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Is confidence a valid indicator of strength?

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posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 04:43 PM
a reply to: JohnnyElohim

Yes to everything you just said! I understand and agree. I like the direction this thread went into, and thank you Anaana for that youtube!

Just responding now to give thanks and show support. So, thank you and have a nice night now.

posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 07:23 PM
Humility, is a much more "valid indicator " of strength, than confidence is. Confidence is a warning sign or clue of someone that will crack under the pressures of failure.

Confidence is not a bad thing, when used with wisdom, knowledge, reality and humility.

posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 07:36 PM
a reply to: murphy22


Come on. Confidence is a sign someone wants to f around. Cracking under failure is well. Failure is not a buzzword to me btw.

Fail. Me. There. Im limp as pasta. In your arms. Yours.

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posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 08:41 PM

originally posted by: breakingbs
a reply to: namelesss
Nope you dont know what it is like to be me as evidenced by your views. I would never have held them.

What I meant when I said that I do know what it is to be you, though I am not up on every 'detail', I am all that is human, ind insofar as I 'know human Self', I know all 'humans'.
Inasmuch as I Know (experience) Self beyond mere 'human', so we share that, also.
I was not belittling your uniqueness at all, we are each and all a unique Perspective!
All uniquely features of Reality/Self!

"The acceptance and understanding of other Perspectives furthers our acquaintance with Reality!"

The universe goes "yep, everythings perfect now WHAM- its gone!!" In this case not material items or lifestyle but, well i'm not even sure I can explain it. If you believe someone can get hit with a void and left figuring out, id place it in that category. Im fine but it took a few years and my actual physical strength. Hence the caution. I mean that was wierd. And a bit too much all at once.

That is exactly what I'm saying! You undergo difficulties, you (eventually) prevail, and confidence in your ability to prevail in that area grows.
The more different sht that life throws your way, and you continue to prevail, the greater your general confidence that no matter what life tosses at you, you can prevail!
That is what I mean by 'confidence'.
Confidence approaches Faith.

But if you do want to pick a fight with me...

No fights; make Love, not war! *__-
with Peace and Love

posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: namelesss

Im not talking about uniqueness. Ew. I dont feel belittled. Ugh. I wasnt talking about details. :/.

Eff about speculating faith on here

Love and peace is love and peace is...


Doesnt mean i like war n strife.

Other than that were cool.

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posted on Dec, 22 2015 @ 07:06 PM

The authors suggest that the functions of the cortex might be better understood through the dendritic network, by which information enters cells. They stress that many neurons in the cortex do not have axons but only dendrites. They think that the conventional processing system described in the axon-neurotransmitter-dendrite system may overlook other networks in the brain. Neurons without axons are the majority in the cortex and the authors see these as the likely basis of consciousness.

The authors discuss the dendritic network at length. They point out that it is much more sophisticated than the axonal network. The dendritic membrane comprises biomolecules with electric dipoles, the positive poles of the membrane are aligned on the inner surface and the negative poles on the outer surface.. Th negative poles on the outer surface attract positive ions, while the positive poles on the inner surface attract negative ions. The regions where these interactions occur are called Debye layers. The dendrites of several neurons are often entangled in a network. Chemical synapses are located on the tips of dendritic spines and there are ephases on the dendritic membranes.

There is experimental confirmation that biomolecules of high electric dipole moment have a periodic oscillation (Fröhlich, 1968), (Gray & Singer, 1989) (1&2) The authors suggest that these oscillations are crucial to the functioning of the brain. This can be called wave cybernetics, because the wave or biomolecule oscillation is seen as the controlling factor in the brain.


Is it possible what due to the complexity of our physical structures our wave aspects/functions are also alive?

Any thoughts?
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posted on Dec, 26 2015 @ 05:46 AM
a reply to: Profusion
OK, but it seems like a video of somebody selling something. Plenty of those around. Seems like a none issue, the general scope of people are for the most part stuck on wires and will go and end up were that leads them, for good or bad.

As for confidence. That stuff she is talking about is just the whole trappings that humans have made in the mating games and such. Imagine now a creature who for not only centuries but eons pretty much for all there evolution has relied on such things. You would get the outcome of today. Like a bad play with bad actors or more like a puppet show.

Women need somebody to be confident so they can function without having to think to much, by there nature and biology they are more then worry wort's they are forever stuck in the rut of the bird mentality of nesting, and that requires thought on the future, confidence for them in that is a way to bypass all that, by way of mental roadblocks and social environments even social contracts but most especially unspoken social contracts.

Our whole civilization is set and marked for such predicaments, look up you local news, or hen circle, what are they talking about? Establishing the mental facades there rules and regulations of there linear understandings of the world as they can partake and understand around them, creating and setting there circles. Hence these things need to be created, social circles and the whole thing. They are quantum entangling there world for better access and understanding of things so they could function in any set way, because outside of a set way they are lacking. It is normal, its practical evolution.

And so they must stay within there boarders, the broader definition of those boarders is what the female in that video is setting up and explaining to the greater confidence, and what men must do and be to achieve so and so. So that way she does not have to reach to much or to far. You know a matter confidence for men is merely a matter of convenience for women.

The only fool would be if somebody actually believed all that putting people on treadmills to achieve that magical goal post that is ever just out of sight. The truth is money should be more then enough confidence for 99.9% of men walking this planet, and more then women deserve by a long shot from what i seen, really all that other stuff takes much to much effort and energy to bother with, and more then people deserve, and if any guy is doing more especially for that nonsense he is getting the raw end of the deal.

But if any guy is putting any more effort the the minimum for any of that, he is for the most part getting ripped off. Money should be more then sufficient quote on quote " confidence" for the likes of her, or most other females, and if some poor fool is putting more effort then that, then he is getting worked over big time. His goal and the goal for the most part for all relationships is to put in less effort into things, not to constantly adding more and more for some unknown vague ideal ever leading in circles and more goalposts for every single and silly stupid meaningless thing out there that pops or is put into some morons head because it suits there whims or they cant seem to work themself up to even achieve basic interactions.

What I see here is just some females selling stuff, and trying to make some poor fools put more effort into buying a product that just is not worth it. Normally i would agree to such as it leads to much hilarities, but the market is oversaturated with such as it is, and as such not much hilarities are forthcoming. Were do you people get this stuff? I think everybody should just stay in there designated marked life lines, there pathways, the tried and true method that way there is less headaches when worlds collide which they will if people were to leave the marked path.

But anyways. On to the whole confidence thing. I suppose it can be interpreted in many ways, like soda pop and candy it comes in many flavors. And depending on the game your playing I am quite sure everybody will find exactly what they are seeking. After all here we have one female dictating exactly the flavor of her confidence.

Now how many guys do you think are buying into it? Hopefully many as if this thing slides off its tracks it will be like watching a one legged one armed person in a rowboat trying to paddle up stream, it would almost be sad to watch if it actually did happen. That and somebody has to pay for all that right?

But as for what confidence really is. I think the quote

Confidence is that thing you feel before you fully and truly understand the situation.
Whoever said that hit the nail on the head.

Confidence is a form of bliss. And bliss is a form of ignorance, and ignorance is a form of not having your boat rocked to much, hence the confidence. What you people and that woman was talking about is merely creating the rules and regulations and play and playthoughs to avoid all of that so the boat does not get rocked to much and all by way of magical though and mental synchronicity in human social interactions. Basic and normal social outputs and behaviors.

So ya! people are arguing for confidence in what confines and what scope? And when you take those into account you would have to realize that it would only exist in those set boundaries. Outside of it, would not likely exist as its outside its ecosystem. Confidence will then work in those set boundaries, outside of it however?..It would burst like a soap bubble.

I am confident there are no issues here. As for the female in the video. I am confident some poor fool will have to deal with all that nonsense she is spouting and creating when it has run its course. But hey to each there flavor I guess, or whatever you know.

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