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Electromagnetism, UFOs, and the Weaponization of Alien Technology

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 03:29 AM
I always appreciate your thoughts, cuckooold. I hope you hang around and continue to weigh in.

...Was Jonestown a 'psy-op', or perhaps even a 'Mindwar', or an exercise in 'non-lethal weaponry'? Is this a valid proposal, worth discussing alongside the almost 'hippy-like' essence its creators seem to propose?

Yes, I do believe the dichotomy/hypocrisy they display is worth the attempt to dig through the murky layers of disinfo to try and cobble some pieces together.

Whatever is going on in the darkest recesses of these deep black projects, it's certainly complex as heck. And it smells scary. How does scary smell? Sulfur-ish maybe lol?

Despite the appearance of 'playing it straight' on ATS, who knows what truths, half-truths, and outright falsehoods that the Aquino's and Alexander's propagate? I sometimes think that Vallee's 'Messengers of Deception' may be far less inter-dimensional, and much closer to home, in the form of agents of the military industrial complex. Mortals of this Earthly plane, like you and I, but given perhaps a similar although far more nuanced approach to disinformation than the Doty's, Lear's and Lazar's of the cesspit some like to call UFOology.

I totally dig what you are saying about the "far more nuanced approach to disinformation." And I agree that Jacques has to be put under the microscope, too.

Whatever Alexander and Green (and Jacques?) are up to, it's certainly more than some hoax or book sales ploy.

These men are still respected in the intelligence community and both Alexander and Green still hold clearances. Or have recently at the very least. For example, If SERPO wasn't some kind of experiment and/or disinfo, the alphabets would have quickly backed away from Kit Green with their fingers circling their temples doing the 'cuckoo" sign.

So I have to figure that whatever they're up to, it has the blessing of some powerful folk and some sort of 'officiality.'

Maybe one tiny clue can be found in the following:

When we put Privatization, Commercialization, Weaponry both lethal and non-lethal, and both present and former Intelligence cadre together, I would proffer that we get the epitome of pretty much exactly what President Eisenhower would call the Military-Industrial Complex.

Homeland Security, Defense and Human Effects Experts Appointed to Harrington Advisory Board

Date : Tuesday, March 22, 2005

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (Market Wire - Mar 22, 2005) -- MDM Group, Inc. (OTC: MDDM) advises that MDM Group subsidiary, Harrington Group Limited (HGR.AX) earlier today advised the Australian Stock Exchange of the appointment of an additional three world-renowned homeland security experts as founding members of the Harrington Group Advisory Board.

Joining Colonel John Alexander, a global authority on non-lethal weapons and defense, will be Dr. Christopher Green, a forensic medicine and electrophysiology specialist…

The combined expertise of the Advisory Board will provide Harrington with outstanding guidance in strategic product development and commercialisation, and grow the Company's profile in the law enforcement, defense and homeland security sectors.

..."Harrington is focused on accelerating its product development, formalising strategic and commercial relationships and securing the expertise of leaders in the field. The formation of a world class Advisory Board is an important step forward in this strategy."

Joining Colonel Alexander are:

Christopher C. Green, MD, PhD, FAAFS

Dr. Green is in the practice of forensic medicine (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) and neuroimaging (Detroit Medical Center/Harper University Hospital/Wayne School of Medicine). His work clinically relates to his expertise as a neurophysiologist with a specialty in electrophysiology. A special research interest involves the way cognition in "making decisions under stress" are modulated by brain systems and neuromuscular control. He is both a faculty member at the Medical School and Fellow in Diagnostic Radiology, and Executive Director for Emergent Technologies.

Dr. Green serves on numerous Department of Defense, Intelligence and National Academy of Sciences Commissions. He Chairs the Science Board for the Undersecretary of the Army for Operations Research and has served as Chair of the Board on Army Science and Technology. He holds the National Intelligence Medal for investigations in forensic intelligence and served as an Officer and continues as a consultant with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Something looms around the corner. Metaphorically I ask: Is it a Gray? Or men wearing the masks of Grays?

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 03:46 AM

On topic and something I have been intensely interested in. Since my ufo sighting back in May of 2001 which was "kicked off" by a very low frequency beat which instilled fear in me (My UFO death metal show put on by "the others?"

I highly recommend your thread/link above. Your experience still has my mind spinning. Very cool read! Thought I'd re-quote your thought-provoking Messengers excerpt:

"Messengers of Deception" pg 167

One area where you must realize a lot of research had already been done in great secrecy by 1946 concerned mind control and the effects of electromagnetic radiation (what we now call ELF, or Extremely Low Frequency) on the human body."

"On the surface, if you just look at a few isolated cases, like scientists arguing about UFOs, well, I agree it doesn't mean anything. But suppose somebody had obtained a device by the end of the war, which perhaps wasn't a very effective weapon. Perhaps it couldn't fly very effectively, couldn't carry guns and bombs, but had other properties.

For instance, it could emit radiation that caused paralysis and hallucinations as it flew over an area, so that witnesses exposed to it would think they saw the phantasms of their own imagination.

Did somebody test that kind of a device in Sweden in 1946, and in the States in 1947, and find it to be ineffective as a flying machine, but very useful as a means of propaganda?

Has such a group already understood what UFOs were, and are they confusing the issue by simulating UFO waves? Or is the entire phenomenon under their control?

We might also ask if such a group is under the control of the non-human intelligence behind the phenomenon, eh?

As for Keel: A very intelligent man and intriguing writer. Feel free to bring him in to the discussion!

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by The GUT

An amazing piece of work, you clearly put in a great deal of effort and the result was highly accessible. Congratulations.

Though the subject matter is generally not my cup of tea, I have been recently exploring the impact of Raymond Palmer's work on the creation of the overall perception of UFO and related phenomenon, and can see some parallels with what you have presented here. When correctly presented, and suitably reinforced, our concept of reality can merge with fiction, or rather the reality of the individual can be projected onto others. Where this enters into the majority mindset, there is often an overwhelming desire to seek a culprit, or focal point, on which to heap responsibility, combined, as often as not, with the desire for change to something 'else', even if that change is negative or destructive. Change, brought not by combined effort of those affected, but by outside forces, is often seen as a means by which to take control when the current construct leaves a sense of directionlessness. An excellent example of this is the snowball created by the band wagon jumping, Alternative 3 in 1977. Where such an idea becomes so widespread, being picked up by other creative minds and expanded, pervading social strata, it becomes impossible for the wider audience to see anything other than an over-riding conspiracy. Such mechanisms of 'belief' are in and of themselves useful tools of control, dividing the population into believers and none-believers, and ensuring that a smoke screen pervades the release and use of any technological advancement or information. Doubt and distrust themselves become a powerful weapon of division. Looking at past examples, including the way in which ATS itself has developed over the years, when such ideas enter the mainstream, they somehow lose their 'fear factor' which has a reverse effect of returning the original progenitors to the margins. This often means that whatever 'truth' existed actually becomes sidelined by the more sensational information due to it's mass appeal. I can definately see elements of that latter point in what you have most ably presented here.

Excellent work. Thank you for the read.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 11:07 AM
I wouldn't be so much concerned about Alien entities creating a religion, as it might piss of some other, bigger entities that been monitoring our advancement as a species, which would ruin our little social program called "Earth"(metaphorical scenario anyways). What makes me think this is how they don't want to be movie stars or even be noticed. And how they only show or even allow themselves to be video tape by those who they want to.

As for the government, that would be unknown factor. It would invoke spiritual fear, which would bring back some religious fear that were somewhat left out in the current generations. Would be successful in cutting crime for a while maybe.

As for certain others that come and go every now and then, they should be the real problem makers and would get involved in creating alien cults/religions. U know, the Applewhites, to Charles mansion followers. They would use others much faster then the government would.

As for E.t, again, I don't think they like to be called "God". Nor they really care for that matter.
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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by KilgoreTrout

Kudos from one of our brightest of intellects is quite the compliment. Thank you, Kilgore.

I personally feel--most days--that's there's room aboard the mothership of ufology for all the seemingly disparate theorems: ET, Extradimensionals, Black Project Exotic Technologies, and Myth-making all mixed together. Both true and untrue at the same time in a way that I can almost understand, but never elucidate.

There's not any real doubt that myth--both the natural kind and the manufactured sort--have and continue to impact this greatest of questions; "Are we alone?"

Here's another couple of quotes from Vallee's FBS II that I find intriguing when talking about the mythological aspect:

““Back in 1961 I published a science-fiction novel in which I imagined luminous spheres going through walls. Now Geller and Vaughan are seeing such spheres.

The following year I published another novel in which the world became twisted when a young scientist watched his spoon bending in front of his eyes, now Uri is doing the same thing in your lab…

….Gordon Creighton thinks that witnesses are out of their bodies at the time of the event, hence the similarity with occult traditions. I told him that Passport to Magonia was being misunderstood by Americans, who seem unable to grasp the mythic power of the phenomenon, beyond its physical reality. “

“People misunderstand the word myth””, he said. ““They think of a myth as something that isn't true. They can't understand that, on to contrary, a myth is that which is truer than truth.”…

"Truer than truth," says Creighton. I like that…along with my own thought of, "True and untrue at the same time."

The "Flying Saucer" has baffled the entirety of humankind since recorded history and reigns pretty much supreme as Paradox. As such, I don't see any dichotomy in "truer than true' or 'true and untrue at the same time."

I'm sure that since you are studying Palmer that you are familiar with John Keel's The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers, but I'll post it for those who may not be familiar with him.

Tanx again for stopping by and adding to the discussion.

Forbidden Science II

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 04:00 PM

This must have had a tremendous impact on Joe's concept of self. He not only experienced his consciousness extending beyond the confines of his physical body, but also reaching across our solar system, spanning millennia, and bonding (telepathically?) with another being. If this is an example of what we as human beings are capable of, then just who are we? the million dollar ultimate question. Who, or what, are we? Why are we even here? One of the best posts I have read on ATS in a loooong time The GUT, great job!

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 04:11 PM

For example, I think that it is very possible that we are being set up for a new 'religion.' The ET Religion. Or even the Ancient Alien Religion.

The Gut, I know that you are full of work with this thread but could you answer this question, please:

Is there any particular intention for starting this thread on 13th October 2013?

From FireMoon

A couple of things to throw into the mix. There's been something nagging at the back of my mind and then it struck me what it was. here were for several periods from the 40s to the 80s where, the USA in the shape of the CIA, had virtual carte blanche to "experiment" in any way shape and form they chose via their funding and in effect, control of several satellite nations.

Considering that, could the Cupacabra (goat sucker) stories be based upon some US psyops involving genetically modified mammals (released and captured every once in a while) just to reinforce their long term strategy to portray the Aliens as terrible creatures whose contact should be avoided?
To these guys the motto seems to be "Fear-Deception-Control".

I also think that Dr. Vallée is not off the hook on this aspect.
His conclusion about the apparent malevolent nature of the aliens seems to me to be lacking scientific support and evidence (does not seem Vallée style at all!) and contradicts a lot of reports and sightings.
I think that he jumped pretty fast on that conclusion (among others).
To me that is evidence of those compromises with the military/intelligence community that he speaks of.
To be honest I think that he played pure desinformation there.

I've often wondered if, the Belgian's willingness to "go public" about the Triangle Flap, from the top down was maybe in some way an bit of payback for the supposed CIA involvement in the random shootings that were rife in Belgium during the early 80s?

That is a very interesting topic that FireMoon raised there. I dont know the true.
But I have other perspective about that "flap" - a "demonstration of force" from the US to accelerate the collapse of the "Soviet Empire". Does anyone remember Mathias Rust stunt over the Kremlin (1987)?
I would not mind to came to that later.

I dont intend to derail or hijack this thread. If it sounds like so, please accept my appollogies The Gut and all others.

Its a darn good thread and not to be missed!

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 04:42 PM
Not sure if you participated in the latest "AMA" session, with Michael Aquino, but he had a little section on EM, here, which I will post here, for your convenience (thread closed):

Beginning in 1973 first the CIA, then the NSA, and finally DOD embarked upon a $20 million series of “ESP” experiments together with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).46 Originally entitled “Project Scanate”, in 1995 it was retitled “Project Stargate”.

Stargate attempted “remote viewing” experiments, which failed due to the simple fact that the transmission of visual information to the brain does not occur outside of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), approximately 400-790 THz. It is impossible for EMS waves in this range to survive coherently through atmospheric interference at the extensive distances proposed by SRI. Moreover the electrical impulses within the brain are far too weak even to escape the skull, much less travel any distance beyond it. To light a flashlight bulb a human would need to generate about 30 million times his present level of brain current. Unamplified brainwaves can’t be detected beyond EEG electrodes pasted on the body, and such detection is far too crude to be “decoded” into coherent visual images. [See, however, recent fMRI technology under PSYCON #3: Magnetism.]

Note that final caveat about PSYCON #3. This is starting to get interesting:

As the phenomenon of magnetism is integral with electricity, and human mental activity is electric, it is unsurprising to find that magnetic fields, while not affecting the body’s metabolism to a significant degree, due to the extremely small amount of ferromagnetic material therein, can influence thought itself.

As discovered through MRI imaging, the area of the brain in which evaluations and opinions about others’ beliefs and morality are made is the tempero-parietal junction (TPJ). In 2010 MIT neuroscientists discovered that application of a magnetic field to the right TPJ, by means of a noninvasive technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) temporarily disrupts an individual’s ability to make judgments based upon previously-learned morality. In effect, pre-indoctrination is suppressed, resulting in the subject’s tending to judge situations more on a discrete cause-and-effect basis. In theory, TMS could be used to condition personnel to make decisions unencumbered by prior moral, social, or ethical indoctrination; and to remove that same protective indoctrination from a hostile individual being interrogated. TMS thus approaches in scientific reality the mythical “brainwashing” of classic conspiracy legend.

The present limitations of TMS from a MW perspective are that its effects are only temporary, and that the magnetic field needs to be precisely created in close proximity to the TPJ. The establishment of a direct cause-and-effect relationship between magnetism and morality, however, opens the MW door to the long-sought “holy grail” of SLIPC [Subliminal Involuntary PsyControl]: the removal of preexisting moral beliefs.

Unlike BWR, magnetic fields can be generated and focused directionally, in precisely-calculated strengths. A precisely-configured TMS field directed at hostile humans motivated by intense moral conditioning (as in a deeply-held religious belief or irrational political ideology) can instantly dismantle or at least substantially weaken this barrier to communication and situational reasoning.

The 1990s’-emergent technique of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) opens new potential for both the reading of human thoughts and the implantation of them. In fMRI magnetic sensors detect blood-flow activity within the brain with such precision and accuracy that the result can be used by a computer to assemble an accurate image of the subject’s visualization from a database of standardized components. In reverse, fMRI may eventually be able to transmit them ...

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 04:43 PM
I would like to just throw out a theory to you all,first of all i trust not a thing Colonel John Alexander says.he works for Los Alamos Laboratories, now this is not based on fact but a rumor that the Dulce base is connected to Los Alamos Laboratories by underground connections where genetic experiments are suppose to be going on and Los Alamos is also involved with this,humanoid bat-like creatures as tall as 7-feet. Moth Man perhaps? also other creatures that people report that defy human logic,what if people really aren't delusional and this is real what they are seeing and this is all being done in secret? And if there is a shred of truth that President Eisenhower made a pact with aliens then we all lost our freedom a long time ago.We were sold out

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 05:30 PM

Is there any particular intention for starting this thread on 13th October 2013?

Oops, forgot to answer that before: No conscious reason at least! Just got in the door, I'll comment on some of the other things you mention a little later.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 05:34 PM
Thanks for the great read Gut...Awsome...Starred and flagged

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by The GUT

Hey Gut! What an outstanding effort you've made here, my man. And I'm only through the first page so far!

You're tying up the loose ends, brother! This is illuminating. And it hits on all of the weird variables we keep tossing around here these last few months.

Outstanding work
This should be for sale.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 05:48 PM


Electromagnetic (EM) effects have long been associated with both UFOs and various "paranormal" phenomena for that matter. In the case of UFOs, most of us are familiar with the rather ubiquitous accounts of vehicle engines being shut down and other electrical systems being affected..

Aha Senor Gut, wonderful thread as always mate and some truly interesting reading -haven't got much typing time at the mo but you're not wrong about those vehicle interference cases, I've read so many similar accounts from different countries over the years that it's not even funny anymore -below is a bit more of an unusual example where the lights on a 'UFO' were seen to be flashing in synchronization with electrical systems on the ground but don't really understand the science there (could have something to do with EM effects though).

Another case where there seems a UFO has an effect on electrical systems:

Two deputy sheriffs, called to a home on the Pacific Beach yesterday, said they found a burglar alarm ringing in tune with the lights on an unidentified flying object hovering over the ocean.

Deputies Gary Talesfore and Blair Foster reported they witnessed the UFO lights while the burglar alarm on a food freezer rang in synchronization with the lights.

“The UFO disappeared shortly, and the burglar alarm stopped ringing, the deputies said.

* Seattle, Washington. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 7 December 1973.

Some UFO Notes By Loren E. Gross

There's also this freaky one where as the witness approached a UFO in his vehicle the tyres deflated -have absolutely no idea what's going on there either.

“UFOs ‘Invade’ Colorado Area” - Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah


Gut- So what do you think of my hypothesis about electromagnetically controlled plasma shields surrounding alien starships?

Erno, sorry to butt into this one mate but thought it was relevant as StringTheory over on another forum posted this image from the research of NASA's Dr. Harold White as to what a craft that could be capable of creating a 'warp bubble' may look like. Had never heard of Dr. White before but as discussed the sketch did bear a striking resemblance to the object described in the video below witnessed by pilot Shanon Davis performing right angle turns near his aircraft over California in November 1980.

See 7:55


posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Wow…Thank you for bringing such great content to this thread, karl 12!

I'd like to hear some scientific attempt to explain those car tires deflating. Almost has to be some strange EM effect I think? That's one of those details that folk just don't make up or imagine. That it happened during a classic "Cigar" sighting only adds to it's impact.

Cool that you included the documentary The UFO Experience here, too, as I just so happened to go back to your thread the other day to watch it again. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it's definitely a cut above the average UFO flick.

Also, I must recommend your excellent thread on UFOs and EM effects. It--and the high-value documentation you provide--came along and taught me a lot when I was really starting to consider just how big a part of the phenomenon electromagnetism played:

Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects

I've said it publicly before on the boards and I'll say it again in all sincerity: You are one of my favorite ufologists. I don't have many. You always bring us serious research and top-notch sourcing material. Stanton wishes he was that good!

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

Thanks, Jay, I bet you could bring us some great stuff to discuss here...we both get out there and dance of the edge on reality haha! We've had some good discussions before, so jump on in. Critiques are welcome, too. Glad to see you back in action.

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 06:37 PM
Do not trust Michael Aquino either there is something very strange about that man

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by The GUT

I plan to. Up to page four now.
There is a lot to digest here. I hope to be caught up tomorrow. Housework sucks. Haha!

I do want to say, for now, that I am in total agreement in regards to your opinion about our AMA experts.

I picked up on Dr. Aquino's flip-flop as well. In Corsair's thread he seemed quite dismissive of the UFO phenomena as being anything other than black-ops testing, weather phenomena, etc. Yet in the AMA thread Roswell is 100% legit. Haha

So far I keep coming back to the question, "why the hub-bub, bub?" Why the secrecy? And I think Impactor may have hit it on the head. "Knowledge (or in this case a lack thereof) is power".
And I don't trust Alexander when he says that the USG has discontinued its RV programs.

Til' then!

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 07:31 PM

I do want to say, for now, that I am in total agreement in regards to your opinion about our AMA experts.

I picked up on Dr. Aquino's flip-flop as well. In Corsair's thread he seemed quite dismissive of the UFO phenomena as being anything other than black-ops testing, weather phenomena, etc. Yet in the AMA thread Roswell is 100% legit. Haha

Soooo glad I wasn't alone on that one. My respect, sir.

There's a "partyline" going on with this bidness. Why?

Let me ask that again: Why?

Spooks seem to get the ultimate respect 'round here, eh? Us...not so much.

Oh I bet I could talk Col Alexander into doing it, he's a pal of mine too and he loves educating people about the huge systems our government operates. Also, considering he is the one (only I've ever heard of at least) relatively high ranking govt. official (a Lt. Colonel) who actually got the funding to really dig through all the branches of the US Government in the pursuit of info on UFOs/Aliens, I'd have to agree he's a good one.

I'll call him this weekend.


It is with GREAT PLEASURE and PRIDE that we announce the addition of Dr Christopher "Kit" Green to the Team.

Dr. Green is not only one of the most congenial, genuine and PLEASANT gentlemen I've ever spoken with he is without question one of the TOP Forensic Medicine, Radiology, and Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences and fMRI geniuses alive on this planet.

Heads up, crew! Funny, I have come to believe that some out-of-control faction within the gubmint is so cocky that it underestimates our ability to see-through the psyops. Or just dismisses us as insignificant. O----tay, as one of our great American philosphers once said.

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 08:48 PM
Par excellence, Gut, surely. So much information in one spot, tying all "threads" together to reveal what is the quilt, least we can hope.

There's so much, also, the ATS community to reply's hard to stay focused. First, I'd like to say that though you were not receptive to Eidolon23's links, though you did acknowledge this, I think it bears repeating for all those who have tried to broach the subject of EMF/ELF tech on this website, that though much of that scientific dissemination and experimentation may be couched positively, it vigorously proves what the actual naturally occurring EMF field is, and how it can be utilized. Those who have written threads here on that tech have been trolled endlessly, even to the point, that there was no such electromagnetic field at all. So, disseminating the fact it exists, firstly, to then demonstrating how it can be manipulated to cause other effects, can be a necessary piece to the puzzle.

And as you say, knowing something is there and how it "fixes" things, is also knowing how to use it to break the same things. Such as Kit Green to Jaques Vallee about introducing the perturburations to a system....
And yes, I found that one of your best posts on the thread, Gut, because obviously he was talking about perturburing people, at least partially. But something I 'd like to point out about the EM field, in general, that was brought to mind reading about the UFO witness and the flattened tires, and something we don't often consider in relation to manipulation of the EM can truly create just about any physical manifestation, not only in humanity, but in humanity's machines, as well, or all of the physical environment. In other words, today most of the oil drilling rigs are automated, but not all. In past years, there have been disastrous "accidents," at specific times in history, going with my oil rig example, the Pipa Alpha in the North Sea in 1988, all the way to Macondo in the Gulf a couple of years ago. Of course, now that much machinery like this is automated online, just as cars now have a variety of computer chips, the same thing could be accomplished via failure of automation through the chip, a signal sent via computer. But this same kind of sabotage could have occurred prior to chips and computer automation via manipulation of the EMF field. There are ever present layers to murder and manipulation, nullifying the proving of both, IMHO.

Another thing I'd like to point out about Aquino's first thread was his dropping a hint, in the form of Project Naomi, which should fill in the blanks between the mind control of MK Ultra and the jump to occultism and magic, and even the manipulation of such by "religion" via places like Jonestown. "Spelling" everything comes to mind, now, via technology, and with that I'm thinking how both Eidolon23 and Bybyots both had compelling threads on witchcraft, its history, and in Bybyots' case, linking and extrapolating that "spelling" into today's technology. All these "threads" seem to tie together, and your thread, Gut, seems to pull it all into one long line.

And then nitro refers to PKD's Valis.....we're getting deep with it, then, as think of it: if the first quantum computer was already turned on in any timeline, it would have us doing loop de loops, and quantumly, then, it would always have existed. I bring this up, because it makes it very hard, then, to disseminate a starting point, government from aliens, etc. And some of your OP seems to represent this possibility, as well, in the two different accounts of the San Matias ship "encounter" with two different remote viewers, and seemingly, a hazy date of both the happening and the viewing.

Firemoon has excellent points about Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, other places where methods may have been tried. The astounding thing when you start to think about that is the rich ancient history of some of these places, and the political turmoil that occurred in them around the same times, or after such segues, shall we say, may have been operational by the CIA, or other government entities we don't even have alphabet soup labels for. Argentina comes to mind, as the Disappearados, and a coo where many, many were taken to football stadiums, soccer stadiums, tortured and dissapeared. I think researching along the lines of what Firemoon suggests might reveal an interesting pattern of "revisionist history," erasure and supplanting, even of history.....and this would naturally lead to conclusions about the whys and the WHOS, and if there is an other than human presence here with us, or controlling the people and the environment we live in.

Looking forward, as always, to reading more.

ETA: Oh, and just wanted to add to yours and JayinAR's assessments, as well as Jazmine's and others': It is quite obvious from reading Aquino on the Mind War book, and Alexander's AMA and now Aquino's that PsyOps is the pure name of the game. While Aquino's Mind War thread was going on, and Alexander was in his AMA, I posted to Alexander's thread, and asked him if they were Aquino had stated in the other thread, and even posted a pic of the two men, and their wives together. Seems a fairly simple, straightforward question, no?

My question to Col. Alexander:

Dr. Alexander:

Thank you for your time answering questions here.

I have just a very few:
Are you friend of Michael Aquino, for I've read on this thread that the thread about Mr. Aquino and his book, Mind War, the author of which, by your estimation, "got it all wrong." I have read on the interwebs, vastly different accounts of you being friends or enemies....I am wise enough to know there is "posing" going on everyday to achieve different assertations. So, I'm just asking outright, if you are friends.

What are your attendant thoughts about Mind War as a way to end Physical War? As Mr. Aquino describes it.

And, If there is no conspiracy about non lethal weapons being used on the populace, at large, I wonder, you're reading and referencing a book, titled, "reading the enemy's mind." Pardon if I seem wholly ignorant; this is a site where this is supposedly "denied." But I am working with what I've been left with....
Thanks in advance,

His answer:

Can't quite follow your question. I know both Michael and Paul Smith. Don't see how NL CT fits with either. RV is not related to NLW. As for use for oppression, my point is that there are enough lethal weapons available to control the populous, NLWs add lttle to that capability.

I know you're all smart people, here, and I don't really have to spell it out for you. But, just look at all those abbreviations?!....and where did I mention, in my question(s) : Three to be exact: Are you friends;
What are your thoughts on his book and his claim Mind War tactics will end all physical war; and, if Non Lethal Weapons are not being used on the populace, what does the name "Reading the Enemies Mind," of a book suggest? But Remote Viewing, RV referred to in his answer, doesn't appear anywhere there.

And none of those questions was really answered. Not proof of anything, but extreme deflection. I didn't think it worth replying that yes, enough lethal weapons to control the populous may be there; however, the use of them takes away the plausible deniability of having used anything whatsoeveron people.
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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 09:16 PM

I've also been meaning to ask you about your opinion of British Ufologist Randall Jones Pugh? I came across a case history he did in one of the books I'll be recommending later. The case history was fascinating and related to EM, so I was wondering about his reputation in your circle of Brit ufologist friends?

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Ah now Pugh, I don't ever remember meeting him, or if I did, I don't ever remember being introduced formally. I believe he was a proponent of the "Demonic" school of thought. Given that he was and Rex was OTO I strongly suspect, given my own naivety at the time, I didn't notice the deep rift between the various schools of thought that had a basis in people's spiritual beliefs systems. Wasn't Pugh responsible for quite some work on the so called "Welsh Triangle"?

I did find this though.

BTW... with regards to the RV programme, I'm suffering a tad of information overload of late on this whole topic however, wasn't it cancelled at the behest of a new security adviser who was a christian fundamentalist appointed by Reagan?

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