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A new angle and possible explanation of the Alien/Demon/Angel phenomena?

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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by arpgme

No, I'm saying it is in our minds but that our subconscious is much larger and more real than we think...

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by zuimon

You're misunderstanding my point, this is just a theory on the externalisation of these things and with the exception of these channeled messages that you believe in, you do say a similar thing, reading between the lines of your posts.

I'm writing this theory having spent a decade + reading into eastern mythology, secret societies. religions, psychology etc and having 'practiced' many of these concepts myself but truth is subjective which further reinforces my theory of external projection based on culture, experience and knowledge at the time; so it means the phenomena are 'tailored' to these people if you like which is probably why its a lot of 'outside the box' thinkers that have sought to explain them, its not the fringes of their minds. you've just found the people that projected a truth that 'resonated' with you, that seemed to fill in all the gaps in YOUR quest for truth but not mine or many others quests, my theory explains this in a way, they are all true in that they are all there to teach us something, none of these 'visitors' ever just say;
"don't do anything, you guys are just fine, right amount of rapes, murders, unemployment etc, you're happy enough"
they are all there as tailored archetypal figures to improve beyond our current paradigm, little shifts at a time.

And I don't have issues with my Parents, I had a reasonably happy upbringing, two parent home, few brothers and a sister, all was good, judging from your post this was not as true for you and could this not be why these channelings seem to be your truth? because they are offering feelings or emotions that you feel you didn't have in your family? I'm just asking out of interest, I am not in anyway mocking this as I think it is a prime example of why we have this Projection/Emulation/Archetype/Role Model mechanism in the first place. This has brought you comfort and allowed you to get on with your life, that's the point, my theory is to try and explain 'why' and what is the power behind belief, regardless of what you believe in.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by zuimon

And no, I don't fear anything unreasonable as again it is subjective. I seek to understand them, not their nature or individual attributes but as a whole concept. if what you have is not a simple answer to a complex problem then its probably wrong. I think I have a simple answer that bridges the differences between these phenomena, between the different cultures, religions (and even just websites these days..). no individual belief system seeks to explain the validity of other belief systems, other than by saying they are 'wrong' , outdated or even Satanic... but yet it seems perfectly tailored to that culture or people, it seems to have the same but different things... good deities, bad deities, a chance at salvation through emulation of religious archetypes, a good place to aim for after a death, a bad place to avoid, rules or rights of man, a predicted golden age at the end with something happening first to get rid of the last of the 'bad people' etc... and it changes (slowly) through the ages... as we enhance the methodology towards altruism, peace to all men and all that.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by AntiNWO

Thank-you mate, I agree, I think this is the principle that explains all the occult texts and religious books I've read.. as well as other things... Thanks for taking the time to read it, and I agree that people can 'inadvertently' hijack threads by only reading the start of posts before replying.

This just clicked for me the other day... it's not a theory I've had for long, it just came into my head the other day and seemed so obvious once I'd thought it that my head was going through all the Ashmole, Levi, Manly. P. Hall, H.P. Blavatsky, Religious and Psychology books I've read and it just seemed to make sense but I think I'm right and that this is perhaps my reward for reading for an average of 8 hours a day for years... and never only reading about the one subject.

I'm glad you agree, it's made my day, as you clearly have been reading into these things for a long time yourself.
Thanks again for reading it, and more for taking the time to comment.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 01:55 PM

reply to post by Elijah23

My question is, do you think that we could be projecting these beings ourselves for the purpose of aiding in our own development? Do you think that the Government may be hiding the evidence of UFO's because they know that their true nature has to be kept secre

Projecting these beings, perhaps but I doubt it. Government cover-ups, if they did find something we'd be the last to know just like with most other things they determine is sensitive.

Funny you should mention the 90 degree turns. In 1964 a friend of mine and I were up on my roof with binoculars looking for satellites as we usually did at night. We saw one and as we watched it went from moving at a steady pace to a complete stop. It remained like that for 10 seconds or so then took of at a 90 degree angle and disappeared a few seconds later. To this day I have ne idea what it was.

Possibly a GPS, Iridium or other satellite phone service satellite. Each system has a number of orbital planes (like the faces on an icosahedron or dodecahedron), and on each orbital plane they'll have a number of satellites plus a few spare ones. But in case of emergency, they can switch satellites between orbital planes. It's not for free though as the change in velocity required to change orbit costs fuel, reducing the lifetime of the satellite. There are special points between the different orbits. These precess around the Earth, so to make the orbital change, they have to wait for the orbits to line up, then quickly change paths.

posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by Elijah23

"What is the power behind belief?" That's an interesting question. To be honest I still don't know if I understand what you're saying - or wanting to understand about things; how you see these things. However a few things come to mind, so see what you reckon about them.

Before I seriously started wanting to uncover the truth of myself, I believed I had a loving family and was loved, however once I started to do my Childhood Repression healing, then everything started to change. Anyway, without going into that too much and trying to stick to what you're saying, I came to understand that ALL my beliefs stem from the influences from my family and society during my forming years, right from the first moment of conception to around six years old. Then from six I started to exercise such beliefs, becoming relatively confident in them by puberty, and then as an adult at 21, fully expressing, or as you might say: projecting them.

I've also found that as an adult, as much as I believe I am free of my family and early influences, in fact I am still with them, only their faces have changed into other people. So what I mean is, I project onto my wife my mother, so when I get annoyed with my wife, it's not actually her I'm annoyed with even though it seems like it is on the surface, but underneath on the feelings level, it's mum. So in fact I'm still the little person annoyed with mum who is now my wife. It all being very confusing. So really I've had to accept that I've no real idea at all about what is reality for myself, and what's going on.

So because of this, I've wanted to get to the truth of it all, and so I've found my feelings are the way into myself. So I now look at life with this question: do I want to carry on tied up in the allurements of my mind and all the fantasies I've created for myself; or do I want to uncover the truth of myself through my feelings.

So back to your question: what is the power behind belief; on one level it's the power of my own will driving my beliefs that I assimilated and created during my formative years. Behind that on a technical spiritual level, we all 'borrow' our minds from the Divine Minister (re The Urantia Book), in that, we have certain mind circuits we can use upon which we bring our beliefs into being, and our behaviour that results from them.

And as Like attracts Like, because I have committed myself to uncovering the truth of myself through my feelings, so I will naturally draw to myself all that will help me to do that, it naturally feels right and so appeals. And all the rest doesn't sit well or resonate with me, so I discard it. And as the truth evolves in me and I shed my erroneous beliefs, then naturally I start projecting that truth in life. So it all comes from inside me. I want my truth to create my reality - truth that I uncover through my feelings, and NOT my beliefs and my mind to create my reality as so many people want from their minds, because I have seen for myself, that if I leave things up to my mind, it has a field day running around all over the place believing it knows whats right and best for me, when in fact, it doesn't have a clue.

And so ultimately my soul is the power behind my truth, and the beliefs my mind then creates to articulate such truth. And the power behind my soul is God. So of course God is the Ultimate Power. And so by looking to my feelings to uncover my truth, in doing so I am also uncovering the truth of God - all according to myself. Then I am free to express and project my truth and understandings of God, just as we all are.

And no one unless they are completely detached from their feelings, blocking out all their bad ones, is going to say humanity is right as it is, because it's not right - we're all living in Rebellion against the Truth. And all our desire of searching for… whatever it is... comes about because we're not truly happy, and we want to know why - or at least we should want to know why, just as you are in your way by posting and searching as you have.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by Elijah23

I've had some thoughts along these lines myself. About a year ago I was contemplating angels as mediators (messengers) thoughts, personas holograms. As how we "interact" with the Spiritual world. "I have said you are all gods, sons of the most high".

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Elijah23

I agree with this viewpoint completely. The pattern that exists between beliefs and paradigms of beliefs. You really have went from black/white to shades of gray, to full high definition color with this kind of thinking. You must have amazing pattern recognition combined with tons of wisdom/information.

What do you make of the atom being 99.9999% empty space?
What do you make of the Schrodinger equation, and the observation changes reality phenomenon?

To me personally, the pattern looks catalyzed by a future source, perhaps our collective altruistic projections.
Do you think we collectively project afterlives for one another or ourselves, to balance a karmic equation, or to grow us into being able to understand this concept of mass projection, the sleepers dream what the awakened see

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 01:31 PM
Please focuses in your REAL life

There's no such thing as Alien/Demon/Angel phenomena, it's just all in your mind, drink a glass of wine, relax, and take a look at the world around you! You'll be surprised

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by mactaties

My friend you are in a philosophy and metaphysics forum WITHIN a conspiracy forum. This is the twilight zone of the internet. It will take more than a glass of wine and some good advice to escape from here..... Thanks for reading and being aware of these ideas though...

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by MemeticHarvest

Thanks, you've done a lot of threads on similar subjects within this forum so it means a lot to have someone else in this 'field' agree and I think if you take the Archetypal/ positive over negative principal behind my theory, it makes a lot of things make sense...

I think the Atom is the same, or uses the same principal, its just positive and negative energies with an empty space to project mass, density or forces/reactions, it's all empty space... Externalisation..

And on the Schrodinger point, I think that reality tends to match expectation, that's the point, we solidify these forms with expeced characteristics and behaviour, if you know what I mean.

On the afterlife thing, we may project our own afterlife based on expectations of pearly gates etc but I think its more about the notion of judgement, we as a society or a people at any given time, project what is right and wrong, positive and negative, and this sets the bar for what is deemed as positive and negative contributions to the larger consciousness.

I think over time the positive is added to the collective consciousness and the negative is 'weeded out' and that this is where all cultures got their exoteric notion of judgement.

posted on Jun, 10 2015 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: Elijah23

Thank you for showing insight with this thread. Yet my opinion differs a bit. Yea, we project this beings into our reality as a humanity. No, it is not our fault. It is the resonance of higher energies reaching us trough the harmonical unfolding of our and others sun systems which brings this reality in existence. The demons are aliens and aliens are demons, and we do attract them by our low vibes, yet they are very much sufficient, and they could come and go as they desire. The difference is when we higher our vibe they would not be able to talk or touch us on any level. Just we are gonna be too high, they too low, so if we don't decide to descent to their level no interaction will occur. Yet that won't make them disappear from the universe. It will just lock the gates to hell.
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posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 06:26 AM
A fundamental error of thinking is being made by those who equate aliens with demons and angels. Just because some species of purported aliens have been reported to show similarities in their behaviour (abductions, deception, brutal indifference to pain & suffering, etc) towards humans is not sufficient reason for identifying them as demons. Instead, it is just a simplistic, intellectually dishonest way of reducing the supernatural and all its inhabitants to what can then be dismissed as pathologies of the subconscious mind, i.e., hallucinations that are NOT REAL. Don't be fooled by this trick, so loved by those psychologists who think religion is a disease of the mind. Some of you need to understand the difference between the unconscious mind, the collective unconscious as discussed by the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and the subconscious levels of the mind. Stop confusing them! The gods and goddesses of ancient religions and the archangels and angels are the cultural creations of the archetypes of the Collective Unconscious. They have nothing to do with the subconscious mind associated with each individual. The human mind gives diverse forms to these amorphous, intelligent agencies according to the level of evolution of the culture in question. As Jung pointed out, it is only their anthropomorphic representation that is fabricated and therefore an illusion, not their essence as the divine archetypes, which belongs to realms of existence far beyond the physical universe and even post-mortem states of consciousness. Demons can be experienced when consciousness is distorted by drugs and extremely negative thoughts, emotions & deeds. On the other hand, experiences of abductions by aliens occur to normal people in normal states of awareness. This alone proves that aliens and demons are NOT the same. Only unthinking Christian fundamentalists, who cannot tolerate any shades of grey in their black and white universe, believe such nonsense. Similarly, all religions agree that one needs to be in a exulted state of consciousness in order to communicate with angels/devas. This does not happen in cases where ordinary people in their waking state encounter benign ETs, proving that angels are not really aliens, either.

A great deal of confusion exists here. The identification of angels and demons with aliens is a powerful meme of our secular, space age. But it is no more than that. It's completely untrue. Don't be deluded by it. It's a barrier that shuts off true, spiritual understanding of paranormal phenomena like intervention of non-human intelligences.
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posted on Jul, 13 2016 @ 06:20 AM
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originally posted by: Elijah23
reply to post by MemeticHarvest

The pattern indicates the movement or development of the Altruistic Man, as soon as We understood right and wrong (which really boils down to inflicting pain or pleasure, all else evolves logically from there); we started projecting Angels and Demons, the epitome of right and wrong, we knew to emulate the Angelic and to stay away from the Demonic, so it aids in the development of Angelic qualities in man, such as empathy, compassion, morals and eventually pure altruism.

By fearing the demons we sought protection, from who? from the Angels and their or our all powerful father, who wants us to be 'good' so to gain the favour and protection of God, we logically had to be good, good becomes a reinforced positive, bad or evil was therefore a reinforced negative, so we took massive strides from where we were toward the altruistic man, we wrote down peoples "God given rights" and so on, God never gave us those rights, we did as a direct byproduct of interpreting through visions, myths, occult methods and even the study of man, what we thought to be the word or intent of God.

This helped us develop through these concepts for centuries, all the while them being reinforced by the appearance through the ages of these archetypal figures, but although they advanced us they can only do it til a certain point, til the age of Science... which we are now in. Then they became Scientific phenomena (Since around the time of Darwin's origin of the species and the move towards Materialism, Mechanical Universe theory etc).

They still aid in our development but now materialistically as well as physically or internally, as we now 'emulate' their technology, which all seems amazing and the conspiracy theories are wonderful but everything these 'aliens' do is actually currently operating within our own knowledge, its just at the fringes of it, for example, we start building planes, we study aeronautics, all of a sudden these craft are perfect disc shapes because we at this point in our greatest minds had worked out that logically, eventually to be the most perfectly aerodynamically sound craft, they would have to be disc shaped... or perhaps triangular... so obviously an advanced species would know this, so most UFO's fall under these categories (but only since the 40's, when we knew this aerodynamic principal..) before Roswell, UFO's were commonly cigar shaped or submarine like....

As soon as we developed Nuclear power, the ships became silent with no obvious signs of propulsion... no great flames like the first UFO sightings of the 20th century, or the flaming craft of the Maharabata, no, of course not... we had discovered the power of the Atom, so obviously any advanced species would have done the same, even better, probably cold fusion... (which we also know is possible, and apply to the 'Aliens') We do the same with, perpetual motion, Anti-Gravity propulsion etc etc etc... they have whatever we see as the fringes of our scientific possibilities, as we advance more and change our goals, so do they change to match those goals, it's not just emulation, its imagination then manifestation or projection then the discoveries needed to fill in the gaps start to happen quickly as we think we are "explaining a phenomena" or "emulating a phenomena" instead of inventing from scratch... which we actually are, its all logical development from one thing to the next...

Then, 1947, Roswell New Mexico, the dawn of the greys.. what was happening in the world at the time? a struggle for women's rights and equality, the suffragette movement, for the first time these 'Aliens' appeared and were naked and genderless.... just grey skin and no obvious male or female genitalia, what's the message to the subconscious? that in any advanced species, gender doesn't matter... that at some point as part of our advancement, gender can no longer be an issue... the timing was impeccable.. we were just realising this ourselves... now it seems obvious...all the 'aliens' or angels and demons before had reinforced the gender paradigm, male angels were strong warriors, the demons were mostly male and the epitome of the 'bad man', lust, greed, rape etc... the few female demons were the Succubus etc, the worst of women, lustful whores, trying to take men from their wives and ruin family's.. the 'Anti-Woman'... because we as a species weren't yet ready for that to change, it's all in little steps towards this 'golden age' (the age of Altruism...) so in the 40's, when we were ready and it was already starting to happen, Aliens now seem to be either genderless or it's hard to tell because it just doesn't matter... coincidence? no...

I think as a species we have the ability to be positive or negative, to project positive or negative but with an eventual if not constant incline to lean towards the positive, so we project both ends of the extreme archetypes, and we lean towards the positive attributes which we then 'emulate' or adopt whilst weeding out the negative emotions or actions that we personify as the dark side or Demonic side of things... a self perpetual matrix always leading us toward this golden age of Altruism, as predicted by every culture, race, religion and faith on the planet... the obvious end goal to a long process of weeding out the bad and reinforcing the good..

posted on Jul, 13 2016 @ 07:28 PM
a reply to: Elijah23

I covered this topic back in October 2010

In my view aliens , demons and angels are the same thing- intelligences that cohabit the zone girdling the planet. I particularly equate the greys and similar to demons. They actually look line incubus and succubus and certainly look like demons as represented in past centuries. Yet, I am not religious at all.

There are so many beings ,; some appear as light othe take other forms. And yes, we do give them form according to our state of development.

I just have a problem with aliens represented as beings like ET (in the ET movie) that we are supposed to hug and take into our home. The are just particularly vile entities that have shed their wings and adopted a more scientific look. Same old succubus wearing sexy space suits.

If you are interested, you can get to know all the entities that resides in the inner planes. Just take up serious occult studies. Some entities have names . Others are just part of groups/legions of angels and demons. Then there are the nature spirits/elementals (gnomes, sylths, undines and salamansers) . All very intersting and revealing. Better than taking a blinkered look and bowing in front of so called superior aliens and repeating "we are not worthy, we are not worthy"
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