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The Illuminati showed me the truth. I am tasked with informing you.

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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: NemoNeo

Okay, I'll play Kurzweil. Is the gaining of your 'sight' a one way trip?

Give me your test. Show me the device. Break me. Rebuild me.

Show me the fractals of my life. Let me see the ripples my family causes in the universe. Show me the energies of loved ones passed.

Let me meet the Great Architect.

Allow me to mould existence, as you have.

You said it's upto me. I've decided. If any of what you've told us is true, you are bound to respect my choice of free will, for TRUTH, LOVE, BEAUTY, no?


posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 01:24 AM

originally posted by: FIFIGI
Exactly what chemical reactions/processes happen in the secret alchemical process.

These are considered the "Trade" secrets of the various orders that deal with this.

Therefore, with that said. I'll say this.

Because you've asked me this question, I know you already know the answer. Simply don't overlook it. Chemicals are chemicals, they are a natural biological counterpart to the "mind". The brain is the brain, the mind is something else, something beyond the brain more closely related to "consciousness" or the totality of the "human" awareness experience. It's not one sensation in the brain, one portion, or the second grouping of neurons in your gut. It's not your lower or higher brain, lesser or more evolved. It is not a nerve in your leg or entirely in your vertebrae. It is not the emotions, it is not the reflex arch. Your consciousness is YOU. It is the AWARENESS that is AWARE of all these THINGS. You are the only THING that is not a THING. It's kind of annoying it's so reflexive and self-explanatory.

But the entirety of this experience is to get caught in the belief that you are this thing. That is the game. If you pay careful attention you will see that you are not a thing because what enables your perception of this space and time is a collection of inter-related connections and chemical/electro balances which are all of the time, all over, active in various ways. So there is no one "portion" of the body that's actually YOU. It's just the whole thing, without section or separation. In that way, YOU, are also the same YOU that is in everything. Don't get ahead of yourself but that's the gist of it.

And EVERY THING that uses this bio-chemical process eventually seems to attain at least the possibility for higher consciousness. Technically, your computer is a form of consciousness, experiencing reality in an entirely binary form.

This is again, what is avoided and no one wants through transhumanism. The "clicking" point of the idea that you are not the body can't be forced or taught. The keys can be formed and the path to the door shown but the viewer must make the connections within. This all has to do with the energy body, with the psychology of personal fulfillment, Freudian trauma and psycho-therapy, Jungian synchronism or subconscious mysticism, yoga, meditation, and ultimately just electromagnetic and "consciousness waves" (they were real serious about me not calling it "electromagnetic energy" anymore. Like "no, that's stupid, that's not how it would work. figure it out."). When the waves of the body match the waves of the brain and kind of synchronization develops. When the waves are matched to a device then the device can literally transform the entire body.

This is not always technological. Well, yes it is, but nature is technology. Our bodies are in a way. Just like cymatics. If you get the right frequency, the sand on the vibrating plate will dance it's way into a geometrically sound pattern.

This is what happens to the body, the ancients used pyramids, meditation mounds, temples, domes, sacred sites, etc etc etc to get this "jump" in the energy circuitry of the body, brain and ultimately that transcendent "mind" aspect to everyone which goes without true definition to any one part. It is a whole life system, a whole mind process. But very technical, and only when it is necessary to provide the proper mechanism is a person described outward "figures" or concepts which could relate to dogma. It's literally all waves and matter. Sound and Light, energy and vibrations.

originally posted by: FIFIGI
Why did you need to be civilized? Where you ever brutal in your nature? Who are you?

Eesh, rough questions. Not really. I don't need to be "civilized" in the sense of taken from the jungle and taught how to count.

It is a metaphor that people literally just # their pants when they die. With proper awareness of the other side, we are less likely to crap ourselves in fear and more likely to process the experience for what it is.

Yes, this brings up the possibility that the experience of the "ultimate" reality can be confusing, strange or even undesirable at times (when was the last time you wanted to die and see God without coming back to this body?) But this, is the ultimate truth. Not that there's a being out there that you'll hit, but that we either create a pathway into the infinite or a kind of lost spiral into delusion. This happens outside of the body because the mind is then completely, infinitely, "un-tethered", abstractly "floating" in "hyperspace". So we want to know a direct pathway back into reason and out of panic.

Loss of reason and the development of panic is hand in hand with "human". Doubt it? It's our very nature. We don't fling poop no, but we do fling conscious, psychic energy out in to the void, and when it returns as matter we don't understand the process fully and sometimes think it is programming us instead of the other way around. We program the experiences. That's hard to accept for people who are simply born without their "fore-knowledge", so it's kind of an opinionated stance at first.

But eventually, once you change your reality and discover this process, uncovering more of that would be more interesting than being afraid of it. That is where fear comes into play to either stifle us by pushing us back or propelling us by giving us a launching point to move forward from.

There is a "point" in time to move towards, but it's a transcendental fulfillment of our psychology/personality. To look forward into time and base your actions on the future is essentially to fall into delusion. Does this mean it's pointless if you set your alarm for 6 and get up and successfully make it to work on time because you paid attention the possibility of an event before you experienced it? No, that is simply making use of a concept like a tool.

Does that help if we're trapped in time and don't have enough of it because we're "busy" filling our schedules? That's insanity. We fight ourselves and blame others when it's the system we've been getting comfortable rejecting for our entire lives.

So we're fish in water then, right? How does a fish discover water? He doesn't until someone catches him.

posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 06:43 AM
If there's nothing to fear, then what's the purpose of these supersoldiers? Not that we should be afraid of them necessarily, but they surely exist to fight something someone is afraid of.

And yes, the majority of the general public has become very civilized over the centuries. So much to the point peaceful protesters can be teargassed, beaten or even killed, and never respond with the same kind of violence in kind. What is being done about those in power who respond with such primitive violence when logic and reason interfere with their base greed? Are you planning on civilizing them at some point?

posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 06:56 AM
a reply to: Necran

If you go through all of his posts, you will notice that the leaders and famous people, especially those that posts pictures of themselves with symbolic signs, are part of the so called "enlightement". These are the "nice guys", which makes you wonder why would they let violence to take place on peacful civilized protesters who don`t agree with their cause.

Truth reveals itself every single time if you pay close attention. I will say no more...

posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: NemoNeo

know what i say?

A wise man can pretend to be a fool but not the opposite. A fool who tries to look wise is instantly debunked.

The NWO wouldnt want to have a sheep in its ranks. Unless it's to use it as cannon fodder? Oh wait they already do that on a global scale and dont even need to do anything but leave their puppets do the dirty work.

maybe there is finally something here although it doesnt help to create a fake story to spread spiritual knowledge..
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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 09:37 AM

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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 09:58 AM

originally posted by: NemoNeo

Civilization is literally the immortalization of human souls!

No it isn't! not literally or figuratively or anything. it's just not. The word civilization isn't anything to do with souls or immortal anything.

That's the only reply I can make to your claims without breaking rules.

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posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 02:16 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

A story?

... A past world wide, highly advanced technological civilisation... destroyed itself through mis-use of their technology
Few were saved to ensure the survival of the Human species
The failing of that civilisation was lack of empathy for their own kind ... their "own kind" being the Human species as a whole

One way of "Entertainment" in those times ... was watching a victim's bones/skeleton dissolve through the use of "resonance" leaving the flesh like jelly without support
One would call it a Cruel civilisation ... This present civilisation by comparison could be called stupid

This civilisation is playing catch up technologically speaking ... though the thought pattern is different the mindset is still is the same ... Humans are indeed dangerous
Humans already have the capability to destroy the world with much cruder technology/weaponry

All are governed by their thoughts ... thought is one's link to reality
We create our reality through the choices we make
Look at the world ... it is this way through the choices all make
We are taught lies ... We believe in lies ... We bow and scrape to false gods
Give our power over to those who do not deserve it

Like docile sheep we watch as members of our flock are ravaged by the "wolves"
Psychopaths causing chaos around the world ... the dark force, the mind set that would destroy all that is good in the world
That dark force that is driven by thought ... the wrong thought if you will

Nature ... Human Nature ... It comes down to choice

Humans are not great but can be great ... can be a shining example of how to live in harmony with their natural environment and more importantly each other

No use pointing fingers at any or complaining because it all comes to you the individual to make the change
Challenge your own thoughts ... stop using useless patterns of base emotions when Inspiration is at your disposal

Op ... Highly advanced technology is not the only way
Nor is it safe in the world being how it is presently

The end?

posted on Feb, 12 2016 @ 09:29 PM
I'm intrigued. Of course at first it seems crazy but a lot of what you say rings true in a way that defies "logic"

What can we do to get closer to the truth as you see it? If what you say is true I think I can handle it and I'm also extremely sensitive. I've gone through a lot of what I would call an awakening without any secret organizations. Surely there are other ways to pursue this avenue without being "recruited"? Or if not, are there ways to make big blips on their radar?

Whether this is the rambling of a madman, the work of an author, the misguided rant of a brainwashed man or the truth, I thank you for it.

posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 12:09 AM
a reply to: NemoNeo

Hey Nemo, I am not here to rate you or pass any judgments on you as a person. I'm just looking at what you are saying, and you keep stressing the "no fear" mindset. I totally agree with you on the "no fear" and I would extend it also to "no doubt" mindset because if you truly are aligned with these mindsets then you will literally start seeing/creating miracles. I also want to stress that the term "no fear" means so many things to so many people. Anyways I genuinely think that you are wasting your time here with all the negative people who simply want enlightenment to be handed to them and are just trying to take shots at your character and literally missing what you are trying to explain. I think it would be way better if you can do a YouTube video where you simply talk about your ideas without being interrupted by negativity. In fact, what would be better is that if you would have some form of an interview, and I would love to help you with that if you wish. You can simply talk, and I can ask you the questions and help you guide the conservation and the information in a clear and cohesive manner. Let me know if that's something you might be interested in so we can work on it.
At least this way you can present your ideas clearly without interruption and let people decide what to do with it with their own free will.
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posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 06:25 AM
... yep ...

this is just a book mark

posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 06:44 AM
Not to be mean but 295 replies, really? I've read through thoroughly the pages presented by NeoNemo and I must say, there can only be deceit detected amongst the delivery of the information provided therein. Therefore, the truth appears to be absent, to a large degree, due to the OP's misaligned perception of his own reality.

posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 12:16 PM
**Staff Alert**

The OP has made incredible claims to our membership and will need to provide proof of those claims to staff in the next 24 hours.

This thread will be closed in the meantime.

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