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'Are you the mother?' A woman's search for baby taken by U.S. immigration

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posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: 3n19m470

Damn, that is so sad that that baby's parents would risk it's life by involving it in their criminal scheme to gain citizenship...

You have no idea why they would risk it.
They could have literally been chased out of their home by a cartel member with a machete.

Think for yourself man. Just because trump says they are all bad people doesn't make it true.
Your talking about a female and her infant child. How can your mind go to such a dark place.
Where does this hate really come from?

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:49 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

watch the rate of people dragging children through the desert to go nuclear.

And if it doesn't happen like this?

I guess it's normal to fear the future and think the worst of people.

For all we know trump is going to fix this.

I will still be here on ats in a few years If you are too then we can look at the numbers and see if more kids started coming or not.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:52 AM

originally posted by: RowanBean

originally posted by: Whoisjohngalt
a reply to: RowanBean

No. Its not.
The original point here is that these people are trying to get into the US illegally. Which hurts the country. There is a reason there is a system set up. Too much of any one thing upsets a balance. Now these people may be fleeing for economic reasons, they may be fleeing because their country is a # hole. Their reason for fleeing doesnt mean that their arrival doesnt upset the balance, which is why the laws are in place. So they gotta go.

While I might agree with you, we gotta be compassionate about it. Separating families and children isn't good and that isn't us as Americans.

Compassion at what cost? If wages are such that it takes 3 people to afford a one bedroom apartment then, no. I wont be compassionate. This country need to squeeze all the business that take advantage of these workers getting paid in cash under the table. And it can do that by drying up the supply of unskilled labor so that there is no choice but to offer higher wages, or go out of business. Why do you think the US chamber of commerce, THE LARGEST LOBBYING group in the US, keeps pushing for immigration reform? So they can get around paying decent wages by taking advantage of desperate people.
Let me ask you this. When illegal immigrants make it past the border, do they say "oh i cant work for cash off the books. It hurts everyone else by keeping wages down"? Cause I dont think they do. I think they say "i gotta worry about my family and my future" and thats what i say NOW! Its tough but its what needs to be done

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:53 AM
a reply to: notsure1

Maybe they should.

Do you care? Or is this just your way of attack the libs and causing division?

If you really care about this please make a thread about how wrong it is.
I will be the first to come star and flag it because the american prison system is appalling to say the least. I personally wouldn't want any but the most evil people to be in one. Murder , rape, and that's about it.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: notsure1

So your saying if a guy kills someone we should label that guys entire culture and people as evil.

Or do you understand that a man is responsible for his own actions.

That man that killed that girl is to blame not the people currently at our border.

But if you want the world to be that way I can blame you for the rap of my cousin.
She was raped by a white american citizen.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:57 AM
a reply to: Whoisjohngalt

So tell Trump to work on those businesses that hire illegals. Also tell Trump to stop war on drugs.
In my opinion both will reduce the illegal immigration significantly.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 04:58 AM
a reply to: Kharron

I dont believe he is the father and thats why they were separated this was prior to the zero tolerance policy. The mothers name is Olivia Caceres yet the guy is named Jose Demar Fuentes meaning they arent married. Was also reading one story where he crosses the border without her because he said mateo needed medical attention. Apparently they rode on top of a train causing health issue my guess pneumonia.

So someone shows up with a very sick child with zero proof hes the father. They cant ask the child questions to young. So even now that they are keeping families together he would still be separated.

Also why would they allow her to move to LA and have electronic monitoring but not him. I don't think that policy is fair sounds like women can get electronic monitoring and guys wait in jail. That doesn' sound fair to me at all.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:01 AM
a reply to: 3n19m470

I don't see republicans standing up for prison reform ether do you?

Seems like both sides are afraid to be pro american in this case.

this case=the prison meme

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:07 AM
a reply to: Kharron

Why do we need to make a separation? Why can't we feel bad for all these kids and treat kids as kids, and make sure no child is harmed in any way -- emotionally, nor physically? I'm not saying you ever did this, but why do people in all these conversations have to categorize kids into levels worth caring about and those that are not?

I honestly believe it's because the children are not right in front of them.

Human beings care about each other whether they want to or not. If those children or even the adults were with them looking them in the eyes begging for help , most of us would help.

It's easy to be cold and logical on an anonymous forum. But remember we are all just shadows of our true selves here on ats.

That's why I am so glad that melania went to see it for her self and I wish that the entire congress and potus would to.

If melania comes back and says that it's not as bad as people are saying I will trust her judgement.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: Kharron

How bout dem parents ay? How bout that? Seriously...

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:10 AM
a reply to: IkNOwSTuff

There are 8 million+ refugees in the world and something like 20% of all humans dont have enough to eat, where do we draw the line? Do we invite all 8 mill refugees into the west? What about the ones who dont have the financial means or health required to land on our doorsteps and seek asylum?

But america is trying to help the starving of the world and has been for many years.

What's bothering the libs so much is that it looks like the current congress wants to put an end to most of that help.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:13 AM
a reply to: Ameilia

Nailed it!

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:15 AM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

My hate isn’t anywhere. I’m just looking for absolution when it come to us Americans. I will forever be in debt of my own doing. In the meantime, the house I won’t ever be able to afford, the wife I can’t ever have because of debt, th healthcare I don’t have, all of that piss and more takes a backseat. I’m one of thousands. But in the meantime the KIDS. Not American kids, just KIDS. We are so broken. And it ain’t kids in cages. We are sick because we can’t stick to our guns. America is definitely the prize at Lady Liberty’s feet, but if we can’t take of our own....

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:26 AM

originally posted by: Kharron
I get it that we're not going to all see eye to eye here. Some of us are going to see more emotion in this and others will try to make it look like it's nothing. Some will be very business like and see children as numbers and other will see these as their own, as a mother or a father. We're all different.

But ask yourselves this... when all is said and done, hopefully resolved peacefully... who do you think will end up looking bad?

Those who were on the side of kids or those who were not?

I am a Father and I am telling you now, I would NEVER put my children in such a dangerous situation just so that I could have a chance at "a better life" economically. I would dig worms out of the mud to feed them before I would risk being arrested or having them kidnapped for my own selfish reasons.

Stop falling for the BS emotional heart string tugging and actually THINK about how these people got into these situations and decide whether you would have made the same choices as them, or instead would you have done anything in your power to avoid it from happening.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:32 AM

originally posted by: theantediluvian
a reply to: notsure1


Hide your kids! Build the wall! The invading horde wants to kill your children and rape your women!

Meanwhile, over in another thread, "ERMAGHERD, the Left is sooooooo dehumanizing!" *clutch pearls*

What happened to you man? You slipping.

The problem isn't "the invading horde" raping and pillaging in America. The problem is they are abused before they even get to you and what kind of parent would do that to their kids so they could get a snipping job?

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: RowanBean

If I had the man's ear I would. Thing is, its the same issue that everyone else whos scared that there wont be jobs for their children are saying. Some of those people cant articulate it better than "illegal mexicans are taking the jobs!" So everyone points and says racist, and mock them for being afraid for the future and dismissed what is at its root a legitimate concern. And then they all turned around and they voted for Donald Trump because hes the first person speak like them and address the issue . And ya know what? That orange bastard of troll actually did something. He started cutting H1B visas. He started letting ICE do its job. And then I saw this article the other day.....
ICE wants to start arresting businesses owners who employee illegal immigrants!!! How a #ing bout that! The unpopular things that need to get done for this country to survive, the things noone else wanted to do, are getting done. And for the war on drugs, i agree with you 100%. Its not my business what someone smokes. And thats what alot of people say. And guess what....
I gotta tell you. Im tired of the politics. The next 30 years are going to see technological advances at breakneck speeds, and if we dont get our # together and start electing people who care about americans, all americans,not just the whatever the targeted demographic is, or who has the most money and influence,then this country might as well be in ashes because we will be left behind.
edit on 22-6-2018 by Whoisjohngalt because: Spelling

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:37 AM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

It's not about what Trump says its merely who people are, we tend to take advantage of any situation that benefits us.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:39 AM
a reply to: Kharron

It just keeps going from bad to worse to the absolute worst... This is shameful and unconscionable.

Whatever the mothers and fathers of these children did or did not do, it doesn't excuse any bad behavior on anyone else's part. Period.

And the current discussion is downright chilling in its implications. Mama screwed up so we can do whatever evil and vile and heinous thing we want to her babies with a clear conscience... and it's all THEIR fault! THEY MADE US DO IT!!! We can abuse and torture and torment babies to our hearts' delight because of THEM!!!

Have we really become that sociopathic? That psychotic??? It sure seems so.

So be it. If the bright light of sunshine is what it takes for us to take a good hard look at ourselves and what we've become, we've only ourselves to blame.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:42 AM
a reply to: slatesteam

I’m just looking for absolution when it come to us Americans. I will forever be in debt of my own doing. In the meantime, the house I won’t ever be able to afford, the wife I can’t ever have because of debt, th healthcare I don’t have

So your complaining that your life isn't what you want it to be and that's why I shouldn't try and help some kids?

I can't help you with debt or a wife but I use the aca and find it very affordable. I just had some test done on my lower bowl yesterday. It cost over $800 but with the aca I only have to pay $26! That could be an answer to your health care problem.

posted on Jun, 22 2018 @ 05:44 AM
a reply to: Boadicea

You know how many of our own that are struggling every day? How many across the globe will suffer with America's economic collapse.

Let's say your kid gets picked up by the cops for something like toilet papering a house, would you expect the police to just give them to any person that says they are their mother without proof? Now extrapolated that to 1000's or 10,000's, now throw in language barriers and bad paperwork how quick do you think that mess would get worked out?

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