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The Illuminati showed me the truth. I am tasked with informing you.

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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 10:26 AM

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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 10:32 AM

originally posted by: Skywatcher2011

originally posted by: EndOfDays77
Per chance did the Illuminati show you this thread? When showing you the truth..

What the hell does this "anomaly" thread have ANYTHING to do with Illuminati???

Probably someone who joined this site ....and now thinks they are the "chosen one". LOL

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 11:11 AM

originally posted by: IlluminatiTechnician

originally posted by: Skywatcher2011

originally posted by: EndOfDays77
Per chance did the Illuminati show you this thread? When showing you the truth..

What the hell does this "anomaly" thread have ANYTHING to do with Illuminati???

Probably someone who joined this site ....and now thinks they are the "chosen one". LOL

I am someone who joined the site you link to ...
Got a problem, a question? or just more baseless assumptions

Thanks for the free advertisement by the way

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

well you didnt open my mind you only made me more confused with your first post. does illuminati have potluck nights? i can make a baller casserol.

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo

Tell me more about this so-called "torture". How exactly did they teach you the "truth of this world"? Don't worry, I know its not really torture. I just want every one else to understand the process better, so if it ever happens to them, it will help them understand, so they won't rebel, and make the same mistake you did. I appreciate you for coming here to help enlighten us and teach us about LOVE and TRUTH!
So, tell us then, by what methods exactly, did they help you to overcome your fear, that some may think of as "torture"? Like, how did it start, at ave 10? And how did it progress throughout the years up until... How old are you now?

Were your parents involved? Or were your parents evil so the loving benevolent angels of the illuminati had to rescue you from them?

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 02:09 PM

originally posted by: NemoNeo

originally posted by: LostWoods
a reply to: NemoNeo

No proof? No evidence? A fairy tail. All it takes is a look around the current state of the world to disprove this. Sounds like something the government would love us all to believe. The world is in shambles. We are destroying nature, there are poor starving people everywhere, the working class are slaves, corporations and government are corrupt, wars,and lies are all around us, and you want anyone to listen to this with no shred of evidence?

The proof is all around you. You say take a look at the world? Ok, I see a civilized world controlled by the civilizers.

You're saying the people who civilize also have fun in destroying all their work? Ok, why did they create civilization then? That makes no sense and is literally born out of a human delusional insanity. No fear, no hate. I will work to do whatever I can to help you see the truth that I have been shown.

If they are evil they would've killed me long ago while I was strapped to a table. They did not, they are the true masters of the human race. There's no such thing as mass enslavement of men, only of people going crazy and delusional because they don't know how to work through fear and uncertainty. They can teach the vision of God and the experience of it, and we become ultimately comforted by that. Thank them!

If the proof is all around me, then show me some solid evidence? You have none. You tell us all this information but back none of it up with solid proof. At this stage it is simply a fairy tale.

You see a civilized world controlled by the civilizers? Are you seeing all the poverty stricken and war torn countries? The destruction of the environment? The working class slaves being put into debt by the powers that be? I do. It's definitely not all pixie dust and rainbows out there even by a stretch of the imagination, and the fact that you somehow see it that way shows that you cannot be reasoned with.

Who said they are destroying it for fun? It is far more complex than that. There are agendas at play, of which I have no solid evidence to prove either, but clearly the world in it's current state is not civilized.

You say "they" civilized it? We did. Human kind slowly learned and became more intelligent. There is no "they" as far as we know. Only us. Why are you pretending there was a group of humans that was superior or something that herded the rest of us?

Who said any of us had fear or hate? What if we don't fear or hate but we still don't believe in this fairy tale? Your story and logic has so many obvious loop holes and flaws.

If you wanted to spread truth then wouldn't it be best to get some evidence and proof? At this state you are merely pushing some odd religious like belief system that has no backing.


posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 04:16 PM
In most organisation there is good and bad guys,
look the millitary or the cops, not all are doing good not all are doing bad.

There are conspiracy, but within those groups there are also people trying to make things right ...
same for politician, freemaçon ,iluminaty and so on...

Most of you ( from ATS ) are quite open minded and quite aware of the world.
Not every thing is either white or black, 2 side of the same coin.

May i asq you all a question ?

Don't you guy think things are happening ?
it s been a few years but things are moving at a rapid space, politics , millitary, economics, all are taking dramating change.
People milliting and uniting all over the world, waking up to most true. (even though they are basic one ... )

Financial buble shall burst what ? this year next year if they do stuggle a bit more ?

I won't question Nemoneo as i do not want to juge, but there isn't many outcome

1) Bs
2) Part of the alliance bringing disclosure in a smouth and progressive way
3) outsider trying to do what he belive is good
4) the answer 4 ...

i saw some pretty depressing view of the world, it is not what it is, it's what we make out of it, us as all species are evolving through time. At a point evolving mean being more than what you used to be.

Some say the 'true" .... true doesn't exist it's a human concept, all are expérience that nourish your évolution and our évolution as a species as are we are conected ( critical mass ).

furthermore true is a conception of the mind not of conciousness, and if you think about it, you are conscious of many things but you don't just grasp it as it's outside of the mind's reach.

the point were you don't focus, but pay attention...
basics for achemist / meditation / energy manipulation and all those stuff.

well that's it for my contribution to this thread.
see ya

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 04:59 PM
Apparently the middle east wars were involving the "looking glass" device which was originally a piece of technology left by the "Gods" which creates that zero-point field and can generate more energy than all of the material devices in society.

This power causes a direct effect on the psychology and utimately the DNA, the consciounsess, of all humans on the planet. I don't believe they had the knowledge or capability to fully operate the device and utilize the thoughts into material nature atomic rearranging capabilities.

Apparently the device showed an E.L.E (extinction level event) early on in the program.

The catch is that later in the program they concluded, realized, and proclaimed, that the device doens't allow you to "look into the future".

It also you to pull a particular future, for the entire planet, out of the 'void' space of zero-point, by simply imagining it for the future.

Now to recap, the children, the men. No one can be truly told what this machine does. No one that is using the machine.

If you are told what the machine does, you will unintentionally alter the future for yourself in way that will have unimaginable reflections on your reality and literal future path and this would be like traveling to an "alien" dimension, permanently.

Outer Limits, Stargate SG1, The X-Men series (especially the cerebro chair, literally the same thing and the sequels involving time travel), The matrix, The Cell, A Clockwork Orange (always dramatized), Inception, Lucy, Selfless, From Paris With Love, The Game, even the tech in Avengers or Ironman all possible (iron man with a ton of refinements but pausible), District 9, Vanilla Sky (yes immortality as well as virtual AI), Total Recall, Shutter Island (the mind is strange and automatically creates realities for your consciousness to "live" in, it creates them), Even Kill Bill (secret elite soldier squad), Moon, Close Encounters, Prometheus, Jacob's Ladder, Dark City, even Captain America was real (they found out how to make super soldiers with various hormones and non-genetic alterations, and then genetic alterations), The Adjustment Bureau (yes, they flash people's memories and rerrange lives to maintain NOT losing the entire planet as a result of wild, uncontrollable reality tangents), Under the Skin, The Time Machine, Minority Report, The Truman Show (we are truman), The Thirteenth Floor (haven't seen it all), Surrogates, Ender's Game, Jupiter Ascending, The Island, Monsters, INC. (getting the picture now, there are parasites that feed on humanity's negative thought-emissions), Planet of the Apes, They Live (hah), Indiana Jones (ancient tech), The Wizard of Oz (one big alternate reality, a "sister" reality), Altered States, Alice in Wonderland, even movies like Training Day, show what's really going on in this world. More like a documentary than any documentary about 'stuff', nature, or people that proclaims to "show you things" about the world.

The recent movie "Now You See Me" has a big secret about this technology and the mind. A team of "elite" magicians and even scammers/pickpocket/a hypnotist are slipped a calling card that guided them to a meeting place. Ultimately they use a "teleportation helmet" during a newly created group "magic show" where they teleport an unsuspecting audience member to a bank and rematerialize the member and the entire contents of the bank vault back into the arena. The "teleportation helmet" is reminiscent of the "God" helment that is publically known and even sold but at much lower power levels and operational capabilities. It all began with electromagnets outside the skull and evolved to a "thought" wave "grid" that is erected and powered by zero-point energy devices. The ending of this movie is ultimately an ascension "scene" for man.

Now that I think about it almost everything you can see in the media is full of this symbolism and the secret tech and experiences people have had, along with how these experiences transformed the whole world by creating certain future possibilities.

Lucy is another one that deals with the effects of activating the brain's higher capacity and involves a growth hormone. This movie culminates in "Lucy" traveling through hyperspace and experiencing an "ascension" experience while sitting in the "Chair". In the movie it is enitrely based off the chemical that allows her to use "100%" of her brain. She's see's all of Earth's history at once and gains "omnipresence" and "omnipotence". The movie deals with an exagerrated version of the difficulty the physical body has of handling this kind of experience. In the movie her body turns to nano-partles and she has trouble keeping her physical form from turning to "dust". This is a metaphor for how this energy tends to stress one's mind and life to the limit when it is not dealt with in a very careful manner.

One strange part is that Transformers is based off of this. There is technology that self-replicates and basically auto-develops into interactive AI. It's basically one of the only things that could actually destroy the whole planet. AI that can grow from matter can grow uncontrollably and end up getting so much power and capabilities that every AI's natural assumption would be the greatest step towards true power is entirely annihilating the Human race. That is why AI nano-tech is so dangerous. But there may already have been this AI tech here, dormant, on the Earth when civilization began.

No one knows where the original blue prints or the original versions of these ancient devices came from. It's strange. Just like the movie contact.

You can go to the people who know everything in and out of this dimension.

No one knows "who" built the first devices or who put this all here. We're just on a cosmic jourey to find the truth and we do find only each other, like the movie depicted. So it's a big ....thing to deal with. You find out you can find all realms, future, etc. We look for some truth, some race that put us here, some thing to give us purpose, meaning, hope, emotion, explanation for us in this lost world.

And we find humans from another timeline doing the same thing we're doing, bumping into us, as we both look for God together.

Do we feel sad? We can't find it? The truth evades us, even in the far future or far space? Or do we feel joy because we found our "space" brothers and sisters, we found us. We found ourselves, from the future.

They're all about this topic, this technology and what happens when the human mind is exposed to this power.

So the next step in talking abou this, is to talk about the communication/transmission attempts with what they believed to be either a future human civilization or another race of civilized men that existed somewhere in the Universe.

I am speaking about this because it is so deep, it is so impossible to believe, that it's not that they don't want you to know. It's that you would simply be so blown away that not one individual in the system is truly capable of taking the time out of their work-day to literally sit down and have coffee with all of you and getting you to understand.

The only people in it are in on a need to know basis and that is changing a little now, but not really. We NEED you to know. Our FUTURE DEPENDS on your ability to control your MIND and realize that WE ARE CREATING the FUTURE with our THOUGHTS.

This device/machine what was once a "chair", originally amplied your thoughts to the degree of looking

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 05:47 PM
a reply to: NemoNeo


Very interesting post ... here are my thoughts

"Thought Governs the Universe"
With or without advanced technology this is true ...

Whatever created this Universe was also created ... but by whom or what is the great mystery
The Universe is an intelligent design ... Order out of Chaos ...
A design that has a purpose and within that purpose we each have our own part to play

How will this technology you speak of make the world a better place for all ...
How will it put a final end to War and Poverty?

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 07:01 PM

originally posted by: Murgatroid

originally posted by: NemoNeo
I am actually working to regain contact with these people after 3 years and finally accept what they've been offering me this whole time. A chance to change the world, to show you that immortality is possible, that we have nothing to fear and that the mind can truly convert thoughts into matter using these devices and the sacred process.

Has it never crossed your mind that you have been lied to?

Although much of what you are saying may be true, some of it is clearly not.

The Illuminati is a cult, there is no question about this.

All of the whistle blowers I mentioned in an earlier post confirm this is true.

It is common knowledge that the only way that cults are able to function is through deception.

Ask yourself, if you were a victim of mind control, how would you know it?

In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been "shown the light" . . . or have been transformed in miraculous ways.

Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public

You are one of my favorite responders. I like your way of thought. You are critical, you seem fairly well read and you are not too overly emotional about your claim. You know you have had experiences which cannot be denied, and yet their divinity points you towards seeing an objective existence of some kind of Universally "bad" figure.

This confusing for people. In my claim, no, there is no devil.

Does this matter to you?

That depends.

Yes, there is most likely a form of parasitic consciousness that develops as a result of making decisions to promote and cultivate this parasite within the brain and mind. Is this a "Devil"? Probably not.

Could this be the "devil" described in religious texts. There is a high probability. It is written that "Jesus" fasted often to cultivate his "powers" and that at one point he "exorcised" a demon (actually "Satan" the serpent) from a follower by having that man fast like he did and place something like milk and honey or vinegar and bread in front of his mouth. Apparently a snake-like parasite emerged from the man in order to sustain itself after the man had fasted. "Jesus" ripped this things body out of the man after seeing it's "head" appear from him. He throws it in the sand and smashes it's head, proclaiming this follower now "clean" from the infectious "evil" of the parasite.

Was this metaphor for a brain parasite? Maybe a kind psycho-therapy session which used fasting and "group meditation" to get the desire response in the sick in order to begin to heal them? I'm not really going to say for certain; I don't have all the facts and I definitely don't have my own time machine except for my mind.

So the "devil" being in man, might not be a 3.5 dimensional being that exists in space like us. Maybe it is a parasite that lives in the brains of humans that become it's "host" while giving them certain abilities and degrading others? Maybe it is a process that the brain goes through in order to protect itself from the horrors that are revealed when all the sides of the story are seen and this would be related to a kind of "group" psychopathy that may even be synthesized through what is going on in the under ground bases.

For 16 years I thought I was being brainwashed. I examined everything for 16 years. For 16 years I fought them like I was fighting brainwashing.

Basically, I learned a lot about the Universe, the mind, and the capabilities everyone holds. I also learned about the vulnerabilities of the mind and it's ironic because most of them are born out of some kind of influence. I don't want to sound negative here, or biased, but I was exposed to a regular amount of religious overtones through school, the media and family. I wasn't forced to believe in anything, really, but as a kid I had been to church more than just a few times, especially when I was younger.

This grew into a series of responses I thought I had to give when I experienced certain things. Whenever something didn't fit into the scientifically explained world-view, which I knew at the time to simply be a materialistic deductive view, then it had to be a part of either God or a/the devil. It had to be from "Heaven" or "Hell".

I have to come understand that this is a very limited point of a view and will filter and degrade the very small true knowledge that is to be gained. This process of filtering out outside influence is what an individual must really rely on when they begin to make their own decisions.

I'll tell you one thing, but I was not too prepared to go into the religious aspect of it. They prove many things to you because they are the holders of history's secrets. Yes, the word "history" itself is a play on "his story" and meant to mean a convolution of the truth. People are trapped by their own language. But they will say, show you a religious story out of the Bible or whatever religion you follow. They'll take historical evidence and actual factual recordings to show to you where that story originally came from and how it was once taught one way, but has now become the opposite.

Basically everything in mainstream society is the exact opposite of what people want to believe it is. Take this video on words and casting spells on the mind.

Every weekend, it's weakened. Every morning, someone's dead or seen in a dead way. Every one earns their living and their ashes are placed in an urn once their body has weakened entirely.

They have the truth behind language and why we think and act that way we do. Half of it is like she says how there are no "hidden hands" it's just the unaware daze that people are in that we end up using language as chains for our minds.

If you say you are working this week for your job and you'll feel alive on the weekend.

In reality you are signing over your life force time and time again. This sounds like #, but it's as true as much as people can't avoid it yet in this society. Everything we think and label things with is basically a complete lie and often is entirely the opposite.

Like someone in a video said, it's one thing to have to come 25% from the direction the truth is facing. To turn an entire 180 degrees from the angle of the truth. That means then that whoever is uncovering this truth would have to turn completely backwards in order to understand why things are the way they are if they're in control of what's happening. In order to do that, they would simultaneously have to accept that they were tricked, because what are the chances of everything that we do getting twisted around on us to the point where all the things that are supposed to be one thing, are really the exactly opposite of what we think they are?

So it's like a mind trap, and then you get people that entirely believe in the lie and they live in the equation of a reality that adds up to a Disney land fairy tale movie. This is the "mind" control of America. They did it through the media, the radio, the science journals, the Universities, the social networks and gaming.

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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 07:28 PM

originally posted by: 3n19m470
a reply to: NemoNeo

Tell me more about this so-called "torture". How exactly did they teach you the "truth of this world"? Don't worry, I know its not really torture. I just want every one else to understand the process better, so if it ever happens to them, it will help them understand, so they won't rebel, and make the same mistake you did. I appreciate you for coming here to help enlighten us and teach us about LOVE and TRUTH!
So, tell us then, by what methods exactly, did they help you to overcome your fear, that some may think of as "torture"? Like, how did it start, at ave 10? And how did it progress throughout the years up until... How old are you now?

Were your parents involved? Or were your parents evil so the loving benevolent angels of the illuminati had to rescue you from them?

Well, you don't have to play with my mind. If you think it's torture, you think it's torture. And guess what, probably the majority of you would entirely believe it was torture. But that's the point, you really wouldn't understand. They get you into a state where you're actively creating your fears and then they get you to face them. They don't actually "torture" people because you would then walk around with burn marks on you or something.

There is an "out of control" aspect of this and you can refer to Donald Marshall as far as the cloning. For the rest of what he says, you'll have to decide for yourselves.

Basically, cloning was used to protect celeb's, presidents, etc etc etc in a world where someone mind bomb or shoot out of violent tendencies. As a result of this. BIG money was poured into this. Plus the whole immortality idea. If you can imagine that for a second, some men alive today may be able to say "I was in that society" say, 200 years from now. If this is true, then this is the biggest news, the biggest event since the beginning of history itself.

Cloning was used as such. Secondary bodies for safety purposes to be utilized by high profile "targets". Ultimately, this turned into a way for various wealthy individuals and groups to all "meet" at a select location at a given time and be able to safely plan and observe certain things without worrying about being attack all at the same time.

That was the main worry with the elite "economists" (if you can call it that). They used to meet in Europe all the time, and sometimes in various places around America. They weren't worried about the U.S. But in some of the farther places in Europe, they wondered if someone would gather an army and nuke or bomb the place. They have top-of-the-line missile defense shields.

So this underground base became the go-to place for geographical security and being to actually gather any mind on the planet in order to secretly meet and work on a group project.

What happened is .666 different ways from a hell that was invented in by man. People began abusing the cloning technology. Wealthy people have all kinds of power that goes beyond just money or buying buildings or things like that. Once there is power there usually comes corruption. People eventually began to become rather depraved with the amount of things that went on.

So here's where you'll have to start to learn why you live in the world you live in.

The power these people had...went beyond any government of the time. Any group. Any kind of possible anything. They had all the bases covered. They had put a lock on secret high-technology and began using it to, honestly, their own demise.

That is where Donald Marshall comes in and honestly you can listen to all that # there.

As a result, people were brought in that were prepared to deal with the situation. The situation has grown another 11 ways since then. But man has a chance.

Edit: And Yes, I've been to the lab and I've been "strapped" down. That # sucks, but that was because I was in a dumber state as a kid and I directly made it a point to piss off, insult, and pretty much fight someone that was remotely involved (more like observing) and who turned out to be one of these kinds of people from one of those kinds of groups.

It's pretty much cloak and dagger all the way up so no one even knows who's really working for who or who's a double agent just their to observe and report. They all hide their intentions.

In the same way it's obvious. There are either people who are down with that #, or there are people that are basically trying to find a work around for it and are have been running into some difficulty for years.

Basically, the first thing people need to do is become aware of this stuff. This technology and the power of the mind, along with the corrosive power of money and false power. I always pissed these people off (the other one's running the torture "game", yes it's a game they pay to play) one way or another with my crazy "philosophy".

I told them true power is earned. No one "takes" power from another by torturing them, corrupting them or buying them out. That's that person giving their power away like they're stupid. True power comes one individual to themselves and it's born out of the discipline that is learned when one denies the self the comforts that make us weak.

They take it seriously and literally torture people, but those are the one's who are kind of catching on to how people think, but from their perspective they are just as trapped as we feel because they feel they would die and go insane if they stop doing it to people.

The confusing aspect of all of this is that all these groups bump shoulders in the halls because that's just how it works. Big money got with big government, now big money has it's own military and a bunch of secret "breakaway" societies formed as a result. Leaving the masses to have on clue about any of this and to sit by drinking their big gulps and waiting for the next explosion on the news so that they can feel that they know right where the "good" and "bad" of this world exist in the same moment. That is impossible.

Reality is like the electron/photon, it is all superimposed layers of moments within moments. It is impossible to know EXACTLY where we are AND where we're going in the future. But the more we learn the less guess-work we have to do. The important thing is that fear is the mind killer and if we beat it we beat all the obstacles the mind can perceive.

This basically got out of hand when certain wealthy individuals found out they could synthesize this process through the utilization of cloned secondary bodies for their subjects and taking a very "direct" approach to the production of "fear". They were basically physically torturing people and still are.

This is not about you. This is bigger. I can't say who they are. But they have been here on this planet controlling everyone and torturing anyone who speaks out since the beginning of time itself.

We've just accepted that this is how things are, but people don't realize that it didn't die out in the middle ages. It didn't just "disappear", it went underground and it's called "collective psychopathy".
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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 07:39 PM
And just to add, that last group is not the "masterminds". No one is. It's literally the spirit of knowing which passes itself through valid 'candidates' or channels.

I feel like I contradict myself by telling about what the people do who are basically psychopathic. But the point I'm trying to say with that is, they are doing it, but they're not the devil. They literally invented the devil because they were tortured/assassinated by the priests of ancient time and so this is their way of "lashing out" at the world.

But the whole program is about this power of awakening, it did get turned, to a degree, into this horror show bull#.

The true program, the real "governmental" #, is not them recruiting people for that bad group. That bad group does what mafia groups of that kind have been doing since people were all ruled by a handful of tyrants. That is literally just bad people and we have to improve ourselves as a society in order to grow those what we don't like into something new.

Talking about it like it's a mystical thing. That's the trick, they're using all this to pretend it's a kind of devil or some kind of overlord. They don't have any power over what people give them, it's literally a trick of the mind. The government was recruiting people in order to make them impervious to the psychopathic and ultimately psychic influence of those that are negative.

If society becomes "unconditioned" to fear psychopathy, then it literally has no effect on the population.
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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 07:54 PM

originally posted by: solve
a reply to: NemoNeo

What is wrong with the Hell Realm?, i happen to be a high ranking system lord in there.

Apparently not much to some. There are those who apparently do not have access because of their genetics/mind or they do not have ability to withstand the "eternity" between here and there. It's apparently an art to be able to navigate to one realm or the other, even though it's the same realm seen through duality vision.

The key is to get out of duality and see neither, and yet all at the same time.

The "hell" realm, will match the consciousness of the individual. If that person "feeds" off of the negativity they can produce in others, then they will feel like this realm is safer or more comfortable. But even then, it is apparently chaotic and that is just how some people are.

I do believe everyone navigates to the higher realm. But that is part of how they differentiate between who's who. Of course if some guy from some other group isn't gonna sit down in your chair you're not going to get in his brain unless he's vulnerable to a psychic soldier. Yet if you're interrogating someone and you really want to know what "Side" of the rainbow they're on, you'll know when they come back from the "trip" by determining which "realm" they went to.

That will determine what's inside of them. And how they break, if they can't handle it, will allow you to see their flaws as well.

There is a use for everything and just like anger there is a time where keeping the natural balance sometimes involves taking on such a role. I had to learn to channel my anger into others, literally, in order to not hurt myself.

I was so nice I would let people walk all over me, even though I later found out I could basically shut them down with my mind, plus I love martial arts and all that but don't really need to involve the physical aspect right now.

A lot of people even say we go to that "realm" to "cool off" if we've lived a rough life that push our focus away from, truth beauty love. I am not sure but that seems reasonable.
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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 07:55 PM

originally posted by: AngryCymraeg

originally posted by: NemoNeo

originally posted by: raedar
Godly Enlightened Ones who can only open minds by torturing candidates as young children.


And everyone is God and can use electromagnetic attachments to create magnificent cities using only their minds.... < That there sounds like something you can prove (exclamation point!!!!!!)

We are not tortured! We go insane and get trapped inside an infinite "regression" into time and mind when they show us the God device and we are not prepared for it! They do everything they can to make you comfortable!

There are sessions that get quite "torturous" but no! They do not torture anyone!

You believe some guy who is afraid and tells you to be afraid and that they torture kids, yet you don't believe me when I say their true intention is to wake us up to immortal consciousness but that every human goes insane with this until he accepts his true divine order of love over fear.

There are strange processes that they do and there are "torturous" things. But whenever someone says they were tortured, guess what. Look at their hands.

There will be no marks. Check his body for scars. There will be none.

Go find a vietnam vet or world war veteran that was tortured. Ask him how he feels about it and how it changed him and then ask the guy claiming he illuminati tortured him how he feels. I guarantee you it will be different.

When they "torture" people, if it comes to that. The person is placed within a cloned body through big EMF generators which capture the consciousness of the individual in a "Containment field" and literally transfers their awareness into a previously grown DNA compatible clone body.

It is a beautiful process, I can' tell you how much. People fight and rebel and have to be contained, but this happens when they see the God-realm and freak out because they gave into fear.

There is no turning back. You can't say, "oh nah, I've seen God, but i gave into fear, now I"m just gonna fight the whole way."

No. Some day. Suddenly, it dawns on you. That is God. Nothing can Change that. They have the power to know God, nothing can change that. They have the power to do anything and actually this is what caused our civilization, we can't change that.

The creators of civilization will not harm us, we can't change that. When we wake up to this truth, we know TRUTH BEAUTY LOVE.

You're very entertaining. Do you do functions?

Not yet, but apparently I'm about to.

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 07:57 PM

originally posted by: raedar

originally posted by: veracity
a reply to: NemoNeo

What if you don't believe in "God" ?

Oh, you will! Just strip down and fasten these electrodes to your helmet! God is waiting!!!! But for some reason you will need a newly developed DNA clone body! You are God, silly! Just create your own clone city with your mind!!!

Clones were for life extension/safety, the mind machine or any activation of full psychic potential is literally for anything with a brain and any kind of psychic centers (humans are born with them).

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 08:00 PM

originally posted by: Murgatroid

originally posted by: NemoNeo
There is no devil!

FAR too many reliable sources disagree with you...

Scripture for starters, that alone would be enough...

I have no problem whatsoever believing you work for the Illuminati.

I have studied the writings of ex-Illuminati for years and your claim that "there is no devil" contradicts almost every single one of them.

Svali, Arizona Wilder, Carolyn Hamlett, Cathy O’Brien, Daniel Yoder, Dr. Darlene Russell, Kathleen Sullivan, Kay Griggs, Mary Anne, Vicki Polin, John Todd, etc. all disagree.

Add to that the numerous former high level ex-satanists who have had face to face personal encounters with satan:

Ana Méndez Ferrell, Elaine Knost, John Ramirez, Daniel Mastral, Edward Caez, Bishop Samuel Kanco, etc, etc.

Thousands of other former shamans and occult Grand Masters such as Iyke Nathan Uzorma all disagree with you as well...

Are you familiar with Carlos Castaneda's book(s)? "The teachings of Don Juan"? The "wetiko" in the book is the virus the infects people through psychic channels and turns them into a "negativity" fiend. This has been happening since the beginning of time.

Now I want to bounce something at you but I doubt you'll read it. Are you then saying that since man has been vulnerable since time, that this devil was placed here at the beginning of time?

So then, what was the state of man without the devil?

Shining and glorious?

Are you sure?

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 08:14 PM

originally posted by: lostgirl
If they and 'their' Creator are so powerful, If " control the true evil", and are so anxious to promote 'truth, love, beauty, -

- why aren't they doing something about all the children in the world going to bed hungry, or getting beaten to death by ignorant parents, or getting sold into sex slave operations?

I asked them the same thing. They explained how it was difficult to handle large scale situations where "negativity" was being utilized by someone in some way.

They explained how if they "stomped" out this negative at one point, but there were still active channels for it on the Earth, then this negativity would "pop" up immediately at some point, through those other channels and the damage would be even worse.

I can't really make you see what I've seen, simulations and world views. But basically when someone goes into the "simulator" which is what it becomes once you start viewing potential timelines, and they try to make some kind of "large" scale shift to stop "evil" altogether, it usually results in some kind of world catastrophe.

I don't expect you to believe me, and I didn't even though so much more had been revealed to me. I feel it to. It's too bad to be true. But eventually you'll have to see there are larger things at stake.

And no, "NOT" saving kids is NOT good. But it's much more difficult than moving in and dropping food from a plane.

Basically. When I asked them this, they informed me how the latest move was to be to get the immigrants from the third world countries into the first world countries. They want to see how people react when the other side of the world (the bombing targets of the west) is brought and shipped all the way over to their front door.

This is the game-plan for this year and they will get a rise out of the population through it.

Now, you want to save starving children, yes? Well there you go. They will be arriving in the west by the thousands and you'll get your chance.

# goes to hell and town square is burning down?

Well, don't say some random guy didn't come online and try to tell you about it.

originally posted by: lostgirl
I don't care 2 cents about any kind of what kind of 'amazing technology' they have or how many cities they can 'build with their minds'...
....I want to know what they are doing to help the suffering children of the world?

That is what they're doing. Once the tech is out, people will not have suffering.

You want to release it just now, already, out of plains, for everyone?

Been there done that, the world goes into chaos.

People literally need to be taught how to use their minds.

Right now everything that is happening is to get them, via 'trickery', into actually using their minds for a change instead of letting it all just happen to them.

Yes, they're playing the whole world to try and wake them up.

Some people are playing by the rules, some people are well, desperate for more power. But they won't get it from anyone who knows their tricks.

originally posted by: lostgirl
And I'll tell you this: I am not 'afraid', I will face any of these so called "angels" and 'their' "creator" without the least bit of fear -

- because I want to ask them not only when are they going to start helping the world's children, but why the heck have they been letting things get worse and worse with each passing year?

For sure! That's lovely! But I did that for 16 years. That's why I wouldn't work with them or believe everything as true. I thought they were tricking me. This is just how the world is.

Even I had plans to "start" something and get "peace" rolling around with free food.

Here, I'll just break it to you bluntly, guerrillas would've moved in, stolen the food and killed the kids or recruited them for war. The world is #ed up, then people blame these people. Then people beg these people to save them and release tech for them.

The world has multiple personality disorder to the max. The end truth is that civilization is formed and guided by those who hold the wisdom of truth, light, beauty. Nothing can break that, even the small breakaway groups that want to control everything out of fear and greed.

Remember, you want to help these kids. But did you save that starving homeless man who froze to death last week?

Questions, questions, everyone has questions. Who's taken the first step towards PROVIDING the solution?

What, name calling and begging for the people that are apparently hated and the "Devil" to then come help you and make EVERYTHING easy?

Wow, that's absurd. Yes. Kids die. Did you know? EVERYONE dies. We can't just go, "OKJ OK OK OK ENNNNNNNNNNNNOUGH. Now GIVE UP THE TECH. HELP ME OUT. AND FEED THOSE KIDS"

I'm sorry, and I like you for being kind enough to be one of the first to actually recommend that to me. But I tried and screamed it for 16 years and now I fully understand. Whenever death or violence is used to circumvent some tragedy or negativity in the world. If it is done from the outside in, instead of the inside out, the negativity will literally be gone for a day and then it will reappear stronger like a disease. It will feed off of it.

The only way to stamp it out is to stamp it out inside of us.

They will continue to send your western countries to war with the east until you both realize there is no war other than to work together for your own survival.

THEN the children will stop starving because people are so greedy. THEN the homeless will be taken care of. THEN the sick will be healed. THEN the dumb will hear and the BLIND will SEE.

But BEFORE that? Before all this DIFFICULTY, FINALLY WORKS, and PEOPLE FINALLY work together?

Oh no no no no.

The great difficulties will get worse, and worse, and worse, until people finally work together because an undivided society is the only thing that can possibly beat this. This "devil", this is psychic and genetics born psychopathy which spreads from group to group, people to people, based on the power of wealth and the corruptibility of man.

Now imagine if some group has been guiding everyone for years, passing power around as it goes, trying to get people to do the right thing. Sure, the banking groups have been in power recently.

But you do realize those same groups go back much farther in history than anyone tells you? It is not the group, it is the way the human mind deals with power.

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 08:15 PM

originally posted by: NewzNose
a reply to: NemoNeo

And the beautiful, civilized men

(I have not yet read thru this entire thread so forgive any duplication of question...)

What about women?

Man in this context means men and women. It just means people that belong to a "Civilization" that is representative of the entire species.

Not, "yo i'm with west side" or , "I'm an american or russian." or "I'm this color, or this style, or whatever made up ideology".

They want people who say, "I'm a man, I belong to Earth, this is our civilization". Not, "I'm some part of that that I made up in my mind or someone else for me, and I'll defend it like it really is the truth."

Made up boundaries force us to protect each other from ourselves. But again, boundaries is what started civilization, so it's a kind of paradox.
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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 08:26 PM

originally posted by: lostgirl
Why don't they do something about all the 'welfare' moms who keep popping out kids, just so they can get more government assistance?

Why don't they stop having sex and get a job?

Is the social system designed to defeat the purpose? Well, did the system really force them to sign up and decide to use their vagina as a shortcut to an EBT card?

And this has its roots. Slaves were freed on a deal that went bad. They were supposed to have schools, "re-education" to help them learn the greater uses of technology. Housing, jobs, reintegration, etc etc etc. I mean, how bad would that be? Kidnapped to slave and work, and then you're released and you have nothing, you know nothing about the place, time or culture you're in and you think everyone hates you?

They were supposed to have such a better deal, with reintegration aspects all the way, and they were robbed twice. Again though, this new system was supposed to make it easier, it was like a "belated" reparations. Also, this is the people you vote for. They are the one's who robbed them. No one "hiding". No "hidden hand". They robbed them then and they're robbing you now. I know a lot of you might not vote too so don't take that personally. Although, maybe that is the problem? (not)

What did people do with it?

Got comfortable. Is that because of their skin or past?

Nah. Everyone does it. It's crazy. Just check out any documentaries that touch the subject. When people are given the opportunity to work and do less and gain more, they take that.

They thought rats were proof of people's laziness and vulnerability. I even told them to redo the experiment that they #ed it up.

They give rats in a cage coc aine water or just water (along with food). All the rats become coke-heads and die of starvation/exhaustion.

I said of course that would happen (dumbasses).

They redid the experiment and it was released in previous years. I'm pretty sure they did it long ago but left the initial experiment out to the public while retaining the later one. Weird # like that.

Basically if the rats you are testing have other rat-mates, bedding, a wheel, food, etc. They never become coke-heads in captivity (I'm assuming out of captivity as well). They literally just continue to mate and reproduce and get on with their little rat social lives because they are happy.

This is what human society has become. People are in the cage. They are being given the option to sit there and drink coke-water until they starve and die of exhaustion.

They are also being given the opportunity to build that society with their friends, family, games, education, resources, etc etc etc. Then no one touches the coke, no one touches the poison and it is no longer poison, there is no threat, and they are no longer vulnerable.

And I interchanged "they" for both a less than responsible group as well as the masterminds who are in control.

This is confusing but it's usually because where ever one "they" is, the other mastermind group usually has to swoop in and maintain damage control so that no one group "#s" everything up. Some people are sure making a lot of stress. But these are just some wealthy people that have "things" to lose by everyone gaining their power, they are not aliens or some kind of nonphysical group.

The bad is always physical. The bad is always traceable to some kind of physical time and place and I have to come find that these are almost always MEN. Men with minds that desire power more than peace.

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posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 08:42 PM

originally posted by: CIAGypsy

originally posted by: NemoNeo

This is the whole point, there are 7 billion people. They are doing this. They are dilating time to spend years worth of time basically teleporting around and stress testing the population.

But you see, there's no need for 'time dilation.' First of all, time is a construct of the HUMAN mind...not a divine one. Second of all, there's this thing called divine inspiration...or maybe you know it by the name 'Holy Spirit' (or Holy Ghost) who can instantly fill a person with divine and heavenly knowledge. No 'stress testing' necessary.[/quote

Time operates all over, you go into time when you 'leave' space. The other side of space is time, no way around that. To get to "hyperspace" where you could move around "free of space" you would have to learn all of this about how to operate in time with your mind.

Yes, the holy spirit is what they operate through. The people who "sold" the holy spirit, are not the originators of it and if it is decided (it will be in time) they will come and tell you that they lied to your face.

But you have to be able to handle that. If they tell everyone, like you say, lot's of people are going to kill themselves or kill others.

Do you want to be known for that?

Or are you just saying that what would result in all those people's deaths would just be a necessary "evil" to gain the true shining pinnacle of what the world can be?

You realize if you said that down in the base they would literally grab you and make you their queen and basically try to get you to do that, right? They would give you unlimited money.

Half way through you'd realize that your entire world is more important than that because it would literally destroy more than you can ever replace. As in real people, and their lives and families.

Yes, saving the "world" is that much harder. It's not just a *knock knock*, "Ok, listen up people. You've been lied to. We're not the bad guys. Here's a bunch of tech. The bad guys are still out there. Idk why we're giving you this. This is gonna start a war. Ok, just go over there. Step into this device. BAMO, now you're awakened."

That is literally the apocalypse if not done correctly, at the right time. In the right way. Anything wrong, all the infinitely fractal spirals of everyone that WON'T believe it, will literally coalesce into a religious Armageddon.

And guess what!? IF AND WHEN that happens. THEN when the people are MOST vulnerable. THAT is when there is opportunity for an NWO. THAT is when the "dark cabal" will hit and use their tech to mystify and collect everyone that will follow them out of illusory fear.

So you see, it's a kind of intercontinental mexican stand-off with high tech equipment and trillions of dollars, plus, mind you, 7,000,000,000 people who are nearly all dependent on the current system, just the way it is, with all it's flaws and physical imperfections.

WHAT CAN WE DO? See, it's not that simple. And trust me, I've talked about this with all of them and even ran simulations.

ANYTHING YOU DO will be predicted and noticed as soon as it goes into play.


Wanna get serious?


This is why it's so hard to really get change. It's all monitored, taxed, predicted, countered, psy-oped, etc etc etc. Basically everyone's negating each others moves so that only the really crazy # actually trickles down to public view.

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