many of these arson fires are being deliberately and systematically set.

Re-read this Q drop minus the bracketed portions. Context and syntax matter.

"Highly coordinated domestic terrorism. Feds involved ... controlled areas."

So I ask the question again: does this Q drop mean the Feds are involved as part of the arson scheme?
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posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 08:19 AM
a reply to: MagesticEsoteric
They cover so many topics.....
Recent prophecies.
Down fall of the Vatican Organization.
Devil worship in the Vatican.
Vatican Organization more worried about money than souls (my wording).
Third secret of fantama (sp?). By what M. Martin hinted at, back then, it should have already happened. He said less than 20 years, in 1997. Stated that everyone would know it when it happened.

So many topics And almost every caller brings up an entirely different subject.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 08:23 AM

originally posted by: carewemust
Senator Lindsey Graham set up the Bob Woodward interview of President Trump.

Tucker Carlson said on his show last night, it was a trap.

But Graham says it wasn't.

Graham denies entrapping President Trump:

President Trump said yesterday that he had heard of Bob Woodward, but as a non-politician, he didn't know much about his history. But since someone he trusted said it was OK for Woodward to interview him, Trump went ahead with the interview, out of "curiosity".

I wonder if President Trump still thinks as highly of Lindsey Graham as he did 2 days ago? (They have golfed together frequently the past 3 years.)
trump knows who woodward is, he is detailed in many of trumps books

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 08:42 AM
a reply to: brewtiger

Cheers brewtiger and nice value add on the palindromes/SATOR square.

posted on Sep, 12 2020 @ 08:47 AM
Is today the day for Durham Indictments? SharingButtons&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons

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