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Is This The Face of The Zodiac Killer?

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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 12:46 PM
Just a little update here to this thread:

This blogger here details accounts that blow some big holes in Stewart's claims that his father was in fact the Zodiac.

Above picture of suspected Zodiac Earl Van Best and his wife Judy Chandler

The one huge whole that I see here is the following. Stewart's seemingly ironclad piece of evidence, as shown earlier in the thread was the handwriting...

Stewart writes that an analyst matched the writing on his parents’ marriage certificate to that of the Zodiac’s, but a manager at the church that issued the certificate says the document was actually filled out by the church’s priest.

“That’s not the father’s handwriting, I’m sure of it,” said Audrey Phelps, administrator at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Reno, Nev. “It’s Reverend Edward Fliger’s (the priest who signed the certificate). He always filled those out. I laughed when I saw it in that book.”

So the Reverend at the church was the one who actually filled out the certificate that supposedly matches the handwriting...
I'm gonna keep looking at this for a bit, I'll relate any more findings.

posted on May, 25 2014 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: youdidntseeme

Nice catch...starred your post.

Still would like to see the dna results.

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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 08:03 PM
After reading the book I'm pretty convinced that this is possibly the zodiac killer. And unfortunately I also don't think that this case will ever be solved. Here's why, a homicide detective who has worked on the zodiac killer case and was married to a woman that a one time was married to the zodiac killer, just spin that around in your head for a minute, police protect their own.

Gary Stewart submitted the DNA tests years ago and those DNA tests have been destroyed. The date Judy and Gary Stewart called one of the detectives in SFPD to ask them for Earl Van Best's file, a lead homicide detective told them in a nutshell you don't want to know this is a heinous guy and it will tarnish your family forever what he did was hideous.

Coincidentally the zodiac killer case was closed on that same day. Coincidence possibly cover-up probably.

Let's take a look at the fingerprints:

Notice the scarring?

Here's a letter from Bill Armstrong he was a detective of the zodiac killer case and he is stated that the zodiac case will not be solved until Detective Hennessy leaves the force Hennessy since retired

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. -- The Zodiac case will not be solved until the current San Francisco Police Dept.'s manager in the homicide section is transferred.

My partner and I were the first team to be able to apply forensic DNA techniques to the Zodiac case.

We were the first team to solve a cold case, 25 years old, with DNA. We know what we do, and we did it well.

We could have torn that case apart with DNA testing, but we were thwarted with all kinds of excuses from Hennessy.

Status of the Zodiac Case

So there you have it folks there will be no DNA tests done unless this book really does well and people start talking about it and asking questions about it and pressuring the SFPD into running the DNA testing. The SFPD is going to need to get DNA test samples from Stewart again because they've since been destroyed.

Classic case of police cover up. Can you imagine the embarrassment to SFPD would experience if news got out that the zodiac killer was at one time married to a homicide detective who investigated the zodiac case???

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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: youdidntseeme

The handwriting analysis was from not one but two marriage certificates and a police booking sheet, so that rules out the man saying he signed and filled out the form of Judy and Van Best. There is also handwriting analysis from Van Bests marriage to Edith on 6/6/66.

It also sounds like a case of he said she said. Judy says Van Best filled out the form, Fliger says he did.

Stewart sighed when told of the doubts on the handwriting. “My mother said he filled out the documents,” he said. “I say Van Best filled it (the certificate) out and Fliger didn’t.”
full article

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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 12:35 PM
a reply to: Jennyfrenzy

This is very unfortunate, was looking forward to the DNA results. There are a lot of coincidences, way to many.

I am familiar with these crimes, grew up in Vallejo.

Gary Stewart should try contacting the Vallejo PD (they are bankrupt so not sure what good that would do) and the Napa PD and the FBI.

The fingerprints do look very similar...

posted on Nov, 18 2017 @ 11:04 AM
New info here, it might be Ross Sullivan, interesting..

posted on Dec, 3 2017 @ 11:47 AM

originally posted by: baddmove
New info here, it might be Ross Sullivan, interesting..

Just watching a new series in which an investigative team look at the case and use modern DNA methods, a super computer to crack the cyphers, as well as look at unseen case files.

The 1966 murder of Cheri Jo Bates has been more directly linked to the Zodiac - the killers letters to the press in that case contain the same misspelling of words used in the known Zodiac letters.

It looks like they may have been able to lift a DNA sample off Bates's trousers that may be from the killer.

Sullivan worked at the library in 1966 where Bates was murdered and was aware that the two houses in the alleyway she was killed in were not occupied. He had moved north by 1968 when the first known murders by the Zodiac started to occur. He looks remarkably similar to the photofit and was trained in cryptology.

They have also lasered in on Lawrence Kane.

The series on the History Channel - currently at the second episode here in the UK
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