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Ebola, inside information

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posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 09:31 PM
i've wondered from the beginning if it might be contagious before symptoms appear. the fact that this time around it has multiplied sooooo rapidly means something changed in its transmission. it really seems like we're not getting all the information and, frankly, i don't blame the people at the top for trying to cover some of this up because widespread panic is dangerous.

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 09:41 PM
Is this why they ordered the media to cooperate and to not share unapproved stories?
If this is true there will be hemorrhaging in the streets I am afraid.

8 Soldiers Die From Ebola – So, Why Is Obama Sending In US Troops?

With Barack Obama preparing to send thousands of soldiers to Western Africa in an attempt to fight off the Ebola disease at its source, we learn in this brand new story excerpted from this linked Liberian Daily Observer story that AT LEAST 8 soldiers have succumbed to the deadly disease.

Will US soldiers soon fall victim to the same fate? At 30 seconds into the 1st video below, DOD news gives us an update on these soldiers now in Africa while the 2nd video below from TheAlexJonesChannel tells us more about what Alex calls ‘created destabilization’ brought on by Ebola. Could Ebola REALLY lead to the collapse of America?

At least eight soldiers, among them two commissioned officers and two medical staff, have reportedly lost their lives to the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD), the Daily Observer has reliably learnt.

The deceased, according to our source, contracted Ebola recently at the Edward Binyan Kesseley (EBK) Barracks when a lady unsuspected of carrying the disease, visited one of the victims

This latest setback among the rank and file of the already sparse number of soldiers has reportedly created panic among them, to the extent that some of them have begun to desert the various barracks across the country.

Based on this information, the Daily Observer yesterday contacted Defense Assistant Minister for Public Affairs, David K. Dahn, who neither confirmed nor denied the report.

He, however, told this newspaper via mobile phone, “The whole West Africa is being threatened by Ebola, of which the AFL is no exception, because they are among other Liberians being afflicted by the EVD.”
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comp freezing follow link, I have not been able to verify the 8 soldiers death yet.
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posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: wastedown
I remember Dan the man. Just refreshed your thread

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

It is this person's opinion that the virus is, and has been, transmissible prior to onset of symptoms.

YeH that's a pretty big #ing lie I'd say!

Thank you for coming forward. Very interested in anything else you can reveal.

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 09:55 PM

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
a reply to: MystikMushroom

I've maintained that one of the more dangerous possibilities from mutation is the ability to transmit before symptoms become readily apparent.

I agree this looks and sounds like confirmation bias.

I'd be right there with you on this, and when/if this is brought under control, I will eat appropriate crow.

With how dangerous this virus is, it is completely discounting possibilities like this that will give to the window it needs to take us out.

It's not something I had contemplated ( they were lying about). It means what's the effing point of just screening by taking temps and on the lookout for symptoms on flights and at the airports? Excuse my language but this , if true , just angers me. As well it should anyone.

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posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 10:04 PM
a reply to: MissingRonnieR

And yet the CDCs prediction puts potebtial cases at 1.4 million half or more dying by the end of January if no intervention is attempted.

Looking at the way the Dallas case has been handled, I am not sure our interventions wouldn't speed up the spread of the disease.

Yes, I am afraid.

No, am not fear mongering.

Go take a look at my dozens of posts in the Disease forum and please find relevant peer-reviewed research which refute all the points I've made and I will happily concede each point.



I was born just before men walked on the moon and have seen my fair share of things in this life, but I am nowhere near done.


My nurse relative indicated that there are more people being watched with symptoms than are being reported.

My personal take is this is referring to the family members that no one has seem or heard from since jiuge Jugghead transported them to where ever it is they actually are.
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posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 10:20 PM
a reply to: antar

i see people freaking out about troops going there but the problem is WE HAVE TO STOP IT THERE. there's just no way at all to keep it from coming here if we don't get it under control in africa. we'd have to completely seal ourselves off from ALL countries and that would collapse us faster than ebola will. we haven't been told about a plan to bring those troops back.... they may never come back. being in the military they are aware that when they go to battle they may not live. that's their job. they joined the military to put their life on the line to protect our country.

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 10:32 PM

originally posted by: ShakeNBake
I'll do what I can to keep you guys updated, as the second Ebola case is in my city, Frisco.

Don't know how I missed this post the first time through.

Please do, and as another poster said, stay safe!

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 11:00 PM

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
a reply to: MissingRonnieR


I was born just before men walked on the moon and have seen my fair share of things in this life, but I am nowhere near done.


My nurse relative indicated that there are more people being watched with symptoms than are being reported.

My personal take is this is referring to the family members that no one has seem or heard from since jiuge Jugghead transported them to where ever it is they actually are.

Yep, and just to back up your post refuting this ignorant person's post, I'm a Brit that was born the year of India's independance from Britain, and I was living there at the time. That should take us back a few years!
Youth?...Pfffft! (I wonder when 'Wise One' was born?)

Duncan's family members are living in/confined to 'a house in a gated community'...Who else lives there or own homes in that communty?...and have they all abandoned their homes by now?...I would have.

I wouldn't trust my life and family's life to the incompetance of any of the 'departments' in charge of protecting the communities from the Ebola scourge. It's an experiment that I think will escalate into one great big mound of ineptitude that will cause us to suffer the consequences of further contamination, just for the sake of 'popular correctness'.

The 'officials' were s/elected; their decisions made; their jobs protected; the deed is done; the traces of Ebola lay across the land, ready to multiply...all because of lax controls at the borders and fears of American racism flare-ups.

I would expect more of the same in months to come.

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 11:07 PM
a reply to: Starling Sorry not meant as a reply to previous post.

Why would the vehicle for transmitting the Ebola virus be any different than the vehicles for transmitting the common cold? I would think you are just as likely to transmit or spread Ebola, as you would the common cold. Just follow the progression of the latest Entero virus. It didn't take long to cross the country. Scary.
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posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 11:08 PM
Thanks for the thread and since it's in the "friend's story" vein, I'll add my friends' story and up-close observations to this thread. I mentioned it briefly in another thread...
I got a call from a retired colleague of mine who still owns a home in our area, his adopted hometown. About three years ago he and his wife moved to Dallas to be of help in raising their grandchildren, whose father had died suddenly. His daughter, the mother of the children, has been an ICU nurse in a Dallas hospital for a decade or more.
When she came home from work on Thursday she was very upset and frightened. She's not easily spooked, has handled a very hard time in her life with a lot of dignity and grace. She was so shaken up that she demanded that they were all going to pack up and go away from Dallas....far away. Her father tried to calm her down and finally got her to agree to sleep on it before breaking this sort of news to the children. She did and while she was sleeping he did a lot of in-depth reading up on her fears---infection rates in hospitals and rates of containment. By the time she awoke he was of the same mind.
She resigned her job, they packed a few things and headed "home."
Her words were, "If they can't contain staph infections, and I know quite well that they can't, I have no hope that they can contain ebola. Furthermore, they are flat out lying to the employees and the public. It has NEVER been contained in the known history of the disease. I'm not going to put myself and my family and friends in danger and that's exactly what I would be doing if I continued to work at that hospital or any medical facility in Dallas."
She didn't work at the hospital where he died but that didn't matter to her because according to her many folks work at more than one medical facility. She's seen people travel from one shift at Hosp A to another at Hosp B in the same scrubs!
That family has put themselves in voluntary isolation because of what she saw and heard. Their need for groceries will be met by a few friends who will deliver them to the end of the driveway. My friend was in the field of public health for years and holds to the "better safe than sorry" motto. While none of them believe they have been exposed, they realize the real possibility that they could have been. They are calling it a "fall adventure" on the farm for the kids because they're too young to understand ebola.
I'm lifting prayers for everyone facing such fears and uncertainty.
I'm feeling a great deal of anger toward the people who could have prevented this. It seems to me that the "pen and phone" guy could used one or the other for a good cause. Closing the hen house door with the fox inside just seems...weird....strange....ignorant...even a bit dastardly?

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 12:08 AM

being in the military they are aware that when they go to battle they may not live. that's their job. they joined the military to put their life on the line to protect our country.
a reply to: pasiphae

You must not have any brothers, sisters are children in the military. I cannot believe anyone would take this attitude.

They are not paid enough to die! Also since when was it the military’s job to go to fight a Virus?

We are all scared but do you think our military wants to go to the Ebola infected area? No they are scared and they too have families and loved ones they want to come home to!

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 12:31 AM
Thank u for the thread...i knew something was up with this....

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 12:52 AM
I have faith that our health professionals are the best in the entire world.. And our troops are the most dedicated. However I have the feeling we as a country are just not being told everything yet.. For our own good? Hmmm. I can only imagine the cargo cultists turning this into some sort of Biological attack. I will say at the rate this is moving along it will be just a few days before our transportation grid takes a major dump. Planes, Trains ,Automobiles and Cruise ships.

There will be no transparency what-so-ever, by anyone involved. They will be warned to keep the lid on until the crisis passes. "Everything is under control" Those words give me a chill when I hear spokespersons say it.. I guess the public has been deceived so many times before they just won't trust anyone anymore. I would say the verdict will be out quickly on the matter. If there are Twenty soles infected by Sunday, then we're in for a really rough ride.

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posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:34 AM
a reply to: scattergun

I'm afraid everyone who believes info is being withheld is correct. Only one outlet has reported that a "smarter" more resilient strain of Ebola infected Mr. Duncan. His bodily waste (pee poop puke, etc.) that went down the toilet contained this virus, and it's very resistant to the chemicals in water treatment plants. Where does this water go after it's treated? Anyone know?

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:40 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Hold up... Are you saying that a deal has been struck for an official ATS NLBS interview so we have to wait until they break the story to get access to this "insider info"? Say it ain't so Jaded! If so that is some NLBS in it's own rite. would hope that if this info is detrimental to public health in any way we would not be waiting on an interview. I thought this was our beloved "alternative" media site, not the mainstream media. Tell me I'm wrong, please!

In the meantime back to my thread to twist some Dan the Man arm into getting some juice from his source. My quote to Dan was "this is why I love ATS" as his info showed up on page one. The same reason many flock to ATS. I would be just sick to find that ratings or the internet equivalent of page/you tube video views was a factor (hopefully not bleeding from my eyes and dying sick, but sick none the less,)! Again, please... Say it ain't so, and give us all the info you can and we need!

Dollars be damned this is America we are talking about, Ol' Glory and Eagles, 911, the dawns early light, and whatever other patriotic heartstrings pulling thing you can think of that might sway the decision to withhold any information you might get!
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posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:44 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

This virus is deviating 3 percent from previous known / tested Ebola strains. How it got this way - via unnatural or natural means, remains a mystery to us mortals. We do know, however, that there is a Biodefense lab in Sierra Leone, and Ebola was being "tested" there.

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:45 AM
a reply to: Zona

Deputy entered the apartment on 10-1.

The deputy had been ordered to go inside the unit with officials to get a quarantine order signed on October 1. No one who entered the apartment that day wore protective gear.

Haven't finished reading all the pages, but I just found this a couple of hours ago for my own mental timeline. The pressure washers cleaned up vomit on 10-2. He could have stepped over the dried vomit and caught it removing his shoes.
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posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:59 AM
a reply to: wastedown

I'm wondering that myself. I'm speculating when he offered the mods to check him out, he checked out and has some very good info, so ATS owners asked for the exclusive interview and to not reveal much more in the thread if they could get dibs on that!

I could be wrong but I sense this is what's happening here re your questioning of this
Good luck with Dan the man.

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 02:02 AM

originally posted by: signalfire
Here's how you'll know they're taking it seriously:

EVERY HOSPITAL will have, at the outside of the ER door, a person dressed in full biocontainment gear with a clipboard, stopping everyone from entering unless they're in full heart attack or bleeding out mode and asking questions about symptoms, recent travel, and possible exposures, along with taking temps. Anyone answering in the affirmative to Ebola/flu type symptoms or recent travel will be directed to AN OUTDOOR TENT for further processing, again by people in full blown containment gear.

No 'visitors' of any kind will be allowed inside the hospital except parents with minor children as the patients.

Until they do that, the question about how soon is someone contagious and with what vague symptoms will be the elephant in the waiting room, exposing everyone nearby (and their families, friends and coworkers) with godknowswhat, all of it being managed at first intake by an individual ER clerk with little more education than a high school degree.

Good luck with that.

You forgot to part where it dose not matter weather you have the virus or not, any symptoms will be treated as suspected Ebola and patients with symptoms will be herded into containment areas, where there are already confirmed Ebola patients and thus will be infected weather they really have it or not. Nobody will leave containment alive.

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