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If you don’t agree GTFO of this country

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(post by BluebirdMedora removed for a manners violation)

posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: BluebirdMedora

The majority can stay home.

I will either die or develop natural immunities like has been the history of humankind for the last 6000-200,000 years. I’m ok with that decision, it makes sense. If I survive I will gladly help all of you that chose to quarantine if the virus ever reappears as I will have developed natural immunities as nature intended.

You want to escape what is natural to the human condition. No one who wants to isolate and live in fear will be affected by my decisions not to.

But the bar I wanted to go to closed because they had no choice. My freedom was taken.

This is not coming from a point of arrogance but from an understanding of the human condition and my complete lack of fear of death. Not that I can’t die, but that the idea of death simply does not bother me.

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posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 04:21 PM
Your valid points are lost on the folks hammering your OP with that let em die concept I am certain. Then there is the fact some people are just going to make it about 'what is best for everyone' which sounds loving and caring.Even if it is naive to think we can do this every time a new virus comes around, I cant complain of the spirit of that thought is awesome.

Martial Law over a flu bug though is crazy as there will be more and more of these in the future. We can't continue this nanny state mentality or we fail to build the immunity's we were supposed to glean from the last outbreak of the flu thus compounding the problem for the victims. We need to accept that virus mutate and are we going to shut down the world next year?

This is not that type of event that has a kill rate that means even near catastrophy. We WILL have one like this again and again and we have to come up with a better plan. I have been saying for years on ATS the Cabal members use phrases like "by any means necessary"..

Fear needs to be replaced with logic and concerns. Fear is like being mad, the people who fear or get mad usually lose due their emotions over ruling their logic.

originally posted by: Isurrender73
a reply to: RudeMarine

This virus was spread by allowing people from known infected areas to come into their countries without quarantine.

Those who should have been quarantined were not, now everyone needs to be quarantined?

Your parents and grandparents can stay home in isolation. It’s actually a good ideal, but my mother who is at risk will not be listening to that advice as long as she has a choice. A choice she should be free to make.

Eventually us idiots will either gain natural immunity or die. Which is a decision that we are ok with.

No one is forcing anyone to be in contact with anyone else. You can quarantine yourself for as long as you need to.

But we are forcing healthy people who may actually be better off catching the virus and developing natural immunities to avoid contact with other like minded people.

No one is forcing you or the elderly to come in contact with anyone else. Your rights have not been impeded by us idiots.

But my rights to assembly granted to me in the first amendment are being taken from me because of your fears.

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posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 04:22 PM
Focus on being diligent with cleanliness and this is over faster no matter the severity of the outbreak. But I would like to not see forced shutdowns of businesses. Schools and gatherings make sense to curtail but the facts are you get to decide if you want to take a chance. A person like the OP is not forcing you to stay in nor coming to your house to infect you either.

The price of Freedom is not free and I too clearly see some people giving up freedoms for a brief moment of safety.
A very slippery slope freedom lovers.

posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 05:28 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
But OP, every citizen has their rights, so you have no right to tell other citizens with different views to leave the country. But we can tell non-citizens to leave. Germany has closed it's borders in an open border EU union, yet they try to tell everyone else no.

No they don't.

posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: Justoneman

I probably should have left the infect the world part out. But this was a rant and that was not something I could do even if actually wanted to. It was just an example of my frustration with the current situation.

The most interesting part is how Trump and all the other never socialists are actually turning to Socialism to solve this problem.

posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 08:12 PM

originally posted by: Isurrender73
a reply to: FingerMan

I know my point about ending the world with a plague was a bit over the top. And I would never force myself into contact with anyone.

But my point remains.

And Based on everything they are saying about this virus, I don’t see how ending any quarantine until a vaccine can be produced can actually stop this virus.

I’m sure our actions will slow down the spread for a short time but once a quarantine is lifted what’s going to stop this virus from coming back and causing the same problems?

In the end it would seem to me that without a vaccine people who will die of this disease will still end up with it and dying within the next 6-12 months. Maybe a vaccine is close to ready and they know something that we don’t? But why not just tell us and end the panic and fully justify these actions.

Their are conflicting reports about this virus and of it goes away in warmer weather or not.

If this was Ebola or something as deadly then I probably would have accepted the governments actions and never posted this thread. But I have still not seen actual statistics that suggest that we should have the reaction we are having.

All I have seen is limited data sets that are being used to spread fear. Without expanded testing I will continue to believe we are being fed a false narrative by the government and MSN.

If I am correct about this false narrative what can prevent the government and MSN from creating boogeymen that we all need to fear whenever they feel a narrative shift is in order.

Protesters all around the world have conveniently been silenced. If a false narrative can shut down anti globalists protests this easily what’s to stop them from doing this again?

Their actions are quite good, but could and might go further.
With every day the doctors and scientists study this disease, they are finding new ways to treat the virus.
Again, we may never see a vaccine for this virus because in the end it will not be needed.

(post by Ansuzrune removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Mar, 19 2020 @ 06:01 AM

originally posted by: Isurrender73
My mother is in the at risk group. She is on SS she can stay home and stay away if she is scared. However my mom is not the type to fear death. She knows I work and may have the virus unknowingly. Just like everyone else. She still chooses to see me and her grandchildren even though the visits may actually kill her. This is the choice she makes. Other elderly may chose to self quarantine until things seem better. I can’t do that.

If she catches it, she might die. She might pass it on to you, your children, and others. some of them might die. She is being selfish. You are being selfish.
If she doesn't have it, and stays at home, she won't get it, and won't die from it. She might, possibly die from something else, but that's unlikely. If she does have it, and stays at home, she can't pass it on to anyone else.

originally posted by: Isurrender73
This is not a deadly apocalyptic virus that we are talking about. This virus is slightly more deadly to elderly than the common flu.

it isn't, precisely because we are doing something about it. If we just all said, "nothing to worry about here, just flu", and put no restrictions in place, and did nothing out of the ordinary, you would currently be overwhelmed with cases all across the country, thousands infected, hundreds dead, hospitals overflowing. It is no apocalyptic precisely because we have acted.

originally posted by: Isurrender73
Are you going to quarantine yourself every time a new disease is found? How is the economy going to work if every couple of months or even once a year the world shuts down out of fear of dying.

If I have to, yes. If that is the correct advice, yes. but it's not going to happen every couple of months, or every couple of years. posibbly about once every ten years, given AIDS, Ebola, H5N1, Sars, Mers, etc. New diseases are unknown, they might act differently. I am afraid of dying from a disease, but I'm also afraid of dying because 9/10ths of the rest of the population were stupid, they all got it, and they all died, and the rest of society left isn't capable of existing, and looking after those who are still alive.

originally posted by: Isurrender73
We live in AMERICA where 30-40 percent of Americans can’t pay their bills, feed their children, afford medical care, if they don’t get paid for 2 weeks. Do you care about them?

That's America for you. Blame all previous governments for the way your country has evolved over time. If you didn't go t the bar every night, you could save some of your money, to pay for things like health insurance, or extra food in case of an emergency, or just saving so you've got a backstop.

Hospitals deal with flu season every year. The only thing that might overrun the hospitals with this disease is fear.

yes, and this isn't flu. Not everyone gets flu all at the same time. People with severe flu don't need oxygen, and ventilators, some people are immune to flu, flu isn't as infectious. Health proffesionals don't ahve to wear hazmat suits and masks to deal with a patient with flu.

The numbers don’t suggest that this is anything that should garner any bigger response than H1N1 or various other flu like viruses in the past.

you're wrong. yes they do. look at Italy for what happens if you don't take necessary steps.

I am one those 20-30 million who can’t pay my bills if I miss a paycheck. But that’s ok with you because I have to be afraid of the medias and governments false narrative that is completely illogical based on the actual facts.

It's not ok with me, but it's how America is. I can't do anything about that. even if I write to DT, he won't listen, and I don't know how to solve your problems.
I'm not sure if the govt/media are lying (well actually, of course they are lying, but what about ...?) but if you don't take the action asked, then it will spread, and thousands more will die, and stronger restrictions will be put in place, and your 'freedoms' will definitely be taken away from you and everyone else to avoid catastrophe. Take sensible precautions, even if you don't believe or trust the Govt, and catastrophe might be averted, and you might come out of this alive, and with some freedoms intact.

Personally I'd say that belief in god, any god, at this point in time is futile. He is not, has not saved hundreds of others, there's no reason he will save you. If it is your time, so be it, but if you can do something to delay your time, then you probably should - avoid getting it, and it can't kill you!
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posted on Mar, 19 2020 @ 06:38 AM
I'll get out of your country when you get off my planet.

God damn man made borders and the man made bull# they bring with them.

posted on Mar, 19 2020 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: CrastneyJPR

One of the problems I have with your response is you believe these actions are about not getting the virus. If this virus doesn’t stop in summer or a vaccine isn’t ready soon these tactics only slow down the transmission. These actions are not intended to keep everyone from getting the virus, that is why we are in mitigation phase because it’s too late for anything else based on the rate this virus spreads.

So like I said it may be better for me to get the virus and develop natural immunities while the elderly who wish to stay home do.

And for everyone that is worried about my mother. Why would you want to take away her rights if she does not fear her death? Should we just lock up all the elderly? Because that is essentially what you are suggesting.

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