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A new angle and possible explanation of the Alien/Demon/Angel phenomena?

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posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 03:57 AM

reply to post by Elijah23

Good points and thoughts, I would add to the idea that if human minds can project so many phantoms, what about other beings? Surely there could be all kinds of possible projectors. Also science openly plays with the idea of dimensions, so from there I would say can Humans see in to higher dimension? If so what are we seeing? How can we be sure that we are not projections also? Seems funny!

Spot on mate, I think we can project these higher-self's then become them through emulation or idolization of these Archetypes, and if time is on a loop then we are probably the higher-self to a lesser version of ourselves.....

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 04:00 AM

reply to post by Elijah23

Excellent post!! Aren't people an interesting lot? I'll tell you this, when I watch the move The Exorcist, it gives me the willies.

thanks man, and I don't blame you, the exorcist is a really creepy movie...

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 05:09 AM

Mr Mask
Didn't have time to read it all…but I thought you may like this book.

Dr Jacques Vallée has been saying this for decades, with over 50 years of hands on research within the field.

great book, easy read and can be found for free in PDF all over the net.



thanks, I've just ordered this book now as I hadn't read it myself, he seems to be saying that they are multidimensional and live amongst us through simultaneous dimensions that we can potentially reach through our consciousness; as opposed to my theory that they are just our consciousness and that its the externalisation of an internal process, he's still making them a separate, distinct intelligence as opposed to our own consciousness using an almost fractal advancement of constantly changing Archetypes. I look forward to reading through his book though, thanks a lot for sharing it.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by Elijah23

From reading The Urantia Book, we can understand that before Jesus came humanity was easily influenced by fallen angels and higher spirits that brought about and fostered the System Rebellion and Planetary Default we're all still living in.

The 'bad' angels were able to influence humanity in many ways, moving large objects around which to the people of those days would just move around in thin air as mostly they couldn't see the angels. They could project negative, scary and all sorts of images into the minds of men, making those people believe what they were seeing was real. They could create strange noises, affect nature and the environment all in ways to help keep the people going in the direction the Rebellious Ones wanted them to go. Then on the other side just to confuse them even more were the good angels who didn't rebel trying to stop the bad ones. And for those people who might have had psychic abilities it must have been very difficult to know what to do, who to believe, which one to listen to.

And then on top of that angelic influence you had masses of people who had lived on Earth and died, all living in the mansion worlds and all able to also influence people back on Earth in various ways.

However since Jesus came he put an end to the evil angelic influences and the evil higher spirits who started the Rebellion, however still today we can be easily influenced by the spirits in the mind mansion worlds - those people who have been on Earth, died, and still persist in living under the negative influences of the Rebellion.

And so these spirits can come close to you if you are open to them, and many of them are well meaning as many mediums with testify, they simply trying to tell us there is life after death; but then there are also masses of them wanting to have their say on earth, so will pretend to be anything we want them to be. So if you want to open up to spirit and scare the living daylights out of yourself, they will willingly oblige you. If you want to open up and believe you are contacting some ET or alien or archangel or whatever and whomever, they will willing do that for you too. And if you want help with your business they will willing seed your mind with inspiration and the like. So a lot of what people believe is the work of themselves and their own projections or of demons and evil influences, are in fact influences coming from people just like who are currently on Earth, but have lived before us, and are still wanting to have some control and influence over people and the direction humanity is going in.

If you want to understand more about speaking with spirits, the ins and outs and what to look for go here

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by zuimon

thanks a lot, that's a really interesting comment, my interest isn't really in aliens as such, my interest is the occult, or rather that's what I've been studying for most of the past decade, this was just my theory on the whole thing, entity wise but I am certainly not saying there are no disembodied beings or higher intelligences, (although I do lean towards it all being us and linked to us) but the articles you've posted also give credence to my theory about it all just being projection (I take it from your writing that you are knowledgeable or at least have read into areas such as occult kabbalah?)

and don't you think if these spirits will indulge you saying they're from mars, or hell or wherever you would like, that they may also have been indulging someone when they came up with this mansion house stuff? that that was maybe a theory brought about by solomonic practitioners for example or as an occult mistranslation of eastern mysteries? and that its now "in the ether"? or consciousness? how can we verify that it is any more true than them saying they are angels/demons or aliens? they are all subjective are they not?

And what did Jesus do that stopped this influence? would you describe yourself as a mystic Christian? or esoteric Christian?
have you read people such as Emmanuel Swedenborg and Jacob Boehme?

I only ask because I am interested in what you've wrote, its not a theory I've seen framed like that before, I was wondering what your particular interest was?
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posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by Elijah23

Hello Elijah23,

No, I'm not an anything Christian. I agree that anything coming from the spirits might be just stuff they've made up, and as to how you can tell what is real or true, well, that's where it all gets interesting, doesn't it. So how can you tell you're not just getting legged over by the mind spirits?

Have you looked into the Padgett Messages? They inform us that the mansion worlds are actually separated, into what I call the mind mansion worlds, those in which spirits want to peruse things through the mind; and the feeling worlds, those spirits wanting to look to their feelings to uncover the truth of themselves and using the help of the Divine Love.

So if you contact the mind mansion world spirits they will invariably lead you up the garden path, however if you want to reach the spirits in the Divine Love feeling mansion worlds and higher Celestial spirits who've completely healed their untruth, then you will be able to rely on them to not lead you further astray - provided you want to do your healing and also live true to yourself.

I have posted more about that on the link in my first post. And from there should you wish to go further, if you read the Welcome thread, you can go to my other work.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by zuimon

Yes I've heard of the Padgett messages but what is the difference in evidence for this channeling being correct over Enochian for example? or that of Betty & Stuart White? or the Ra material? or Crowley's Thelema? also involving Ra, perhaps giving more credence to the Ra material? what is it that's made you believe in the validity of this channeling? and don't you think that the structure of this mansion house stuff sounds like parts of the mind? like a fragmented or partitioned hard-drive almost? it also sounds similar to the practices of Buddhism or Kundalini awakening etc, that access to some of these entities aids in moving up, other entities want to pull you back down the ladder, it all sounds to be about the climb up the serpent to conquering the 'Nous'.

These entities are always the extremes also in that they are trying to aid us on the way to enlightenment or to pull us back down, we are in the middle to begin with, at neutral, and we see it as a battle for our souls, energy or ethereal body ;whatever the preferred terminology. There is never an entity offering just neutrality, because its assumed that's where we already are or start (by us I mean...) so this isn't offered, instead we project these entities that are the epitome of either good/enlightenment/benevolence/Godliness or the epitome or Evil/darkness/wickedness/un-Godliness and we work to develop ourselves towards or away from whatever the entity may be depending on our own intentions/predispositions... and this is found/offered in every religion, mythology, culture, mystery school, channelings even... because the minds of the people within all those variables produce different projections based on their differences, but with the same end result... Archetypal figures to aspire to be or aspire not to be .. that's my theory anyway.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by zuimon

reading your post about dream interpretation here Dreams surely you can see that my theory is just an externalization of exactly what you believe we are doing in our dreams... entities made up of things that mean or represent archetypal parts of our consciousness that we have to learn from/emulate/be more like/ be less like... making our dreams real, meaningful phenomena almost exactly like encounters or beliefs that offer chances to better ourselves?

I also believe from my own experience that you are right in your interpretation of dreams, the characters all being different aspects of the self and I believe the mind also uses a predefined symbolism in the things in our dreams to allow us to interpret them, the background things that are going on...

reading between the lines of that post and your links, you already kinda believe in my theory... your just giving credence to one particular channeling that is stopping you from thinking they are all projected? maybe not, but I do agree with most of what you say and I've found your posts quite interesting.


posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 09:55 AM
The idea of people creating astral life forms is very old and quite possible. Many who use magic create astral pets or life forms for different reasons such as protection of a home when a person is gone. But this is a completely different things from other sentient life forms.

The created life forms are not sentient and depend on energy from a source other than themselves. It's like the old Gods, they still have energy within those names because people still worship them.

I wish it was that easy really, we create it all... yep much easier. There are so many different life forms sentient, non-sentient, alive and functioning under their own power and then those who require energy feeding, those from earth and those who are extraterrestrial, those in our dimension and those who are in a different dimension who inter with us or who we can sometimes experience in some way.

The list is huge. So the OP is partially right, yes their are created Beings in this reality but not all not humans are created.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by ufochick

yes I know in magic this occurs all the time, egregores or thought beings being created for a particular purpose so with limited ability but this is on an individual basis, one occultist or magical society but what if all humans were subconsciously projecting the same things? how powerful would they be then? perhaps as powerful as the ones you're talking about. what if this subconscious manifestation/projection is part of our very design? to drive us forward as we constantly seek to emulate or explain what we see, taking massive strides in the process, socially, mentally, culturally etc..

doesn't the occultists being able to produce limited versions of these things give credence to my theory of what they'd be like if we were ALL projecting them? let alone if we believed in them that much, we projected them for a thousand or more years? couldn't this be how the old gods names still have "some power"? because they were once believed in and projected/manifested by millions of people but now are not? so they are gradually fading from the collective or hive consciousness?

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 02:59 PM
Imagine in the future scientists develop an internet supercomputer which they think can predict the future. For simplicities sake lets assume this computer is binary and only gives yes or no answers to the questions they input. They would test the computer's legitimacy by testing it with the scientific method. So once they trust the computer, once they really believe in the computer, they ask it very serious, 'should we do this' and 'is this history true?' kind of questions. The computer tells them things that create moral disagreement, some of the scientists believe there must be some human error in the coding, and branch off from the original computer and create their own computer. The cycle repeats so that they create scientific denominations. Each denomination believes their computer's communication to be the truth, because they were satisfied in the amount of prophecies that the computer accurately predicted and came to pass. The computers are like the oracle in the matrix movie, telling the observer not what the observer wants to hear, but rather what the observer needs to hear.

Now lets mirror this future to our past

Imagine in the past humans developed a technique to connect to a spirit which they think can prophecy the future. For simplicities sake lets assume this spiritual connection is binary and only gives yes or no answers to the questions they feel. They would test the communication's legitimacy by testing it with their intuition and pattern recognition. So once they trust the communication, once they really believe in the communication, they ask it very serious, 'should we do this' and 'is this history true?' kind of questions. The spiritual communication tells them things that create moral disagreement, some of the humans believe there must be some human lies in the divine communication, and branch off from the spiritual communication and create their own spiritual communication. The cycle repeats so that they create spiritual denominations. Each denomination believes their spirit's communication to be the truth, because they were satisfied in the amount of prophecies that the communication accurately predicted and came to pass. The spiritual communications are like the oracle in the matrix movie, telling the observer not what the observer wants to hear, but rather what the observer needs to hear.

I think this alien/demon/angel phenomena hints at a higher power that is cheating the system to catalyze our conscious awareness and technological potential.

What do you think the pattern in the phenomena you have noticed indicates or hints at?

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Elijah23

I think we effect and in a large way create the reality in which we live (like the weather in many cases) but I do not think we can create more sentient Beings that can live without our power of creation. In other words I don't think we can think up a live ET. A demon? Perhaps. If enough people believe in it would continue to exist, but it's parameters would be decided by those who feed it's existence not by the Being itself. This where the sentience comes in

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Elijah23

When you say that we create these things 'subconsciously' are you saying that they are not actual things in reality?

If it is just something in our own minds like a crazy person hallucinating then I'll say you are wrong because these things can be recorded as something physical:

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posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by arpgme

What gets recorded is light. If someone could touch them physically there would be evidence to support that other than digital reproductions.
I can tell you that you will never see any of these intelligences as anything other than human. Unless your not human, then you might see them for what their essence is.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Elijah23

You may be interested in reading about "TULPA'S".

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by Elijah23

The difference in the channeled material comes about when you're sincerely wanting to look for and find the truth of yourself through your feelings. And if you do, then certain things will naturally resonate with you which will aid you in your ascension of truth. And then it all becomes about relying on yourself, looking to yourself rather than outside of yourself, and all through your feelings and not trying to look into yourself by using your mind. And there's a big difference between the two.

From reading your comments and what you're driving at, I am inclined to feel that in some way you're possibly picking up on what it's like living in spirit, being able to create so much with your mind, which we can't actually emulate here in the physical although many people try and believe they can.

And I think there comes a point when it has to get all too much, when you reach the end of trying to see it or understand it all on a mental level, and when you want to stop trying to intellectualise it all, discussing it endlessly but really not doing anything for your soul or getting down the hard work of growing in truth. It's all very tempting to get caught up in all the mind stuff, when your soul suffers because you are still using all that mind stuff to deny feelings, the bad feelings you have, that we all have, but refuse to acknowledge, accept and look into for the truth they are trying to show you.

You see for me it's all now come down to mind verses feelings, and I know this might not sound very original however there is no one that I've come across that advocates and explains the need to completely go with our feelings, to stop doing things with our mind to deny the bad ones, all trying to make us feel happy and loved; and to instead go into all the bad stuff and look to see where that takes you, into your Pandora's Box, into your inner darkness.

And so tying yourself up all this sort of mind stuff is just putting of your appointment with destiny when your soul finally says, enough is enough, now it's time for you to begin to look to your feelings and give up relying on your mind to provide you with false happiness.

And when this happens and you begin what I call either your Feeling-Healing or Soul-Healing with the Divine Love, then you find you can easy discern what is true and what is not, your feelings showing you the way. And then everything changes and you start to come back to your true self, feeling better about yourself. And you don't need to indulge in such mind enterprises such as believing we create our own reality... but if only I could just get it right... know what to create; because the deeper undying truth is this is sheer mental nonsense for we don't create with our minds anything that is of truth, that being all done by our soul. And only through our feelings can we access the truth of our soul, not through our minds like all the religions and spiritual systems you mention teach.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 01:50 AM
Meh... its been done.

Angel and Demons are a coin. Consciousness will often try to separate positive and negative, and sometimes as representations or a theme, like dreams for example. Demons would obviously represent fear, temptation, or obviously just border line night mares, like skeletons in the closet. Angels would obviously be the positive, but I can see going the wrong way, with hallucinations.

Being scared of Anal probing, much like being scared of Voldemort or Freddy Kruger, apparently. Mention it, and you gonna get it.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by Elijah23

I found that I wanted to just be myself - which was hard enough, and forget what all the other entities said. And I found I could be myself through my feelings, but I had to give all my mind controlling stuff. Which I'm still trying to do.

As an example of how to look into your feelings for your truth, I would ask you these questions:

Do you fear such mind creations? Does what these so-called higher entities say make you feel bad in any way? Always looking for bad feelings.

And if you do feel bad, or do detect that yes perhaps some of it doesn't too sit well with you, to then look into those feelings, to follow them by allowing yourself to fully feel them. To speak about them to a friend, or write about them to yourself, all the while really wanting to understand the reasons why - the truth - you are feeling bad.

And if you follow any of your bad feelings deep into yourself, I guarantee they will lead you back to your relationship with your parents, and when they do, then you will know you're starting to get into the real truth of the matter.

We are to find the truth of ourselves, and so also the truth of God, through our feelings, and not through our minds like all the existing 'ways' and 'teachers' teach. And because we're looking to find God through our mind so we have all these different systems of belief and so many people and spirits telling everyone of their way. But if you look to the way to God through your feelings, then you'll discover there is ONLY ONE TRUE WAY - your way, all what your feelings reveal to you.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 11:24 AM
S&F, this aligns perfectly with a thread that I started back in 2009 about crop circles which went nowhere, I think partly because my 2-part OP was interrupted and no one read past the first half of my point.

Anyway, it seems that most people, are too stuck in the illusion of the physical world to allow their minds to open up this much. I think what you're saying is true and if so, then it's true for all of what we consider our reality. This is the big secret that the elites keep from us, thus keeping them in power. If we could break through this wall of mind control practiced on every level possible, we could literally change the world.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by MemeticHarvest

The pattern indicates the movement or development of the Altruistic Man, as soon as We understood right and wrong (which really boils down to inflicting pain or pleasure, all else evolves logically from there); we started projecting Angels and Demons, the epitome of right and wrong, we knew to emulate the Angelic and to stay away from the Demonic, so it aids in the development of Angelic qualities in man, such as empathy, compassion, morals and eventually pure altruism.

By fearing the demons we sought protection, from who? from the Angels and their or our all powerful father, who wants us to be 'good' so to gain the favour and protection of God, we logically had to be good, good becomes a reinforced positive, bad or evil was therefore a reinforced negative, so we took massive strides from where we were toward the altruistic man, we wrote down peoples "God given rights" and so on, God never gave us those rights, we did as a direct byproduct of interpreting through visions, myths, occult methods and even the study of man, what we thought to be the word or intent of God.

This helped us develop through these concepts for centuries, all the while them being reinforced by the appearance through the ages of these archetypal figures, but although they advanced us they can only do it til a certain point, til the age of Science... which we are now in. Then they became Scientific phenomena (Since around the time of Darwin's origin of the species and the move towards Materialism, Mechanical Universe theory etc).

They still aid in our development but now materialistically as well as physically or internally, as we now 'emulate' their technology, which all seems amazing and the conspiracy theories are wonderful but everything these 'aliens' do is actually currently operating within our own knowledge, its just at the fringes of it, for example, we start building planes, we study aeronautics, all of a sudden these craft are perfect disc shapes because we at this point in our greatest minds had worked out that logically, eventually to be the most perfectly aerodynamically sound craft, they would have to be disc shaped... or perhaps triangular... so obviously an advanced species would know this, so most UFO's fall under these categories (but only since the 40's, when we knew this aerodynamic principal..) before Roswell, UFO's were commonly cigar shaped or submarine like....

As soon as we developed Nuclear power, the ships became silent with no obvious signs of propulsion... no great flames like the first UFO sightings of the 20th century, or the flaming craft of the Maharabata, no, of course not... we had discovered the power of the Atom, so obviously any advanced species would have done the same, even better, probably cold fusion... (which we also know is possible, and apply to the 'Aliens') We do the same with, perpetual motion, Anti-Gravity propulsion etc etc etc... they have whatever we see as the fringes of our scientific possibilities, as we advance more and change our goals, so do they change to match those goals, it's not just emulation, its imagination then manifestation or projection then the discoveries needed to fill in the gaps start to happen quickly as we think we are "explaining a phenomena" or "emulating a phenomena" instead of inventing from scratch... which we actually are, its all logical development from one thing to the next...

Then, 1947, Roswell New Mexico, the dawn of the greys.. what was happening in the world at the time? a struggle for women's rights and equality, the suffragette movement, for the first time these 'Aliens' appeared and were naked and genderless.... just grey skin and no obvious male or female genitalia, what's the message to the subconscious? that in any advanced species, gender doesn't matter... that at some point as part of our advancement, gender can no longer be an issue... the timing was impeccable.. we were just realising this ourselves... now it seems obvious...all the 'aliens' or angels and demons before had reinforced the gender paradigm, male angels were strong warriors, the demons were mostly male and the epitome of the 'bad man', lust, greed, rape etc... the few female demons were the Succubus etc, the worst of women, lustful whores, trying to take men from their wives and ruin family's.. the 'Anti-Woman'... because we as a species weren't yet ready for that to change, it's all in little steps towards this 'golden age' (the age of Altruism...) so in the 40's, when we were ready and it was already starting to happen, Aliens now seem to be either genderless or it's hard to tell because it just doesn't matter... coincidence? no...

I think as a species we have the ability to be positive or negative, to project positive or negative but with an eventual if not constant incline to lean towards the positive, so we project both ends of the extreme archetypes, and we lean towards the positive attributes which we then 'emulate' or adopt whilst weeding out the negative emotions or actions that we personify as the dark side or Demonic side of things... a self perpetual matrix always leading us toward this golden age of Altruism, as predicted by every culture, race, religion and faith on the planet... the obvious end goal to a long process of weeding out the bad and reinforcing the good..

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