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'Texas Ranger' Chuck Norris warns of government plot to take over state

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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 07:25 PM
A few things about Jade Helm.

1. I sure hope your Civil War is over by the time I have to drive through Texas in December. I'd hate to get caught in the crossfire between army drones and a bunch of shotgun-toting hillbillies running for their lives.

2. I don't understand why Big Bad Obama would bother "taking over" Texas. The good people of Texas are already good little subjects, so long as you don't mess with their guns, their crappy American beer, or Wal-Mart, none of which appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. As a general rule you don't have to conquer people who are already ruled by the government doing the conquering.

3. If "The Government" really did want to invade Texas, they wouldn't hide it behind a big training exercise which is sure to set off the xenophobic tendencies of the loonies. They'd disguise it as a Klan rally so none of these bumpkins suspected anything out of the ordinary.

4. In January 2017 when Obama goes ahead and steps down without any fuss, I'm sure the wholly honest and totally not racist hicks and teatards from Texas will all pitch in on a great big card saying "We're sorry we spent all 8 years of your presidency getting all worked up for nothing." It would be the Christian thing to do, after all.

posted on May, 10 2015 @ 07:47 PM
Government take over of Texas huh.
That's kind of like a Canadian government take over of Vancouver?
Thought the government already took over Texas?
Did Texas secede? I must be missing something here.
All the government has to do is pull federal funding and Texas will do whatever the government wants.
I guess Ft. Hood is in on it too.. May as well toss in Fort Sam Houston, Joint Base San Antonio, Fort Bliss, Lackland Air Force Base and the other two dozen or so military bases in the take over then.
Well, heck. Texas is bigger than Iraq isn't it? Looks like a lot of deployments and troop movements are gonna happen too..
I bet Marcus Luttrell either been working under cover for the team or is going to put up one heck of a fight!

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